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Vol. XXX 


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This volume was prepared and edited by authority of the 
State of New Jersey, at the request of the New Jersey His- 
torical Society, and tmder the direction of its Committee on 
Colonial Documents. That Committee at present is constituted 
as f oVqws : 

Austin Scott, 

Ernest C. Richardson, 

Joseph F. Folsom, 

A; Van Doren Honeyman, 

Jambs J. ^ERGEN, 

Hiram E. Deats. 

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VOLUME 11—1730-1750 

••• . .• • 



80MBRyiLL.13. N. J. 


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j$ F3 S 



This second valume of ''Abstracts of Wilk" of New Jersey 
is publbhed long after the first volume, known as Vol. XXIII 
of the "New Jersey Archives," (First Series), owing, in part, 
to peculiar circumstances. The MSS. for it, which was pre- 
pared with much labor by employed abstracters at Trenton, was 
about ready for the printer when the great Paterson fire of 
1902 destroyed it in the office of the late Mr. William Nelson, 
then the New Jersey Hbtorical Society's Corresponding Secre- 
tary and Editor of the work. After a long time and much 
additional expense the entire copy was replaced under Mr. 
Nelson's direction, but he was unable to edit it previous to his 
death (in 1914), nor has the Society been able to print it tmtil 
the present time. 

The preceding volume of "Abstracts" was intended to in- 
clude all wills and administrations up to and during the year 
1730. But the present Editor discovered numerous omissions 
in 1730 probates, and included them in this volume, which is, 
therefore, entitled as beginning with that year. Other omis- 
sions in the reproduced MSS., between tixe years 1731 and 
1750, have also been supplied. There are likewise included 
herein abstracts of wills, which, bearing the date of 1750, were 
probated later. In all, particulars of about 3,025 testaments, in- 
testacies or guardianships are included in this volume, besides 
the few in the Appendix. 

In order to compress the large number of entries for the 
twenty-one years actually embraced in these pages and to keep 
within the l^^lative appropriation applicable to the work, two 
sizes of small but perfectly clear type have been employed. 

The spelling of proper names of persons and places, in- 
cluding abbreviations of Christian names, are believed to fol- 
low the original. These often vary in the same abstract, but 

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are printed as found, although as many names, especially in 
inventories, are nearly undecipherable, errors of transcription 
in some cases have, doubtless, been unavoidable. In the ''Index 
of Names of Persons," however, an endeavor has been made 
to straighten out the misspellings to a certain extent, so as to 
classify well-known proper surnames under present-day 
orthography. This seemed to* be necessary in order to simplify 
the search for usual proper names. 

A critical user of the voltmie may observe that the abstracts, 
which were made by different persons, are not based upon a 
perfectly harmonized plan; but, as in all cases the essential 
facts are stated, this cannot be a matter of moment. 

In preparing the copy for the printer the Editor, as a matter 
of course, conH not verify the accuracy of the MSS., but has 
endeavored to have the printing correctly follow it, and, to 
some extent, has harmonized the vrork of the abstracters. 

Where wills, administrations, etc., were regularly recorded 
at Trenton, the book and page where the record may be found 
are stated. In stfch cases, to find the original wills, including 
inventories, etc., the printed three volumes published by the 
Secretary of State in I9i2-'i3, entitled "Index to Wills," must 
be consulted. Where originals were simply filed as papers, but 
not recorded, as happened with many wills and all inventories, 
the reference gfven is to the number of the filing case in which 
the original papers inay be found. 

The books of record and all original papers in the matters 
noted are preserved in the well-lighted basement of the Secre- 
tary of State's office at Trenton, with a polite and trained 
official in charge. 

It may be of interest to some readers not familiar with the 
exact value of a few of the terms or expressions employed in 
varioos of the wiBs and inventories to state them. The word 
•'yeoman'* was in common use to signify a freeholder. The 
**£" (pound), which, with shillings and pence, constituted the 
lawful basis for the calculation of financial accounts, is to b^ 
valued at abotit $2r.5o, although its purchasing power in that 
day was probably five times what it now is. The double-year 
dating, which may look confusing to some readers, arose from 

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the fact that in America, as in England, while the historic year 
ended December 31, the legal year ended on March 24, and this 
continued until 1750. Therefore, in reading, for example, a 
date such as Feb. 4, 1740^1, it is to be considered that the real 
year was 1741 historically, but 1740 legally. Unfortunately, 
all the wills, inventories, etc., noted in this work, between J^i. 
I and Mar. 24, do not bear a double-year date, as they shotUd. 
No attempt has been made to alter the MSS. printed from in 
this respect, except in a few instances where the correct double 
dating was a matter of certainty. 

It may be noted also that, unless otherwise stated, the 
amounts of inventories of estates are always of personalty 
only ; that in various wills the word ''brother," as used, has an 
uncertain melting, and may refer to brother-in-law, step- or 
half-brother, or to a member of the same religious denomina- 
tion ; and that where names of testators in the bold face type 
are spelled in some alternate manner, it signifies that in the 
same document, or some corelated document, proof of such 
variation occurs. 

A glance over the "Index of Names of Persons" at the end 
of the volume would seem to indicate that the names in- 
clude a pretty large proportion of all the adult population of 
the State during the twenty-one year period covered by this 
work. A careful searcher will also find hundreds of cases 
where are stated one's exact neighbors (usually owning ad- 
joining lands), and in many instances the names of every mem- 
ber of a family. It is the latter feature which will make 
this work of interest to searchers in genealogical lines. 

We do not call attention to the unusual or curious wills to be 
found in these pages; there are few such. The chief interest 
and value of the volume are in the early names of persons and 
places, and in the particular dates relating to both living and 
deceased citizens of New Jersey at this early period. The record 
of these names and dates cannot fail to prove of permanent 
use to both present and future generations of students of the 
history of the old-time families of -our State. 

In the matter of early names of places a glance at the **Index 
of Place-Names" will show many old Indian and Dutch-derived 

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names, either long since gone out of existence or greatly cor- 
rupted by time. For example, the following (many erronously 
spelled) : Carrostoga, G>vehaukin, Cuckowder, Gemocenepa, 
Hadgy, Leopeatenung, Machiscotuxin, Manatico, Manusking, 
Markashoop, Matchesqatonk, Mohoppony, Naughlomsoon, Ra- 
menesin, Rapeketon, Sessoconneta, Shabbacunck, Steenraapje, 
Tatamus, Wickohoe, Wintepoc, Whopemenchonhhong, Zuck- 

It would require about two more volumes similar to this one 
to carry on the Abstracts of Wills to the year 1804, when the 
records at Trenton ceased and wills thereafter were recorded 
in each county. It is to be hoped such volumes may be pub- 
lished under State auspices at some time in the futtu*e. 

A. V. D. H. 

Plainfield, N. J., August, 1918. 


Page 87. Strike out last entry on page, "Camthcrs, James," as being 
a dnpHcate, in part, of first entry on same page. 

Page 98. Lines 11 and iz "Nathaniel Hamed and Robert Dennes, 
fellow bondsmen," belong at the end of the preceding paragraph. 

Page 99. Line 3. Strike out "Thomas Cox, witness," as a duplicate 

Page 160. Line 5. Strike out entire line. 

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Calendar of New Jersey Wills 

NoTB^ — ^Ttae booka cited as Libers 1, 2, 3, etc., are of West Jersey 
wills. Those cited as Libers A. B, C. etc, are of East Jersey wills. 
Where matters beside recorded wills, such as inyentories, accounts, 
etc.. are noted, the origrinals may be found in the proper boxes (ar- 
ranged by counties), reference to which is made in the volumes 
(three volumes) entitled "Index to Wills," published by the Secretary 
of State in 1912 and 191S, which should always be consulted in case 
originals are to be referred to. All origrinal matters herein abstracted 
are to be found in the Secretary of State's office at Trenton. 

1741-^ Feb. 4. AaroaaoB* BeMlamln* of Mansfield Township, Bur- 
lioffston Co., yeoman; will of. Brothers Joseph and Aaron, sisters 
Elisabeth aibbs and .Sarah Atkinson. Cousins William and John, 
sons of Joseph Atkinson. Real and personal estate. Executors — 
brother Aaron and brother-in-law Joseph Atkinson. Witnesses — 
Job Talman, Oeorgre Ash, John Hammell, Jr., Isaac DeCow medius. 
Proved April 6, 174S. Lib. 4, p. S5«. 

1742-3, March 3. Inventory of the personal estate, £38.16, made by 
Robert RockhiU, David Rockhill and Benjamin Shreve. 

1741, Dec. 14. AaromsoB, JohB» of Mansfield Township, Burlingrton 
Co., yeoman; will of. Children — Benjamin, Joseph, Aaron, Thomas, 
Elisabeth and Sarah. Grandsons — John Atkinson and his brothers and 
listers. Neflrroes — Phillis and Ester. Real and personal estate. Wife 
Mary sole executrix. Witnesses — Benja. Talman, Francis Thompson, 
Elisabeth Talman, Isaac DeCow medius. Proved March 3, 1742. 

Lib. 4, p. 867. 

1742-3, March 3. Inventory of the personal estate, £498.8.10%, in- 
eludes bonds, bills and note £280.2.8 H* and negrro children £30, made 
by Robert Rockhill, David Rockhill and Benjamin Shreve. 

<1Vot dated) Abbott, John, of Nottingham Township, Burlington Co., 
yeoman; will of. Children — John, Timothy, Samuel, Mary Williams, 
Ann Biles, Jane Burr, Rachell Abbott, Elisabeth Williams and Sarah 
Abbott. Servant boy Arthur Woolard. Land adjoining Robert Pear- 
son on the south side of Crosswick Creek. Wife Ann sole executrix. 
Witnesses — Robert Pearson, Rachel Pearson. Thomas Pearson. Proved 
April 12, 1740. Lib. 4, p. 228. 

17SS* Nov. ae, Abbott, Samuel, of Salem Co., yeoman, guardian, ap- 
pointed AuflT. 28, 1784. Resignation of, in favor of Clement Hall of 
Salem, merchant. The petition of the ward, Mary Walcott (daughter 
of Samuel Walcut of Penns Neck, Salem County) is attached to the 
original paper. Copy dated 22 January, 1736. Lib. 4, p. 60. 

1741, July >!• Ackea, Tbomm, of Elisabeth Town and Ash Swamp. 
Essex Co. — will of. Wife Mary. Sons — Joseph, John, Samuel and 

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Robert Daughter— Mary I^i^. Orandchlld-^ohn Aoken son of 
son John. Real and. • ifepspnar estate. Bxecutors — friends Isaac 
Frasey and Samuel. Hln'^sV "Witnesses — John Sender, Bseklah Hub- 
bell, Nath'll HubbeiL*; Pfbved Feb. 10. 1747-8. 

1747-8, Febt :i('.;Vfhe executors within named havlnv refused to act 
and thif. widow, belnv also deceased, Bllsabeth Lambert, principal 
ore(\lk>r. 'appointed administrator. 

. \^!ii% 4vly 18. James Lambert, husband of the abovesald Bllaa- 
•Yj^lit^MV^stlfles to the foreffoingr. Lib. E, p. 184. 

1745, Aiw. 98. AckennaB, Abnikam, of Berven Co., ''Infant of 14 
yrs. and upwards." Ouardlan — ^Hellebrant Llsler of Bergen Co., yeo- 
man. Fellow bondsman — John NeYlll, Bsq., of Perth Amboy. 

Bergren Wills, 286B. 

1788» April 28. Ackenaan, Jokaawis, of Hacklnsack, Bergren Co., 
shoemaker — Will of. Wife Jannetle Executrix, and to have the real 
and personal estate during widowhood. Co-executors of my "meno- 
renne children." and assistants; my brother-in-law HiUebrant Llsler 
and cousin Lawrence Abrams Ackerman. both of Hacklnsack. Sons, 
David (the Bible as a birthright), Nldas, OUyn and Abraham to have 
all lands after decease or remarriage of the widow. Daughters, 
HiUesront (married), Trlntle, Marltle and AnM&. Witnesses — Joost 
Vanboskerck, Corns. WynKoop, David Demarest, Sen. Proved 19 
Auffusl; 1745. Lib. D, p. 824. 

1749, Nov. 18. Actoa (Aetea), Beajamla, of Salem, Salem Co., 
tanner — will of. 

Item 1. *'I fflve to my last wife's three daughters, which she had 
by her former husband, Wm. Sheals, £10 a piece out of my personal 
estate when they arrive to the agre of 18 years, or marriage." 

Item 2. "My son John Acton, my new house and lot, tanyard and 
stock, likewise the house and lot, which formerly belonged to Wm. 
Sheals. likewise a wood lot (26 acres) I bought of Wm. Chamber." 

Item 8. "Son Joseph Acton to have the house and lot where I live, 
likewise the lot (1 acre) bought of Daniel Mestayer, and his wife, 
near the Bridgre, likewise 60 acres of woodland reserved from the 
plantation I sold to Samuel Nicholson." Item 4. "My rlgrht of 100 
acres of Cedar swamp belonfflnflr to me and Edward Lumas to be sold 
and the money with the overplus of my personal estate to be equally 
divided between my two sons above named. I deem Wm. Barret's 
mortsraffe part of my personal estate." Executors — Sons John and 
Joseph Acton. Signature with a seaL Witnesses — John Whlttall, 
Samuel Parker, Joslah Kay. Sworn and affirmed 80 Dec.. 1749. 

Lib. 6, p. 899. 

1749-50, Jan. 8. Inventory. £1718.17.0. Includes bonds, bills and notes, 
£807.8.0, clock and "Screwtore" £17, plate £14.18.8, "47 pair of pumps, 
£12." parcel of old books £4.4.0, "the wearing apparel late belonginv 
to Rachel late wife of the s'd deceased. £9." cattle £21.16.0. "To rent 
due from Sam'l Abbott, same appeared £12.0.0." Appraisers — ^Ranler 
Vanhlst, Joslah Kay. 

17SS, Aprtl 28. Adames, Joka, of Woodbrldffe, Middlesex Co., la- 
bourer; will of. Wife Agnas Adames, whose maiden name was Agnas 
Nisbet, now In Ireland. Son, Thomas Adames, who is with his mother. 
Real and personal estate. Executors — friend, Samuel Moores, and 
brother, Charles Adames. Witnesses — John Waller, Nicholas Stll- 
will, William Thome. Proved July 17, 1784. Lib. B, p. 622. 

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ITtt-S* Jmmnmrj U. A«aBui» Tlioauui» of Freehold, Monmouth Co., 
cooper; will of. Wife, Mararery. Four eldest children mentioned, but 
not named. Bxecutors — friends, James Robinson and John Hender- 
son, of Freehold. Witnesses — Walter and Joseph Wilson and William 
Hanklnson. Proved January 26, 17S3-S. Lib. B, p. S79. 

ITSi* Mareh 81. Addams* Jededlah, late of Evesham, Burllnffton 
Co., miller. Margaret Adams declines administration. 

17S1, April 1. Bond of Judah Allen as administrator; Thomas 
Hackny fellow bondsman, both of Evesham, yeoman. Lib. 8, p. 99 A. 

17S1, April 6. Inventory of personal estate, £47.17, made by Thomas 
Middleton and Thomas Hackney. 

174a» Juie M. AddAMSt Jeremiah, of Great EffflT Harbour, Glouces- 
ter Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary. Children — David, Mary, Sarah, 
Rebecca, Joseph, Jeremiah. Executors — ^the wife and son David. 
Witnesses — ^Nehemlah Leeds, Elisabeth Lee, Richard Philpotts. Proved 
Nov. 26, 1742. 

1742, Auff. 7. Inventory of the personal estate, £166.1.0, made by 
Joseph Leeds and Robert Smith. Burlington Wills, 8421-4C. 

1742, Aug' 90. Aetea, John, of Somerset Co.; will of. Wife Elisa- 
beth. To oldest son John and his heirs forever the "larare Dutch folio 
Bible** and lands begrlnninff at Rarltan River at Peter Cowenhoven's 
line, thence to Hendrick Fisher's land. Residue of lands to son 
Thomas. Daughter — ^Elisabeth Smith, who has children, Mary Se- 
brant, and Eleanor Sebrant. Executors — sons John, Thomas and 
friend Hendrick Fisher. Signed "John Aatten (his mark)." Wit- 
nesses — Peter Cowenhoven, Evan Preston, Aaron Davis (his mark). 
Proved IS March, 1748. Lib. D, p. 186. 

1746, May 17. Akin, John, of Essex Co. Bond of Elisabeth Akin, 
widow, as administratrix; Joseph Wood, yeoman, fellow bondsman. 
Witness — Josiah Broad welL Lib. D, p. 886. 

17S9, Dee. 17. Albenon, Abraham, of Gloucester, Gloucester Co.; 
will of. Sons — ^Abraham, Ephraim and Joseph Alberson, to have equal- 
ly "all of my plantation whereon I live." Daughter — Rebecca Bev- 
erly. Bxecutors to have the rest of estate, real and personal for 
brtnvinv up of three sons, Aaron, Levi and Jonathan Alberson, until 
they will be 14, and then to put them out to some trade. After they 
attain 21 years, executors to pay them 10 pounds apiece. To son-in- 
law (step-son) Richard Chew £10, when he will be 21. Executors — 
sons Abraham and Joseph Alberson. Witnesses — Joseph Low, Wil- 
liam Hampton, John Kaiffhin. Proved 18 Feb., 1744. 

1746, Dec. 10. Letters Testamentary were granted. Lib. 6, p. 186. 

1789, Dec 6, (filed 1744). Inventory of the personal estate of Abra- 
ham Alberson senior (£198.4.6), includes neffro Tom, £6, 80 lbs. of wool 
and 12 lbs. of worsted, beef, pork and lard. Appraisers — John Miokle, 
Joseph Low. 

174B-6, Feb. 14. AlbersoB, Abrahaai, of town of Gloucester, Glou- 
cester Co. yeoman. Int. Sarah Alberson, admx. (her mark). Thomas 
Clement of the same place, "cordwainer," bondsman. Witnesses — 
John Hampton, John Ladd. Lib. 6, p. 468. 

1746-6, Jany. 18. Inventory of personal estate (£61.18.0), includes 

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"salt pork, beaf, hoffs, lard £4.10.0." Appraisers — John Hampton, 
John Thorne. 

1748, Sept. 2K2. AlbersoB, Simon, of Newtown, Gloucester Co. Int. 
Joseph Ellis, admr.; Samuel Harrison, bondsman, both of place afore- 
said. Witness — J. Scatterffood. Lib. 6, p. 18. 

1748, Sept. 19. Inventory of personal estate (£78.11.0), includes 
cash in hands of Josiah Alberson for rent £48, bond due from Joseph 
Low, cash in hand of Jacob Alberson and Joseph BUis, 18 sheep. 
Appraisers — John Kaierhin, Isaac Alberson. 

1759, Feb. 3. Account of Jacob Stokes, adm. of Joseph Ellis, Esq., 
late of Gloucester Co., deceased, who was admr. of Simeon Albertson, 
late of same County# "So much thereof paid by the said Joseph Ellis" 
to Thomas Ellis, Jonah Albertson, William Edffar, Ann Hampton, 
John Keasley, Thomas Edfferton, Peter Sonmon, John Hampton, Wil- 
liam Edgrerton, etc., amounting to £61.10. 

1744-5, 22, 12tb mo. <Feb.) AlbenMB, WlUlam, of Newton, Glouces- 
ter Co., yeoman: will of. To son William and his heirs forever, 
"all the land and meadow I bougrht of John Kasley and the meadow 
I bought of Thomas Dennises, excepting the Lower Branch, also my 
two tracts of outland." To son Simeon Alberson and his heirs for- 
ever, "the lower part of my plantation where I live, bounded by New- 
ton and the Fork Creek, near the house of John Mickle; also my 
cedar swamp, my son Simeon to pay each of my dauerhters Sarah 
and Ann £30 and my son Nathan £10, for the same when they will 
be 21." Son John Alberson to have the residue of land within the 
township of Newton, "he to pay my son Nathan, when 21, £20, to 
whom I erive my 60 odd acre lot on a branch of Timber Creek, called 
'Stephens Run.'" "I commit the tuition, care and estate of my chil- 
dren unto my uncle Josiah Alberson and my friend Ebenezer Hop- 
kins." Executrix — wife Jane Alberson. Witnesses — Joseph Low, 
Andrew Tate, Elisabeth Smith, Jos. Cooper. Proved 16 April 1746. 
Letters granted July 25, 1746. Lib. 5. p. 220. 

1745. Ist mo. (March), 25 da. Inventory (£858.4.4), includes watch 
and apparel, £54.13.3, bonds £174.1.2 V^, saddle-ba^s, remnant of cloth, 
^ dox. teaspoons, £2.4.6, ne^ro-woman and child, £40, 11 horses, 84 
cattle, oxen £214. Appraisers — Jos. Cooper, Josiah Alberson. 

1745, May 9, Albertsoa, Gilbert, of Gloucester, Gloucester Co., ma- 
riner. Admx., Jane Alberson, widow. Thomas Clement, bondsman, 
of the place aforesaid. Witnesses — Robt. Smith, J. Scattererood. 

1749, May 22. Inventory of personal estate, £969.0.11. Includes 
bonds, notes and accounts of William Albertson. Thomas Ed^erton, 
William Hugg, William Sell. Daniel Calvin?, Andrew Erickson, Wil- 
liam Riggin, William Genard, Gabriel Dowel, Benjamin Stephenson, 
Thomas Holstone. Jonas Veneman, Lawrence Peterson, William Pet- 
erson, Andrew Holstone, Thomas Peterson, Abraham Stats, Samuel 
Moffett, John Heritage, William Tremble, Samuel Homby, James 
HoUiday, William Dollerson, Aaron Bennett, Erick Johnson, William 
Roman, Jeremiah Hand, Isaac Hand, David Fitsgrerald, Recompence 
Hand, Simeon Albertson, John Mackintosh, Walter Melton. Isaac Al- 
bertson, Francis Haddock, James Cusick, Jacob Albertson, Henry 
Siddon, Samuel Haxard, Peter Davis. Appraisers — ^Thos. Clements, 
£tam. Harrison, Junr. 

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174S» Avffwit 9. Albart, Adam, of Amwell, Hunterdon County. In- 
▼entory of personal estate (£262.6.9), includes, 1 anvil and smith's 
tools; carpenter's tools; several Dutch Books, etc.; made by Philip 
Rlng^o and Teunes Habbah (or Hoppa^h). 

1746, August 13. Bond of Peter Rockafeller and Gtodfree Peters of 
Amwell, as administrators of the estate. Teunes Hoppa^h, of Amwell» 
surety. Witness, Philip Rin^o. 

1748, June 8. Account of administrators, mentions names of Rut 
Johnson. Johannes Louks, Andrew Reed, John Quick, Casper Archa- 
back, Charles Hoff, Jr., Philip Ringro, Peter Overfelt, Anthony Fisher, 
John Taylor, John Wester of Philadelphia. Jacob Swallow, Meani 
Vanvoras, Jacob Moore, Jacob Erwine, Philip Sine, Garret William- 
son, John Opdyke, Benjamin Abbot, Benjamin Canby, Jeromas Horn, 
Mathias Smith, Anne Ketchin, Francis Toular (or Foular). school- 
master, Aron Mateson. Tunas Hapou^h, Samuel Ketchin, James Ab- 
. bot, Robert Mildram, Francis Quick, Derrick Vanvaugrhton and Bar- 
tholomew Hoboam. Hunterdon Wills, 186J. 

1744, Dec. 4. Aldridse, Tliomm (see Eldridgre). 

1740, Jvne 11. Alford, David, of Woodbridffe, Middlesex Co.. tan- 
ner; will of. Son, Benjamin. Mentions lands bougrht of John Heard 
Esq., Richard Jones, Benjamin Martin, John Parker, John Bishop, 
Sam'U Leues, Jun'r, Sam'll Moores, John Insle, Timothy Tuttle, David 
I>onham, Robert Thornell. Daughters — Sarah, Mary and Margaret. 
Children all minors. Mentions lands bought of Jonathan Insle, 
Elisha Frazee, Ephraim Lockheart and Robert Ayers. Executors — 
wife Mary Alford, Benjamin Martin and Petter Martin. Witnesses — 
Jonathan Inslee, Jonathan Inslee, Jun'r. and Jno. Herriot. Proved 
April 19. 1748. Lib. E. p. 160. 

1748, April 18. Inventory of personal estate, £162.00.8, incl. debts 
due by Sam'll Barns and Sam'll Pray; made by Jonathan Inslee and 
Benjamin Allword. 

1748-9, Feb. 9. AUcott, l¥llllam, of Northampton, Burlingrton Co.; 
will of. Wife, Ann. Sons — ^Anthony and William. Other children men- 
tioned but not named. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife 
and son Anthony. Witnesses — Thomas Eayre, John Hiller, John Burr, 
Jun'r. Proved Feb. 25. 1748. Lib. 6, p. 37. 

1748-50, Feb. 22. Inventory of personal estate, £134.17.6; made by 
Samuel Woolston and John Hiller. 

1781, Jaa. 81. Allea, Beajamla (over 16 years old), eldest son of 
Judah, of Evesham. Burllngrton co.. yeoman. Letters of guardianship 
of granted to William Sharo, of Evesham. Burlington Wills, 2057C. 

1744^ July 0. Allen, Benjamin, Jr., late of Evesham, Burlington 
Co. Inventory of the personal estate of. £92.12; made by William 
Sharp and James Cattell. 

1746, July 19. Bond of Deborah Allen, widow, as administratrix 
of the estate of. Samuel Sharp, yeoman, and William Sharp, weaver, 
both of same place, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 5. p. 430. 

1782, Marcb 29. Allen, Daniel, of Egg Harbour. Gloucester Co.. 
yeoman. Inventory of personal estate. £42.11.0. made by widow, Mary 

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Alien* administratrix. Appraised by William Cordray and Roturn 

17S2-8, Jan. 2. Account of estate. £69.S.O, made by Mary Allen, show- 
ing payments to Richard Clsrmer. John Hinchman, Henry Brown, 
James Steelman, James Sommers, Andrew Steelman. 

Gloucester Wills, 149H. 

ITSa; March 18. AUes* DarM, of Shrewsbury town. Monmouth Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Hannah. Children — Jedidiah, Ralph, Elisa- 
beth and Rebecca. Bxecutors — wife, friend Oeorare Williams and 
cousin Jacob Lippincott. Witnesses — Joseph Allen, Benjamin Corliss 
and Jacob Dennis. Proved May 28, 178 6. 

178S, May 9th and 16th. Inventory of personal estate, £514, incL 
SO neat cattle; 87 old sheep and 42 lambs; 12 horses and mares; bond 
from Tole Macolla; in Henry Lawrence's hand; in Huffh Porter's 
hand; in Benjamin Parker's, John and Preserve Lippincott's hands. 
Made by John Batton. John Bedford and Jacob Dennis. 

Liber C, p. 86; 621-4M. 

17S1* Jas« as. Atlen, DehoralM late of Evesham, Burlington Co. 
Bond of William Sharp and Rebecca his wife as administrators (Re- 
becca Sharp beinff one of the daughters of Deborah Allen, late wife 
of Judah Allen, yeoman, late of Evesham). William Parke and 
James Shearing, all of Burlington Co., fellow bondsmen. Witnesses — 
Huffh Sharp, Martha Parke, Richard Parke. Lib. 8, p. 175. 

1740> May S8. Allen, Bbeaeaer, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co. 
Bond of Hannah Allen, widow, as administratrix. Oeor^e Allen of 
same place, yeoman, bondsman. Witnesses — ^Robert Hude and Thomas 

1740, May 16. Inventory of personal estate, £76.19.00. incL bond 
of Joseph Patterson, due from David Jecocks; made by Benjamin 
Parker and John Seares. Liber C, p. 840; 881-4M. 

17441-1. March 16. AUen, BllMbeth, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co., 
widow. Inventory of personal estate, £80.19.01%, incL debts due from 
wife of John Drew, and bond from Jonathan Allen; made by Benjamin 
Trotter and John Potter. 

1741, Nov. 80. Bond of Jonathan Allen, son, yeoman, as adminis- 
trator. John Hyndshaw, of Woodbridffe, Middlesex Co.. bookbinder, 
fellow bondsman. Lib. C, p. 466. 

1747, December 90. AUen, Bphndai, of Shrewsbury town, Mon- 
mouth Co., will of. Wife, Mary. Children — Joseph and Lydia. Grand- 
son, John Allen. Executors — ^wife and friend Job Cook. Witnesses- 
Emmanuel WooUey. Benjamin Woolley, Stephen Cook and Amariah 
Slocum. Proved December 28, 1747. Bxecutors, beinv Quakers, 
affirmed. Lib. E, p. 148. 

1747, December 24. Inventory of personal estate, £189.00.11; made 
by William Jackson and Daniel Williams. 

1747, March S. AUen, Baeklel, of Shrewsbury town, Monmouth Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Amy. Children— Obadiah, Nathan, Joshua, 
Elisabeth, and Aaron. Bxecutors — wife and brother. Jedidiah Allen. 
Witnesses — Joseph Potter, Thomas Nerus, John Allen and Jacob 
Dennis. Proved March 14, 1747, by Joseph Potter and John Allen, 
Quakers. Executors, Quakers, affirmed same day. 

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1748. March 16. Inyentory of the personal estate, £2S7.01.02. Mad* 
by Joseph Wardell and Joseph Potter. 

1780, Feb. an. Alien, Isaac, of Salem County* blacksmith. Int. 
Admx.. Mary Allen (relict of). Bondsman, Benjamin Allen. Both of 
aforesaid County. Witnesses — ^Rich'd Wood, Dan'l Mestayer. 

Lib. 4, p. 198L 
17S9-40, Feb. 1«. Inventory (£270.9.21 H) ''praised at Alaways 
Oeek, Salem County/' includes cattle and horses, "anvil, stock In 
smith shoop,'* bellows and vise. Appraisers — ^Richard Wood, Abra- 
ham Moss. 

175#, Dec 8. AllcB, Joha, ESs«., of city of Burlington. Hannah 
Allen, widow, renounces administration and requests that same be 
granted her son, John Allen, Esq. 

1750, Dec. 8. Bond of John Allen, of Hunterdon Co., Bsq. as ad- 
ministrator. Bennet Bard and Joseph HoUinshead of city of Bur- 
lington, Esqrs. fellow bondsmen. Lib. 7, p. 29. 

1748p Novemher U. Allen, Jonathan, of Shrewsbury town, Mon- 
mouth Co., yeoman; will of. Children — Hesekiah (eldest son). Bath- 
sheba (eldest daughter), Naomi, James, Exercise, Sarah, Mary, Han- 
nah, David (youngest son). Executors — friend Joseph Corleis and 
son-in-law John Woodmanse. Witnesses — John Bedford, Joseph Pot- 
ter and Jedidiah Allen. Proved November 26, 1748. Executor* 
(Quakers) affirmed. 

1748, November 19. Inventory of personal estate, £178.16.7, InoL 
bonds of James Allen, Thomas Finemor, William Mitten, Joslah 
Parker and Hesekiah Allen, and nursery of apple-trees; made by 
Joseph Potter and John Williams. 

1749. May 1. Account of estate by executors. The plantation sold 
for £1281; property riffht for £26. Cash paid to following — Joseph 
Wardel, Hesekiah Allen, John Woodmansey, Derlous Llppincott, 
James Allen, William Brewer, Charles Mackey, Jedidiah Allen, Han- 
nah Allen, David Allen, Pelev Slocum. Lib. E, p. 245. 

1751, Juie 24. Allen, Jnda, of Evesham, Burlington Co., yeoman; 
will of. Son. Benjamin (under a^e). Daughters — Rebakah, Elisa- 
beth, Mary and Abigail. Meadow, formerly Clark Rodman's and land 
purc^hased of Judiah Adams. Executors — wife and sons-in-law Wil- 
liam Sharp and Edward Clamans. Witnesses — ^Francis Hoffsett, 
Arthur Borradalll, Mahlon Stacy. Proved July 20, 1781. 

1781, Auff. 2. Inventory of personal estate, £487.1.11; made by 
Thomas Noolln, Joseph Fenimore and Benjamin Moore. 

1781-2, Jan. 81. Benjamin, son and heir of Judah Allen, and orphan 
of about 16, elects William Sharp as ffuardlan. to whom letters of 
guardianship are issued. Lib. 8, pp. 146, 177. 

1747-8, Febraary ^O. Allca, Lydla, dauffhter of Ephraim Allen of 
Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., nuncupative will of. Brother. Joseph. 
Mother, Mary Allen. Cousins — ^Lydia Parker and Alice Ooodbody. 
Signed by Rachel Dennis and Lydia Parker, March 1, 1747-8. Proved 
by Rachel Dennis and Lydia Parker (Quaker), who testify that Lydia 
Allen died at twelve o'clock at niffht, Monday, February 22nd (?). 

Lib. E, p. 144. 

mx Decessber S. Allen, Nathan, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth 

Digitized by 



Co., Esquire; will of. Wife, Martha. To son, Nathan, plantation and 
vrist mills, also land adjoiningr Aaron Robins and Benjamin Apple- 
vate. To son Benjamin, plantation bought of Benjamin Lawrence, Jr., 
bounded according: to lease to William Norton, also the fulling: miU. 
Dau8:hter8 — ^Martha and Margrery (under sixteen). Wife sole exe- 
cutrix. Witnesses — John Tantum, Jr., Ambrose Feild and Samuel 
Rog:ers. Proved by John Tantum, Quaker. January 80, 1788. 

Lib. 4, p. 154. 
1738, 11th. d., 11th. m. (Jan.). Inventory of estate, £1194.15.1, IncL 
one negrro man and two boys, a negro woman and one grirl; made by 
John Tantum and John Middleton. 

1748, September 10. Allen, Natbas, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth 
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Sarah. Son, John (or Nathan John). 
"Mother, Martha Decow." Sister, Martha Lawrence. Executors — wife 
and friend Robert Lawrence. Witnesses — ^Moses Robins, John Mount 
and William Lawrence. Proved October 1, 1748. Lib. 5, p. 581. 

1748, Bfarcb M. Allen, Ralpk, of Shrewsbury town, Monmouth Co.; 
will of. Wife, Mary. Children — Rebecca, Judah and Elizabeth, under 
fourteen years of a^e. Executors — ^brother Jedidiah Allen and cousin 
Joseph Allen. Witnesses — William Cook, Timothy Hance and Jacob 
Dennis. Proved April 27, 1748. Lib. E, p. 166. 

^. Inventory of the personal estate, £191.11.8; made by 

Joseph and Jacob Corlies. 

1782, January 14. Allen, Samnel, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Martha, sole legratee and executrix for bringr- 
Ingr up of children whose names are not griven. Witnesses — Charles 
Woolverton (?), John Carr, Georg:e Fox and Samuel Qreen. Proved 
May 8, 1738. Executrix a Quaker. 

1782, February 19. Inventory of estate, £97.5.0, incl. what was 
found in the weaving room, loom, tubs, etc.; fifteen head of cow 
kind; twelve head of swine; eig:ht head of horse kind; one servant 
man; made by Charles Woolverton and Samuel Oreen. 

1734, May 15. Account of Samuel Arnold and Martha, his wife, late 
Martha Allen, executrix of will of Samuel Allen. Mentions Joseph 
Hig:by, William Montgromerie, Stephen Pidcock, Daniel Howel, Eliza- 
beth Reed, John MuUin, William Dugrdale, Thomas Woollverton. 
Thomas McClehan, Isaac Herrin, Joseph Reed. Isaac Arey, Richard 
Hougrh, Christian Cornelius, Francis Bowes. Lib. 8, p. 298; 100 J. 

1744, Marck IS. Allen, Tkomaa, of New Hanover, Burling:ton Co., 
labourer. Administration on estate g:ranted unto Thomas Miller, 
yeoman; John Stewart, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. 5, p. 100. 

1745, Nov. 80. Inventory of personal estate, £42.10.7; made by John 
Stewart and Jos. Steward. 

1744, December 8. Allen, W^llUnm, of Allentown, Monmouth Co., 
hatter; will of. Wife, Anna, sole leg:atee. Executors — wife, Jacob 
Lawrence and Thomas Lowrie. Witnesses — Bartholomew West, 
Charles JoUey and William Lawrence. Proved January 29, 1744-5. 

Lib. 5, p. 77. 

1744-6. January 27. Inventory of personal estate, £132.10.11, incl. 
one dozen wool hats, not finished, thirty-four blocks, smoothing: iron, 
bows and stamper, twenty-one beaver skins; made by William Law- 
rence and Bartholomew West. 

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1780^ Jam. 13. Allea, Zackarlak» of Woodbrldgre, Middlesex Co., yeo- 
man. Bond of Elisabeth Allen, his widow, as administratrix of estate. 
Samuel Crow, same place, carpenter, fellow bondsman. Witness — 
Sbenezer Saltar. 

1750, Jan. 14. Inventory of personal estate, £86.1.2; made by Rich- 
ard Jones and Abraham Johnston. Lib. E, p. 473. 

1750, Jan. 25. Vendue list; articles bougrht by Eliza. Allen, Abra- 
ham Morgan, Joseph Howten, John Price, John Eastwood, Jonathan 
Hamet. Edward Potter, Joseph Michel, Andrew Hamton, William 
Comtan, John Duningr. John Alwood. Sam. Axtel, Phebea Johnston, 
QeoTge Heard, Bbenezer Saltar, Dugral Cambel, Jonathan Ensley, John 
Wilson. Henry Langrstaff, Georye Manham, Sam Martin, Steven Con- 
nan. James Pike, James Eddey, Thos. Williams, Rousa Eastwood, 
Sarah Kelley, Benjamin Eastwood, Sam'll Crow, Benjamin Jones, 
Zedakiah Bonham. 

1750, Jan. 29. Debts owing: to estate from John Herriot, John Van- 
derhoven, William Oilman, Rybben Potter, Richard Cutter, Zedekiah 
Bonham. Benjamin Martin, Sarah Comptan, Mary Combs, Nath'll 
Hamed, Timothy Bloomfleld, Frazee Ayers, James Ross, Abraham 
Honee, Samuel Preston, James Willson, Sarah Martin, BenJ. Alford, 
Malachi Fits Randolph, Abraham Ayers. Charles Ford, Justice Smith, 
Wm. Thornell, Dr. Pierson, Rich'd Mackalee, Eliaklm Martin, Dr. 

1782, May 4. AUlB«r, Samuel, of Newark. Essex Co., Esq.; will of. 
Wife. Sarah, to have pasture at Denlson Cove. Children — Samuel, 
Thomas. Ezechell, Elizabeth Curry. Sarah Dod, and Eunice Serjeant. 
Iiand Joining: lands of Joseph Rog:er8, John O^den, John Bruin and 
James Wheeler. Executors — sons Samuel and Thomas Ailing:. Wit- 
nesses — Jo. Cooper. John Crane, John Currey. Proved Aug". 3, 1782. 

Lib. B, p. 801. 

1750* Feb. 13. AUInflTt Thomas* of Essex Co. Bond of Hannah Ail- 
ing, widow, as administratrix on estate of her husband; Timothy 
Johnson of Newark, fellow bondsman. Lib. E. p. 501. 

178*, Feb. 19. AlUsoa, RIckard, of Burlington Co., sadler; will of. 
Wife. Ann, to have real and personal estate to educate children. Son, 
Richard, all books. Daughters — ^Elizabeth and Ann. each to have a 
silver tankard. Executors — wife and brother Rowland Ellis. Wit- 
nesses — Joseph Heulings, BenJ'n Marriott, Dinah Bard. Proved Au- 
gust 2, 1781. Lib. 3. p. 296. 

1784, ^. Account of Anne Allisson and Rowland Ellis, exe- 
cutors, who have paid debts due to James Veres, Ebenezer Large, 
Sam'l Scattergood, Thomas Hendry, Wm. Collins, Thomas Shreve, 
Paul Watkinson (all funeral charges), Ellshep Allisson and estate of 
Joseph Pidgeon; in all £158.8.2. Debts due estate from Mathew Will- 
son, Sam'l Brown, Sam'l Maxhue, Sam'l Farington, Wm. Cramer, 
Estate of Francis Ceilings, John Rothmall (who has removed into 
some remote part of Penn.), Hezekiah Willson. 

1741, ApHl 18. AIllaoB, RIckard, son of Richard Allison of City of 
Burlingrton, cooper, about 15 years of agre, elects Robert Spencer of 
Trenton as his guardian. Lib. 4, p. 218. 

ITSa; Amr* SS« Alltoa, WlUlam, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co., 
bricklayer; will of. Children — ^Elizabeth, Sarah, and William (all 

Digitized by 



under a^e). Brother, Brasmus Allton, and his dauvhters Phebey and 
Sarah. Real and personal estate. Executom — ^wife Deborah and 
friends John Shotwell and John Morlss. Witnesses — Job Pack, Ben- 
jamin Pack, Benjamin Marsh. Proved Deo. 7, 17S2. Lib. B, p. S41. 
17S2, Nov. 28. Inventory of personal estate (£164.07.08), inoL 
bonds of Brasmaus Allton J'r, John Shotwell, Samuel Marsh, and a 
void Ting; also debts due from Jos. Marsh, Peter Noe, Job Pack, John 
Morriss; made by Jeremiah Bird and John Wlnaines. 

ITSa; July ar. Allwood; Hewry, of Baskinffridflre, Somerset Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Sarah, sole executrix, and to have the personal 
estate **to brinar up the children." Sons — John. Harry and Danyell, 
to have all lands; John, the oldest, to have first choice. Two dauffh- 
. ters, not named. Witnesses — Daniel Sutton, James Wilkison, Moses 
Rolfe. Proved 12 May 1788. Lib. B, p. 407. 

178S-S, Feb. 27. Alston, John, of Woodbridffe. Middlesex Co., black- 
smith; will of. Sons — John and Benjamin. Daughter, Mary, under 
ave. Real and personal estate. Wife, Rebecca, sole executrix. Wit- 
nesses — John Rotan, £tam'll Rolph, David Alston. Proved Aug, 1, 1788. 

Lib. B, p. 462. 

1748, May 81. Alston, John, of Woodbridffe. Middlesex Co., Oent'n; 
will of. Wife, Mary Alston. Son John's son Benjamin to have 
meadow bought of John Stewart, Joining Moses Bishop and Wiirm 
Brittain*s lands. Sons — David, Jonathan and Thomas. Daughters — 
Ann and Mary, and her daughter Lyda Bishop. Grandchildren — 
Susanna and Alexander Lee. 68 acres Joining Michael Moores land; 
64 acres Joining Jonathan Bishop's land; land bought of Jno. Dilly; 
land JoininflT lands of Michael Moore and Sam'U Jaquesa Executors — 
sons David and Jonathan. Witnesses — William Panffburn. Richard 
Wilkison, Charles Force. Proved July 9. 1748. Lib. D, p. 66. 

1784, Aug. an. Alton (AUton), Bnuntns, of Blisabeth Town, Essex 
Co., brickmaker; will of. Children mentioned, but names not ffiven; 
all minors. Real and personal estate. Executors — ^wife Rebeckah 
and brother-in-law Oershom More. Witnesses — Joseph Shotwell, John 
Morriss, Joseph Alton. Proved May 19. 1786. Lib. B, p. 99. 

1786, May 22. Inventory of personal estate, £158.16.02, incL neffro 
boy; made by Jacob Thorn and Jos. Shotwell. 

1748, Get. S. Alward, Jokn, of Woodbrldffe, Middlesex Co., yeoman; 
will of. Children — John, Mary, Euphemy, and Rachel, all under agre. 
Wife, Anne, sole executrix. Real and personal estate. Witnesses — 
Oswald Foord, Robert Dennes, William Kent. Proved April 10, 1746. 

1746, April 2. Inventory of personal estate £68.19; incl., 17 Ghees, 
knives and forks, and debts due from John Bastwood, Benjamin All- 
ward, Samuel Foord. 

1746, April 16. The widow Anne having died without proving the 
will, administration on estate granted to Benjamin Allward, the 
brother, and Oswald Foord, brother-in-law, both of Woodbrid^e. 

1746, April 16. Administration bond signed by Benjamin Allward, 
Oswald Foord and Sam'll Foord. 

1746, May . Account of Oswald Foord and Benjamin Allward 

as administrators; showing pasrments made to William Foord, John 
Kent, John Smith, WiUUm Kent. Lib. D, pp. 269, 261. 

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ir«» Sept. 18. Alw—4^ D«atel» of PlsoaUway, Middlesex Co., belnc 
eighteen years of ave, makes choice of Obadiah Ayers of same place 
to be his guardian. Lib. D, p. SS4. 

174B» Sept. 19. AmoB, Jaeob» of Essex Co.. labourer. Bond of Assl- 
kam Case as administrator. David Jones and John Sip, yeomen, fel- 
low bondsmen. Lib. D, p. SSS. 

17W» Jmmm 16. Aaies* PkUlp* of Bucks Co., Province of Pennsyl- 
vania, Innbolder. Administration granted unto his widow, Anne. 
Thomas Croasdale of Burlington, innholder, fellow bondsman. Wit- 
nessoa — 8am*l Bustill, Abia Cottman. Lib. 4, p. SO. 

ITSl-a; Jmrnmrnrj as. AAdersoB, Aadrew, of Hopewell, Hunterdon 
County, yeoman; will of. Wife, Blisabeth, sole legatee. Bxecutors— 
wife and Enoch Anderson. Jr. Witnesses — Jacob Anderson, Francis 
Vannoey and Cornelius Ferrell. Proved February 7, 17S3. 

17SS, April S. Inventory of personal estate, £69.8.0; made by Fran- 
cis Vannoey, and Abraham Anderson a Quaker. Lib. S, p. 272. 

178S* Jvmt 90. AadersoB, Jokn* of Freehold, Monmouth Co., Es- 
quire; will of. Eldest son, John, Jr., to have SOO acres of land at 
Ifanalpan. part of tract received by deed of fflft from John Reid, 
Esquire, December 8, 1701, part of which land has since been released 
to testator by Mary and James Miller, by their attorney, John Klnsey, 
April 12, , bounded by James Anderson's land. Mount Brook, Ken- 
neth Anderson's land, and Middle Run. Also to said son, "my Noffro 
Man named Andrew, with all my larffe navigation books, the lar^e 
copper furnace and the silver cup." Son James to have 800 acres at 
Manalpan. in Freehold, bounded by Robert Cumminff, Clear Brook, 
Manalpan River; also negroes Jack and Kate and "my silver hilted 
sword." Son Kenneth to have land at Manalpan, bounded by Mr. 
Bartow; also ne^ro Hary and "my scy meter, sold signet rinv," etc. 
Son Jonathan to have land at Manalpan, the testator's bed and "my 
silver snuff box with what shall hapen to be in it at my decease;*' 
also ne^ro Toney. Daughter Margaret to have £60. nerro Judey and 
creat Bible. Daughters — Helena. Anna, Elisabeth and Isabella. Res- 
idue amonff children, "except the craft that shall be then on the 
ground," to sons Kenneth and Jonathan. Executors — sons John, 
James, Kenneth and Jonathan. Witnesses — William Tennant, Robert 
Cummlnff and John Anderson. Proved April 8, 1786. 

1788, April 28. Inventory of estate, £882.00.00, incL "warrant to the 
treasurers," £28.14.7; 66 sheep; 26 swine; 11 horses and mares; 82 
cattle; about 400 bushels of wheat; 60 bushels of rye; 60 bushels 
Indian corn; a pair of foils; prospect srlass and compass box; "a 
nocturnal and sheep shears and three bells;" made by Robert Cum- 
mins, Joseph Newton and John Anderson. 

1746, Marek 98. AadersoB, Jokn, of Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co.. hus- 
bandman; will of. Wife, Hannah. Sons — Cornelius. John and An- 
drew. Devises 826 acres of land. Daughters — ^Mary and Martha 
Anderson, when of are. Granddaughter — Anna More. Plantation in 
Hopewell where mother now lives. Executors — wife, son Cornelius 
and friend Robert Laninff. Witnesses — Robert and Ann White. 
Proved June 17, 1746. Liber 6, p. 242. 

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1746, June 4. Inventory of personal estate, £268.11.7, made by 
Robert White. 

1760. Augrnst 21. Account of Cornelius Anderson and Robert Lan- 
ninff, two of the executors of estate, mentions George Tayler, Samuel 
Ketcham, Eliza. Stevenson, Samuel Johnson, Cornelius Low, Josepli 
Parks, Benjamin Allen, Samuel Harris, John Burrows, Richard Ander- 
son, Nathaniel Forster, Elia. Anderson, Philip Rinffo, Oarr*d William- 
son, Robert White, Captain John Anderson. 

1730* December 3. Andemon, Joskna, of "Madenhead," Hunterdon 
County, Es. Qr.; will of. Wife, Anjel, his dwelling and plantation. 
Eldest sons — Joshua and John, land in Hopewell adjoining land at 
William Briant. Sons — Benjamin. Isaac, Jacob, Abraham. Daughter 
Catherine and her children. Daughter, Hannah. Cedar swamp in 
Maryland to be divided amon? eigrht then living: and they to dis- 
charge debt in the Loan Office. Executors — wife, son Abraham and 
neierhbor Theophilus Phillips. Witnesses — Jasper Smith, Enoch An- 
drus and Giles Worth. Codicil of same date directing sale of house 
and plantation if wife see cause. Proved October 28, 1731. 

Lib. 3, p. 16S. 

1730-1, January 5. Inventory of personal estate, (of Joshua Ander- 
son Sen'r) £749.15.7, includingr debts of William Landers, Thomas Cole- 
man, Daniel Biles and Thos. Brodreet; made by Jasper Smith and 
Jas. McKinly. 

1750, Marck 0. Andrews* Bbeneaer, of Burlington Co. Administra- 
tion on the estate of, grranted unto Mary Andrew, widow. Henry 
Warring-ton and James Cattell fellow bondsmen. Lib. 7, p. lOS. 

1750-1, Feb. 21. Inventory of the personal estate, £249.19.6; made 
by James Eldridgre and James Cattell, includes servant man and negrro 
boy, £27. 

1761, Feb. 28. Thomas Andrews resigrns his right in the property 
of his son Ebenezer in behalf of said Ebenexer's two eldest daughters, 
Hanah and Phebe Andrews. Witness — ^brother-in-law, Thomas Lip- 

1741, December 8. Andrews, Mary, "late of Madera." Bond of John 
Stevens, mariner, of Perth Amboy, as administrator of the estate; 
Fenwick Lyell, Esquire of Perth Amboy. fellow bondsman. 

Monmouth Wills, Lib. 6, p. 466. 

1721, 13d^ 6mo. Andrew*, Mordecal, of "Littel Eggharbour," yeo- 
man, will of. Children — Mordecai, Alice Mathews, Edith Allen and 
Mary Cramer. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife Mary and 
son Mordecai. Witnesses — Elizabeth Willitts, Jonathan Taler, Rich- 
ard Willitts. Proved Nov. 4, 1736. 

1736, Letters testamentary granted unto Mary Andrew, 

widow, In absence of Morcecai Andrews, the son. Lib. 4, p. 74. 

1736. June 19. Inventory of personal estate, £103.6.6; made by 
Jacob Andrews. 

1750, April 2. Andrews, 'William, of Monmouth County. Inventory 
of the estate, £61.04.04, incl. a loom and 3 acres of rye; made by 
Thomas Cox and Joseph Robins. 

1750, April 13. The widow, Mary Andrews, renounces right of ad- 
ministration in favor of John Andrews. Witnesses — David and Re- 
becca Gordon. 

Digitized by 



1750. April 2S. Bond of John Andrews, cooper, of Monmouth Coun- 
ty, aa administrator of the estate. David Gtordon, of same, farmer, 
fellow bondsman. Witnessed by William Phillips. (John Andrews, 
a Quaker). 

1791^ Jaay. 10. AndrlMie, Abraham* of Bergen, Bergren Co., miller; 
will of. Sister, Catryn. Brothers — Nicklaes and Mayhiel. Sister, 
Saara, wife of Casparis Prier. Land includes flrrist mill. Executors — 
brother-in-law. Casparis Prier, and Sara his wife. Witnesses — 
Morgan Smith, John Hendry, Pr. Marseliss. Proved 29 Jan. 17S2. 

173S, Sept. 4. Casparis Prier qualifies as executor. Lib. B, p. 466. 

174«-1» Feb. 4. Aadrovet (Aadro \tkt), Daniel, of New Brunswick, 
Middlesex Co.. cooper. Inventory of personal estate. £281.5.8; incL 
notes of Caleb Havlland. Thomas Wilson. Cornelius Sallms, Abraham 
Letts, Joshua Cresson. Isaac Jones, James Ross. Thomas Wright, Mr. 
Hude, Jno. Pettingers, Richard Pettinger. Mr. Burges. Mr. Lane, Brant 
Clawson, David Dennis, John Dennis. Sam'll Pitts, John Stilwell, Mr. 
Francis Bower, John Tingles, John Mills. Peter Androvet, John Foun- 
tin, Peter Plancher. Francis Corrie. William Griffin, Thomas Mont- 
gomery. Will'm Williamson, Jun'r, John Gedeman, Jacob Ouke, Walder 
Burnet; also bonds in hands of John and Peter Androvet on Staten 
Island, Thomas Montgomery, John Rylie, WiU'm Wood. Inventory by 
William Walling and Jen. Sperling. 

1740-1, Feb. 12. Administration, granted to Hannah Androwvat, 

the widow; Isaac VanZant, of New Brunswick, fellow bondsman. 
Witnesses — John Bartow and Wm. Walling. Lib. C, p. 406. 

1741, October 2. Aadms, Baoeh» of Trentowne, Hunterdon Co.; 
will of. Son. John; son. Enoch, house and lot bought of Peter Bard 
on west side of York Road; son, Eliaklm, 200 acres over Sanpink, 
which Eliaklm was in possession of. Son, Jeremiah, 200 acres of 
land he was possessed of. Son, Joshua, 6 acres on east side of York 
Road, "where the brew house is now standing," and 200 acres in tract 
testator bought of Dr. Kidwalader (Cadwalader). Overplus of 600 
acres to son-in-law Benjamin Stevens to dispose of for a debt said 
Stevens owed to Francis Boose for testator. Residue of estate to son 
Enoch and daughters, Caturn. Sarah and Rachel. Portions of daugh- 
ters Elizabeth and Mary to discretion of executors. Executors — sons 
Enock and Joshua, and sons-in-law Benjamin Stevens and Ralph 
Smith. Witnesses — John Bainbridge, William Philips and Joseph 
Philips. Proved October 8, 1741. Lib. 4. p. 828. 

1780, Oct. 80w AmneUj, Edward, of City of Philada, glazier. Let- 
ters of administration on estate granted to James Inskeep of City of 
Burlington, weaver. Joseph Hewlings, of same place, cordwainer, 
fellow bondsman. Lib. 4, p. 188. 

1744, aetb d. 1st mo. <llUircb), Aatram, Isaac, the Elder of Spring- 
field, Burlington Co.; will of. Wife, Jane. Children — Abigail, Mary, 
Sarah, Mercy, Jane, Hannah, and Thomas, the last four under age. 
Land in Springfield bought of James Moore and Nathan Folwell, 
which Folwell bought of John Hutchin, and a tract adjoining Thomas 
Curtlss and John Antrum, "which I bought of Robert Hunt," also 
tract bought of John Norcross. Wife sole executrix. Witnesses — 
Samuel Hall, Nathan Folwell. John Osmond. Proved May 26, 1744. 

Lib. 6, p. 29. 

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ITSlt Jan. 4. Aatnuit Jokn, of Northampton, Burlington Co., hus- 
bandman. Children — Joseph, John, Stephen. Zacharias and Patience. 
Real and personal estate. Executor — ^friend Jonathan Wrlvht. Wit- 
nesses — John Craiff, John Deacon, Thomas Davis. Proved Feb. 1, 1781. 

Lib. 3, p. 177. 

1781-2, Jan. 28. Inyentory of estate, £200.2.10 H; including negrro 
woman and her child £88; made by Henry Burr, Caleb Raper and 
John Deacon. 

1780, Dec an. Ajitram» James, of Mansfield, Burlington Co., yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Mary. Sons — James and John. Daughters — ^Elisa- 
beth, wife of Joseph Garwood, and Mary, wife of Thomas Blddle. 
Liand adJoininsT Thomas Potts, John Beck, Joseph Shreve, Talman's 
land and Isaac Antram. Executors — sons John and James. Witnesses 
-r-John Aaronson. Richard Oibbs, William Satterthwait, Jun'r, Isaac 
DeCow, medius. Proved Nov. 17, 1789. Lib. 4, p. 198. 

1789, Dec. 8. Inventory of personal estate, £117.16.8; made by Job 
Talman and Benja. Talman. 

1741» May 11. Amtrvm* James* of Mansfield, Burlihffton Co., yeo- 
man. Int. Administration to John Antrum. Joseph Garrett and 
Thomas Biddle, of Mansfield, yeomen, fellow bondsman. Lib. 4, p. 288. 

1741, May 2. Inventory of personal estate, £280.6.8; made by Benja. 
Talman and Francis Gibbs. 

1782, Nov., 4tk d. Aatram, Tkmaas, of Springrfleld, Burllnffton Co., 
yeoman; will of. Eldest son Isaac at 21 years of agre 160 acres 
bouffht of "my father John Antrum." Son, Dan*l, 80 acres purchased 
of Dan'l Smith and 81 acres known by the name of Barker's land. 
Son, Thomas, 8 acres of meadow purchased of Joshua Smith. Daugh- 
ters — ^Martha, Mary and Rachel (minors). Land adjoining brother 
Isaac Antrum and Nathan Folwell. Executors — ^wife Sarah and 
brother Isaac Antrum. Witnesses — ^Peter Woolf, Sam'l Soattercood, 
Dan'l Zealy. Proved 6th d., Jan., 1782. Lib. 8, p. 287. 

1747, Mareh 4. Applesate, Jokn, of Perth Amboy, and Cranberry, 
Middlesex Co. Hannah the widow refuses to administer on the es- 
tate and requests that Benjamin Applegrate the eldest son be ap- 
pointed, litb. B, p. 186. 

1747, March 4. Bond of Benjamin Applegrate as administrator. 
Zebulon Applegrate, fellow bondsman. 

1747-8, Feb. 8. Account of what administrator has paid to James 
McKniffht, Stephen Warne, Benjamin Appleffate, Sen'r, Lewis Peairs, 
John Davison (blacksmith), Thomas Appleffate (blacksmith), Samuel 
Spence, William Rives (for coflln), Moses Hull, John Feavell, Thos. 
Morris, Thos. Morford, Peter Perrine, Joseph Applegrate, William Ap- 

1748, March 6. Inventory of personal estate, £79.14.6; made by Jacob 
Janson and Thomas Appleffate. 

1783; November 7. Applesate, Richard* of Middletown, Monmouth 
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Rebecca. Children — John, Ablval, Elis- 
abeth, Joseph, Hannah, Rebebca, Johannah and William. After wife's 
death or marriage, all land to son William, when of age. Executors- 
wife and friend Georare Crawford. Witnesses — ^William Andrews, 
William and Darkus Hugrhes. Proved at "Crossweeks in Upper Free- 
hold," January 20, 1732-8. Lib. B, p. 877. 

Digitized by 



^. InYentory of estate £124.2.9, IncL sllYer seal; made by 

James Bowne, minor, Samuel Osborne and Thomas Davies. Addi- 
tional ffoods, £0.12.00, incl. an old gun and canoe. 

174S, D«e. 15. Apple^ate. Tkomas, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Ann Appleirate. Children — Thomas, John, 
James and Andrew. Land in Fairfield, New England; salt meadow in 
Middletown; 150 acres in Shrewsbury; land in Cohansey. Executors 
— friend Lewis Pierce, of Perth Amboy, yeoman, and son, John Apple- 
gate. Witnesses — Peter Perrine, William Dye, Aaron Clayton. Proved 
Jan. SO, 174S. 

1744, July 19. John Appleirate qualified as executor, Lewis Peairs 
haTinff refused to act. Lib. D, p. 161. 

174S» May 97. Applemaa* Peter, of Somerset Co., yeoman; will of. 

Wife, Son, Baltas and his heirs **the land whereon he now 

Itreth.** Son, John, '*the loom whereon he now works" and the larire 
Btble. Rest of the estate divided between two "obedient sons John 
and Ifatthew," who are executors and trustees. Signed — Peter-the- 
Appleman [his mark]. Witnesses — ^David King, Tunis Smith, Ma' W. 
Brown. Proved 6 Aug., 1745. Lib. D, p. 111. 

1745, Nov. 6. Inventory of Peter Appleman of the Northwest Pre- 
cinct of Somerset Co. Personal estate, £210.8.5; made by Thomas Aten, 
Jr., and Jacob EofC 

1741« Nov. 97. Arehard, Joka* of "Oreenage Township," Gloucester 
Cc yeoman; will of. Eldest son Jacob to have dwelling place. 
Youngest son, John, land bought from the Mortons. Swamp, marsh 
and meadow on Racoon Creek divided equally between them. Daugh- 
ters— Catrin, Marey and Sarah. Wife, Marey, executrix. Executor 
—John Scatakly (Sketchley). Witnesses — ^Thomas Adams, Margaret 
Davanportt (affirmed), Isaiah Davenportt (affirmed). Proved 19 
July, 1746. (Original will unrecorded). Gloucester Wills, S18H. 

1744, Feb. 11. Inventory of personal estate, £179.1.10, includes IS 
homed cattle, £42. Appraisers — ^Lawrence Lock, Alexr. RandalL 

1746, July 19. Mary Archard commissioned admx. of estate. 

1744* May 8. Arefcer, OiuuBer» of Greenwich, Gloucester Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Elioner. Son, Andrew, to have home plantation, 
% of meadows, marshes and a tract of land (65 acres) joining John 
Archers. Son, Israel, the plantation called Boat hook and other half 
of aforesaid property. Daughters — Elisabeth Matson and Magdelane 
Archer. Executors — son Andrew and Henry Gray. Witnesses — Jno. 
Sketchley, John Wheeler, Philip Grace. Proved IS Nov. 1744. 

Lib. 6. p. 71. 

1744, Oct. 24. Inventory of personal estate, £168.14.10. Appraisers 
— ^Thomas Blckham, John Jones. 

17SS-S» Jaaaary 16. Armltage, Baoeh. of Hopewell, Hunterdon 
Co., blacksmith; will of. Wife, Hannah. Son, Reuben, to have 
plantation of 268 acres. Daughters — ^BCary Titus and Lydia Green. 
Son. John Armitage "or his children in England." Son, Reuben, 
executor. Witnesses — ^William Robinson, John Hunt and John Mor- 
gan. Proved May 9, 1789. Lib. 4, p. 179. 

17S8, February 21. Inventory of personal estate, £181.12.9, Includ- 

Digitized by 



17S1-3, l«t mo., Imdm AimeXf Johm* of Upper Freehold, Monmouth 
Co.; will of. Wife, Elliabeth. Son, Joseph. Daughters — ^Mary Arney, 
Rebecca Biddle, Sarah Wardell. Sons-in-law — Joseph Blddle and 
Samuel Wardell. Orandchlldren — Elisabeth Biddle, Joseph and Elisa- 
beth Wardell. Executor — son Joseph. Witnesses — David Branson, 
William FurlonfiT and Judith Lamb. Proved March 5, 1782. 

Lib. 8, p. 282. 

1748, Jany. 21. AneU (BraU), WllllaM, Jmmr^ of Township of 
Deptford, Gloucester Co., yeoman. Int. Richard Arrell, of Phila- 
delphia, Pa., Adipr.; John Parks, of Gloucester Co., fellow bondsman. 

Lib. 7, p. 46. 

1748-9, Jany. 20. Inventory of personal estate (£869.13.1) includes 
cattle £47.16.0. Appraisers — John Sparks, John Wilkins. 

1748, Nov. 10. Arvia, DavM (Irwem), of Township of Oreenwich^ 
Oloucester Co., yeoman; will of. Son, John. Daughter, Ruth Ward. 
Executor — Son John "Garvin." Witnesses — Robert Braman, John 
Bright, Wm. Weatherby. Proved 12 Feb., 1749. 

1749, Feb. 12. Inventory of personal estate (£78.09.00), includes 
goods in hands of Ruth Ward, and rent due in hands of William 
Fisher. Appraisers — Robert Massett, William Weatherby, Junr. 

1748, Apr. 23. Aahbrook, Johm, of Oloucester Township and Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary, to have personal estate to bring up chil- 
dren and sons to trade when 14. ESxecutors — ^Wife and brother-in-law^ 
Daniel Hilman with full power to sell unto James Valentine of Glou- 
cester Co., "labourer" a deed of conveyance for plantation (consideration 
(225), except the "burying place" of % acre. Executors to deduct what 
money the sd. Valentine paid to Commissioner of the Loan office. Wit- 
nesses — ^William Davis, William Smallwood, John Hampton. Proved 80 
May, 1748. Lib. 5, p. 600. 

1748, Apr. 29. Inventory (£359.14.3) includes plantation, £225. Apprais- 
ers — ^William Clark, William Davis. 

1737, Apr. 7. Aahead, AmtMi, of Waterford, Gloucester Co., yeoman. 
Int. His widow, Cicely Ashead, Admx. Moses Ashead, yeoman, son of 
Amos, and John Kay, Esq., of same place, bondsmen. Witness — Joseph 
Rose. Lib. 4, p. 95. 

1736-7, Mar. 1. Inventory of personal estate, £74.16.8. Appraisers — 
John Kay, Jon.- Kaighin. 

1747-8, Feb. 20. Ashead, John, of Township of Waterford, Olouces- 
ter Co., yeoman ; will of. Eldest son, Amos, when 21, to have £100. Sec- 
ond son, Thomas, to have, at 21, the same. Daughter, Elizabeth, at 18 or 
marriage, to have £20. An expected child. "All my sons shall be put to 
learn some trade at the age of 14 years." Sole executrix — wife Mary. 
Witnesses — Thomas Middleton, Benjamin Holme, Hezk. Williams. Affirm- 
ed 21 March, 1747; Lib. 5, p. 410. 

1747-8, Mar. 17. Inventory of personal estate (£151.13.6) includes 
horses, cattle and sheep, £50. Appraisers — ^Josiah Kay, Benjamin Holme. 

1740-1, 11 mo. (Jany.), 7 da. Ashead, Moses, of Waterford Township, 
Oloucester Ck>. Brother, John, to have the "plantation I live on." Niece. 
Rachel Haines. Niece Hephsibah Haines. Mother-in-law (step-mother) 
Sissily Ashead. Mother-in-law's daughter, Mary ESasly. Sister, Ann 
Haines. Sole executor — Brother-in-law, John Haines. Witnesses — ^Wil- 
liam Foster, Joseph Qippett Proved 7 April, 1741. Lib. 4, p. 270* 

Digitized by 



1740-1, Mar. 6. Inventory of penonal estate, £104.7.0. Apprateera— 
John Bvrrooffhs, WUllam Foster. 

17M» A««Mrt 19. AiUitoB, BllMbctli, wife of John Ashlon of Upper 
Freehold township, Monmouth Co.; will of. Former husband. Thomas 
White, deceased, purchased of testatrix's sisters. Bzerdse and Bllson. 
land bMiueathed to them by *'my father. Jacob Cole." Land disposed of by 
win of Thomas White. Son. Levi White, upland devised to testatrix by 
her father's wlU. Son-in-law, Isaac Hance. Will signed by testatrix 
and her husband. John Ashton. Witne s s e s Jeremiah and Rebecca Still- 
well and Robert Lawrence. Proved July 28, 17S7. Lib. C, p. 172. 

17S1» J«Iy 19. AshtoB, Jamee* of Freehold, Monmouth Co. Bond 
of John Ashton. of Freehold, Esquire, as administrator of estate. Jere- 
miah Stillwell, of Shrewsbury, gentleman, fellow bondsman. Witnesses — 
Robert Lawrence and Lawrence Smyth. Lib. B, p. 227. 

174S-4, Jam. lO. Ashtoa, John, of Upper Freehold; will of. Wife, 
Catherine, £20, In satisfaction of her dower. Daughter, miaabeth. Pro- 
prietary rights to son-in-law, Jeremiah Stillwell. Daughter. Rebecca. 
Land near Thomas Taylor in Upper Freehold, and near Millstone brook, 
to be sold; proceeds to Elisabeth and Rachel Stevens, children of de- 
ceased daughter RacheL If said grand children die. then to children of 
testator's daughters. Elisabeth and Rebecca. Daughter. Hannah, land In 
Middletown, "that was my deceased sister Mary's." E<xecutors — son-in- 
law. Jeremiah Stillwell. and cousin Joseph Throckmorton. Witnesses — 
John Manners, James Ashton and Robert Lawrence. Proved June 1. 1744. 

Lib. D, p. 144. 

17S9W Avg. XL Aahtoa, Mary» of Upper Freehold, spinster. Bond 
of Jeremiah Stillwell of same place, yeoman, as administrator of estate. 
Cornelius Van Home, of same, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Witness. 
Rachel Harrison. Lib. C, p. 289. 

1789. Sept. 29. Inventory of estate. £117.6.8, Ind. sUver tankard, 5 
sOver-epoons. gold rings, notes of Robert Imlay, David Stout, William 
Thorn. John Lawrence, Jr.. William Wllkins, deceased. Evan Qrlffen and 
Isaac Stelle; made by Joseph Applin and Isaac Stelle. 

IT'l^-g^b March SS. Aseoa, WUllam, of Hanover, Burlington Co. 
Administration on the estate granted to widow. Hannah Asson ; Jonathan 
Hough, of Springfield, fellow bondsman. Lib. 7. p. 80. 

1749-60, liar. 24. Inventory of personal estate, £69.11.0. made by John 
Croshair and Sam. Emley. 

1760. Mar. 4. Account of Hannah Asson, widow, who has paid amounts 
to William Harrison. Francis Shlnn, Benjamin Shreve. Joseph Shlnn, 
Stephen Adams. James Shlnn, William Budd. John Bo3me. John Marshall. 
Peter Plntset, Joseph Wright, Eseklel Wright, Heseklah Jones, George 
Brlggs, Joseph Bowker, Caleb Shreve. Richard Bowker. Thomas Sands, 
James Wilkinson. Isaac Ivlns, William Davis. 

1741; AwM' M. Atea, Joha (see Aeten, John). 

174S-4* Feh« 4. Atea* Joha, Jr., Rarltan, Somerset Co.. yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Jane, to have home-farm and personal estate during minor- 
ity of oldest son John, who receives the Dutch Bible. Sons— John. Roelof 
and Thomas to have the lands equally, "all of which lands were willed to 
me by my father John Aten." Daughter, Catlyne. Executors — ^Roelof 

Digitized by 



Nevius, Thomas Aten and £*ulkert Sebrln^. Witnessea— Hendrick Staatiw 
Derek Sebrinff, John MacNeUL Proved 21 May, 1744. Lib. D, p. 141. 

1744. May p9. RenunolaUon of Fulkert Sebrinr as executor. Witness, 
NathU Co<^>er. 

1749, Sept 25. Inventory of personal estate, £216. 6. 9 ; made "by 
Derek Sebrlns, Roeleff Nevius, thomas Aten and Hend'k Fisher. 

^ 1750, Avff. ao. Atkiwi. John, of Newtown, Qloucester Co., fuller. 
Int. Isaac Kay, yeoman, admr. Richard Matlack, yeoman, fellow-bonds- 
man. All of said County. Witness — J. Scattergood. 

Gloucester Wills, 44 9H. 

1750, Augr. 16. Renunciation — ''Haddonfleld — I fully decline taking out 
a Lator of Administration upon the A State of John Adeing deceased. 
(Signed) John Seals." 

1748, Dec. 26. AtklnM»B, John, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Martha, all estate to enable her to support children, "which 
now are most of them young." Wife executrix. Witnesses — David Dun- 
bar. Christian Wilson and Joseph Yard. Proved March 28, 1750. (Execu- 
trix, Martha, a Quaker). Lib. 6. p. 8S0. 

1749, Jan. 5. Inventory of personal estate, £36.4.0; made by John 
Jones, David Dunbar and Joseph Yard. 

1751, July 10. Account of executrix, mentioning James Curry, Charles 
Axford, Catherine Williams ("for digging dec'd and son's grave,"), Messrs. 
Read and Purman, Joseph Paxton, William Cooke. Benjamin Shreve (in 
behalf of Preserve Brown). Dr. Cadwalader. Mary Okely (for rent), John 
Rikey and Joseph Rogers. 

1746, Sept. 16. Atklnsont Michael, of Springfield, Burlington Co.; 
will of. Wife, Hope. Sons — Jonathan, Level, Jobe and Amos, all under 
age. Daughters — Elisabeth, Marsey and Rachel. Expected child. Lands 
in New Hanover, bought of Bennet Bard and Thomas Budd. House built 
by Robert Olllam. Executors — wife, son Jonathan and Francis Shinn. 
Witnesses — Joseph Atkinson, John West Proved Nov. 6. 1746. 

Lib. 5, p. 308. 

1746, Oct 18. Inventory of personal estate, £425.9.3; made by Henry 
Cooper and John West 

1788, Jan. 7. Atkisoa, Tkomas, of Northampton, Burlin^on Co., 
yeoman ; will of. Wife, Sarah. Children — John. Thomas. Christian Will- 
son, Jean Jones, Sarah Hares. Grand-children — Walker and Alse, chil- 
dren of my son Francis, late deceased. Real and personal estate. Wif» 
sole executrix. Witnesses — ^Henry Reeves, Martha Shinn, Tho. Shinn. 
Proved Sept 6, 1739. Lib. 4, p. 184. 

1744* April 17. Atlee, W^llllam, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., Esquire; 
will of. All estate to wife Jane, "willing her to bring up the four 
children Ood has blessed us with," viz., William Augustus, Samuel 
John. Amelia Jane and Joseph Edwin, "till they are of age." "Where- 
as I have reason to believe I have a daughter by a former wife now 
living in England, I desire my dear wife will send her a gold ring as 
a token of remembrance of me." Wife executrix, and friend Ralph 
Loftus to assist. Witnesses — Wm. Lindsay (Missionary), Caleb Ran- 
sted and James Rutherford. Proved May 7, 1744, by William Lynd- 
say. Clerk and James Rutherford. Lib. 5, p. 88. 

1744, Mliy 12. Inventory df estate, £847.7.10%, including goods in. 

Digitized by 



ihop. (doth, hats, tobaooo. cutlenr. aa^ seneral merehaadlM; Bllrer hlHed 
•word and belt, 600 lbs. tobacco, house and lot In Trenton, and 9H acres 
bonsht of William BelL Appraised by W. Morria, Joe. DeCow and Thomas 

1745. May 12. Aoooont of Jane Atlee, Administratrix of estate, men- 
tions, use of house for funeral at Philada. ; Mr. BIddle ; William Morris. 
Captain Atwood. Thomas Barnes, Francis Lewis of New York, Walter 
Hethertoi^on, Mary Peace, John Jenkins, Francis Oifflnc. Joseph Prloe^ 
Thomas Bams, Oeorse Davis, James Harrow, David Dunbar, servant 
Richard Sharson, house and lot sold Mrs. Ackey Lambert, James Ruther^ 

ir4S» J«ly as. Attwood* Jaeolb» of "Manenton," Salem Co., carpen- 
ter; will of. Wife, Christian. Brother, Abraham Attwood; his son« 
John Attwood; his sister (niece of testator) Susannah Lord (widow). 
Bzocutors — ^William Hankook, Joseph Sharp, both of Salasi County. 
Witnesses — Isaac Sharp, JeremL Wood, (^thrin Wood. Proved II 
Feb.. 1744. 

1744, Feb. 28. Letters testamentary issued to Isaac Sharp, one of 
esiocutors named in the wilL Lib. 5, p. 105. 

1744, Jany. 10. Inventory, £255.16.7. Appraise rs W illiam Burratt. 
William Nksholson. 

1750. Sept. 8. Account. Payments to Ann Person, Thos. miompson* 
Peter Peterson, John Smith. Kdward Test, Jane Peterson, CTharles Cone- 
way. Lucas Peterson. Thos. Haine, Daniel Smith, Mary Hawken, Daniel 
Meahar. Shu^er, Jane Browne, Christian Atwood, Abraham At- 

1782» Jaa. 26. Aacw* Thomas, of Newark, Elssex Co. Administra- 
ion on estate granted to widow Oertrie Augur. Lib. B, p. 851. 

1748* May 19. Austen, Cornelias, of Cumberland Co. Int. Martha 
Austen, widow, administratrix. Fellow bondsmen, Jehiel Wheeler of 
Fairfield and Abraham Reeves of Hopewell, Cumberland Co. Wit- 
nesses — Elisabeth Cotting, Ellas Cotting. Lib. 6, p. 18. 

1748. May 16. Inventory of personal estate, £116.14.8. Appraisers — 
Abraham Reeves. Jehiel Wheeler. 

1748, Oet. 19. Aasten, Martha, of Cumberland Co. Int. Late Exe- 
cutrix of Cornelius Austen of Fairfield, County aforesaid. Administra- 
tors — Sarah Austen and Jehiel Wheeler. Fellow bondsmen — Abra* 
ham Reeves, Isaac Preston. Witnesses— Thoauui Fryer, Hance Wool- 
son. Lib. 6, p. 77. 

1748, Oct. 8. Inventory of personal estate, £129.9.0. Appraisers — ^Abra- 
ham Reeves, Isaac Preston. 

17S6, Feb. 19. Avatla, Mary, of fiiVesham, Burlington Co.; will of. 
Children — Amos, Martha, Wtlllam, Jonathan, Francis, Sarah, Ann and 
Hannah. Real and personal estate, fixecutors— sons Amos and WU- 
liam. Witnesses — ^William Borton, Sam'U Atkinson, Ruth Atkinson. 
Proved I>eo. 28, 1789. Lib. 4. p. ftl4. 

17»9, lat d., «th mo. Inventory of personal estate, £178.9 ; made hy 
Caleb Haines and William Sharp. 

1747, Sept. 11. Avla, Bartholomew, of Evesham, Burlington Co., 
sawyer. Administration granted to Francis Dudley of same, yeoman. 
Joseph Hollinshead, Esq., of Burlington, fellow bondsman. 

Lib. 5, p. 485. 

Digitized by 



, 1747, Sept. 14. Inventory of personal estate, £9.16.10 ; made by Thomas 
Hackney and Daniel Parker. 

1784, Ans. 19. Axtell. Daniell, BUiq^ of QreyiUe Street, In the 
Parish of St. Andrews, Holborn, Middlesex Co., Bnirland; will of. Sons 
— ^Daniel, William and Joseph. Names Phillis Ellis and her daoffhter 
of the Island of Jamaica. Real estate in New York, New Jersey and 
Island of Jamaica. Executors — Wife Mary, and Andrew Johnson of 
Amboy. Witnesses — Elisabeth Handley, Rob't Handley, Jno. Qreen- 
hill, of Inner Temple, London, Oent. Proved Oct. 8, 1785. 

1736, May 28. Copy of above will sent from London. Lib. C, p. 95. 

1749» A«ir. M. Axtell, Thaakf«U of*Mendom Township, Morris Co., 
widow; will of. Children — ^Ebeneser, deceased son Thomas, Thankful 
Brlffs and Rebecca Cook; grandchildren — ^Daniel, son of Thomas and 
Hannah, his wife, their expected child, and Ichabod Bdmeeter. Execu- 
tor — Son Ebeneser. Witnesses — William Axtell, Henry Axtell and 
Brice Riky. Proved Sept. 28, 1749. Lib. B, p. 884. 

1748. Nov. 21. Axtell* William, of Mendom, Morris Co., "cord Win- 
er;'* will of. Wife, Hannah, to have whole estate until the children — 
Henry, William, Benjamin, Silas and Johanna Axtell — will be of 
aire. Executors and trustees — Wife, brother Henry Axtell, Blihu 
Baldwin. Witnesses — Nathan Linkon, William Lenard, Joseph Dod. 
Proved 80 May, 1760. Lib. B, p. 407. 

1760, May 18. Renunciation of Hannah Axtell, Executrix named In 
wilL Witnesses — Joseph Dod, William Lenard. 

1748, Jue 1. Ayres, David, of Woodbrldire, Middlesex Co., yeoman; 
will of. "In my 86th year." Sons — ^Martin and Enoch Ayres, both 
under asre. Father and mother — Joseph and Phebe Ayres. Sister — 
Dilly Potter. Brothers — Daniel and Enoch Ayres. Real and personal 
estate. Executors — brother Daniel and friends Oershom Martin and 
William Mackdaniel, all of Woodbridsre. Witnesses — Samuel Martin, 
Mulford Martin, Nusrient Kelly. Proved July 28, 1748. Lib. D, p. 78. 

1748, July 26. Inventory of personal estate, £86.12.1, made by Wil- 
liam Sharp of Woodbridge, and Alexander Thomson of Piscataway. 

. 1744, Sept. as. Ayers, Josepk, of Woodbrldsre and Matuchen, Mid- 
dlesex Co., yeoman. Inventory of personal estate, £144.19.11; made by 
David Paurot and Alexander Thomson. 

1744, Oct. 1. Administration on estate granted to Elisabeth Ayers, the 
widow, and Joseph Ayers, the eldest son. Sealed by Jacob Ayers, bonds- 
man, in the presence of John Smyth. Lib. D, p. 180. 

1745, Sept. IS. Ayers, Obldlak, of Basklngrldge, Somerset Co., 
guardian of Daniel Allword, a minor of 18 years. Lib. D, p. 884. 

1786, April 18. Ayers, Robert, of Salem Co., yeoman. Bond of Sarah 
Ayers, of Salem Co., administratrix of the estate. Inventory [61.6.6. 

Lib. 4, p. 67. 

1T40^ Sept. SB. Ayers, Robert, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., yeo- 
man; will of "being In the 86th year of my age." Sons — ^Frasy and 
Robert, both under age. Three daughters, no names given. Expected 

Digitized by 



child. Real and personal estate. Salt meadow bouirbt of uncle, Johh 
Ajrers. deceased. Executors — wife Hummus, brother Obadiah Ayem 
and friend Jonathan Dennis, all of Woodbrldsre. Witnesses — John 
Roy, Joseph Martin, Bllakim Martin. Proved June 4, 1741. 

Lib. C, p. 41S. 

17SS» April SB. Ayen, ThoaMa» of Woodbrldffe, Middlesex Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Children — Abraham, Sarah, Peter, Mary, Lerie, and 
Rachel, all under 17 years of aire* 60 acres of land between lands of 
John Campbel and John Wllkison. E^xecutors — wife Mary, and broth- 
ers John and Obediah Ayers. Witnesses — ^Blinor Moriran, Jonathan 
Shepherd, Jno. Sarjant. Proved June 12, 1782. Lib. B, p. 287. 

1782, June 12. Inventory of personal estate (£206.2.9) Incl. debts due 
from Wm. Edenfleld, Hendrlck Breese and John Bell; made by Moses 
Rolfe and Jno. Sarjant. 

1740^ Dee. 21. Ayers, John, of Cohansey, Salem Co.; will of. Wife 
Secily. Children — Samuel, John, Mary, Steven. Executor — Joseph 
Reve. Witnesses — Seeth Bowen, William Jones, Temprance Ayars. 
Proved April 24. 1741. Lib. 4, p. 188. 

1744* BTov. S. Ayree* Isaac, of Salem County, weaver. Int. Admr., 
Nathaniel Dominy, Junr., ('*nearest of kin and principal creditor") 
of Suffolk County, New York, yeoman. Bondsman — Jonathan Holmes, 
of Cohansey, Salem County, farmer. Witnesses — Burton Penton, Chas. 
O'Neill. Lib. 5, p. 66. 

1744, Oct. 22. Renunciation : "Whereas Isaac Asrres, formerly of Ejast- 
hampton, Suffolk County, New York, weaver, lately dyed at Cohansey, 
Salem County, New Jersey, intestate, havini: no wife, so that the admin- 
istration of his goods belongs to his nearest of kin, but we Benjamin 
Erya, Junior, William Brys, Clemens Brys and EHisabeth Domony. broth- 
ers and sisters of said deceased, all of Easthampton, renounce the admin- 
istration of said estate in favor of Nathaniel Domony, Junior of Ejast- 
hampton, he being the husband of one of the sisters of the said decease^ 
Witne ss es David Mulford. John Davis." 

1744, Nov. 8. Inventory, £46.8.11. Appraisers — Samuel Miller. John 

17Stw Dec 4. Ayree, Moses. Inventory of "Captain Moses Ayres," 
late of Baskingrldge, Somerset Co. (£876.17.11), including sword, 
£0.17.6, powder horns and shot bags, £2.6.2; made by John Roy, Levi 

1760, Dec. 19. Renunciation of Jane, widow of Moses Ayres, in favor 
of her son-in-law (step-son) Nathaniel Ayres, eldest son and heir of Moses 

1760, Dec. 19. Administration on estate granted to Nathaniel Asrrea. 
Fellow bondsmen — ^Daniel Morris, Benjamin Lewis. Lib. E, p. 469'. 

17S8, Dee. 14. Baeoa, Abel, of Bacon's Neck, Cohansie, Salem Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mercy, to have during life plantation on 
Bacon's Neck, "being H of my father's (the late William Bacon's) 
plantation." Son, William Bacon, to have same at her death, "also 
the other moyety of my said late father's plantation now In th4 
possession of my mother-in-law, Mary Bacon, devised to her by my 
said father during her life. My messuage and 8 acres in the town 

Digitized by 



of Qreenwicb, Salem County, In the occupation of John LoYerinc 
cordwainer, I devise to my daughter Sarah Bacon, at marriaire or 
at the ase of SI years." Gifts to Cousin Benjamin Bacon. Elxecutors 
— ^Wife, and my kinsman Benjamin Bacon. Witnesses — Jere. Bacon, 
John Ware, John Bacon (Quaker). Affirmed 10 January, 178S. 

178S, Jany. 10. Letters testamentary srranted to Benjamin Bacon, the 
aunrivinff ezeoutor therein named. Lib. 8, p. 895. 

17S8, Dec. 26. Inventory, £166.9.6. Appraisers — Joslah Fithian, James 

1731* Alls. 1* BaeoB* Jereatiah, (of Salem Co., but place not iriven) ; 
will of. Dausrhter, Hannah, to have house and lot in Greenwich, 
Salem County. Son, Nathaniel; wife; daughter, Lettisha. Executor — 
brother-in-law, Richard Wood. Witnesses — James Axford, Ann Grant, 
Jno. Goodwin. Proved 9 Aug., 1781. 

1782, May 27. Letters Testamentary granted to Richard Wood, the 
^xeoutor therein. Lib. 8, p. 196. 

1781, Aug. 6. Inventory (£286.0.1) of Jeremiah Bacon, sadler of Salem; 
Includes saddles at Ck>hansey. Appraisers — ^Richard Smith, Jno. (Goodwin. 

1747-8, Jaay. 11. Bacoa, Jeremiah, of Salem Co. Inventory, £14.6.0. 
Appraisers — ^Howell Powell, John Bacon (Quaker). 

Salem Wills, 890A. 

1747, Jany. — w Account Cash paid Aaron Pagitt, Hanna Bacon, 
Thomas WalUng, John Bacon, Howell Powell, Alexander Smith, Richard 
Wood, Elbeneser Miller, (Attr. to James Goold). 

174^ Feb. t. Baeea, SaaiveL of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Adnuc, 
Hannah Bacon. Bondsman, Philip Dennis. Both of said County. 
Witnesses — ^Urlah Bacon, Danl. Mestayer. 

1740-41. 12 mo., 16 da. Inventory (£81.8.6.) includes "one Taylor's 
ITOOS," etc. Appraisers — John Bacon, Philip Dennis. Lib. 4, p. 267. 

1747, Jaay. SB. Baeoa* SaaiveL S't of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. 
Admr., Jeremiah Bacon. Bondsman, John Bacon. Both of Cohansey. 
Witness — Jno. Andrews. Lib. 5, p. 424. 

174S-4* Jaa. 19. Baeet, Heary, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., yeoman: 
will of. Wife, Mary. Son, Johanes. Elisabeth Reace. to have a heifer 
bought of Philip Ringo. SonSk Godferree and Henry, minors. Son, Joseph. 
Daughter, Ann Hoppay, and her husband. Tunes Hoppay. Son, Johannes, 
to have plantation In Amwell and land bought of Peter Overvelt Elxecu- 
tors — sons Johanes and Joseph. Witnesses — (3odfree Potters, Garr'd Wil- 
liamson and Philip Rlngo. Proved February 20, 1748-4. Lib, 5, p. 19. 

1750^ Aag. 10. Bailey, Robert* of Lebanon Township, Hunterdon 
Co., yeoman; inventory of estate, £217.14.2, including 180 acres of land; 
made by Isaiah Young and Patrick Brown. 

1760, Aug. 26. Bond of Annable Bailey, of Lebanon Township, widow, 
as administratrix ef her sakl husband's estate. James Woods and John 
Vorster. of Lebanon, sureties. Hunterdon Wills, 276 J. 

17S2, Feb. IX BalabHdse* Joha, of Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co^ 
gentlemen ; will ot Directs that tomb be erected over his grave "and om 
It be put the day and year of my death and my age, which was seventy- 
foor years the second dajr of November last," and akio a tomb over wife's 

Digitized by 



sraTe, who died Mareh 26» 1731, in her 67th year. Son, Bdmund. Daush- 
ter Eaisabeth'8 eldest son, commonly called John Yard, to be tau«rht to 
read, write, etc Dauffhters-^-Mary, Rebeckah and Enisabeth. Orandson, 
Sdmund Bainbrldge, a minor. Son, John, to have residue of estate, in- 
dndlns one-sixteenth part of a Proprietary Riflrht in West Jersey. Execu- 
tors — kinsman Theophilus Phillips, and son John Balnbridge. Witnesses — 
Stephen Jones, William Phillips and Joseph Phillips. Proved March 1, 
1732. Lib. 8, p. 261. 

1732-3, February 24. Inventory of estate, £367.12.6, including bond in 
hands of Robert Lawrence; made by Joshua and John Anderson. 

1747-8, Feb. 5. Batrd, Johm, of Middlesex Co.; will of. Eldest son, 
William Baird ; other children mentioned but not by name. E^xecutors — 
wife. Avis Baird, brothers, Andrew and Zebulon Baird and Peter Boune. 
Witnesses — ^James Molicans, Samuel Barclay, Ann Smith. Proved July 6. 
1749. Lib. E, p. 310. 

1747, 8 mo. (Oet.)» 18 da. Baits. Joaathan, of Township and County 
of Gloucester, yeoman; will of. ''Mother to have my plantation and land 
durinff life.'* Three sisters — ^Abigail Qreenaway, Martha Ward and Biary 
Baits. Executors — mother and brother, George Flana^rin. Witnesses — 
Thomas Cheeseman, Richard CHeeseman, Isac. Jenings. Proved 9 Nov. 

1747, Nov. 9. Letters testamentary granted to Elisabeth Baits, the 
executrix named in the wilL Lib. 6. p. 486. 

1747, Oct 31. Inventory, £104.10.0. Appraisers — John Hillman. Thomas 

1756, June 16. Account of Elisabeth Bates, executrix, shows payments 
to Hanah Llppincott, Jonathan Ellis. William Clarke, Francis McMurray, 
Mary Morgan, John Matlack, Jr., Anthony Nichols. Samuel Somers, Rob- 
ert Worrell. Elisabeth Robert, Thos. Redman. Wm. Griscombe. John 
Dilkes. Jacob Clement. Abram Inheap. Thos. Newell, Wm. Alberson, Josiah 
Alberson. John Maxwell, John Hunchman. Ladd A Scattergood, James 
Hencdmian, William Cooper, John Hewston, Susannah Williams. John 
Inheap, Benjamin Collins, Tha Webster, John Collins, Jr., John Thomsb 
Joseph Tomlinson, Thos. Atmore, Amy Collins, Ruth Adams. George Wil- 
son, William Hilman, William Cheaaman, Ells. Hammitt. John GUe. James 
Tow, Robert RoUinson, Isaac Hammett, Elis. Bates; amounting to 

ITWK April 9. Blaker, Heary, 8ea*r. of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co., 
tanner; will of. Children — ^Henry, Nicolaus, Deborah. Joanna. Susannah, 
Margaret. Elisabeth, Sarah, Lydia and Hannah. 60 acres joining lands 
of George Jewel, Benjamin Lyon and Benjamin Bond ; also 6 acres join- 
ing meadow of Richard Baker, deceased. Tools for carrying on trade of 
shoemaker or cordwainer. G^randchildren — ^Lawrence and Susanna Baker, 
^Udren of son Jacob deceased. Executors — ^wife Lydia and son Henry. 
Witnesses — Jonathan Dickinson, E^phraim Price, Peter Hagawout. Proved 
April 7, 1786. Lib. C, p. 117. 

m7» Kerr. 18. Bakeiv lbawseaee» of Richmond Co., province of New 
York. Bond of John Braahen, of New York City, as administrator ; Henry 
Barry, fellow bondamaa. Witaees Lawrence Smyth. 

Middlesex Wills, Lib. C, p. lai. 

Xrmk A#ra 6. Wmkmwk Tla»0tfeij, of Maidenhaad. Hunterdon Go.; will 
oC Wif^ Susannah. BUdest son, Samuel; other aona-^Mathis, Timothjr 

Digitized by 



and Thomas. Daughters — ^BCary» Grace Cohnan and Ruth. Home plan- 
tation to son Timothy. Executors — John Smith and Jasper Smith. Wit- 
nesses — ^Dayid Cowell, Samuel Mead and tiannah Carter. Proved June 
9, 1747. Lib. 5. p. 864. 

IT^S^ FeK ». BaMwla* BevJaMtm mmd Bllsabctk, of Newark, Bssez 
Co. Inventory of personal estate, £98.15.09; made by John Cooper and 
John Morris. 

1782, Feb. 17. Administration granted to Moses Ball and David Toung ; 
Bliphalet Johnson, fellow bondsman. Lib. B, p. 888. 

17S8» Dc«. 6. BaMwtm (Baldlmg)t Blaatkaa, of Hopewell, Hunter- 
don Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Kesia. Daughter, Ruth Burt. Son, 
Stephen, to have plantation of 100 acres, he paying legacies to: Moses, 
Thomas, Joseph and Blnathan Baldwin. Plantation bought of Caleb 
Herman to be sold and proceeds to testators five youngest sons. 
Witnesses — Nathaniel Moore, Enoch Armitage and E3dward Hart. Proved 
May 9, 1789. Lib. 4, p. 176. 

1748, BToT. 10. Baldwin, Isaac, of Newark, Essex Co., cooper. Bond 
of Zachariah Baldwin, of Hanover, Morris Co., as administrator. Obadiah 
Bruen and Timothy Johnson, of Newark, fellow bondsmen. 

Lib. E. p. 220. 

1748, Nov. 10. Account Payments to Thomas Stiles, Samuel Baldwin, 
Zopher Beach, and Doctor Turner ; *'to Jacob Baldwin for five eighth parts 
of Isaac Baldwin's estate, namely, Jacob Baldwin, and by a power of attor- 
ney from John Mitchel and my sister Sarah Mitchel his wife, Mary Bald- 
win and Patience Baldwin my sisters, and Matthew Baldwin my brother, 
to Abraham and Israel Baldwin, and to myself, one of the brethren," 
Israel Lyon, David Shipman, Nathaniel Camp, Benjamin Winchill. 

1748-9, Feb. 10. Inventory of personal estate, £128.02.08; made by 
John Robards and David Shipman. 

1782-8, Jam. 28. BaMwIa (Baldlaff), John, of New Brunswick, Mid- 
dlesex Co. Inventory of personal estate £88.11.6. ; made by Tho. Harmar, 
Jacob Onsel. 

1782, Aug. 6. Bond of Hannah Baldwin, "relick," as administratrix. 
Peter Blanchard, of Rocky Hill, Somerset Co., fellow bondsman. 

Lib. B, p. 294. 

1788, Dc«. 18. BaMwtm, John, Jnm*r, of Newark, Essex Co., yeoman; 
will of. Children — Sllvanus, E«beneaser, Jonas, Moses and Hannah Bald- 
win, all under age. Real and personal estate. Executors — ^wife Lydia 
and Daniel Baldwin, Junr., of Newark, yeoman. Witnesses — ^David How- 
ell, Moses Ball, J. Style. Proved Jan. 81, 1782-8. 

1782-3, Jan. 81. Lydia Baldwin and Daniel Harrison qualify as execu- 
tors. Lib. B. p. 871. 

1788-7, Jan. 17. BaMwln, LMea, of Newark, Essex Co. Nuncupa- 
tive will of widow of John Baldwin, who made his will dated Dec. 18, 
1782, leaving as legatees wife Lidea, and daughter Hannah Baldwin. Said 
Lidea in presence of Moses Harrison, Zopher Beech and Lidea Peck, all 
being of lawful age, on the 11th day of January bequeathed to her oniT 
daughter, the aforesaid Hannah, £60. The residue to be divided amonc 
all her children. Witnesses — ^Moses Harrison. Zopher Beech. Lidea Peck. 

1786, Feb. 21. Administration granted to Moses Ball, the uncle, and 
Daniel Harrison, the brother. Lib. C, p. 161. 

Digitized by 



17SC-7, li&rch 7. Inventory of personal estate, £268.08.11; made by 
Sam'll Farrand and Joseph Harrison. 

ITM* Anm. 6. Baldwin, Nathaalel, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of. 
Wife, Bster. Sons — ^EHiJata, Robert Joseph and Jonathan. Land joining 
lands of Sam'll Johnson, David Offden and Nehemlah Crane, near the 
water hole; meadow bouRht of Thomas Lon^worth; land In the neok 
Joining lands of Stephen Baldwin, Nathaniel Johnson, Obadlah Brown, 
Samuel Penln^ton and David Ogden. Dauirhters — Eunice Beach and Jane 
CUsby. Land bouirht of Caleb Baldwin and his brother joining lands of 
Stephen Baldwin. To the Rev. Mr. Aaron Burr, £20. Executors — son 
Sljah and Joseph Beach. Witnesses — ^Wm. Turner, Silvanus Baldwin, 
Silas Baldwin. Proved Nov. 8, 1760. Lib. B, p. 604. 

1748, J«ly as. Ball* Caleb, of Hanover, Morris Co., gentleman; will 
of. Wife. Sarah. Sons — Isaiah (to have 100 acres bought of Peter Im- 
lay) ; Joshua (the land he lives on) ; C^leb (the home-place land on the 
south side of Forge Pond, and 26 acres adjoining W. land bought of Peter 
Imlay), and above named sons to have the forge, saw-mill and stream 
equally; Esekiel (80 odd acres on both sides of "Wepemy River" where 
the old saw-mill stood, as appears by deed of Joseph Lindsley) ; and 
Mathew. Daughters — ^Abigail Johnson, Bliner. Jane Perry, Mary Bates, 
Sarah, Lydia, Ann, Deborah and Keziah Kitchel, deceased (had heirs). 
Executors — ^Wlfe Sarah and sons Isaiah, Joshua and C^leb. Witnesses-^ 
David Kitchel, Thnothy Tuttle, Elijah Qillett Proved 29 Aug. 1748. 

Lib. 6, p. 84. 

17SS, AprU 24. Ball, JoMph, of Essex Co.; will of. Wife Elisabeth, 
to have 8 acres at Wheeler's point, joining lands of Joseph C^nfleld and 
David Person. Children — Daniel, Joseph, Samuel, Isaac. Jonathan, Han- 
nah fiall and Rebecca Baldwin. 60 acres of land upon Third River; 
lands joining lands of John MoHss, Thomas Ball, Moses Ball. Thomas 
Ailing and Daniel Harrison; also land on Maple Island Oeek. Execu- 
tors — brother Moses Ball and son Daniel Ball. Witnesses — ^Daniel Ser- 
geant, Jonathan Sergeant, David Ogden, Jun'r. Proved May 14, 1788. 

Lib. B, p. 427. 

1747, Nov. 17. Ball, Mary, of Newark, Essex Co., widow; will of. 
Cousin — ^Mary, wife of (^ristopher Seely. Sisters — ^Abigail Henoock, 
Rachel Samson, Sarah Tichener, Hannah Shingllton. and Elisabeth Day. 
Executor — Stephen Baldwin. Witnesses — John Ogden, Jon*n Sergeant. 
Proved Jan. 18, 1747-8. Lib. E, p. 117. 

1747, Mareh 28. Ball, Moses, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of. Cousins 
Caleb Ball, John Ball, Joseph Peck, Timothy Peck. Sarah Peck, Marcy 
Dowd, and her sister Elisabeth, and Ruth Seward. CHilldren of brother 
Joseph Ball, deceased, Isaac only excepted, to have land bought of 
Nathaniel Bowers. Children of brother Thomas Ball (one named Amos). 
Cousins — ^Moses Harrison, Daniel Harrison and Moses Baldwin. Land 
on the cove bought of John Oardner. Children of brothers Caleb, Joseph, 
and Thomas Ball, and children of sisters Abigail Harrison and Lidea 
Peck. Remainder of real estate to Samuel Ailing. John Ogden, Jun'r 
and Stephen Baldwin in trust for the Presbyterian Society of Newark for 
the support of the ministers. Executors — ^wife Mary and Stephen Bald- 
win. Witne s s e s James Nuttman, John Stratten, Jon'n Sergeant. Proved 
May 8, 1747. Lib. E, p. 88. 

1747, May 14. Inventory of personal estate, £867.10.00; made by Jon- 
athan Sergeant and Nathaniel Johnson. 

Digitized by 



1748-9, ICaroh S. Account of •xecutor, Stephwi Baldwin of Newark, 
showing payments to Mr. Orant (for head atone) Mary Ball. Mary Sealy, 
Doctor Farrand. arbitration with Henry Lyon, John Crane. Isaac Offden, 
Abigail Henoock, John Ogden Sen'r, Joseph Rigsa, Elisabeth Brewin« Obad- 
iah Brewin, John Allinc, Sam*ll Huntington, Samuel Johnson, Eli'h Bald- 
win, Eli'h Crane. Sam'll Plum. Daniel Harrison, Moses Harrison, Joha 
Ogden, Sam'll Ailing. Mr. Woodruff. Mr. Cocker, David Ward, Doct'r Preckp 
het. John Dreen. Sam'll Baldwin. Eben'r Baldwin. Aaron Baldwin, Doct'r 
Turner. David Ball, Joseph Peck. John Johnson. Cspt Johnson. Jonas 
Baldwin. BUkim Seward. Jonathan Serjeant. Nath'U Bawldwin, John 
Ball. Daniel Harrison, Sarah Peck, Ruth Seward, Timothy Peck, Meroy 
Doud, EHisabeth Estel. Balls and Harrison legacies; lands sold to Sam'U 
Johnson, Sam'll Ball, John Crane, James Nicholson. Articles sold at 
vendue to John Johnson, BUeaser Brewin, Nathaniel Anderson, E<sekiel 
Ball, Mr. Burr, Robert Crane, Henry Martin. Job Brown, Jonathan Ward ; 

bonds of Doct'r Turner, Joseph Tichener, David Day, ^ Carter. 

Vreelandt, John Day, Samuel Parkhurst, Samuel Dalglish. Ander- 
son and Crane, John Oard, Ben'j Perry, Timothy Baldwin and Jonathan 

1742^ March 19. Ball, Thomas, of Newark, Essex Co., blacksmith; 
will of. Children — ^Timothy, Aaron, Nathaniel. David, Esekiel. Jonas, 
Thomas, Amos, Moses. Apphia, wife of Simon Searing, Mary and Rachel 
Ball, the last two at 18 years. Real and personal estate. ESzecutora— 
wife Sarah and son Timothy. Witnesses— Nathaniel Bonnell, Jun'r, Na* 
than Baldwin. Benj'n Bonnel. Proved Nov. 29, 1744. Lib. D, p. 197. 

1744, Nov. 14. Inventory of personal estate. £878.10.8 ; made by 
Stephen Browne. Jno. Osbom, Isaac Crane. 

VTS9, Aag. 14. Balleasrer. Thomas, of Evesham, Burlington Co., yeo- 
man. Letters of administration to Elisabeth Ballanger; Joshua Ballen- 
ger, fellow bondsman ; both of Evesham. Lib. 4, p. 171. 

1739, Aug. 14. Inventory of personal estate, £417.10.4; made by Thomas 
Evins and William Foster. 

1747, Feb. IX BallUi«er, Amarlah, of Olouoester Co.; wUl of. Wife 
and son, Isaac, to have upper part of plantation beginning on Steal's lias 
to "line between me and my cousin, Amariah Ballenger." Daughters — 
Sarah. Margret and EHisabeth, all under 18. Son Isaac, when 21, to have 
plantation in Township of Evesham, Burlington Co. Executors — Joshua 
Ballinger and Oabriel Davia Witnesses — Joseph Ballenger., John Aderly, 
Thomas Essary. Proved 8 Nov., 1748. Lib. 6, p. 262. 

1748, Oct 81. Inventory, at "Township of Debtford," £668.18.6. 

1758, May 26. Account of Joshua Ballinger and Oabriel Davis. Execu- 
tors of Amariah Ballinger. Moneys paid to Levi Peiroe, John ICvans. 
John McColloch, John Ladd, Jane Sparks. Henry Treadaway. John Stiles. 
Neal McNeil, Joseph Ooldy, Joseph Scattergood, Isaac Ballinger, Richard 
Chessman, John BCarshall, John Blackwood, Habakkuk Warder, John 
Peiroe, John Dilkes, John Snowden. Amos Haines. David Roe, Amariah 
Ballinger, Henry Wood, Thomas Sparks, John Sedden. Samuel Dukemsj^ 
ear. Richard Wistar. Thomas Redman. Henry Elwes, Nathaniel Delap» 
Hannak David, Matthias Aspdea, Henry Sparks, Ells. Ballinger, Heargr 
Ballinger, Rebecca Edgell. 

1797, Maveh 8. BaJMsiger, Haavy^ of Bveshanu Burlington Co.; will 
of. Children— Mary Rethmel, Elisabeth Willard, Esther BavUett, Rebeosa 

Digitized by 



HanTifch, Roth. Thomas. Amaiiah. Henryt Josiah and Joseph. Real and 
personal estate. Executor — son Anutrlah. Witnesses — Jonathan Bldiidge, 
WUUam HolUnshead. Jacob Heullngs. Justice. Proved AprU 10, 1788. 

Lib. 8, p. 286. 

1788. March 27. Inventory of personal estate. £80 ; made by Jonathan 
BIdrids* and Andrew Conarro^. 

17S9W Nov. M. Balm, Joha, of Bllsabeth Town and Rah way. In Essex 
Cow Bond of SC Oeorse Talbot, of New York, as administrator, belns 
prlndp&l creditor; William Thompson, cordwainer. and John Thompson, 
lonkeeper. fellow bondsmen, both of Perth Amboy. Land In Raway mort- 
Wtm^A to Rev. William Veasey of New York for £264.11.10; assignment 
•f same made to St Oeorse Talbot at his request Lib. C. p. 298. 

1789. July 11. Inventory at **Raway" of p^^nal estate. £1778.17.06^. 
tafecL a picture of the deceased at length, a picture when a boy. and several 
others; a "schreen" of five leaves claimed by Mr. Talbot, a ne^ro wench 
and child, a German Indentured servant named John Mulmllhicy; made 
by Mooes Rolfe. John Cralff, ESse. Bloomfleld. 

1789. July 28. Second Inventory of £188.09.05, incl., bonds of Joseph 
Bird. Ben. Gray, Sam. Bonnel. Joseph Alton, Sam. Frase, Job Wright 
Noah Bishop, Edw'd Barber. Rich'd Lambert James Jackson. Joseph 
Bon. widow Rickets ; notes of Ellphalet Frase, Tho. Gin. Richard White- 
bead, Sam. Oliver, Job Prance, Ric'd Taylor, Wm. Wlnans, John Howel, 
Jaeob Thorn, Joseph Hasmes, David Stewart. Jonas Greenway, Sam. 
Jacques; book debts of Richard Jones, Rublen Bird, Jonathan Wlnans, 
Cornelius Hart Tho. Bloomfleld, John Marsh, Widow Musrow, Lewis 
Wlnans.' George Marshall. E. Bloomfleld. Sam. Cole. John Stephens, Wm. 
WoodrulE, Petter Noe, Dan. Lane. Ben. Eisey, Joseph Woodruff. Jno. Radly. 
David Steward, Tho. Bunes. Sam. Fralze, James Praise. Patrick Mick- 

maners. BenJ. Kelsey. Tho. Jeffers, Wm. Nibllt. Johanes . Wm. 

Danoldson. Jonathan Marsh. Jacob Thorn, Sam. Farren, John King, John 
Ijove. Sam. Brant James Marshall, Ric'd Clark, Alex. Blak, Job Bird. 
Nat Houffh. Joseph Spencer, Sam. Moore, David Oliver, Tho. Nicholson, 
EfCrom Terrel Sen'r. Ric'd Hall, Sam. Cole, Joseph Alton, John Winans, 
Daniel Terrel. Wm. Marshall. Petter Simons; made by Rev. Eklward 
Tau^m. George Encott Andrew Joline. 

, , — ^. Account of St G^eorge Talbot administrator. Pay- 

menU to Mr. Alexander. Mr. PinUrd. Henry Gartwright Mr. William 
Chetwood. James Marshall. Ellphalet Frase, John Stevens. Stephen Bor- 
row. Jno. Wright Abram Clarke. Mr. Kennedy. Mrs. Rockets. Mr. Moore 
and John Hicks In the Sup. Court Mr. Nichols, post master of New York, 
WB/ej Bradley. Thomas Clarke, Esq., alderman. Samuel Bonnel, Jeffery 
joaea, Mary RIeketts. David Stuart Mr. Vease. 

171ti» May M. Baata* Jae«b Headrlekae, of Hackensack, Bergen Co., 
yvonan. wtU of. Wife, Cornelia. Real and personal estate In Bergen 
Oi». Son, Hendrlok. Land at New Hempstead for £80. Witnesses — ^Der- 
Hek BUnlMrhoff, Elisabeth Blinkerhoff, Robert Livesey. Proved 26 Nov. 
ITM. Lib. B, p. 221. 

im> Jaa. as. Baata. W^fert. of Hackinsack, Bergen Co., weaver; 
wfll oC Wife, Marie, Bxeeutrix. Children. WIert (eldest son), David. 
Hsadrlck, Jacob (youngest son). Rachel and Ledia. Brother, Hendrlck 
Banta and brothar-ln-law John Zabowrlsky, both of Hackinsack, "tutors 
and administrators of all my mlnorene children as also executors and 
assistants of my said wife;" youngest child not 18. Land and tenements 

Digitized by 




on the Hacklnaack (where I live) and land on the "great swamp;*' 
meadows on the west side of Hacklnsack River. Witne s s es — ^David Dem- 
orest. Sen.. Joost Vredenburirh, Johannls Bougart, Robert lilveaey, Jacob 
Banta. Proved 16 June. 17SS. Lib. B. p. 441. 

1740* Dc«. IS. Barber, Saainel (of Pllesffrove), Salem Co.. yeoman. 
Int. Admr.. Daniel Barber. Bondsman. Ellakim Carle, yeoman. Both 
of said County. Witness — Elizabeth Jones. Lib. 4, p. 262. 

1740. Dec 15. Inventory, £24.0.11. Appraisers — Benjamin DuvaU; 
HuRh Moore. 

1741. June 1. Account by Daniel Barber. Moneys paid to David (Har- 
rison. C^has. O Neil. Aquilla Barber. Dr. Vanleore. Zacheus Dunn. Benja- 
min Bispham. Roffer Buckings, Abraham Barber. (Seorge Miller, Jeremiah 
Wood, and "counsel fee to John Coxe. E2sq.. to defend an action broL agst. 
this accomptant at Salem by Joseph Hughs." 

1T44, July 16. Barckalow, Derrick, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Jane. Children — William, Cornelius, Daniel, 
Aeltie. Weycoff, Helena, Jane and Mary. (Last three daughters evi- 
dently unmarried). Oranddaughters — Elisabeth and Jane Suydam. 
Executors — sons William. Cornelius and Daniel. Witnesses — ^Tunis 
Denis, Gisbart Van Mater, William Wikoff and Jno. Henderson. 
Proved August 16, 1744. Lib. D, p. 170. 

1744, August 14. Inventory of estate. £199.17.0 ; made by Tunis Denis, 
Qisbart Van Mater and WUliam Wikoff. 

17S1, Dec. 29. Barclay, JoIib, of Perth Amboy. Middlesex Co. John 
Barclay, the son, relinquishes right to administer estate in favor of 
William Bradford. 

1731-2, Jan. 1. Bond of William Bradford, of New York, stationer 
and principal creditor, as administrator; Andrew Hay. of Perth Am- 
boy. fellow bondsman. Lib. B. p. 240. 

1731-2. Jan. 3. Inventory of personal estate. £275.7.8. ind. accounts 
due estate from Robert King. Esq., John Kinsey. Jun'r.. Fen wick Lyell, 
Daniel Grandine, Robert Lawrence. Philip Kearny, George Emot, Wm. 
Jamison. Coll. Parker. Benjamin Price. Lawrence Smith, Evan Drummond, 
Thomas Gtordon. dec'd. Gtoorge Wlllocks. dec'd ; bond of William Toung ; 
made by John Mathie and Harman Stout 

1744, Nov. 14. Barcleson, John, of Salem County. Int. Admr., 
Andrew A. Barcleson. of Penns Neck, Salem County, yeoman. Bonds- 
men — ^William Barcleson. Samuel Whltehorne, both of said County. 
Witnesses — John Baton, Wm. Pennock (?) Lib. 6, p. 90. 

1748, April 9. Inventory, £49.1.0 includes Swedish books. £0.10.0. Ap- 
praisers — John Eaton, Joseph Hawkes. 

1782, Oct. ». Bard, Peter, of Burlington Co.; will of. "At the first 
opportunity for London, a letter shall be sent to Mr. John Monteaud, 
who will give information as to whether my father, Benoist Bard, be 
living, and, if so, £60 is to be remitted to him in France." Children — 
Benoist, Peter, Samuel, John, William, Mary and Rebecca. Real and 
personal estate. Wife, Dinah, sole executrix. Witnesses — ^Edmund 
Cowgill, Jun., Edward Shippen. Proved Aug. 16, 1784. Lib. 8, p. 417. 

1784, Not. 11. Barker, Fraaels, of Northampton, Burlington Co., 
founder. Letters of administration to Joshua Briggs; John Doe and 
Richard Roe, fellow bondsmen; all of Northampton. 

Burlington Wills, 2668C. 

Digitized by 



174tb Amm» 18. Barker, Joha, of Salem County. Int. Admr8.» Bator 
Barker and William Barker, both of said County. Witnesses — John 
Stewart, Nlch. Gibbon. Lib. 7, p. 86. 

1748, Mtk «aT» 7tli mo. (Sept.) Barker, Joehva, of city and Co. of 
BurUngrton, saddler; will of. Wife, Martha. Children— Caleb, John, 
Elisabeth and Abigail, all under asro. Land on Hisrh Street, adjoin- 
lD|r Caleb Kaper and widow Powlffreen. Executors — ^brother Caleb 
and Joshua Raper. Witnesses — Jonathan Lovett, William Sorsby, 
Isa. DeCow. Proved Nov. 1, 1746. Lib. 6, p. 186. 

1754, J«Iy 29. Barker, Robert, of Burlington Co.; will of. Men- 
tions Elisabeth Ann, dauffhter of Edward and Katherine Peirce, of 
Burlingrton. **£80 to be expended for my burial." Executor— cousin 
Ralph Barker, who Is also named residuary leffatee. Witnesses — 
Tho'a Shaw, Thomas Wetherlll, Isa. DeCow. Proved May 10, 1786. 

Lib. 4, p. 60. 

174ib Sept. 7. Baricley, James, of Hunterdon Co., will of. Wife, 

Jenut Daughter. Afirnis. Executors — John Kelly, John Todd and 

Joseph Hair. Witnesses — ^Daniel Oliver and John Palmer. Proved 

February 8. 1749-60. Lib. 6. p. 388. 

17IS^ Amm* SB* Barnes, Tkoaiaa, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Elisabeth. Son, Thomas, to have one-half of lot and 
a house formerly belonirinir to Jeptha Smith In Trenton. Son, John, 
other half of lot and stable, and one-half of shalop called the "Elisa- 
beth." Daughters — Mary and RacheL Wife, executrix. Witnesses — 
Wm. Atlee, John Allen, Jr., and Daniel Hendry. Proved April 9, 
1740. Lib. 4, p. 227. 

1755, AprU 9. Barratt, Thomas, of Mannlnffton Township, Salem 
Co.. yeoman; will of. Wife. Elisabeth, sole executrix and to have all 
of the moveable estate for the brinffinsr up of my children and the use 
of the plantation where I live until my son Thomas Barrett will be 
11." Then he to pay his sisters, Rachel and Elisabeth, (at 18 or mar- 
rlaffo) £20 each. In case of death of son Thomas In non-a^e, planta- 
tion to descend to my daughter Quinn Barratt. Said Qulnn Barratt 
at 18 or marriasr« to have 200 acres on Salem Creek, bounded on An- 
drew Peterson's plantation. Have iriven power of attorney to John 
Powell to sell share of 700 acres near Lewis Town. Witnesses — 
Richard Graves, William Barratt, Dan. Mestayer. Proved 10 May, 
1788. Lib. 3. p. 828. 

1738, AprU 27. Inventory of Thomas Barratt, Senr., £189.6.2. Apprais- 
ers—Bartholomew Wyatt, Joseph Woodnutt 

1747, Feb. M. Bartleeoa, Andrew, of Penn's Neck, Salem Co. Int. 
Admx., Sarah Bartleson, widow. Bondsman — William. Vanneman. 
Both of said County. Witness — John Eaton. Lib. 6, p. 428. 

1747-8, Jany. 16. Inventory ( £126.11.7 H) includes "horse and armour, 
IIS.4.0," "Sweed book and others, £1.1.0"; also "the ^ part of Thomas 
CahUrs time." Appraisers — John Eaton, William Vanneman. 

175«, Marek 26. Bartleeoa, 'William, of Salem County. Int. Admx., 
Sarah Bartleson. Bondsman, Peter Peterson. Both of Penn's Neck 
of said County. Witness — Samuel Whitehorne. Lib. 7, p. 88. 

1749-60, March 28. Inventory (£99.0.4) Includes "his riding horse, sad- 

Digitized by 




tto and bridle." and '^pparrel and amHmr.** Appralaera— Aton Confle- 
ton, Samuel Whitehome. 

1760-1. March 1. Additional inventory. £2.14.4f). Appratsere — ^Thomas 
Carney. Samuel Whitehome. 

1761. June 18. Account of Jeremiah Baker and Sarah, hts wife, of 
Penn*8 Neck, administrators of William Bart l eso n . of Manninirton, late 
deceased. Paid James Bax*kley, Rebecca Peterson. Nichs. Qibbons. Saraiirt 
Whitehome. Receipts are from John Whittal. Michael Miller, Ar<diibald 
Hamilton. Andrew Peterson. Junr.. George Stark, Andrew Peterson. Senr.. 
Catharin^ Crawford. Christopher Linmire, Qeorge Trenchard, James Dun- 
bar. Joseph Hawks, Peter Peterson. John Procter. Matthias Nealson. 
Thomas Stanley. Blisha Basset, Ounla Felgate. Alen Congelton. 

1786-7, 17tk day, Imt mo. (Marek). Bartoa, Bdward, of Mansfield, 
Burlinirton Co.. weaver; will of. Executrix — wife Margaret who is to 
have land adjoining William Coats. Daniel Wills and Samuel Bunting. 
Jonathan, eldest son now living, land lying between John Harvey 
and William Pancoast. Jun*r. and land near Thomas Curtis. Other 
sons — David and Aaron. Daughters. Meribah and Mary Field. Bx- 
pected child. Witnesses — Elisabeth Harvey. Elisabeth Ellis. Richard 
Gibbs. Proved May 2. 1737. Lib. 4. p. 104. 

1787, 20th day. 2nd mo. (April). Inventory of the personal estate, 
£412.14.1 : made by John Harvey and John Buffln. 

1740, asrd day* lOth mo^ (Dec). Bartoa, Jonathaa, of Mansfield, 
Burlington Co.. sreoman; will of. Wife Mary, and expected child. Broth- 
ers — David and Aaron. Sisters — Mary Field. Meribah and Sarah Bar- 
ton. Real and personal estate. Wife sole executrix. Witnesses — 
George Folwell, Job Ridgway, Jun'r, William Pancoast, Jr. Proved 
Jan. 24. 1740. Lib. 4. p. 266. 

1784, April 10. Basker, Joseph, of Salem Co.. wool comber. Int. 
Admx., Sarah Watson. Bondsmen — Samuel Holmes. John Doe. all of 
said County. Witnesses — Richard Smith, Danl. Mestayer. 

Lib. 8. p. 418. 

1745, Sept. 10. Basset, DaAlel, of Piles Grove. Salem Co.; will of. 
Wife. Mary. Eldest son. Daniel Basset, to have plantation joining 
Adam Labarer's mill, also lot at Newport, Pa. Youngest son. Zebe- 
dee, to have home plantation. Legacies to daughters Elisabeth. Han- 
nah. Sarah. Mary and Amy. An expected child. Executors — wife 
Mary, and son Daniel Basset. Witnesses — Ellsha Basset, Deborah 
Dunn. Thos. Farrell. Proved 8 Feb.. 1746. Lib. 6, p. 268. 

1746. Nov. 2. Inventory (£262.7.0) includes bonds due from Sarah Holl, 
Ann Davis. Appraisers — Roger Huggins. David Davis. 

1720, 2Bd mo. (April), 22nd da. BaMet, 'Wflliau, of Pilesgrove, 
Salem Co.. yeoman; will of. Wife, Rebeckah. sole executrix and to 
have all estate. Witnesses — Zacheus Dunn. Samuel Graves, William 
Birkett. Proved 26 Oct., 1788. Lib. 8, p. 886. 

1788, Oct 10. Inventory (£118.18.8) Includes oxen, sheep, etc. Debt- 
ors — James Donlap, Joseph Clerck. Appraisers— Roger Huggins, David 

1781, Aug. 81. BassBlt, Sarah, of Town and Co. of Burlington, 
widow; will of. Dau., Mary, under age. Cousins — Samuel, Sarah Ami 
and Mary Bustill, Sarah and Elisabeth Pearson, Wm., Thos. and Bllsa- 

Digitized by 



belli Pumis. Bister, Sarah Borradaile, 400 acres In Hunterdon Co. 
Ifing between branches of Rarinirton, near Znckarunln^, '*w1iieh I 
had of my bro. Hathew Oardnier," and lot on Hiffh Street, adjoinlnir 
William Hapues and Sam'l Scattergrood. Bxecutors — ^brother Isaac 
Peareon and friend Caleb Raper. Witnesses — James Hancock, John 
Saunders, Sam'l Scattergrood. Proved June 10, 1784. Lib. 8, p. 419. 

1781, Nov. 22. Inventory of personal estate, £84.18.6 ; made by Samuel 
Scattersood and Robert Smith, includes debts due from John Qibs, Su- 
sannah Yard, John Butcher, John Stokes, Silence Bucher, James Quest, 
Mathlaa Gamer, Elisabeth Proser, Thomas Staples, Peter Ross, John 
Richardson, John Deacon. John Hudson. Joseph Ridseway, Grace Bustlll, 
Joseph Thomas, Mary Seyler, Solomon Smith. William Gale, Hanah Gibbs, 
Susanah Robason, Susanah Hoon, Jane Richardson, Hanah Pearson, 
Joanah Carter, Arthur Burdill, John Barton. 

174«v Anv* 11. Basto» Thomasp of Somerset Co., "labourer." In- 
ventory of personal estate. £20.12.11. Notes of Derrick Marlot, Garret 
Bern, Peter Cassiner. James Carty, Abrm. Bodine, Isaac Smalley, Fran- 
cis Cossart. Appraisers— Abraham Bodine, James Graham. Affldavit 
before Ralph Smith. "John Anderson" on back of Inventory. 

1744, Auff. 28. Administration granted to William McDaniel (Biack- 
donei) of Somerset Co.. yeoman. Fellow bondsman — ^Daniel Donaldson 
Donster, of same County. Harked "Not signed by Wm. Hackdonel." 

Lib. D, p. 178. 

1746. Aug. 20. Inventory .of personal estate, £8.6.0, made by Abraham 
and James Graham. 

178S» Oet. 81. Bate, Joseph, of Waterford, Gloucester Co., yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Mercy, sole executrix, with assistance of son-in-law 
John Hillman. Daughter, Abigail, and son, Benjamin, minors. Son 
Thomas. Witnesses — Thomas Stokes, Rachel Stokes, John Kay. 

1734, 8d mo. (May). 28 da. Codicil. Witnesdea— John Kay. (Quaker), 
Kltiabeth Wood (Quakeress). Proved 80 Dec 1784. Lib. 8. p. 488. 

1784. Oct 9. Inventory. £98.16.06%. Appraisers— John Kay, Francis 
Hogsett, William Samlnson (?). 

1TB4S Fe%. 12. Bate, Maryt 14 years and upwards, daughter of Wil- 
liam Bate, Gloucester Co., ward. Guardian — Jonathan Zane, of 
County aforesaid, merchant. Witness — Luke Tuckniss. Lib. 6, p. 876. 

I78T, Apr. L Bate, WIUIsm, of (Heucester Co.. yeoman. Int. 
Widow, Esther Bate, admx. Wm. Alberson and John Miekle. of (^unty 
aforeaaM, bondsmen. Witnesses — Jacob Alberson, Joseph Rose. 

Lib. 4, p. 94. 

1787. Mar. 81. Inventory, £186.16.00. Appra is er s J ohn Miekle, Abra- 
haoB Alberson. 

17S4, September 14. Bates, John, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co., 
husbandman. Bond of William Norton of same place, yeoman, adminis- 
trator. Bdward Griffith, of same place, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Wit- 
nesses — Joseph Ross and Samuel Bustill. Lib. 8, p. 414. 

I7S1, Sept. 21. Bates, Joseph, of Gloucester Co.. yeoman. Int. 
Widow. Elliabeth, Admx. Bondsman — John Brown of Town and County 
of Gloucester, shopkeeper. Lib. 8, p. 140. 

1781. May 18. Inventory, £66.14.6. Appraisers— William Sharp. John 

Digitized by 



1748» Feb. 6* Bates* Wllllaai, of Mansfield, Burlington Co., yeoman. 
Inventory of personal estate. £101.10.6; made by William Panooast and 
David RodchilL 

1748, Fob. 21. Letters of administration to Jeremiah Bates, yeoman. 
William Panooast, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. 6, p. 8S1 ; Lib. 7, p. 97. 

17S8* Jaa. 6. Bayard* Peter, of Essex Co., merchant; will of. 
^ther-in-law, Henry Wileman; mother. RacheL Brothers— John and 
Samuel. Sisters — Helena, wife of John Debois, and Elisabeth Wileman. 
Real and personal estate. E«xecutrix — ^wife Eve. Witnesses — ^Henry Coer- 
ten, Heres Wendover, Geo. Lurtin^. Proved Apr. 26. 1744. Lib. D, p. 1S2. 

178S, Aii«. 2B. Bayley* Heary, of Amboy, who deceased July Sl» 
1788. Bond of Penelope Bayley, widow, as administratrix. Jacob John- 
son, of Middlesex Co.. fellow bondsman. Lib. B. p. 457. 

1788. Aug. 29. Inventory of personal estate, £66.8.9 ; made by John 
Whitlock. house carpenter, and John Letts, yeoman, both of Middlesex Co. 

1750* Aw. as. Baymtom* Mary, of City of Burlinirton, widow; will 
of. Sister, Ann Wheeler, sole executrix; son Benjamin to have sister's 
part of tract on Delaware River called Loepeatenun^. Nephew, Joseph 
Pidgeon. Son-in-law, John Basmton. and his daughter Mary. Cousin* 
Elisabeth Stapleton. Church in Burlington to have £10. God-children — 
Joseph and Rowland Ellis, Mary, Sarah and Ann Cullum, Dinah Wheat, 
William Spencer and Grace Bustlll. 

1760, Aug, 24. Codicil. Rev. Mr. Collin Campbell to be executor In 
case sister dies before Benjamin is of ace. Witnesses— Jos. White. Junr., 
Mary Campbell. Mary White. Proved Dec. 19. 1760. Lib. 6, p. 890. 

1742* Dec. 11. Bayatom* Peter* of City of Philada., merchant; will 
of. To be buried by wife at Philada. Sons — John and Benjamin, both 
under age. Father-in-iaw, John Budd. Sister. Ruth Banfleld and her son 
Peter. Sister-in-law, Ann Wheeler. Aunt, Elisabeth Devit. Cousins — 
James and Elisabeth Derkinderen. Mary Sedeway of Rhode Island, kins- 
woman of my late wife. Late apprentice. John Stapleford. Friends, 
Benjamin Pollard, of Boston, Joshua Maddox and Thomas Bourn. Lega- 
cies to poor of Philada. ; to poor oommunloants of Episcopal Church in that 
City; to Church at Burlington; to ten poor widows, three in Burlington 
and seven in Philada. ; also to god-children, vis. Ann, daughter of Daniel 
Jones ; Mary, daughter of Joshua Maddox ; Thomas, son of Charles Will- 
ing ; Samuel, son of Samuel Massell ; and Sarah, daughter of Alexander 
Woodrops. £260 towards building a New Episcopal Church in Philada. 
House and lot on North side Arch Street, "which I bought of William 
Pywell;" house and lot in Burlington *1 bought of Simon Nightingale." 
Executors— wife Mary, son John, and friends Joshua Maddox and Thomas 
Bourn of Philada. Witne s ses — Colin Campbell, Mary Campbell and Rebec- 
ca Bard. Proved March 14, 1748-4. Lib. 6. p. 16. 

1700* June •• Beaeh* Bpeaetiia* of Newark, Essex Co. ; will of. Chil- 
dren— Esekiel. Joseph, Elisha, Eppenetus. Jabes, Hannah, Phebe, Rachel, 
Sarah, Mary Lois and Tabitha, "last ten under age." Wife, Phebe. Real 
and personal estate. Executors— brother Josiah Beach ; sons Joseph and 
Esekiel. Witnesses— Isaac Browne. Samuel Beech. Jeremiah Halsey. 
Proved Aug. 8, 1760. Lib. E, p. 446. 

1760, Aug. 8. Josiah Beach and Joseph Beach decline the executorship. 

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17S7, Oet«Wr SS. BeatfM, Blteka, of Trenton, baker; will of. 
^'Knoifinir the dangers of the sea." Wife, Mary. If child by wife, Mary» 
it shall have house and lot in Trenton when of age, "likewise a house and 
lands called the Lower House, situate in the parish of St Michels, in 
the Bast in the County of Munmoth in wals" (Wales) ; one-third of a 
bouae and land in Ponty Poole in said county, lately belonging to ESisha 
Beadles, the testator's father, now in possession of testator's brother, 
Nathaniel Beadles. Wife, executrix. Wit n ess es T ho. Barnes, Wm. Atlee» 
Jamee Gould. Proved August 20, 1741. Lib. 4, p. 801. 

174S, aiKk •f 9th mo. (Not.). Bealces, Staey, of Trenton, Hunter- 
don (^.; will of. Wife, Mary. Only son, Stacy (minor), a lot bought 
of David Martain, sheriff, land purchased of Mahlon Kirkl^ride. Daugh- 
ters, Lildia, Ruth and Mary Beakes when aged 21. Son. Stacy, to learn 
trade when aged 14. Land that belonged to testator's uncle. Mahlon 
Stacy, which testator's father, Atkinson, and testator's mother, promised 
the testator, to be sold and money to Mahlon Kirkbride to pay for land 
boug;ht of him. Executors — ^wife and brother. Gideon Bickerdick. Wit- 
nesses — ^Edm'd Beakes. Nathan Beakes, William Robinson. Proved Au- 
gust 11, 1746. The executors, Quakers. Lib. 6. p. 264. 

1745-6, 14th of 11th mo. (Jan.). Inventory of the estate, £888.6.2, 
Includes Joiner's furniture, and in the shop: 90 molding plains; 20 
plains of divers sorts ; chisels, gouges, saws, lathe, etc ; 1,000 ft Black 
walnut; 4,000 ft pine, cedar and gum boards, etc Obligations of Hugh 
Farguson, Samuel Depue. Abel Jenne, Jun'r. Richard Howell. Daniel Cox, 
Samuel Johnston, Bartholomew Rowley, Cornelius Ferrill, John Smith. 
Archabel McCarty. Appraised by W. Morris, Wm. Plaskett, Charles 

1755, March 11. Accoimt of Gideon Bickerdike, executor, mentions Cor- 
nelius Ferril, John Smith, Archibald McCarty. Richard Howell. 

174S, March 90. Beaaford, William* of Hopewell, Hunterdon co. 
Bond of Frances Beanford, administratrix, with John Phillips and Cor- 
nelius Anderson, all of Hopewell, as fellow bondsmen. 

1742-8, March 6. Inventory of the estate. £70.15.2; made by John 
Phillips and Cornelius Anderson. 

1746-7, Jan. 27. Account shows debts paid to William Pierson, Andrew 
Reed, Enoch Anderson. Thomas Burroughs, William Branford of Phila., 
Edward Hunt George Clifford, Frederick Vanoye, EHies'r Morgan. Cor- 
nsltns Anderson. Humphrey Hughs. John Phillips. John Lee, Andrew Mer- 
abon, James Bigger. Samuel Lee. William Moore. James Adams. Jon. 
Reed, Samuel Ketcham. Danl. Coxe. Hunterdon Wills, 161 J. 

1744, Nov. 5. Bee, Bphralm, of Greenwich. Gloucester Co.. yeoman. 
Grandson. E«phraim Lloyd, to have all real estate; in case of his death, 
without issue, same to become property of cousin. Ephiram Bee. and. if he 
dies without issue, cousin Thomas Bee and in case of his decease 
without issue, cousin Jonathan shall have it. Elxecutors — son. John 
Lioyd, and friend, Alexdr. Randell. Witnesses — John Bright Thomas Bra- 
man, James Holden. Proved 7 Jan., 1744; probat 20 July, 1746. 

Lib. 5. p. 140. 

1744, Dec 8. Inventory. £19.11.1. Appraisers— Thomas Braman, John 

1747. Feb. — ^. Account (£21.10.6). includes moneys paid to Thomas 
Holden. Rol>ert Brayman, Gabraell Rambo, James Holden, John Bright. 
Ephraim Bee. Samuell Paull. 

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1749» F«%. 18. Bell, J«km» of Morrisses (Maurice) River, Cumber- 
land Co. ; will of. Wife. Mary, to have the plantation until son, Robert, 
will be 21, and % the marsh of 80 acres over the river, Joining Leam- 
ings, providing she remains unmarried. Sons: John, to have plantation 
formerly belonfl^inff to Abraham Jones on the south side of Manuskln^; 
Thomas, the land formerly belonffin^ to Johannes HofEman ; likewise land 
and "cripple" belonging, formerly, to Hance Steelman; likewise land and 
"cripple," formerly Joseph Jones', not redeemed, he to have the money 
if redeemed; Henry, land and marsh held in partnership with the Learn- 
ings, excepting 80 acres. Personal estate to four sons, and to Mary 
Bell, Junior. Agnes Bell, an expected child, and wife, excepting Robert, 
whose share "shall fall into the hands of his mother." Additional bequests 
of a Cedar E^wamp (John to have below. Robert above. Sharp's Mill) ; 
% of the new* mill, purchased of Samuel Iszard to be sold. Executors — 
wife. Mary ; son. Robert. Aaron Leaming. Witnesses — ^William McOlaugh- 
lin. Richard Shaw, John Reed. Proved 20 June. 1749. Lib. 6, p. 12. 

1749. May 26. Inventory of C^p'n John Bell's personal estate. £2848.8.6. 
Appraisers— John Purple. John Cormick. 

1749. May 29. Renunciation of executorship by Aaron Leaming. Wit- 
nesses — John Purpple. Thomas Peterson. 

1785, Oct. 4. Belltom (Belltem). Jonatkam, of Township of Water- 
ford, Gloucester Co.. cordwainer; will of. Bphraim Tomlinson. of Glou- 
cester Township and Co.. sole executor. Wife. Mary. Infant son. Hese- 
klah Belton. Daughters. Lyndonia and Mary Belton. "to have the pro- 
ceeds from the labor of my prentice shoemaker, Daniel Calvin (a mulatto) 
until he will be 81 and my said daughters to be apprenticed "to some 
religious and discreet master and mistress and learn to read the Bible and 
housewifery." Son-in-law (supposed step-son), Joseph Mapes. Son. Pot- 
ter C^hampion. Witnesses — John Shivers. Josiah Shivers. Michael Grum- 
ley. Affirmed 7 ApHl. 1787. 

1786, 9 mo. (Nov.), 26 da. Renunciation of Ephraim Tomlinson as 
executor. Witnesses — John Way, William Way. Lib. 4. p. 96. 

1787, Apr. 7. Administration granted to Mary, widow of Jonathan 
Belton. John Shivers, bondsman. Witness — Joseph Rose. 

1786. May 6. Inventory (£185.11.7), includes 224 pounds of bacon, 
"shumakers tools," sole leather, 16 cattle. Appraisers — ^Tobias Hollo- 
way, John Shivers. 

1749, Aum* as. Bemder, R€»bert» of Township of Greenwich, Cumber- 
land Co. Bond by John Brick, of Township of Stow. Cumberland 0>., 
and Alexander Moore, of Township of Deerfleld, merchant, administrators. 

1749. Aug. 26. Susanna Bender, of Township of Greenwich. Cumber- 
land Co.. widow and relict of Robert Bender, renounced administration. 

Chmiberland Wills, 20 F. 

1788, Sept. 0. Bensetf Jacobus, of Middlesex Co. Inventory of per- 
sonal estate £77.9.6; made by four freeholders of New Jersey, chosen 
by widow. Abigail Bennet, vis., Ella. Burger, Adriaen Bennet. Cornelius 
Bennet. ChrisstofTel Probasco. 

1784, Aug. 19. Bond of Jacobus and Jacob Bennet, dated May 8, 1780, 
for £1,000, held by Cornelius Vanderhoven. of Kings Co.. New York, re- 
ceipted in full. Witnesses to bond — John Bennet, Mare Manion; witness 
to receipt, Jan Vaendervoort Middlesex Wills, 797-800 !■• 

ITSa, Sept. IS. Benset, Jastee* of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., 
yeoman. Bond of Abigail Bennet, widow, as administratrix. William 

Digitized by 



Davimport and Henry Berry, Jun'r. both of Perth Amboy, fellow bonds- 
men. Lib. B, p. too. 

ITSS. March 1. Beaaet, Jaha, of Ehreflham, Burlington Co., saw- 
yer. Letters of administration to Susanna Bennet, widow. Qeorge Mor^ 
ris, of Mansfield, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. 4, p. 155. 

1747* AiMT. SS. Benaet, Joha, of Northampton, Burlington Co., yeo- 
man. Letters of administration to Mary Bennet, widow. Thomas Reves 
and Patrick Resmolds, yeoman, of Burlington Co., fellow bondsmen. 

Lib. 5, p. S62. 

1747, Auff. 22. Inventory of personal estate, £116.7 ; made by Patrick 
Reynolds and Saml. Gamble. 

1744» April ao. It«Biion, Johaiiaes» of Bergren Co. Bond of Blisa- 
l>eth Benson, of Bergen Co., administratrix, and Ryck Leidecker, of same 
County, fellow bondsman. 

1744, May 9. Inventory of estate, £125.17.8; made by Elizabeth Ben- 
son, and appraised by Hendrick Banta and John Zabrlski. 

Lib. D, p. 128. 

1749-7, March 7. Bertmaa (Barymaa, Beremaa), Thomas* of Cohan- 
sey, Salem Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Martha, use of whole plantation 
until my son, John, will be 20. In case of his death before 20, and after 
the decease of wife, estate shall go to six daughters: Annabel Johnson, 
Rachel Benet, Perthenia Reeves, Bllzabeth (under age), Zurviah (under 
age) and Hannah (under age). Executors— wife, Martha, and son. John 
Beriman. Witnesses — Eliakim (?arll. Sen., Joseph Brick, Patrick MitcheL 
Proved 14 June, 1749, before ESlias Cutting, Surrogate of CTumberland 

1749, July 14. Letters testamentary granted to Martha Beriman (sign- 
ed Martha Banrman). Lib. 6, p. 294. 

1749, July 14. Inventory of personal estate, £211.7.0. Appraisers — 
Samuel Moore, Bllakim C!arll. 

17S9» March 10. Berry, Hcary, of Monmouth County, carpenter. 
Bond of John Berry, of Monmouth, as administrator. Andrew Craw- 
ford, of same county, and Henry Berry, of Perth Amboy, fellow bonds- 
men. Henry Berry, eldest son of deceased, renounced right to ad- 
minister, in favor of his brother John Berry, March 20, 1789; re- 
nunciation witnessed by John Kelly and Thomas Bartow. 

Lib. C. p. 826. 

1740. July 18. Inventory (£20.4.9), Incl. carpenter's and Joiner's tools; 
made by Samuel Ker, Joseph Ker, David Ehiglish. 

174*, Oct. 11. Bcrrymaa, Joha, of Burlington Co. Inventory of 
personal estate, £88.2.6%; made by Thomas Atkinson and John Fos- 
ter; includes book accounts of Roger Fort, Marmaduke Fort, Jenet 

1749, Oct 19. Margaret Berryman, widow, renounces administration in 
f^vor of Benjamin Bispham, principal creditor. Bond of Benjamin Bis- 
pham. of Bridgetown, merchant Robert Hartshorn and Thomas Atkinson, 
fellow bondsmen. Lib. 6, p. 824. 

ITSOb Dec 8. Bfhhy, Richard, of Chesterfield, Burlington Co., la- 
bourer. Bond of Mary Bibby, widow, as administratrix. Samuel Rad- 
ford, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. 8, p. 140. 

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17S0-1, Jan. 4. Inventory of personal estate, £41.19.7; made hy Wil- 
liam Wells and John Mlddleton. 

1748» Jwkmm 10. BtekhaSAt Heary, 19 yrs. and upwards, son of Rich- 
ard Blckham. late of Gloucester Co., ward. Quardlan — Samuel Shiv- 
ers, of Racoon Creek, Gloucester Co. Gloucester Wills, 68 8H. 

1748, June 21. Petition to Charles Read — **That our nephew, Hendry 
Bickham hath* made choses of Samuel Shivers for his Garden, etc** 

Signed. Thomas Bickham, Martin Blckham. 

1780> • mo. (Nov.), 21 da. Blekkaatt Richard* of Gloucester Co., 
yeoman; will of. Eldest son, Henry Bickham, when 21, to have 
easterly side of plantation to easterly corner of Thomas Bickham's 
land; thence to Oule Pond, down to Delaware River. Son, Richard 
Bickham, to have rest of plantation when 21, etc. Above sons, Henry 
and Richard to have *'Seader Swamps." Leflracies to daughters, 
Sarah, Ann and Mary Bickham, when 21. Executors — ^Wife, Mary, and 
Abraham Chattin. Witnesses — Walter Fawcet, Martin Bickham, Wil- 
liam Wood. Affirmed 14 July, 1740. Gloucester Wills. 261H. 

1740. 4 mo. (June), 28 da. Inventory, £261.14.00. Appraisers — ^Thos. 
WUkins, Martin Bickham. 

ir48» Nov. 1. Blekhaait Martte. of Greenwich, Gloucester Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Sara, dauffhter of Robert Gerrard. Children — 
all under agre. spoken of but not by name. Executors — wife and 
Samuel Shivers. Witnesses — Samuel Hopper, John Hanby, Mary Key. 
Proved Feb. 16. 1760. Lib. 7. p. 149. 

1760-1. Feb. 4. Inventory of estate. £66.14.2, made by Thomas Bick- 
ham and William Gerrard. 

1744» July 10. Blekley* Abraham, of (Burlington) Province of New 
Jersey, bricklayer. Administration granted to Peter Hodgson, of 
Philada., arent. Mary Andrews, spinster, and Wm. Paschall. sadler, 
both of same, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 6, p. 86. 

1746. July 21. Inventory of personal estate includes £160. beins amount 
received for 1160 acres of land in Hunterdon Co., taken in execution at the 
suit of Mary Andrews and sold to her. 

1746. July 21. Account of Pet'r Hodffson. showing payments to Mary 
Andrews, Jno. Cox and Bennet Bard. 

1748t Aii«. 10. Blckley, Mary, of City of Burlington, widow. Ad- 
ministration to Charles Willias, of City of Philada., blacksmith. Isaac 
DeCow, Esq., and Ruchard Wriffht, grent., both of same, fellow bonds- 
men. Lib. 7, p. 94. 

1748, Sept 27. Inventory of personal estate, £192.6.4; made by R. 
Wright and Isa: DeCow. Includes negro man and an old woman. £80; 
two silver coins. £9.16.6 and tayloring outfit 

174», Blay 15. Blekiey, Samael, of Philadelphia. Pa.; will of. Wife, 
Margaret. Children — Abraham, William. Peter. Mary. Two lots in 
Philadelphia; tracts in County of Kent. Delaware. Executors — James 
Polegreen, of Philadelphia, grent, wife Margaret, son Abraham. Wit- 
nesses — Jno. Finney, Gideon Griffith, David Finney. Proved June 17, 

1760, April 11. Margaret Blckley, administratrix of estate of Samuel 
Biokley, "late of Newcastle, deceased, dyed at Newcastle." Lib. 6, p. 286. 

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1788, JvlT — H Btekley WIIUmiu of City of Burlington, y«oman; will 
of. Stater, Blixabeth Powl^rean. House and lot on Hi^h Street, City 
of Burlington, now in possession of Samuel Bustill. Jun'r, and meadow 
adjoining Jonathan Wright, Daniel Smith and Caleb Raper. Wife, 
Mary, sole executrix. Witnesses — John Craiff. James Hancock, Ralph 
Peart. Proved Jan. 16, 17S9. Lib. 4, p. 219. 

1740, July 24. Inventory of personal estate, S61.14.2 ; made by Joseph 
HeoUnss and Jos. Soattergood. 

178S» Nov. 14. BIslowt Joha» of Hanover, Hunterdon Co.; inventory 
of estate, made at request of his widow, Abigail Billow, £118.12.2, 
tncludinff a sword and stone, 7a6d ; a corbin and pistols. £1.6.0 ; a Bible 
and some small books, £8. Made by Qershom Mott and Jonathan 

1722, Nov. 21. Bond of Abigail Blglow, widow, as administratrix. 
Samuel Crosman, of same place, bloomer, and John Budd, of same, gentle- 
man, suredea. Witnesses Sarah Budd, Thomas Biglow. 

Hunterdon Wills, 84 J. 

1TS8» April 6. BllAerbaek, Albert, of Penn's Neck, Salem Co., hus- 
bandman: will of. Wife, Margaret, to have the estate until children 
will be 21. If she marries, estate devised to sons Daniel and Peter 
Bilderback; if either die without issue, his share to descend to son 
John Bilderback (not 16). Daughters — Sarah, Jane, Margaret (not 
21). Executors — Wife, Margaret, and brother-in-law, Senick Senick- 
aon. Witnesses — Josiah Pennington, John Denny, John Richmond. 
Proved 6 May, 1782. Lib. 8, p. 210. 

1731-2, Jan. 6. Inventory, £114.7.0 H, of farm stock, etc. Appraisers— > 
John Seneck, Hance Bilderbaclc * 

1740w April 8. Bilderback* Peter, of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Admx. 
Sarah Bilderback ("relict or*). Bondsmen — Timothy Rains, John 
Savoy, all of said County. Witness— Obadiah Loyd. 

1740, March 22. Inventory. £16.2.6. Appraisers — ^Tim. Rain. John 
Savoy. Salem Wills. S57 Q. 

174*, May 99. Biles* Joka* of Maidenhead Township, Hunterdon 
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Blisabeth. Daughter, Sarah Biles; two 
sons. John and Charles Biles, land where testator lived. Executors — 
wife and brother, Alexander Biles. Witnesses — Gtoorge Rosel, Samuel 
Lee, Mary Carpenter. Proved July 22, 1740. Lib. 4. p. 247. 

1740, July 1. Inventory of personal estate, £167.17.6 ; made by John 
Price and John Hunt 

174Bp March SOu BUee, Samael, of Nottingham, Burlington Co.,- 
tanner. Bond of Mary Cary, widow, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., as 
administratrix. Isaac Pearson, of Burlington, Esq. and Thomas 
Wetherill of same, gent., fellow bondsmen. Lib. 4, p. 227. 

1740, April 8. Inventory of personal estate, £1806.14.2 ; made by John 
Mlddleton of Nottingham, yeoman, and Frettwell Wright, of Burlington, 

17SS-4, Mareh 19. BUla, Natluwlel, Jr„ of Monmouth County, single 
man. Bond of Qershom Bills, of Shrewsbury, cordwainer, as ad- 
ministrator. David Allen, of Shrewsbury, cordwainer, fellow bonds- 
man. * Witnesses — Samuel Sonman, William Madock. 

Monmouth Wills, 629M. 

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, . Inventory of the Mtato (£71.0.0), includes bond of 

Richard Gardiner. Made by William Qoodbody and Joseph Oifford, who 
were sworn Sept 9, 17S4. 

17S8» April !•. Bird, Jeremlali, of Elisabeth Town, Bssex Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Children — Joseph, Abigail FitsRandolph, Mary Kinff, 
Prudence Oedis, Hannah Atkinson, Martha Bird and Rachel Kellsey. 
Real and personal estate. Executors — ^wife, Abigail, and son-in-law. 
Joseph FitsRandolph. Witnesses — Edward Vauarhn, John Terrill, 
Anne Terrill. Proved May 6. 1788. 

1788, May 6. Joseph FitsRandolph, Quaker, qualified as executor. 

Lib. C, p. 194. 

1788, 6th mo. (July), 11. Inventory of personal estate (£461.09), in- 
cludes bonds of John Frase, Samuel Moor, Benjamin Crowel, William 
Porter, John Radley, Sam'll Frasee, Josiah Terrill, Ben. Fraxee, Richard 

, Eliphalet Fraxee, Thomas Sender. Thomas Abbott, John Kins, 

Hendrick ; made by Joseph Shotwell and Eliphalet Frasee. 

1740» Sept. 2X Bird, Joaepk, of borouffh of Elisabeth, Essex Co., 
yeoman; will of. Children — Samuel, Ruben, John and Abigail Bird. 
Executrix — wife Elisabeth. Real and personal estate. Witnesses — 
Benony Frasee, Stephen Borrowes, John Terrill. Proved Oct. 6, 1740. 

Lib. C, p. 868. 

1749» July 4. Blakop, Abigail, widow, late of Township of Hope- 
well, Cumberland Co. Int. Phebe Bishop, James Davise, administra- 
tors. Fellow bondsmen — Daniel Davise and Samuel Lomas, of the 
Township of Deerfleld. Cumberland Co., farmers. Witnesses — ^Abra- 
ham Reeves, Junior. Ellas Cottingr. 

1749. June 29. Inventory of personal estate. £102.4.11 (£101.16.11. 
orifirinal). Appraisers — Thomas Sayre, Benjamin Lupton. 

C!umberland Wills, 22 F. 

1742-8» Marck 10. Blakop* Daniel* of Cohansey. Salem Co., yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Abigrail, use of plantation, etc. Son, Nathan Bishop 
(when 21), house and barn, "and all that land and marsh that my 
father grave to me; also ^ of marsh I bouffht of Anne Grant, known 
as 'Jewel's Marsh;' also ^ of land bouffht of Elias Cottingr, joining the 
river and situate between his line and Joshua Barksted's, containing 
227 acres; also ^ of salt marsh, 26 acres, near Tindal's Island, bought 
of Elias Cottinff." Son, Daniel Bishop, when 21, to have other half 
of the above and woodland bougrht of Anne Grant. Daugrhter, Elisa- 
beth Bishop, when 18, 160 acres (bought of Elias Cottinff) which John 
Terry lives on. Daugrhter Phebe, when 18, 160 acres, bougrht of Elias 
Cottinff. Daughter Abigail Bishop (not 18). Executors — wife and 
Moses Bishop. "Whereas some persons claim under Joshua Barksted's 
riffht a part of the land I bougrht of Ellas Cottingr, therefore my exe- 
cutors are authorised to defend any action by such." Witnesses — 
Nathaniel Bishop, Benjamin Lupton, Thomas Sayer. Proved 30 April, 
1748. Lib. 4, p. 874. 

1748. March 29. Inventory (£130.10.6.) includes cattle, sheep, swine, 
etc. Appraisers — James Robinson, Jonathan Holmes. 

1749, June 12. Blakop, Moses, of Township of Hopewell, Cumberland 
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife sole executrix. Sons, Moses and Levi, 
land and marsh. Daugrhters — ^Esther, Mary, Rachel and Eunice (all 
under 18). Witnesses — ^And'w Hunter, Mary Perry. Rob't Nichols, 
Joseph Bishop. Proved 8 July, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 896. 

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174B-S* Mareh 6. Blsk*p» NftthamleU Of Cohansey, Cumberland Co.» 
yeoman; will of. Wife Mary* Sons — Isaac and Preston (to have 
taOQsee. lands, marshes equally), Jeremiah. Zephaniah, and Nathaniel. 
I>aushter8 — ^Mary Lupton, Abigail, Bllsabeth and Hannah. Land 
bouflrht of Daniel Bishop. Bxecutors — ^Wife, Mary, and Annanias 
flayre. Witnesses — John Preston, Moses Bishop. Proved 1 April, 1749. 

Lib. 6, p. 108. 

1748-9, March 11. Inventory of personal estate. £122.8.4. Appraisers- 
Jonathan Holmes, Samuel Miller. 

174B-«, Feb. 15. Blskop, Noab, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., black- 
smith; will of. Wife . Daughters — ^Mary, Sarah, Lydia, Han- 
nah and Ruth. Son — Noah, and his two sons, Noah and Japhet. Real 
and personal estate. Executors — son, Noah, and friend, David Alston. 
Witnesses — Jonathan Connet, David Stile, Thomas Alston. Proved 
June 20, 1760. Lib. B, p. 428. 

174B9 Jvly 4. Blakop. Pkebe, ward, "of 14 years and upwards, ** 
daughter of Daniel Bishop, late of Township of Hopewell, Cumber- 
land Co. Guardian — James Davise. Bondsmen — Daniel Davise, Sam. 
Lummus. all of Township of Deerfleld. Witnesses — Abraham Reeves, 
Jr., Blias Cotting. Cumberland Wills, 26F. 

1741* Anv. 14. Blakop. Thomas, of Northampton, Burlington Co., 
yeoman; will of. Children — Thomas, John, Joshua, William, Ann 
Smith, Mercy, Elisabeth Warrington. Hannah Prickett and Mary At- 
kinson. Granddaughter, Sarah Gaerlng, under age. Lands adjoining' 
Thomas Hains, Joseph Wills, Philo Leeds and Brook Stop '*the Jades." 
Bxecutors — sons-in-law, Henry Warringrton and Jacob Prickett. Wit- 
nesses — Isa. DeCow, Thomas WetheriU, Jos. Scattergood. Proved 
Aug. 2, 1746. Lib. 5, p. 267. 

1746, Aug. 1. Inventory of personal estate. £818.16.8 ; made by Samuel 
Woolston and Thomas Haines. 

1747, Feb. 10. Blshopp Thomas* of Bordentown, Burlington Co., 
skinner. Administration to Joseph Borden, of same, merchant. Jo- 
seph Thorne, of Chesterfield, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. 6, p. 487. 

1744« Oet. 21. Black* Joka, of Springfield, Burlington Co., farmer. 
Administration to Thomas Black. William Black, fellow bondsman; 
both farmers of Springfield. Lib. 6, p. 64. 

1744, Nov. 24. Inventory of personal estate, £812.1.6% ; made by 
Michael Newbold, John Rockhill, Benjamin Shreve. 

1747, March 18. Blaekfortf, John, of Piscataway. Middlesex Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Ruth. Sons — John, Nathaniel and Jeremiah. 
Real and personal estate. Bxecutors — sons, John and Nathaniel 
Blackford. Daughters — Sarah Chantler, Susanna (wife of Moses 
Astin), Mary Laing and Ann. Witnesses — Isaac Chantler, Samuel 
Drake. Proved March 80, 1749. Lib. E, p. 286. 

1749. April 1. Inventory of personal estate, £82.4.6; made by Samuel 
Drake and John Pound, Jun'r. 

ITSS* Hov. 97. Blaekmaa, Joaiali, of Northampton, Burlington Co., 
blacksmith. Int. Whereas Mary Blaokman, widow; mother, Mary 
Tuckness, widow; sister; Richard Blackman, brother, Isaac Dawson, 

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liatter» and Jane hU wife, sUter of deceased, do live in Provlnoe of 
Penna., they renounce their rlarht of administration unto James Han- 
cock, of Burlington, peruke maker. Witnesses — John Cralir, Joshua 
Henssey, Bnoch Roberts, Solomon Kemble, John Harper, David Oum- 

17S8, Dec. 7. Bond of James Hancock, of City of Burlington, peruka 
maker, as administrator. William Petty and Job Lipplncott, yeomen, of 
same place, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 4, p. 161. 

1780^ April 6. Blamehard, Jolui* of Bliiabeth Town, Essex Co. Ad- 
ministration granted to John Blanchard, of Essex Co. Jos. Meeker, 
Jun'r, Wm. Robison and Andrew Joline fellow bondsmen. 

Lib. B, p. 168. 

1780, April 29. Inventory of personal estate (£782.10.06) includes 
bonds due from Alexander Scot, Peter Eastman, John Hayward, Samuel 
Whitehead, Jacob Piat, John Lambert, Samuel Wheten, Amos Goodln, 
John Morehouse, Samuel Day, Benjamin Ogden, Cosine Andris, Michael 
Stutter, James and William Cole, Jeremiah Osboum, Jeremiah Osboume, 
Jun'r, Jonathan Gilbert, Richard Hall, Daniel Ooble, Joseph Tharp, Joseph 
Codington, Thomas More, Mathew Connet, Henry Connet, Joseph Jen- 
nings, John Carter, Job Pack,, William Watson, Hendrick DeCamp, James 
Doughty, Oeorge Pack, Erasmus Allton, William Robinson, Isaac White- 
bead, Silas Pearce, Thomas Hampton. Roberd Lardner, Conradus Winalns, 
John Winalns, George Gibbs, Daniel Goble, Jun'r, Roberd Goble, Nicolas 
Classen, William Winalns, Jun'r, Noah Bishop, Thomas Pope, Thomas 
'Gearing, William Allton, James Bishop, Amos Roberds, Joseph Rogers, 
Joseph Grummond, Henry Jaquish. Thomas Force, Samuel Littel, James 
Clarkson, Nath'll Stllwill, John Tremble, James Cole, Jun'r, Andrew 
Chrelgh, Jun'r, Jonathan Gilbert, Joseph Gray, John Wilkinson. Thomas 
Bates, Thomas Rogers, William Baremore, Isaac Price. Abram Shotwell, 
Widow Hall, William Cole. Jun'r. John Chrelgh, Amos Goodin. Gershom 
iTrasee. Thomas Clark, James Stone, Benjamin Gray, William Stray- 
beam, John Rsmo. Jun'r, Francis More, Samuel Mils, Jeremiah Stllwill, 
William Robinson. James Rigs. Ephralm Sale, Jeffery Jones, John King, 
John Frasee, Thomas Bulsson, John Winalns, Jun'r, David Stuerd. Roberd 
Howell, Daniel Terrel, John Darby, Ephraim Terrel, John Tucker, Ephraim 
Frasee. Joseph Bird. Josiah Terrel. Joseph Ludlimi, Isaac Frasee, Mar- 
garet Rolph, David Powell, John Chanders, Caleb Woodruff, Elnathan 
BoUy, Peter Elstone. Jim'r. John Hayward. John Rolph, Miles Williams, 
Jacob Earle, John Rayman. Joseph Coddington, Roberd Morse, Joseph 
%>encer, John Eastwood. Gershom More. Eliphalet Frasee. Jonathan 
Marsh. Richard Pangbum, Stephen Osboum, John Jennings. Widow Win- 
alns, William Darby, John Allstone, Roberd Pool, James White, Danlsl 
Marsh. Benja. Shelly. Jasper Totten. John Robinson. Mathlas Swem, 
Benja. Darby, Adam Lee, Jonathan Freeman, John Oliver, John Stray- 
heame, Sam'll Norrls. Jeremiah Osboum, William Dyer, Samuel Wheatlng. 
Joseph Williams. Joseph Shotwell, James Frasee, Margaret Frasee; also 
silver made by Robert Ogden and James Hamton. 

1747, Ju»e 90. Blamchard* John, ES«4„ of Elisabeth Town, Essex 
Co.; will of. Wife, Mary, sole legatee. Real and personal estate. 
Executors — Wife, Mary, and brother-in-law, John Halstead Esq. Wit- 
nesses — Wm. Chetwood, W, Stebs, Geo. Emott. Proved May 4, 1748. 

Lib. E, p. 188. 

1747, Oct. SO. Jonathan Hampton makes complaint that Mary Blanch* 
«rd and John Halstead, executors of above will, refuse to bring the sams^ 

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to the Prerogative oflSoe; they are therefore cited to appear at the 
flecretanr of State's Office at Perth Amboy, March 2Ut, next, to bring 
the wiU and have it duly proved. Lib. E. p. 101. 

1748. March 19. Executors decline to act and desire that the adminis- 
tration be granted to Jonathan Hampton, principal creditor. 

1748, May 4. Bond of Jonathan Hampton, of Elizabeth borough, yeo- 
i as administrator. Ellis Crisy, fellow bondsman. 

1745, May !•• Blaacluurd* PhiUp* of Allaways Creek, Salem Co., 
yeoman; will of. To sister, Elisabeth, wife of Joseph Ware, my 
plantation (160 acres) at Alaways Creek, she paying £10 each to Jere- 
miah Powers children: John, Elisabeth and Mary Powel, when they 
will be 21, or at marriage. Executors — ^Brothers-in-law, Joseph Ware 
and Jeremiah PowelL Witnesses — Joseph Ware, Andrew Gardiner. 
I>an*l Mestayer. Proved 20 May, 174S. Lib. 4. p. 262. 

1748, Sept. ». Bloomfleld, BwUel, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co.; 
will of. Wife, Margaret. Nephew, Esekiel Bloomfleld, 10 acres in 
Essex and Middlesex Counties, joining Edward Frazee's land, he to 
pay his brothers, Ebeneser and Jeremiah Bloomfleld, and sisters, Han- 
nah, wife of Jonathan Wright, and Ursula, their legacies. Brothers — 
Timothy, Joseph and Benjamin. Sister, Mary, wife of Obadiah Ayers. 
■Sister-in-law — ^Eunice, wife of Joseph Bloomfleld, my brother. 
Mary, wife of James Wilkinson. Mary and Catharine, daughters 
•of my brother, Jeremiah, deceased. Executors — Wife, Margaret, and 
brother, Timothy Bloomfleld. Witnesses — William Burnet, ^Tho's 
Skinner, Tho's Bartow. Proved Feb. 11, 1748. Lib. E, p. 261. 

174A, N«v. 18. Bloomfleld* Jeremiah, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., 
farmer. Sarah Bloomfleld, the widow, renounces her right of ad- 
ministration in favor of Richard Bloomfleld, principal creditor. Wit- 
nesses — ^Jonathon Thickston, Benjamin Allword. Sam'll Preston. 

1746, Dec 6. Bond of Richard Bloomfleld, of Woodbridge, as adminis* 
trator. Samuel Martin, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. D. p. 441. 

1746, Dec. 10. Inventory of personal estate. £81.00.11. includes cash 
received from Sarah, widow of Samuel Martin; made by Samuel Preston 
sind Benjamin Allword. both of Middlesex Co. 

1744-6* Jan. 99. Board, Comelliiji, of Bergen Co.. yeoman; will of. 
Trustees to sell lands in Essex and Morris, purchased of Wm. Dav- 
enport, and all land "above the small tract that I formerly sold to the 
Oggdins, called the *Falls in the County of Bergen.' " Wife, Eliza- 
beth. Eldest son, James, and his heirs, the home-plantation at Ring- 
wood, on the west side of Long Pond River; likewise small tract 
lying between said place and Philip Pico, on east side of said River. 
Son, David, and his heirs, that part of my plantation In the Fork of 
the Long Pond River and the eastermost part of the Iron Works, or 
Furnace River. Son, Joseph, and his heirs. Daughters— Elizabeth, 
Bhusanah, Sarah and Martha. Executor — son, Joseph. Trustees — 
Jonathan Davis and Joseph Bartram. Witnesses — ^Robert Sturgeon, 
Joseph Bartram, Qerrit FitzgarriL Proved 16 Sept., 1747. 

Lib. E, p. 97. 

1747, Oct. 1. Administration granted to James Board, eldest son, as 
Joseph Board, Executor named, was 10 years old and ESlizabeth. the 
widow, had renounced her right. Fellow bondsmen — Joseph Bartram. 
<of Rlngwood. Jonathan Davis, of Newark, Essex Co. Witnesses— David 
Ogden. Usal Ogden. Lib. E, p. 100. 

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1747. Sept. 27, (filed 11 Dea 1760). Inventory of peraonal eirtat* 
(£6S8.4.9), includes sword, £1, 2 neflrroes, £100, wheat, notes, bonds, and 
book debts as foUows: John Phillips. Zacharia Baldwin. Caleb Ward, 
Ellsha Kent. Nathaniel Cosrswell. Ebinesar Kilbum. John Baldwin. Mary 
Howel. Adam Dickason, John Cambel, Christopher Frampton, Samuel Sal- 
ter, Nathaniel Calkin. Martha Potts, Josiah Baldwin, James Chadwlok, 
Daniel Dod, Stephen Coartland. Richard Day, David Michal, Oeorse 
Ryason, Jr.. Caleb Person, John Bruin, Joseph Bruin, George Rsrason, Sr.. 
Mathew Scain, Paul Lenard. Archibel Olandining, Robert Arvin. John 
Howil, Wm. Hains, Josiah Church, Robert Dummin, Jacob Mead. Samuel 
Johnson. John Johnson. Thoa Johnson. Jesse Ford, Coonrod Lions. Abra- 
ham Mowris. Joseph Hogan. Wm. Taylor, Domini Comili. Owin Rabliii* 
David Johnson. Samll. Catham. John Richards. Jacob Wess. Oliver Had- 
den. John Hill. Jacob Pitsort, Thos Day. Appraisers — Joseph Bartram, 
Jacob Insoes (?), David Ogden, Jr. 

1787* May 4. Boartom» Joseph* of Town and Co. of Burlington, 
farmer; will of. Children — ^Mary, Sarah. John and Rachel all under 
age. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife, and John Wright In 
Carrostoga. Witnesses — Anthony Baker. Mary Baker, John Craiff- 
Proved Oct. 8. 1787. Lib. 4, p. 118. 

1737. 80th day, 6th mo. (July). Inventory of personal estate, £168.8 ; 
made by Thoa Scattergood and John Craige. 

1787. Oct. 8. Sarah Spencer, late Sarah Borton. administratrix (In 
absence of John Wright) affirms to above inventory. 

1747-8, Feb. 28. Bodlne, Jacob, Jiia*r, of Hunterdon Co. Inventory 
(£118.7.9). includes 106 bushels of wheat. Appraisers — John Hander- 
shot. Jacob Shipman. 

1748, May 28. Bond of Catherine Bodine, widow, administratrix ; John 
Bodine and Nicholas Shipman, fellow bondsmen. 

1748-9, Feb. 22. Inventory. £118.7.9. 

1748. Aug. 11. Account Clash paid John Haneshot. Johannes Sharp, 
John Budd. John Haman. "The deceased dyed posesed of a tract of land 
of one hundred eighty-three acres held by Lease from John Budd. EJsq. and 
Sarah, his wife, for the term of ninety-seven years, to comence from the 
first Day of November in the year of 1746 at the yearly rent of three 
Spanish pistoles and a half and four shillings and Seven pence curant 
money of America." (Signed). Cathrin Bodine. Admx. Witnessed by 
Brice Riky. 

1764. April 8. "Jacob Bodine's Inv. of Huntn. or Morris" ( £66.8.8. >, 
signed John Hendershot, Jacob Shipman, Roelof Roelofson. Same day, 
account of cash paid to Michael Hilabrant, Roelof Roelofson, Andrios B[il- 
lian, John Haneshot, Johanes Sharp, John Budd, John Haman. Freder- 
ick Shipman. Burbra Chirts. Peter Cramer. Michael Deller. Thos. Neal, 
Andrios A. Mark. Cornelius Bodine. Peter Van Nest, Dortier (Doctor 7 > 
Spitsor, Frederick Shipman. Brice Riky, Abram Dewit, John Evans, John 
Vandewater. John Riky. Sarah Budd. Danl. Vanwagener. Wm. Wlnn^ 
John Hendershot 

1764, Jime 18. Settlement of personal estate of Jacob and Nicholas 
(children of Jacob Bodine, Jr., late of Lebanon, deceased), wards of 
CJomelius Bodine. Hunterdon Co. All accounts relating to the estate came 
into the hands of Rullif Rolefson, Morris 0>. by his marnrlng Cathem, 
late widow of the above said Jacob Bodine. deceased. Witnesses— Brice 
Riky, R. Smith. Morris Wills, 21 N, 208 3, 

Digitized by 



um, W^h. Si. Bo«lM» J«kii, of Bssez Co.; will of. Wife. Margaret. 
Sister, Elisabeth. Real and personal estate. Executor — ^brother Abra- 
ham Bodine. Witnesses— Oeertje Krom« Jeremiah Douty (Doaty), 
TennU Mldda^h. Proved June 26. 1741. Lib. C. P. 424. 

17<i7» April •. Bodlme, John, of Rariton Landing, Middlesex Co., 
trader. Bond of Peter Bodine, his father, as administrator. William 
Williamson and George Vroom fellow bondsmen. Witnesses — John 
Deare, John Vroom. Lib. E, p. 24. 

171B* May 14. Boels* Thosias* of Freehold, yeoman; will of. Be- 
queaths £40 to overseers of poor of "Lower Freehold or Topenamus," 
"the Interest to imploy in the learning of poor children to read, for- 
erer.** Sister, Dorcas Bradford, and her husband, Andrew Bradford. 
Sister Sarah's eldest sons. Brother-in-law, Robert Ellis, if living. 
Sister Priscilla's son, Robert Ellis. Sister Sarah Nixon's son; if he 
dies, one-third to go to the instructing of children in doctrine of the 
Church of England of which the minister for Topanames and church 
wardens to be trusteea Executors — sisters, Dorcas Bradford and Sarah 
Nixon, and brother-in-law, Robert Ellis. Witnesses — Andrew Craw- 
ford, James Wilson and Margraret Robinson. Proved October 16, 1786. 

Lib. C, p. 86. 

1786, Oct. 17. Inventory of estate, £2117.18. 1^, includes 64 bound 
books, seven negroes, and "a sickly Indian girl 12 years old called Tuk- 
koho." Made by John Reid, Qideon and Andrew Crawford. 

t74t^ Oct. 6. BoBMeU Joseph* of Borough of Elisabeth, Essex Co., 
yeoman; will of. "Being advanced in years." Wife, Martha. Chil- 
dren — David, Joseph, Phebe (wife of Noadlah Potter), Keslah (wife 
of Ebenexer Sturgis) and Martha (wife of John Dickinson). Daugh- 
ters of son Nathaniel, deceased, vis.. Temperance, Joana, Mary, Nancy, 
Phebe, all under age. Daughter-in-law, Martha, wife of Benjamin 
Lyon. Brother, Benjamin Bonnel, to have a weavers loom. Lands 
joining lands of Thomas Baker, David Bonnel, Henry Pierson and 
Samuel Headley. Executors — sons-in-law, Noadlah Potter, Ebeneser 
Sturgis, and son David. Witnesses — Benjamin Lyon, John Clark, 
David Tallon, John Wade 8rd, Samuel Lunn, Ebeneser Sturgis, Jun'r. 
Proved March 22, 1747-8. Lib. E, p. 164. 

1747-8, March 17. Inventory of personal estate. £808.19.06; made by 
Timothy Whitehead and John Potter. 

17M» Juae 19, Boaael, Nathaalel* of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co., 
carpenter; will of. Children — ^Abigall Norris, Sarah Thompson, Mary 
Chanler, Nathaniel, Isaac and James. Three children of daughter, 
Hannah Broadwell deceased; names not given. Land joining lands 
of John Crane, John Clark, deceased, William Broadwell, William 
Jones; 140 acres by Scotch Plains, joining lands of Richard Beech and 
John Shadwell. Executors — wife, Mary, and son, NathanieL Wit- 
nesses — Jeremiah Mulford, William Jones, Benj'n Bonnel. Proved 
Sept. 18, 1786. Lib. C, p. 141. 

1786, Sept. 20. Inventory of personal estate, £80.16.02; made by John 
Megle and Elijah Davis. 

17dB» April !•. BMueU HathaaleU of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co. 
Bond of Joseph Bonnel, Esq., father, as administrator. John Crane, 
Esq., fellow bondsman. Lib. D, p. 268. 

Digitized by 



1746, April 2. Inventory of personal eirtate, £210.16.10%; made by 
BeoJamin Bonnel and John Tooker. 

[178S]. Boon, Peter (Salem Co.» but no place or date named). "I 
give to my son, Peter Boon, 160 acres out of the 1000 in the Bout» 
2 pra of silver buttons, one bed, one iron pot, one Gunn, to be kept 
until he comes of a^e; the rest of the estate except one brown heifer 
I give to my mother Catherin Savoy. All the rest of the moveables to 
be at the discretion of my dear brother and executor, Andrew Boon, 
and he shall have the whole estate in case of the death of my son 
Peter." Witnesses— Henry Wallas, John Savoy. Proved 27 July, 
1728, before surrogate of Salem County. Lib. 2, p. 272. 

1722, May 12. Inventory (£60.18.0) of Peter Bown (Boon) ; made by 
Henry Wallas, Canneales C^annealson (0>meliu8 Comelison). 

1748-0, Jan. 7. Boom, Peter, of Penn's Neck, Salem County; will of. 
Executors — Cornelius Corneliuson and Jacob Pedrick. "They shall 
have my ^un and the rents of my plantation whereon Charles Cona- 
way lives, during six years from the time he was to pay rent." "I 
irive to Cornelius Corneliuson my oxen, which were a legacy from 
my arrand-father, Cornelius Corneliuson by his wllL" Witnesses — 
Thos. Carney, Michael Miller, Samuel Whitehorne. Proved 6 April, 
1749. Lib. 6, p. 264 (duplicate pa^es in this VoL) 

1749, Apr. 2. Renunciation by Jacob Pedrick as executor. Dated at 
Penn's Neck. 

1749. April 6. Inventory (£16.14.6.) includes pr. of oxen £7. Ap- 
praisers — ^Thos. CSamey, Samuel Whitehorne. 

17S0-4(^ Feb. 97. Booao, Andrew, of Township of Penns Neck, 
Salem Co.; will of. *'Two eldest sons: Peter and Andrew Boone to 
have equally my Lowest Plantation; that part next the river, where 
my old House is, I arive to Peter, the other to Andrew." "My two 
younarest sons: Tobias and Cornelius Boon, to have equally the land 
I bouffht of Penn." "My sons Peter and Andrew shall pay to my 
brother Peter's son his due according to my brother Peter's wilL'* 
Wife (not named) and daughter. Garter Boone. Executors — Wife, 
and Dobson Wheeler. Witnesses — John Savoy, Abigail Thackra, 
James Butterth worth. Affirmed 4 June, 1740. Lietters testamentary 
granted to EUena Boon, Bxecutrix. Lib. 4, p. 229. 

1740, April 1. Inventory (£176.6.7 H) includes "his armor and apparel, 
linen and woolen yam. loom and tackling, worsted stuff and yam, swine, 
cows with calves, ewes and lambs, % of siene canoe," etc Oedita: 
bonds, etc., of Martin Mink, Robert Jones, Thomas Tackery, Michael 
Likam. Appraisers — ^Tim. Rain, Tho. Miles. 

1748-0, Jam. 24. Bootk, James, of Hopewell Township, Cumberland 
Co., weaver; will of. Sisters — Issable Booth, Agrnes McClonff, Esther 
McMunrall, Margaret Wood and Elisabeth Nealy. Cousin — John 
Nealy (not 20), son of Joseph Nealy. Executors — Josiah Parvin and 
Joseph Peck. Witnesses — Samuel Moore, James Johnson, Peter Lonir* 
Proved 2 February, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 269. 

1748-9, Jan. 21. Inventory of personal estate (£216.14.6) includes 
sword, g:un and powder, and bonds in Judgment upon John Findley, James 
Robinson and Aron Ayars. Appraisers — Saml. Moore, Charles Clark. 

1780-1, Jam. 96. Bortfea, James^ of Freehold Township, Monmouth 

Digitized by 



Oo^ yeoman. Joseph Burcham writes to Samuel Bustill to prove the 
will of James Borden; Joseph Burcham beinff Indebted, "unto my 
mother-in-law, Mary Borden." 

17S0-1, Feb. 17. Robert Laurence and James Lowrle, executors named 
in abore will, renounce their riffht Addressed to Samuel Bustill, Bsqulre, 
at Burlington. (Letters of administration with the will annexed were 
granted to the widow, Mary Borden, a Quaker, February S8, 17S0-1. For 
wm. see preceding volume of Wills, Archives XXIII. p. 46.) 

Monmouth Wills. S16-80 M. 

1747* 8«pt. 8. Bordea* John, of Bridgetown, Burlington Co., car- 
penter; will of. Bstate, real and personal, to brother-in-law, Joseph 
Lewis. Executor — ^Uncle Henry Mitchell. Witnesses— Joseph Mul- 
len, Alex. Robinson, Jno. Duncan, John Mullen. Proved Oct. 84, 1747. 

Lib. 6, p. 870. 

1748, Smme 19. Borden, Richard, of Middletown, mariner. Esther 
Borden, widow, renounces riffht of administration, in favor of John 
Stlllwell, of same place, one of principal creditors. Witnessed by 
Edward Burro wes. Lib. E, p. 196. 

1748, June 82. Bond of John Stlllwell, administrator. Edward Bur- 
rowes. fellow bondsman. 

1748, June 24. Inventory of estate (£104.18.8), ind. bonds and debts 
due from John Morford, Johannes Tice. Richard Brittain. John Hance, 
Jacob Billyou. James PlUyan. Peter Barker, John Allen. Matthias Mount, 
Ssmuel Bowne, John Layton, Jonathan Holmes and estate of Henry Til- 
ton, deceased. Made by Thomas Morford, Esquire. Thomas Mount and 
Ssmuel Tllton, yeoman. 

1749, June 80. Account of estate mentions Philip Kearney, Esquire, 
attorney; James Johnston; Thomas More of New York; John Porter; 
John Williams. 

ITSr, May 4. Bortoa, Joseph, of City of Burlinirton, farmer; will of. 
Wife. Sarah, (^ildren (all under a^e) — Hannah, Mary, Sarah. John, 
RacheL Executors — wife and John Wright. Witnesses — Anthony 
Baker, Mary Baker, John CTraiff. Proved Oct. 8, 1787. 

1787, July 80. Inventory, £168.8.0; made by Thomas Scattergood and 
John CraiiT. "Sarah Spencer, late Sarah Borton. executrix." 

Burlin^on Wills. 2991-4C. 

irss-e, Jaa. 90. Boekerk, Peter, of Bergen Co., ffent. ; will of Wife, 
Tryntje, all real and personal estate during life and after her decease, 
as follows: The tract of land (600 acres) at New Hackinsack, at 
present in occupation of sons Lawrence and Johanea To son Law- 
rence, the northeastern half (800 acres), bounded on Peter Demarie, 
S.E. by Teneck's Path and "land sold by me to my son Johannes," S. 
W. by Jacob VanBoskerk, N.W by the Road. Son, Johanes, the south- 
eastern part of above mentioned 600 acres, bounded SW by Benjamin 
VanBoskerk, N. W. by Teneck's Path, N.E. by David DeMarle, SS2. 
by Overpeck's Creek. Son, Andries, land and salt meadow (60 acres), 
**part of the estate whereon I now live" with a direct course to the 
Bay, S.EL to the Kill Van Kull, with the mills thereon. Son, Jacobus, 
rest of home plantation in Bergen County. Daughters — Jannetje 
(wife of Cornells Corsen), Willemtje (wife of Abraham Shot well), 
Antje (wife of Peter TrameUe). Rachel (wife of William Daniel). 
Executors — son, Andries, and son-in-law, Cornells Corsen. Witnesses 
-Nicholas Veffhte, Denis VanTuyl, Abraham VanTuyl. 

. J^uiuary 21. (}odicU, wherein changes are made in the distri- 
bution of personal estate, which includes slaves. Susan, Dian, Jenny, 

Digitized by 



Kuff. Samft wltneases. Proved 8 Sept 17S8. Lib. C, p. 808. 

17S8, Oct 10. InventoiT of penonal estate (£648.07.10), Inoludee bonds 
of sons and aons-ln-law (named In will) ; also bond of <^ib Jeffers, 
mortgage from John Rolph, etc Made by Hendrlck Kroegen and Denis 
Van TuyL 

17SI^1» SSrd €mj» 11 mo. (Feb.). Bowlsby (Ilowlsb7')»Tho■uu^ now of 

Burlington Co., yeoman; will of. ''Whereas in Oct 1787 there was sur- 
veyed unto me in Hunterdon Co. 1650 acres of land, 600 of which 
I sold to Abraham Hulings of Burlington, Esq. I now order the re- 
mainder to be sold to pay my debts." Son, Thomas, now in old Eng- 
land, land on branch of Rairington (Rarltan) River in Hunterdon Co. 
Son, Oeorge, land lying between Whipeney Town and Mary Bullis. 
Son, John, to have his full quantity of my land. Father-in-law, Sam'll 
Barker, in his will gave land to my children — ^Elisabeth, BCartha, Jane 
and Richard — 200 acres in West Jersey. Executors — Son, John, and 
friend, Abraham Hulings, Esq. Witnesses — Jno. Allen, Sam'l Bickley, 
Thos. Scattergood, Sam'l Scattergood, Nathaniel Wilklson. Proved 
March 18, 17S0. Lib. 8, p. 181. 

17S0-1, March 17. Inventory of personal estate, £82.8.6 ; made by James 
BUlyeld. Nathaniel Wilklson and Titan Leeds. 

1740-1» Feb. 96. Boslton* 8anUl» of Mansfield, Burlington CU>., 
widow; will of. Children — Isaac, Edward and Sarah Slders (Bid- 
ders). Qrandaughters— Sarah and Rachel Cowgall and Sarah Bid- 
ders. Real and personal estate. Executor — son, Isaac. Witnesses — 
James Craft, Jun., Judy Adams, Thomas Scattergood, Jun. Proved 
Dec. 16, 1744. Lib. 6, p. 88. 

17S1» Sept. 27. Bomrmt (Bum), Patriek, of Haddonfield, Gloucester 
Co., laborer. Int Admr., Thomas Teweywebb, of County aforesaid. 
John Hinchman, bondsman. Witnesses — Edwd. R. Price, SamL Har- 

1781-2, Jan. 8. Inventory, £18.08.11. Appraisers — Jno. Hinchman, 
Joseph (^lllna Gloucester Wills, 188 H. 

1748* ^— . Bowes* Isaac, of Fairfield Precinct, Cumberland 

Co.; will of. Wife, Phebe, to have benefit of all lands and marsh 
(cedar swamp excepted), until sons Clephon and Isaac will be 21. 
Daughters — Phebe, Esther, Susannah. Executors — wife, Phebe, and 
David Westcott Witnesses — Thomas Bateman, Abraham Sayres, Job 
Bateman. Proved 2 Sept., 1748. 

1748, Aug. 29. Inventory of personal estate (£86.6). Appraisers — 
Ephraim Daton (his mark), Jehiel Wheeler. Lib. 6, p. 604. 

1747, Get. IX Bowes, Jobs, of Cohansey, Salem Co., yeoman; will 
of. Sons, Joseph and Samuel Bowen, to have equally land in Cohan- 
sey Joining Esqr. Brick. Other sons — Isaac, John and James Bowen. 
Daughters — ^Lidya, Joana, Abigail, Hannah. Son, William Bowen, to 
have plantation I live on, also marsh Joining Cohansey Creek, between 
the marsh of Samuel Harris and Nicolas Johnson; also 26 acres of 
marsh upon Stoe Creek, bought of Horner; also cedar-swamp, (IH 
acres) in Broad Neck, known as Green Swamp, Joining swamp of 
Samuel Brown, deceased; also right in dry swamp Joining the same. 
Executors — ^wife, Rachel, and son-in-law, Neihemia Hoggbon. Wit- 
nesses — Noah Wheaten John Swlnney, Jr., Job Shepherd, Jr. ProVed 
80 Nov., 1747. Lib. 6, p. 894. 

Digitized by 



1747, Nov. 84. Inventory, £123.08.08. AppralMr«-^ohn Remonten 
<R«niincrton), Job Shepherd, Jr. 

1735* April 18. Bowes, Rlcbard, of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Admr., 
Mary Bowen (widow). Bondsman, William Wright, of County afore- 
said. Witness— Bdw'rd R. Price. Lib. 4, p. 18. 

1785, Feb. 28. Inventory, £16. Appraisers — ^Wm. Wright, Bdwd. Han- 

174X Fel^ lOu Bowen, Saaiaelt of Cohansey, Salem Co. Int. Admr., 
Hartha Bowen (relict). Bondsmen — Seth Bowen and Stephen Bowen, 
all of Cohansey. Witness — Chas. O NeilL Lib. 4, p. 879. 

1742-8, Feb. 12. Inventory (£87.11.8) includes cattle, horses, sheep, 
srain. Appraisers — Job Shepherd, Jr., John Rementon (Remington). 

IT'IB, Sept. 8rd a»d ITtb. Bowler (Boiler), Garrat, Jvalor, aad 
Aana klo wife. Inventory of personal estate (£22.16.08), includes 
carpenters' tools and debts due from Thomas Qale, Henry Bennett, 
William Brittan, Richard Rooe, Moses Lamburt, Joshua Hornor, Fran- 
cis Williams and Josiah Howard. Made by Josiah Steward and Joshua 
Homer. Lanslot Lambert, administrator. Sworn Sept. 21, 1745. 
(Administration not found). Monmouth Wills, 1199-1204M. 

1747-8, March 18. Bowae, Jaaies, of Middletown, yeoman; will of. 
Eldest daughter, Rachel Bowne. Second daughter, Sarah Bowne. 
Third daughter, Anna Bowne. Fourth daughter, Leah Bowne. Only 
son, Philip Bowne. Other daughters — Huldah, Bdith and Margaret 
Bowne. To brother, Obadiah Bowne, land at Barnegat, inherited from 
testator's father, Jaihes Bowne. Executors — friend James Mott, 
brother Barsillai Newbold, and daughter Rachel Bowne. Witnesses 
— ^Thomas Cooper, Mathlas Johnson, Patrick Foy, Samuel Bowne, Jr. 
Proved ApHl 2, 1750. Lib. E, p. 877. 

1760, March 81. Inventory of estate left in (^unty of Burlington, 
£87,6.8 ; made by Thomas Black and Benjamin Shreve. 

1750, April 4. Inventory of estate, £715.12.9 ; made by John Ck>oper and 
Edward Taylor. 

1788, Jam. 18. Bowae, NeheBtlah, of Shrewsbury, yeoman; will of. 
Wife, I>eborah. Brothers — Peter Bowne, Andrew and Daniel Bray. 
Daughter — ^Mary Fisher, under 18 years. Executors— friends Thomas 
Tilton and Walter Herbert (Harbour). Witnesses— John Herring, 
Coast Miars, Sarah Worth. Proved February 16, 1786. Lib. C, p. 148. 

, ^. Inventory of estate of £116.14.0, includes cash received 

from Benjamin Keney; made by Henry Herbert and William Lawrence. 
FUed June 18, 1787. 

1788, April S8. Bowne, Obadlak, gentleman, of Monmouth Co. In- 
ventory of personal estate £577.4.0), appraised by Gtorsham Mott, 
Andrew Wilson and Samuel Ogborn, includes articles "in the Weaver's 
Shop." Among items — ^Five Pictures, "Oyl Colours;" a carbine and 
two pair of pistols; 24 grown cattle; 20 young cattle; yoke of oxen; 
100 sheep; 16 horses; Bible and Large Concordance; Heylin's Cosmo- 
graphy; History Council of Trent; Second and Third Institutes; ten 
negros; two old wiggs. (For will of Obadiah Bowne, see previous 
volume of Wills, Archives XXIII, page 54). 

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lT4ab Jmmt 98. Boyee (Bolee), J«eok, of Piscataway* Middlesex Co., 
yeoman. Bond of Nelltie Boyce, widow, of Somerset Co., as ad- 
ministratrix. Thomas Bowman, of Hunterdon Co., yeoman, fellow 
bondsman. Witness— James Smyth. Lib. C, p. S48. 

ir-iT, Nov. 7. Boyee (Botee)» Mary» of Middlesex Co. "Whereas 
Jeremiah jField and said Mary, his daughter, then Mary Rappleyea, 
administrators on estate of Qeor^e Rappleyea, late husband of said 
Mary, held bonds ffiven by Jacob Boyee for debts due estate; and 
whereas said Mary later intermarried with one Jacob Boice, and said. 
Jeremiah Field and said Mary Boyee have since deceased;" Jeremiah 
Field, eldest son of said Jeremiah, requires citation of said Jacob 
Boice to renounce right of administration on the estate of his wife. 
Witness — Isaac Dye. 

1747, Nov. 18. Jeremiah Field, of Middlesex Co., granted administra* 
tion on estate of his sister, Mary Boice. Benjamin Field, fellow bonds- 
man. Lib. B, p. 102» 

irao, Nov. 7. Boyer* Artknr, of Alio ways Creek, Salem Co., sadler; 
will of. Sisters— Mary (wife of William Smith), Elizabeth (wife or 
Hugh Clifton), and Martha (wife of Gkibriel Wood), to have H 
acres of land apiece in the town of Salem between John Surages and. 
Peter Turner. Personal estate and rest of real estate to sisters. 
Mary Smith and Martha Wood. Executor — brother, William Smith. 
Witnesses — Ebeneser Eglington, Thos. Mitchell, Alexr. Simpson. 
Sworn and affirmed, 22 Dec, 17S1. Lib. S, p. 209. 

Inventory (£58.16.6.) includes saddler tools and some curried leather.. 
Appraisers — ^William Hunt, Alexr. Simpson. 

1748, Oct. 17. Boylestoae, BenJaMla* of Morris Co. Int Admr.,. 
Richard Gardner, Junior, of Morris Co., yeoman. Bondsman — ^Rich- 
ard Fits Randolph, of Perth Amboy, carpenter. Witness — ^Thos. Bar- 
tow. Lib. E, p. 261. 

1748, Nov. 24. Inventory (£8.8.0), includes "tooth Drawers," 1 shill* 
ing. Appraisers — David M. Camly, Reuben Knape. 

, Account; pasrments to Patrick M. Cashlin, Burklo» 

Co., Lamuell Westbum, Richd Gardner, Nehemiah Rodgers, Elijah (^llins, 
Robt Turner, Patrick M. C^ushlin, Rubin Knap. David M. Camly. Henry 

1746, Nov. 18. Bmckiiey, Mattklas, of Chester, Burlington Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Sons — ^Matthias, John and Joseph, all under age. 
Daughters — Elizabeth Bevis and Hannah. Real and personal estate. 
Executors — wife, Frances, and son-in-law, Thomas Bevis. Witnesses 
— Sam'l Atkinson, Ruth Bispham, Joseph Bispham. Proved Sept. 18, 
1746. Lib. 6, p. 417. 

1746, 12th day, 4th mo. (June). Inventory of personal estate, £76.6.10 ^ 
made by Saml. Atkinson and Henry Warrinton. 

1746, Aug. 28. Account of Joseph Braclmey. executor of Frances Brack- 
ney of Chester, widow, which said Frances was executrix of Blatthias- 
Brackney, showing pasrments to Samuel Wickward, BenJ. Heritage, Wm. 
Sharp, Joshua Humphries. Henry Warrington, Samuel Atkinson, John 
Pare, Tho. Middleton, Joshua Bispham, Esq.. Solomon Eldridge, Matthias 

1780, Avffvst 11. Bradberry (Broadberry), JokB, Capt., of Ac- 

Digitized by 



qnacknonck, Essex Co., miller; will of. Wife , Son, Riohard, 

Und on Third River, joining lands of Cornelius Loberson, Bastian Van 
Oeassels. Daughters — Susanna and Blisabeth. Children of daughter, 
Mary Berry, deceased, vis., Mary and William. Elxecutors — son-in- 
law, John Ludlow, and friend, Samuel Rattan. Witnesses — Rachel 
Vrelandt, Margaret Vreelent, Franseeyntyie Vreelant. Proved Sept. 
7. 1742. Lib. C, p. 5S6. 

1742. Sept. 17. Samuel Rutan. yeoman, declines to act as executor. 

1742. Ckst. 19. Inventory of personal estate, £1210.17.06; made by 
Joseph Johnson. Thomas Lon^worth and John Osrden, Jun'r. 

174T» Sept. 11. Bradford* 'WlUlaaK, of Cohansey, Salem Co., hus- 
bandman; will of. Wife, Mary. Daughter, Reymond Bradford, to 
have 26 acres (being survey at the head of Peter Long's swamp); 
also 5 acres of salt marsh in John Belleas's survey. Son-in-law, 
Benjamin Parvin, 25 acres (being H of a survey, joining John Ben- 
nits; also 25 acres "on the south side of my survey." Son, William, 
to have residue of real estate. (Children are minors). Executors — 
son, William Bradford, and son-in-law, Benjamin Parvin. Super- 
visor — Ensign David Ogden. Witnesses — Thomas Hase (Hays)» 
Bphraim Daten, Sn., Theophilus Elmer. Proved 25 March, 1749. 

1749, May 24. Letters Testamentary granted to Ebcecutors. 

Lib. 6. p. 114. 

1749, March 26. Inventory of personal estate, £86.1.4. Appraisers — 
Thomas Bateman, David Westcott, both of Fairfield precinct 

17S9* June 8. Bradway, Joha, of AUoways Creek Precinct, Salem 
County, cordwalner; will of. Son, John, when 21, to have 50 acres 
at head of Cohansie, bought of Daniel Davis and Arthur Davis. Wife, 
Mary. Daughter, Hannah. Children of brother, William Clark. Exe- 
cutrix — ^wife. Mary, with son, John, when he will be of age. Wit- 
nesses — William Weatherby, Simon Sparks, Thomas Sparks, Richard 
Sparks, Nathaniel Box. Proved 26 Aug., 1789. Lib. 4, p. 20S. 

1729, June 14. Inventory (£176.11.8) includes one sword, 18 sheep- 
skins and sole leather, calf skins in the hair, dry kids and leather in the 
tan vats, wheat and corn, etc. Appraisers — Jonathan Bradway, William 

1744» Jaay. 8. Bnidway, Joaathaa* of Allaways Creek, Salem Co., 
guardian. Ward, Bradway Casbey, orphan son of Edward Casbey, 
late of Salem, and of Elizabeth, his wife, also deceased. Witnesses — 
Ed. Rad Price, Jo. Scattergood. Lib. 6, p. 76. 

1748» Dec 7. Bradway, Jomhiu^ of Salem Co., miller. Int. Admr., 
Aaron Bradway, yeoman. Bondsman — William Ridley; both of said 
County. Lib. 6, p. 49. 

1748, Dec. 18. Inventory, £880.16.9. Appraisers — Samuel Wood, Thom- 
as Sayre. 

1730, Aag. SI. Bragg, Roger, of Salem Co., school-master. Int. 
Admr., Clement Hall, of Salem Town and County, merchant. Wit- 
nesses — ^Nathan Tarbell, Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 199. 

1789, 6 mo. (Aug.) 20 da. Inventory (£100.10.7.) includes "apparill and 
watch" £14.10.6. 159 pwt 10 gr. of gold a 6/6, £48.16.9, and "advance on 
laid gold, 8/ — a pound, £6.11.6.; debts of Richard Qranos, deed, and 
George CSolson. Appraisers — Benja. Acton, Daniel Brandreth, Ranier Van- 

Digitized by 




174B-S, Maveb S. BraA«foHU WllUam, of Hopewell. HunUrdon Co.; 
inventory of personal •state of» £70.15.S; mads by John Phillips and 
Osrnelius Anderson. 

1748, Mareh M. Bond of Frances Branford, as administrator. John 
Phillips and Cornelius Anderson, of Hopewell, sureties. Witnessed by 
Robert Laniny. 

1746-7, January 87. Account of Frances Brandford mentions: Bar- 
tholomew Anderson, William Peirson. Andrew Reed, Enoch Anderson, 
Thomas Burroughs, William Branson, of Philadelphia, EMlward Hunt, 
Oeorge Clifford, Frederick Vanoye, Elisabeth (or Blies'r) Moresan (or 
Morgan), Cornelius Anderson, Humphrey Hughs, John Philips, John Lee. 
Andrew Mershon, James Bigger. Samuel Lee, William Moore, James 
Adams, Jonathan Reed, Samuel Ketcham. Daniel Coxe. 

Hunterdon Wills. 

1744* Get. 11. Bmmse»n* Thostas* of Springfield, Burlington Co.; 
win of. Wife, Elisabeth. Children — ^Darid, Joseph, Jonathan, Lionell, 
William, John, and Sarah Owen. Grandchildren— children of Zach- 
ariah Robins and Mary his wife, and of William Rogers and Elisa- 
beth his wife. Qrandaughter, Abigail Rogers. Orandson, Thomas, 
son of John Branson, tract lying on **Shanandow river" In Virginia, 
**which I laid out to Thomas Alexander and one called 'Scotch Robin.' " 
Executors — sons, Thomas and John. Witnesses — James Antram, 
James Maclatche, John Osmond. Proved Nov. 21, 1744. 

Lib. 6, p. 60. 

1744, 8d sio. (May), as. Brant, Saiaaei, of borough of Elisabeth, 
Essex Co., blacksmith; will of. Son, David, lands bought of Jere- 
miah Bird and Richard Lambert. Son, Lues (minor), lands bought 
of Lues Winans and William Winans, Joining land of John Shotwell. 
Dtaughters — ^Hannah and Abigail Brant, both under age. Executors — 
wife, Susannah, brother, William Brant, and friend, Joseph Shotwell, 
of Rahway. Witnesses — Samuel Marsh, John Tooker, Josiah Winans. 
Proved Oct. 26, 1744. Lib. D, p. 189. 

1744, Oct. 25. Samuel Marsh, Quaker, affirmed to his signature, and 
Joseph Shotwell, Quaker, qualified as executor. 

1744, Nov. 8. Inventory of personal estate (£207.16), includes debts 
due from Andrew Bloomfleld, David Steward, Benjamin Peck, John Terrll, 
Richard Clark, Benjamin Moore, Richard Jones, Joseph Allton, Robert 
Pool. Isaac Winans. Thomas Sender, William Porter. Robert Morss, Jun'r, 
Joseph Morss, Jacob Thorn, Daniel Lain, Benoni Frase, Benjamin Kelsey, 
John Ilslie, John Tucker; made by Samuel Marsh and Ese. Bloomfleld. 

1745, May 2S. Braven, Newcomb, of Salem Co., mariner. Int. 
Admr., Hugh McAdam, principal creditor. Bondsman — William Maz- 
tteld. Both of Salem County, yeomen. Witnesses — Saml. Vanhist, 
Chas. O. Neill. Lib. 4, p. 871. 

1748. May 28. Renunciation. Mary Ann Braven, relict of Newcomb 
Braven, in favor of Hugh McAdam. 

174S, Sept. 17. Bmy, Mary, of Chester, Burlington Co. Administra- 
tion granted to Jonathan Thomas, of Waterford, Gloucester Co., yeo- 
man. John Doe, fellow bondsman. Lib. 4, p. 871. 

1748, Oct. f. Inventory of personal estate, £4.16.10 ; made by John 
Pimm and Ephraim (^xe. 

17S1, Aas. T. Bmyauui* Beajaila. of Qreenwloh, Gloucester Co., 
yeoman; will of. Son, Robert Brayman, plantation I live on, 8 acres 

Digitized by 



of upland or swamp bought of Samuel Vaniman on Clamell Creek; 
also rlffht to tract (100 acres), bounded south by land formerly 
Thomas Brishts, on the east of Great Mantle's Creek. Son, John 
Brayman. Son, Thomas Brayman, 50 acres upon Nahanslon Branch; 
also swamp on Great Mantle's Creek, between Fisher's land and land 
of Thomas Bright These sons to have carpenter tools. Daughter, 
Sarah Brayman, undivided 64th part of Proprietary Right in West 
Jersey. Grandson, Benjamin Brayman, 50 acres above Bphiram Bee's 
land, and 6 acres of swamp on Great Mantle's Creek, bounded on 
ThonuLS Brisrht's land. Grandson, Jonathan Brayman, rights that 
remain to lands and swamp on Great Mantle's Creek; also planta- 
tion fronting on lower side of Great Mantle's Creek, "which my son 
Benjamin Brayman, lately deceased, dwelt upon." Daughters, Mary 
Holden and Rebecca Ares. Son, Robert, to be guardian of grandsons 
Thomas Bee and Benjamin Holden until they are of age. Sole exe- 
cutor — son, Robert Brayman. Witnesses — A. Randall, David Venae- 
man, James Dickson. Proved 26 April, 1788. Lib. 8, p. 898. 
1788. Apr. 5. Inventory, £186.16.5 H. Appraisers— Andrew Long, A. 

1748, May M. Breaeh* Joha» of Newton Township, Gloucester Co., 
yeoman; will of. "To Mary Chambers £100." Brothers, Simon, Peter 
and Thomas Breach, to have rest of estate, real and personaL Bze- 
cutors — ^brothers Simon and Peter Breach. Witnesses — John Thorne, 
Isaac Alberson, Hesh. Williams. Proved June 21, 1748. Lib. 5, p. 516. 

1748, 4 mo. (June) 6 da. Inventory, £115.6.2. Appraisers— Robert 
Stephens. John Thome. 

1T81» 4 mo. (J«Be)» 16 da. Breach, Simoa, of Newton Township, 
Gloucester Co., yeoman; will of. Sons, John and Simon, to have 
800 acres below the Great Road that leads to Gloucester and Salem, 
divided between them when Simon will be 21. Personal divided be- 
tween wife, Mary, and four daughters Ann, Mary, Jane and Sarah, 
as they come to be 21. "If my wife be with, child and it is a son 
that lives, he and my son Peter shall have that land (76 acres), be- 
tween the said road and King's Run. If a daughter, then my son 
Peter shall pay her £20, when she comes to the age of 21 years." 
Executrix — ^wlfe, Mary. Witnesses — Rebekah Beverly, William Den- 
nis, John Kay. Proved 28 Sept., 1781. Lib. 8. p. 156. 

1731, Aug. 18. Inventory (£160.02.06). includes carpentry tools, negro, 
sheep, cattle. Appraisers — John Mickle. Abraham Alberson. 

1746» Dec. 2. Brearley» J<Meph, of Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co. In- 
ventory of personal estate, £198.4.1; made by Samuel Hunt and John 

1740-1. Jan. 19. Renunciation of Phebe Brearley, widow of Joseph 
Brearley of Maidenhead, in favor of Benjamin Brearley. brother of de- 
ceased, for the administration. Witnesses — Gregory (or George) Rosel 
and Alex: Biles. 

1740, Jan. 28. Bond of Benjamin Brearley, of Maidenhead, yeoman, as 
administrator. John Ely, of Trenton, yeoman, and John Allen of Trenton, 
sadler, sureties. Lib. 4, p. 266. 

17S1» Sept. 16. Brearley, Sarah, of Maidenhead, in West Jersey, 
widow, being very sick; will of. Cloathlng to Sarah Watson, Ruth 
Gumly and Ann Biles. Daughter, Sarah Watson. "I give and do 

Digitized by 



freely remit to David Brearley my thirds of the plantation up the 
River." Personal estate to children, vis: John Biles, Bllcksander 
Biles, John Brearley, David Brearley, Joseph Brearley, Benjamin 
Brearley, Sarah Watson and Ruth Oumly. Executor — John Brearley. 
Witnesses — ^Aaron Hews, Ashman Carpenter, Sarah Tear. Proved Oct. 
27, 1731. Lib. S, p. 161. 

17S1, Oct 2S. Inventory of personal estate, £149.7.1; including "an 
olde sorde." Made by John Anderson and Richard Stevens. 

1744* IStk day» 4tli mo. (Jose). Brian, BeBjaaitai* of Northampton. 
Burlington Co.; will of. Wife, Mary, sole executrix. Mary, dau. of 
John Clifton, bond due from s'd Clifton. Qrandchildren — Sarah and 
Mary, children of Wm. and Mary Stockton. Lands in Bridgetown, 
whereon Bdward Jennet now dwells; 100 acres in fork of Rancocus 
Creek; land adjoining Josiah White and Abraham Warrington; H 
share in saw mill. Witnesses — Nathaniel Cripps, Samuel Cripps, Johiv 
Osmond. Proved Feb. IS, 1747. Lib. 5, p. S99. 

1740, 2 mo. (April), 13 da. Brian, Daniel, of Newton, Gloucester Co., 
laborer; will of. Estate equally to Robert Stephen, John Stephen, 
Joseph Michell, Isaac Michell and Archable Michel, all of same place. 
Sole executor — Robert Stephen. Witnesses — Joseph Ellis, John Little- 
deaile. Jun., John Kaighin. Proved 20 Sept., 1749. Lib. 6, p. 271. 

1749, Sept 19. Inventory, £40.9.0. Appraisers — Joseph Ellis. John 

1743, 7tb day, 9th mo. (Nov.). Brian, Rebecea, widow and executrix 
of Thomas Brian of Northampton, Burlington Co., deceased; will of. 
Daughters — Elisabeth (wife of Daniel Haines); Rebecca (wife of John 
Hank), and her eldest dau., Hannah; Sarah, wife of John Fenimore, 
and Ann. Son, John, his daus., EUener and Ann. Grandchildren — 
Thomas, William, Uriah and Rebecca, children of son Abraham, de- 
ceased. Sheddock, eldest son of grandson Heron Brian. Sister, Sarah 
Dimsdall, deceased. Real and personal estate. Executors — son, John, 
and son-in-law, Daniel Haines. Witnesses — Will Petty, Isaac Han- 
cock. Thomas Scattergood. Proved April 21, 1747. Lib. 6, p. S18. 

1747, April 21. Inventory of personal estate, £459.11.6 ; made by James 
Lippincott and Peter Andrews. 

1741, Oct. 16. Brian, Samvel, of Northampton, Burlington Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Sons — Joseph and Jacob, both under age. Dau., Eliza- 
beth Hugh. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife, Elisabeth, 
and brother, Joseph Hulings. Witnesses — Peter Andrews, Rebecca 
White, Alles Moore, Martha Shinn. Tho. Shinn. Proved Feb. 6, 1741. 

Burlington Wills, 8817-22C. 
1741, Dec 19. Inventory of personal estate, £47 ; made by William 
Murrell and William Buddell. 

1734, 20th day, 8rd mo. (May). Brian, Thomas, of Northampton, 
Burlington Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Rebeckah, sole executrix. 
Children — Benjamin, Samuel, Abraham, Elizabeth (wife of Daniel 
Haines), Sarah (wife of John Fenimore), Rebeckah and Ann. Sarah, 
widow of my son Thomas Brian. 400 acres bought of Francis Col- 
lins. Witnesses — John Burr. Henry Burr, Ju'r, Robert Vlcary. Proved 
May 29. 1786. Lib. 4, p. 18. 

1736, May 28. Inventory of personal estate, £544.6.9 ; made by Sam- 
uel Woolman and John Burr. 

Digitized by 



1740W Oct. 27. Brl«at» Aadrew. of Borouffh of Blisab«th. Bssex Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Blisabeth. Children — John, Cornelius, Samuel, 
Andrew, and Mary Briant, all under a^e. Real and personal estate. 
Executors — friend, Charles Hole, schoolmaster, and brother, Simeon 
Bryant. Witnesses — Samuel Brooks, Daniel Pierson, Martha Post. 
Proyed Dec 2, 1749. Lib. B, p. 860. 

1740^ Mar. 96. Brice, Joha* of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Admr., An- 
anias Sayre. Bondsman — Thomas Wethman (Weithman), yeoman. 
Both of said County. Lib. 4, p. 226. 

1740. . — ^. Inventory, £28.7.0. Appraisers — ^Rich. Gibbon, Thos. 


1744, IStk d^ 9tb mo. (Not.). Brladley, Blisabeth, of Shrewsbury, 
Monmouth Co.; will of. Grandsons — Vincent and George White, 
minors, money due testatrix from Thomas Holms; if they die, to chil- 
dren of testatrix's son, Daniel Lippincott. Granddaughters — Blisa- 
beth. Andrea and Ann Lippincott, clothes, **which I had before I mar- 
ried William Brindley. Great bible to ffranddauffhter, Blisabeth. 
Bxecutors — cousins Joseph Corlies and Heseklah Williams. Wit- 
nessea— John Webley, Stephen Wardell, Sarah Williams. Proved 
June 7, 1748, when Joseph Corlies, executor, a Quaker, was affirmed; 
the other executor, Hesekiah Williams, *'not being in the said 
Province, as is said." Lib. B, p. 196. 

1748. June 18. Inventory of estate, £77.18.0 ; made by Webley Bdwards 
and Levi White. 

1745, Oct. lOu Brialey, 'WtlUam, Jaalor, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth 
Co. Renunciation of widow, Kesia Brinley, addressed to '*Mr. James 
Talman at his plantation," the chief creditor 

1748. Oct. 12. Bond of James Talman, of Shrewsbury, as administrator. 
Pontius Stelle, of Perth Amboy, fellow bondsman. Witnesses — Thomas 
and Basil Bartow. Lib. D, p. 91. 

1748, Oct. 15. Inventory of estate (£246.7.0), includes "Marrenors 
Books and Instrements," gun, negro man, share of a boat. Made by 
Isaac Hance and Thomas Lippincott 

1746, Oct. 5. Account of administrator mentions: Thomas Akins. Thom- 
as and Josiah Holms, Samuel, Thomas and Jacob Lippincott, John Mill, Wil- 
liam, Kesia, Thomas and John Brinley, Samuel Plntard. John, Sr., John, Jr., 
James and WUUam Ciirlli^ Webley Bdwards, David Rolong, Ehnanuel and 
William Wolley, Isaac and Thomas Hance, Walter Harbort, Thomas White, 
Josiah Holstead, John Sears, Judiah, John and Seth Allin, Benjamin Luis, 
Amos White, Jr., Martin, Peter and Isaac Vandike, Mary Burdin, Tim- 
othy Aikin, Bphraim Parson, Richard Rogers, Abraham White, Amos 
Chanler. Nathaniel Parlor, Doctor E«atton, Richard Fitsrandolph, Joseph 
Forman, Jacob Dennis, Stephen Cook, Doctor Harbour, Amos Chamber, 
Thomas Winrite, Sarah West, George Williams. Isaac Vicoroa 

174S-3v Marcb 19. Brlasoa (Braitsoa), Barefoot, of Somerset Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary, executrix. Oldest son, John. Bxecutor 
— ^Thomas Lawrence, Bsq., of Philadelphia. Witnesses — Jos. Stout, 
Tho. Leonard, Robert Rolfe. Proved IS May, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 472. 

X79X Jam. 5. Brtttea, Rlcbard* of Windsor, Middlesex Co. Bond 
of Samuel Rogers, of Allentown, Monmouth Co., gentleman, as ad- 

Digitized by 



ministrator. Isaac Stelle and John Row, of Allentown, ff«ntlemen, 
fellow bondsmen. Witnesses— Joseph KInnan and Mary Borden. 

Middlesex Wills. 6S81C 

1785, Aprtl 5. Brlttlm (Brittea), Daalell, 8en>r, of Woodbridffe, 
Middlesex Co.; will of. Son, Daniell, and his children, Nicholas and 
Elisabeth Britton. Sons, William and Benjamin, both under a^e. 
Daughters, Mary and Bllsabeth, at 18 years. Grandson, Daniel, son 
of John Moores. Daughter, Deliverance, and her children, vis., James, 
Sarah and Bllsabeth Moore. Land in Perth Amboy; lands bought of 
William Blstone, Moses Rolfe, Peter Codricke, Noah Bishop, John 
Jaquiss; land joining David Donham, Jun'r. Executors — wife, Elisa- 
beth, John Moores, and son, William Britton. Witnesses-— Charles 
Wrlffht, Benjamin Codington, David Donham, Jun'r. Proved April 
28, 1788. Lib. B, p. 400. 

1786, Dee. 11. Brtttoa (Brittalm), Damlel, of Perth Amboy. Middlesex 
Co. Bond of Apphia Brlttain his widow as administratrix. Moses 
Rolfe, Esq., fellow Bondsman. Lib. C, p. 186. 

1T4S, Dee. SI. Britton* ^eilllam, of Woodbrldffe, Middlesex Co., 
yeoman. Bond of Sarah Britton, his widow, and Samuel Moore, of 
Raway, as administrators. Edward Crowell, Esq., fellow bondsman. 

Lib. E, p. 282. 

1782, July 19. Broadwell, Rlckard, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co., 
yeoman; will of. Children — John, David, Lydia, Sarah, Rachel, and 
Margaret Broadwell. all under affe. Father-in-law. Nathaniel Bonell, 
and Samuel Chandler to take care of little daughters. Rachel and 
Margaret. "Plantation I purchased of Jonathan Allen on the north 
side of the great Island by Woodruffs Creek." Executors — son, John, 
and brother. William Broadwell. Witnesses — Charles Hole. Mary 
Broadwell. Arnall Jolly. Proved Sept. 2. 1782. Lib. B. p. 848. 

1782, Aug, 28. Inventory. £117.19.08. includes debts due from William 
Broadwell and John Baker; made by Samuel Potter and Jonathan Allen. 

1745, May 9. Broadwell, WtUtam, of Elisabeth Town. Essex Co.; 
will of. Wife, Jane, plantation at Connecticut Farms. Sons — Josiah, 
William and Henry, all under aere. Daughters — ^Mary Darlinsr, Su- 
sannah Day, Jane, Ann, and Hester Broadwell, last three under age. 
Saw mill on and near Pissaick River in Essex and Morris Counties; 
land in Morris Co.; land in Elisabeth Town, Joining lands of Ben** 
Jamin Trotter, Xath'U Bonnell, Peter Willcock. John MsLgee, Jonathan 
Allen and John Chandler. Executors — sons Jodlah and William. Wit- 
nesses — Jeremiah Ludlam, William Jones, John Pierson. Proved 
March 29. 1746. Lib. D. p. 372. 

1746, March 14. Ii}ventory of personal estate, £149.00.09 ; made by 
Daniel Day and John Potter. 

1782-3, Feb. 18. Brock, Francis, of Woodbridire. Middlesex Co. 
Inventory of personal estate. £16.19.6; made by John Clarksone and 
John Shotwell. 

1734, May 81. Administration granted to John Clarkson, and John 
Shotwell. Lib. B. p. 686. 

1749, May 28. Broderick, Bdmimd, of Burlinirton, labourer. Ad- 
ministration flrranted to Abraham Heulinffs. of City of Burllnirton, 
merchant. John Bacon, of same, ffent.. fellow bondsman. 

Lib. 6, p. 882; Lib. 7, p. 98. 

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174T, Mat 96. Brokaw, Abrakaai, of Somerset Co., miller; will of. 
Wife, Mary. Sons — Isaao, Bergone* Abrcham* Oeor^e. Christopher awft 
John. Daughters — Catherine Van nest, Mary * Defreest, Jane and 
Bngeltje. Plantation of S06 acres on Millstone River, said plantation 
to be divided amonsr six sona Also % ot a flrrist mill and 2 acres be* 
lonffinsr thereto. Executors — son-in-law, Jeronimus Vannest, and 
Xosyne'* John Brokaw. Witnesses — Pieter Strycker, John Vanneste,. 
HaregTitJe Bruwer. Proved 9 Sept., 1747, and Oct., 1747. 

Lib. E, p. as. 

1747, AuflT. 19. Inventory of real and personal estate £1366.8.8, includes: 
large Dutch Bible, £8; silver cup. £1.4.; "Christofel's wearing apperrel,. 
who beinflT deceased," £1.2; "Engeltje*s wearing apperrel, who being d«- 
ceased" £5 ; steer belonging to Mary Deforsest, £1.16 ; half of grist mill,, 
with 8 acres. £284.8.9; bond of Isaac Brokaw, £8.10. Made by Peiter 
Strycker, Burgon Hof. 

1740, Kov. 14. Brokaw, John, of Somerset Co. Inventory of real' 
and personal estate, includes lands sold to "Jeronemy Home at New 
Shennick, Richard Pecal, lands adjoining John Staats, 800 acres upon 
Millstone River, "212 acres whereon Bergone Brokaw now lives,*^ 
negroes Jack, Simon, Jacob, Herry. Old Betty, Hannah, Eva, Little 
Betty, silver cup and silver tencker, 88 os O 8 p., £16.4, copper chafon- 
dish £1, 1 grun, 2 swords and 1 silver Peyck, £6.16, large Dutch Bible> 
16. Bonds of Ross and Stanburey, Elyach and John Pound, Jeronimy^ 
Home, John Cocks, Jacob Corsen, Lodewyke Wortman, Mary Covert» 
uncle Peter, John Sweck's note. Made by Corneleus Van Hofne anA 
Coenrat Teneyck. 

1741, AuiT. 8. Renunciation of Sara, widow of John Brokaw, in favor 
of her son John. 

1741, Aug. 12. Administration granted to John Brokaw, oldest son of 
John Brokaw, late of Somerset Co., yeoman. Fellow bondsman, Jno. Van 
Middleswortt. Lib. C, p. 426. 

1738* Dec. e. Brookes, John, of Chester, Burlington Co., yeoman. 
Inventory of personal estate, £229.4.61. made by Thomas Hackney 
and James Sherwin. 

1788, Dec. 28. Administration granted to Catharine Brookes, widow. 
Junes Allen, of Northampton, and James Sherwin. of Chester, both yeo- 
men, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 4. p. 162. 

1798^ May 2B. Brookes, TlMothy, of Salem Co.; will of. Son, Tim- 
othy, to have land and plantation. Brother, Zebulon. Wife, Mary» 
>ole executrix. Witnesses — Kesiah Ayars, Joshua Ayars, Nathaniel 
Jenkins. Proved 1 April, 1731. Lib. 3, p. 186. 

1781, June 19. Peter Turner, administered on estate in place of Mary 

17SS» Aas. 90. Brookfleld, Job, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co. Ad- 
ministration to Sarah Brookfleld, widow. Lib. B, p. 208. 

1788, Aug. 26. Inventory of personal estate, £66.00.09 ; made by John 
Morris and Nathan'll Mitchell. 

1788. , — Accompt of Sarah Brookfleld, administratrix and 

widow, showing payments to Jane Tongrelove, Matthias Hetfleld. Oersham 
Rifgins. William Oarthwait. Robert Littel, William Donaldson, Andrew 
Joline, William Williamson, Samuel Whitehead, Benjamin Davis. Sarah 

Digitized by 



Iforae, John KeTt, Henry Qathwaite, John Monias, William Ogden» 
Nathaniel Mitchell, Ichabud Burnett, Jacob Deheart, Margat OraaUlln* 
Caleb Jeffery. 

1748^-60^ Feb. 18. Brook** Hewry, of Dearfleld, Cumberland Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Sons — ^Henry and Joel, to have equally 50 acres bought 
of Abraham Sayre; marsh of 20 1-6 acres bought of Uriah Mills, and 
Cedar swamp of 16 acres bought of Joseph Westoot. Brother — 
Josiah Brooks, to have H of plantation "he and I now live on, my half 
to be sold with the personal estate and divided among my four chil- 
dren, Mahattalle, Henry, Lydia and JoeL" Bzecutor — ^Robert Low. 
Witnesses — Jeremiah Buck, Daniel Royse, Isaac Miller. Proved S 
March, 1749. 

1749-60, Feb. SS. Inventory of real and personal estate, £S60.08.i. 
Appraisers— Jeremiah Buck, Joseph Daten. 

1750, May — Letters testamentary granted to executor. Lib. 6, p, SIO. 

1748* Jnae 14. Brooks, Jaeok, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co. Bond 
of Debori^h Brooks as administratrix. John Crane, Esq., fellow 
bondsman. Lib. E, p. 19S. 

1728, Dec 8. Brooks, Joka, of Evesham, Burlington Co., yeoman; 
will of. Children — John, Dorothy, Ooldy and Miriam. Grandson, 
Joseph Ooldy. Wife's son and daughter, Matthew and Hannah Top- 
ham. Son, John, to pay my wife £20 "and she then will deliver to 
him the articles, dated April 10, 1728, which he hath broke." Real 
and personal estate. Wife, Elisabeth, sale executrix. Witnesses — 
Ruth Atkinson, Mahlon Stacy, Sam'll Atkinson. Proved Jan. 14, 17S4. 

Lib. 4, p. 4. 

17S4, Nov. 19. Inventory of personal estate, £114 ; made by John 
Hollinshead and Sam'll Atkinson. 

1738, ^— > Brooks, Joka, Account of Andrew Anderson, ad- 

ministrator. John Brook's children, "for Dyet, Tendence, Nursing and 
To 18 week Dyet, Tendenoe, Nursing of Thos. Brooks in the Small 

pox £ 8.18 

To 8 years Dyet ft Cloathing of Ells. Brooks 18.00 

To 2 years Dyet ft Cloathing of Lucy Brooks 18.00 

To 6 years Dyet ft Cloathing of Esther Brooks 80.00 

To 7 years Dyet ft Cloathing of John Brooks 48.00 

To 7 years Dyet ft Cloathing of William Brooks 48.00 


Paid debts due Joseph Rose, Sam'l Garwood, Isaac Willcox, Sam'l Lov- 
ett, Jno. Turner, Jno. Carrell, Wm. CuUom, Joseph Hewlings, Jacob 
Cooper, Fra. Dudley, Joseph Fenemore, Andrew Conors, Wm. Grott, Ehran 
Thomas. Wm. Goldey, Hugh Hollinshead, Jos'a Wright, David Moffett, 
Matt Brackner, Jno. Parrot Burlington Wills, 8066-68 C. 

1748, July 7. Brooks, Jokm, of Deerfleld Township, Cumberland Co. 
Int Administration granted to Timothy Bateman, of Fairfield Town- 
ship. Fellow bondsman — ^Alexander Moore, of Deerfield township. 
Witnesses — Elisabeth Cotting, Ellas Cotting. 

1749, May 8. Inventory of personal estate, £80.16.0; made by Charles 
Clark, Samuel Hannah. Cumberland Wills, 28 F. 

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ITSi; Jmnm 8. Brook*, J<Mlah» of Cohan8«y, Salem Co.» yeoman. Int. 
Admx., Lucy Brooks (widow). Bondsman — ^Daniel Wescote. Both of 
said County. Witnesses — ^Ben. Davis, Nathan Hedffe. Lib. B, p. S16. 

1782. April 25. Inventory, £1S1.5.1. Appraisers: Daniel Wascote, 
WUUam Boatman. (See also N. J. Archives, vol. 28, p. 62). 

178#^ Marok 11. Brooks, JiMlak, of Fairfield Township, Cumberland 
Co. Int. Admx., Abigail Brooks. Fellow bondsman — ^Daniel Lummas. 
Witnesses — Elisabeth Cottinff, Blias Cottinff. Lib. 7, p. 426. 

17S0-61, Jan. 81. Inventory of personal estate, £124.10.8. Appraisers- 
Nathaniel Whitacar. Daniel Lummus. 

1760, Sept. 6. Account of Catharine Stratton, E^xecutrix of Jonathan, 
who. with his wife, were administrators of Josiah Brooks, deceased, shows 
cash paid to Alexander Moore, James Ayres, Richard Wood, Elias CotUng, 
Hary Henderson. Mathew Parvin, Robert Low, John Aeskin, Benjamin 
Sayre, Bphriam Buck, David Bowess (?), John Jay, Joseph Read, Ben- 
Jsmln Thompson, David Royle, Jacob Mulford, Ebeneser Darwin. John 
Johnson, W. Elmer, Isdac Fithian, John Presston, Hance Woolson. James 
Sayres, Daniel Bateman, Michael Bennit, Daniel Symes, Joseph Westcote, 
Bnoch Bowen and John Bateman. 

1747, Dee. •• Brooks, Pklllp, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co., yeo- 
man. Mary Brooks, widow, declines administration and desires that 
her son, Samuel Brooks, be appointed. Witnesses — ^Andrew Briant, 
Elisabeth Briant 

1747-8, March 9. Bond of Samuel Brooks as administrator. John 
Denman, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. E. p. 188. 

1747, Doc. 7. Inventory of personal estate (£117.14.06). incl. five 
pictures in frames, negro woman and child, and debts of Jacob and Sam- 
uel Brooks due their father's estate; made by Timothy Whitehead and 
Cliaries Hole, schoolmaster. 

ITltw Jmmt 5. Brooks, Tlmotky. (See N. J. Archives, vol. 28, p. 68). 

1744-8, March 7. Brooks, Zekvloa, of Cohansey, Salem Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Esther, sole executrix. Son. John, 5 shillings "or 
as much as will cut him off from a child's portion." Son Zebulon 
''land I now live on," which runs along Job Shepherd's line 40 rods, 
along Mr. Jenkin's line 80 rods, containing 20 acres square; like- 
wise lajid upon the N. side of Greenwich Road, 2 acres of swamp 
Joinlngr Capt. Shepherd's line, and set of shoemaker's tools. Son, Jo- 
seph, rest of land with improvements thereon. Provisions for unborn 
son. if any. Plantation in the woods. Daughter — ^Mary. James, at 
16, to be bound to Thomas E wings, Jun., to learn blacksmith's trade; 
Zebulon to Thomas Parks to learn shoemaker's trade. Witnesses-^ 
Seth Bowen, Joseph Shepherd, Job Shepherd, Junr. Proved 8 Feb., 
1748. Letters issued Mar. 28. Lib. 6, p. 244. 

ITltw J«BO > Brotkortoa, John a»d BUsabotk, choose as their 

guardian Benjamin Smith, of Woodbridge, to whom letters of guar- 
dianship are granted. William Bunn, bondsman. Lib. B, p. 160. 

ITltw J«BO Itu Biotkortoa, GnMO, Asm* Hoary, Jameo, children of 
Henry Brotherton, of Woodbridge. Letters of guardianship issued 
to Abraham Shotwell, of East Jersey. Middlesex Wills, 481L. 

Digitized by 



ITSSt Mar. 90. Brower* Abmkaai* of Hackinsaok, Bergen Co., weav- 
er; will of. Wife, Lea Brower, executrix. Brother-in-law, Jamea 
Crlsty, and Pieter Demarest, tutors and administrators of my minor* 
enne children; also co-executors and assistants. Eldest son. Petrus 
Brower, has received his share (% of home-lot on the east); son, 
David, to have land on the west side of Little Mill brook; son, Jo- 
hannis, residue of real estate, which is easterly to the land of my son 
Petrus. Other sons, Samuel and Daniel. Daughters — ^Lea, Rachel, 
Mary (youngest). Witnesses — ^Benjamin Demarest, Miklaes Bon, 
David Demarest. Proved 19 April, 1786. Lib. C, p. 8S. 

1786, April 19. Lea Brower, alias Westervelt, and Peter Demarest 
qualify as executors. 

1748* Feb. lOu Brewa» Benjamla, of City of Burlinffton, carpenter. 
Administration granted to Preserved Brown, Jun'r, of Springfield, 
yeoman. Julius Ewan, of same, yeoman, fellow bondsman. 

Lib. 6, p. 880; Lib. 7, p. 96. 

1786, Jaa. 17. Brown, Chartty, of Philadelphia, Pa., widow; will of. 
Sister, Elisabeth Jones, wife of Andrew Jones, plantation In Olou- 
cester Co. whereon they live; after her death my nephew John Jones, 
son of said Andrew, to have same. Owen Owen, of Phila.. house car- 
penter, to have lot in Mulberry Street (19 ft.) commonly called Arch 
Street, bounded on the west by vacant lot of mine, north with ground 
of Thos. Knight and Joshua Emlen. Legacies to Mary Chambers, 
(wife of Robt. Chambers), of Menchion Hampton, Oloucester Co., 
England; Ruth Karsey (wife of Charles Karsey) of Hampton; Ann 
(wife of Wm. Hill) of Horsley. Gloucester, England; Joseph and 
Charles Brown, brothers of my late husband John Brown, and my 
cousin. Nathaniel Chew, at 21. Brother. Thomas Chew. To the 
Congregation of Christ Church. Philadelphia, £20. towards finishing 
said church. Robert Chambers, son of said Robert and Mary his 
wife, one moiety of rest of estate, real and personal; other moiety 
to my two sisters, Mary Langley, now living at Cohansey, N. J., 
Elizabeth Jones and Prlscllla Owen, wife of Owen Owen. Executor — 
Samuel Mickell, Esq.. of Philadelphia, merchant. Testatrix's signa- 
ture by copyist; missing In original wilL Witnesses — ^Abraham Pratt, 
John Bollen, John Robinson. Proved 19 Oct., 1789. Lib. 4, p. 171. 

1789. Oct. 20. Inventory of Charity Brown, widow, late of Philadel- 
phia, deed. (£620.0.6), includes bonds from James Wills. Edward Wil- 
liams. Ebeneser Tomllnson, William Tatam. Amariah Bellinger, Michael 
Chew, Stephen Armitt, Michael Fisher, Saml. Harrison, Qibbins Lawrence, 
Jacob Medcalfe. Gabriel Nowby, John Blackwood. Nathl. Tonkins. Charles 
Beverly, Tobias Holloway, Benj. Paschall, Henry Thorn, Sarah Norrls, 
Geo. Young. Francis Haddock, John ESastlick, Benj. Worthington. Mary 
Robinson. Rich. Barrin. Jos. Jackson, Frances Simson, Thos. Woolsted, 
Wm. Stamton, Gabriel Nelson. Jonas Cox, Edward Humphrey, Israel 
Longacre, Danll. Wolly, Rich. West. Wm. Llndsey, Bdwd. Readwell, Peter 
Marriage, Jno. Bond, Geo. Ward, Sen., Jno. Blackwood, Widdow Medcalfe, 
Bttmll. Farrier. Thos. Rogers, Wm. Peters, Jno. Peters, E«phraim Saely, 
Wm. Tatum. Edward Willson, Rich. Skirm, Black Christopher, Wm. Cun- 
ningham, Noal BCackneal, finiis Davis, Sarah Wilson, Jacon Medcalfe, 
Thomas Bryan, Jno. Covrle, Robt. Garrard, Jno. Ogilby, Wm. Long, (3eo. 
Sherrel, Blisa. Wainwright, Isaac HoUingham, Israel Lock. 

1789, Nov. 9. Brown, (Charity, late of Gloucester Co.. widow, deceased 
(with testament annexed) during absence of Samuel Mickle, sole execv- 
tor; letters of adm. granted to Owen Owen, of Philadelphia, joiner. Fel- 

Digitized by 



low bondanuui — Saml. Harrison. Witnesses— Isaac Browne, Joseph Rose. 
1741, Oct. 28. Brown. Charity, late of Philadelphia, widow, deceased, 
made her last will duly executed and thereof appointed Samuel Mickle 
sole executor, who renounced the same. Owen Owen was appointed admr. 
Whereas he died, leaving part of said Charity's estate unadministered. 
PrisciUa, widow and executrix of the above bound Owen Owen, to admin- 
ister upon what remains. Fellow bondsman — Samuel McColloch. Wit« 
a eas c s Ed. R. Price. Joseph Rose. 

174«» Nov. 4. Browa» Jaae» of Woodbridffe. Middlesex Co. In 66th 
year; will of. Friend, Jonathan Kinsey, Jane, eldest daughter of 
Benjamin Kinsey. at 21 years. Benjamin Kinsey, flrreat Bible^ Friends 
Meeting in Woodbrldffe, remainder of estate. Bxecutors — friends. 
Nathaniel Fits Randolph, of Woodbrldffe. blacksmith, and John Kin- 
sey, attorney at law. Witnesses — ^Mlcajah Bunn, Hartshorns Fits 
Randolph, Nuffient Kelly. Proved Oct. 19, 1748. Lib. B. p. 216. 

1741l» Aw. 7. Brown, Jeremiah* of Mendom Township. Morris Co.; 
will of. Wife, Mary, to have personal estate absolutely and posses- 
sion of the real estate until the children, Rhoda, Abner, Paul and 
Eleneser, will be 21. Bxecutors — wife. Mary, and Brlce Riky, of Som- 
erset County. Witnesses — William Axtell, Isaac Ballet, Benjamin 
Linsley. Proved 80 Aug., 1749. Lib. B. p. 826. 

1747* 20th da7» 12th mo. (Fek.)< Brown, Joanna, of Rodmantown, 
BurlinflTton Co.. widow; will of. Daughter, Ann. Grandchildren — 
Bphraim. Mary, Hannah and Hope Hainea Personal estate. Bxecu- 
tors— friends, Sam'l Stokes, and Tho's Stokes. Witnesses — Joshua 
Bispham. Sam'l Atkinson. Proved April 12, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 408. 

1747-8, March 12. Inventory of personal estate, £189.9.0; made by 
Joshua Bispham and Arthur Borradalll. 

1727, 11 mo. (Jan.), 26 da. Brown, John, of Town and County of 
Olouceeter; will of. Wife, Charity, to have all of real estate and per- 
sonal excepting £200 to my sisters, Mary (wife of Robert Chambers, 
living in Menchlon Hampton, near Strowdewater, "Gloucester Shire,** 
Old England; Ruth (wife of Charles Karsey), of same place, and her 
son, (Charles Karsey; Ann Brown (not knowing whether she be mar- 
ried or not); and my brother, Charles Brown. Wife impowered to 
sign deed of conveyance to George Ward, or his heirs, for the fulling 
mill. Sole executrix — wife Charity. Witnesses — John Wood, Prlsdlla 
Flemlngham, Thomas Sharp. Proved 21 Dec, 1736. Lib. 4, p. 101. 

1787, May 28. Whereas John Brown, late of Gloucester Co., yeoman, 
died in Philadelphia and left a last will, dated 26 Jany., 1727, and it has 
been proved In due form in Pennsylvania, letters of adm. within Province 
til New Jersey issued in due form. Lib. 4, p. 108. 

17M, Feh. 2S. Brown, John, of Deptford, Gloucester Co.; will of. 
Sons — John. Thomas, Chatfleld and James, to have the real estate 
equally. Expected child. Daughters — ^Mary and Phebe. Bxecutors 
— ^wife and friends, Alexander Randall and Joseph Young. Witnesses 
— Mary Chester, Gabriel Rambo, Sarah Dryver. Proved 24 Dec., 1786. 

Lib. 4, p. 79. 

1786, Dec. 10. Inventory, £842.14.9 H. Appraisers — ^Peter Rambo, Ga- 
briel Rambo. Signed, Phebe Brown, executrix. 

1788, Sept 26. Account of Phebe Brown, executrix, moneys paid to 

Digitized by 



Gabriel Rambo, Wm. Aldridge. Abraham Chattin, Q«orge CosenB, Whl. 

1781» Sept. 28. Brown, John, Senior, late of Deptford, Olouceater 
Co., yeoman. Int. Admr., Levi Pearce, yeoman. William Harrison, 
ffentleman, Edward Rudolphaa Price, same County, bondsmen. Wit- 
nesses—John Wriffht, SamL BustiL Lib. S, p. 158. 

1781, Aug. 17. Inventory (£401.14.0), includes Indian man and child, 
negro woman and boy. etc, and debts due from Thos. Bryon, William 
Vaughns. Thos. Mingleston (?). Appraisers— William Harrison, Henrsr 

1788, Sept. 17. Account of Levi Pearce. Admr.. shows moneys paid to 
William Hudson, John Brown Fuller, John Sherbum, Ann Wheeldon. John 
Spring. Qeorge Ward. Jr., Bryam Conelley. James Parrock. William 
Bryan. James Brindley, William May, Charles Beverly, Thomas Chew. 
Enoch Ellison. Walter Griffiths. Qeorge Ward. Michael Fisher. Thomas 

1735, Jan. 24. Brown, Jokn, of Salem County. Int. Admz., Jo- 
hannah Brown (relict). Bondsman — Jeremiah Baker. Witnesses — 
William Philpott, Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 67. 

1786, April 24. Inventory. £29.1.0. Appraisers — Jeremiah Baker, Wil- 
liam PhUpott. 

17S7, May 8. Brown, John, of Mansfield, Burlington Co., Doctor; 
will of. Dau., Elisabeth Lawrence. Each grandchild now bom 20 
shillings and a silver spoon. Wife, Elizabeth, sole executrix and to 
be guardian of grandson John, son of my son, John Brown, deo'd. 
Witnesses — John Rockhill, Peter Imlay, Isaac DeCow, medius. Proved 
Aug. 1, 1787. Lib. 4, p. 109. 

1747, Sept. 10. Brown, John, of Hanover. Burlington Co., will of. 
Children — Clayton, Theodidla Oroves, John plantation at age, he 
paying legacies to Samuel, Sarah and Catharine and making suitable 
provision for my wife Catherine, his mother. Negro Jim his freedom 
in 4 years. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife and brother 
Abraham Brown. Witnesses— William Emley, Sam*l Emley, Mary 
Emley. Proved July 80, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 628. 

1748. July 24. Inventory of the personal estate, £629.7.4 ; made by 
Jacob Andrews and Saml. Emley. includes **One Qrate Bible*' and sundry 
other books £8.6. Cattle £209 and negroes [186. 

1748, May 19. Brown, John, of Township of Hopewell, Cumberland 
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife to have plantation until son Isaac will be 
21. Daughter, Anna Brown. Executors^wife and Jonathan Holmes, 
Esq. Witnesses — ^Daniel Mieller. Thomas Brown, Robt. Nicholls. 
Proved 29 June. 1749. 

1749. , — . Letters testamentary granted to Deborah Brown, 

executrix named in will. Lib. 6. p. 297. 

1749, June 6. Inventory of personal estate, £106.10.8. Appraisers — 
Abraham Reeves. Samuel Miller. 

1748-4, Feb. S. Brown, Lanslott, of Chester. Burlington Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Joan. Grandchildren — ^Hannah, Ephraim and 
Mary Hains, all estate in Province of New Jersey or elsewhere. Exe- 
cutors — friends Samuel Stokes and Arthur Borradell, and if they 

Digitized by 



should die before s'd grandchildren are of are, then my son-in-law 
Nehemlah Hains. Witnesses — ^Richard Matlack, John Willis, Isa. 
DeCow. Proved Oct 22. 1746. Lib. 6. p. 268. 

1746. Oct. 22. Inventory of personal estate. £272 ; made by Rob't Smith 
and Jos. Hollinshead, includes note due from Joshua Bispham. 

1740» Jan. 27. Brown* BfMrsaret, of Burlinerton Co.. widow. Ad- 
ministration granted to Edward Brown. Job Lippincott. yeoman, 
fellow bondsman. Lib. 7. p. 91. 

1749, Feb. 5. Inventory of personal estate. £16 ; made by John Mon- 
row and Henry Cooper. 

1741, Sept. 21. Brown, Bfathcw, of Piles Orove, Salem County. Int. 
Admr., Benjamin Bispham. Bondsmen — John Blwell and Reynolds 
Hawk of Pilessrrove. same County. Witnesses — ^Andw. Gardner, 
Chas. O. Neill. Lib. 4, p. 289. 

1741, Sept. 16. Renunciation. Hannah Brown in favor of Benjamin 
Bispham. as Admr. Witnesses — ^Resmold Hawk. John Elwell. 

1741, Sept. 16. Inventory (£29.16.0) mentions Joseph Morgen. Edward 
Hushes. Appraisers — John Elwell, Reynold Hawk. 

174S* April IX Brown* Phebe, of Deptford Township. Gloucester 
Co., widow. Int. John Brown, yeoman, admr. John Wood and Gabriel 
Rambo, of same place, yeomen, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 4, p. S79. 

1748, 2 mo. (April), 2nd. Inventory (£148.10.4) includes bonds from 
Joshua Hewett. Nehemiah CowgiU, Peter Rambo, Will'm Williams, Gabriel 
Rambo, Peter Cox, Nathan Paull, Luke Gibson, Isaac Atkinson, Andrew 
LoniT. Eidward Hewes. Appraisers — John Wood, Gabriel Rambo. 

1748, , — Account of John Brown, Admr., shows cash paid 

Joseph Rose, John Munyon, Gab. Rambo, Abrm. Chattin, Jno. Wood, 
Josa. Lord, Peter Rambo, Martha Young, Eliza. Rambo. 

174A» Feb. 5. Brown, Preserved, of Hanover, Burlington Co. In- 
ventory of the personal estate, £68.0.8; made by John Monrow and 
Henry Cooper, includes bonds of Thomas Stevenson and Sam*l Gas- 

1749, Feb. 6. Mary Brown, widow and administratrix, affirms to above. 

Lib. 7, p. 101. 

17S4, Mnreh 23. Brown, Richard, of Northampton, Burlington Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Elisabeth, sole executrix. Sons — Richard and 
Benjamin; latter at 21 to have benefit of plantation with mother. 
Daughters — Hannah Ridgway, Mary, Rachel and Esther. Daughter- 
in-law, Prudence PowelL Witnesses — Rob't Powell, John Lavenner, 
John ECwan. Proved May 12, 1735. Lib. 4, p. 19. 

1736, April 21. Inventory of personal estate, £264.6.10; made by Na- 
thaniel Cripps and James Wills. 

1726, Dec 5. Brown, Thomas, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Mother, Annapel Brown. Brothers — William, Andrew 
and James Brown. Sister — Christian Brown. Alexander, son of 
Thomas Bger. Annaple, daughter of John Mootry. Real and per- 
sonal estate. Executors — brother-in-law, Thomas Eggers and broth- 
er, William Brown. Witnesses — Rob't Hude, WiU'm Stone, D. Stew- 
art. Proved Feb. 9, 1740. Lib. C, p. 390. 

ITSSt Amm. l%k Brown* Thomas* orphan (son of Thomas Brown, late 

Digitized by 



of north side of Cohansey, Sal«m County, and Anna, his wife, also 
deceased) ward. Guardian, Josiah Fifthian, Esq., of same place. 
Witnesses — John Pruttan (?), Joseph Gk>uldinff. Lib. S, p. S66. 

1787» May 10. Browm* Tkomaa* of Bssez Co.» orphan, affed about 14 
years. Bond of Daniel Tichener and Silas Halsey, yeoman, both of 
Newark, to be guardians. Jonathan Crane, Bsq., fellow bondsman. 

Lib. C, p. 160. 

1740» April 4. Browm* WlUlam* of Monmouth County, yeoman. In- 
ventory of estate, £38.17.6; made by John Smith and Joseph Forman. 
Land and buildingrs not appraised; 70 acres sold out of Loan Office. 

Lib. B, p. S07. 

1749, June 14. Ann Brown, widow, declines administering* in favor of 
Isaac Dye. Joseph Forman, principal creditor, witness. Bond of Isaac 
Dye of Middlesex County, yeoman, as administrator of estate. John 
Stelle, of same county, Bsquire, fellow bondsman. 

1780^1» Feb. 0. BrowMe, Daniel* of Newark, Bssex Co., cooper; will 
of. Dauffhters^Mary Ward, Abigail Robards, Bsther Tichnor, and 
Dorcas Bruen. Grandson — Joshua Ward, son of daughter, Sarah 
Ward, deceased. Real and personal estate. Bxecutors — wife, Abigail, 
an^ son-in-law, David Ward. Witnesses — ^David Shipman, John Bald- 
win, Josiah Beech. Proved Jan. 11, 17S2. Lib. B, p. S75. 

1782-8, Feb. 26. Inventory of personal estate, £206.10.08; made by 
Jonathan Crane and Sam. Farrand. 

1740-7, Jan. 28. Browrne* Daniel, of Newark, Bssex Co., weaver; will 
of. Wife, Mary. Children — Joseph, John, Susannah, all under are. 
Bxpected child. Real and personal estate. Bxecutors — ^brother Job 
Brown and Samuel Camp. Witnesses — ^Aaron Brown, John Lyon, 
Thomas Price. Proved Feb. 14, 1746. Lib. E, p. 76. 

1746-7, March 5. Inventory of personal estate. £166.04.00; made by 
John Offden and Nathaniel Johnson. 

1780, Jan. 7. Browne (Brown), Joseph, of Newark, ESssex Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Son — Job Browne, lands on Raway River, Joiningr lands 
of Timothy Osborn, Daniel Baldwin, John Browne; land a srift from 
my father, Joseph Johnson; land on Maple Island, Joining lands of 
brother, James Brown, deceased, Mr. Samuel AUinff and brother, 
Stephen Brown. Son — Daniel, lands joining lands of Mr. Jonathan 
Crane, Jonathan Sayer, and Joseph Wood; land purchased from 
Jonathan and Benjamin Lindsley. Daughters — ^Hanah Camp and 
Blener Browne. Wife, Margaret. Bxecutors — friends, Stephen Brown 
and John Cooper. Witnesses — David Howell, Thomas Sarsrent, Jona- 
than Sarsrent, Jun'r. Proved April 17, 1784. Lib. B. p. i05. 

1788, Oct. 80. Braer (Brower), John, of Somerset Co., farmer; will 
of. Children — John, eldest; Dirck, second; Antye, and "last and 
youngest son." Bxecutors — Johanes Colyer, of Lonff Island, Kinffs 
Co., and Tunis Post and Hendrick Bris., both of Somerset Co. Wit- 
nesses—William Post, Samuel Bruer, Cornelius Willemje. Proved SO 
November. 1782. Lib. B, p. 8S8. 

1782, Nov. 18. Inventory of personal estate. £107.7.6; made by Wil- 
liam Post. Jury Andries. 

1740, April 18. Bmsh, Thomas, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., yeo- 

Digitized by 



BULiu belnff sick; will of. Wife, Martha, one-third of estate. £80 
doe Esekiel Rose. Son, Philip, sixty acres of land at end of 200- 
acre tract on which testator lived; also *'a chest that was his brother, 
BUphalet's.*' Son, Abner. 140 acres, remainder of plantation; and 100 
additional acres adjoininsr. Daughters — ^Elizabeth Scidmore, Abigail 
Killsesr, Sarah, Martha and Mary Brush. Son. Abner, executor. Wit- 
nesses — Charles Sexton, Timothy Brush and Andrew Smith, Jr. Proved 
May 24, 1749. Lib. 6. p. 242. 

1749. April 2S. Inventory of estate, £178.0.2; made by Andrew Smith, 
Jt^ Robert Combs and Timothy Brush. 

174S--S> Hareh 21. Bryaa* Abmkam, of Northampton, Burllnirton 
Co., yeoman. Inventory 0^ personal estate, £860.6.1; made by James 
LIppincott and William MurrelL 

1743. March 24. Administration granted Mary Bryan, widow. John 
Fentmore, of Sprin8:fleld, yeoman, and John Willis, watchmaker, fellow 
bondsmen. Lib. 4, p. 879. 

17SS» Feb. 4. Bryam, Thoaias* Jr^ of Burlington; will of. Wife, 
Sarah. Children — ^Haran, Samuel, Joseph, Benjamin. Mentions broth- 
er, Benjamin, and sons-in-law, Manuel and Samuel Cox. Wife, sole 
executrix. Witnesses — Joseph Rockhill, Robert Tuckniss, E«dna Fisher. 
Proved March 21, 1736. "Sarah Kenney, late Sarah Bryan," affirms. 

1734. March 80. Inventory, £64.5.2, made by Joseph Heulings and 
Nathan Lovett. Burlington WUls, 2665-72 C. 

17S4, J«Be «. Bryant, John, of Philadelphia, baker; will of. Wife 
Sarah. To brothers and sisters — ^William. Valentine, Benjamin, Sarah, 
Blixabeth, Anne, Mary, Alice, each one shillinsr. Executrix — the wife. 
Witnesses — ^Thomas Dunnlngr, Joseph Fordham, William Parsons. 
Proved July 15, 1784. Burlinsrton Wills, 2673-4C. 

174S-9k FebriMirf 14. Bryant, Mary, of Hopewell Township, Hun- 
terdon Co. Inventory of estate, £158.7.6; made by BenJ. Rounsavall 
and Samuel Stout. Bond of William Bryant, of Hopewell, as ad- 
ministrator. Benjamin Rounsaval, of Hopewell, surety. Witness — 
John Pearce. Lib. 6, p. 76. 

1749-3, Feb. 10. Bryant, W^llllam, Sr., of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co., 
husbandman; will of. Wife, Sarah, estate for life, and then, to son 
Vollntine, 107 acres of land **whlch now haith Coranal Cox's titall;" 
house and land where testator lived to son, Volentine. Son, Wil- 
liam Bryant, all interest of a £100 bond ffiven to testator for house 
and lot at Philadelphia, dated April 6, 1730 (or 1740). Daughters— 
Sarah, Elisabeth, Ann, Mary and Alice, (Mary beinff yet unmarried). 
Bxecutors— friends, Benjamin Rounsevol and William Bryant, Jr., of 
•ame town. Witnesses — Isaac Herin, Edmond Herin and Thebald 
Shavar. Proved Oct. 28, 1744, by Isaac Herring, Esquire, and Theo- 
bald Shavar. Lib. 5, p. 54. 

17SS; Dee. Ml. Bryant, WlUlam, of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co., beinff 
very sick; will of. Daughter, Joyce Tirrill. Oranddauffhters — Jo- 
hanah Tirrill, Hilyard Tirrill. Friend, Jeams Richards. Executors— 
daughter, Joyce Tirrill, and Samuel Qreen; they to srive Joseph 
Phillips deed for land testator sold him. Husbands of ffranddauffh- 
tera. Witnesses — ^Robert Combs and Christian Clemens. On back of 

Digitized by 



will: If heirs of dauffhtars all die, estate to fall among nearest 
relations, Jeams Richard's children. Proved February 7, 1782. Joyce 
Tyrrell, executrix, sworn same day. Lib. S, p. 268. 

1782-3, Feb. 2. Inventory (£188.11.0), includes debts due from Joseph 
Philips and bond of Saniuel Ketcham. Made by Abraham Laruwe and 
Robert Combs. 

1749, Sept. ao. Brjmmt, W^llllam, of Salem County. Int. Admr., 
Thomas Clement. Bondsman — ^Daniel Mestayer. Both of said county. 

Lib. 6. p. 281. 

17S8» April 17. Bnek» Bpkralat* of Cohansey, Salem Co., weaver; 
will of. Wife, Ruth, use of house and lands until son Ephraim will be 
21, which will be in 1768. Sons, Ephraim and Joseph Buck, (both 
minors), all houses, lands, marshes and tenements. In case Hannah 
Buck, daughter of my brother Henry, cannot maintain a right, by 
law, to that property given her in my father's will, then she shall 
have at 18 that land (90 acres) and marsh (10 acres) which my father 
bought of William Rush between Thomas Brown and John Prat- 
ten's and Robert James's land, but in case she leaves no issue, my 
sons shall have the same. Daughter, Abigail Buck (not 18). Ap- 
prentice, Peter Dayton. Executor — wife and Jeremiah Buck. Wit- 
nesses — Samuel Harris, Nathaniel Bishop, Nathaniel Harris, Moses 
Bishop. Proved 16 June, 1738. Lib. 4, p. 177. 

1788, April 24. Inventory (£124.18.6.) includes cattle, negro girl, 
"8 lums, tackling, two pearse of combs and hooka." Appraisers — ^Mosee 
Bishop, SamL Harris. 

1784, Jnly 17. Buck, Joseph, of Cape May Co.; will of. Wife, Lydia, 
sole executrix. Brothers — Thomas and John Buck. Witnesses — Wil- 
liam Johnson, Frs. Taylor, Thomas Stonebanks. Proved 9 August, 
1784. Lib. 8, p. 448. 

1784, July 20. Inventory of personal estate (£82.08.01), includes cattle, 
horses, sheep and swine. Appraisers — ^Ebeneser Swaine, William John- 

1789, Nov. 10. Bnckalcw, George, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., 
yeoman; will of. Children — Richard, Jeames, George, Jonathan, Wil- 
liam, Pressillah, Susannah and Sary. Land on Back Creek purchased 
of William Melvan. Executors — wife, Sarah, and brother, William 
Buckallu. Witnesses — William Melvin, Joseph Hall, N. Everson. 
Proved Dec. 8, 1739. Lib. C, p. 801. 

1748, April 26. Buckley, Grace, of Penns Neck, Salem Co., widow. 
Int. Admr., Jenkin Grafton. Bondsmen — Michael Pedrick, Alen Cong- 
lington, all of Penns Neck. Witnesses — Samuel Whitehorne, Rich^. 
Gibbon. Lib. 6. p. 51. 

1748, April 18. — ^Inventory, £90.6.4 %. Appraisers — Alen Congelton^ 
Samuel Whitehorne. 

1749, April 14. Buckley, James, of Hunterdon Co. Bond of Mary 
Buckley, widow, as administratrix. Henry Johnson and Geysbert 
Dehart, of same county, sureties. Witness — Cornelius Wyckof. 

Lib. 6, p. 78. 

1750, May 10. Buckley, Joseph, Administration granted to Judah 
Folke, of City of Philadelphia, merchant. Robert Hartshorne, of City 
of Burlington, atty-at-law, fellow bondsman. 

Burlington Wills, 4609C. 

Digitized by 



17S8, Dm. 15. B«d«, BllMilMtli, RelinQUistament of Mary Shinn, 
Susannah Oaskill, William Budd. David Budd, lUbacca Lamb* Abigail, 
Slisab«th and Ann Budd to their brother, of administration on estats 
of their mother, Elisabeth Budd. 

17S8, Dec. 25. Administration granted to Thomas Budd, of Northaimp- 
ton. Burlinirton Co., yeoman. Lib. 4, p. 1S2. 

1730»1» Feb. 91. Budd, Jokm, of Northampton, Burlinffton Co.; will 
of. Wife, Hannah, sole executrix, and to have tract bounded by cousin 
Thomas Budd, brother Thomas Budd, and Michael Atkinson. Son, 
John, and expected child. William, son of my brother William. Church 
of Bnirland, £10. Witnesses — Thomas Wilson, Samuel Woolston, 
Thomas Budd, John Burr. Proved March 6, 17S2. Lib. t, p. 261. 

1732-S. Jan. 81. Inventory of personal estate, £121.6.4 ; made by Sani- 
vel Woolston and John Burr, includes surveying instruments and books, 
also bond of William Atkinson. 

174BW Sept. «. B«dd, Jolui, of Hanover Township, Morris Co.; will 
of. Wife, Sarah, sole executrix, and to hold **the meadow joining- 
Matthis Burnet from John Kineys to the Black Brook to Sam Ford's 
lots and to David Kltchell's land," that she may sell the same for 
£240. In case of her death before the sale, Timothy Tuttle and Ben- 
jamin Pierson empowered to pay legacy to my eldest son. Wife, 
Sarah, to have that tract called "the Pine Hammock,'* of 700 acres, 
bounded west by the Whippeninge River and meadows of Samuel 
Tuttle. Bates Lum, Allen Penn and Joseph Kitchell; she to sell same 
and pay my sons Barne and Thomas £260 each when of age. In case 
of death t>efore the sale, Timothy Tuttle and Benjamin Pierson em- 
powered to dispose of it. Wife, Sarah, to have the home place of 900 
acres on both sides of Black Brook, except meadows devised above. 
Wife to have all lands leased or unleased Joining her land in the Long 
Valley; also all lands in the Counties of Morris, Salem, Gloucester, 
Hunterdon and elsewhere, together with my land in the colony of 
New York held under our brother, John Cosens, with the exception of 
all mines, etc., reserved to me and Cos. Hump. Morrey in some deeds 
In "Penselvania to Jermans"; also my tract on west side of the 
Susquehanna, called Gk>vr's, or Sir William Keith's mine, an account 
thereof being among Cos. Morreys or William Pidgeon's writings. 
Also my Eastern and Western shares of Proprieties of land yet ap- 
pertaining. Witnesses — John Nuttman, Benjamin Peirson, William 
Budd. Proved 20 March. 1749-50. 

1762, Sept 20. Letters testamentary granted Sarah Scott, formerly 
Sarah Budd. executrix named in above will. "Prob. granted 16 May 
1764" (vid. original). Lib. 8, p. 41. 

ITSAw Jaly 22. Bndd, Th«mas, of Northampton, Burlington Co., Esq. ; 
will of. Eldest son, John, tract in Hunterdon Co., on branch of Rar- 
Ington called Looneton (Lomerton; Lamington?), being surveyed for 
me Oct. 16, 1716, by my cousin, John Budd, of Philada.. for 312 H acres. 
Second son, Thomas (under age) farm situated on both sides of 
Anoocus Creek and next to land of my bro, James Budd; also meadow 
I purchased of my father William Budd in Springfield, Joining John 
Shinn. Daughters— Ann. Elisabeth and Rachel. Son, James, land 
bought of my sister Sarah Budd and Joining land bought of Thomas 
Shinn. Sons — George and Levi, to be taught to read and write.. Exe- 
cutors — John Gosling and Joseph Heulings. Witnesses— Joseph Endi- 
cott, Thomas Atkinson, Jun'r, John Budd. 

Digitized by 



1782, April 21. CodiciL Am now residing in Philada. and have inter- 
married with Mary, widow of John E«ayre. and I bequeath to her £50 and 
all that part of my personal estate of which she was possessed at our 
intermarriage. Expected child. Witnesses — John Baer, James Binffham. 
Proved April i. 1742. 

1742. May 26. Petition of Margaret Budd. widow, of Thomas Budd 
of City of Burlin£rton« cooper, stating that John Qosling and Joseph Heul- 
ings. executors, may be cited to appear and take upon themselves the 
execution of the testam't or show cause why the administration may not 
be granted unto Thomas Budd. second son of the deceased. 

1742. June 8. Renunciation of John Gosling and Joseph Heulings as 

1742. June 8. Bond of Thomas Budd, of Northampton. Burlington Co., 
yeoman, second son of Thomas Budd. as administrator. Israel Heulings, 
hatter, and James Budd. cooper, both of City of Burlington, fellow bonds- 
men. Lib. 4, p. 80S. 

1742. June 21. Inventory of personal estate. £884.10.5 ; made by Joseph 
Heulings and Joseph Oovett. 

1746, Ave. 18. Buddell* William, of Bridgetown. Burlington Co., 
innholder; will of. Wife. Hannah. Friends — ^Nathaniel Thomas. 
Sadler, and John Monro, both of Burlington Co.. executors and guar- 
dians of my dau. Mary. Children of Thomas Clark. Son-in-law. John 
Clark. Sons and daughters-in-law. Lot joining Daniel Wells, which 
I bought of John Mcintosh, and meadow bought of Josiah Southwick. 
Witnesses — Thos. Shinn. Junr.. David Thomas. Jno. Duncan. Proved 
Aug. 80. 1746. Lib. 5. p. 261. 

1746. Aug. 28. Inventory of personal estate. £1685.15.0 % ; made by 
John Burr and Samuel Woolston. 

1743, April 15* Bnddln* Joseph, of Chester. Burlington Co.. yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Rebeckah. sole executrix. Son, William, minor. 
Witnesses— Joshua Wright. Daniel Packer, Ruth Packer. Proved 
Dec 8, 1748. Lib. 6. p. 6. 

1748. 21st day. 7th mo. (Sept.). Inventory of personal estate. £127.15.8 ; 
made by Joshua Wright and Abraham Perkins. 

1750, Get. 19* BmUlB, Thomas, of Salem Co. Int. Admr., Thomas 
Hancock, of Blsenbourgh. county aforesaid. (No bondsman re- 
corded). Witness — ^Edward Test. Inventory, £14.18.0. Appraisers — 
WiUm. Hancock. Junr.. SamL Wright, both of said county. 

Lib. 7, p. 86. 

1743, Jaa. II. Bull, Sarah, of Town and County of Gloucester, 
widow. Son. Samuel Harrison, to have the plantation whereon he 
lives. After his decease same to his son. Samuel Harrison. Grand- 
children. Joseph Harrison. Hannah Stokes. John Hinchman. William 
Hinchman. Elisabeth Hinchman. Samuel Clement (lot adjoining land 
lately Mathew Medcalfes. in town of Gloucester, he to pay his brother, 
Jacob Clement. £5). Granddaughter. Priscilla Harrison, to divide 
personal estate among my grandchildren to be named in writing. 
Son. William Harrison, to have the rest of lands, meadows and build- 
ings. Executors — Sons. William and Samuel Harrison. Witnesses — 
John Jones, Sarah Jones, Gtorves Hall (Quaker). Aillrmed 20 Aug.. 
1744. Lib. 8, p. 190. 

"Priscilla Harrison: I do order you to give these things herein named 

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to Maiy Shivers, Ann Frenlove (?), Rebecca and Ann Harrison, AbigaU 
Hinchman, Joseph Harrison, Mary Thome." 

1741, May 4. Ball^ek, John, of Burlington Co., yeoman; will of. 
Wife, Susannah. Children — John, Joseph, William, Blenor Dennis, 
Elisabeth Folwell, Sarah Harrison, Ann B'^rtiss, Mary Branson and 
Rebeckah. Dauffhter-in-law — ^Bllsabeth Craiff. Land .surveyed by 
John Lawrence and land Joining Wm. Bmley. ESxecutor — Son, John. 
Witnesses— Benjamin Kirby, William Kirby, Th o. B arL 

' Lib. 4. p. 289. 

1741, May 29. Inventory of personal estate, £228.11; made by Sam'l 
E«mley and Thomas Cooke, includes bonds of Wm. Bullock and Joseph 

17M» Amm* 12. Bwnafk, Joseph* of Gloucester Township, tailor. 
Bond of James Hinchman, of Gloucester Co., administrator, with 
Joseph Cooper, of same county, as fellow bondsman. 

1786. July 22. Susanna Bullock, widow of Joseph Bullock, renounces 
administration of his estate in favor of James Hinchman, Esq. Witness 
Gervas HalL Gloucester Wills, 196 H. 

17SS* ApHl 28. Bwi. Sem|ak» of Woodbridgre, Middlesex Co. Bond 
of Shobel Smith, of Woodbridffe, as sruardian. Benjamin Force, fel- 
low bondsman, yeoman. Lib. B, p. 426. 

1743, Sept. 5. Bvma, Sarak, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., widow; 
will of. Sister — PriciUa Sutton. Martha, Sarah, Pricilla, Henry and 
Jacob, children of Joseph Sutton. Martha, Hester and Mary, daugrh- 
ters of brother Henry LanffstafFe. Martha, Sarah, Ruth and Pri- 
cilla, daughters of Samuel Potter, deceased. William, Robert and 
Bdward, three youngest sons of said Samuel Potter. Charlet, Sarah, 
Mary, Pricilla, Martha, John, Jun'r, and Henry, Jun'r, children of 
brother John LanffstafFe. Cousin, William Potter. Real and personal 
estate. Bxecutors — ^Friends and brothers, Henry and John Lanr- 
stafFe and Joseph Sutton. Witnesses— John Gillman, Henry Gavitt, 
John Stelle. Proved Sept. 16, 1742. Lib. C, p. 649. 

1743, 5tk 4ay, Ctk mo. (Aii«.>. Bvatlms, Mary, of Cresterfleld, Bur- 
lington Co.; will of. Son, Amos, under affe. Brother, Amos Willits. 
Two sisters mentioned but not named. Executors — ^father, Rich'd 
Willits and brother Rich'd Willits, Jun'r. Witnesses — ^Rachel Lovell, 
Joseph Ro§rers, Jos. Reckless. Proved Sept. 21, 1742. 

1742, 14th day, 7th mo. (Sept). Richard WiUits, Sen'r, of "Bamygat," 
declines executorship. Lib. 4, p. 816. 

1742, Sept 4. Inventory of personal estate, £49.12.6; made by Antho. 
Woodward and William Bunting. 

174»-1» Marek S. Bvattair* Samvel* of Mansfield, Burlinerton Co., 
yeoman; will of. ESxecutors — wife, Mary, and son, SamueL Chil- 
dren — Isaac, Thomas, Bbeneser and Mary, all under age. Real and 
personal estate. Land joiningr Joseph Nicholson. Witnesses — Isaac 
Ivins, Sen.. William Folwell, John Fenimore.. Proved April 18, 1741, 
by Mary Bunting, surviving executrix. ^ Lib. 4, p. 280. 

1741, April 16. Inventory of personal estate, £207.8.8; made by John 
Butcher and William FolweU. 

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1X41, March «. B«stlms» Samvel* of Cheaterflcld, Burlincton Co.; 
will of. Wife» Mary; son, Amos, and expected child. Father, SamL 
Buntinff. Real and personal estate. Executors — Thos. Miller, of 
Hanover, and Benjamin Fowler, blacksmith, of Upper Freehold. Wit- 
nesses^Antho. Woodward, Constant Woodward, Benja. Horner. Prov- 
ed April 3, 1741. Lib. 4, p. 276. 

1741, April 2. Inventory of personal estate, £12S.00.6 ; made by John 
Steward and Wm. Lowrie. 

17S2, Nov. 18. Bnrd, Joseph, of Hanover, Hunterdon Co.; will of. 
Brother, Abraham Burd; sister, Sarah Burd. Sister Sarah to have 
'*what is due to me out of my father's estate, which is in West Ches- 
ter in the flTovernment of New York." Executors not named. Wit- 
nesses — Sarah Hathaway and James Frell. Proved Auff. 14. 1783, by 
said witnesses, who stated that the testator sigrned the will a few 
days before he died. Lib. B, p. 465. 

1781* March 8. BurdsalU Jaeah, of Waterford, Burlinerton Co., 
house carpenter. Administration granted to Elisabeth Burdsall, 
widow, of Burlinsrton. Thomas Coles, of Waterford, blacksmith, fel- 
low bondsman. Lib. 3, p. 184. 

1782, April 8. Inventory of personal estate, £101.5.6 ; made by John 
Kay and John Collins. 

1732-3. Jan. 20. Petition of John Busby of Northampton, who states 
that his sister. Jane, lately intermarried with Jacob Burdsall. and said 
Jacob had, by his said wife Jane, one daughter, named Jane, and, a little 
after birth of said child, the mother died. After the death of petitioner'a 
sister the said Jacob intermarried with one Elisabeth Cole, and, about 14 
months after said intermarriage, the said Jacob also died, and now the 
said John Busby petitions to be made guardian of his niece. 

Lib. 8. p. 241. 

1783, June 30. Account of Elisabeth Burdsall. administratrix of estate 
of Jacob Burdsall, late of Bucks Co.. Province of Penna.. house carpenter 
and. before that, of Burlington Co., showing moneys paid Mathew Allen, 
Joseph Borden, Evan Harris, Sarah Norris, James Wilde, Jun'r. John 
Chambers, James Childs. Joseph Coles. Mary Coles. Thomas Coles. Due 
estate from Evan Harris, of Bucks Co., and from James Stevenson, who 
has run away. 

1783, Jan. 2M. Burdsall, Jaae (within age), daughter of Jacob and 
Jane, both deceased. Letters of guardianship granted to John Busby, 
of Northampton Township, Burlington Co., yeoman. 

Burlington Wills. 2213-16C. 

1781, Oct. 20. Burger, Martlu, of Monmouth Co. Bond of Ann 
Burger, 'widow, as administratrix of estate. Samuel Vincent, of Mon- 
mouth County, fellow bondsman. Witnessed by John Broughton. 

Lib. B. p. 235. 

, . — . Inventory of estate. £176.7.8^, includes one house 

and 2 lots of ground at "Mate Wan Creek" ; a pocket pistol, flute, 18 
books and a "Book Called Josephes." Made by Walter Waltz and John 

1787, May 28. Bnrgin (Burgen), J«hn, of Cohansey, Salem Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Sons, Joseph, John and Philip Burgen, to have equally 
real estate as they arrive at 21. Wife, Margaret. Executors — Nicho- 
las Oibbon and Leonard Oibbon, to have use of personal estate yearljr 

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to pay and discharsre the Loan office. Witnesses — John Lace (Lacey), 
William McMeneme, Andrew Gardiner. Proved 24 June, 17S7. 

Lib. 4. p. 116. 
17S7, June 10. Inventory (£161.7.0), includes negro man, cows, calves, 
21 sheep and lambs, acre of wheat, etc. Appraisers — James Dixon, Samuel 

17SS; Jam. IS. Bvivolst NIcMols* of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Mary. Children — Moses, Margraret Smalley, Mary 
Royse and Rachel Burgrois. Real and personal estate. Burying yard 
on home lot to be reserved for bury in gr yard forever. Executors — 
son-in-law, Thomas Royse, and Benjamin Stelle. Witnesses — Benja- 
min Smalley, Peter Farwell, Henry Scibbow. Proved May 8, 1788. 

Lib. B. p. 404. 

1T89» Bfarck 28. Bvrmet, John, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co. 
Bond of John Burnet and William Burnet, as Administrators. 

Lib. C, p. 268. 

174a, Oet. 29. Burr, Henry* of Northampton. Burlingrton Co.; will 
of. Sons — John and Joseph. Daughters — ^Elisabeth Woolman, Mary 
Lippincott, Sarah Haines, Rebeckah White and Martha Matlock. 
Negrro woman, Maria, to have freedom. Real and personal estate. 
Executors — Samuel Woolman and Caleb Haines. Witnesses — ^Tho. 
Shinn, Revell Elton, John Woolman. Proved June 11, 1748. 

Lib. 4, p. 862. 

1748. 11th day, 4th mo. (June). Inventory of personal estate, £282.12.4 ; 
made by James Lippincott and John Deacon. 

1746* Sept. 5. Burovgrhs* Jeremiah, of Hunterdon Co. Inventory 
of the estate (£72.6.10), Includingr 1 grun and sword; a loom and reed; 
note of James Cox. 

1746, Nov. 10. Bond of John Burrougrhs, of Trenton Township, yeoman, 
as administrator. John Mathews, of Hopewell Township, yeoman, surety. 
Witnesses — Garret Johnson and Theophilus Sevems. Lib. 5, p. 468. 

1744, Marek 9. Bvrroiiirlui, Philip, of Readingrton, Hunterdon Co., 
yeoman. Renunciation of widow, Mary, of rigrht to administer, in 
favor of John Burrougrhs, father of said Philip. Witnesses — John 
and Joseph Burrougrhs. Hunterdon Wills, 167J. 

179t, Jnae 19. Bvrroviriui, Samvel, of Waterford, Gloucester Co., 
yeoman. Son, Samuel, to have the 200 acres of land I live on, bougrht 
of Richard Broomley and 100 acres on the other side of the creek, 
bougrht of John Walker, he to pay my daugrhter Hannah, when 21, 
£S0, and same to my daugrhter Esther, when 21. Son, John, to have 
400 acres, bougrht of Joseph Heritagre and John Walker, Junior. Son, 
Joseph, 400 acres (160 acres bougrht of Godfrey Harsfllder, 160 of 
Samuel Coles, 100 acres of Joseph Heritage). Son, Benjamin, 100 
acres purchased of Jacob Spicer, and 100 acres purchased of John 
Bstauffh. Daugrhter Sarah, at 21, 100 acres bougrht of Hugrh Sharp. 
Wife. Hannah, duringr life, 400 acres by the river side, purchased of 
Edward Tue and, after her death, to expected child. Wife, Hannah, 
sole executrix. "She to grive my son Samuel three cows or to pay 
him £7 above which was griven him by his grrandfather, Jon. Taylor." 
But he not to possess the land before 28 years of agre, except she al- 
lows it. Witnesses — ^Thomas Eves, Junr., John Roberts, John Kay. 
Proved 81 March, 1782. Lib. 8, p. 198. 

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17S1-2. 1 (Mar.). 10 da. Inventory (£814.19.9). includes bacon, beef, 
wheat, rye, Indian com, nevro man, negro woman, horses, 20 cows, et& 
Appraisers — John Kay, Jos. Cooper. 

174S, April 28. Bwrrovclui, W^lUlaBi* of Salem Co., mariner. Int. 
Admx., Sarah Burrows (relict). Bondsman — Edward Test and John 
Thompson, yeomen. All of town and county of Salem. WHness — 
Mary Thompson. Lib. 4, p. 880. 

178S» Oct. 10. Bvrt* BeaJaailB* of Somerset Co. Int. Administration 
granted to John Mills, cooper. Fellow bondsmen — Peter Vannestt 
John Freasuer (Fraser), of County aforesaid, and Alexander Mack- 
dowall, of Perth Amboy. Lib. B, p. 805. 

1782, Oct 27. Inventory (filed 8 Sept. 1740), Ledger book-debts 18 ^ 
pagea "Other debU outstanding to the heirs" (£470.17.6). Bonds, bills, 
notes, goods, etc (£607.4.2), includes 4 remnants of "shrowds," 19 rac- 
coon skins, 8 gold rings and pair gold "buttens." watch, chain and seal, 
4 gold rings, buttens, etc, silver tankard, etc Made by John Fralser, Jan. 
Hendryse, Anderies Teneyk. 

Inventory, or List of Book Debts outstanding, due Heirs of Benj. Burt : 
July 11, 1726. Henry Rivers; August 28, John Midlesworth, Andres An- 
derson; Feby 18, 1722. Jacob Sebring, John Manley, Coll. Hooper; 1722, 
John Clare; 1728, Joseph Wood; 1724, Lawrance Kenny, John Richard; 
March 20, 1724, Mr. Browe, Albert Ammerman, (?), John Lawbers; June 
24. 1725, John Dennon ; July 1725, Jacobus Devore, Robt. Darck, Gtorsham 
Hall. Banjam WiUcox, (Ms. Lagrangey; Novr. 16. 1725, Rachiel Dennis, 
Isaac (Mmimel; Jan. 8, 1725. Isaac Anderson; May 80. 1726. Abraham 
Satoy; Deer. 10. 1781, Pears Swan; Dec 14, 1780. Jack Vroom; Jan. 
8. 1781. Wm. Halls; Feby. 7, 1781, John Hagabout; March 6. 1781, Abra- 
ham Vanhom ; April 8, 1782, Isaac and Cris Vroom ; April 15, 1782. John 
Hall; Apr. 17. 1732, Hug. Nichol. Abr. Lane, Jon. Hendricks; Apr. 
21, 1782, Rob. Traphagen; Apr. 24, 1782, Andrias StoU, John Hendrick, 
Mr. Vroom. Jacob Vroom, John Franton; Apr. 25. 1782, Barant Limas; 
Apr. 26. 1782. Mich. Hendry; Apr. 26 ft 27, Geo. Falioneer; Apr. 28, 
Lucius Sceunerhom; Apr. 29. Bar. Limas, John Loder, Wm. Phillips; 
Apr. 80. James Boyd; May 2. Dumb John; May 6, Isaac Lamer, Paul 
Prickhaw, Isaac Ross; May 9, Jacob Tenneick; May 16, Guisbert Lane; 
May 19. Lias Clawson; May 28. Ned Murphey; May 24, DanL Slover; 
May 26, Oeo. Bowman ; May 27. Peare Vanneste, Rolif Traphagen ; June 
8, James McCroggy ; June 5. 1782, Joseph Road ; June 7, Albert Jonston ; 
June 9, John Troy; June 10, York Shire, Dumb John; June 10 ft 12, OuU- 
bert Lane; June 16, Oeorge Bowman, John King, John Stevens; June 
28 ft 24, John M. Farle; June 24 ft 26. Hauns Vannette, Mr. Damaras. 
Francis ESnnis; June 2. Jans Vannetta; June 28. Thos. Tate; July 1, 
John M. Neal; July 8, Coonrad, the Jerman; July 5, Blix. Bennet; July 
7, Hugh Nichol; July 18, John Biggs; July 19. Cor's. Bowman; July 
21, Josh. Clark, John Frasier; July 24, Abra. Slover; July 26, 27, 28, 
Dederick VanStock; July 29, Cort. Johnston; July 81, (>ipn. Vanneste, 
Wm. Hall; Aug. 2, 1782. Paul Rickhaw; Aug. 9, John Cook; Aug. 12, 
Sanders Fitchet; Aug. 14, Jno. Wright; Aug. 17. Jon. Mills; Aug. 19, 
Samll. Steevens, Urla Bakie ; Aug. 25, Wm. McCanes ; Sept 2, John Holli- 
day; Feb. 7, Matthew Spencer; Feb. 11, Wm. Means; Sept 18. John 
Applel; Sept 16, Josias Clawson; Sept 18, Phillip Bryan; Sept 19, 
Thos. Collins, Edwd. Barber; Sept 28, Hendk. Rosebam; Sept 24, Brian 
Megur; Sept 25, Richd. Power, John McFarland; Mar. 11, 1727; Jacob 
Vandebick; May 18, 1728, Mr. Lane; Novr. 27, Gtorsham Hull; 1726, 

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Tmtmr Kenny, TheophUiiB Kekham, Abr. Teetswortb; 1727, Iflndard John- 
ston, DanL Sebrln^, Isaac Govemeur, Henry Vannest ; 17S0. Peter Beleiw ; 
17S1, Arie Dewit. Jr., John Oeterman, Junr., Andrie StoU. Cristor, the 
tfioea&aker; April 16, 1781, John Weal; May 19. Daniel Batron; June 
29. Alezr. &nlth; Aug. 21, Mr. Core. Vanhom; Sept 4, Jon. Hacabout; 
SQ>t. 11, Roy Vroam; Sept. 9, Andrlas Tenneik; Sept. 16, Wm. Johnston; 
8^>t. 20, Dorick Malat. Mr. Layworthy; Jan., 1780, James Rutles, Hank 
Vanover; 1781. Ennis Whlttinton, Benjam. Rounsavil, John States, Molly 
Hull, John Vandervoort, Gors. Middagh, Benj. Arch'd., John Lyon, John 
McMechU; 1782, Capt MUler; Apr. 1780, Crisparus Vanostrand, Adols. 
Hardlnbrook, Wm. Albortus, James McCreei:, Peter Bum, Thos. Day, John 
Stresler, James McC^raken ; 1781, Andres Coyman. Benjam Morgan ; 1780, 
Philip Murphew, Bob. Hooper. Geo. Scamp, Dederick Fannestack, Urle 
Fleldure, Joseph Clark, Michl. Henery, Peter Hunter, Frederick Fleet, 
Mr. Legit, James Wlllson, Herman Shuniman, Richd. Hawkins. John 
Member, Martin Bakeman, WUliam Phillips; 1781, John Pettinger; 1782, 
John CSampbell, John Bodine. 

1741. Oct. 26. Petition of Maynard Burt. gent, who has "come over 
to this country, having intelligence that the said John Mills has gone a 
common soldier to the West Indies without rendering an account of his 
administration, etc." Same day administration of estate granted to May- 
nard Burt, of Perth Amboy, gent., and brother of Benjamin Burt, deceased. 
Fellow bondsman — ^Philip Kearney. "No administration granted on this 
to my knowledge, this 26 Mar., 1742." (On back of bond). Witnesses- 
Sam. Nevill, Jno. Barton. Lib. D. p. 102. 

1748-«» Feb. 11. Bart» Joseph* of Hopewell Township, Hunterdon 
Co.; will of. Wife, Mary. Son, Joseph when of age, to have planta- 
tion where testator lived. Proceeds from personal estate to five 
daughters — Margaret, Elisabeth, Sarah, Mary and Deborah, when 
a«ed eighteen years. Wife to have use of plantation during widow- 
hood, until Joseph is of age. Son, Richard. Executors — wife, and 
friend and brother, Jacob Reeder. Witnesses — ^Thomas Hunt, Adam 
Effee, Edward Cooper. Proved Nov. 4, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 849. 

1749, August 16. Inventory of estate (£161.16.9). includes library, 
£1.8.0; gun and sword. Made by Robert Combs and Thomas Hunt 

1768, Dec 16. Account of Jacob Reeder, surviving executor of will of 
Joseph Burt mentions cash paid to Dr. John Bellard. Thomas Hunt. Tim- 
othy Allen, Samuel Hunt, John Rous. Oeorge Corwine, Peter Pain, E«sther 
Corwine. Andrew Smith, Richard Stockton, Edward Cooper, Thomas Whit- 
son and Elisabeth, his wife being a legatee, Josiah Howell and Margret 
his wife, a legatee. 

17S»» May M. Bsmtlll, SamveU of City of Burlington, atty-at-law; 
will of. Daughters — Sarah Ann and Mary. Orandaughter — Grace 
BuatilL Sister — ^Unity White, dec. Negroes — Dina, Parthenia, Hes- 
ter, Cyrus and Ca,to. Bonds due from Daniel Grandines, of Monmouth 
Co.. atty-at-law, and John Pledger, of Salem, Esq. Land in Bristol, 
Bucks Co., Penna., near the Quaker Meeting House. Executors — 
wife, Grace, daughter, Sarah Ann, and friend. John Coxe; the latter 
to be guardian of two daughters. Witnesses — Peter Baynton, Sr., 
Dr. Thos. Shaw, Cha. Read, Esq. Proved Oct. 7, 1742. Lib. 4, p. 886. 

ITS^ Avir. SI. B«stlll« Samvel* Jar.* of Burlington, merchant 
Administration granted to Elisabeth Bustill, widow. Thomas Budd, 

Digitized by 



of Burllngrton* cooper, and Isaac Pearson, of same, clockmaker, fel- 
low bondsmen. Lib. 4, p. 199. 
1740, Aug. SI. Inventory of the personal estate. £178.10.6; made by 
Sam'l Scattergood and Nathan Lovett. 

1719, 7th 4mT, ted mo. (ApHl). Botcher, Jokn, of Sprinfffleld, Bur- 
lingrton Co.; will of. Daughter, Damaris, lot joining Jonathan Wrigrht. 
Daughter, Rebecca Ridarway. Son, John. Katharin, dau. of John 
Batcher, and Mary, dau. of Job Ridarway, lot adjoining Henry 
Clothier. Bxecutors — friends Edward Barton and John Hanrey. Wit- 
nesses — ^James Thomson, Richard Ridgrway, John Cralff. Proved Dec 
6, 1787, at which time Bdward Barton is deceased. Lib. 4, p. 124. 

1748, Sept. 11K Butcher, John, Jvaior, of City of Burlinflrton, inn- 
holder. Administration granted to Mary Butcher, widow. Job Ridff- 
way, of SpringHeld, yeoman, fellow bondsman. 

Lib. 6, p. 829; Lib. 7, p. 94. 

1T46-6, Jan. 29. Bvtcher, Samoel, Jr., of Bvesham, Burlingrton Co.; 
will of. Wife, all estate, real and personal, for brlngrinff up of daua.. 
Patience and Phebe. Bxecutors — friend, James Cattell, and bro., 
Joseph Butcher. Witnesses— Michael Linch, Sarah Pond, Oab. Blond. 
Proved Feb. 17, 1745. Lib. 6, p. 226. 

1746-6, Feb. 16. Inventory of personal estate, £107.7; made by John 
Beans and Abram Bvans. 

1748, Sept. M. Bntler, Jase, of Newtown, Queens Co., Lonff Island. 
Bond of Thomas Butler, of Westchester, New York, to be administra- 
tor on the estate of his mother. Oerardus Drake, fellow bondsman. 

Bssez Wills, Lib. B, p. 21S. 

1748, Sept 80. Inventory of personal estate, incl. a neflrro wench in 
the hands of Matthew Williamson, to whom John Rolfe, Bsq., claims soma 
title, but agrees to pay £42 to the administrator. 

1749. Sept 20. Thomas Butler, of Westchester, forwards £10 to pay 
for letters of administration and other charges. 

1748-9, Feb. S. Bntler, John, of Mansfield, Burlington Cu., will of. 
Wife, Mary, to have all estate, real and personal, save a few cattla 
and that for dau., Mary Roberts. Bxecutors — wife, and friend and 
aon-in-law, John Deleplane. Witnesses — ^Thos. Leonard, William Par- 
sons, Rob. Field. Proved Feb. 20, 1748. Lib. 8, p. 81. 

1748-9, Feb. 14. Inventory of personal estate. £66.17; made by Isaao 
Homer and Rob. Field. 

174S-7, Jan. lH. Bntler, Ohadlah, of Shrewsbury. Monmouth Co. In- 
ventory of the estate, £186.17.1, made by Amos White and Jarius 

1746-7, FM>. 2. Hannah Butler, of Shrewsbury, the widow, makes choice 
of Daniel Butler of same Township and county, cooper. Witn e ss es 
David Croowly and Benjamin Walcott. Jr. 

1746-7. Feb. 6. Bond of Daniel Butler as administrator of the estate; 
Jarius Hanoe, of same place, cordwainer. fellow bondsman. 

Lib. D. p. 448. 

1748, Nov. 17. Bntterwort, James, of Penns Neck, Salem Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Katherine. Son James Butterwort. Daughters— 
Blinor, Francis and Kathrine Butterwortt Bxecutors — Son, James 

Digitized by 



Buttenrortt, and Samuel Linch. Proved 8 Dec, 1748. WitneeBee— 
Peter I>erlck8on, Thomas Paaenee (Parsons), Robt. Howard. 

1748, Dec. 8. Jacob Corwaluson administered on estate of James But- 
terwort, with will of said Butterwort annexed. Bondsman — ^Robt How- 
SLTd. Witness— Samuel Whitehome. Salem Wills. 790 Q. 

1748. Dec. 7. Inventory (£70.19.8), Includes sheep, oxen, and cattle. 
Appraisers— Robt. Howard. Thomas Pasenes (Parsons). 

17B9^ Aw. 98. Bstterwort, James, of Salem County. Int. Admr., 
Jacob Comealuson. Bondsman — Thomas Tussey. Both of Penns 
Neck. Lib. 7, p. 27. 

1760, Auff. 20. Inventory. £8.0.11. Appraisers — ^Robt. Howard. Thomas 

174II* April 8. Bat te r ft ortkt John, of Deptford Township, Olou- 
•oester Co. Int. Admx., Ester Butterworth, widow, of same place. 
William AriU and Peter Rambo, fellow bondsmen. Witness— John 
Budd. Lib. 6, p. 108. 

1745. April 9 and 10. Inventory, £108.04.02. Appraisers — Peter Rambo, 
IflTilliam Arrell. Jun. Signed '*Hester Butterworth.'* 

1748-9» Harck 8. Bvyce (Boyee» Bolce), John, of Middlesex Co., 
yeoman; will of. Children — ^John, Qeorgre, Mary (wife of Matthias 
Smock), Anffeltie, Syntje and Catherine. Granddaughter — Slntje, 
daughter of son Jacob, deceased, a minor. Land bought of Aria 
Booram. Executors — ^wife, Syntje, and sons, John and George Boyce. 
Witnesses — Ctoorge Buyce, Cornelius Bice, and B. Lagrange. Proved 
Sept. 27, 1749. Lib. B, p. 882. 

1749. April 14. Inventory of estate. £610.19.7 ; made by Hend. Fisher 
and (3eorge Buys. 

17»» May M. Byerly, Tkomas, Baq.. of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co. ; 
will of. Land purchased Jan. 26, 1706, of Nathan Tilson and Jon- 
athan Johnson, both of the Inner Temple. London, gentlemen, in 
partnership with Robert Parker, Esq., of Grays Inn, Middlesex Co., 
Great Britain. Sisters — ^Margaret (widow of Bradwarthen Tindale, 
Bsq.), Clare, Elisabeth. Arrabella and Catherine Byerly. Children 
of brother. Robert Byerly. deceased, vis., Robert, Phillip. Ann, Elis- 
abeth, and Mary Byerly. To Church at Perth Amboy handsome pulpit 
cloth and cushion with an altar cloth, "my coat-of-arms to be 
wrought in each of them, with T. B. in cypher." Executors — Joseph 
Murray, of New York City, and John Kinsey, Junr., of Woodbridge, 
attorney. Witnesses— David Stewart, Margaret Dagworthy. Eliza 

1726. June 1. Codicil — ^Friend, Thomas Jackson. £50. Witnesses — 
Edward Hart. Joseph Bonny. Robert Mannering. Proved March 27, 
1788. Lib. B. p. 447. 

174ll» Jvae 88. Caldwell* Hugh, of Township of Deptford, Glou- 
cester Co. Daughter, Jean, not of age. Sister, Jennet Mefall. Wife's 
•on. William Cox, and her daughter, Hannah Cox. Sole executrix — 
wife. Witnesses— John Brown, John Wood, Gabriel Rambo. Proved 
19 July, 1746. Lib. 6, p. 176. 

1746, July 18. Inventory (£888.8.9) includes 6 cows, 2 pair of oxen, 
1 boat, 1 canoe, and Held of green tobacco. Appraisers — ^Alexr. Randall, 
Gabriel Rambo. 

Digitized by 



IT'it-SO, Feb. 24. Callaluui (KelabaB), Johm, of Penns Neok« Satom 
Co., farmer; will of. Wife, Marffrat, executrix. Children — ^Marey, 
John and Mar^rat. Wltnesfles— Alen Conffelton, Jane Conselton, 
James Barkley. Proved S Sept., 1760. Lib. %, p. 410. 

1750. Aug, 25. Inventory (£164.16.3.) of John Callahan, husbandman, 
Indudee Rldlnir horse, oxen and cattle. Appraisers — Samuel Whitehome. 
Alen Congelton. 

1756^ Oct. 29. Callaham, Marsaret* of Penns Neck, Salem Co., 
widow; will of. "For the settling of my estate which is the third 
part of the estate of John Calahan, my husband, I ffive my son, John, 
minor,'* etc. Daugrhters — Catharine Strong. Mary, and Margraret Calla- 
han. Executor — ^Alen Congleton. Witnesses — Jane Oroome, Solomon 
Almon, Samuel Whitehorne. Proved 16 Jany., 1760. Lib. 6, p. 897. 

Inventory, £160.12.8. Appraisers — Joseph Elwell, Saml. Whitehorne. 

1789, Oet. 24. CanUleM (CanfleM)* Racbcl, of Essex Co., about 18 
years of affe. Bond of Nathaniel Wheeler, Junr., as iruardian. Na- 
thaniel Wheeler, Senr., fellow bondsman, both of Newark. Witness — 
Thomas Clark. Lib. C p. 898. 

174S, Dee. 8. Camp, Johm, of Cape May County. Int. Administra- 
tors — Blenor Camp and Daniel Ingersol (Bnffersol). Fellow bonds- 
man, Peter Scull. All of Cape May County. Witnesses— Henry Younff, 
Nathan Oeldin, Samuel Bverson. Cape May Wills, 108E. 

1748, Dec. 2. Inventory of personal estate (£129.6.0) includes 7 cows, 
and calves, *'44 galens of Rum and 7 salens of melases, 14 pounds of 
suffer" ; note of Johnasson and Ellas Sampels, bond from John Champion, 
note from Ellas Champion, *'in E Lyas Gaudy hands." Appraisers — ^Peter 
Scull. Nathan Geldin (or (^Idln). 

1782, Marek 18. Campbell, Archibald, of New York, merchant; will 
of. Daughter, Mary, a minor. Cousins — John and Jannet Campbell, 
children of my deceased uncle, Capt. Duffald Campbell, both under 
age. Land in Oranflre and Ulster Counties, in the Mlnnisink Patent. 
Executors — wife, Mary Campbell, and friends, John Lemonted and 
William Jamison. Witnesses — Simeon Sonmaion, Joseph Haynea. 
Proved Jan. 16, 1786. Lib. C, p. 59. 

1784, Oet. 19. Campbell, DnffaU of Woodbridffe, Middlesex Co.; will 
of. Children — ^Duffel, Nelle, Rachel, and Anne Campbell, all under 
age. Lands bought of Joseph Oillman, Thomas Pike, Moses Bishop, 
William Mackdaniel, James Brown, and Jonathan Dunham. Execu- 
tors — ^wife, Rodey, William Mackdaniel of Woodbrldge, and Neil 
Campbell of Piscataqua. Witnesses — Samuel Ayres, John Campbell, 
Wm. Sharp, Jr. Proved Dec. 2. 1784. Lib. B, p. 688. 

1788, April 18. Campbell* John Sr., of PisoaUway, Middlesex Co., 
mason; will of. Wife, Mary. Children — John, Duglas, James, Mar- 
garet, Janet, Ann, NeiU. Executors — wife, and son James. Wit- 
nesses — Joseph Ayers, William Mackdaniel (one other name un- 
decipherable). Proved April 18, 1788. Lib. B, p. 297. 

1748, Nov. 11. Campbell, Peter, of Cumberland Co.; will of. Wife, 
Mary. Sons— Robert and William Campbell. Sole executor — Son, 
llobert. Witnesses— John Champion, Uriah Wheaton. Proved 28 
Feb., 1748-9. (Sworn at Cape May). Lib. 6, p. 88. 

Digitized by 



174S-S. Jan. 12. Inventory of personal estate (£49.7.6) Includee notes 
from John Bond. Thoe. and John E«dwarde ; account acainst William Soan- 
Inn, Charles Loyd, John Veal. Appraisers — John Champion, Lawrenos 
Pettsrson, Senr. 

inw» April a*. Camphell, Rohert, late of "Tokehow/' CumherUnd 
Co. Int. Adminx., Mary Bell, of Maurice Rirer, widow. Fellow 
bondsman — ^Lowerance Peterson of same place. Witnesses — Stephen 
Ayers, Blias Cottin^. 

17S0, April 20. Inventory of personal estate, £20.19.6. Appraisers-^ 
LiowTanoe Peterson, John Comppion ('signed "John (^hapion*'). 

Cumberland WUls. 66 F. 

174S, Dec a. Caafleld, Ahlel* of Newark. Essex Co.; will of. Wife, 
Joanna. Son — ^Abiel, under age. Nephew, Jabes Canfleld. Sisters— 
Bethya Wheeler, Rachel Cutler. Lands devised to me in will of 
father. Joining lands of Usal Ward, John Harrison, David Ward. 
Kxecutors — ^brother, Ebeneser Canfleld, and Isaac Lyon. Witnesses — 
Caleb Wheler, Isaac Ogden, David Ogden. Proved Feb. 14. 1745-6. 

1746-6, Feb. 12. Bbeneser Canfleld refuses to accept the executorship. 

Lib. D. p. 264. 

17S8, Oct. 14. Canfleld* Beajaiaia* of Newark, Essex Co., yeoman; 
will of. Son, Jabes Canfleld, under age. Sword which was my 

father's. Land Joining lands of Crane, James Nutman, Israel 

Canfleld, Daniel Tichnor; land willed me by my father, Joseph Can- 
fleld. in his will dated Dea 6, 1722; land in the Great Neck, Joining 
lands of Hoses Ball. John Ogden, Mr. Plerson. Wife, Hehetabell, sole 
executrix. Witnesses — ^Wm. Turner, Joseph Truman, Thos. Jack- 
man. Proved Oct. 22. 1728. Lib. C. p. 216. 

1744» April 34. Caafleld* Israel, of Newark, Essex Co., shoemaker; 
will of. Children — Phebe Bruen, Abigail Beach, Hannah Ward, Sarah, 
Thomas. David, Ephraim, Israel, and Abraham. Meadow, called Lud* 
dington, by Wheeler Creek; also club meadow; lands called Chestnut 
Hill and Tompkins Point. Ephraim, when of age, to pay £10 for 
maintenance of Presbyterian Ministry. Executors — wife, Sarah, and 
eldest son, Thomas. Witnesses — Nathaniel Johnson, Silas Halsey, 
David Bostwick. Proved Sept. 24, 1744. Lib. D, p. 172. 

1T8S» Dec 8. Canfleld (Camfleld), Joseph, of Newark, Essex Co., 
yeoman; will of. Children — Benjamin (to have my sword). Ebeneser, 
Abiell, Bethyah and Rachell. Daughter, Bethyah, to have all things 
fftven her by deed of gift March 16, 1721. Lands Joining lands of 
James Nuttman, John Ogden, Mr. Pierson, Israel Canfleld, Daniell 
Tichiner, and Creane; also lands Joining lands of John Harri- 
son, John Wall, Mr. John Plum, Joseph Rogers; land on Maple Is- 
land Creek. Executors — son, Benjamin, and friend. John Crane. Wit- 
nesses — Jno. Cooper, Joseph Riggs, Junr., Abyah Olive. Proved Jan. 
10, 1722-4. Lib. B, p. 490. 

1722-4, March 4. Inventory of personal estate, £237.07.10. made by 8. 
Cooper, Thomas Longworth. 

17di-€» Feh. 7. Carhari, Roheri, of Monmouth Co. William and 
Mary Robertson renounce right of administration on estate to Richard 

1746-6, Feb. 16. Bond of Richard Franses of Monmouth County mer- 
chant, principal creditor, as administrator of the estate. (Charles Morgan 

Digitized by 



Of Middlesex County, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Witnessed by David 
Robertson. Lib. D, p. 860. 

, . — . Inventory of the esUte (£80.14.10). ind. 87 boolcs; 

made by Arthur Brown, Jarrett Wall and John Brown. Filed February 
16, 1746-6. 

17S1, Iter. 19. Cartatoa (CarrlsiTtOA). Joha* of Newark, Essex Co.; 
nuncupative wilL Directs that John Meadliss, Joseph Bruin. Samuel 
Ailing and James Keen take charge of his estate, and for their trouble 
to have one equal third part of the remainder, after sending two- 
thirds to the four children of his sister in Bn^land; if they cannot be 
located, to go towards founding a school for poor children in New- 
ark. Witnesses-— Jonathan Serjeant, Thomas Baffles, Hanah Mead- 
liss. Proved Dec. 18, 1782. Lib. B, p. 869. 

17S2-S, Feb. 1. Administration granted to John Meedliss, Joseph Bruen, 
Samuel Allinff and James Keen. 

1782-8, Jan. 18. Inventory of personal estate, (£286.00.08), ind. debts 
due by widow Hanah Carrinton, deceased, and the widow, Mary Crane; 
made by Samuell Farrand, John Cooper. 

1744, Nov. 15. Above inventory appraised by Samuel Farrand in con- 
junction with John Cooper, ESsq. who is since deceased. Second appraise- 
ment includes bonds of Wm. Grant, John Hendrick and Sam*ll Dod. 

1746, May 22. Accompt of administrators showing payments to Doctor 
Powell. Timothy Shelly. John Stiles, Joseph Johnson, John Low, John 
Harrison, Joseph Webb. Samuel Cooper, Cornelius Beard, Thomas Lyon, 
David Ogden. Benjamin (^anfleld. Thomas Sergeant. John Bruin. Thos. 
Ailing, Robert Ward, Timothy Ward. Jonathan Oane. Samuel Plum, 
Widow Curry. Oarshum Gardner, Nath'll Wheeler, Sam'll Farrand, John 
Crane. Thomas Davis, Solomon Boile, Isaac Bonnell, Dan'll Crane. David 
Young, Nath'll Bowers, Jonathan Ward, David Ward. Peregrine Santford. 
John Morris, John Hambleton; debts due from James Souter. William 
Shours. Philip Harris, John Bartlett, Messrs. Lattough and Haines, Atto'ys 
for residuary legatees. William Harris. 

1782-S. Jaa. ao. Carl, Jonas (Joaali), of Elisabeth Town. Essex Co. 
Hanah Carl, of Elizabeth Town, desires that her father, Joannis 
Vanwlnkle, be appointed administrator on estate of her husband. 
Witness-— John Blanchard. 

1782-8, Jan. 22. Administration granted to John Van Wyncle. John 
Decamp and John Blanchard, fellow bondsmen, both yeomen. 

Lib. B, p. 860. 

1782-8. Jan. 81. Inventory of personal estate. £69.04.00 ; made by Ben- 
jamin Pettit, John Blanchard. 

17S9, March 14. Carle, Barak, of Salem Co., widow. Int. Admrs., 
Benont Dare and Jeremiah Fifthlan. Bondsman — Nicholas Oibbon, 
Salem County, gent. Witness — John Hopkins. Lib. 4, p. 199. 

1789, March 18. Inventory, £27.7.5. Appraisers— Nicholas Oibbon, 
Andw. Gardner. 

1744, March ao. Carllle, Joha, of City of Burlington, carpenter; 
will of. Mother. Mary Carlile. Wife. Anne, sole executrix and resi- 
duary legatee of estate. Witnesses — Thomas Shaw. Chris'er Wether- 
ill, Abigail Mason. Proved May 1. 1746. Lib. 6, p. 120. 

1789. March 17. Carll* AMel, Sr,, of Salem County, yeoman. Int. 

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Admr., Ablel Carle, vent. Bondsmen — Benjamin Crtpps, William 
Tttfte; all of Salem. WitneMea — Jon. Smith* Junr., Dan. Mestayer. 

Lib. 4. p. a2S. 
1739, March 19. Inventory, £26.19.11. Appraisera — ^Andw. Gardiner, 
Wmiam Tufte. 

lTtti» Mareh 14. Carll* Samk, late of Salem Co., widow. Adminis* 
tration granted to Benonl Dare and Jeremiah Fithian. Nicholas Gib- 
bons, fellow bondsman, rent. Lib. 4, p. 199. 

1739. March 18. Inventory of personal estate, £27.7.6 ; made by Nichs. 
Qlbbon and Andw. Gardiner. 

1744, Amm* 9B* Cansam. Caleb, of Hopewell Township, Hunterdon 
Co.. yeoman, "beinff sick;'* will of. Plantation where testator lived 
and all personal estate, except a mare colt belonffinr to the mare 
called the Potomack mare, to wife Abigail during widowhood, and 
then to his son, Jonathan, a minor. If Jonathan shall die under mge, 
•state to testator's son John, and all his daughters then living. 
Bona, Samuel and Jasper, plantation in Morris County. Bxeoutors— 
wife and Jonathan Foreman, of Hopewell. Witnesses— John Fidler, 
Joseph Price and Christopher Search. Proved October 6, 1744. Bxe- 
cntors — ^Abiffail Carman and Jonathan Furman. Lib. 6, p. 48. 

1741, IfoT. S4. CarmaB, Joha, of Middletown. Renunciation of riffht 
of administration by the widow, Martha Carman, in favor of "my 
beloved brothers, Joseph Carman and John Dorsett." Witnessed by 
Samuel Jobs, Jr. Lib. C. p. 466. 

1741, Nov. 28. Bond of Joseph Carman, yeoman, of Middletown, as 
administrator. John Dorset, of Middletown, yeoman, and Thomas Rat* 
toone. of Perth Amboy. cordwainer, fellow bondsmen. 

1741. Nov. 17. Inventory of estate. £89.18.8 V^, made by Cornelius 
Dooren, Jarratt Wall and Joseph Smith. 

1748-9. Mar. 9. Account of estate by the administrators mentions 
bonds of Jacob Covenboven and John Lans:don. 

ITS, Aw. ao. Canuaa, Samnei, of Middletown Township, Mon- 
mouth Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Sarah. Children — John, Timothy, 
Hannah Lanvlun and Richard. Executors — sons John and Timothy, 
who are to sell testator's plantation on Lonff Island called Hungry 
Harbour. To said sons is devised a patent ri^ht to land in Hempstead 
Township on Lonv Island. Witnesses — Richard and Jonathan Stout, 
and Robert Dodsworth. Proved December 16, 1729. Lib. B, p. 257. 

173C A«K. 10. Carmaa, Tfatothy, of Little Bffffharbour, Burlinffton 
Co.. yeoman. Administration granted to Ann Carman, widow. Wil- 
liam Pettit, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. 4, p. 71. 

1716, Aug. — Inventory of personal estate, £93.8.11 ; made by John 
Burr and Thomas Marshall. Includes note of John Carman. 

1737, Sept. 29. Account of Peter Risley and Ann. his wife, formerly 
vldow and administratrix of Timothy Carman, showing payments to 
tbe Coroner and his Jury "the fees on view's the body of the dec'd, who 
was drown'd," and debts due to Jon. Bryan, Thos. Marshall, Peter Cav- 
^Uer. Maham Southwick. Marflr't Manns. John Caine, Catherine Peiroe. 
Tboa Oriffe, Robert White, Thoa Mark, Abraham Bryan, BenJ'n Carman. 
*od Jon. Carman. 

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174B-«» Jan. 90. CarmeB* 9ummtU of Woodbridffe* Middlesex Co^ 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Margaret Carmen. Children — Stephen, Sam- 
uel and Abigail Carmen, all under a^e. Executor — ^father, Richard 
Carmen. Real and personal estate. Witnesses — ^Bbeneser Saltar, 
James Moores, Nuffient Kelly. Proved June 16, 1747. Lib. E, p. 66. 

1746-6. Mar. 17. Inventory of personal estate, £118 ; made by Timothy 
Bloomfleld and Zedeklah Bonham, all of Woodbridge. Witness — ^Richard 

1745, Aum* 16. Carmer, Nleholas, of New Brunswick, Middlesex Cc 
mariner; will of. Children — Thomas, Frederick, Henry, Nicholas, 
and Mary, all under age. Expected child. Real and personal estate. 
Executors — wife, Aeltie, and father, Henry Carmer, of New York 
City mariner. Witnesses — Wm. Farquahar, Jno. Van Norden, James 
Lyne. Proved Auff. 28, 1746. Lib. D, p. 817. 

17S9, May 34. Carpenter, Hope, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Children — Edward, Hope, James (at 21 years), Phebe 
Ross, Jane. Mary, Rachel and Hanah Carpenter. Land Joining lands 
of Samuel Lum, deceased, and John Porter. Executors — wife, Mary, 
and friend, James Crane. Witnesses — Jeremiah Crane, Jno. Osbom, 
Susanah Crane. Proved April 24, 1740. Lib. C, p. 888. 

1740, April 24. Inventory of personal estate, £100.04.06 ; sworn to by 

1744, Oct. 1. Carpenter, Jokn* of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co., hus- 
bandman, "beinff sick;" will of. Wife, Mary. Son, John, one half 
of farm in Hopewell, bounded by land of Timothy Titus. Jr.. Charles 
Huff, Joseph Moore. Other half to son, Hesekiah, bounded by road 
to Trenton, etc. Daughters, Sarah and Mary, when of age or at 
marriage, one acre of land in Trenton, bounded by Henry Carter, 
Joseph Green and William Surman. Sons, when aged 16 to be ap- 
prenticed. Executors — ^wife, Mary, and her father. Major Ralph 
Hart. Witnesses — Ralph Hart, Jr., Jeremiah Woolsey, David CowelL 
Proved April 2, 1746. Lib. 6, p. 114. 

178S, Nov. 80. Carre, Lovls, of Allentown, Upper Freehold town- 
ship, Monmouth Co., merchant; will of. Wife, Margaret, to receive 
negroes, etc Son, Louis, under are, a sword, neflrro called Paris, etc. 
Executors — wife; father, Lewis Carre; brother, John Lewis Pintard, 
and friend, Isaac Stelle. Witnesses — ^Thomas Parks, Moses Robins, 
Junior, and Isaac Stelle. Proved Dec. 21, 1782. Lib. B, p. 866. 

178S, A«K* SS. CarroU, Henry, of Salem Co., labourer; will of. 
Friend, Henry Warrington, two gold rings and a silver snuff box in 
custody of Frances Dunlap. Francis Hogshead to pay James Eld- 
ridge. Legacies to John Warrington, William Reynolds, Thomas 
Moore. Witnesses — Benjamin Baxter and James Dole.( Not proved). 

1782, Sept 6. Bond of Henry Warrington, yeoman, of Chester, Bur- 
lington Co, as administrator. Joseph Rockhill, innholder. of Burlington, 
fellow bondsman. (Burlington), Lib. 8, p. 212. 

1732, Sept. 19. Inventory of personal estate, £19.6.8 ; made by Joseph 
Stokes and Thomas Hackney. 

1788. Oct 9. Account of Henry Warrington on estate of "Henry Car- 
rallee." late of Chester, Burlington Co., showing debts paid to James Bld- 
ridge and Thomas Moor. 

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174r» Dec S4. C«mthen» JaaMs* late of Salem Co. Bond of Sam- 
uel Holmes aa administrator. Andrew Gardiner, of Salem Town, fel- 
low bondsman. Lib. 5, p. 424. 

1745, April 18. Inventory of personal estate, £188.17.0; made by 
Ananl's Sayre and Bbeneaer Miller. 

1747. Dec. 28. Lydia Caruthers, widow, renounces administration In 
fovoor of Samuel Homes, Esq., of Greenwich. 

1748p Oct. 1. Carter* Baraalbwm of Hanover, Morris Co., gentle- 
man; will of. Sons — ^Barnabus (executor), Benjamin (executor), Luke 
and NatbanleL Daughter — ^Mary Wines. Grandchildren — Susannah, 
Sarah (not 18), and Simon HalL Meadows on Passlack River and a 
srlst milL Witnesses — Jeremiah Genunff, Stephen Ward. Proved 19 
Oct., 1748. Lib. 5, p. 548. 

1748p April ac Carter, Heary» of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., car- 
penter, belnr sick; will of. Wife, Hannah, one-third of house and lot 
in Trenton where testator lived, until youngest children are 21. Son, 
William, £6 when house Is sold, and profits from half of said house 
and lot which testator purchased from David CowelL House In 
Philadelphia. Other children — Susannah Chambers, Henry, Hannah, 
Spencer and Ann Carter. Executors — wife, Hannah, and testator's 
brother, Joseph Yard. Witnesses — Arthur Howell, William Surmaa 
(Quaker), and Sarah Surman (or Sarman). Proved October 2, 1750. 

Lib. 6, p. 428. 

1748p Marrh 90. Carter, SamveU of Essex Co. Bond of Annah 
Carter, widow, as administratrix. Benjamin Carter and Benjamin 
Perkins, fellow bondsmen. Witness — Isaac Browne. Lib. E, p. 200. 

1748, Auir* 2. Inventory of personal estate (£26.04.08), ind. notes from 
John (barter, Sam'll Samson, BenJ. Charter, Daniel Cogswell; made by 
Nathaniell Bonnell and Daniel Day. 

174C Oct. 97. Carter, IMTllllam, of Essex Co. Expenses distributed 
by Mary Carter, administratrix, amounting to £9.06.03. 

1746, Nov. 21. Bond of Mary (barter, spinster, as administratrix, on the 
estate of her brother. John Gould and Thomas Woodruff, yeoman, fel- 
low bondsmen. Lib. D, p. 487. 

1746-7, Feb. 26. Mary Charter received from Capt. Henery Arnold, as 
the property of her brother, £68.19. Witnesses— Amos Williams and Daniel 

1748^ Dec 98. Carter, WUllam, late of Fairfield Township, Cum- 
berland Co. Int. AdSnr., Alexander Moore, of Deerfield Township, 
shopkeeper. Bondsman — James Ayers, of same place. Witnesses — 
Phinehas Carll, Ellas Cottlnff. Cumberland Wills, 30F. 

174S, !€•▼. 17. Carty, Felix, of Burllngrton Co. Inventory of per- 
sonal estate, £84.2.9; made by William Murrell and Samuel Hall. 

1748, Dec. 8. Administration granted to Oliver C^arty; Paul Brad- 
thaw, fellow bondsman, both of Northampton, yeomen. 

1747, Dec S4. Carvthers» Jaatee, of Salem Co. Int. Admr., Samuel 
Holms. Bondsman — ^Andrew Gardiner, of the same place. Witness— 
Bdward Test. Lib. 5, p. 424. 

1747, Dec 28. Renunciation of Lydia Caruthers (relict) in favor of 
Samuel Homes, Esq., of Greenwich. 

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1748. April 18. InTeatoiT (£188.17) indndas "Cheany Delto** and € 
•liver spoons, gun and sword. Appraissrs — Ananl's Sayre* Bb«MS«r MIK 

1741-S» Jam. IL Carrll* WUllam, of Shrewsbury, yeoman; will of. 
Wife. Grace, executrix. £8 '*to the little boy, John Cramor," and £6 '^o 
the little boy, William, that Itres with me. if they abide with me,** 
till they are of a^e. Witne s s es James and Joanna Oibbins and Jean 
Parkins. Prored Sept. 26. 1742. Lib. C. p. 662. 

1744» Jan. Iti. Caeeby* Bradway» son of Bdward Caseby, of Salem 
County, ward. (Nothing further). Lib. 6. p. 79w 

17SS» IfoT. 14. Casperson* Johannes* of Penns Neck, Salem Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Children — John, Susanah. Catren Enlowes, Marey 
Boerd, Rebecca. Tobias, Anthony. Real and personal estate. Exe- 
cutors — son, Tobias, and Thomas Miles, of Penns Neck. Witnesses — 
Jeremiah Baker, Lillus Baker, Solomon Olmon. Proved Jan. 2S. 
17SS-4. Lib. 8, p. 88tt. 

1788-4, Jan. 28. Thomas Miles declines executorship. Witnesses — John 
Baton and Jeremiah Baker. Inventory of personal estate, £68.10.9 ; mad* 
by Henry Wallas and John Baton. 

1714, April a*. Casperson. Teblne» of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. 
Admx., Judith Casperson, widow. Bondsmen — Peter Bnlow, Anthony 
Casperson, of said county. Witness — ^Tho. Miles. Lib. 8, p. 410. 

1784, April 28. Inventory (£128.17. H) includes armour, riding horse, 
cattle, crop on the ground and "keeping Henry Vandivere 4 years." Aj>* 
praisers— Peter Bnlows, Thos. Miles. 

1747, Feb. 8. Caaaon. W^llUaai, of Deptford, Gloucester Co. Int. 
Admx., Jane Casson, widow. Gabriel Rambo, blacksmith, bondsman. 
Both of same county. Witness — Isaac Stephens, John Ladd. Sirned 
"Jean Corseon." Lib. 6. p. 14. 

1747, Jany. 26. Inventory, £29.06.06 H. Appraisers^Isaac Stephens, 
Richard West 

17S8, Jnne 8. Catallne (Caateriine)* Bamet. Administration grant- 
ed to Jennet Parker, principal creditor. Lib. B, p. 808. 

1780-1* 1% BiO. (Feb.), 28 da. Cattell. Jonas, of Deptford Township, 
Gloucester Co., yeoman; will of. Son James, land on the northeasterly 
side of the Run, he to pay £10 to his sister Hannah when she will be 
21. Son, William, the plantation I live on, he to pay £40 to my son 
Jonas in five years after said William arrives at 21. Executors — 
wife, Mary, and Joseph Tomlinson. Witnesses — James Dilkes, John 
Dilkes, Const. Wood. Proved 20 April, 1781. Lib. 8, p. 124. 

1730-1, 1 mo. (Mar.). 11 da. Inventory (£261.14.1H). inchides larg^ 
Bible. 14 cows. 4 oxen, 6 young cattle. Appraisers — Jonathan Ladd. 0>n- 
stantine Wood. 

1747» Ans. as. Caweod (Cawod), Theauw* 8en*r» of Perth Amboy. 
Middlesex Co.; will of. Children — Thomas, Benjamin (under aire), 
Sarah Letts, Phebe and Sarah. Real and personal estate. ESxecutors- 
— ^son, Thomas, and friend, Samuel Foord. Witnesses — Abigail Brown.. 
William Kent, Oswald Foord. Proved Sept. 14, 1747. Lib. B, p. 79* 

Digitized by 



1747, Sept. 25. Inventory of personal estate, £69.10.7 ; made by Oswald 
Fbord and DaTid Kent. 

1TS0» N*T. 37. Ckamberlmlm, Jokn, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co. 
Bond of Rebecca Chamberlain, widow, as administratrix. John Mor- 
ris, of Shrewsbury, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. C. p. 298. 

1741« Dee. 16. Ckambem, James, of New Windsor, Middlesex Co., 
yeoman; will of. Sons — John, Robert, Elijah and Abijah, all under 
as-e. Land purchased of John Porterfleld. Personal estate. Exe- 
cutors — wife, Phebe, and brothers, Robert and Joseph Chambers. 
Witnesses — Francis Chambers, Sarah Chambers, Mary Chambers. 
ProTed Nov. 16, 1748. 

174S, Dec 1. Letters testamentary srranted to Robert and Joseph 
Chambers, the surviving executors. Lib. 5. p. 546. 

178S» April 7. Ckambera, Jokn, Sr., of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., 
yeoman. Eldest son, John, land whereon he lives, south of the Ale- 
wife brook and north of highway to Little Silver Neck, Joining Peter 
Wliite. Daughter, Patience Wainwri^ht, land testator lives on and 
land below Lippincott's meadow, west of Content Bills and David 
Allen, both lots on Narrawatticund Neck. Son, Josiah Chambers, 
"non compos mentis.*' Son-in-law, Thomas Wainwri^ht, husband of 
daughter Patience. Grandson, John Wainwright. Executors — son, 
John, and son-in-law, Thomas Wainwriffht. Witnesses — Joseph Park- 
er. Jean West and Jacob Dennis. Proved May 4, 1738. Lib. B, p. 458. 

1749» April 19. Ckambem, Joka, of Chester, Burlingrton Co., yeo- 
man; will of. "Beinff in advanced acre.'* Orandson, John Chambers, 
106 acres. 6 of them adjoining Jacob Lippincott, he paying his brother 
William and sister Mary each £10. Daughters — Ann, Sarah Erwin, 
Ellxabeth Le Coney and Rebecca Walker. Children of my dau., 
Martha and her husband, Patrick Jones. Daughter, Ann, sole exe- 
cutrix. Witnesses — Thomas Worinton, Mary Worinton, Gab. Blond. 
Proved Nov. 9, 1749. 

1749, Nov. 8. Inventory of personal estate, £66.1.4 ; made by Joseph 
Stokes and John Rudderow. Burlington Wills, 4421C. 

17S1, Jsae SS. Ckamkera, Rlckard* of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co. 
Administration granted to Ann Chambers, the relict. Lib. B, p. 102. 

1731. May 25. Inventory of personal estate, £208.08.6. incl. a sloop and 
rigging; made by Stoffel Langstraat, Philip Eldwards and William Brin- 

17M, Fek. 1%. Ckamkles, James* of Salem Co. Int. Admr., Erasmus 
Fetters of Elsenburrough, said County, yeoman. Witness — Nichl. 
Gibbon. Lib. 8, p. 160. 

1749. Sept. 20. Inventory (£406.12.0) includes farming stock. Ap- 
praisers — ^Thos. Hancock, Nathaniel Chambless. 

1755. May 9, filed in the file of 1750. Account showing names of William 
SIddons. John Hale, Jonah Scogging. William Adams, Nathaniel Chamless, 
Grace Maron. Edmund Test, Daniel Hudey, John Stewart, Margaret Eaton, 
John Ware, William Tufte, Edward Draper, Peter Davey, William Crow, 
John Whittal, Ehrasmus Fetters, William Barker, Aaron Broadway, John 
Tbompaon, John Evins, John Andrews, Nichl. Gibbons, Marg. Galaspy, 
JBllsabeth Dare, Jonah They, Richard Wister, Joshua Hale, Roberts 

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Walker* Peter Bnranlmnr. Thomas Handly, Itoimiel McCleniiic. Harltn 
McQrauch, John Test. John Acton, Henry Hale, Joeeph Sharp, WiUiam 
Finn. WUllam Goodwin. 

17B0» Dee. 11. Champloa* BUaa* of Great Kgg Harhor, Gloucester 
Co., "GenteL" "My four sons to have £10 a piece." Oldest son, Thom- 
as, landa Remainder of estate to wife to brlnff up the children. A 
heifer to William GereL Bxecutor — John Ireland. Witnesses— George 
Drummond. John Wetherbe, Ruth Irland. Proved 28 Jany., 1750. 

Lib. 7. p. S71. 

1750-1. Mar. 6. Inventory (£121.9.8) Includes cattle and oxen. Ap- 
praisers — James Somers. George Drummond. 

17S8, 18th day* 10th mo. (Dee.). Chaaiploa. Mathew* of Town and 
Co. of Burllnffton, yeoman; will of. Cousins — James Dent, of Thome, 
Co. of York, Great Britain; Hannah Knlffht, of Wlnterlnffham, near 
Thelby, In Lincolnshire, and Rachel, wife of Mathew Mayor, living 
In Yorkshire. Legacies to Friends of Quarterly and Monthly Meet- 
ings of Burlington, vis., Martha Dickson, Sarah Plowman, Ellshab 
Allison, DugUs Hireton, Sarah Dawson. Elizabeth Guest. Ann CowgUl, 
Sarah (wife of Abraham Marriott), and William White. Whereas In 
my former will I left considerable estate to my wife to dispose of 
and she Is since deceased. I give the same to her friends and relatives, 
viz., Garvls Pharo and his son James, kinsman John Scholey and his 
children, kinsman Thomas Ridgway's children by his first wife, kins- 
man William Murfln's children, kinsman James Pharo and his sister 
Mary Holl well's children, John Butcher, JuVii, wife and their chil- 
dren, Mary wife of Daniel Smith and their children, viz., Robert, John, 
Benjamin and Catherine Calinder, brother-in-law John Murfin and 
John Syke's children. Real and personal estate. Executors — friends 
and kinsmen, John Sykes and Daniel Smith. Ju'r. Witnesses — Thomas 
Wetherill, Joshua Raper, Is. DeCow. Proved Oct. 21, 1786. 

Lib. 4, p. 88. 

1785. 1st day, 7th mo. (Sept.). Inventory of personal estate, £1619.1.4; 
made by IsDeCow and Joshua Raper. 

1748, April 19. ChaaiploB, Nathaalel, of Waterford, Gloucester Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife. Mary. Children — Elizabeth. Nathaniel, Sarah, 
Benjamin and Thomas. E«xecutors — wife, Mary, and Samuel Shivers. 
Witnesses — Josiah Shivers, John Shivers. Joseph Armstrong. Afllrmed 
10 June, 1748. Lib. 5. p. 624. 

1748. June 9. Inventory (£286.10.0). Includes horse, cattle, sheep, 
swine, etc. Appraisers — Josiah Shivers, John Shivers. 

1748-0» Jaa. 8. Champlea. Peter, of Gloucester Co., yeoman. Int. 
Admx., Ann Champion, of Waterford, widow. William Ellis, bonds- 
man, of same county. Lib. 6, p. 76. 

1748-9, Jan. 81. Inventory (£289.6.1). Includes oxen, cows and negro 
man. Appraisers — ^John Shivers, Aaron Aronson. 

178S, Jam. ttt Champmess , SMIward, of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. 
Admrs., Thomas Mason. Isaac Sharp, Junr., Clement Hall, all of said 
County, gentlemen. Witnesses — John Barradwlll. Juner (mark). John 
Groves. Tho. Miles. Lib. 2, p. 228. 

1732, 10 mo. (Deo.), 6 da. Renunciation of Fenwlck (^hampnis. brother 
of said deceased and petition of above named Admrs. Witness Wm. 
WhIttalL Lib. 8, p. 224. 

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ITtt, IS da., 10 mo. (Dec). Itnrantory (£Se.6.0) tncludM bond of Juum 
Barbor. Appralaera— William V»nnenmn, La^ais Holsten (Laranoe Hoi- 

17SS, Jan. 2t. Aooount namee. Phillip Yandlnear, Thomas Maaon, 
Cl«nant Hall, John Whittal, John Kidd. Qeorge Pamroy and Cloud Haly. 

ITU; Jaa. ao^ Cluuidler* JiMMph, of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Admra.. 
Mary Chandler and Jonathan Smith, all of said Comity. Bondsman — 
Daniel Smith. Witnesses — John Den, Will Tyler. 

17S2, Jan. 24. Inventory (£141.8.6.) of Joseph (Chandler of Alloways 
Creek, includes horses, cattle, sheep, swine, and Bible. Appraisers W ill 
Tyler, John Den. 

17d»-Mw Feb. 8. Cluipauui* Jsha* of Bethlehem Township, Hunter- 
don Co.; will of. Son, Oeor^e. To Rachel Jones, for life, land where 
John (3oheen then lived in Bast Nantmell Township, Chester Co., Pa. 
After her death plantation to "my son Q^orge, my daughter Sarah, 
and Hannah Jones, Ruth Jones and Lydia Jones." Residue to Rachel 
Jones. Bxecutors— Rachel Jones and John Ooheen. Mentions John 
Ooheen's lease. Witnesses — Will. Marritt, William Silverthorn and 
John Clarke. Proved March 29, 1750. Lib. 6, p. 288. 

1750. June 28. Rachel Jones was sworn as executrix. 

1750, March 26. Inventory of estate, £284.17.0, including plantation of 
180 acres in (tester Co., Pennsylvania. Made by William Marritt and 
Isaac Lanen. 

17B1» Jmmt 14. CkapmaB, Robert (Jr.). of Chesterfield, Burlington 
Co., yeoman. Administration granted to Susannah Chapman, widow, 
of Town and Co. of Burlinirton. Joseph Rockhlll and Ralph Peart, 
of same, grentlemen, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 8, p. 108. 

1781, New Castle. (Chapman. Robert, of White Clay Creek Hun* 
dred. sent Account of Susanna (Chapman, sole executrix, having paid 
Thomas Lestrange. Asher Clayton, Jno. Killpatrlck Smith, James James, 
Esq., Doctor Finney, Wm. Reed, Thomas Smith, Mr. (Dayton, Joseph Orr, 
Joeiah Lowden, Saml. Bickley. Thomas Ogle. 

1781, Oct. 20. New Castle. Settled at Orphans' 0>urt before Charles 
Springer, Simon Hadley, David French, James Heritage, and Robert Oor- 
den. Bsqs. 

17SS, Nov. 17. Chapouiii, Robert, Jmrnr^ of Chesterfield, Burlington 
Co., afterwards of Christana Bridge, New Castle Co., upon Delaware, 
gent. Account of William Danford, for himself and for Susanna his 
wife, late Susanna Chapman, administratrix of above exhibited annex- 
ed account showing further payments to James Smith, Esq.. late Sec- 
retary of the Province of New Jersey, Thomas Woodward, Richard 
Blarrison, James Vallett, Daniel Smith, Jr., William Allen of Phila., 
Merch't. John Stamper, Thomas Perry, Israel Pemberton, Joseph 
Heulings, Sarah Bourne, Preserved Brown, Jr. 

Burlington Wills, 2686-980. 

17dS» Oct. ac CluipaiaB, Robert, of Chesterfield, Burlington Co., 
yeoman; will of. 190 acres adjoining Jonathan Cheshire. Sons — 
William and John. Daughters — Martha (wife of Samuel Arnold), Re- 
becca (wife of Evan James) and her dau. Rebecca, and Elisabeth 
(wife of John Milbourn). Grandsons— William and Robert, sons of 
son William. Granddaughters— Mary, daughter of John Chapman, and 
Patience and Elisabeth, daus. of son Edward. Two eldest sons of son 

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Edward, and other grandchildren mentioned but not named. Friends, 
John and Joseph Steward. Real and personal estate. Executors — 
son. Edward, and friends, John and Joseph Steward. Witnesses- 
John Updike, Oeorffe Hopkins, Sam. Harris. Proved April 28, 1749. 

, Nov. 12. John Steward and Joseph Steward, executors, testified 

to signature of Rooert Chapman attached to above wilL Lib. 6, p. 816. 

1749, April 22. Inventory of personal estate, £429.4.4 H ; made by 
Judah Williams and Samuel Cheshire, Includes 80 acres. 

1748-4, Mar. 19. Ckeemnam, Rlckard, of Gloucester Co.; will of. 
Wife, Hannah. Sons — Thomas, Benjamin, Richard, William and 
Peter. Thomas to have land on south side of Cooper's Creek and In 
Township of Gloucester, "except a piece of meadow for Peter Cheese- 
man.'* Richard to have land on which he lives, on the fork of Timber 
Creek, Gloucester Township. William to have land on north side of 
Cooper's Creek, Waterford Township. Peter, land where the saw- 
mill and wharf now stand and all my other lands in Gloucester Coun- 
ty. Executors — Thomas, Peter and Benjamin Cheeseman. Witnesses 
— ^Andrew Ware, Daniel Richmond, Robt. Hubs. Proved 7 Sept., 1744. 

Lib. 5, p. 65. 

1744, Sept. 14. Ckeney, Tkomas, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., 
mariner. Bond of Gerard Syers, of Perth Amboy, principal creditor as 
administrator. Philip Kearny, fellow bondsman. Lib. D, p. 177. 

1784, 28rd day, lOtk mo. (Dee.). Ckesker, Jokn, Jr., of New Han- 
over, Burlingrton Co., yeoman. Wife, Sarah. Daus. — Mary and Eliza- 
beth, both under 12. Home farm of 880 acres. Executors — wife, 
Sarah, and brother, Jonathan Chesher. Witnesses — Sam'l Emly, Sam- 
uel Curtis and Mahlon Wriffht. Proved Feb. 22, 1784. Lib. 4. p. 189. 

1734-6, 14th day. 11th mo. (Jan.). Inventory of personal estate. 
£168.11.11% ; made by Joshua Wright and John Steward. 

1740, Sept. 30. Cheshire, BeMjamIn, of Chesterfield, Burlingrton Co., 
weaver; will of. Sister, Anne, wife of Richard Klrby, and their chil- 
dren — Mary, Richard, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Sam'l and RoJt>ert. 
Brother, Sam'l Cheshire. Sister. Sarah Lipplncott. Sary and Ann. 
daus. of Gershom Shippee. Elisabeth and Hannah, daus. of Rachel 
Everingrham. Elizabeth, dau. of Thos. Stevenson. Real and per- 
sonal estate. Executor — bro., Jonathan Cheshire. Witnesses — Wil- 
liam Klrby, Benjn. Klrby, Tho. Earl. Proved Nov. 19, 1740. 

Lib. 4. p. 269. 

1740. 18th day, 9th mo. (Nov.) Inventory of personal estate, £241.14.9; 
made by Peter Harrison and Benjn. Klrby. 

1786, April 10. Cheshire, Jokm, of Chesterfield, Burlington Co.. yeo- 
man; will of. Wife. Ann. Children — Jonathan. Benjamin, Samuel. 
Ann and Sarah. Grandchildren mentioned but not named. Tract of 
land between William Chapman and William Klrby, and other lands. 
Executors — son, Samuel, and friend, John Steward. Witnesses — 
Abrm. Farington. Caleb Raper. Isa. DeCow. Proved Nov. 8. 1789. 

1739, Ist day, 9th mo. (Nov.). John Steward declines executorship. 

Lib. 4, p. 189. 

1789, 18th day, 8th mo. (Oct.). Inventory of personal estate, £884.1.10; 
made by Joshua Wright and Benjamin Robins. 

1748, Sept. 0. Ckesshtre, Gcorse, of Burlington Co., collier. Ad- 

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ministration granted to David Buckard of City of Burlington, collier. 
Joseph Holllnshead, Esq., of same, fellow bondsman. 

Lib. 6. p. S27; Lib. 7, p. 94. 
174S, Oct. 1. Inventory of personal estate of Oeorge Cheshire of Mount 
Holly, £2.17.6 ; made by John Adams and John Budd. 

17S9, Feb. 4. Chester, John* of Deptford. Gloucester Co., yeoman. 
Int. Qeorffe Cozens, of Greenwich. Admr. Gabriel Rambo, yeoman, 
fellow bondsman, of same place. Witness — Joseph Rose. 

Lib. 4. p. 84. 

1736, Jany. 2S. Renunciation of Abigail Chester, widow of John Ches- 

1786. Feb. 14. Inventory. £49.15.2. Appraisers — ^Alexr. Randall, Ga- 
briel Rambo. 

1787, BCkrch 6. Account shows payments to John Butterworth. Wil- 
liam Arell, Ann Fleming, Obadiah Gibson. Joshua Maddock. Abraham Vin- 
ing. Charity Brown. Joshua Richardson. Francis Batten, Derity Turner, 
George Ward. Junr., Thomas Wilkins, John Worthington. Samuell Chester, 
John Carter. William Tettum. Hannah Ward, John Wood, Marg. Steelman, 
Alexr. Randall, Alezr. King, Ann Cooper. Edward Wilson. 

1748, Dec. 97. Chester, Joseph, of Township of Deptford. Glouces- 
ter Co., laborer; will of. Brothers — William, James and Samuel; 
sister, Elen. Executors — John Wilkins and my brother, Samuel Ches- 
ter. Witnesses — Francis Wood, Isaac Tatum. Affirmed 20 March, 

1748, Jany. 11. Inventory, £80.8.6. Appraisers — ^Wm. Wilkins, Wil- 
liam Wood. Lib. 6, p. 86. 

1790w Oct. 6. Chetwood, John, son of Philip Chetwood of Salem, 
Practitioner of physic, of age of 14 years. Bond of Matthias William- 
son, of Essex Co., as guardian. Peter Schuyler, of Bergen Co., and 
John Halstead. of Essex Co., fellow bondsmen. Witness — A. W. 
Waters. Essex WiUs. 1729-SOG. 

1745, Joly 17. Chetwood, Phillip, of Salem Co.. gent.; will of. Son, 
John, all estate, real and personal. Executors— ^on, John, and my 
brother Willm. Chetwood, and my sister-in-law Elisabeth Hall. Wit- 
nesses — John Pierson, Sarah Wyatt, Danl. Mestayer. Proved 29 July, 

1746. Dec. 14. Letters Testamentary were granted William Chetwood 
and Elisabeth Hall, the executors named in the will, the other executor, 
John Chetwood. being an infant Lib. 5, p. 199. 

1746, July 24. Inventory (£2046.6.6%) includes mortgage on John 
Rolfes' plantation; in the shop, a glass case with chyrurgeon's instru- 
ments, case and pocket ; instruments, motars, pestle, scales, weights, med- 
icines, drugs; cows at James McDonnough's ; negroes; parcel of books, 
law, physick, divinity and hist'y. Mentions Clem Hall, Dr. Cheetwood, 
Thos. Hill's estate, Wm. Ryan, Henry Starks, John Millard. Appraisers — 
Andw. Gardiner, Robert Hart. 

17S4-5, Jaa. 4. Chew, Johm, of Deptford Township. Gloucester Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Sarah. Son Michael to have plantation. 
Daughters — Sarah, Hannah Dilkes, Charity Fisher. Kinsman. Joseph 
Chew. E«xecutors — wife, Sarah, and son. Michael. Witnesses — George 
Ward, Jun., Abraham Lord, Thomas Hodge. Affirmed 27 March, 1786. 

Lib. 4, p. 7. 

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1784-6, Jan. 14. Inventory (iaSO.lH) IndudM horae. catUe, sheep, 
hoffB, fowls and bees. Appraisers— -Qeoive Ward, Jun., Bamuel McCol* 

1748, April 1. Chew* Mlcbael* of Deptford, Olouoester Co., xeoman; 
will of. Wife, Amy, sole executrix, and, during widowhood, planta- 
tion whereon I live and personal for maiataininr my children. In 
case of her marriage plantation to be sold when two youngest daugh- 
ters ' will be 18. Brother-in-law, Samuel Paul, to be ffuardlan of 
children. Daugrhter, Sarah. In case children die under affe, planta- 
tion to go to Michael Fisher, Jun., my sister's son. Witn e asee - J ohn 
Wild, Bzekiel Linsey, Michael Fisher. Proved 4 Feb., 1748. 

Lib. 6, p. 42. 
1748-9, Jany. 11. Inventory (£187.18.9 H)> includes husbandry uten- 
sila Appraisers — Joseph Hedser, Richard Chew. 

17B1» Aes. 21. Ckew, NatkaaAeU U^miimr, of Gloucester, Gloucester 
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary. Sons — Richard, to have plantation; 
Jeffery, SO acres Joining Thomas Munyan, bought of Israel Ward; 
Joseph, 9 acres of meadow bought of Israel Ward, Joining John 
Thomlison's plantation, also 60 acres, bought of Jacob Clements Join- 
ing meadow aforesaid; and Nathaniel (not 21). Daughters — Blisa- 
beth, Taber, Susanna, Mercy, Priscilla, last two under aire. Mentions 
Sarah Jones (not 18). Executors— wife, Mary, and son Richard Chew. 
Witnesses — George Ward, Jun., Henry Eliott, Michael Fisher. Proved 
80 Dec, 1781. Lib. 8, p. 171. 

1781, Sept. 14. Inventory (£107.18.S), includes cows, calves, horses, 
hoirs. Appraisers — John , Junior, Andrew Jones. 

1749, Oct. 14. Chew, Richard, of Deptford Township, Gloucester 
Co., house carpenter. Int. Admr., John Sparks. John Marshall, 
blacksmith, bondsman, all of same place. Witnesses — John Davis 
and John Ladd. Lib. 7, p. 88. 

1749, Sept 28. Inventory (£11.8.0), includes mention of Joseph Olbe- 
son, Nathan Palle. Appraisers — Joseph Butterworth. John Davis. 

1741, Feb. 1. cniew, Samk, of Deptford, Gloucester Co. Int. Admr., 
Michael Chew, yeoman. Fellow bondsman — ^Richard Chew, all of 
same county. Witness — ^Mary Tat em. 

1741, Dec 21. Inventory (£310.9.2H). Includes bonds, bills and book 
debts £252.7.8 H* Appraisers— Richard C^hew, Joseph Hed^er. 

Gloucester WUls, 262 H. 

1740b Nov. 1. Cknrch Jeremiah, of Cape May County, yeoman. Int. 
Admx., Rebeckah Church. Fellow bondsmen — ^Ellsha Hand, John 
Stltes, of same County. Witnesses — Jeremiah Leamingr, Jacob Spioer. 

Lib. 4. p. 267. 

1740, Sept 22. Inventory of personal estate (£120.08.4) includes cattle, 
sheep and swine. Appraisers— Blisha Hand, Thomas Beck. 

1748, Feb. Xt, Clammaas, BeaJamlB (over 19 years old), son of Ed- 
ward, of Burllnffton, petitions that Samuel Stokes, of Chester, he his 
ffuardian, to whom letters of guardianship are issued. 

Burlington Wills, 4851C. 

1787, Oct. 19. Clap, Joha, of Freehold* innkeeper. Inventory of 
estate,£108.13.6; made by Jamea Reynolds, Henry Van Hook and 
Thomas Tomson. 

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CALENDAR OF WILLS — 1 730-175© 95 

lTt7, Oet 12. Bond of Joseph Forman, trader, of Monmouth County^ 
as administrator of estate. James Reynolds, of same County, yeoman, 
fellow bondsman. Lib. C. p. 181. 

irar* A«s» as. Clark, Alezamdsr, of Freehold, yeoman; wlil of. Wife» 
Sarah. Children — ^William, Richard, John, Benjamin, Mary and Elis- 
abeth, all under affe. Executors — wife, her brother Cornelius Van 
Hom« of Freehold, and William Lawrence, Jr., of mddletown. Wit- 
n e ss es — John Reed, Thomas Kinnan, Dorothy Nesbit and William 
Lawrence, Jr. Proved Sept. 8, 1780. Monmouth Wills, 447M. 

1741, April a*. ClsTkt Aam, of Freehold, widow; will of. Bequests 
to— Janet Huttin; Ann Watson, '*who now liyes with me;" Ann Jolly, 
daurhter of William Jolly; William Brown; Richard Bates; Qeorre 
W^alker's children; Ann Barclay, daughter of John Barclay; Joho 
Huttin; John Reid, now of Upper Freehold; James, son of James Reed. 
Mentions, "my deceased husband's will." Executors — ^friends, Timothy 
Lloyd and Qeorge Walker, yeomen. Witnesses — Sarah Crawford, 
Richard Bates, Joseph Forman. 

1746, May 80. CodicU. which fives date of will as April 18. 1741. To 
Hannah, wife of John Button, all that was bequeathed to Janet Huttin. 
Asm Watson, who is now Ann Brown. Mary Watson, daughter of Richard 
Wiatson, deceased. Margaret Brown, daughter of William Brown. Wit- 
nesses — Obadiah Huntt, Jr., Elisabeth Forman and Joseph Forman. Proved 
May 2. 1747. Lib. B, p. 8f. 

174S, Sept. SOw Clark, Beajamla, Jr.» of Windsor, Middlesex Co., 
yeoman; will of. Children — Benjamin and Ann, both under age. 
Brothers, James and John Clarke. Plantation bought of Isaac Fits 
Randolph, at Mlllston River; also plantation and mansion at Stony 
Brook; land laid out to me in a West Jersey right. Executrix — 
wife, Margaret. Witnesses — James Oldden, Ursula Shippey, William 
Worth. Proved Feb. 18, 1748. Lib. D. p. 129. 

1742-8, Feb. 24. Inventory of personal estate, £658.7.8. ; made by 
Ekeklel Smith, William Worth, Benja. Doughtye. 

tm» April 20, Clark, BUaabeth, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., widow. 
Administration granted to Lawrence Smith. Lib. B, p. 247. 

ITdS, Feb. 14. Clark, Isaae, of Morris Co. Int. Admx., Mary (his 
widow). Bondsman — Alexander Roberts. Both of Hanover in afore- 
said county. Lib. B, p. 868. 

1741, Oet. 8. Clark, Joka* of Gloucester Co. Int. Admx., Mary 
Clark, Tuokaho. No bondsman. Witnesses — ^Niell Mcnell, John WiU- 

1741, Oct 8. Inventory, £14.18.0. Appraisers— NeiU Mcneil, John 
WlUett. Sworn at Cape May, 3rd Oct 1741. Gloucester WUls, 268H. 

ITBO, May 21. Clark» John, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co. Bond of 
Hannah Clark, of Trenton, widow, as administratrix. Daniel Tool, of 
same place, surety. Witnessed by Martin Appleby. Lib. 7, p. 84. 

1748, Sept. 6. CTlark, Joaathaa» of the Borough of Elisabeth, Essex 
Co., cordwlnder; will of. Children — ^Mathias, Sarah. David, and 
Jonathan Clark, all under age. Real and personal estate. Executors 

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— ^brothers, and friends John Potter, weaver, and John Clark, cord- 
winder. Witnesses — Jonathan Allen, Caleb Osbom, Junr., Jno. Os- 
born. Proved Oct. 14, 1748. Lib. E, p. 406. 

1714, Sept. !•. CUatL, Mattbew, of New Windsor, Middlesex Co., 
yeoman. Bond of Benjamin Clark, Jr., administrator, with Jamea 
Clark and John Doe, of said county, as fellow bondsmen. 

1784, June 1. Inventory, £268.7.0, made by Eliaklm Hedffer and Giles 
Worth. Middlesex Wills. 86S Ij. 

1788, May 14. Clark, Rlckard, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Anne. John Barclay, of Perth Amboy, £10. Kinsman, 
Richard, son of Andrew Baits, deceased. William, son of John Brown 
late of Chessquaiks. Isabel Fish, daugrhter of Charles Fish, of Free- 
hold. Eldest son of Qeor^e Walker, of Freehold. Anne Barclay, 
daughter of John. Executors — wife, Anne, and friends, Timothy 
Lloyd and Q^or^e Walker, yeomen of Freehold. Witnesses — ^Thomas 
Bedford and Jno. McConnell. Proved May 80, 1738. Lib. B, p. 468. 

1742, Amm* 17. Clark, Richard, of the Borouffh of Elisabeth, Essex 
Co., ship -carpenter; will of. Children — Hannah, Richard, Abigail, 
Elizabeth, Henry, John, and Jonathan. Land purchased of Sayre, of 
about 200 acres. Real and personal estate. Executors — sons, Rich- 
ard, Henry and Jonathan. Witnesses — Edward Willmott, Edward 
QriffinflT. Nath'll Hubbell. Proved May 17, 1743. Lib. D, p. 68. 

1748, May 16. "I Richard Clark bein^ very sick for a lon^ time, and 
still weak, desire my brothers to act without me." Witness — James 

1742, Sept. 14. Inventory of personal estate (£40.06.05), incL bond of 
Jonathan Clark ; made by William Clark, George Ross. 

1748, May 90. Clark, Richard, Sea^, of the Borough of Elisabeth, 
Essex Co.. yeoman; will of. Children — Richard, Blisha, James, Ruben, 
Samuel, Thomas, Rachel (wife of William Lawrence), Jemima (wife 
of Daniel Kellsey). and Abigail Clark, at 18 years. Five sons under 
age. Land in Raway, which my father, Richard Clark, bought of 
Samuel Olliver; land Joining lands of Joshua Marsh, Abraham Clark, 
Andrew Hampton, and John Craig; land taken up in right of Caleb 
Curwithy. Grandson, John Mills, son of daughter Hannah, deceased. 
Executors — wife, Hannah, and son, James. Witnesses — ^Abraham 
Clarke, John Craig, John Terrill. Proved Nov. 6, 1743. Lib. D, p. 97. 

1743, Nov. 2. Inventory of personal estate (£118.08.08), incL bonds of 
Joseph Kelsey, Nathaniel Clarke and John Lee ; made by Abraham Clarke, 
and G^eorge Ross. 

1781, May 81. Clark, Thomaa, of Bridgeton, Township of Northamp- 
ton, Burlington Co.; will of. Children — Thomas, John, Samuel, 
Ephraim, Margaret, Martha and Hannah. Lot in Town of Burlington 
I bought of Thomas Wetherill, and land on Ancokus Creek, also 
Northampton River. Wife, Hannah, sole executrix. Witnesses — 
Oddy Brock, John Tonkins, Jr., John Burr. Proved July 5, 1781. 

Lib. 8, p. 143. 

1731, June 80. Inventory of personal estate, £806.00.6^ ; made bj 
John Burr and Thomas Budd. 

1788, Oct. 80. Clark, WUlIam, of Township of Gloucester, Glou- 
cester Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary. Children — ^William, Sarah, 

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John, Joseph, Benjamin, Richiurd, Mary, Thomas. Bzecutor, son 
William. Witnesses — Sarah Norris, Isaac Kay, John Kay. Proved 
Sept. 19. 17SS. 

17SS, Auir. SI. Inventory. £96.0.0, made by John Kay and Isaac Jen- 
nings. Lib. 8. p. S7S. 

1742-9, March U. Clarke* Beajamla, 8eB*r, of Stoney Brooke, Mid- 
dlesex Co., yeoman; will of. Children — James, Ann Cooper, Blisa- 
beth Lord, Mary Braley and John. Real estate in Somerset Co. Exe- 
cutors— sons James and John Clarke. Witnesses — Benja. Yard, Wil- 
liam Kinnlson, Joseph Oldden. Proved June 6, 1747. Lib. B, p. 52. 

1747, May 28. Inventory of personal estate, £159.10.7 ; made by Edm'd 
Beakes, John Oldden, John Stockton. 

17SS, J«»e 15. Clarke, DaaleU of Chester, Burlinston Co., yeoman. 
Inventory of personal estate, £78.5.8; made by John Mllborn and Wil- 
liam Sharp. 

1782, Jane 28. Bond of Hannah Clarke, widow, as administratrix. John 
Milbume, of Chester, and William Sharpe, of Evesham, yeoman, fellow 
bondsmen. Burlington Wills, 2217 C. 

1TS0* Jam. 19, Clarke, Joka, of Deptford, Gloucester Co., laborer. 
Int. Admr., Peter Rambo, yeoman, county aforesaid. Witnesses — 
Joseph Rose, John Doe. Oloucester Wills, 197H. 

1737, Jany. 6. Inventory (£16.16.9), includes "charges for looking after 
him." Appraisers — ^Peter Rambo, Peter Mattson. 

1744-6, Marek •• Clarke, Joka* of the Borough of Elizabeth, Essex 
Co.. yeoman; will of. Children — Jotham, Daniel, Phebe (wife of 
Joseph Hetfleld), and Sarah Clark. Real and personal estate. Exe- 
cutors — wife, Deborah, and son, Jotham. Witnesses — Benjamin Wade, 
Samuel Wade, Benjamin BonneL Proved June 17, 1746. Lib. D, p. 298. 

1782, May XL Clawsoa* Akrakam, of Somerset Co. Administration 
on estate granted to his widow, Elizabeth. John Qifford. bondsman. 

Lib. B., p. 266. 

17a8-9» Marek 34. Clawaoa, Joka, of Elizabeth Town. Essex Co., 
mason. Administration granted to Jean Clawson, the widow. Joseph 
Williams and Edward Thomas, fellow bondsman. Witness — Wnu 
Dagworthy. Lib. B. p. 116. 

1729. March 80. Inventory of personal estate (£349.13.06), incl. Dutch 
Bible, and bonds of John Morris, Michael Vreeland, Jno. Stagg, Wm. 
Stagg; made by Joseph Williams and Edward Thomas. 

1789, June 21. Accompt filed by widow, Jane Clawson, showing pay- 
ments to Roluil Van Houghton, John Dennis, Bastyone Vangeeson, Thos. 
Johnson. Rachel Vreeland, Samuel Winans, Jane Tongerlove, Benjn. Wil- 
liams, Law. Elgbert, John Lambert, Ichabod Burnet, Daniel Ross, Mad'm 
Brockolls. John Winans, Benjn Price, John Salnave. John Hampton, Jaoob 
Dehart, Abraham Brockess, Jonathan Woodruff, John Davis, Andrew 
Joline, Wm. Brltton, Hendrick DeCamp, Sam. Royse of Barbadoes, John 
Parker, Esq., Mayor of Perth Amboy, Thos. Jackman. 

1789, Jose 21. Ciawsoa, Joka* of Essex Co., an orphan of 14 years. 
Bond of Jonathan Dayton, of Elisabeth Town, as guardian. Thos. 
Ogden, fellow bondsman. Witness — Robert King. Lib. C, p. 286. 

Digitized by 




ir44, Mmr 4. Ctawa^a, JoUwk, of Woodbridffe. Middlesex Co., yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Mary Clawson. Children — Phebe (wife of Cornelius 
Johnson). Sankey (wife of Bliakim Martin), Anne (wife of Nathaniel 
Hamet). Rachel (wife of Joseph Martin, Jr.) and John Clawson. Exe- 
cutors — ^Bliakim Martin, Cornelius Johnson and friend Oershom Mar- 
tin, of Woodbridffe. Real and personal estate. Witnesses — Daniel 
Martin, Joseph Martin and Nufflent Kelly. Proved April 80, 174f . 

Lib. B, p. 178. 

1748. April 80. Btlakim Martin and (jtorshom Martin qualify as execu- 
tors, the other executor beinff deceased. 

1748, April 26. Inventory of personal estate, £98.18.2; made by Jona- 
than Dennes and William Sharp. Nathaniel Hamed and Robert Dennes, 
fellow bondsmen. 

1TS8, June 1. Clawsom, JosUih, of Somerset Co. Administration on 
estate granted to Elisabeth Clawson. Lib. B. p. 485. 

1788, tlan 81. Clawsom, Robert, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co. Ad- 
ministration granted to James Clawson, John Clawson and Agnes 
Presgrrove. Lib. B, p. 586. 

1788, J«ly 8. Clay, Hvmplirey, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.; will 
of. Children — Humphrey, Catherine Thorn, Sarah Clay, Rebecca 
Wood, Hannah Thorn, Phebe Cox, Bathalenth Denton. Real and per- . 
sonal estate. Wife, Rebecca, sole executrix. Witnesses — John Ste- 
vens, Rob't KinflT. Jno. Waller. Proved Auflr. 2, 1732. Lib. B, p. 298. 

1786, J«Be 18. Clay, Hvmpkrey, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., 
mariner; will of. Son, Humphrey Clay, the estate of his grandfather, 
Lawrence Vangall, deceased. Real and personal estate. Executors — 
mother, Rebecca Clay, and Richard Fits Randolph. Witnesses — John 
Stevens, John White, Thos. Bartow. Proved July 14, 1786. 

Lib. C, p. 111. 

1748, Amm* 86. Clayton, David, of Freehold, yeoman; will of. Wife, 
Ester. Children — David, Jr.. Joseph, Edward, Amle (wife of Joseph 
Matthews), Catherine (wife of Cornelius Tomson), Hannah and Anne. 
Provision for maintenance of son Richard. Executors — wife, brother 
John Clayton, and brother-in-law Edward Taylor. Witnesses — Re- 
becca Morford, William Norcross and John Henderson. Proved Jan. 
25, 1748. Lib. E, p. 246. 

1748, Oct 18. Inventory of estate. £222.06.04%. IncL an old weaving 
loom; made by William Hankerson and Richard Saddam. 

1750. May 17. Additional Inventory. £19.12.5% ind. debU due by John 
Henderson and widow Mary Taylor. 

1748, A«g. as. Cleaytoa, Paraell, of Mansfield. Burlington Co., 
yeoman; will of. Sons — John, Thomas, William and Parnell. Daugh- 
ters — Mary, Martha and Deborah. Children all under age. Real and 
personal estate. Executors — brother, William Cleayton, and bro.-ln- 
law, Gtoorge Nicholson. Witnesses — Oeorge Folwell, Isaac Boulton 
and William Pancoast. Proved Oct. 4, 1748. Lib. 5, p. 586. 

1748, Oct. 26. Inventory of personal and real estate, £797.7.5 ; made 
by Michael Newbold and Robert RockhlU. 

1748, Avgiiat SS. Cleayton, Zebnlon, of Upper Freehold township, 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary. Children — Thomas, John, Margaret, 
and Leah Robins, wife of Joseph Robins. Granddaughter, (not 

Digitized by 



1), daughter of son Zebulon Clayton, dooMUMd. Bxocutora-— wife 
and SOB Thomas. Wltneaaoa^— Thonaa Cox, Jamas McKeand, Thomas 
DaTld and Robert Laurence. Thomas Cox, witness. Executors 
Qaakers. Proved May 24, 1744. Lib. 6, p. 28. 

1744, AiMll 1«. Inventory of the estate, £14#.14.0. IncL a necro woman 
sad drt; made by Jacob Robins and Benjamin Lawrence. 

HMw Smiw 0> CMmmm* Jesepk* of New Hanover, Burllncton Co., 
yeoman: will of. Wife, Sarah, all estate, to enable her to brine mp 
**my poor child Elisabeth." Executor — friend, Joseph Arney, of New 
Hanover. Witnesses — ^Koses Robins, Jur., Benjamin Allen, Ephraim 
Bobins, Heary Van Hook and Francis Wllliama Proved Auflr. 4, 1760. 

Lib. 4, p. 244. 

17f 0, July 21. Inventory of personal estate, £1M.17.6 ; made by 8am*l 
BkBJey and Moses Robins. 

ir4C» J«lF ax CloMiBcs* BdwavC of Chester, Burllnflrton Co.; will 
of. Sons — ^Benjamin, Judah and Ephraim. Real and personal estate. 
Wife. Elisabeth, sole executrix. Friend, Thomas Hackney, trustee. 
Witnesses — ^Dan'U Morgan, Thomas Stokes, Joseph Heritaare. Proved 
Sept. 22, 1746. Lib. 6, p. 282. 

1746. 2§th day, 7th mo. (Sept.). Inventory of personal estate, £146; 
made by Dan'l Morgan and Robert Franch. 

ir48» V**b« as. Clement* Benjamin, son of Edward Clement, aflred 19 
years, makes choice of Samuel Stokes, of Chester, as his aruardian. 
Bond of Samuel Stokes as guardian. Benjamin Allen, of Evesham, 
fellow bondsman. Lib. 4, p. 28. 

17a»» Jan. 18. Clesbly (CtosUy), Hanmaht of Newark, Essex Co., 
widow. Bond of Daniel Sayre of Elisabeth Town as administrator 
on the estate. Epenetus Beech, fellow bondsman. Lib. B, p. 182. 

1720, March 19. Inventory of personal estate, £64.19.01, Incl., bonds 
fhmi Isaak Jones, Joseph Wheaten, Isaack Ljron, made by Stephen Browne 
and Cliristopher Wood. 

1740-6«b Feb. S. Cllae <Klcln>, Bartraae, of Kingwood, Hunterdon 
Co. Int. Wllhelm Klein, son and heir of Bartram Cline, assiflrns his 
Tight to administer on his father's estate to Peter Hapach of AmwelL 
Witnesses, Cornelius Wyckoff, Jr., and Martin Ryerson. 

1749<-f 0. Feb. 6. Bond of Peter Hopough, of Am well, as administrator. 
Martin Ryerson, Esquire, of same place, surety. Witnesses — John Arrison 
and Samuel Stout. Administrator sworn, slflmed "Fitter Habbach,'* In 

17S0, May 2. Inventory, £27.12.7 ; made by William Vanest and Isaao 
Bogart. Hunterdon Wills, 246 J. 

ITdSw April 1. Claee, John* of precinct of Deerfleld, Cumberland Co., 
hatter. Int. Elinor, widow, renoun^ces. Admli^istrator — Samuel 
Parvlne (signed "Parviahie") of Aloways Creek, Salem County, yeo- 
man. Fellow bondsman — William Oakford. Witnesses^— Elisabeth 
Cottlnff, Ellas Cotting. Lib. 6, p. 62. 

1749, April 1. Inventory of personal estate (£17.4.0) includes notes 
acainst Thomas Pearson and Patrick Murphy. Appraisers — William Oak- 
ford. Samual Bowen. 

Digitized by 



ITSa* Dec ai. Clothler» He»r7» of Upper Freehold Township, Men* 
mouth Co. Administration granted to Anne Clothier, the relict. 

Lib. B. p. S60. 

1782, Dec. 18. Inventory of personal estate (£489.12.8^) includes one 
nesro man, Cato, hides, leather and curriers tools; bills and notes of 
Ambrose Field, Jr., William Thorn (granted to Abraham Bonnel), Wil- 
liam Poole, Jonathan Lovet, Edward Bvans, Robert English. Samuel 
Keimer, Richard Britten, Peter Rantilborough (or Cantllborough), 0>n- 
■tentine Macmanes, Daniel Hollinshead. Made by Ellas Smith, Aaron 
Robins and Isaac Stelle. 

1784, Dee. 99. Clotkler^ Henry, of Aliens Town, Monmouth Co., 
currier. Account of Ann Clothier, administratrix. Inventory of per- 
sonal estate amounted to £480.12.8^* Credit side of account men- 
tions: Edmund Beakes, Gabriel Stelle, Samuel Lovett, Joseph Kinnan, 
John Black, Samuel Rogers, Ellas Smith, Peter VantiUburgh. Mar- 
garet Carr, Nathan Allen, Joseph Rockhill, John Quicksall, John 
Middleton, Joseph Borden, Benjamin Applegate, Dorothy Large, Daniel 
Licker, James Chambers, Abraham Wildes, Benjamin Lawrence, John 
Parsons, Nathaniel Stevenson, Thomas Parks, Peter Bruesa, John 
Row, Isaac Ivins. John Newbury, Samuel Robins, Robert Stuart, Wil- 
liam McOhee, Samuel Wright, James Laing, Rachel Fenton, Qeorge 
Snow, Robert Montgomerie, William Evilman, Nicholas Stevens, 
Thomas Farrel, Joshua Barker, Benjamin Clark, Arthur Whitehead, 
Ambrose Field, Nehemiah Cowgill, Richard Smith, John Laning, Doc- 
tor John Brown, Thomas Woodward, Robert English, Ouisbert Hen- 
drickson, Lewis Curree, Daniel Hollinshead, Richard Britton, Wm. 
Pool, Samuel Keimer, gone beyond sea; Peter Vantillburgh, Cornelius 
Delany, Henry Coats, Isaiah Folkes, John Collyer, Joseph Applegate, 
Joseph Butler, James Chambers, Benjamin Doughty, James Moon, 
Joseph Overton, Obadiah Hireton, George Bates, Thomas Terry, John 
Wood, Joseph Britton, Joseph Butler, Thomas Richards, Elisha Law- 
rence, John and Robert Rockhill, William Bickley, Samuel BustilL 
(See Archives, XXIII, p. 98, for administration). 

Lib. B, p. 850; Monmouth Wills, 485-4981C 

1785-6, Jan. 28. Coate, Snmoel, of Bethlehem Township, Hunterdon 
Co., waterman. Inventory of personal estate, £10.0.1; made by Joseph 
Willits and Robert Wlllson. 

1736, Jan. 31. Bond of Marmaduke Coate' of Bethlehem, yeoman, as 
administrator. Joseph Willltts, of same place, surety. Lib. 4, p. 62. 

1788, Feb. 27. Account of administrator includes money paid to John 
Ck>ate and John Pursel, for expences during sickness of the deceased. 

174», Dec. 16. Coate, l^tlUam, of Welllnborough, Burlington Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Rebecca, use of plantation in Welllnborough. 
Sons — BarslUa, Israel, Marmaduke and William. Daughters — ^Ann, 
Hannah, Rachel, Mary, Bulah and Edith, all under age. Plantation 
in New HanoVer given me by my father Marmaduke Coat. 28 acres In 
Springfield, bought of Jonathan Wright. Executors — wife, brother- 
in-law Joseph Noble, and cousin Richard Smith, Ju'r. Witnesses — 
Thomas Busby, John Busby, Robt. Hartshorns. Proved March 24, 
1749. Lib. 6, p. 818. 

1749-60, March 22. Inventory of personal estate, £984.18.3; made by 
Revel Elton, Henry Cooper and John Busby. Includes debts due from P. 
Brown, Henry Cooper, Isaac Conners, Thomas Reeves, Mary Butcher, and 
Wm. Busby; also 3 negroes. 

Digitized by 



1761, Jan. IS. Account of Joseph Lipptacott and Rebecca hia wife, 
which Rebecca was acting: executrix of th6*ni8i will of her late husband 
William Coate, shows payments to John Pocfle; 'Witlftun Northcross, Blls. 
OowKill, Jane Stretchbury, Henry Ck>oper, Sam'l Smith* Joshua Raper, 
Thomas Rodman, Abraham Grifllts, William 8heels*,Jt>hn*IIartsshome, 
Isaac Connero, Robert Taylor, Joseph Alllnson, Daniel Doughty, Hannah 
Atkinson, G. Blond, Richard Smith. John Busby, James Smith, ^oslah 
White. I>oc't Shaw, James Smith (Bx'r of Saml. Lovett), Catherine Bl3C^. 
lor. Hester Oovell, Preserved' Brown, Darling Conroe, Joseph HoniAjg^* 
bead. John E«wan, Richard Smith, Jun'r, Robert Hartshorns, Jos. TalmafaT .' 
Samuel Mickle. 

17B«w Jam* S. Coatcs. Marmadvke, of Burlington Co. Int. Ad- 
ministration flrranted to Rebecca Coates, widow. Robert Hartshorns, 
atty,-at-law, fellow bondsman. Lib. 7, p. 102. 

174*, May 7. Coats* Marmadvke, of Mansfield, Burlinflrton Co., house 
carpenter; will of. Wife, Sarah, tract in the mountains at Kinirwood, 
Bethlehem Township, to enable her to brinff up child John and ex- 
pected child. Plantation In Mansfield I bouffht of John Qibbs. Exe- 
cutors — wife, and brother John Coata Witnesses — John Buffln, Ann 
Buflin. Joseph Pope. Proved May 81, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 800. 

1750, May 7. Inventory of personal estate, £269.8.6; made by Thos. 
Earl and Michael Newbold. 

17S3, Jam. 28. Coats, Thomaa, of Salem Co., weaver. Int. Admr., 
Samuel Wade. Bondsmen — John Doe, Joseph Ware, all of said Coun- 
ty. Witnesses — Daniel Mestayer, Mary Mestayer. Lib. 3, p. 398. 

1733>4. Jan. 11. Inventory (£24.12.1) includes "loom ft wharpln boxes." 
Appraisers — Joseph Wear, HuKh Clifton. 

174S, Amm* 28. CochrsA* John, of the City of New York, Joyner. 
Bond of Peter Cochran, of New Brunswick, principal creditor, as ad- 
ministrator. Jas. Neilson and Andrew Norwood, fellow bondsmen. 

Middlesex Wills, Lib. D. p. 316. 

1745. Sept. 26. Inventory of personal estate, £52.7.7 ; made by Wil- 
liam Cox and Derrick Schuyler. 

1746. Aug. 8 and 11. Account of Peter Cochran as administrator, show- 
Inc paynfients to John Quest, John VanNorden. Francis Starkey. Luke 
▼oorhees, William Smith, Elsq., at York, Isaac Stelle, Crlsterfor Warasley, 
Andrew Norwood, Thos. Farmer, Esq.. Israel Balldwine. James Reed, Reu- 
ben Runyon. 

1746. Nov. 21. Above bond revoked and administration on estate grant- 
ed to Robert Cochran, brother, now of New Jersey. James Newell and 
Richard Roe. both of Perth Amboy, fellow bondsmen. Witness — Ryneer 
▼angeson. Lib. D, p. 487. 

1747, April 16. Account of Robert Cochran, of the City of New York, 
the administrator, showing moneys received from Mr. Catherwood, Petter 
Bjrard, E:brim Lerue, Mr. Oanter Reed, John King of Pekant River, Ehnan- 
uell Cocker of Newark. John Quay, David Ward of Newark. Stephen 
Cortlands, John Vanse of Newark, Mr. Ludlow, Alexander Wllle. Mr. Mil- 
ler of Brunswick. James Nikson. John Vance, Osell Ogton, Esq., Joseph 
Ward of Newark, Mager Johnston, Esq., Hezekiah Johnston, John Dow, 
James Still, Jeremyah Tutol of Newark, David Thomas. Sam Dobens, 
Robert Sanford. Simon Corgear; also payments to Mr. Banard. John 
Foot, John Kip, Francis Waters, E^benezer Feron, Alexander Bagols, 
James Lane, Mr. Hereon. 

Digitized by 



1747, Nov. 1. InT«iitoi7 ibC em^Ui/ l2ll,Z.t ; made by Rob«rt Coolirui. 
John Dow, of Suliaiit^R|^,3eiigman Coats, Tbomaa Ludle^ follow boiid»- 

• • • *• *• 

17M» Afirlj .1{»** A,* C«€iK, tlolw* of Waterford* Gloucostor Co., yeo- 
mam wiH e/.:''Wife, Lydia, sole exooutrlx, and to have all lands lii 
Newi^n on* the south side of Cooper's Creek and In Waterford on 
•ttit n(^h side of said Creek, except that part on the road from 
•NathlTniel Champion's to Thomas Spicer's. Legacies to cousins Na- 
/thanlel Champion and Richard Bushel. Devises to brother, Alexander 
Morflran, all land in Waterford on the north side of Coopers Creek, 
(reservinflT that before ariven to wife). He to pay sister, Charity- 
Johnson, £100. Witnesses — Jos. Cooper, Samuel Morton, Mary Molder. 
Affirmed 19 April, 1786. Lib. 4, p. »4. 

1786, April 17. Inventory (£606.16.4), includes 44 horned cattle, sheep^ 
7 nesro boys, ne^ro woman, 4,000 bricks. Appraisers — ^Tho. Spicer, John 

17SS, Dee. 26. Coddtm^toM (Codliiffton), John, of Woodbridge, Mid- 
dlesex Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Elisabeth. Children — John, Rich- 
ard, Blisabeth Marsh, Hanah Price, Rachel, Mary and Daniel Coding- 
ton. Real and personal estate. Executor, son Daniel. Witnesses — 
Job Pack, Jacob Pits Randolph, Moses Rolfe. Proved Jan. 9, 1788. 

Lib. C, p. 284. 

1788, May 4. Coddtm^toa, Sarah, of Elisabeth Town, widow. Bond 
of William Winans and Samuel Oliver as administrators. Lawrence 
Smythe, of Perth Amboy, Esq., fellow bondsman. Lib. C, p. 194. 

1738, May 1. Agreement between the heirs, vis., Moses Rolfe, Andrew 
Drake, Samuel Oliver, William Winans, Jonathan Fraaee, James Riff, Wil- 
liam Oliver, Elisabeth Whlthead, David Conger, David Olllver, Benonl 
Frasee, Mary Ogden, Elisabeth Olliver, Joseph Oliver, John Oliver. Wit- 
nesses — John Ross, John Radley. 

, , — ^. Aooompt of administrators showing goods sold at 

auction to John Radley, Jun'r, Jonathan Hlggins, Richard Whitehead, 
Blisabeth Oliver, Mary Ogden, Moses Rolfe, David Bon Rapoe, William 
Oliver, James Riggs, Benjamin Fraser, Mary Moore, Joseph Oliver. Sam- 
uel Roberts, John Ross. Wm. Winans, David Conger, Mary Ogden, Jun'r, 
Joseph Chandler, Doctor Burnet, Elisabeth Halsey, E^hraim Terrll, Jacob 
Carpenter, John Parker, Thomas Ogden. Widow Halsey, Timothy Pike, 
John Hlggins, Joshua Clark, Eunice Gray; also debts due by Abr^Jiam 
Hatfield, William Ross, John Ross, Widow Johnson, Widow Ogden and 
E^hraim Terrill, Junr. 

17S9, Jaly 1. CoeJauiBs, Aadrles, gentleman, of Somerset Co.; will 
of. Wife, Geertsuid. Son, Samuel Staats Coejmans, to have £100 
as a birthright; also two silver cups and large silver tankard, and 
£600 when he attains 21 yrs. Daughters — Johanna, Mayeke, Oeer- 
huyd (under 21). "Lands, tenements and properties in the province 
of New York as in the province of New Jersey." Executors — wife 
Qeertsuyd, brother-in-law Lewis Morris, Junior, and Brandt Schuyler 
of New York City. Witnesses — ^N. Ooverneur, John Broughton, Jo- 
seph Clarke. Proved 19 Dec, 10th Feb., 1741, and 1st March 1741-2. 

Lib. C, p. 496. 

1737*8, •Ins. 91. Colemaa, .loe^li* of Salem, Salem Co., merchant; 
will of. Wife, Mary, executrix, to have £200 and to execute all 
manner of deeds to the highest purchasers of all estate, real and per- 

Digitized by 



sonal, whether in Pennsylvania or the Jersey. Children-^Ann, Mary, 
Bllsabeth, Rebecca and Hannah Coleman. Trustees for the children- 
Thomas Tress and William Rawle of Philadelphia, merchants. Wit- 
nesses — Simon Warner, James Olbbs. 

1751, March 4. Codicil: '*I approve of the above will, putinv in my 
•on Joseph Coleman an equal shear with the rest of my children." Wit- 
nesses — Solomon Goade, B. Vinin«, Jos. Coleman." Proved IS Auff., 17S2. 

Lib. 8, p. til. 

1752, Auff. IS. Letters testamentary granted Mary Coleman. 

173S. Sept 22. Inventory, £608.2.1^. Appraisers— WiUtam Hancock, 
Joseph Orecorey. 

174ft» Feb. 17. CoteMUim, Mary* of Salem Co., widow. Int. Admrs., 
John Pierson and Anne Pierson, his wife. Bondsmen — Clement Hall, 
TV'illiam Prasier. all of said County. Witness — Rebekah Coleman. 

Salem Wills. 54 7Q. 

1740, Mar. 12. Inventory, £1766.17.11. Appraisers— Clem. Hall, WUl. 

17SS» Amm» 15* Coleauw* Tkoauu^ of Burlinflrton Co., Joyner and 
house carpenter. Wm. Coleman, of Phllada., requests that one of the 
chief creditors of his brother's estate be appointed administrator. 

1782, Aug. 21. Administration granted to Joseph Rockhill. Samuel 
Scattergood and Richard Roe, of Town of Burlington, fellow bondsmen. 

Lib. 8. p. 864. 

1738, Aug. 27. Inventory of personal estate, £26.1.1; made by Wm. 
BIckley and SamL Scattergood. 

1786, Sept 6. Account of Joseph Rockhill shows paymenU to Sarah 
Cutler, Samuel Scattergood, Rebecca Satterthwait, Francis Smith. Wil- 
Uam BIckley, Sarah Lovet, James Hancock, Dr. Thomas Shaw, Robert 
Tackness, Silas Crispin. Naomi Killgore. Daniel Sutton, Blisabeth Pros- 

1749» Dee. ■ . Coles. Joseph* of Qreenwich Township, Gloucester 
Co^ yeoman; will of. Sons — Samuel. Joseph and Benjamin, to have the 
plantation I live on, with ^ of the saw mill and other buildings there- 
on, with two tracts of land adjoining the same, one surveyed by Jacob 
Hewllngs, the other by Jacob Rlchman. Brother, Samuel Coles, and 
Thomas Coles, Robert Zaines and John Gauslin, Junior, to be trustees 
to divide aforesaid lands among my sons when Samuel will be 21. 
Wife, Mary. Executors — wife and Thomas Spicer, Sr. Witnesses — 
Samuel Collins, Benjamin Cheeseman, John Gosling, Junior. Proved 
27 March, 1741. Lib. 4. p. 278. 

* 1741, March 24. Inventory (£477.3.5^), includes three negroes, 19 
cattle £47, etc. Appraisers — ^Robert Zane, Benjamin Cheeseman. 

17S1* Sept. 27. Coles, Mary» of Gloucester Co., widow. Int. Admr.. 
Joseph Coles, yeoman. Fellow bondsmen — Samuel Coles and Thomas 
Coles, yeoman, of County aforesaid. Witnesses — Simon Ellis, Robert 
Hunt. Lib. 8, p. 153. 

1781, Sept 11. Inventory of Mary Coles, widow, deceased, relict of 
Samuel Coles, £682.17.2 includes "Great Bibles." old guns, old sword, 
pistols and holsters, 8 negros, wolf -trap, etc. Appraisers — Joseph Stoaks, 
Amos Ashead, Tho. Spicer. 

1747, Mar. 9. Celes» Thomas* of Waterford, Gloucester Co., yeoman; 

Digitized by 



will of. Son, Thomas, at 21, to have all lands, swamps and mills; also 
the remainder of rent of srriBt mill after the Loan Office is paid. Other 
children — ^Hannah, Samuel, Beesheba, Mary and Joseph. Brother, 
Samuel Coles, to have saw mill on Alberson*s Branch in Gloucester 
Co., with privileges of pine lands and swamp on north side of said 
Branch, also on south side northward of John Town's land until son 
Thomas will be of age. Wife, Hannah, personal estate to brinar up 
the children and use of home plantation. Executors — ^wife, Hannah, 
and brother, Samuel Coles. Witnesses — Thomas Cowperthwait, Wil- 
liam Ellis, Thos. Spicer, Jun. Lib. 10, p. 41S. 

1748, Sept. 12. Letters testamentary granted to Hannah Coles, execu- 
trix of Thomas Coles, late of Colestown, Qloucester Co., and Samuel 
Coles, as named in the will. 

1748, April 14 and 16. Inventory, £890.6.2. Appraisers — ^Thos. Spicer.. 
Charles Farguisen. 

1744, Oct. 8. Collard, John, of Middletown, yeoman. Thomas Coop- 
er, principal creditor, enters caveat against granting letters of ad- 
ministration. Dated Perth Amboy. Lib. D, p. 207. 

1744. Dec. 1. Thomas Cooper directs that administration be grranted to 
Andrew Baird. Dated Middletown. 

1744, Nov. 80. Inventory of estate, £25.8.4 ; made by "James Bowne, 
minor,*' and Thomas Cooper. 

, , — Inventory "of goods of John Colard left at Robard 

Smiths at Egharbour," £3.17.9, consisting of clothing; made by Joseph 
Johnson and Robert Smith. 

1744. Dec. 15. Bond of Andrew Baird as administrator of estate. John 
Baird, fellow bondsman. 

1746, March 28. Account of estate by administrator, Andrew Baird, 
mentions trips to "Egharbour" and bonds paid to John Corlls, Joseph Ap- 
plegate, Jarvis Farro. James Hasrwood. James Stout, Mordecai Anderson^ 
William Collard and Thomas Cooper. 

174g, April 6. Collliui, David, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co.. sadler; 
will of. Mother, Ruth Bedford. Brothers — John and Benjamin Col- 
lins. Real estate. Executors — John Herriot and Samuel Crow, both 
of Woodbridge. Witnesses — Sam'll Moores, Jonathan Harned, Rich- 
ard Jones. Proved Nov. 18, 1746. 

1746. Nov. 22. Above executors refuse to act. Administration granted 
to Benjamin Collins, one of the legatees. Samuel Crow, fellow bondsman. 
Witness — ^Daniel Clark. Lib. D. p. 430. 

1750, AoflT. 4. Collliui, Edward, of Hunterdon Co. Bond of Rebecca« 
Collins, of Wrightstown, Pennsylvania, as administratrix. John Wil- 
liams, of Bucks County. Pennsylvania, yeoman, surety. 

Hunterdon Wills, 279J. 

1750, A«g. 1. ColUnst George* of Upper Freehold. Monmouth Co., 
labourer. Bond of Catherine Howard, widow, administratrix, with 
Peter Sexton, of same place, yeoman, as fellow bondsman. 

1760, Aug. 1 Inventory, £21.8.1. made by Joseph Clegg and Peter Sex- 
ton. Burlington Wills. 4621-4 C. 

1787-8, Feb. 16. ColUiui, Jokn, of New Brunswick. Middlesex Co., 
yeoman; will of. Children — ^Matthew, John, Jean, all under age. 
Brother-in-law, John Converse. Executors — wife, Jean, friends Oer- 
ardus Depester and Wm. Hooks of Piscataway. Real and personal 

Digitized by 



•state. Wltne88e»— Ste'n Warn«, Thomas Collins. William Collins. 
ProTed Dec. 29, 1746. Lib. D. p. 442. 

1746. Dee. 29. Bond of Jane Collins^ the widow, as executrix; the 
other two executors refusing to act. 

1746-7. March IS. Inventory of personal estate, £744.00.6 ; made by J. 
WetheriU and John Tomson. 

1741, Sth mo. (July), 4th. ColUns, JoMph, of Gloucester Co.; will 
of. Son. Benjamin, £70 and lands on north side of Kinffs Road that 
iroes from Burlin^on to Salem adjoininar lands of Sarah Hinchman and 
John EstauflTh; also lot of 2 acres on south side of aforesaid Kincfl 
Road, between Simeon Ellis and Thomas BUia Grandchildren — Joseph 
(not 21). Priscilla (not 18), the children of my son Benjamin Collins. 
Dauffhters — Sarah and Kathren Ellis and Rebaca Clements. Execu- 
tors — James Hinchman and John Kaiflrhin. Witnesses — John Maxell, 
William Griscom. Thomas Varnum. Affirmed 6 Oct.. 1741. 

Lib. 4, p. 294. 
1745, July 24. Inventory (£129.9.10), names Saml. Clement and Joseph 
gaighln. Appraisers^- John Maxell, William Griscom. 

1734, Aug. 12. Collins, Matthew, of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co. 
Administration granted to Janna Paine. Lib. B, p. 686. 

17SS, Not. 21. Colleoa, Thomas, of precinct of Piles Grove, Salem 
(^., yeoman; will of. Leaves to brother, Gtoorflre, plantation where 
their father lived. Mentions mother, and sister Hannah Oakford. 
Executor — brother George Collson. Witnesses — Aquila Barber, Wil- 
liam Westan, Thomas Barber. Proved Aug. 8, 1760. Lib. 6, p. 402. 

1740. Nov. S. CoUvm, William, of City of Burlington, baker; will 
of. Wife. Mary, sole legatee and executrix. Mentions "all my chil- 
dren" without naming them. Real and personal estate. Witnesses 
— Cha. Read, John Douglas, Isa. DeCow. Proved April 16. 1741. 

Lib. 4. p. 279. 

1743, Nov. •. Coltas, Joseph, of Shrewsbury Township. Monmouth 
Co.. bootman; will of. John Curtis, sole heir and executor. Wit- 
nesses — John Parson. James Lawrence. John Tafft. Proved Jan. 7. 
1742. (James Lawrence and John Curtis. Quakers). Lib. D, p. 111. 

1742. Dec. 19. Inventory of estate, £79.9.6 ; made by James Lawrence 
and John Parson. 

1732, Dee. 2. Colver (Cotwer), Joha, of the Blackriver, Hunterdon 
Co., "cordwinder. being sick;" will of. Wife. Freelove. Eldest son, 
John Collwer; son, Jabsh Coulver. Expected child. Residue of es- 
tate to wife, "in this colleny or att nwinglend" (New England). Wife, 
executrix. Witnesses — Seth Smith. Leaddy Colver and John BelL 
Proved Auffust 20. 1788. Lib. 8. p. 868. 

. . — . Inventory, without date, £96.11.0 ; including beaver 

hat, felt hat and Bible. Made by David Ck>llver and John Bell. 

1738, Amm* 14, Colwell, Fraacls, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., labour- 
er; will of. Children — ^William, Thomas. John and Henry. Executors 
— ^Walter Wall and Jeremiah White. Mentions cloth at Henry Van- 
debelt's. Witnesses — William Smith, Thomas Whitlock and Johnsen. 
Proved October 16, 1788. Lib. B, p. 470. 

1738. Nov. 24. Inventory (£76.1.4) includes 6 pocket books, 26 coarse 

Digitized by 



combs, 10 pair of spectacles, 29 pair scissors, 6S thimbles; Indicating the 
deceased was dealer in notions or drygoods. Debts against Joseph Dorslt, 
Oershom Walling, Justice Wilson, Marget Smith, Oershom Boune. William 
Lawrence, James Nipper, Oyen Wbtson, Timothy Loyd. Jno. Reidetaner, 
Widow WilUt. Hendrick Vanbilt. Ro. Dodgworth, Charity Brven, Qeorge 
Cowenhoven, Jno. Benam. Henery CoUwell, James CoUwell, William 
CoTanhoven and William Cole. Made by Thomas Whitlock and Robert 

17ae^ Jwie 9. C«mbs, Robert, of Woodbrldge, Middlesex Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Sons — ^Dennis and Robert. Daughters mentioned, but 
no names given. Land bought of Moses Coller. Bxecutors — ^Wife, 
Buniss, eldest son Dennis, and Henry Potter of Woodbrldge. Wit- 
nesses — Richard Carman, Timothy Bloom field, Nuglent Kelly. Proved 
Sept. 11, 1730. Lib. B, p. 166. 

1750, Aug. 29. Inventory, £136.9.1; made by Richard Carman and 
William Foord. 

1751, May 17. Compt9«» Joli«» of Woodbrldge, Middlesex Co. Int. 
Adm*x., widow, Elisabeth Compton. Lib. B, p. 211. 

1745* Sept. S. Compto«» Jomatiuw, of Woodbrldge, Middlesex Co.: 
will of. Granddaughter, Sarah Bonham. Bxecutors — Wife, Easter» 
brothers-in-law Peter Martin and Jonathan Martaln. Witnesses — 
Samuel Compton, James Compton, Margret Compton, Ebeneser Sal- 
tar. Proved Feb. 24, 1747. Lib. B, p. 132. 

1747, Feb. 23. Inventory, £73.3; made by Oershom Martin and 
Zedeklah Bonham. 

1786, Dee. IS. Coatron, Daalel* of Chester, Burlington Co., yeoman; 
will of. Children — Daniel, Abraham, Richard, John, Benjamin, Isaac 
and Ann. Real and personal estate. Wife — Rebecca, sole executrix. 
Witnesses — Richard Pelrce, Michael Peirce, Richard Barrow. Proved 
June 22, 1739. Lib. 4, p. 188. 

1789, June 21. Inventory, £286.11 ; made by Joseph Stokes and Thomas 

1747t Nov. 26. Coager» David* of Plscataway, Middlesex Co. Int. 
Ad'mx., Dorcas Conger. Rowley Arnold, fellow bondsman. 

Lib. B. p. 110. 

1785* Nov. 29. Coager» Gcrshom* •liui'r. of Woodbrldge, Middlesex 
Co.. carpenter; will of. Cousin, Oershom Cawood, at 21 years. Real 
and personal estate. Bxecutors — ^Thomas Cawood and brother Rob- 
ert MltchelL Witnesses — James Wilkison, Jane Phillips, Jno. Sarjant. 
Proved Jan. 20, 1736-6. Lib. C, p. 68. 

1749, Jam. 811. Coager, Job, of Woodbrldge and Raway neck, Mid- 
dlesex Co., yeoman; will of. Children — Bnoch, Moses, Ruth (wife of 
Nathaniel Price), Sarah (wife of Daniel Codington), Blisabeth (wife 
of Reuben Hlerd), Bsther and Barbara Conger, both under age. 
Bxecutors — ^Wlfe, Kesiah (Coslah), son Bnooh and friend William 
Moore. Witnesses — Job Pack, Benjamin Tharp, Thomas Chapman. 
Proved Feb. 17, 1768. Lib. F, p. 497. 

1748-4, Feb. 26. C««glet9a, James, of Salem Co. Int. Adm'x, Bridget 
Congleton, widow. Bondsmen — Thomas Haynes, John McKeen, yeo- 

Digitized by 



man. All of Maniiiffton^ Salem County. Witness — John Haynee 

Lib. 6, p. 90. 
174S-4, Feb. 26. Inventory (£89.11.6) Includes loom and tackling, 
and 3 wheels £4. Appraisers — ^Thomas Haynes, John McKeen. 

17S1, Dee. 8. ComhaM (C«mkasli), Isaac* "Indian Kinar of the Jer- 
seys"; win of. Wife— Mary, sole legatee and executrix. Witnesses — 
Thos. Pleadwell, John Joans. Proved April 20, 1782. Lib. B, p. 246. 

TT4m» le^ «ay» 7tk mo. (Sept.). Coaly* Patrick* of Burlington Co.; 
will of. My horse to Thomas Whitten and remainder of estate to 
William Joans, whom I appoint executor. Witnesses — John Forsyth, 
Rlch'd Satterthwaite. Proved March 22, 1749. Lib. 7, p. 15. 

17S9» May 16. Coaaclly (Coaoly) Brlaa* of Newton Township, 
Oloucester Co., bricklayer. Int. His widow, Dorothy, Admx. Robert 
Hubs, fellow bondsman. All of township and county aforesaid. Wit- 
nesses — Wm. Tatem, John Ladd, Jun. Lib. 4, p. 199. 

1788, Dec 22. Inventory (£65.12.6) includes debtors: Thomas Wilklns, 
John Kahan, Abraham (Hiattin, Jonas Cox. Appraisers — ^Robt. Hubs, 
Abraham Nelson. 

1738* Oct. •. Coaaclly* MIckcall, of Qreenwich Township, Oloucester 
Co.; will of. Son, William, whole estate. In case of his death be- 
fore 21, cousin Dennis Cannely, now livlnar at New Castle upon Del- 
aware, and brother-in-law, Qeorge Clark, to have equally the same. 
Ehcecutors— Said cousin, Dennis Cannely and William Cobb. Wit- 
nesses — Edward Mcfarlen, John Jones. *'J. J. Jur., May 25, 1741." 

Oloucester Wills, 274 H. 

1740, Oct 16. Inventory of Michel C^onelly. "late of Salem Co.," 
£44.02.08. Appraisers — Matth. Boucher, Joseph White. 

170^ May S. Conact* Bcajaatla* of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Children — James, Joseph, Anne, Katherine, Philey, 
Sarah, all under aere. Land received from grandfather, Noe Bishop. 
Executors — ^Wife, Katherine, and brother, Jonathan Connet. Witness- 
es — John Burwell, David Inslee, Nugient Kelly. Proved June 13, 1750. 

Lib. B, p. 418. 

1748* Dec M. CoaaoTcr* "Wyckotf* of Monmouth Co. Janltie, his 
widow, declines to administer the estate. 

1746, Nov. 17. Inventory, £489.12.4%; made by Nicholas Johnson, 
Ellas Ooulden, John Taylor. Monmouth Wills, 1281, 1285-6 M. 

174B9 Aanst 16. Coaro^ Joka of Aatwcll* Hunterdon Co. Int. 
Adm'x, Elisabeth Conrod. David Rumbo and Thomas Stillwell of 
Amwell, suretiea Witnesses — ^Benjamin Bye and William Ball. In- 
ventory, £72.0.0; made by Job Robins and Thomas Still welL 

Lib. 6, p. 280. 

1741-1^ Marck IS. Cook* Edward Pattcraoa* of town of Shrewsbury, 
Monmouth Co.; will of. Wife, Katherine. Land at Shark River. 
Children — ^Bbeneser (eldest son), Margaret, William, John, Thomas 
and Edward Paterson, all evidently under aare. Executors — ^Wife, 
**my brother, Bphraim Allen and brother Job Cook." Witnesses — 
Stoffll Lonffstreet, Harman Lane, John and Peter Parker. Proved 
March 2, 1742. John Parker and the executors, Quakers. 

Monmouth Wills, 9642 M. 

Digitized by 



174B» May 2. Co«k« Samvcl* of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., weaver; 
will of. Brother, Matthew Cook, house and land in New Brunswick. 
Sister, Susanna Cook executrix, to have personal estate. Witnesses — 
Samuel and Henry Leonard and Joseph Throckmorton. Proved June 
14, 1745. Lib. D, p. 297. 

1746, June 26. Inventory, £508.3.11; made by Job Throckmorton and 
Samuel Leonard. 

1747, Aftmvmt 22. Co«k* HVlIlUim* of town of Shrewsbury, Monmoutli 
Co., carpenter; will of. Wife, Rebecca. "My brothers and my sister." 
Executors — brother, Jasher Cook, and uncle, Ephraim Allen. Witness- 
es— Obadiah Williams, William Cook. Jr. and Jacob Dennis. Proved 
Oct. 81. 1747. Executors all Quakers. Lib. B. p. 141. 

1747, Sept. 14. Inventory, £286.09.09; made by Joseph and Jacob 

1742-8, Jan. 1. Co«ke, Thomas, of New Hanover, Burlinerton Co.. 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Abierail. Sons — William and Benjamin, and 
dau. Elizabeth, all under aere. Son-in-law, Tho. Emley, and dau.-ln- 
law, Ruth Emley. Real and personal estate. Executors — brother 
William Cooke and John Steward. Witnesses — Sam'l Emley, Wil- 
liam Emley, William Bullock. Proved Feb. 9, 1742-8. Lib. 4, p. 852. 

1742-8, Feb. 1. Inventory, £959.6.11 ; made by Samuel Wright. Michael 
Newbold and Sam'l Emley. Includes plantation in the E^astem Division. 

1784, Oct. 18. Cooke, l^illlam, of Northampton, Burlinerton Co.. 
husbandman. Int. Inventory, £9.9.9; made by Edward Mullin and 
Josiah White. 

1784, Nov. 9. Adm'r, Abraham Bryan, of Northampton, yeoman. John 
Doe and Richard Roe, of same place, gents., fellow bondsmen. 

Burlington Wills. 2681-4 C. 

1748, Nov. 22. Cooley, Simon, of City of Burlington, miller. Int. 
Adm'r, William Skeels, of same. Joseph Hollinshead, fellow bonds- 
man. Lib. 7. p. 96. 

1748, Sept. 28. Cooper, Jamca, of Coles Town, Gloucester Co. Int. 
Inventory of personal estate, £85.2.1; made by Jos'a Bispham and 
Arthur Borradaill. 

1748, Oct. 11. Cooper, James, of Evesham, Burlington Co., weaver. 
Int. Adm'r, Thomas Coles (Cole), Waterford, Gloucester Co. Richard 
Cannon, of Evesham, gent., fellow bondsman. Lib. 6, p. 481. 

1747, April 2. Inventory, £2.16.0; made by Joshua Bispham and 
Arthur Borradaill. 

1730, Sept. 20. Cooper, John, of Deptford, Gloucester Co., yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Ann. Children — James, John, David, Mary, Ann, Sarah, 
Hannah; an expected child. Plantation at Alloway's Creek. Execu- 
tors — wife, brother John Mickle, cousin Joseph Cooper, Jr., brother 
Benjamin Clark, Jr. Witnesses — ^Henry Elliott, Joseph Dickinson, 
James Sloan. Proved Feb. 16, 1780. 

1780-1, Feb. 10-12. Inventory, £623.1.3%; made by Jonathan Lad and 
Jos'a Lord. Lib. 8. p. 118. 

1738, April 17. Cooper, John, of Middletown, Monmouth Co. Int. 
Adm'r, Roelof Skank. Lib. B, p. 42L 

Digitized by 



173S, Auffuat 4. Inventory, appraised at house of Roeloffe Schenck, 
brewer. £18.18.6. Includes notes from Robert Manns and Oliver Silver^ 
thome, and *To his Credits in two several books set down, the one In his 
Tavern Book and the other in his freight book." Made by Aure Van Dom, 
Jaoob Vandom and Robert Dodsworth. 

1TSS» Ifov. 1%. Co«per, .loliii, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of. Son- 
in-law, John Serjeant, who Is under affe. Brother, Samuel Cooper. 
Children of sister Sarah Woodruff, deceased. Ciilldren of sister Mary 
Ward. Eldest daughter of sister Elisabeth Frayley, deceased. Sons- 
in-law — Thomas and Daniel Serjeant. Real and personal estate. 
Executors — wife, Hannah, and son-in-law, Jonathan Sergeant. Wit- 
nesses — Sam'll Farrand, Esekiel Alliner, Nathaniel Farrand. Proved 
March 11, 1786. Lib. C, p. 164. 


ITSSv Oet. 2. Co«per» Josepk* of Newtown Township, Olouoester Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Lydia, during widowhood, plantation whereon 
I live and personal estate. In case of her marriage or decease, son 
Isaac to have home farm and land bought from John Colley and 
Joseph Dole, next Wm. Cooper. "Whereas I have given my son 
Joseph the land on which he lives, I also give him S72 acres on which 
George Erwin lives in the Township of Waterford. upon condition, 
that he pays my daughters Lydia, Hannah and Sarah £33.6.8 within 
four years after my decease." "Whereas I have given to my son Ben- 
jamin the plantation at Cooper's Point, on which he lives, I also give 
him 227 acres on the northerly side of Coopers Creek in the Town- 
ship of Waterford, 5 acres in the Great Meadows adjoining Samuel 
Cole, 300 acres on Unknown Creek in Salem County, adjoining Neale 
Daniel, also meadow and upland between land of Wm. Cooper and 
' my son, Joseph." Executors — Wife, Lydia, and son, Joseph. Wit- 
nesses — Tho. Spicer, Abigail Spicer, Wm. Cooper, John Green. Proved 
8 Jan. 1781. Lib. 8, p. 178. 

1731, Nov. 10. Inventory (£861.06) includes 111 Barrels of "Sidder" 
and 108 empty cases. Appraisers — John Kay, Tho. Spicer. 

1747* Nov. 2S. Cooper, Joscpk, of Newtown, Gloucester Co.; will of 
Wife, Hannah, to have the home plantation, 430 acres (at her death 
brother, Isaac Cooper, to possess the same), etc. Cousins — Wm. Moode 
and Joseph Howell. Grandchildren — Mary, Hannah, and Lydia (min- 
ors). Children of Jacob Howell, Jun'r. Sisters — Hannah Morgan and 
Sarah Raper. Nephews — Joseph, Benjamin, James, Samuel and Wil- 
liam, sons of brother Benjamin Cooper. 600 acres near head of 
Cooper's Creek in Waterford, Gloucester Co., occupied by John Collins, 
Jun. Executors — Wife and Israel Pemberton, Jun., of City of Phila- 
delphia, merchant. Witnesses — Simon Breach, Roger Irwin, Mary 
Shores. Affirmed 22 Nov. 1749. Lib. 6, p. 274. 

1760, Aug. 8. Inventory, £1351.16.7%; made by Thos. Spicer. Josiah 

ITSa* Nov. 28. Cooper, Lydia, of Newtown Township, Gloucester Co., 
widow; will of. Legacies to grandchildren — Mary, daughter of son 
Joseph Cooper; Hannah, Lydia and Rachel, daughters of son Benjamin 
Cooper; Thomas, Lydia and Mary Raper, son and daughters of daugh- 
ter Sarah, wife of Joshua Raper; Mary, Elisabeth, Lydia and Hannah, 
daughters of daughter Hannah, wife of Alexander Morgan. Daugh- 
ter, Lydia Cock, son, Isaac Cooper. Executors — son, Joseph Cooper, 

Digitized by 



and son-in-law, Joshua Raper. Witnesses — John Preston, Nicholas 
Lynch, Elisabeth Mdelan. Affirmed 29 Nov. 1786. 

Lib. 4, p. 77. 

1736, Nov. 16. Inventory (£486.16.7^) includes "large Bible, 49 shUl- 
inffs," "228 % yds. of linnen,*' £28.11.10. Appraisers — John Kay, The. 

1737, Amm» 2. Co«»er, Samvel, Bs«.« of Newark, Essex Co. Int. 
Adm'x, Experience Cooper, widow. Isaac Lyon and Daniel Tichener, 
fellow bondsmen. Lib. C, p. 178. 

1787. Sept. 22. Inventory (£680.09.19) includes bonds due from John 
Plumb, Thomas Stag, Eseklel Crane. John Reno, Jun'r, Joseph Jones, 
Jeremiah Baldwin. Zachariah Hall, Thomas Price, Thomas Gardner, 
Thomas Longworth, John Nutman. Abraham Ketchel, Josiah Crane. Jo- 
seph Peck, John Johnson at Canabrok, Henry EHinff. James Souter, Edward 
Heden, William Homes. Nathaniel Ward, Jun'r. John Melleg. Samuel 
Godden, James Smith. Capt Amos Williams. Abraham Meseker. Daniel 
Cogswell, France Francisco, Hance Spier. Jun'r. Joseph Bestedo. Na- 
thaniel Crain. James Meleg. John Baldwin. Jun'r, Benjamin Shipman, John 
Francisco, Coll. John Cooper, Caleb Wkrd. Moses Harrison. Benjamin 
Baldwin. Josiah Gilbert. David Ailing, John Ogden, David Ogden, Nathaniel 
Anderson, Garret Jacobus, Joseph Ball, Jonathan Ward, Simeon Van- 
winkle, John Hambleton, Bomt France. John Wells. Peter Sanderson, 
Jacob Spier. Jonathan Davis. Thomas Stag. Hendrick France. France Cook, 
Nathaniel Williams, Abraham Riker, Doctor Gillet. Abraham Defoe. Na- 
thaniel Rogers, Thomas Ward, Philip Schuyler, Steven Ward. Perrigrlne 
Sandford, Eleaxer Bnien, John Mun. Adam Belsher, Jacob Vanderhoof, 
Abraham Francisco. Hendrick Spier, Timothy Person. Hesel Petterson. 
Eliphalet Johnson. Epenetus Beech, Samuel Parkis. John Brown. Daniel 
Serjeants. Widow Richards; made by Eliphalet Johnson and John Ogden. 

1782, Dec. 4. C<N»pertkwalte, Jokn, of Chester. Burlington Co., yeo- 
man; unsigned will of. Son, Thomas, "house I now live in and all my 
lands on or adjoining on North side of the road that goes into the 
country." Son, John, lands lying between said road and the Branch, 
commonly called Coles Branch, and to both sons lands in Evesham, 
also in Waterford, Gloucester Co. Son. Hugh. Daus-Elisabeth (wife 
of Abraham Shadwell); Susannah (wife of William Webster); Han- 
nah (wife of Francis Hogshead); and Deborah (wife of Ambrous Cop- 
land). Executors — Sons. John and Thomas. Proved Dec. 80, 1782. 

1732. Dec. 6. John Kay, Esq., yeoman, affirmed that John Cooper- 
thwaite was in sound health and perfect memory, but being on a Sloop 
found he was too weak to sign his will. 

1782, Dec. 81. John King, of Chester, farmer, deposes that he was pres- 
ent at the time of the last sickness of John (>>pperthwaite and did hear 
John Kay, Esq., of Waterford read distinctly a certain writing purporting 
to be the last will and testament of John Copperthwaite. 

1782-8, Jan. 1. Hugh (>>perthwaite, of Chester, yeoman, affirmed that 
he was present at the last sickness of his father and did hear John Kay 
of Waterford, Esq., read distinctly a paper purporting to be said will. 

1782-8, Jan. 8. Petition of Thomas and John Cooperthwaite. sons of 
John Cooperthwaite. of Chester, yeoman, for letters of administrations. 
Bond of Thomas and John Cooperthwaite as administrators. 

Lib. 8, p. 288. 

1780^ 11th Mmjt ttb mo. (Nov.)* Cosre, IBaocli» of Evesham, Burlinc- 

Digitized by 



ton Co.. yeoman; will of. Sister Sarah, all cows and household aroods. 
Sister Hannah, lot in Burlington that fell to me by heirship. Another 
sister, name not mentioned. Nephew, Isaac Wilkins, minor. Niece, 
Sarah Foster, minor. Executors — brothers-in-law, Thomas Wilkins 
and WillUun Foster. Witnesses — Thomas Ballinflrer, Sam*ll Atkinson, 
Samuel Stokes. Proved March €, 1781. Lib. S, p. 18S. 

1781-2. 16th day, 12th mo. (Feb.). Inventory, £888.00.8% ; made by 
Joseph Stoakes and Sam. Lippincott. 

ITSa* Jmtr as. Coppock* Bartkelomew* of WellinborouiTh, Burling- 
ton Co.. blacksmith. Int. Adm'z, Amy Coppock, widow. Abraham 
Perkins, of same, fellow bondsman. Lib. 4, p. 68. 

1786, Aug. 10. Inventory, £108.8.1 ; made by Abraham Perkins and 
Peter Bishop. 

17S1, Marek 11. Corb«tt, Maryt will of. Grandson, John Corbett 
Ludlow, minor, "son of my daughter Mary and Henry Ludlow, her 
now husband." Debt due brother-in-law. Chief Justice Hooper. Land 
In New York. Executor — nephew John Morris. Witnesses — ^Isabella 
Graham, James Graham, Robert Hunter Morris. Proved March 81» 
1782. Lib. B, p. 298. 

1740, Oct. XL Cordesae, Aathoay, of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co.»* 
baker. Int. Adm'r, Samuel FitsRandolph, Sen'r, of Woodbridflre, prin- 
cipal creditor. Samuel Fltsrandolph, Jun'r, fellow bondsman. 

Lib. C, p. 869. 

1748-4, Harcli 12. Cordry, l^llllam, of Great Egrerharbor, Gloucester 
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Ann. Sons — Clement, to have plantation 
whereon I live between Great Gutt Creek and William Reid's land; 
Edmund, to have residue of said tract, also meadows southeastward 
over the Bay and the cedar swamp; Isaac. Daugrhters, Rebecca Cor- 
dry, alias Leeds, Phebe Cordry, alias Covenoven, and Elisabeth Cordry» 
Ruth Ireland, Easter Cordry. Executors — sons-in-law, John Leeds 
and Joseph Ireland. Witnesses — Joseph Leeds, Deborah Leeds, Japhet 
Leeds, Junior. 

1746, May 27. Codicil— concerning son Isaac. Witnesses — John Leeds. 
John Poolen, Samuel Wisaire. Affirmed 23 April, 1747. 

Gloucester Wills, 847 H. 

1746-7. March 18. Inventory (£189.5.6) includes coopers' tools, weavers 
loom and tackling. Appraisers — Joseph Leeds, John Ingersul. 

174<K A«ir. IS. Corey» Abraham, of Hanover, Morris Co., will of. 
Abraham (the eldest) to have improvement of plantation in Hanover 
until sons David and Jonathan will be 22. Daughters — ^Elisabeth Day, 
• Mary Johnson and Abierail. Executors — son Abraham and son-in-law, 
Samuel Day. Witnesses— Stephen Ward, William Brant, Nichlous 
Carter. Proved 4 Nov., 1740. Lib. C, p. 862. 

1740. Get. 28. Inventory (£90.9.6) includes claims against Caleb Ball, 
Beniamln Wlnchel, William Gardner, Joseph Headley, Henery Leacy, 
Joseph Leacy, Jacob Gargis, Ebeneser Mehurin. Appraisers — ^Bamibus 
Carter, Jeremiah Genung. 

17S8, Sept. 2. Corker, 8am«el, of Bristol, Bucks Co., Pa., sawyer 
and carter. Int. Adm'r, Joseph Rockhill, of Bristol, gent., with Samuel 
Scattergood, of Burlington, N. J., merchant, as fellow bondsman. 

Digitized by 



17S8, Sept. 1. Jane Corker, widow of Samuel, reelcne liffht of admin- 
IMration In favor of Joseph Rockhill. Burlington Wills, S069-60 C 

1730^ Oct. M. Corllst Bea|aml«» of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.» 
weaver. Int. Inventory, £84.6.0; made by Samuel Leonard, John 
Bedford and Jeremiah Bonham. Lib. C, p. 297. 

1789, Nov. 14. Adm'x, Mary Corlls, widow. Joseph Corlis, of Shrews- 
bury, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Witnessed by Jacob Vardell. 

1748t Dee. XL Corllse, flvmael* of town of Shrewsbury, Monmouth 
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Elisabeth, and brother, Oeorare Corleis, 
l^ffatees and executors. Witnesses — Joseph Eatton, Richard Anthony 
and Jacob Dennis. Proved Jan. 3, 1748-9, and Elisabeth Corlels sworn 
in. "Oeorare Corleis, the other executor therein named, Uviner at 
present in New England." 

1749, December 6. George Corleis sworn in as executor. 

Lib. E. p. 848. 

ITMIt Dee. M. C^raelbwn* Charles, of Penns Neck, Salem County, 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Ann, executrix. Son, Charles, H plantation 
(110 acres) whereon I live. Son, Andrew, the other half. When they 
attain age of 21, they shall pay legacies to son, John Corneliuson, and 
daughter, Catherine. Sons John and Andrew to be put to trades. 
Witnesses — William Philpot, Samuel Whitehorne. Proved 28 Feb., 
1750. Salem Wills, 924 Q. 

1760-1. Jan. 81. Inventory, £90.10.9 ; made by Samuel Wliitehome, 
WUllam Phllpot 

1748* Dee. 17. Coraellsae, Matkcw, of Bergen Co., yeoman; will of. 
Daughters — ^Maregrlt Vanorde (wife of Allebert VanOrde) and Rachel 
Begonem. Grandson, Matheis Cornelisse. Executor — Cornelius Wyn- 
koop, of Hackinsack, merchant. Witnesses — ^Lourens L. Vanboskerk, 
Lourens L Vanboskerk, Nicolaes DeMarest. Proved 81 Jan. 1748. 

Lib. E, p. 261. 

1748, Sept. 22. Inventory, of real and personal. (£191.4.6) includes 
125 acres of land and meadow and bond from John Zabrlsco ; made by 
Ck>r*s Wynkoop, Executor. 

1742, A«g. 10, Coraellva, John, of Somerset Co., yeoman; will of. 
Wife, Johanna. Children — John (oldest), Elisabeth, Allen, William, 
Joseph and James (minor). Real and personal estate. Executor — 
John Corle. Witnesses — Jacob Beng, Isaac Carredo. Jno. Dalley. 
Proved 16 March. 1742-3. Lib. D. p. 26. 

1742, Aug. 21. Inventory, of real and personal, (£40.15.3) includes one 
lot of land, £14, and house and lot, £6 ; made by Ja. Leonard and Jno. 

1742-3. Mar. 19. Widow, Johanna, renounces executorship. Witnesses 
— Joseph Badcock. John Berrien. 

174S-4» Feb. 35. ConMllaaoB, CoraeliiM, of Penns Neck, Salem Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Ann. Eldest son, Jacob, to have 50 acres he 
lives on adjoining Long Bridge, ''part of the old tract whereon I live,** 
and 40 acres Joining the same and Portmorant land and John Eaton's, 
"as will appear by the deed that I gave him.'* Son, Cornelius, to 
have "the plantation I live on," (50 acres) with all of the buildings 
and 56 acres adjoining Mr. Grafton's land and Andrew Bartleson's 

Digitized by 



«nd Andrew Boon's. Dauffhters — Sarah Tussey, Catherine Butter- 
worth and Elinor Mounson. Grandchildren — Elinor Butterworth and 
Peter Boon. Executors — wife, and son Cornelius Cornelinson. Wit- 
nesses—John Oroome, Michael Pedrick, Saml. Whitehorne. Proved 
!• Nov. 1744. Lib. 6. p. 87. 

1744, Nov. 6. Inventory, £67.8.1; made by Michael Pedrlck. Samuel 

1747. Oet. 7. Cornell, TITllliam, of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co.; will of. 
Sons — Smith (the eldest), William (the second). John (the third), 
Benjamin and Edward. Daughters — Hannah, Elisabeth, Sarah, Char- 
ity, Mary and Martha. Home plantation to youngest sons, Benjamin 
and Edward. Other plantations to sons William and John. Execu- 
tors — sons. Smith and William, and son-in-law, Edward Hunt. Wit- 
nesses — Edward Hunt, Sen'r., Jonas Wood and Reuben Armltage. 
Proved April 17, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 56. 

17S1. April 28. CoraoB* Chrtetfam, of Upper Precinct, Cape May Co., 
husbandman. Int. Adm'x, Ann Corson, spinster. Fellow bondsman, 
Peter Corson. Witnesses — Robert Townsend, Henry Lenord, Jacob 
Spicer. Lib. 8, p. 101. 

1731, April 22. Inventory (£174.00.11) includes smith's tools. ^ of a 
sftiallop. oxen, cows. etc. Appraisers — Robert Townsend, Henry Tounff. 

17St» Dee. 12. Corson, Ja<N>b, of Cape May Co., yeoman; will of. 
Wife. Amy. Sons, Jacob and Peter Corson. Son, Jeremiah Corson, 
100 acres "at the place called the *fast Landing.' " Daughters — 
Hachel, Amy and Martha (minors). Executors — wife. Amy, and son, 
Jacob. Witnesses — John Wlllets, Joseph Badcock, Rich. Hoe. Proved 
2S April 1737. Letters granted to Naomi Corson, widow. 

Lib. 4. p. 103. 

1787. April 4. Inventory, £153.3.2 ; made by Henry Toung, John Wlllets. 

174IK March 81. Corson, Joha, of Cape May Co. Int. Adm'x, 
Susannah Corson. Fellow bondsman — Isaac Binar, all of aforesaid 
County. Witnesses — Henry Toungr, John Wlllets. Lib. 4. p. 227. 

1789. April 23. Inventory, £49.13.10; made by Henry Young, John 

1731* April 29. Corson* Peter, Upper Precinct, Cape May Co.. yeo- 
man. Int. Adm'x, Deborah Corson, spinster. Fellow bondsmen, Peter 
(^rson, Jacob Corson. Witnesses — Henry Young, Mary Corson, Jacob 
Spicer. • Lib. 8. p. 101. 

1781. April 25. Inventory (£826.4.6) includes bonds of Peter Corson. 
Junr. and Christian Corson. Appraisers — ^Robert Townsend, Henry Young. 

174^ A«s. 6, Cory, Benjamin, of Essex Co.; will of. "Being listed 
into the King's service to go to Cuba." To eldest sons (all under age) 
of brothers Elnathan, John and Joseph Cory, land in Essex Co., "given 
me in the will of my father." Sister, Anna Cory. Executors — ^broth- 
era, Elnathan and John, and friend. William Winans. Witnesses — 
Abijah Qubbell, Phebe Lambert. Nath'U Hubbell. Proved June 8, 
1747. Lib. B, p. 61. 

t73S-S, Jam. 24. Cory, WUllam. of Newark, Essex Co. Int. Adm'r. 
▲mos Roberts. Lib. B, p. 860 

Digitized by 



1732-3, Jmn. 25. Inventory (£42.10.09) Includes debts due from Arthur 
Ward. John Day, Daniel Day, Samuel Crowel, Mr. Baley ; made by Jona- 
than Grain. Esq., and Nath'U W^iealer. 

1748, Jam. 2. Coryell, Emaavel, of Am well Township, Hunterdon 
Co.. farmer; will of. Estate to wife and six children. Wife, Sarah, 
to have house testator lived in and "ferry, meadows, barns and 
stables,'* during widowhood. Oldest son, John. Executors — wife and 
son John. Overseers — Daniel Cooper and Job Warford. Witnesses-^ 
John Johnson, Esther Dryall and Robert Evans. Proved Jan. tt^^ 
1748-9. Lib. 6, p. 89. 

1748, Feb. 8. Inventory (£864.12.8) includes bonds of Henry Smith, 
John Hurst, Huffh Smith; 8 nesrroes; S ffuns; speaking trumpet; 
sheep at States Jewella Made by Derrick Hoa^land and Peter Prall. 

1757, Nov. 1. Account of John Coryell, executor of will of Emanuel 
Ck>ryell, mentions cash received from John Miles ; money for part of house 
and lot at Bound Brook sold by sheriff; and money paid to Randall 
Hutchinson, Gtoorge Huirhes, Richard Halnds, John Delinir. William Pear- 
son,' Jacob Ketcham, Joseph Yard, John Watson, Esther Dnrall, Elisa- 
beth Phillips, John Baumont, Abraham Vendome, Thomas Kennedy, Jot> 
Warfleld, John Schoolfleld, Nathaniel Foster, William Osborne. Oershona 
Lambert, Mary Heston, Joseph Yard, Oarrard Williamson, Richard Ste- 
phens, John Hamilton. Cornelius Dawett, John Reading. Moses Vanoourtr 
Philip Kearny. Preserve Brown, Robert Evans, Sarah (^anby. Benjamin 
Taylor, Derick Homeland, Aaron MatUson, William Shatterthwaite, John 
Nefflee, Thomas Gilbert. Johannes Wallace. Job Warford, Joseph Warrell, 
John Wanrett. Robert Thompson, John Ingham, William Lowther, CHirls- 
topher Lashere, William Morris, Samuel Helcome. executors of Hennr 
Birkfr. Valentine Ent. Dennis Woolverton, Joseph De Ck>w, Jacob Heston,. 
Gtoorge Ely, John Cox, Benjamin Smith, a schoolmaster. Mayor, clerks,, 
etc., at Philadelphia, Jonathan Gray. Timothy Smith, surveyor; Joseplk 
De Cou, Georflre Reading, Daniel Cooper, Thomas Kennedy. 

1780, Jnse 10. Cosort {Cmmmmrt}, David, of Somerset Co., ffent; wilt 
of. Wife, Staintiah. Son, George, to have (eventually) home farm. 
Son, David, lands next to Jacob Derotes. Son. Francis. 110 acres and 
Dutch Bible. Daughters — Mary Williamson. Susannah Canine. Elenor, 
Jane and Eve. Grandchildren — Hendrick Harpendinff. son of daughter 
Leah, deceased, and three children of son Jacob, deceased. William- 
tiah, "former wife*' of Jacob. Executors — Son, David, and Peter Wil* 
liamson. Witnesses — ^Marius Glanvill, John Ri^ffs, Johanas Holland. 
Proved 18 Jan., 1740. Lib. C. p. 887. 

1741. July 1. "Inventory, Bown Broak (Bound Brook), of the late 
David Casaar." Personal estate. £137.1.6 ; made by Jacob DeGroot, Wil- 
liam Olden. 

1747-8, Jam. 10. Coestas, Joha, of Springfield, Burlinffton Co., farmer; 
will of. Children — John, Samuel, Mary Foort and Mary Holt. Real 
and personal estate. Wife, Elisabeth, sole executrix. Witnesses^ 
Thomas Foster, Sen'r, Amariah Foster, John Foster. Proved March 
14, 1747-8. Lib. 6, p. 406. 

1747-8, March 14. Inventory, £49.17.2; made by Thomas Foster and 
John Foster. 

1786, May 18. Covltoa, Rlckard, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co. Int. 
Inventory of estate, £23.11.5, includes joiners and turners tools, notes 

Digitized by 



of Hendrick L&ne, Martin Conners, James Thomson and Walter Dun- 
san. Made by Thomas Morford, Pontius Stelle and Thomas Holms. 

Lib. C. p. 44. 
17SS, May 20. Adm'x, Mary Coulton, widow. Hu^h Hartshome, of 
MIddletown. gentleman, fellow bondsman. 

1748» Sept. •. CosweaboTem (CmrenhovenU Albert, of Freehold, 
Monmouth Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Eleanor. Eleven children — 
William (eldest), RulufT, Anna, Jane, Alice, Market, Sarah, Peter, 
Jarratt, John and Cornelius. Executors — wife, and kinsman William 
Covenhoven, son of Cornelius Covenhoven. Witnesses — Jan Kou- 
wenhoven, Matteys Pitersen and William Williamson. Proved Oct. 
S, 1748 and Eleanor Covenhoven, executrix, sworn. Lib. E, p. 21S. 

174S, Oct. 8. William C. Kouenhoven asks to be excused from executor- 

1748, Not. 21. Inventory (£1800.12.S) includes 20S acres of land, piece 
of salt meadow, negros (man, woman and 4 children), loom, oyster tongs, 
Bible; made by William Williamson, Willem Couvenhoven and Mattesrs 
Plteraon. Signed ''Neltje Couenhouen." 

1788* Hot. 22. Covweakovem (Covemhovea), Comeltas, of Middle- 
town Township, Monmouth Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Margaret, all 
estate, and the old negro woman, Hannah. Eldest son, William, 
negroes Sam and Tom, 156 acres of land sold to testator by William 
Bowne, March 1, 1704, and January 20, 1705, and 120 acres received 
from Daniel Hendricks, John Schenck, Garrat Schenck and Peter 
Wey<»II, July 18, 1716. Son, Roeloffe, negroes James and Toney, and 
residue of land and meadow received July 18, 1716, 2% acres received 
from James and Rachel Hubbard, July 27, 1706, 2 acres from Jonathan 
Holmes, June 28, 1719, 10 acres from John Bowne, May 4, 1708, and 
185 acres from Oarrat and John Schenck, Dec. 24, 1700. Son, William, 
to pay legacies to testator's daughters — Leah, Catherine, Yacominekey, 
Margaret and Rachel. Son, Roeloffe, to pay legacies to daughters — 
Mary, Sarah, Neelkye, Allkye, Yannikee and Anne. Executors — wife, 
and sons William and Roeloffe. Witnesses — Oerret Schenck, Johannis 
Bennet and Robert Dodsworth. Proved June 22, 1736. Lib. C, p. 107. 

175#» Dee. 15. Coveahoves* (Comover), BUas, of Middletown, Mon- 
mouth Co.; will of. Wife mentioned, but not named. Children — 
Peter, John, Patience, Lidia, Jane, Sarah, Anne, and unborn child. 
S^xecutors — brother, Peter Cownover, John Longstreet of Freehold, 
brother-in-law John Wall, of Middletown. Witnesses — Roelyf Coven- 
hoven and Oarritt Schenck. Proved Jan. 80, 1750. Lib. E, p. 478. 

1748* J«l7 5. CoveBkoves* Ja<N>bt of Middletown, Monmouth Co., 
yeoman ; will of. Children — Martin, Roeloff, Jacob, Garret. Peter and John. 
Granddaughter — Sarah Covenhoven. Grandsons — Daniel Covenhoven, 
Daniel Hendrickson and Jacob Hendrickson. Executors — ^Roeloff, Ja- 
cob and Garret. Witnesses — Joseph Gk>ulder, George Crawford, Ellas 
Golden and Charles Henderson. Proved July 17, 1744. Lib. D. p. 152. 

1744, Dec. 8. Inventory (£618.18.8) includes six negros, large Bible, 217 
bushels Indian com, books, 82 barrels flour; also bonds and book debts 
from — ^Aron Stryker, Joseph, John and James Dorsett, Benjamin and John 
Ourman, Andrease Johnson, Tunis and Stephen Amack, Mathias Peterson, 
Andrew Bray, Harman Johnson, Joseph Cooper, Stephen Hevlland, Hend- 
rick Smock, Tunis Swart, William Williamson, Gtoorge Crawford, Samuel 

Digitized by 



and Qeorffe Jobs, Tunis Denlce, John Williams. Andrew Crawford, Thomas 
Harbert, Johannes and John Brewer, Joseph, Andrew, Benjamin, James 
and John Willson, Daniel and Thomas Seabrook, Gershom Wallen, Richard 
Burden, John Mount, Elias Gtolder, James Hutchins, William Covenhoven 
of Flat Lands, Samuel, Joseph, and Jacob Dennis, Job Throckmorton, 
Thomas and William Layton, Abraham and John Watson. Robert White, 
John Taylor, John Tennison, Cornelius Vandevear, William and Thomas 
Patten. John Mackleese. Samuel. Obadiah and Obadiah Holmes, Jr., 
Rulof and Jacob Covenhoven. Made by Samuel Offbome, Hendrlek 
Hendrickson and Edward Taylor. 

1746, 0«t. 24. CoveBkovea, Roelof, of Monmouth Co. Int. Adm'ra, 
Peter Covenhoven. William Hendrickson and Tunis Denis. Hendrlek 
Hendrickson, fellow bondsman. All of Monmouth County. 

Lib. D, p. 420. 

1746, Nov. 17. Inventory (£439.12.4%) includes bills, notes, etc.. of 
Quisbert Vanmatre, Hendrlek Mires, Robert Hood and Andrew Willson 
and two ne^ro girlB. Made by Nicholas Johnson. Ellas Qolden and John 

1746, Dec 20. Janitie Couenhoven. widow of Ruloff, declines admin- 
istering. (Name in letter, "Janitie Connover"). Witnesses — Cornelius 
and Mary Lane. 

1742, 0«t. 17. Covenhoven* William* of Mlddletown, Monmouth Co.. 
yeoman. Int. Adm'rs, Ann Covenhoven, widow, Rolef Covenhoven and 
William Hendrickson. Hendrlek Hendrickson, fellow bondsman. 

Lib. D, p. 11. 

1742, Nov. 6. Inventory (£584.19.00) includes bonds from Jos. Dennis 
and John Stout, James Bowne and William Bowne, Thomas Bullman and 
Oarsham Walling, Thomas Mount, James Bowne (minor), John Taylor 
and Creorge Taylor, John Compton. John Stout Boatman. Safety Grover 
and James Grover, Jr., Samuel Legg and Samuel Bowne. Jos. Shephard 
and Jos. StiUvell. Samuel Legg and John Winter and Eldward Taylor; 
also Dutch Bible. Made by Barnes Johnson, Nicholas Johnson and 
Jonathan Stout. 

1746-7, Feb. 17. Covenhoven, W^Ullam, Jnn*r, of New Windsor, Mid- 
dlesex Co., yeoman; will of. Children — William, Garret, Ann, Nelly, 
Sarah, David, all under age. Real and personal estate. Executors — 
wife, Margaret, William Covenhoven of Flat Lands, Long Island, and 
Albert Schank, of Pennsneck. Witnesses — Albert Schanck, Cornelius 
Covenhoven, Derrick Sutphen, Joseph Skelton. Proved Sept. 11, 1747. 

Lib. 6. p. 867. 

1730, June 26. Covenoven, Peter, Sr., of Great Egg Harbour, Glou- 
cester Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Elisabeth. Children — Peter, 
Isaiah, Thomas, Micajah, Mary, Judith. Executors — wife, and brother 
John Covenoven. Witnesses — Samuel Huested and John Watts. 
Proved Aug. 21, 1780. Lib. 8, p. 105. 

1730. Aug. 17. Inventory, £46.14.6 ; made by Joseph Leeds and Thomas 

1780-1, Feb. 6. Account by Elisabeth Covenoven. executrix (John 
Covenoven having renounced). 

1730, April 26. Covenoven, Peter, Jr., (eldest son and heir-at-law 
of Peter Covenoven, late of Great Egg Harbor, Gloucester Co., yeo- 

Digitized by 



man, deceased) ward; petition of. Ouardlan — Jeremiah Adams of 
■ame place. Witnesses — ^Richard Phillpotts, Blias Steelman. 

Gloucester Wills, 661 H. 

1782; Jjui. 9. CoTert* Timla, of Somerset Co.; will of. Wife, Mary, 
sole executrix, and to have whole estate. Son, John. Daughters — 
Jeane, Mary and "younger daughter, Harmssye." Witnesses — ^Tunis 
Post, William Taylor, Johanis Post. Proved SO April, 1786. 

Lib. C, p. 29. 

, . Inventory (£102.1S.9) includes "negro-man Jho £60." 

Made by Tunis Post. Peter Selyens (?). (Filed 1786; not dated). 

1748* March 15. CowenhoveB* Peter, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Patience. Son Peter, Jr. Children — Wil- 
liam, Blias, Hannah Antonldes, Jane Williamson, Mary Schenck, Aeltje 
Williamson, and Anne Longstreet. Executors — sons William, Ellas 
and Peter Cowenhoven. Witnesses — ^Robert Cummlng, Andrew Mc- 
OaUerd and Jno. Henderson. Proved April 28, 1766. Lib. F, p. 269. 

1765, Sept. 16. Inventory (£86.19.11), includes two negros. Made by 
Isaac Voorhees, Dirlk Zutphen, Jr., and Isaac Sutphen. 

1750, June 14. CowgUl, Nehemlah, of Gloucester Co., Innholder. 
Int. Adm'x, widow, Esther Cowgill. Bondsman — Samuel Harrison, 
Esq. of same place. Witnesses — Fras. Haddock, Jos. Scattergood. 

Gloucester Wills, 468 H. 

17S4p April 18. Cox, Eareck, of Greenwich, Gloucester Co., yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Ann, sole executrix, with power to sell plantation (197 
acres), situate on the northerly side of Rackcoon Creek, in township 
aforesaid. Witnesses — John Deumey, Earsek Cox, (son of Larance 
Cox), Samuel Shivers. Proved 11 June 1784. 

1786. Aug. 18. Inventory, £86.10.2 ; made by Losey Cox, Samuel Shivers. 

1749, J«ly 98. Cox, Edward, of Woodbridge. Middlesex Co., hatter; 
will of. Five children mentioned, but two only by name, Humphrey 
and Dorothy. Lands bought of Shoball Smith and John Deare, Esq. 
Executors — friends, John Bloomfleld, the elder, and John Plerson 
Jun'r. Witnesses — Rlch'd Cutter, William Pike, David Donham, Jun*r. 
Proved Sept. 18, 1749. Lib. E. p. 826. 

1749. Aug. 26. Inventory. £16.16.10 ; made by Ichabod Smith. Sen'r, 
and Thomas Pike. 

1747, Dceesiker 22. Cox, James, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co., 
gentleman; will of. Reserves to his heirs forever, one chain square 
of ground where his wife and others of the family are buried. John 
Cox. son of son Thomas, deceased, when 21, lots No. 8 and 4 In draught 
made by John Lawrence, Aprii 22 and 23, 1786. being 69 acres. If 
said John dies, land to John's sisters, Mary Cox, lately called, now 
married, and Anna Cox. Son. John Cox, northern part of testator's 
plantation, excepting burying ground; also land adjoining Robert 
Lawrence. Son. Joseph, southern part of plantation. 27 acres bought 
of Blisha Lawrence, deceased. Four daughters of testator's daugh- 
ter. Anna Jewell, deceased. Daughter, Elisabeth, land adjoining 
Burlington road. Sons, James, John, and Joseph, all apparel and 
arms. Grandson. James Cox. Daughters — Elisabeth. Alice. Rachel, 
Dorothy and Rebecca. Executors — sons John and Joseph Cox, and 
kinsman Thomas Cox. Witnesses — Samuel Stelle. John Hartshorns 
and John Lawrence, Jr. Proved Nov. 7, 1760. Lib. 6, p. 437. 

Digitized by 



1760. Oct. SO. Inventory of the estate of James Cox, "Senior/* (£71S. 
1S.4H) includes negroes Pink, Adam, Lydia and Vina. BCade by Eklward 
Taylor and William Tapscott Additional goods, £29.7.6, includes debts 
due from Joseph Throckmorton and Hankinson. 

1749» Jam. 29. Cox* Joha, late of Deptford Township, Gloucester Co., 
carpenter. Int. Admr., John Wilkins, yeoman. Bondsman — ^Wil- 
liam Wilkins, both of same place. Witnesses— John Mlckle, John. 
Ladd. Gloucester Wills, 448 H. 

1749, Oct 20. Inventory (£16.17.1) includes chest and tools. Apprais- 
ers — Wm. Wilkins, John Sedden. 

1747, July 22. Cox, Peter, of Greenwich Township, Gloucester Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary. Sons — Manuel, Peter and Moans. 
Daughters — Katherine, Elinor, Anlckor, Mary, Martha and Marget. 
Sons — Abraham, Addam and John to have plantation and land equally. 
Executor — son, Abraham. Witnesses — Robert Maffett, William Maf- 
fatt, Isaac Stephens. Sworn and affirmed 81 Aug. 1747. Lib. 6, p. 484. 

1747, Aug. 16. Inventory, £112.8.11; made by Isaac Stephens, Robert 

1728, Sept. 27. Cox, Philip, of the Blue Hills, Somerset Co.; will of. 
Wife, executrix. Sons — John, Philip and Phineas. Daughter — Elisa- 
beth. Executors empowered to sell 100 acres of land in Somerset Co., 
purchased of John Budd. Executor — John Kinsey, Jr. Witnesses — 
John Kinsey, Wm. Thomson, Joanna Kinsey. Proved 18 Aug., 1788. 

Lib. C, p. 116. 

1787, Jan. 7. (Filing date). Inventory (£804.14.8) includes Bible. 
£1.6. BCade by Daniel Blackford, Ephraim Dunham. Signed. "Derkes 
C^ks, admx. (her mark)." 

1749, July 8. Cox, Richard, of Wellingborough, Burlington Co. 
Adm'x, Elisabeth Cox, widow. Abraham Perkins and William Hew* 
lings of same, yeoman, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 6, p. 824. 

1749, July 8. Inventory, £128.2.8 ; made by Wll'm Heulings and Abra- 
ham Perkins. 

1746, March 21. Coxc, Bcajamla, of Gloucester Co., laborer; will 
of. Friend, John Cole, of Gloucester Co., husbandman, executor and 
to have whole estate. Witnesses — Jo. Harrison, Andr. Tate, William 
Davis, Junior. Proved 18 April, 1747. Lib. 6, p. 884. 

1747, April 18. Inventory (£48.18.6) includes flat, oars, mast, sail and 
a canoe. Appraisers— Samuel Harrison, Andr. Tate. 

17S7, March 21. Coxe, Daalcl, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., Esquire; 
will of. Out of a tract of 6,866 acres of land on South branch of Rar- 
iton River off Smiths Brook, by Joseph Kirkbrides, William Canis 
and Thomas Stevenson, formerly in Amwell Township, then in Read- 
ingtown, 600 acres to testator's son, John; 400 acres to son. William; 
400 to daughter, Rebecca Coxe; 860 acres to Charles, Thomas and 
Mary, "commonly called Charles, Thomas and Mary Coxe, children of 
Mary Johnson of Trenton, spinster.'* Out of a tract of 6,000 acres, 
called Morris's purchase, part of 10,000 acres surveyed by John Read- 
ing, Jr., for the testator and for Joseph Kirkbride and Thomas Stev- 
enson in Amwell Township, 900 acres to son, John; 800 acres to son, 
William; 600 acres to daughter, Rebecca. Land at Mount Carmel in 

Digitized by 



Ifflwell and Bethl«hem Townships. To son, Daniel, tract of 1,000 
scr«8 at Flat kill, Hunterdon County; 408 acres at Paquacks. Survey 
Buide for Joseph Helby. Paquaess lands. Land surveyed by Edward 
Kemp at Coshatunff; land near Indian town, on the branches of 
Cohanxey River in Salem County. Land at Cohansie, surveyed by John 
Bodd, near Island Branch of Morris's River. Lands held with Jacob Spicer, 
in Cape May County. Land held with Clement Hall of Salem, mer- 
chant, at Stow Creek or Hell Neck, Salem County. Articles of agree- 
ment made February 27, 1724, between testator and Samuel Hed^e of 
Salem Townslilp, merchant. Land in Salem County near plantation, 
late of Charles Anffeloes, in possession of Obadiah Loyd. Land sur- 
veyed by Richard Bull late of Oloucester County, surveyor, deceased, 
at Alloways Creek, Salem County. Land on Musonnetcun? Creek, in 
Hunterdon County. Land at Prince Morris's River, Salem County. 
Land surveyed by Bethaniah Leeds, surveyor. Land granted to the 
testator and others at Western Hook. Land held with John Scott, 
late of Rhode Island, deceased, in Salem County. Land on Rariton, 
patented to Joseph Bembrtdffe and by Dr. Bembrldgre, brother and heir 
of said Joseph Bembridffe, granted unto the testator's father. Doctor 
Daniel Coxe, and by latter to the testator. To son. William Coxe, land 
in Gloucester Town and Great Kgg Harbour, Gloucester County, and 
land in Nottingham Township, Burlinsrton County, adjoining lands of 
Robert Scbooley and John Cox. To son, John, land in Trenton between 
Shabbacunck Brook and the rere line of Hutchlnsons manor. Land 
granted by Colonel Dungan of New York, at Crabb Meadow in Hun- 
tln^on Township, Long Island. To son, John, dwelling house in 
Trenton where testator lived and four lots adjoining, containing 
about one acre. To son, William, when of a^e, stone house in Tren- 
ton wherein Mary Johnson livedo Three-fourths of iron works and 
grist mill near Bordentown, held with Thomas Potts, and land near 

there bought from Antrum, of Burlington since deceased, for 

digging of Iron ore from. Lot In town of Burlinsrton on east side of 
James Verree's lot and on Delaware River. Lot in Burlington, front- 
ing on Delaware River, adjoining Hutchinson's or Tatham's Lot, now 
the Society for Propoffation of the Gospell. Orchard late of Jeremiah 
Basse and orchard belonging to the point house, in possession of Mrs. 
Weyman. Lot at Tatham's Point in Burlington. Lot near John Weth- 
eril's, since Joseph Welshe's and now John Baton's, fronting on Del- 
aware. Lands in Hunterdon County; S.OOO acres in Hopewell; 16.000 
acres in Maidenhead; farm late in possession of Thomas Winder, 
lately recovered by a suit-at-law and now hi possession of George 
Fox, adjoining land late of John Dean. Lands in Oxford Township, 
in the Nip Nut Country of the Colony of Massachusetts. Land called 
Crabb Meadow, and by the Indians called Cattawomack in Nassaw or 
Lonff Island. To son Daniel, any moneys paid in Great Britain for 
the schooling of testator's son, John Coxe.' Executors — Joseph Mur- 
ray, of the City of New York, Esquire, attorney and counsellor-at- 
law; Samuel Bustill, of Burlinsrton, attorney-at-law; testator's son, 
John Coxe of Trenton, attorney-at-law; and James Alexander, of 
the City of New York, Esquire, Counselor-at-law. Witnesses, John 
Dagworthy, Andrew Reed and Samuel Johnson. 

17S9, April 18. Codicil, Mary,, daughter of Mary Johnson, of Tren- 
ton, havinff died since date of will. Nesrro girl, Flora, to Charles, son 
of Mary Johnson. Thomas, son of Mary Johnson. Witnesses — John 
Dagworthy, Andrew Reed and Samuel Johnson. Proved April SO, 

Digitized by 



The depositSon of Samuel Bustill shows that on April 22, 1739, about 
■even in the mominir. Colonel Daniel Coxe desired that the deponent and 
his son, Johnny, should come to him where he lay side, etc Oave book8> 
to son Johnny. Lib. 4, p. 157. 

17S4, Sept. 12. Coze, John, Jom'r, of Wlllin^borow, Burlinffton Co.. 
Int. Inventory, £105.8.8; made by Huffh Sharp and Thomas Reeves^ 

1734, Oct. 4. Administration granted to Jane Coxe, widow. Hugh. 
Sharp, Esq., and Thomas Reeves, yeoman, both of Wellinboroufi:h. fellow 
bondsmen. Lib. 3, p. 4S(^. 

17S1» April 8. CTmfford, Joshwi, of Cape May Co.; will of. *'I ffive 
my house and land unto my brother Benjamin Crafford's son, Bleser."' 
Sole executor, brother Benjamin. Witnesses — John Flower, Jonathan. 
Fourman, Thomas Hand. Proved SO April 1738. Lib. 3, p. 340. 

1733, April 26. Inventory, £53.1.0; made by Richard Downes, Elisha 

1744, Dee. 5. Cmft, Ctorsham, of Mansfield, Burlinffton Co., labourer^ 
Int Administration granted to Lydia Craft, widow. James Hancock,, 
of City of Burllnsrton, peruke maker, fellow bondsman. Lib. 6, p. 68. 

1744, Dec. 31. Inventory, £23.19.6 ; made by Thomas Scattergood, 
Ju'r, and Wm. Heulings. Affirmed to Aug. 1, 1745, by Lydia Craft, ad- 

17S4-S, Feb. 27. Craft, Thomas, of Mansfield, Burlington Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Son, Thomas. Sons-in-law, John Brown and David 
Rockhill. Their children. Land bought of Dr. John Brown. Real 
and personal estate. Executors — wife, Margaret, and David Rockhill. 
Witnesses — William Shinn, Esther Qarrish, John Richardson. Proved 
Nov. 10, 1736. Lib. 4, p. 45. 

1735, Nov. 10. Inventory, £177.18.6 ; made by Qeorge Morris and Rich- 
ard Olbbs. 

1781, Nov. 4. Craftoa, Ambrose, of Salem Town and Co.. *'petty shop- 
man.'* Int. Adm'r Benjamin Constable. Bondsman — Daniel Mes- 
tayer. Both of said County. Witnesses — F. Oandonitt, Thon. Mason. 

Lib. 8, p. 215. 

1731, Nov. 4. Inventory (£21.13) includes *'5 doz. leather ink horns, IH 
dos. boys shoes, 14 horse whips, 2 dos. wigg combs." Appraisers — Daniel 
Mestayer, Thos. Mason. 

1788, Jam. 20. Craig, Alexander, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co.; will of. 
Wife, Mary, executrix. Cousin, Alexander Craig, son of William Craig, 
living at Bohamla, when of age. Witnesses — Benjamin Smith, Wil- 
liam Morris, Thomas Wood. Proved June 11, 1737. Lib. 4, p. 105. 

1737. May 25. Inventory (£25.7.0) includes one barber's table. Made 
by Alexander Lockart and Benjamin Smith. 

1788, Sept. 28. Craig, Andrew, of Elisabeth Town. Essex Co., weav- 
er; will of. Children — Andrew, John, William, Margery, Elizabeth, 
Mary and Martha. Grandson — ^Abraham Terril, under age. Lands 
joining lands of John Marsh and William Piles. Executors — son, 
John, and daughter, Margery Craig. Witnesses — Thomas Clark, Sam- 
uel Brant, William Hopkins. Proved Oct. 24. 1739. Lib. C, p. 294. 

1739, Oct 16. Inventory (£144.04.05) Includes bonds of John Terrill, 

Digitized by 



mchard Clark, Jun'r* John Craig, Jona'th Hamton, Geo. Qostolow, Joseph 
KUsey, Jun'r. 

1739, Nov. 24. Margery Craig renounces right of acting as executrix 
on her father's estate. "Witn es s John TerriU. 

1748» Mmt 8. Cvalg* John* of Haddonfleld, Gloucester Co., "Doctor 
of Physick." Sons — ^William, John, Bbeneser, Andrew and Joseph to 
have equally piece of ground in Burlington when Joseph is 21. Daugh- 
ters — Mary, Elisabeth and Anna Craig to have certain moveables; 
Elizabeth and Anna when 18. Executors — wife, Elizabeth, and Eben- 
ezer Hopkins. Witnesses — John Maxwell, Isaac Andrews, Wm. Gris- 
com. Affirmed 2S Sept 1748. Lib. 6, p. 8. 

1748, 5th mo. (July), 25th da. Inventory (£510.15.6) includes book 
debts, £38.8.7, an eight* day clock, £12, books, £8.6.9 ; surgeon's instruments, 
£1.0.0; 15 gal. of spirits, £3.0.0. Appraisers — ^Wm. Griscom, Isaac An- 

lT4«-7, Feb. 3. Cralflr, Samvel, of Monmouth Co. Int. Inventory of 
estate, £492.17.3, includes negro boy, silver tankard, instruments and 
materials for making clocks and watches and tools of each trade, 
and materials for finishing new house. Made by widow, Gertrude 
Craig, Jacob Busbie (Butbin?), William Ker and John Henderson. 

Lib. D, p. 458. 

1746-7, March 6. Bond of (Gertrude Craig, John Anderson and David 
Hhe. of Monmouth County, as administrators. John Henderson, fellow 

1748» Jam. 28. Cranet Daalel, of Newark, Essex Co. Int. Adm'r, 
James Crane, the brother. Thomas Sargeant and Sam'U Huntington, 
fellow bondsmen. Lib. E, p. 261. 

1759^ May 12. Crane, David, of Newark, Essex Co., yeoman; will of. 
Wife, Mary. Son, Jedediah, land joining land of Lewis Crane. Son. 
David, land bought of Timothy Johnson; land near Thomas Dicksons 
called Duckersfield; land joining lands of John Crane and Nathaniel 
Ward. Son, Joseph, at 21, land bought of Daniel Morice. Daughters — 

Abigail Johnson, Pheby Lawrence, Dorcas (wife of Crane), 

Mary Ailing, Sarah and Hannah Crane, land joining lands of Joseph 
Rogers and Daniel Crane. Executors — wife, Mary, Joseph Riggs and 
son, David. Witnesses — Isaac Lyon, Job Wood, John Ogden Jun'r. 
Proved June 21, 1760. Lib. E, p. 433. 

1742-S, March 17. Crane, EUwther, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co.; 
will of. Youngest son, Samuel. Daughters — Hanna, Abigail, Easter, 
Sarah, Rebecca and Deborah. Real and personal estate. Executors — 
sons, Jacob Dehart and Benjamin Crane. Witnesses — James Harris, 
John Chandler. Proved Sept. 16, 1748. Lib. E, p. 212. 

1782; A9HI 20. Crane, BUhn, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of. Chil- 
dren — ^Lewis, Christopher, Charles, Elihu, Isaac, Hannah and Phebe 
Crane, all under age. Expected child. Friends, Joseph Canfleld, David 
Crane and Nathaniel Dalglish, to make distribution of estate. Real 
and personal estate. Executors — wife, Mary, and brother, David 
Crane. Witnesses— Jno. Cooper, Timothy Tuttle, John Crane. Proved 
Sept 28, 1732. Lib. B, p. 317. 


Digitized by 



ir49. Dee. 5. CJraae* Jaaycr, of Newark, ElMez Co.; will of. WlCe, 
Ann. Children — ^Davld, Joseph* Solomon, Sarah Barber and Hanah 
Kinffsland. Real and personal estate. Note of Adam Massaere. Lot 
of corn due from Abraham Massaere. Bzeoutors — Friends, Mr. Jona- 
than Serjant, Mr. David Bruin. Witnesses — ^Thomas Eagles, Eleaner 
Turrel. James Billinsrton. Proved March 21, 1749. Lib. E, p. 4S2. 

174S, Mar 4. Cnwe* JereaUakt Jam*rt of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co. 
Inventory of personal estate, £104.06.09; made by John Chandler, 
oordwainer and Stephen Crane, Joiner. 

1742, June 8. Bond of Susanna Crane, widow, as administratrix on the 
estate. Joseph Ogden and Gershom Hinrins, fellow bondsmen. Witness — 
Ste'n W]ame. Lib. C, p. 611. 

1746-6, March IS. Acoompt of Susanna Clark 8cs administratrix on the 
estate of her first husband, Jeremiah Crane. Jun*r, showing payments to 
James Townley, John Salnave. Henry Qarthwait, Sarah Hunloke. Mr. 
Jonathan Dickinson. Samuel Woodruff, Jonathan Allen, Doctor Burnet, 
William Ogden, Isaac Scalleux, Jonathan Crane, Jun'r; also notes of 
Effingham Townley and Michael Crane 

174S» May 24. Craaet JereaUalit of Borough of Elisabeth, Essex Co.. 
yeoman; will of. Children — James, Mary Carpenter, Rebecca (wife 
of Henery Qarthwaite), Susanna (wife of Thomas Broadberry). Rachel 
Crane, and her son, Joseph Miller (commonly so called). Grandchil- 
dren — Timothy Crane, James Carpenter, Mary, Rachel and Hannah 
Carpenter, and Abierail, Mary and Joanna Crane, all under age, daugh- 
ters of son Jeremiah, deceased. Land bought of Henry Tuttle and 
John Megie; land given by father, Stephen Crane; land bought of 
brother, John Crane, joining lands of Isaac Schalleux, Nathaniel Crane. 
Stephen Crane; land bought of Asarlah Crane; land joining lands of 
Andrew Craigge, Richard Sender, Nathaniel Crane. Executors — son« 
James, son-in-law Henery Oarthwaite, and Elijah Davis. Witnesses — 
Thomas Ross, Matthias Crane, Benjamin Crane. Proved December 8. 
1744. Lib. D. p. 201. 

1744, Dec. 26. EHljah Davis sees no occasion for his being an execu- 
tor; so declines. 

1734, Jam. 9. Craae» Jeha, of Hanover, Hunterdon Co., yeoman; will 
of. "Aged and infirm." Children — John, Edmond, Amos, Mary Ham- 
ilton, Abigail (wife of Stephen Ward), and Kesiah Canfield. Land in 
Millbank swamp in Newark, where son John formerly dwelt; land 
purchased of Jacob Ford at Hanover. Land in Hanover joining land 
of Ephraim Price. Executors — ^wlfe. Mary, and son, Edmond Crane. 
Witnesses — John Cooper, Eliphalet Johnson, Joseph Day. Proved 
March 16, 17S8. Lib. C, p. 262. 

1739. May 14. Inventory. £166.08.07 ; made by Ephraim Price and John 
Ball. Witnesses — Stephen Ward, Abigail Ward. 

1748* Joly as. CTmae* Joha. of Morris Co. Adm'x, Mary Crane, 
widow, with Joseph Leasey and Thomas Ward fellow bondsmen. 

Lib. E, p. 218. 

1745-6* Jam. 39. Craae* Joaas (Jonah)* of Newark, Essex Co. Int. 
Inventory of personal estate (£136.09) includes note of Daniel Brown, 
gold buttons, gold locket and silver dish. Made by Isaac Lyon, John 
Johnson Jun'r and David Ogden, Jun'r. 

Digitized by 



174S-6, Feb. 21. Adm'z, John Cran«. David Ogden, Jun'r, and Hum- 
phrey Nichols, fellow bondsmen. Lib. D, p. 370. 

1T44, April 9. C^raae* Jomathaa* ot Newark, Essex Co., ffent.; will 
o£. ^Wite, Sarah. Children — Samuel, Caleb, Elijah, Nehemiah, John, 
and Mary Johnson. Land formerly belonfflnff to Mr. Treat; l^nd 
bouffht of John Lindely; lands joining lands of Samuel Wheeler, 
Widow Penninsrton; land on Morris Creek. £6 towards supporting a 
Presbyterian minister. Executors — sons, Samuel and Elijah, and son- 
in-law, John Johnson. Witnesses — Nathaniel Wheeler, David Ship- 
man, John Offden Jun'r. Proved Oct. 1, 1744. Lib. D, p. 181. 

ITSl* Mmr T. Cmne, Joseph, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co., 
•"sawer"; will of. Mother, Esther Crane, of Elisabeth Town, Essex 
Co. Saw mlll« srrist or corn mill, eriven by father, John Crane, deceas- 
ed. Brothers — Benjamin, Mathias, John and Samuel, 50 acres on 
Raway River ffiven by my father. Executors — brother-in-law, David 
Dunham, and mother. Witnesses — Samuel Morris, Abierall Morris, 
Caleb Jefferys. Proved June 19, 1731. Lib. B, p. 223. 

174Sp Jaa. 98. Craae, Joshva, of Newark, Essex Co. Int. Adm'r, 
James Crane, brother, Thomas Sar^eant and Sam'll Huntington, fel- 
low bondsmen. Lib. E, p. 260. 

1746* Dec 15. Craae* 8«m«el, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of. 
Daughters — Sarah, Elisabeth and Margraret, all under aere. Expected 
child. Land on west side of Wolf Harbor; meadow on Maple Island 
joining land of Daniel Tichnor. Executors — wife, Ann, Isaac Lyon 
and Elijah Crane. Witnesses — John Crane, Jon'th Hi^ffins, David 
Offden. Proved Jan. 12, 1746-7. Lib. D, p. 449. 

1749* April 22. Cmvea* Neheailah* of Cumberland Co., yeoman. Son, 
Thomas, to have all real estate "both land and marsh," also 1-3 of the 
personal, and daughter, Mary, to have 2-38. (Both minors). If both 
die under affe, % of real estate to Thos. Butcher, the other % to 
Isaac Ruffff. % of personal estate to Philip Dennis, Junior, and other 
% to Aaron Butcher. Executors and trustees — Philip Dennis and 
Richard Butcher. Witnesses — Charles Dennes, David Platts, John 
Bee. Proved 10 May, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 117. 

1749, 3d mo. (May). 4th da. Inventory (£178.13.3) includes catUe, 
horses and sheep. Appraisers — John Bacon, David Platts. 

1748* Oet. 27. CTmvea* Richard, of Town and County of Salem, yeo- 
man; will of. Executors — ^Wlfe, Patience, dauerhter, Elizabeth, and 
son, John. Dwelliner house and lands, (excepting hereafter disposed 
of) to son John and for want of heirs, to son Wheat, and, for want of 
heirs, to three daughters, Elisabeth, Grace and Rachel. Son, Wheat, 
2 acres to join back on Sim's and Satterthwaite's lot. Daughters, 
when 16 years, to have 8 acres to be laid out opposite to Thomas Tay- 
lor's and Samuel Tyler's etc., joining on Kessby's fence. Sons John 
and Wheat to be taught to read, write and cipher, and be bound to 
trades at 16. (All children evidently minors). Witnesses — Daniel 
Huddy, Edward Kessby (Keasby) Geo. Trenchard. Sworn and af- 
firmed. 15 Nov., 1748. Salem Wills, 739 Q. 

1748, Dec 16. John Andrews appointed administrator. Bondsman — 
Wlllm. Murdock. Witnes se s Danl. Mestayer, Nicholas Gibbon. 

1748, Dec 20. Inventory, £17.13. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


1748* Not. 98. Cniwfoi^ Areklbald* Penns Neck, Salem County, 
oordwinder. Wife, Catteron. House In WUmlnsrton. Children — John. 
Mary, Jane and Margaret Crawford. Bxecutor — Thomas Carney. 
Witnesses — Rebecca Jaquat, Morris Seaa, Cha. Empson. Proved 5 
Dec 1748. Lib. 6, p. 80S. 

1748, Dec. 8. Inventory, £101.11.1; made by Cha. Bmpson, Cornelius 

1746, Joly 81« CTmwford* BeHjamlB* of Cape May Co., yeoman; will 
of. Son, Richard, 100 acres (beln? the plantation on which testator 
lives); also 40 acres adjolnlner Christopher Lupton's. He to brlnff 
up testator's daughter. Elisabeth, until she will be 18. Legacies to 
son, Elleser, and daughters Rachel, Sarah, Mary, Prlscllla, Judith and 
Elisabeth. Executors — son, Richard, and Ellsha Hand. Witnesses — 
Reuben CrandoU Ellsha Eldredere, Rlchd. Ball. Proved 6 Auffust, 1746. 

Lib. 5. p. 812. 

1746, Aug:. 12. Inventory, £224.18.7; made by John Eldredge. James 

1748, Nov. 18. Account Moneys paid to BenJ. Laufi^hton, John Crandll, 
Jacob Splcer, Henry Younff, Esq.. John Crafford, Richard Ball, Reubln 
Crandal. Hannah Hamilton. Ephralm Seely, Jeremiah Hand. £2seklel Eld- 
rld«re, E2seklel Hand. Eleaser Crawford, Ellsha EHdrldflre, Richard Craw- 
ford, Sister mixabeth, Daniel Hand, John Eldrldge. James Whlldin. John 
Buck, Joslah Creasey. 

17S9-44K Marek 8. Crawford, Daalel, of Salem Co.. schoolmaster. Int. 
Adm'r, Andrew Oardlner. Bondsman — William Tufte, of said county, 
sent. Witnesses — Chas. O. Nelll, Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 198. 

1789-40, March 8. Inventory, £51.17.8; made by Nicholas Gibbon. Jo- 
seph Bacon. 

1745-6, March 16. Crawford, Crcorse, of Mlddletown, Monmouth Co., 
farmer; will of. Wife, Ester. Sons — Oeorge, Richard, William, 
Joshua and Job, (last three evidently under agre). Daughter, Lydla, 
under 18. Unborn child. Executors — son, Oeor^e, and friends, Joseph 
Stlllwell and James Mott. Witnesses — Samuel Ogrborne, Joseph Shep- 
herd and William Craddock. Proved May 10, 1745. Lib. D, p. 279. 

1745, May 16. Inventory, £381.12.1 ; made by Samuel Offbome. Dennis 
Swart and Joseph Shepherd. 

1741, Jaa. 27. Crawford, James, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co.. cord- 
walner. Int. Bond of Martha Crawford, widow, as administratrix. 
James Bell and Charles Axford, of Trenton, carpenters, sureties. Wit- 
nesses — Jno. Clark and W. Hetherlnerton. Lib. 4, p. 840. 

1748, Dee. 9. Crawford, Sarah, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., widow. 
Int. Adm'rs, William Crawford and John Berry. James Newell, fel- 
low bondsman. Lib. E, p. 220. 

1745, Btay 24. Cresse, Joha, of Cape May Co. Int. Admx., Prlscllla 
Cresse. Fellow bondsman — Jeremiah Hand, all of County aforesaid. 
Witnesses — ^Robert Cresse, NathL Jenkins, Jun. 

Cape May Wills, 116 E. 

1746, May t. Inventory, £128.0.5; made by Jeremiah Hand. NathL 
Jenkins, Junr. 

Digitized by 



178S, Mar !• Creaae* I«ewl«» of Cape May Co. Int. Admx., Abiffail 
Crese. Fellow bondsman — ^Ephraim Edwards, all of County aforesaid. 
Witneaaes — John Jones, Wm. Barlow, Jacob Spicer, Junior. 

Cape May Wills, 64 E. 

1733, April 18. Inventory, £62,18.02; made by John Jones, S^phralm 

1747-8. March 28. Second Inventory, £188.18.0 ; made by Elijah Hughes, 
John EHdredge. 

1748* May 13. Crfpps, Beajamla* of Salem, ffuardlan of Jonathan 
Woodnuts, son of Richard, of said County. Bondsmen — John Busby 
and Samuel Cripps, both of Burllnffton, yeoman. Salem Wills, 769 Q. 

174«-7* Feb. 27. Grippe, Grace* widow of Nathaniel Cripps, of 
Northampton, Burlington Co.; will of. Daughters — Ann (wife of 
Jacob Webber), and Hanah (wife of John Buxbey), and her chil- 
dren, Hanah, Grace, John and Ann. Personal estate. Executor — 
son-in-law, John Busbey. Witnesses — Thomas Busby, Samuel Hank, 
Oab:Blond. Proved May 25, 1750. Lib. 6, p. 879. 

1752, Jan. 14. Inventory, £169.6.4 ; made by Thomas Busby and John 
Stokes, includes money due from Samuel Cripps. 

1734, Sept. 27. Cripps, John, of Northampton, Burlinsrton Co., hus- 
bandman. Int. Inventory of personal estate, £186.17.8; made by Ben- 
jamin Brian and James Lippincott. 

1735, June 21. Adm'x. Mary Cripps, widow. James Lippincott and 
Richard Roe, yeomen, fellow bondsmen, all of same. Lib. 4. p. 23. 

1746, Mh day, 10th mo. (Dec.). CHppe, Nathamlel, of Northampton, 
Burlington Co., farmer; will of. Wife, Grace. Children — Samuel, 
Benjamin, Virgin (wife of John Powell), Hannah (wife of John 
Busby), and Ann (wife of Jacob Webber). Mary, dau. of a son John, 
deo'd, at age to have legacy left "by my sister Theophila." Solomon, 
James, Samuel and John, sons of a dau., Theophila Gaskin. Grand- 
sons — Jacob, Christopher, John and Joseph PowelL Brick house near 
Bridgetown and 60 acres adjoining. 30 acres, called Foxe's meadow, 
adjoining Benjamin and Abraham Brian, Patrick Reynolds and Mah- 
lon Figg's Landing. 16 acres on South Branch of Machiscotuxin. 100 
acres on Matchesqatonk. Lot adjoining Zerobabel Gaskin. Execu- 
tor — son, Samuel. Witnesses — Abraham Griffith, Tho:Sbinn, Jno. Dun- 
can. Proved Feb. 2, 1746. Lib. 6, p. 800. 

1749, Amm. 2. ^Crfspla, SUaa, of City of Burlington, taylor; will of. 
Wife, Mary, house and lot wherein testator dwells. Children — Thom- 
as, William, Samuel, Sarah, Mary* Anne, Elisabeth and Abigail. Negro, 
Dinah. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife, and brother-in- 
law, Thomas WetheriU, Jun'r. Witnesses — Thos. Atkinson, Sam'll 
How, Jun'r, Row'd Ellis. Proved Sept. 28, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 811. 

1754^ Sept. 7. Croekford, Ctoorge, of Burlington Co., carter. Int. 
Hannah Croekford, widow, requests administration on estate of her 
husband be granted to Benjamin Bispham, principal creditor. 

1760, Sept. 8. Bond of administration of Benjamin Bispham, of North- 
ampton, Merch't. Thomas Shinn, Jun'r. and Jonathan Thomas, yeomen, 
fallow bondsmen. Lib. 7, p. 287. 

Digitized by 



1750, Sept 8. Inventory, £110.12.2; made by George Brlggs and Thos. 
Atkinson ; Includes notes of John Bracken and Philip Wtckerd. 

1762, April 29. Account of Benjamin Bispham showing payments to 
Brigs Rossel, Joseph Scattergood (a judgment), Edward Mulen, Joseph 
Lamb, Caleb Shinn, Daniel Packer, John West. Brigs and Atkinson, Jo- 
seph Onge (a judgment), Josiah Oaskill, John Monoow, Hannah Indecut, 
Zerubabel Oaskill, Thomas Shinn, Benj*n Bispham, Joseph Holllnshead. 
The Vendue list shows cash paid by Robert King. Philip Wickerd, Amos 
Shinn, Wocker Atkinson, Caleb Schref and John Springer. 

1749, April 7. Creesoa (Kroeaom), ComeUiis, of Somerset Co. In- 
ventory of personal estate (£S24.06.0) includes negro man £46, negro 
woman £40. negro girl £20. Made by Zabulon Brown, William TobelL 

Somerset Wills. 4S8 R. 

1751, Nov. 4. CroftoB, Ambrose, of Salem, Salem Co., petty chap- 
man. Int. Adm*r, Benjamin Constable, of Salem. Daniel Mestayer, 
fellow bondsman. Inventory, £21.1S.O; made by Daniel Mestayer and 
Thomas Mason. Lib. 8, p. 216. 

1789, Dee. as. Cromall (CromweU), John, of Upper Precinct of Cape 
May Co.; will of. Wife, Ruth, to have ^ of real and personal estate. 
Son, Olifer Cromal, the other half. Executors — wife Ruth, and son 
Olifer. Witnesses — ^Wlll. Ball, William Allen, Barns Sifln, Joseph 
Woodward. Proved 11 January. 1789. Cape May Wills. 98 B. 

1740-41, Mar. 22. Letters testamentary granted to Ruth Cromall, 

1740, May 24. Inventory, £60.18.0; made by Jeremiah Hand, Moses 

1750, Jnse 13. Crook, John, of Gloucester Co.. joyner. Int. Adm*x, 
Beata Crook. Fellow bondsmen — Thomas Denny, Andrew Hopman, 
all of Gloucester Co. Witnesses — John Ladd, Jo. Scattergood. 

Lib. 8, p. 386. 
1760, June 8. Inventory (£49.8.2) includes "Carpinders tools." Ap- 
praisers — Andrew Hofman, Jas. Hinchman. 

1749, April 18. Crosman, Joseph, of Mendum Township, Morris Co. 
Int. Adm'r, Bbeneser Byram of same place. Bondsman — John Deare 
of Perth Amboy. 

1749, April 22. Renunciation of Abigail, widow. Witness — ^Mary Thom- 
son. Lib. B. p. 298. 

1749, April 18. Inventory (£89.10.0) includes shoemaker's bench, lap- 
stone, etc. Appraisers — ^Henry Clark. Joseph Hinds 

17319, Dec. •. Crosmaa, Robert, of New Hanover Township, Hunter- 
don Co., yeoman. Hannah Crosman, widow of Robert, states that 
principal creditor of estate is her late husband's "only brother Sam- 
uel Crosman, in this country," and asked Samuel be granted letters 
of administration. Witnessed by John Wilshear. 

1782, Dec. 10. Inventory (£28.17.9) includes a Bible and sermon book; 
made by Ebeneser Mahurin and Joseph Coe. 

1782-8, Jan. 6. Adm'r, Samuel Crosman, of New Hanover Township, 
yeoman. Joseph Hinds, of same place, yeoman, surety. 

Hunterdon Wills, 71 J. 

1789^ May 98, Cross» Joha, (Rev,), of Baskingridge, Somerset Co.; 

Digitized by 



will of. Wife, Deborah, home plantation during widowhood ("with 
the white servants, negroes, stock and crops thereon, and out of the 
profits to ^ve the children good English learning"). Oldest son 
Robert; other children (names not given), and an expected child. 
Daughters to have 1-4 less than the sons. "In case of the death of all 
of them In their non-age, the oldest daughter of my brother Wil- 
liam to have £50, my youngest brother Nathaniel £800, and Robert, the 
eldest son of my brother Hughes, £80. The residue of estate to be 
divided among the rest of these brothers' children." Provides for 
John Minthorn, "the lad that now llveth with me"; mentions one Ed- 
ward Rigs, and that John Ayres, Samuel Rolfe and John Hoey shall 
settle affairs with the congregation. Also that John Reding, one of 
the Governor's Council of this Province, take the plantation near the 
meeting-house in Hopewell, and« "if he sees flt« buy it of Mr. Cox for 
the good of my children." The plantation near Baskingridge meeting- 
house devised to the congregation for a parsonage, the conveyance 
being dated with these presents. Executors — John Reding and Hend- 
rick Fisher, of Plscataway. Witnesses — John Chambers, George 
Davidson, Brice Ricky. Proved 20 Oct., and 16 Dec., 1748. 

Lib. E. p. 227. 
174t» J«l7 9. Crowell, Baraabas, of Cape May Co., yeoman; will of. 
Wife, AbigaiL Son, Barnabas, to have all lands. Daughter, Martha 
Havens. Rest to my six children — ^Barnabas, Blisha, Daniel Crowell, 
Marey, Lydia and Sarah Crowell. Witnesses — Nathaniel Hand, Joanna 
Hand. Abiah Ross. Proved 80 March, 1748. Lib. 5. p. 458. 

1748, Feb. 14. Crowell, Bealamia, of Somerset Co. Int. Adminis- 
tration on estate granted to widow, Elisabeth. Bondsman — John 
(Traig. her father, of Middlesex Co.. yeoman. 

1749. Feb. 14. Bond of John Oaig, bonis non of Elisabeth 
Oowell. dec'd. Fellow bondsman — Samuel Oliver, Junior, "both of the 
Borough of Elisabeth, yeoman." Lib. E. pp. 264, 868. 

1749-60. Jan. 2. Inventory (£187.9.6) includes bonds and notes from 
Philip imd William Kemey. Vincent Bodine, John Hall. James and Robert 
McQuown. William Case. Robt. Allen, Wm. Todd. Jno. Van Clean. Tho. 
Harding, Simon Stoughton, Jno. Henery. Junr.. Hendrick Misener, Case 
and Helen Bill. Ephm. Lockheart, Moses Craig. Albert Decline, Gtoo. 
Remers, Isaac and John Lefever, Jonathan Winans. Tho. Jelfery. Reid 
Whitehead, Junior. Ephm. Terrell, Senr. Made by John Terrlll. Thomas 
Clark. John Oaig. adm. 

1747, Dee. 98. Crvlae, James, of Chesterfield, Burlington Co., glasier. 
Int. Adm'r, John Forsyth, yeoman. Sam'l Farnsworth, fellow bonds- 
man. Lib. 5. p. 486. 

ITSt, , ^ Cvbberly, James, of Burlington Co. Account of 

the estate (£11.81.16 8-4) by John Cubberly, acting executor. 

Burlington Wills, 2908-6 C. 

17W, Sept. as. CiUlag, (Vaa Cvllea) Catherlae, of Deptford, Glou- 
cester Co.; will of. "I bequeath my third of my first husband's estate 
to my daughter Mary and for the rest of the moveables of the estate 
ny desire is that they be divided equally between them" (no names 
mentioned). Witnesses— Peter Rambo, Thomas Sutton. Proved It 
April 1786. Lib. 4. p. 66. 

1786, Nov. 29. Inventory of CatheHne Van (Tullen, widow (£188.17.6). 
Includes H barrel of Shad, £00.08.0, milk vessels and bottles, £1, 9 comM 

Digitized by 



and hay. £18, 12 barrels of "syder," £8. Debtors — John Overend, Stephen 
MuUekey, John Mattson, son of Peter. Appraiser — ^Peter Rambo. Dept- 
ford, yeoman, who swears tha£ the other appraiser, name not mentioned 
and who does not si^n, consented to the making thereof. 

1736, Nov. 2. Account of Mary Matson, spinster, daughter and ad- 
ministratrix of Catherine Culin, late of Deptford, Gloucester Co., shows 
moneys paid to Wm. Monington, Francis Batten. John Clark, George Avis, 
Gabriel Rambo, Mary Gordon, Mary Glentworth. George Ward. Jun.. 
John Raines, Peter Matson, John Mattson, etc.. amounting to £136.6.6. 

1750» Avs. 90. Cull, E:dward, of Gloucester Co., laborer. Int. 
Adm'r., James Hamilton, cordwalner. John Sparks, fellow bondsman. 
All of same place. Witnesses — John Rumford. John Ladd. 

1760, Aug. 13. Inventory, £32.10.0; made by Jones Coxe. John SparkSL 
1762, Dec. 6. Account "By funeral charges as coffin, winding sheet, 
digging the grave, inviting the neighbours and entertainment, £6." Deb- 
tors. John Sparkes, Joseph Marshall. Gloucester Wills, 464 H. 

1748-9, 11 mo (Jaa.), 7 da. CnlUer, Benjamla, of Manington, Salem 
Co., husbandman; will of. Wife. Sons — ^John (at 21 to have planta- 
tion where John Kempster lives and marsh joining the creek towards 
Preston's) and Samuel (at 21 the plantation I live on and marsh 
between James' line and Mary CuUyer's). These sons to be put to 
trades at 14. Daughter, Rebecca, not 18. Sole executor, cousin Henry 
Stubbins. Witnesses — William Marshall, John Kempster, Alexr. Simp- 
son. Affirmed 10 March. 1748-9. Lib. 6, p. 293. 

1748-9, 11 mo. (Jan.), 19 da. Inventory (£162.1.1) includes dwelling, 
swine, wheat and rye, etc. Appraisers — Benjamin Cripps, James Mason. 

1788, Jany. 18. Cvllyer, Samvel, of Manington, Salem County, yeo- 
man; will of. Brothers, William and Benjamin Culyer, executors, and 
to have lands and marsh equally. Certain moveables to sister, Pris- 
oailia Culyer, and John Kid, Junior. Witnesses — ^Bartholomew Hyatt, 
William Barratt, Sarah Mason. Affirmed 5 April, 1734. 

Lib. 3. p. 417. 

1734, April 5. Inventory (£10.16.4) includes "hors, bridel, saddel and 
A parill." Appraisers — ^Thomas Wright, John Husd. 

1788-4, Feb. 11. Cnllyer, William, of Manington, Salem Co.. hus- 
bandman; will of. Wife sole executrix. Daughters — ^Elisabeth, 
Martha, Isabell and Sarah Cullyer. Witnesses — Mary Miller, Alex- 
ander Miller, Alexr. Simpson. Affirmed March 1734. 

Lib. 3. p. 421. 

1733-4. Feb. 27. Inventory (£148.17.1) includes cattle and a servant- 
man. Appraisers — ^Alexr. Miller, Alexr. Simpson. 

1781, Marck 10. Carrey (Curry), Thoma*, of Newark, Bssex Co., 
taylor; will of. Children — Samuel, John, Sarah, Joseph, Elisabeth and 
Eunice Curry. Real and personal estate. Executors — father-in-law, 
Mr. Samuel Ailing, and wife, Elisabeth. Witnesses — Jno. Cooper. John 
Clements, Esekiel Ailing. Proved Aug. 3, 1732. Lib. B, p. 303. 

1788, April SB. Curtis Tkomaa, of Hanover, Burlington Co., yeoman. 
Int Administration granted to John Curtis. Benjamin Kirby, fel- 
low bondsman; both of the Province of New Jersey. Lib. 3, p. 190. 

1732. April 26. Inventory, £124 ; made by Samuel Wright and Benjamin 

Digitized by 



17Sa» D««. as. C«rtis, Tkom«»» of Mansfield, Burlington Co.. yeo- 
man; will of. Wife. Blisabeth, personal estate. Eldest son, John, "he 
havinff the ffreatest part of my plantation- entailed upon hira by my 
father." Children — Blisabeth, Jonathan. Joseph, and Ann. wife of 
Thomas Pancoast. Grandson — Joseph Pancoast. Meadow bought of 
James Craft and "land surveyed to me by my father's ri^ht of prop- 
erty," also meadow bought of Robert Hunt and Joseph Shreve. Execu- 
tors — ^wife and sons Jonathan and Joseph. Witnesses — Joseph Pan- 
coast, Thomas Folkes, Jun'r, and John Pancoast. Proved May 17, 1748 
by Jonathan and Joseph Curtis surviving executors. Lib. 8, p. 32. 

174S, 17th day. Srd mo. (May). Inventory. £28; made by Thos. Folkes 
and John Pancoast 

1748, Ja^ an. Cwrtis, Tkomas, of Hunterdon Co.; will of. Wife, 
Xls, the house she then lived in. Son, Thomas, half of testator's land. 
Son, Benjamin, other half of land. Three daughters, not named. 
Wife and son Thomas, executors. Witnesses — Timothy Hixson, Elis- 
abeth Bird and Lawrence Huff. Codicil April 26, 1749. Son Benja- 
min to have house after wife's decease. Proved May 11, 1749. 

Lib. 6. p. 66. 

1749. May 23. Inventory (£91.2.6) includes 3 hives of bees. Made 
by John Arrison and Aaron Seyou (or Scyor). Signed by Alse and 
Thomas Curtis. 

17S7, 14th day. 2ad mo. (Aprtl). Cntler, Sarah, of City of Burling- 
ton, widow; will of. Children — Elisabeth, wife of John Mullln. Sarah, 
wife of Joseph Rockhill, and William. Personal estate. Executors — 
•on l^illiam and friend Samuel Lovett. Witnesses — Caleb Raper, 
Joshua Parker, Thos. Scattergood. Proved July 23. 1737. 

Lib. 4. p. 63. 

172S, 4th day, 11th mo. (Janaary)* Catler, William, of Burlinsrton, 
bricklayer; will of. Children — William and Sarah. Son-in-law. John 
Edwards, and dau.-in-law, Elisabeth Edwards. Land near Joseph 
White on River Dellay bought of Hugh Huddy. Real and personal 
estate. Wife, Sarah, sole executrix. Witnesses — Sm'U Lovett. BenJ. 
Wheat, Tho: Scattergood. Proved , 1731. Lib. 3. p. 331. 

1741, Nor. S. Cntler, William, of New Hanover. Burlington Co., 
husbandman. Int. Administration granted to James Shinn of Bur- 
lington, yeoman. Samuel Scattergood, of Burlington, merchant, fel- 
low bondsman. Lib. 4. p. 316. 

1741. Nov. 24. Inventory. £36.10.6 ; made by Michael Atkinson and 
John West 

1741, Dee. •. Dagg, Joha, of Cape May Co. Int. Admr.. Richard 
Downes. Esq. Fellow bondsman — Ebenesar Johnson. Witnesses — ' 
Nathaniel Foster. Fras. Taylor. Cape May Wills. 102 E. 

1741. Dec. 4. Inventory, £34.6.2; made by Ebeneser Johnson. Frans. 

17S1, Oet. M. Dagworthy, WUllaai, of Elisabeth Town. Essex Co., 
Inn-holder. Int. Bond of Sarah Dagworthy, widow, as administra- 
trix. Edward Thomas and William Williamson, fellow bondsmen. 

Lib. B. p. 235. 

1731, Dec 29. Inventory (£400.06.05) includes 3 Bibles, 3 Books of 
Common Prayer, other books, pleasure slay, servant boy named Daniel, 

Digitized by 



boat called the "Dorothy." Made by Andrew Joline, James Hampton and 
Qershom Hl^^inB. Wttn eeeee John Salnave. Thoe. Jackman. 

1747-8* Fe^ l«u DahlM, <Dal]M)» Henuui. of Hunterdon Co.; will 
of. (Original In German). Wife. Testator's mother to continue with 
widow. Son, William: danffhter. Margaret. Wife and Jeromes 
Manxes, executors. Witnesses — John Dolelnc Jerom. Hom^ and 
Tunis Quick. Proved March 2S. 1747-8. Catherine Dauffhles, the 
executrix, sworn March 2S, 1747-8. (Original will translated by John 
Doeling). Lib. 5, p. 470. 

1747-8. March 18. Inventory (£1S7.1€.0%) includes a gun and sword. 
Made by Godfrey Peters and Peter Rockifeld. 

17SS, Sept. 18. Dalk«, Mary* daughter of Charles Dalbo, late of 
Greenwich, Gloucester Co., ward. Christopher Taylor, of same place, 
guardian. Witness— Mary W. Renolds. Gloucester Wills, 1€3 H. 

1748» Dee. 1*. Dalbr*« Andrew* of Penns Neck, Salem Co., yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Maudalena. Sons — Charles, Gabriel and John Dalbo* 
the land (S26 acres), whereon I dwell, to be divided equally after my 
wife's decease, Charles to begin at Horse Creek and take in the 
house; Lawrance, "with power to take his brother Israel as an 
apprentice to learn the trade of a wheel Whrite"; William (5 shill- 
ings) and Andrew Dalbo (5 shillings). Daughter, Sarah Helm (1^ 
shillings). Executors — sons Charles and Gabriel. Witnesses — ^Wil- 
liam Wilder, Martin Morton, Robt Howard. Lib. €, p. 101. 

1748. Dec 20. Inventory (£172.0.11) includes "cash, horse, bridle, sadle 
armour. apparielU a flott. £64.3.11." cattle. £02.17. Appraisers — Samuel 
LInch. John Helm. 

1748-0* Mareh •• Dalbre* Aadrew. of Salem Co. Int. Adm'rs* 
Catherine Dalbo and Lawrence Dalbo, both of Penns Neck, said 
County. Witnesses — Wm. Barker, Nfch. Gibbon. Lib. 0. p. 822. 

1748. March 8. Inventory (£119.17.4) Includes "cash in the hands of' 
Gabriel Dalbo. John Dalbo. William Dalbo. Jonas Skeen, Timothy Rain. 
Jacob Her. (Jasper Lock. Jacob Cole, Jeremiah Wood. Philip Grace. Daniel 
Weatherby, Bartholemew CarrolL Appraisers — John Helm. John Van 

1760, Sept. 19. Account. By moneys paid Thomas Parsons, Samuel 
Shivers. Ranter Vanhist, Nichs. Gibbon, Caleb Coupland, Andrew Hoff- 
man. James Thompson. William Hall. Thomas Duell. Lawrence Dalbo* 
William Barkers. Thomas Keen. Eliriia Basset. Samuel Morgan. BCathew 
Gile, Robert Howard. 

17S2-S* -~— 1ft. Daldlnirt Johm* of New Brunswick. Inventory* 

£83.11.0; made by Thomas Farmer and Jacob 

Middlesex Wills, 093 L. 

174S* Avs. as. Dall* John* mariner, late mate of the "Snow Heath- 
cott," belonging to Perth Amboy, Robert Farmer, master. Inventory 
of personal estate (£16.18.9), incl. four ruffled shirts, 2 wigs, a stone 
ring and a Bible. Made by Fran; Bralser, Sam*ll Borrowe, James 

1746. Aug. 23. Adm*r, James Newell, principal creditor of the estate. 
Andrew Robinson and Eliskim Higgins. fellow bondsmen, all of Perth 
Amboy. Lib. D, p. 314. 

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1T40^ Marek SO. Damfortf, Jmmem, of Nottingham, Burlington Co., 
*^ho departed this life Sunday the 26-March." Samuel Danford re- 
linqulBhes riffht to admlnlstrater on estate of his brother to his sister, 
Elizabeth Baxter. 

1749» March 31. Bond of Elisabeth Baxter, of Trenton. Hunterdon Co., 
as administratrix. William Duckworth, of same place, fellow bondsman. 

Lib. 6, p. 78. 

1749. April 1. Inventory at Bordentown, £83.4.6 ; made by Peter Imlay 
and Philip Marot; includes note of Wm. Danford and debts due by 
Ebeneser Robinson, Sam'l Danford, Jos. Steward. Wm. Wbod, Ben Fowler, 
Sam'l Famsworth, Edw*d Black, Jos. Borden, Jos. Wood. Sen'r. Sam'l 
IRogem, Wm. Rush, John Bunting, John Steward. 

1745, April 6. Damford* SamveU of Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co., 
yeoman; will of. Sons. William, Samuel and James, and Samuel's 
two sons. Granddaughter, Mary Pittman. Son-in-law Richard Pitt* 
man« executor, he to receive "my son Aaron's" clothing. Witnesses — 
William Watson and James Clarke. Proved July 6, 1745. Witnesses 
and executor Quakers. Lib. 5, p. 168. 

17S7» Oct. 28. Damlel Aarom, (orphan of 14 yrs.), of Salem Co., 
ward. Guardian — ^Edward Hancock, of said County, yeoman. Wit- 
nesses — Abel Nicholson, Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 124. 

1785, April as. Dsmlel, JohBt of Cohansie, Salem Co., yeoman; will 
of. *'My body to be decently buried by my mother and to have a 
funeral sermon preached by Mr. Pearson, missionary of Salem, for 
which I allow £8." Sarah Padget (daughter of Francis Padget, my 
intended wife). John Lorrin's children. Mary Cherry. Remainder 
of estate, real and personal, to Thomas Walling, senior of said place, 
gentleman, who is to be sole executor. Witnesses — David Shepherd, 
Thomas Timmons. William Brand. Proved 2 May. 1785. 

Lib. 4. p. 13. 

1786. April 29. Inventory, £69.9.10; made by*Josiah Fifthian, Owen 

17S7, Oct. »• Daalel, ^Wllllsm, of Salem Co. An orphan of 18 
years. Guardian — William Hancock, Esq., said County. Witnesses — 
Abel Nicholson, Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 122. 


174«» Dee. 27. Daalcis, Clemeat, Sr., of Cape May Co.. will of. 
Wife, Mary. Daughter, Martha Savage. Sons — Clement, Thomas and 
Randal Daniels, to have equally cooper tools, cedar swamp and marsh, 
excepting five acres adjoining Wigenses Branch, "which I give to my 
grandson, John Daniels." Executors — sons, Clement, Thomas and 
Randal. Witnesses — Robert Townsend (Quaker), Felix Fits Summons 
(Quaker), Nathaniel Morrison. Proved 80 Jan., 1746. 

1748-7, Jany. 80. Letters to (dement and Randal Daniels. 

Lib. 8. p. 884. 

1748-7, Jany. 30. Inventory (£48.19.3) includes cooper tools. Ap- 
praisers — John Leonard. John Ireland. 

1784» Apr. S. Daalelasa, Jacobas* of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. 
Adm'x, Mary Danielson. Bondsmen — Cornelius Cobnoram. John Doe. 
All of said County. Witnesses — John Eaton, James Rutherford. 

Lib. 8, p. 410. 

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1784. Apr. 3. Inventory (£41.6.8) Includes "parahill of Sweads Books." 
Appraisers — John Eaton. Cornelius Cobnoran. 

17S4* Nor. •• Darbysklre. Jokm* of Salem Co.. cooper. Int. Adm'r, 
Matthew Morrison. Bondsman — Obadiah Loyd. Both of said County, 
yeoman. Witnesses — Dan. Mestayer. Rich. Roe. Salem Wills. 467 Q. 

1784. Nov. 10. Inventory. £9.10; made by Will. Dorrance. Francis 

1747-8, Feb. 1. Dare, ^William, of Cohansey. Salem Co.; will of. 
Wife. Elisabeth. Son, William, to have plantation (100 acres) on 
which he now lives and % of the salt marsh purchased of Samuel 
Barnes; the other half to my son. John Dare. Daugrhters — ^Marsr 
Jessop and Hannah Ogrden. to have equally the salt marsh purchased 
of Mr. Budd. Five of my children, William. John. Elisabeth Preston. 
Rachel Westcott and Sarah Westcott, to have equally two tracts of 
Cedar swamp (100 acres at Lebanon below Bever Dams. 15 acres upon 
Morrices River), and all real and personal estate without the limits 
of this County. John to have all lands (100 acres) and the plantation 
(76 acres) on which I now live in the Indianfleld survey; also that 
part of the Cedar swamp at Lebanon above Bever Dams. Executor — 
son John. Witnesses — Ebeneser Westcott. John Ogrden. David Offden. 
Proved 6 Dec. 1749. Lib. 6. p. 282. 

1788* Nor. 1. Darkln* Haaaah, of Salem County, ward. Petition: 
"Friend Joseph Rose. Salem, November Ist, 1738: These are to cer- 
tifle to thee that I of my own free will and desire and likewise by the 
consent of my stepmother Hannah Darkins. and consent of my cousen, 
Sarah Wyatt. do make and choose my uncle. Richard Smith, to be my 
ffuardian and desire thee would let him have Letters of Oardianship. 
and to the above we have hereunto set our hands the day and year 
above written. Dr. of Joseph Darkin late of Blsinborouffh, yeoman. 
(Signed) Hannah Darkin. Hannah Darkin. Wldddo. Sarah Wyatt." 

Lib. 4. p. 160. 

1780, April 14. Darlklm* JomepU, of Salem Co.. Int. Adm'x. Hannah 
Darkin (relict). Bondsman — John Darkin. Both of said County. 
Witness — Saml. Abbott. Lib. 4. p. 199. 

1788. 6th mo. (Aug,). 28rd da. Inventory (£690.0.1) includes 8 negroes, 
£89.19. and cash in hand of Richard Smith. Appraisers — Samuel Abbott. 
Lewis Morris. 

175<^1» Jaay. 21. Dates, Epkrabs* Jr., of Fairfield township. Cum- 
berland Co. Int. Administrator. Joseph Daten. Fellow bondsman — 
Silas Newcomb. of aforesaid County. Witnesses — John Dowdney. 
Elias Cottingr. Lib. 7. p. 426. 

1749. Dec. 7. Inventory. £84.16.6 ; made by Robt. Hood. Edward Lum- 

1750-1. Jan. 21. Inventory. £151.14 ; made by Ebnesar Bower. Silas 

1760-1. Jany. 7. Renunciation as administrator of ESphralm Daten, 
the elder (father of Ephraim. deceased) of Fairfield township. Cum- 
berland Co. Witnesses — Nathaniel Hewet (?). David Daten. 

174S, Sept. 4. Dates (Destos), Jscob, of Salem Co. Int. Adm*r. 
Samuel Purviance. of Alloways Creek, principal creditor. Bonds- 
man — William Fraser. Esq.. Salem Town and County. Witness — ^Thos. 

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1742, Sept. 3. Renunciation of Ann Deaton, widow. Witness — ^Henery 

Parr. Lib. 4, p. 877. 

1742, Sept. 8. Inventory, £9.17 ; made by Henery Fair, Benja. Holme. 

1749-MK Jmmr. 90. DaiwoB (DawMin), William^ of AUoways Creek, 
Salem Co. Int. Adm'r, Daniel Smith. Bondsman — Job Shepherd. Both 
of said place and county. Witness — Francis Teste. Lib. 7, p. 27. 

1749-50, Jany. 15. Renunciation of Margaret Dawson (relict). Wit- 
nesses — Job. Shephard, Jun., James Cromwell, Francis Test. 

1749-50, Jany. 26. Inventory (£41.11.4) includes looms and tackling 
and pair of worsted combs, £8.2.0. Appraisers— Job Shepherd, Francis 

ITW-e, Jam. 29. Daveaport* William, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex 
Co., yeoman; will of. Children — Phebe, Martha, Charity, Dorothy, 
Robert, Mary, Thomas, William. Real and personal estate. Execu- 
tors — wife, Bridflret, and friend, Andrew Johnston, Esq. Witnesses — 
Robert "King, John White, John Oifford, John Oifford, Jun'r. Proved 
April 23, 1786. Lib. C, p. 87. 

17S6» Sept. 80. Davlea, Joka, of Middletown, Monmouth Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Abigail, all estate to brinff up my children, if she 
hath another; if not, for herself and child Elisabeth. If wife marries, 
estate to **my two children." Executors — brother, Thomas Davies, 
and friend, Thomas Cooper. Witnesses — ^Thomas Cooper, David Burdffe 
and William Hartshorne, Junior. Proved November 4, 1736. 

Lib. C, p. 182. 

1786, Oct. 19. Inventory (£100.03.06) includes a canoe, a brass 
"chaphendish," large Bible, an old sword and belt. Made by William 
Hartshorne, John Makllsses and James Bowne. 

17S1* Sept. 22. Davis, Benjamla, of Chester, Burlington Co., inn- 
holder. Int. Inventory of the personal estate, £180.3.1; made by 
Joshua Grainger and Thomas Hackney. 

1731, Sept 27. Adm'x, Esther Davis. Thomas Hackney, William Coxe 
and Francis Hogsett, all of same, yeomen, fellow bondsmen. 

Lib. 8, p. 154. 

17SX Feb. 27. Davis, Benjamla, of Salem Co. Int. Admr's, Esther 

Davis and Benjamin Davis. Bondsman — John Bishop. All of said 

county. Witnesses — Joseph Ryley, Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 8, p. 290. 

1732, Dec. 80. Inventory (£355.18.8) includes one shallop, £35, 1 gun 
and negro man, £5.4, cattle, horses and sheep. £166.8.0, grain on the 
ground, etc. Appraisers — John Bishop, Joseph Ryley. 

1786, Dee. 17. Davis, Benjamla, of Salem Co. Int. Admr's, John 
Thompson and Edward Trenchard. Bondsman — ^Robt. Hart, gentle- 
man, of said County. Witnesses — Danl. Mestayer, John Doe. 

Lib. 4. p. 108. 

1736, May 10. Inventory (£28.6.9) includes gold rings, sword, Bible, 
etc "Sun, Mathew Mathakel, books and instruments, £5.10." Appraisers 
— Richard Woodnett, Robert Hart. 

1748, AprU 6. Davis, David, of City of Philada., mariner. Adminis- 
tration granted to Lydia Davis, widow. Joseph Thomas and Rich- 
ard Fordham, both of City of Burlington, shipwrights, fellow bonds- 
men. Lib. 5, p. 488. 

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1748, April 6. Inventory taken at Black Creek Forge, £171.7.11 ; made 
by Jno. Imley and Thos. Folkes, both of Bordentown. Debt — ^bond of 
James Murgatroyd. 

17S6, May 18. DaTla* BUas, of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Admr, 
Charles Davis, gent. Bondsmen — Benonl Dare and Thos. Waithmao, 
gent. Witnesses — Josiah Flthian, Dan Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. €6. 

1736. April 27. Inventory, £52.18.6; made by Thos. Waithman, Ben- 
oney Dare. 

1749^ July 5. Davis, BllMibetk, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co^ 
widow. Int. Bond of Isaac Faurot, her son, as administrator of her 
estate. Henry Langstaff, fellow bondsman. Lib. E, p. S09. 

1749, June 16. Inventory. £27.13.4; made by Henry Langstaff and 
Phineas Potter. 

1789, Marck SB. Davis, Isaac, of Township of Pllesgrove, Salem 
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Elisabeth, to have all negroes (two men 
and one woman), and the use of "the home plantation during widow- 
hood; and after her decease I give it to William Crawley, son of my 
daughter, Eleanor Crawley." If said Eleanor Crawley should not 
have any male heirs to live 21 years, then said plantation, after her 
decease, to return to Davis Bassett. Daughter, Rachel Morgan, to 
have plantation (260 acres) she lives on, which is held by two deeds, 
but in case of her death it shall descend to her son Isaac, and if he 
dies before possession, to her other male heirs. In want of such 
heirs, Samuel Morgan, son of my daughter Elisabeth Morgan, to have 
the same. Daughter, Abigail Bassett, and Elisha Bassett to have 19 
acres of Cedar Swamp. Daughter. Hannah Nelson, to share equally 
in moveable estate. Executors — wife, Samuel Morgan and Elisha 
Bassett, "and I desire them to deliver that deed which belongs to 
Anthony Nelson and which I have in keeping, when he will be 21." 
Witnesses — David Fristane, John Richman, Jacob Richman. Sworn 
and affirmed 1 June, 1739. Lib. 4. p. 185. 

1789. April 20. Inventory (£253.18.6) includes notes of Paul Oarron. 
Patrick McGills, cash due by Samuel Moren, two negrroes, etc. Apprais- 
ers — Samuel Elwell, Abraham Nelson. 

1747, AprU S. Davis, James, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of. Chil- 
dren — Mary, Rebecca, Thomas, Margaret and Sarah Davis, all under 
age. Real and personal estate. Negro, William William. Executors — 
wife Phebe, brother Jonathan Davis, and friend David Bruin. Wit- 
nesses — Sam'U Blume, Ja's Nicholson, Tho's Price. Proved May 14, 

1747. May 16. David Bruin renounces executorship. Lib. E. p. 210. 

1747, May 19. Inventory (£248.10.03) includes bonds of Robert Morss 
and John Morris ; made by Isaac Lyon and David Ogden, Jun'r. 

1749^ July 4. Davis, James, of Deerfleld township, Cumberland., 
Co., guardian of Phebe Bishop (an infant of 14 years and upwards), 
daughter of Daniel Bishop, yeoman, late of Hopewell township. County 
aforesaid. Fellow bondsmen — James Davise, Daniel Davise and Sam- 
uel Lomas, all of the same place. Witnesses — Abraham Reeves, Jun- 
ior, Elias Cotting. Lib. 6, p. 100. 

17S4, 7 mo. (Sevt.)* S da. Davis, Jeka, of Township of Pllesgrove, 

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Salem Co., yeoman; will of. Sons — Thomas and John, the plantation 
whereon I live. In the township of Pilesgrrove, but in case one dies in 
non-affe, the whole shall fall to the survivlniT brother. My part of 
a plantation in Penns Neck, bought by me and my brother David of 
my brother Malichi, to be sold for the payment of the same. Dauflrh- 
ters — ^Mary, Phebe (£3.16 due from James Hudson) and Charity (all 
minors). Executors — wife and my brother, David Davis. Witnesses^ 
William Brick, Joshua Garrison, Benjamin Birch. Sworn and affirmed 
16 May, 1735. Lib. 4. p. 26. 

1736, May 16. Inventory, £180.9.4 ; made by Elisha Bassett, Samuel 

17S7» Oct. la. Davis. John, of Pilesffrove, Salem Co., yeoman; will 
of. Wife, Ann, all of my estate, real and personal, until her younirest 
child will be 21. Executors — wife and Rogrer Hugrgrens. Witnesses — 
John Law, Mary Law, Nathaniel Box. Sworn and affirmed 30 Jany. 
1737. Lib. 4. p. 143. 

1737. Nov. 12. Inventory (£84.16.6) of John Davis, cordwinder. includes 
2 servants (a man and his wife), £18. and shoemaker tools, £1.12. Ap- 
praisers — ^Thos. Baker. Thomas Graves. 

174B, Marck 20. Davis* Joaathaa* of Trenton. Hunterdon Co.. yeo- 
man, "at present sick and infirm"; will of. Wife, Elisabeth. Five 
sons of brother, Elnathan Davis, vis: Elnathan. Jonathan, Nathan. 
Samuel and John. To said brother's son Jonathan, folio Concordance, 
set out by Clement Cotton. Executors — Charles Clark, Esquire, and 
testator's wife. Witnesses — Bartholomew Rowley, John Collier and 
Jno. Clark, Esquire. Proved April 17, 1746. Lib. 6, p. 236. 

1746, April 26. Inventory (£61.14.2) includes large Bible.* Made by 
John Burroughs and Jno. Clark. 

X79U May SS. Davis, Malaekl, of Salem Co., yeoman; will of. Wife. 
Rebecca, to have estate until son John will be 21. If son John 
should die in minority, my wife shall enjoy the real estate, and at 
her death the eldest son of John Davis, the eldest son of David Davis, 
and the eldest son of John Brick, shall possess the same equally. 
Executors — wife, brothers, John Davis and David Davis, and John 
Brick. Witnesses — Jere, Bacon. William Wasson. Enoch More. Sworn 
and affirmed 21 April. 1786. Lib. 4. p. 16. 

1735, April 8. Inventory, £246.12; made by Samuel Elwell. EUlsha 

1736, Aug. 14. Account of John Brick and David Davis, surviving 
executors. "Monies paid the funeral charges and for the coflln of the 
dec'd. and of his wife who dyed very soon after him." £9. To Mary Dare 
for nursing the dec'd's child, 1 year, £9. Monies paid to Renier Vanhyste. 
Elizabeth Long, Marg. McFall, Ann Richman, Winifred Lecroy. David 
Davis, BenJ. Birch, Edwd. Shepherd, Saml. Elwell. Elisha Bassett. George 
Fling, Wm. Murdock. Peter T\irner, Hermanns Alricks. BenJ. Acton. Geo. 
Miller. Richard Grafton, Geo. Monroe, of Newcastle, John Jones. Clemt. 
Plumsted, John Thompson, Owen Flanegan. John Hunt, Ejsq., James Gold, 
Esq., Wm. Shaw. Esq.. Newcastle. Isaac Hudson, Rad. Price, John Stowe. 
Moses Campbell, Thos. Mason, John Brick, Clement Hall. Total, 

1737, Nov. 9. Account Monies paid to Clemt. Hall, Philip cmetwood. 
Jon. Jones, Attorney for Isaac Hudson, Peter Turner, Mary Dare, James 
Gould. Total, £369.17.11%. 

Digitized by 



17S9-8* Jaa. 7. Davla* SamveU of Newark, Essex Co., yeoman; will*, 
of. Children — ^Bbeneser, Timothy, Samuel, Mary* Elisabeth, Jane and*- 
Eunice, all under affe. Land lyinff between Lieut. Samuel Cooper and. 
self that belonged to John Goden. Land Joining lands of Thomas Ser- 
jeant and John Plum, which formerly belonflred to Oeor^e Harrison. 
Executors — wife, Abigail, and friend, Joseph Bruin. Witnesses — 
Daniel Sersreant. John Plume, Jno. Cooper. Proved Jan. SI, 17S2-S. 

Lib. B, p. S60. 

1782-3, March 6. Inventory, £84.12.05 ; made by Jno. Cooper, John 

1782» May 16. Davis* Samvel« of Woodbrldflre, Middlesex Co., mar- 
iner. Int. Adm'rs, Edward Barber and Mary, his wife, and Margaret 
Davis. Lib. B, p. 251. 

1736, Get. la. Davis, Thomas, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co. Int. 
Adm'x, Elisabeth Davis, of Piscataway. Henry Lanffstafl and Henry- 
Berry. Jun'r, fellow bondsmen. Lib. C, p. 126. 

1788* May 27. Davis, Thomas, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of. 
"Beingr agred and infirm." Son, Thomas, unmarried, house bought or 
Daniel Dod; son, Jonathan, land joining lands of Daniel Dod, Joseph 
Bruen, John Bruen, and Jonathan Sayer; son, Stephen, land bought 
of Daniel Dod and Mathew Canfleld, land Joining lands of Nathaniel 
Ward and the Baldwin's meadow; son, James, land bounded by 
lands of Samuel Farrand and Indian purchase lands. Son-in-law, John 
Vanderpool, and daughter, Apphla, his wife, land on Raway River, 
joining lands of widow Abigrail Davis and Griffith Ginkens. Daugh- 
ters — Sarah, wife of Thomas Ball, and Mary, wife of John Wilcock. 
Executors — sons Jonathan and James. Witnesses — Eliphalet John- 
son, Emanuel Cocker, Jonathan Sergreant. Proved Feb. 7, 1788. 

Lib. C, p. 268.. 

1738-9, Feb. 13. Inventory (£280.09.09 H) includes silver tankard and 
other plate, and 5 negroes, £120; made by Eliphalet Johnson and Thomas 

1741, Jaa. — • Davison, Daniel Briaton, of Prince Town. Somerset 
Co.; will of. Friend, Frances Horner, land and house in Prince Town» 
and at her death to my cousin Daniel, son of my brother Josiah^ 
Davison. Luce and Hepsibath, daughters of Joshua Anderson. Execu- 
tors — friends, Mr. James Hude and John Dagworthy. Witnesses — 
Arch'd Douglass, Thomas Anderson, Obediah Winter. Proved Marcb< 
18, 1746-7. Witnesses all being absent at the date of proving, Jedediah. 
Higgins makes oath to the hand-writing of the testator. 

Lib. E. p. 2. 

1746-7. March 18. Above named executors having refused to act, 
administration on the estate granted to the brother, Josiah Davison.. 
Jedediah Higgens. fellow bondsman. Witness — ^Rich*d Williams. 

1749. April 16. Inventory. £148 ; made by Joseph Skelton, Jno. Dalley. 
Josiah Davison. 

1744, July 80. Davison, John, of Perth Araboy, Middlesex Co., mer- 
chant and school-master. Int. Sarah, the widow, declines the ad- 
ministration, and recommends William Walton. Jun'r, of New York 
City, merchant, as administrator. Witnesses — ^Rich'd Saltar, Jun'r, and' 
Jacob Ten Eyck. Lib. D, p. 1€9.. 

Digitized by 



1744, Aug. 17. Adm'r, William W\alton, Jun'r. Anthony White, fellow 

1740^ Jam. S. Dawlla, wmiaoi, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., yeoman, 
1>ein8r very sick"; will of. Sons William and Hormon to provide for 
their mother, Margaret Dawlis. Son, William, the grrlst mill vulflrarly 
called the New Mill, and the field behind John Mullen's house, with 
half the meadow. Son, Harmon, the srrist mill called the Old Mill. 
To HonuBt Tauflrers four children, £50; if Honust Tauerer dies before 
children are of agre, then money to the mother of said children, Sus- 
anna Taugrer. Testator's daugrhter, Susanna Taugrer, wife of said 
Honust. Executors — Philip Ringro and Oodfrey Peters, of Amwell, 
yeoman. Witnesses — Peter Fisher, Joseph Bast and Christopher 
Search. Proved June 15, 1741. Lib. 4, p. 808. 

1741, June 11. Inventory (£267.5.8^) includes bond of William Dawlis, 
Jr.; made by Cornelius Riniro and Joseph Bast. 

1747, Sept. 2. Dawaon* Robert, of City of Phllada., shopkeeper. 
Int Adm'r, James Beneset and George Emlen, Jr, of same, mer- 
chants. Robert Hartshorne, atty-at-law, of City of Burlingrton, fel- 
low bondsman. Lib. 5, p. 434. 

1720, Jnly 20. Day, Alexaader, of Amwell Township, Hunterdon Co., 
yeoman. Int. Inventory of the estate (£67.8.0) includes a Bible; 
debts of Jonathan Paine and Josiah Prlchet. Made by George Fox 
and Charles Woolverton, at the request of Thomas Canby. of Sols- 
bury, Bucks County, Pa. Lib. 3, p. 34. 

1729, Aug. 1. Martha Day, widow of Alexander Day, renounced her 
right of administration. 

1729. Aug. 3. Bond of Thomas Canby, of Bucks County, Pa., yeoman, 
and Thomas Wetherill. of Burlington County, New Jersey, yeoman, as 
administrator of Alexander Day. Witness — Daniel Mestayer. 

[Foregoing mentioned Vol. 23. Archives, but without these particulars]. 

1750-1, Jam. 16. Day, George, of Essex Co., bloomer. Neomi Allen, 
late widow of George Day, and Jacob Allen, renounce their rights 
of administering the estate, and desire that Jacob Ford, of Morris 
Co., l>e appointed. 

1760-1, Feb. 23. Adm'r, Col. Jacob Foord, Esq., principal creditor. 
John Deare, of Perth Amboy, fellow bondsman. Lib. E, p. 497. 

1742; Mar. 11. Day, Jacob, of Hackensack, Bergen Co., mason; will 
of. Wife, Elisabeth, to have a certain obligation (£27.7.6). dated 13 
of July, 1739, "under the hand of my father." Six children (not 
named). Executors — Jacob Banto and brother, Abraham Day. Wit- 
nesses — William Sandtfordt van Bmburgh, Jas. McKlnley. Proved 12 
April. 1743. Lib. D, p. 31. 

1744, Nov. 19. Inventory, real and personal, estate (£866.11) includes 
2 negroes. £13 ; made by Rick Lidecker and Johannes Bense. Witnesses — 
Isaac Dey, William Ellis. John Zabrlsk. 

1744, Mareh 20. Daytoa, Abraham, of Salem, Salem Co.; will of. 
Gifts to Hannah Graves, John Graves, Junr, Sally Graves, and to "the 
young child called Joseph." "I give Edy Graves five shillings, like- 
wise all my tools, to defray the charges of my burial." Hanna Graves 
empowered to recover all debts and a penal Bill, and one thousand 

Digitized by 




weight of tobacco In the hands of Burton Ponton. Wltnessea — 
Bdward Soymour, Ooorffo Colson, Mary Hart. Sworn and affirmed 
XC April. 1746. Lib. S, p. 416. 

174S, Dec. If. Letters granted Anna Grares, sole executrix. 

ITBSf Anm* SI* Daytom, Bpkralai, of Cohansle, Salem Co.. yeoman, 
cuardlan of Peter Dayton, son of Samuel Dayton of the North side 
of Cohansle. deceased. Witnesses — SamL Bevus (?). Andrew Jones. 

Lib. S. p. S€6. 

1789-1* Marek 90. Daytoa. Isaac, of Morris Co.. clothier. Int. 
Admr. CoL Jacob Foord. of said County. Bondsman — John Deare. of 
Perth Amboy. 

1760-1. March 14. Renunciation of Anne, of Hanover. Morris Co.. 
widow. Lib. B. p. 497. 

1761. July 16. Inventory. £8.15.8 ; made by Timothy Tuttle. Joseph 

Accounts paid: Ben Tro^rar. Wm. Winds. James Frost, Timothy Johnes. 
John Ford, Joseph Harrlman. "Memo. The price of plantation with sum 
Interest added sold Ebenrs. Stiles sd. plantation. £84.0.6. to the price of a 
fullnff mill begun but not finished, sold to Conar Clother. £26." 

1744* Nor, S. Daytoa. Peter, of Cohansey, Salem Co., yeoman; will 
of. Wife. Hannah. All lands to daugrhter, Lusey Dayton, at 18 or 
marriage, but In case of her death under age. or without an heir, my 
cousin David Dayton to possess the lands. "My mother. If she lives, 
to have the bringing up of my daughter." Executor — Jonathan Platts. 
Witnesses — John Pagett. William Daniel, Thomas Pagett. Proved 8 
Dec. 1744. Lib. 6. p. 98. 

1744, Dec. 6. Inventory, £156.16.1; made by Richard Butcher, Thomas 

1780, Get. 15. Deaae, Aadrew, of Salem, Salem Co., school master. 
Int. Adm'r, David Fitsrandolph. Bondsman — Robert Hart, of the 
same place. Witnesses — ^Dan Mestayer, Mary Mestayer. 

Lib. 4, p. 200. 

1747-8, March S. De Boarepos, David, of the Borough of Elisa- 
beth, Essex Co., cordwainer; will of. Sons — David, John and Alex- 
ander. Other children, but names not mentioned. ' Real estate in 
Woodbridge, Middlesex Co. Executors — wife Mary, Daniel Moore and 
William Moore. Witnesses — Samuel Connet, Hester Rogers, Samuel 
Terron, schoolmaster. Proved April 5, 1748. 

1748, May 18. Adm'x. Mary De Bonrepos. William Moor, fellow bonds- 
man. Witness — Hester Rogers. Lib. E, p. 187. 

1748, July 22. Inventory. £436.06 ; made by John Lambert. Samuel 

174S^ Dec. 18. Debow (Debowe), Frederick, of Mlddletown, Mon- 
mouth Co.; will of. Wife. Margaret. Daughter, Susanna Debow. 
under 18 years. Brother, James Debow, and John, son of deceased 
brother John Debow. Executors — wife, brother James and friend 
John Taylor. Witnesses — James McGhee. Catherine Macclesse and 
Mary Banks. Proved May 81. 1750. Lib. 2,. p. 89. 

1747-8, Mareh 18. Debowe, Jacob, of Mlddletown, Middlesex Co.. 
yeoman: will of. Children — James (eldest son), Frederick and John. 
Executors — sons Frederick and John. Witnesses — John Boune 

Digitized by 



(minor), Priscilla Marsh and Samuel Bowne, Junior. Proved Febru- 
arr 2. 1748. Lib. E. p. 25S, 

1749, May 8. Inventory, £66.10.8; made by Nathaniel Leonard and 
Skelton Johnson. 

1740^ FebnuuT 8. Oebowe* Joba, of Middletown, Middlesex Co., 
yeoman. Bond of Alice Debowe, the widow, and Skelton Johnson, as 
administrators. Samuel Leffff, of Middletown, fellow bondsman. 

Lib. E, p. 288. 

1750, April 14. Inventory, £124.18.7 ; made by Samuel Bowne, Jr., 
Samuel Lenr. 

17S4» March 11. De Cow, Fraaels* of Burlinarton. Int. Adm'z, 
Sarah De Cow, widow. Lib. 4, p. 1. 

178B, JwM »• De Cow (De Co«)» Jacob, of Mansfield, Burlington 
Co., yeoman; will of. Children — Isaac, Susannah, Rebecca, Jacob, 
Blaster, Eber and Elisabeth. Brother, Isaac, £30, "which he ffot of 
John HogTff of Holden, he beinc my father's trustee, the money 
belongrinff to me notwithstanding my said brother flrot the same by a 
forced letter.*' Real and personal estate. Executor — son Isaac 
Witnesses — Jonathan Wright, David RockhiU, Mary RockhilL Proved 
March 1, 1785. Lib. 4, p. 54. 

1735-6, Feb. 28. Inventory estate of Jacob DeCow, who deceased Feb. 
21* 1785-6, £185.2.8 ; made by Jonathan WHffht and David RockhilL 

17S1» Jam. 16. DcFevrott (Fa«rot>» Hcary, of Piscataway, Middle- 
sex Co. Int. Adm'x, Elisabeth Fearott. 

1780, May 6. De Gmaw, Qcrrlt, of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co.; 
will of. Children — ^Walter (house and lot in New York), Oerrit, 
Johannes, Catharina, Oysbertje, Anna, Maria, and Cornelia, wife of 
Hendrick Bogaert. Bond for £75 of son- in -law, Mr. Ryall of New 
York City, to Johannes Jamison, deceased. Dauflrhters married at 
New York, Catharina and Cornelia. Distilling furniture. Houses and 
lands in New Brunswick. Debt due Isaac Kip. Executors — Oerrit 
DeOraaw, and son-on-law, Derek Van Aersdale. Witnesses — ^Abra- 
ham Heyer, Benjamin van Cleave, Lucas Voorhees. Proved June 12, 
1789. Lib. C, p. 288. 

17-49-MK Marck 7. Deirvoot, Jacob, of Somerset Co., yeoman; Will 
of. Wife, Fythie, real and personal estate during: widowhood; at 
her re-marriage or decease oldest son John and his heirs to have the 
home-farm and all other lands, "except a certain piece and all the 
meadows, which lyes in Somerset Co., Joyning Bound Brook, and the 
meadows of Lafert Sebring and likewise Joynes land of Peter Wil- 
liamson," which meadows shall be divided equally between John, Jean 
and Margaret. Likewise lots fronting Raritan Road, next to land that 
Robert Clawson lives on. "To Margaret DeOroot, daughter of my 
brother John, £100 when of age." Executors — wife Fythie, son John, 
son-in-law Lafert Sebring, and Derick Van Veighten, of Somerset 
Co, Witnesses — Tobias Van Norden, Hendrick Harpending, Ellas V. 
Court, Junr. Proved 21 May, 1750. Lib. E, p. 408. 

1750, May 14. Inventory (£909.15.6) includes sword, cut-lash and 
pistols. Dutch Bible, negro -man Sip, £20. Made by Derick Connine, 
Peter Williamson. 

Digitized by 



17BS» Jue 14. n^mroot, John* of Hackinsack, Bersren Co.. yeoman; 
will of. Eldest son, Jacob; son, Johanes, the home plantation for 
the sum of £260, paying to his sisters and brother Jacob, Margerit 
Banta and Hannah Banta, £50 each. Children of my son Garret De- 
ffroot, vis: John, Peter and Margaret. Bzecutor — Son. Jacob DeGroot. 
Witnesses — Jacob Degroot,. Agenishe Degroot. Richard Bdsall. Prov- 
ed 11 April, 17S5. Lib. C, p. 26. 

17S4-6» Feb. •. U^mroot, Jokm, of Hackinsack, Bergen Co.. yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Frances. Daughter, Margrit. Executors — "my well 
beloved friends father Samuel Moore, and brother Johanes Sebese 
Banta." Witnesses — Jacob Degroot, Samuel Bdsall, Richard Bdsall. 
Proved 11 April, 1786. Lib. C, p. 27. 

1788, Sept. 11. Demsey, Ttmothy* of Penns Neck. Salem Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Son, John, to be kept at school until May next, when 
he will be twelve years old. then bound to the tailors trade. A heifer 
to Christian Leiten, daughter of Andrew Leiten. to be delivered to 
Margaret Lambston. Executors — wife, Ann, and Thomas Miles. Wit- 
nesses — Charles Johnson, John Colahan, Samuel Buckley, John Mecum. 
Proved 29 Sept 1738. Lib. 8, p. 884. 

1738, Sept. 25. Inventory (£187.17.6) includes riding horse, armour, 
and apparel, £14.2.6, cattle, boat, swine. Appraisers — Fenwick Sinlck 
Sinlcker, William Mecum. 

1788* Dec. 18. Deaa, Joha* of Salem Co., yeoman. Adm'r, Lea Denn 
(relict). Bondsmen — Abel Nicholson, Charles Oakford, all of Salem 
County. Witnesses — Joseph Darkin, Dan. Mestayer. Lib. 8, p. 886. 

1738. Nov. 30. Inventory (£278.7.7) Includes "a still worm and still 
in the still house," wheat, rye, cattle, etc. Appraisers — Abel Nichol- 
son, Joseph Darkin. 

1748, Feb. S. Desa, Leak* of Alloways Creek, Salem Co. Int. 
Adm'x, Leah Denn. Bondsman — John Denn of the same place. Wit- 
nesses — Richd. Wistar, Nich. Gibbon. Lib. 7, p. 88. 

1747, Jaay. 8. Deaaes, Ckarles, of Cape May, Cape May Co.. gentle- 
man; will of. Wife. Priscllla. Sons-in-law. John Cresse (minor) and 
Joseph Ludlam. Son, Charles Dennis, to have plantation at Cohansey, 
Salem County, at the upper end of the place called Beacken's Neck, 
Joining land of Nehemiah Craven and land of Jonathan Stathem. 
Executors — brother, Philip Dennis, and Charles Davis. Witnesses — 
Henry Young, John Mackey and Elisabeth Mackey. Proved 16 May, 
1749. Letters granted to Philip Dennis in Cumberland Co. 

Lib. 6. p. 223. 

1749, May 15. Inventory, £186.18.9; made by Henry Young, Joseph 

1787, Aag. 88. Deaato, Joba, of Haddonfleld, tailor. Int. Adm'x, 
Sarah Norris, of Newton, Gloucester Co., dealer. Fellow bondsman — 
Jonathan Axford, of same County, yeoman. 

1787, July 20. Renunciation of Mary, widow of John Dennis, as Adm'x. 
Witnesses— John Kay, Sarah Kay. Gloucester Wills, 219 H. 

1787, Oct. 28. Inventory, £9.6.6 ; made by Jno. Hinchman, John Kaighln. 

1788, Jaly 14. Deaala, Joba, of Elisabeth Town Point, Essex Co., 
inn-holder; will of. Wife, Mary, sole legatee. Real and personal 

Digitized by 



•state. Executors — wife Mary, and friends Jonathan Hampton of 
Staten Island, New York, yeoman, and Thomas Jackman of Bllxabeth 
Town. Witnesses — Thomas Hall, Caleb Woodruff. Anne Cana. Proved 
Auff. 22. 1789. Lib. C. p. 289. 

1789. Aug. 20. Jonathan Hampton and Thos. Jackman renounce ex- 
ecutorship. Witnesses — Robert Drummond and Thos. Hill. 

1735* Mareb SI. Desmis, Samsel* of Salem Co.. yeoman. Int. Adm'z, 
Anne Dennis (widow). Bondsmen — Joseph Test, John Bacon, all of 
same place. Witnesses — DanU Mestayer, John Doe. Lib. 4, p. 1. 

1735. March 17. Inventory (£118.17.4) includes Bible, 6 cattle, swine, 
surveyor's compass, chain and dividers. Appraisers — John Bacon, Abiel 

1788, June 14. Account Monies paid Wm. H. Clement Hall, Peter 
Turner, Saml. Fithian, Abiell, Carll. Ananias Sayre, Wm. Watson. John 
Brick, Edwd. Test. Saml. Clark. En>eneser Miller, Noah Wheaten, Isaac 
Fithian, John Loverin. Leonard Gibbon, Joseph Test, John Weckes. 

1741« Nov. 3. DeBBia, Samvel, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.; will 
of. Wife, Anne. Children^-eldest son Samuel, Lewis, Anne, Mary and 
Margaret. Executors — brother, Jacob Dennis, and wife Anne. Wit- 
nesses — John Hepburn Jr.. David Hildreth, Patrick Dru^an and Mary 
Palmer. Proved Au^. 27, 1746. Lib. D, p. 456. 

1744, Nov. 18. Deaay, Tkomas, of Greenwichtown. Gloucester Co., 
farmer. Int. Adm'r, Thomas Denny. Fellow bondsman — John Jones, 
all farmers and of same place. 

1781» July SI. Derlemer* Isaac* of Somerset Co., fflaser. Adminis- 
tration on estate granted to Peter Deriemer. Lib. B, p. 227. 

1781. Oct. 7. Inventory (£315.12.9) includes large Dutch Bible, negro- 
girl Florah. £30 ; negro man Harry, £60 ; girl Dean, £40 ; boy Thom, £16 ; 
negro woman Joan with 2 children. £25 ; girl Hagg, £20. Appraisers — 
Henry VanDick, Daniel Nuner. 

174S* Oct. SB. DeRelmer (DeReemer) Isaac, of New Brunswick. 
Middlesex Co. Int. The widow. Gtoertje. declines the administration, 
and desires that John van Nuys, principal creditor, be appointed. 

1743. Oct. 29. Bond of John Van Nuys as administrator. Luykes Voor- 
hles and Jas. Vannuys, fellow bondsmen, all of New Brunswick. 

Lib. D. p. 93. 

1743. Nov. 1. Inventory, £16.2.11 ; made by Dirck Schuyler and Dirck 

178S, April 10. Derwla, Bbeaeaer, of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. 
Adm'x, Elisabeth Derwin. Bondshien — Zacharias Santell. John Jones, 
all of said County. Witness — Mary Hawkins. Lib. 3, p. 300. 

1738. April 3. Inventory (£111.8.6) includes carpenter's tools, £4.14. 
••live pounds of Newingland money. £2." bond of Thomas Gold. 1732, for 
"one hundred and four pounds Newingland money, value in this country, 
£40." Appraisers — ^Zehariah Santell, Gideon Concklin. 

1747-8, 22ad day, 12tb mo. (Feb.). Devealab, JcMepb, of Northamp- 
ton, Burlington Co., yeoman; will of. Cousins — John and Joseph Hil- 
llard, Elisabeth and Martha Atkinson, and Jane Parker. Hannah and 
Esther, daus. of friend Samuel Woolman. Lands In Northampton left 

Digitized by 



me by my father, Barnet DevenlBh, and also that I bought 11th day, 
Srd mo., 1702, of John and Martha Billiard. Executor— cousin Bdward 
Billiard, son of my slater Martha. Witnesses — John Stoakes, Peter 
Phillips. Samuel Woolman, John Woolman. Proved March 2, 1747. 

Lib. 6, p. 40€. 
1747-8, 2nd day, Ist mo« (Mar.). Inventory, £49.10; made by John 
Stoakes and John Wpolman. 

1744-5. Feb. 6. Deverez (Oeverlz), PklUv* of Gloucester Co., yeo- 
man. Int. Adm'x, Sarah, his widow. ^ Fellow bondsmen — William 
Huffff and Andrew Redmond. Witnesses — Robert Anderson, Francis 
Haddock, John Ladd. Lib. 6, p. 84. 

1744-6, Jan. SO. Inventory, £600.6.11. Appraisers — ^Andrew Redmond, 
Isac Jennings. 

1775. Jany. 6. Account. "William Tremble, who became adm'r in 
riffht of his wife Sarah, late Sarah Deverix, wife of Philip Deverix." 
Money paid to Dinah Olover, Mary Matlock, Abigail Binchman, John Gill, 
James Hinceman, Andrew Redman, Jacob Husg, John Howill, Timothy 
Matlock, Peter White, Anne ESstiake, James Hambleton, Isaac Jennings, 
Thos. Clement, Win. Payday, E<beneaer Zains, Robert Down, Saml. Rain, 
T. Atkinson, Philip Doyle, Isaac Williams, W)m. Kimsey, Joseph Harri- 
son, John Jones, Priscilla Harrison, Dennis Organ, John Marshall, Robert 
Anderson, Gabriel Bsnron, Richard Lynden, Joseph Marshall, John Frank- 
lin, John Sparke, John Bewston, Philip Deverix, Robert Down, Frances 
Haddock, amounting to £677.18.10%. 

1747, AprU 80. Dewltt» Jobs, of the Borough of Elisabeth, Essex 
Co., Esq. Int. Adm'x, Ann Dewitt, the widow. Wm. Chetwood and 
George Lurting, fellow bondsmen. Witness— Matt. DeHart. 

Lib. E, p. 88. 

1744, Get. 22. Dey, James, of Machaponex. Middlesex Co.; will of. 
Wife. Margaret. Daughters — ^Mary and Sarah. Three children by my 
second wife, Margaret, no names mentioned. Executors — sons James 
and Lorance, and son-in-law Peter Perrine. Witnesses — ^Joshua Ed- 
wards, Sarah Edwards, William Laird. Proved Nov. 26, 1746. 

Lib. D, p. 848. 

1745, Nov. 28. Inventory. £254.2.6; made by John Perlne and William 

1744, Dec. 17. Dibble* Thoatas, of Salem Co. Int. Adm'rs, James 
Caruthers and Alexander Moore, creditors. Both of Cohansey. Bonds- 
man — William Murdock, of Salem County, innkeeper. Witnesses — 
Wm. Pennock, Chas. O. Neill. Lib. 6, p. 422. 

1748-9, Feb. 11. Dlekaaoa, Joaatbaa, of Manington, Salem Co., 
husbandman, will of. Wife, Dorothy, executrix. Son, John Dickson, 
when 21, equal share of real and personal estate with his brother, 
Nathaniel Dickson. Executor — Son, NathanieL Witnesses — James 
Mason, Mary Popino, Alexr. Simpson. Sworn and affirmed 10 March 
1748. Lib. 8. p. 282. 

1748-9. Feb. 4. Inventory (£217.17.10) includes cattle and grain in 
ground. Appraisers — James Mason, William Nicholson. 

17M^ Jaae 21. Dtcklasoa, Feawlck* of Township of Piles Grove, 
Salem Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Eleanor, sole executrix. Sons John 
and Joseph (not 21). Daughter Susannah. Four youngest children. 

Digitized by 



(not of aff«) — Abraham, iBaac, Isabell, Eleanor. Daughter, Sarah. 
Wltnesaea — Oeorre Dlcklson, H«nry Paullln, Jacob Richman. ProTed 
19 Dec, 1789. Lib. 4, p. 114. 

17S9. Dec 4. Inventory (£299.0.8) Includes cattle, horeee, sheep. hay» 
etc Appraisers— Elisha Bassett, Samuel Blwell. 

1761 (Filed). Account of Thomas Murphy and EHeanor, his wife, late 
Elinor Dickinson, executrix of last will of Fenwlck Dickinson. Moneys 
paid Samuel Angelo, Joseph Dickinson, Thomas Parke, Edward Horster, 
Mary Gray, Jonathan Dickinson, Nathan Merrin^, James Robinson, John 
Jones, DanL Mestayer, Doctor Lenox, Benjamin Bispham, Saml. Morgan* 
David Garrison, Frederick (blacksmith), Jeremiah Wood; bond from 
Isaac Thompson (insolvent) ; another insolvent bond of Wra. Oawleys* 
Devereux Driggus, Thom. Graham. Bringing up of Ellenor Dickinson, S 
years, Elisabeth Dickinson, 8 years, Isaac Dickinson, 6 years, Abraham 
Dickinson, 4 years, Joseph Dickinson, 2 years (each at £10). 

17d7» Sept. 1«. DleklMsea, Jeaathaa* of Borough of Elisabeth, Essex 
Co., clerk; will of. Wife, Mary. Children— Jonathan, Abigail (wife 
of Jonathan Sergeant), Temperance (wife of John Odell), Elisabeth 
(wife of Jonathan Miller), Mary (wife of John Cooper), and Martha. 
Real and personal estate. Executors — sons-in-law-Jonathan Sergeant 
and John OdelL Witnesses — Qershom Hlggins, Cornelius Hetfleld, 
Knos Ay era Proved Oct. 18, 1747. Lib. E, p. 108. 

ITST* April 16. Dlcklasoa, Joseph, of Monmouth Co., yeoman. Int. 
Adm*r, Zebulon Dickinson. Lib. C, p. 169. 

1787, March 27, April 9. Inventory, £16.01.6; made by John Williams 
and Amos Pettit, chosen by the widow, Hannah Dickinson. States it was 
of estate "of Joseph Dickinson, late of Shrewsbury." 

175% Dee. S. DUdlse, Fnuicto* of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co.; 
will of. Children — Abraham, John, Elisabeth, Catherin and Helenah» 
all under age. Executors — wife, Mary, friends Luke Voorhees and 
Peter Cochran. Witnesses — William Hall, John Griggs, Jacob Weisea. 
Proved Feb. 26, 1750. Lib. E, p. 610. 

1760-1, March 18. Inventory (£161.12) includes "one half dosen guUt 
pictures;" made by D'k Schuyler and D'k Vanveighten. 

im. May 10. Dllley, Jeaathas, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co. Int. 
Adm'rs, Jonathan Dilly and Edward Crowel. Lib. B, p. 406. 

1789, May 28. DlMsdale, (Damsdale). §arah. of Haddonfleld, Glou- 
cester Co., widow; will of. Executors — John Dillwin, of Philadelphia, 
merchant, and Joseph Kaighn, of Newton, Gloucester Co., yeoman. 
£800 upon special trust, as follows: — Interest of £100 to brother Joseph 
Collins; after his death to his daughters Sarah, Katherine and 
Rebacka. To sister, Elisabeth Southwick, interest of £100, and after 
her death to her children, Maham and Sarah, equally. Rebecka Bryan, 
Bister, £100, and after her death to her child or children, as she may 
appoint; also £60 bond of her late husband, Thomas Bryan. Lega- 
cies to nieces, Katherine Ellis (wife of Thomas Ellis), Rebecka Sat- 
terthwait, Mary Jackson, Katherine Ellis (wife of William Ellis)» 
Priscilla Ares and Elisabeth Williams; also to nephew, William Buck- 
ley, and to Francis Collins, son of John Colllna £26 to members of 
Haddonfleld iConthly meeting. Cousins — Katherine Ellis (wife of 
Thomas Ellis), Priscilla Ares, Sarah Ellis (wife of Simeon Ellis). 

Digitized by 



Rebecca Clements and William Buckley. Witnesses — Edward Turner, 
Sarah Winter, Elisa. Estaugrh. Proved 9 Nov., 1739. Lib. 4, p. 208. 

1739. Oct 26. Inventory ( £1280.16.8 ^) Includes cash. £76.18.6. wearing 
apparel, £71.15.9, library of books, £4.5.6. Appraisers — ^Timo. Matloack, 
Jon. Kaighin. 

1740, Aoir* 8. Dlmiree, Cbarles* of Great Kgg Harbor, Gloucester Co. 
Int. Adm'r, Charles Dingree, of Chester County, in Pennsylvania. Fel- 
low bondsman — James Eldridgre, of Burlington, yeoman. 

1740, 4 mo. (June), 20 da. Renunciation of Judith, widow. Witnesses 
— E«dmon Somers, Gervas Hall. 

1740, 5 mo. (July), 31 da. Renunciation of Christopher, son of Charles 
Dingee as admr.. in favor of his next eldest brother. Charles Dingee. Wit- 
nesses — Jos. Fisher. Simon Hallock. Lib. 4. p. 250. 

174B, Peb. 19. DlrAoHT, Amtoayt will of. (Original in German). 
Whereas our Children are all begot of one father and mother, they 
shall have an equal share in the division. Land sowed of my children 
upon the old place. Wife to live on land where the testator then 
dwelt by his son Christian, as long as she pleased. Son Christian 
bought the land with the testator. Son Christian and daughter Chris- 
tina. Witnesses — Hans Peter Jager, Wllhelmus Werts and Johannes 
Peter Laashent. 'Tet to notice, that the division in money shall be 
as at first above said from the eldest to the youngest in order till they 
have it; now we children have all agreed and witness this with our 
hands as follows: Hinrich Dirdorff. Peter Dirdorff. Bernhardes Ach- 
enbach, Johannes Dirdorff, Antony Dirdorff, Christian Dirdoff, Wil- 
lem Ecker and Christina Dirdorffln. Done at an wile the 19th of 
february 1745 is this Testament confirmed.*" 

1746-7, March 2. Christian Grassold. the translator, testified to the 
English translation of the original will, at Philadelphia, before William 
Allen, Recorder. Proved March 15. 1746-7. (Hunterdon Co.) 

Lib. 5. p. 321. 

1746-7. March 14. Christian Dirdorff. of Amwell. renounces right of 
administration as no executor was named in will, in favor of Christian's 
son, Peter Dirdorff. Witness — ^Abraham Zutphin. 

1747, May 6. Bond of Peter Dirdorff. of Hunterdon Co., yeoman, as 
administrator, and Rudolph Hurli. of same place, yeoman. 

1735-6, Marcb 98. Dkibrow, Benjamla, of City of Perth Amboy, 
Middlesex Co. Int. Margaret, the widow, declines to administer the 
estate, and makes a quit claim to John Disbrow, cordwainer. Wit- 
nesses — Sarah Disbrow, Oba'd Huntt. Junr. 

1736. May 15. Bond of John Disbrow. the brother, as administrator. 
Joseph Johnson and Griflfln Disbrow, all of same place, fellow bondsmen. 

Lib. C. p. 95. 

174IK Aum» 12. Disbrow, Henry, of Cranberry. Middlesex Co.. car- 
penter : will of. Wife. Katharine Disbrow. Children — Daniel ( land I bought 
of Andrew Gordon), Henry, William, Joseph. Katharine. Anne, all 
under age. Executors — friend Frederick Buckalew, Junr., of Cran- 
berry, and brother-in-law, Hendrick Hendrickson of Middletown. 
Witnesses — Ste'n Warne, Joseph Disbrow. Hen. Moore. Proved Nov. 
13. 1749. Lib. B. p. 343. 

1749, Nov. 3. Inventory (£313.17.7) includes Bible, negro woman and 
boy. mare given to wife by Benjamin Disbrow. her brother-in-law. Made 
by John Barclay, Peter Gordon, Luycas Schenck. 

Digitized by 



174S, April 80. Dkibrow, William, of Hopewell Township, Hunter- 
4lon Co., cordwainer; will of. Sister, Hannah Applei^ait. Cousin, 
Hannah Apple^ait. Brothers — Benjamin and Joseph Disbrow. Execu- 
tors — brother, Joseph Disbrow, and friend Zebulon Stout, of Somerset 
County. Witnesses — Daniel Stout, Jno. Hyde and Olsebert Lane. 
Proved June 27, 1743. Lib. 4. p. S67. 

1743, June 18. Inventory (£59) includes a house and three acres of 
land and one house not finished ; books ; carpenter's tools and a sword. 
Made by David Stout and John Wayooff. Debts due from John Disbrow, 
John Stout. Aaron Vanhook, Echebard Lee. Benjamin Stout. George Park, 
Henry Disbrow. Thomas Burrowes. John Pitch and Joseph Stout. Jr. 

1748. April 6. Account mentions John Hyde. Vinsin Runen, Andrew 
Reed, Robert Hooper. Joseph Packston, Robert Rosebrook, James Leonard, 
Benjamin Disbrow, Zebulon Stout. Samuel Stout. Robert Hooper, Henry 
Diabrow. Joseph Merrel. Dr. Cadwalader. WVdow Doughty, Sarah Dis- 
brow, Andrew Johnson. Colonel StouL 

1748, D«e. 6. Ditty. Hmrk. of Penns Neck, Salem Co., tailor; will of. 
Wife. Hannah. Real and personal estate. Children — John. Thomas. 
Martha and Margret. Executors — wife, and James Outtery of White 
Clay Creek, in the County of New Castle. Witnesses — James Oonart, 
James Barkley. Proved 13 Dec, 1748. Lib. 6. p. 92. 

1748. Dec. 12. Inventory. £87.2.9 ; made by Alen Congelton. Jonathan 

1738-0. Jaa. 2. Dixoa* James* of Greenwich, in Cohansey, Salem 
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Rebecca. Daughters — Sarah (to have the 
house and lot where I live on the East side of Main Street. Greenwich, 
after her mother's death), Rachel and Isabel (my lot on the West side 
of the Main St. in Greenwich, equally). Three acres of lot joining 
Josiah Fithian may be sold. Executors — wife, Charles Dennis and 
Philip Dennis. Witnesses — Nichs. Gibbon. Samuel Fithian. John 
Oroen. Proved 15 Jan. 1739. Lib. 4, p. 217. 

17S»-40k 1 mo <Mar.>» 17 da. Dixson, Daalel (son of Anthony Dick- 
aon, yeoman, and Mary his wife, late of the south side of Cohansey, 
Salem County), ward. Guardian — Ebenezer Miller. Witnesses — Rich- 
ard Wood, Josiah, Samuel and Isaac Fithian. Salem Wills. 684 Q. 

1740w May 99. Dobblas, Joaepb, of Newton. Gloucester Co.. tailor. 
Int. Adm*r, Timothy Matlack, of Htiddonfield, yeoman. Fellow bonds- 
men. James Hinchman. Esq.. and Thomas Coles, gent., all of County 
aforesaid. Lib. 4. p. 239. 

1740. May 13. Renunciation of John Dobbins, as adm'r of his brother 
Joaeph Dobbins. Witnesses — James Jeffries. David Donogan. 

1739-40. Feb. 8. Inventory. £39.4.9. Appraisers — Ja. Hinchman. Thomas 

17SX Feb. 15. Dod, Joaatbaa, of Newark. Essex Co. Int. Adm*x. 
Hannah Dod, the widow. James Nuttman. cooper, fellow bondsman. 
Witnesses — Joseph Peck, Moses Ball. Lib. B. p. 388. 

ITSJ; Jaae SI. Doddlastaa. Tkaakfal, of Essex Co. Int. Adm'r, 
Charles Townley. Nathaniel Mitchell, fellow bondsman. Witness — 
Kbeneser Lyon. Lib. B, p. 421. 

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1740, Not. 90. Do4ri««e, PkUip, of Woodbrid^e, MlddlCMX Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Mother ^. Devises lands joining lands 

formerly of Adam Lees, Solomon Hunt, Joseph Oliver, Charles Wricht» 
John Skinner deceased, to be divided in 19 years amon^ his children,, 
no names i^lven. Executors — wife, Lydia, and friend Nathaniel Fits- 
Randolph, blacksmith. Witnesses — Ruth Pack, Meribah Dodrldffe, 
John Moores. Proved Jan. 12, 1749. Lib. B, p. 869. 

1749» April S. Dolbery <DoIber)» Nlekolas, of Greenwich, Gloucester 
Co., yeoman ; will of. Plantation whereon I live at the lower end of Bil- 
lins Port to Andrew Long's children — Moses, Jonathan, Mary and Ele- 
nor. Plantation which I purchased of the sons of Samuel Vanaman, de- 
ceased, to the five children of Jonas Cox« Isaac Cooper to be guardian 
of the aforesaid children. Other tract of land to William Lasberry 
and Hester, the wife of Daniel Cooper. £6 to wardens of the church 
at Raccoon Creek. Legacies to Mary and Sarah, daughters of Jonas 
Cox, and Sarah, daughter of Gunner Swanson. Executors — Andrew 
Long and William White. Witnesses — Nicholas Justlson, Thomas 
Parker, Alexr. Randall. Proved 20 April, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 87. 

1749, April 11. Inventory (£266.8.2) includes ship carpenter's tools, 
£8.18.0. Appraisers— Wtou Mickle, Alexr. Randall. 

174S, April lOu Dole, Jobs, of Great Egg Harbor, Gloucester Co., 
yeoman. Int. Adm'r, Joseph Dole. Fellow bondsman — Japhet Leeds; 
both of same place. Witness — Revell Elton. 

Lib. 6, p. 881; Lib. 7, p. 88. 

1748-9, March 14. Inventory (£94.8.4) includes bonds against Samuel 
Scull, Joseph Stone, James Robison, George May, Joseph Dale, and 
book account against Samuel Church. Appraisers — Joseph Ireland, Japhet 

174S-50, Mareb 6. Donsldsoa, James, of Somerset Co., cooper; will 
of. Real and personal estate to be divided equally among brothers,. 
Robert, William and Joseph Donaldson. Executors — Peter Berrien, 
of Somerset Co., gentleman, and Samuel Neilson. of New Brunswick, 
merchant. Witnesses — Daniel McCurrey, Daniel Brittan, Robt. Rolfe. 
Proved 22 May, 1750. Lib. 6, p. 421. 

1749-60. March 12. Inventory (£146) includes small Bible and psalm 
book, 6s., gun, sword and cartouch box. Made by Ja. Leonard, John 

1786, Sept. 17. Dose, George, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co., 
weaver. Int. Adm'r, Samuel Rogers, of Upper Freehold, merchant* 
Thomas Hunloke and Isaac Pearson, of Burlington, yeoman, fellow 
bondsmen. Witnesses — Joseph Rose and Richard Kennedy. 

Lib. 4, p. 78. 

1788, Msr. 86. Doremss* George, of Saddle River, Bergen Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Marritie. Oldest son, Cornelius (not 21). Rest 
of my children — John, George and Hendrick (not of age). Execu- 
tors — sons Cornelius, and wife's brother, John Berdan, Jr. "It is my 
will further that my brother, Thomas Doremus, and my wife's brother, 
Vemant Berden, shall be Joint executors with the others." Wit- 
nesses — Johanes Doremus, Isaack Kip, Corneles Kip. Proved 20 Oct., 
1788. Lib. B. p. 476. 

1746-7, Msreb 16. Dors, AUee, of Monmouth Co., single woman. 
Int. Adm'r, Cornelius Dorn, of Monmouth County, yeoman, brother 

Digitized by 



of deceased. John Clark, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. E, p. 1. 

1747. March 26. Inventory, £66.3.6% ; made by Daniel Hendrickson and 
John StUlwelL 

17S8, Feb. 1. DorrlastOB, Jeha, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co. (son 
of Thomas, deceased), an orphan about 16 years of a^e. Bond of John 
Meffie as guardian. Joseph Me^ie, fellow bondsman. Witnesses— 
W. Chetwood. Thomas Hill. Lib. C, p. 270. 

17S1, Jue S. DorrlBct«M <Dommlmct«M)» Th«ma% of Elisabeth 
Town, Essex Co., mariner; will of. Wife, Thankful. Children — Abi- 
irail and John. Expected child. Elinor, wife of John Woodruffe. 
Real and persona^ estate. Executors — Charles Townley and Nathaniel 
Mitchell. Witnesses — John Chandler, Stephen Crane, Abso'm Ladner. 
Proved June 12, 1738. Lib. B, p. 480. 

1741, Sept. 98. Doiwett, Joseph* of Middletown, Monmouth Co., yeo« 
man; will of. "Bein^ weak and infirm.*' Wife, Elisabeth, to have 
ne^ro woman, Dinah. Other nei^roea Land devised to testator by his 
deceased son, Samuel, to be sold. Children — Rachel, John, James, 
Martha, Elisabeth and Joseph. "If son John dies of his present sick- 
ness." Orandson, Andrew Dorsett, minor. Executors — friend, James 
Mott, and sons John and James Dorsett. Witnesses — Joseph Smith, 
James and Martha Walling. Codicil, same date. "If Joseph dies of 
present sicknesa*' Elisabeth, daughter of son Joseph. Same witness- 
es. Proved October 29, 1741. Lib. C, p. 467. 

1741, Nov. 17. Inventory (£486.6.6%) includes negro woman and child, 
neKTO girl, 2 negro children. Made by Cornelius Dooren, Joseph Smith 
and Jarrat Wall. 

1741« Sept. 10. Dorsett* Samael, of Middletown, Monmouth Co.. yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Rachel, one-half of land during: widowhood, "af- 
terwards to my child or children" (not named). Father, Joseph Dor- 
sett. Land adjoining Joseph Smith. Executors — friends Joseph Dor- 
sett, James Mott and John Dorsett. Witnesses — James Dorsett, Joseph 
Dorsett, Jr., and Thomas Bullman. Proved October 29, 1741. 

Lib. C, p. 464. 

1741. Oct. 22. Inventory, £146.06.3 1-3 ; made by Cornelius Doren and 
Jarratt WalL 

1740W Dee. 1«. Dosbleday, William* of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. 
Adm'r, Ellas Cotting. Bondsman — John Hunt. Both of said County. 
Gentlemen. Witnesses — Chas. O Neill, DanL Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 262. 

1740, Dec 24. Inventory (£16.0.1) of William Doubleday "of C^ohan- 
sey." Appraisers — Josiah Fithian, Abraham Reeves. 

, . Memorandum of book debts, etc. : William Mulford. Peter 

Batman, Moses Bishop, John Bowins, William Joslins, Silas Newoomb 
(note payable from James Johnson), Nathan Tarbell (from William Bar- 
low), John Jones, Peter Sowter, John Sherrer, John Brook. Vouchers on 
said estate by (^pt Cotting." 

1740, Marek 11. Doairhty» BesJasUat of Prince Town, Middlesex Co.; 
will of. Wife, Abigrail and son, Benjamin, house and plantation, oc- 
cupied by Joseph Morrow. Executors — wife, and friends Thomas 
Leonard, Esquire, of Somerset, and James Leonard, of Kingstown, 
Middlesex County. Witnesses — ^William Mounteer, Joseph Morrow and 
Noah Gates. Proved May 2, 1747. Hunterdon Wills, Lib. 6, p. 601. 

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1747. April 17. Inventory (£2086.7.6) Includes old silver tankard. £4 ; 
goods Benjamin Doughty bought of Thomas Whitehead ; old Sambo, £5 : 
Sarah and child. £40 ; negro girl. £20. Bills and bonds — John Bainbridge. 
Jr.. Robert Bamet. Robert Montgomery. James Price, Nehemiah Howel, 
James Howel. William Olden. Thomas Leonard. Charles Miller. James 
Whitehead. Jesse Wlaller, Jon. Waller. John Brown, John Parker. Jon. 
Desburry, Jon. Huff. Richard Huff. Mathias Swaim. George Bonaface. 
Joseph Longley. Richard Iveson, James Vance, Joseph Barber. William 
Olden, Richard Stockton, James Wllmot, Archibald Shorten, Thomas Rich- 
ards. Jonathan Ketcham, William Bell. William Bryant. Even Harris. 
William Monteer, William Willin, Edward Bunill. Joseph Pearson. William 
Jolley, Isaac Fitchrandle, Thomas Price. Thomas Oroom. William Brlt- 
tain, Thomas South. Benjamin Jolley. Dolle Hagersman. Elisabeth Fries. 
Nicholas Lake, Nathan Havelan, Thomas Scholey, John Covenhoven. Wil- 
liam Bunting. Jonathan Croxson. James Doan, Zacharia Bonam. Daniel 
Brittain. Thomas Fleming. Isaac Randle of Newtown, Pennsylvania, Wil- 
liam Deval. Jon. Rylie, Thomas Dunkin, Kathrin Clark. Jon. Howell, Jon. 
Riddle. Jon. Calleman (a negro), Christopher Conner. Nicholas Able. 
Hugh Talbot, Daniel Carmack. Jos. Davis. Benjamin Laurance. Jr.. Wil- 
liam Devale. Jon. Parks, Jonathan Runian. Nicholas Christopher. Robert 
Spencer. Jos. Morril, Mathew Giles. Bamet Stroud. Jon. Cunnungham. 
Richard Birk. James Keley. Benjamin Corle. Robert Wheatly. Thomas 
Stillwell. Edward Pedrick, Elenor Mory, James Danbridge. James Hides, 
Edward Hopper. James Stewart. Ells Luther. Martha Ferrill. Francis 
Larkin. George Birkhead. Thomas Morford. William Maise, Jon. Doho- 
day, Jon. Shields, Jon. Grigs. Evan Harris. Thomas Stevenson. William 
Offlt. Richard Robbins. Robert Fish, Samuel Smith. John Bainbridge. 
EMward Bunil. Jon. Shaw, Richard Stockton. Inventory made by Ed- 
mund Beakes. Jedidiah Higgins. and Aaron Hughs; filed in Hunterdon 

1750-1, Jan. 4. Donirkty, Bllaa, of Mansfield, Burlington Co.. yeo- 
man; will of. Father and mother. Brothers — John. Jacob and Thom- 
as. Ellas and Elisabeth, children of brother Thomas. Susannah Tay- 
lor. Personal estate. Executor — friends George Taylor. Witnesses 
— John Qibbs. Benjamin Gibbs. Joseph Pope. Proved Jan. 18, 1750. 

Lib. 6. p. 395. 

1761. April 7. Inventory, £59.7.6 ; made by Joseph Pope and Benjamin 
Gibbs. Includes debts due from Philip Marot, George Taylor and Jacob 

1787, Sad d., Btb mo. <Jnl7). Donirbty, Jacob, of Bethlehem Town- 
ship, Hunterdon Co.; will of. Wife, Amy; son, Daniel, and daughter 
Deborah. Wife, executrix. Witnesses — Samuel Stockton and Mans- 
field Hunt. Proved August 11, 1737. Lib. 4. p. 110. 

1737. Aug. 1. Inventory (£479.11.0) includes plate. £26; plantation. 
£200; Bible, £1 ; "creatures in Thomas Leonard's hands." Made by Joseph 
Wilits and Joseph King. 

1730, Sept. ^ Donw, Andrlea, of Raretons. Somerset Co.; will of. 
Children — Volckert, Wllhelm. Johannis. Dorothy. Executor — son 
Volckert. Witnesses — William Hall. Richard Hall, Edward Murphy. 
(Will not proved). 

1746, June 12. Summons to Fulker (Volckert) Douw to produce the 
will of his father, which he had suppressed since his death (about 1736). 

Digitized by 



and in which he leaves a legacy to his daughter Dorothy, now wife of 
William HalL Somerset Wills. 86 R. 

17S6» §ept. 20. Dove, Alexander* of Freehold, Monmouth Co.; will 
of. Wife, Jane, executrix. Children — Samuel, Jane, Margret, Mary, 
Isabel, Elizabeth and Hannah. Land in Amboy purchased of George 
Wolek, deceased. £6 put at interest "for the upholding of the 
Church." Witnesses — James Dey, James McKnight and John Buck- 
ale w. Proved November 80, 1739. Lib. C, p. 299. 

1740, March 26. Inventory (£278.7.00) includes mortgage of George 
Hnlets, George Woolley and Joseph Wilson; bonds of John Thompson, 
Walter Wilson. Kenneth Anderson, Michael Eireckson, Jonathan Ander- 
son and Thomas Hay. Made by John Chambers and John Barclay. 

1747* July 80. Down* Robert^ of Gloucester Co., yeoman. Int. 
Adm'x, Jemina Down, widow. Fellow bondsman — Anthony Sharp, 
yeoman, of same place. Witness — Hannah Ladd. Lib. 6, p. 17. 

1747, 4th mo. (June), 29th da. Inventory (£299.16.11) includes bonds 
from Jacob Hugg. Thomas Kimsey; debts from John Ladd, John Small- 
wood, Joseph Qoldeye ; 8 day clock, £14 ; cows, wheat, rye, etc. Apprais- 
ers — Anthony Sharp, Jos. Lord. 

1740» Jmie 12. Downey, Dennki, of Burlington Co. Int. Adm'r, 
Thomas Hooten, of Burlington. Elijah Bond, of Trenton, Hunterdon 
Co., fellow bondsman. Lib. 6, p. 78, bis. 

1747» Marcb 28. Downs, RIcbard, of Cape May Co.; will of. Wife, 
Elisabeth. Unto Downs Edmons, grandson, and his heirs, all lands 
and tenements forever, he to pay £20 to his brother Richard Edmons, 
when 21. Part movables to daughter, Mary Edmons. and rest to 
grandchildren, Robert Edmon's children, and Randal Hute's children 
(that he had by his first wife Hannah Downs). Executors — Elisha 
Hand. Nathaniel Foster, Esq., both of Cape May. Witnesses — Josiaji 
Cresse, Benjamin Shaw, Obed. Shaw. Proved 12 May, 1747. 

Lib. 5, p. 526. 

1747, Bilay 1. Inventory of "C^pt. Richard Downs" (£192.11.8) includes 
cattle and oxen. Appraisers — John Shaw, George Stites. 

1748, Nov. 18. Account. Moneys paid to Elijah Hughes. Thomas John- 
son, John Garlick, Lory Hand, Uriah Hughes, Barnabas Crowele, Ebenezer 
Swaine, EHienezer Johnson. George Stites. Jeremiah Leaming. Downes 
Edmuna, EHisha Crowele. John Robinson. Robert Edmunds, Zachariah 
Sickles, Josiah Cress, William Cooper. John Buck. Mary Edmunds, Samuel 
Leonard, Elisabeth Downs, the widow of the deceased, Robert Edmunds. 
Amey Ekhnunds, Rachele Hewit. Joseph Fancher (who married with one 
of the grandchildren of the deceased), Henry Toung, Elisha Hand, etc., 
amounting to £264.12.7. 

1741, Jvly 4. Downs, Wllllani, of Cape May Co., mariner; will of. 
Uncle Richard Downs, Esq.« of Cape May, all real and personal estate, 
"but if my brother should come to this country, my will is that he 
should have and enjoy my house and land." Sole executor — uncle 
Richard Downes. Witnesses — Robert Edmonds, Abigail Dagg, Fras. 
Taylor. Proved 9 Dec, 1741. Cape May Wills. 103 E. 

1741. Aug. 8. Inventory (£77.11.8) includes **% of a skooner" (£40). 
Appraisers — John Dagg, Francis Taylor. 

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1747-8* Mareb SS« Doyl, PblIllp».of Deptford. Gloucester Co., weaver; 
will of. Bxeeutora — ^brothers-in-law, Robert Stephens and Isaac 
Stephens, with power to sell all lands, houses, etc in Gloucester Co. 
and elsewhere, and to put money therefrom at interest for use of son, 
Robert Doyl, when 21, excepting leiracies as follows — To mr cousin 
Thomas, son of Thomas Bdfferton, £7 at 21., Haddonfleld Meetins^ 
House, £6 for a burial ground. If son Robert dies under a^e. estate 
shall go to my brothers-in-law Robert Henery, and Robert and Isaac 
Stephens. Witnesses — John Breach, John Frankin, Jno. Jenkins. 
Sworn and affirmed 4 May, 1748. Lib. 5, p. 488. 

1748, April 8. Inventory, £261.8.8 ; made by Simon Sparks. John Breach. 

1741» Sept. 16. Drake, Aadrew. of Plscataway, Middlesex Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Children — Randle (FitsRandolph), Geori^e, Jeremiah, 
Edward, David« Johana Manningr* Susannah Smalley, Mary Lee, Lydia, 
Sarah and Catherine Drake. Lands bought of Moses and Jean Sut- 
ton and James Pyatt. Executors — wife, Hannah, son Jeremiah, broth- 
er-in-law John Clarkson and friend Benja. Stelle, Jun'r. Witnesses — 
Benja. Stelle, Hendrick Vroom, Jun'r, Marey Thomson. Proved Dec. 
2, 1748. Lib. D. p. 104. 

1748, Nov. 29-80. Inventory, £480.15.8; made by Joseph Fitxrandolph 
and Gideon MerletL 

174S» April IS. Drake, BeaJaaUm, of Maidenhead. Hunterdon Co. 
Inventory of estate, £186.16.10, including loom and tacklingrs. Made 
by Mathew Hickson and Reuben Armitai^e. Hunterdon Wills, 154 J. 

1742, April 16. Bond of Sarah Drake, widow, as administrator. Fellow 
bondsman, Benjamin Drake, of Hopewell, yeoman. Witnesses — ^Reuben 
Armitage, Archibald Home. 

174S, Feb. 7. Drake, David, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co.; will of. 
Wife, Sarah. Daughters — Susannah, Sarah and Mary Drake, all under 
affe. Land leased of William Potter. Executor — brothers Jeremiah 
and FitsRandolph Drake. Witnesses — Isaac Stelle, John Jones, Benja. 
Stelle. Proved March 80, 1747. Lib. E, p. 8. 

1747, March 80. The executors named in will refuse to act, and widow 
declines administration, but recommends John Pound, Jun*r, and Edward 
Drake, of Somerset Co., the principal creditors, as administrators. 

1747, March 80. Bond of John Pound, Jun*r, and Edward Drake as 
administrators. Isaac Manning and Elijah Pound, fellow bondsmen. Wit- 
ness — Jonathan Dunn. 

1747. April 1. Inventory, £143.13 ; made by Thomas Machfarson and 
George Marlet. 

1749, May 8. Account, showing lands sold to Sam'U Drake. Moleson 
FitsRandolph, Jeremiah Drake, FitsRandolph Drake, Widow Jones; also 
judgments against Francis Lewis, Andrew Johnston. John Vail, Jonathan 

1750, July 27. Additional account Bonds of Josiah David. George 
Lang, Benj'n Stiles. Simon Walker. Cornelius Moore, Daniel Ayers. Jacob 
Ayers, John David. James Clarkson. John Deare. Joseph Barto, George 
Drake, Edward Drake, Nathaniel Manning, Thos. Johnson. Joseph Claw-' 

17SS, April 1. Drake, Fraaeis, 8ea*r, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Patience. Children — Rachel Runion, Martha. 
Betty, Francis, Benjamin, James, Henry and Joseph (all minors). 

Digitized by 



OrandBon, E:phraim Drake. Real and personal estate. Executors — 
brother-in-law, Joseph FltsRandolph. kinsmen Edmund Dunham, 
Jun'r, and Moses Martin. Witnesses — Henry Skibbow, Isaac Drake, 
Moses Burgres. Proved April 27, 17SS. Lib. B, pp. S98, 400. 

1755, April 26. Inventory, £48.3.2 ; made by Andrew Drake and Wil- 
liam Hooles. 

1749, Sept. 11. Joseph Fitxrandolph and Moses Martin, two of the 
executors, with the consent of Patience Drake, the widow, made choice 
of Azariah Dunham as executor in room of Ekhnund Dunham, deceased. 

178^ Jmkr IS* Drake, Ctersbom, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., black- 
smith; will of. Children — Philip, Cathrlne and Sarah, all under agre. 
Executors — ^wife Rachel, and friend Samuel Dunn of Somerset Co. 
Real and personal estate. Witnesses — William Clawson, Peter Bebout, 
Reuat Runyon. Proved July 31, 1750. Lib. E. p. 443. 

1760, July 25. Inventory, £337.01.6; made by David FiUrandolph and 
Eb. Tingrley. 

ns%, Jaly 21. I>rake. Jobs, of Hopewell Township, Hunterdon Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Rachel. Three daugrhters, Frances. Ruth and 
Mary Drake. Son, John Drake, land which testator received from his 
father; land bought from John Coxe. Sons Charles and Benjamin. 
Executors — ^brothers Francis and Thomas Drake, and friend Willson 
Hunt Witnesses — Richard Bvins, Zacharlah Drake and Edward 
Cooper. Proved October 25, 1760. Hunterdon Wills. 280 J. 

1750. Oct. 29. Inventory (£222.18.11) includes one neffro fellow. £55; 
hive of bees; ffun and sword. Made by Reuben Armitage and Richard 

1756. March 23. Account mentions Edward Burrows. Dr. Dewit. Fras. 
Fowler, Henry Wolsey, Azariah Hunt, Thomas Drake. Eidmond Drake, 
Benjamin Ketcham, Nevill Winn, Thomas Vandike. Richard Evans. An- 
drew Titus, Reuben Armitage, Henry Vankirk. Henry Wolsey, Elisa 
Runion, John Wolsey, Edward Cooper, Andrew Morgan, Isaac £«aton. 
Samuel Henry, Reed and Furman, Luffort Waldron, Jos. Tindall. Daniel 
Drake. Theo. Sevems. 

17401, April 7. I>rake, Joba* Sen*r, of Essex Co., yeoman; will of. 
Children — Benjamin, Isaac, Abraham, Samuel and Sarah Fulson. 
Grandchildren — Abraham, John, Philip, and Qershom Drake; Samuel, 
Thomas and Mary Davis, children of daughter Mary, deceased. Daugh- 
ter-in-law. Patience Drake. Edward Slater, Allizhiah Skebbo, Elis- 
abeth (wife of Benjamin Hull, Esq), FiTTratea (wife of Benjamin Mar- 
tain), Moses FitsRandolph, Christian Rebout, the poor of Piscataqua. 
Executors — ^grandsons, Samuel and Jonas Drake, and their mother, 
Hannah Drake. Witnesses — James Manning. Grace Manning, David 
Drake. Proved Sept. 29, 1741. Lib. C, p. 442. 

1741, Sept. 30. Hannah Drake, wife of Isaac Drake, renounces the 
executorship on account of age and other inability. Witnesses — John 
Blackford. Jun'r. Jacob Thorp. 

, . Inventory, £5.03 ; made by David Sutton. 

178S* Feb. SS« Drake* Joslab, of Middlesex Co. Int. Bond of John 
Berrien, merchant, of Somerset Co., as administrator. Andrew Hay. of 
Perth Amboy, innkeeper, fellow bondsman. Lib. C, p. 71. 

1741» Hot. «• Drake* PbUip, late of Plscataway, Middlesex Co., 

Digitized by 



yeoman, having property in divers places. Adm'x, his widow. Chris- 
tian. Fellow bondsmen — Gideon Merlett, John Pound. Lib. D, p. 16. 

1734, April IS. Draper, Tkomas, of Nottingrham, Burlin^on Co.» 
taylor. Administration granted to Catherine Draper, widow. Robert 
Pearson, Esq., and John Middleton, yeomen, fellow bondsmen. 

Lib. S, p. 894. 
1784, April 22. Inventory, £182.19.7 ; made by Edw'd Beakes and 
Ouisbert Hendrickson. Includes books, clock and case. 

1735, March 15. Petition of Edward and Elisabeth, children of Thomas, 
over 14, as both parents are deceased, that John Tantum, Sr., and John 
Tantum, Jr.. be appointed their guardians. 

174a» April 10. Driver, Jonatban, of Penns Neck, Salem Co., shoe- 
maker. Int. Adm*x, Elisabeth Driver. Bondsman — Alen Congrelton. 
Both of Penns Neck in said County. Witnesses — James Barkley, Nich. 
Gibbon. Lib. 6, p. 281. 

1749, April 7. Inventory (£106.13.8) includes cattle, horses, two boats. 
"5700 staves and 20 coards of wood." Appraisers — ^Alen Congelton, James 

irse, Dec. IS. DmmmoBd, ESvaa, of Middlesex Co. ; will of. Brother,. 
William Drummond. Real and personal estate. Executors — Hon. 
John Hamilton, Esq., Andrew Johnston. Esq., James Hude of New 
Brunswick. Esq., and Mr. Andrew Hay. Witnesses — Adam Hay, Tho. 
Bartow, Thomas Jaffray, Mary Delapp. Proved March 24, 1736. 

Lib. C, p. 189. 

1748, Jan. 7. Dmmmond, Gawea, of Monmouth Co. Int. Adm'r, 
his brother, Robert Drummond, of same county. Bond of Robert 
Drummond, of Shrewsbury. Josiah Halstead, of same place, yeoman, 
fellow bondsman. Witnesses — Anthony and Elisabeth Dennis. 

Lib. E, p. 268. 

Inventory (£184.11.11) includes one gun, two pistols, sword and bayonet. 
Made by Stoffll Longstreet and William Jackson. Filed Sept. 27, 1749. 

1788, July 7. DmmiiiOBd, John, late Earl of Mellfort, deceased. 
Petition of John Porterfleld of Trenton, New Jersey, in behalf of 
Alexander Porterfleld, Esquire, of Duchall, in the Shire of Renfrew,. 
Scotland, brother to the petitioner, setting forth that John Drum- 
mond. late Earl of Mellfort, was indebted to the petitioner's said 

1733. July 4. Bond of John Porterfleld, of Trenton, Esquire, as ad- 
ministrator of estate of the Right Honorable John, late Earl of Melfort. 
Fellow bondsman. John Hyndshaw, of Hunterdon Co., yeoman. 

Hunterdon Wills. 87 J. 

1748, Jaa. 7. Dmmiiiond, John, of Monmouth Co. Int. Adm'r, Rob* 
ert Drummond. of same County, the widow having: renounced. 

Lib. E. p. 268. 

. . Inventory of estate of John Drummond, late of Shrews- 
bury. £8.16.9 ; made by Jeremiah Borden, William Price and Thomas Bell. 
Additional inventory. £26.4.10. made by William Davis and Thomas Bell, 
(flled September 27, 1749). 

1748, De«. 22. Dubois, Barent, of Pllesgrove. Salem Co.. yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Jacomyntie. To son, Jacob Dubois, house and shop and 
6 acres; son, Jonathan Dubois, bond of Robert Dars. Children — 

Digitized by 



Kathartne BUwell, Solomon, David, iBaac, Oerr«t and Abraham. 
Bzeeutora— wifa and eldest son. Jacob Dubois. Witnesses — Louis 
Dubois. Henry Van Metere, Benjn. Worton. Proved SO Feb., 174S. 

Lib. 7, p. SC4. 

174t-S0. F^b. 12. Inventory (£SC9.1S.7%) includes horses, oatUe, wheat, 
on the ground, shoemaker's tools, negroes, etc Appraisers — David Davis, 
John Creaff. 

17CS, . Account of Jacob Dubois, executor of the last will of 

Jecomtle Dubois, executrix of the last will of Bamett Dubois, deceased. 

ITMw May M. D«h«ya <Deh«ya>, Cbarlcs, of Amwell Township, 
Hunterdon Co., weaver. Int. Inventory of estate, £10C.8.S, including 
a Bible. Made by Jno. Opdycke and William WiUian&sone. 

Lib. 7, p. tC 

1750, June 7. Bond of Agnes Duboys, of Amwell, widow, as admin- 
istratrix, and John Opdycke, of same place, trader. Witness — ^Theo. 

1751, July 8. Account. Mentions Daniel Larew, Dr. Coleback, Wta. 
Montgomerie, Henry Rlngo, John Aller, John Hull, Isaac Fitchet, Phillip 
Peters, Andrian Kenny. 

1TM» Oet. 18. Dugdale, William, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co.; will 
of. Children all under age; no names given. Sister, Margaret Hunt, 
of Dublin, Ireland. Real and personal estate. Executor — wife Jane. 
Witnesses — Alexand'r Moore, Elisabeth Moore, John Dies. Proved 
April 21, 1741. Lib. C, p. 406. 

17d7» Dee. ao. Dakemaneer, Jelia, of Deptford, Gloucester Co., 
husbandman; will of. Sons — John, Thomas and SamueL Latter to 
have the plantation during full time due me in my lease from Luke 
Gibson. Daughters — ^Mary Bryan, Sarah Day, Francis Gilfrey, Su- 
sanah, Hannah and Elisabeth. Executor — son, John Dukemaneer. Wit- 
nesses— Obidiah O. Gibson, Joseph Gibson, Junr., Michael Fisher. 
Affirmed 19 Feb., 1747. Lib. 6, p. 412. 

1747-8, Feb. 16. Inventory (£80.1.6) includes cattle, sheep, rye and com 
in the field. Appraisers-— Michael Fisher, John Hopper, Jun'r. 

1748^ March 90. Dsmeat, Peter, of Somerset Co., yeoman; will of. 
Son, John, the large Dutch Bible. To him and his heirs £60 in pay- 
ments by the four sons, Hendrick, John Baptes [Baptist], Peter and 
Rynear, when the youngest son then living will be of age; likewise to 
son Abraham. Lands to be divided equally between Hendrick, John 
Baptes, Peter and Rynear. Daughters — Cattelintje (wife of Christiah 
Lagrange), Margaret (wife of Gtoorge Bergen), Qerrette and Jannetie. 
Executors — sons John, Abraham, John Baptes, brothers-in-law Rynear 
and Nicholas Veghten. Witnesses — ^Dirck Van Veghten, Henry Van 
Middleswaert, John Broughton. Proved 17 July. 1744. Lib. D, p. 166. 

1744. July 12. Dumont. John, declines to serve as executor of the will 
of his father. Peter Dumont Signed by Abr. Dumont. John Dumont 

ITdf^ Aw. 21. Dsacaa, BUaaheth, of Salem Co. Int Adm'r. John 
Duncan. Bondsman — William Maxfield. Both of said County. Wit- 
nesses—Elisabeth Berker. Nich. Gibbon. Lib. 6. p. 281. 

1749. Aug. 28. Inventory, £81.4.6; made by Abner Sims, James Tyler. 

1748, Jsly 18. Daseaa, James, of Alloways Creek, Salem Co. Int 

Digitized by 



Adm'z, Elisabeth Duncan. Bondsmen — ^Thomas Laoky, John Duncan* 
all of same place. Witnesses— Wtn. Chandler, Nioh. Gibbon. 

Lib. 6. p. SI. 
1748, July 27. Inventory (£93.2.2) includes cattle, horses, servant-man 
by indenture, etc. Appraisers — ^Daniel Smith, James Tyler. 

1748, Jaa. •• Diimean, J«h», of Salem Co., weaver. Int. Adm*r, 
John Smith. Bondsman — John Andrews. Both of Salem County, yeo- 
men. Witnesses — William Chandler, Nich. Gibbon. 

Lib. 6. p. 52 (dates and names mixed). 

1748, Jany. 10. Inventory, £62.2.2; made by Jn. Andrews, William 

174St A«ir. 11. Dvmham, Beaajah* of Piscataway, Middlesex Co. 
Nuncupative will. States that "on Monday last, beinr 9th of Auffust* 
about five hours before his death,*' he save to sons Benajah and Mar- 
tin lands, etc., and they were to be kind to his wife. In presenos 
Edmund Dunham, Ephralm Dunham, Phineas Martin, John Martin. 
Witnesses — Jonathan Martin, Asariah Dunham, Elisha Whitehead. 

Lib. C, p. 680. 

1742, AuiT. 28. Dorothy Dunham, widow, declines to act as admin- 
istratrix, and recommends her sons. Benajah and Martin, as administra- 
tors. Witness — Asariah Dunham. Bond of Benajah and Martin Dunham. 

1750^ May SI. Diiaham. Bcaajah* of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., 
yeoman, who deceased May 24, 1760. Int. Inventory, £172.19.7; made 
by David FltsRandolph and Jonathan FitsRandolph, Jun'r. 

1760, June 1. Administration on the estate granted to Hannah Dunham, 
widow. Phineas Dunn and Peter Wodden, fellow bondsmen. 

Lib. E. p. 409. 

1761, May 14. Account. Payments to Elijah Dunham. Dr. John van- 
Buren, Ck>meliua Low, John Holton, James Wilson, Mary Smalley. 

1781, May ». Daaham. Bdmaad, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co.; 
will of. Children — Benajah, Edmond, Jonathan, Ephraim. Mary 
Smalley, Hannah Davis. Nephew, John Thomson. Land in New Eng- 
land. Executrix — wife, Mary Dunham. Witnesses — Sam Walker, 
Hugh Dunn, Hugh Dunn Jun*r. Proved April 10, 1784. Lib. B, p. 496. 

1740» Jue 4. Daaham, EMaiuid, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Dinah Dunham. Children — Nehemiah, Daniel, 
Stephen, Peter, Dinah (wife of Joseph Dunn), Elisabeth, Mary, Rachel 
and Catrine Dunham. Lands bought of Benjamin Manning, Darby 
Soapland, Alexander Mackdowell; lands bought with Jeremiah Dunn, 
John Langstaff, Jun'r, and Henry LangstafP, Jun'r; lands my father 
bought of Benjamin Hull, John Harrison, Benjamin Higglns. Execu- 
tors— «on Nehemiah, and cousin Asariah Dunham. Witnesses — 
Ephraim Dunham, Benajah Dunn, Jonathan Dunham. Proved July 
18, 1749. Lib. E, p. 812. 

17S9» Feb. IS. DvalMttt, Heaekiak, of Middlesex Co. The widow, 
Elisabeth Dunham, declines to administer, and recommends John Dun- 
ham, a brother, as administrator. Witnesses — ^Benajah Dunhano, 
David FitsRandolph, Peter Woden. 

1789, Feb. 14. Bond of John Dunham of Piscataway, a brother, as 
administrator. Peter Wooden, fellow bondsman. Witness — Sarah Hodg- 
son. Lib. C, p, 822. 

Digitized by 



1TB9, Marek V. IHmkaai. J«bB* of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, . Son, Blljah. Other children, but no 

names srlven. Lands bought of Oedlon Marlat and of executors of 
Richard Sutton. Executors — uncle Jonathan Dunham, brother Hese- 
klah Dunham, brother-in-law Samuel Dunn, Jun'r. Witnesses— 
Beiiajah Dunham, Edmund Dunham, Elisabeth Brlmley. Proved Oct 
16, 1740. Lib. C. p. S55. 

1740, Oct. 16. Inventory. £184.00.6 (the testator having deceased 13th 
of Sept., 1740) ; made by David FItsrandolph, Edmund Dunham. 

1740, Oct. 16. Bond of Jonathan Dunham and Samuel Dunn, Jun'r, as 
executors, the other executor named In will beln^ deceased. 

174T-8, Jaa. SI. DulMttt* Jeaathaa, of Woodbridffe, Middlesex Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary Dunham. Six children, under 16 years 
of a^e; Benjamin, only child mentioned by name. Bond of Oershom 
Moore. Real and personal estate. Executors — friends Robert Fits- 
Randolph, Charles March, David Donham, Jun'r. Proved Jan. 3, 1748. 

Lib. B, p. 287. 

1748, Jan. 26. Inventory, £166.18.11 ; made by John Moores. Jonathan 

175% May 17. Daabam, Martla, of PIscaUway. Middlesex Co.; will 
of. Wife, Martha. Children — ^Nathan, Phlneas, Mary, Ester and 
Rachel Dunham all under a^e. Lands bougrht of Joslah Davis. Joln- 
Ingr Jonathan Dunham and John Martin at Seeder Brook. Executors — 
Cousin Phlneas Dunn and brother-in-law Peter Woden. Witnesses— 
Bllsha Smalley, Jonathan FItsrandolph, Jun'r, Jonathan Dunham. 
Proved June 8, 1760. Lib. B, p. 416. 

1760, May 30. Inventory, £167.17.2 ; made by David FlttRandolph and 
Jonathan FItsrandolph, Jun'r. 

1736-7* Feb. M. Daaham* Mary, of PIscataway, Middlesex Co.; will 
of. Children — Benajah (to have ffreat Bible), Edmund, and Hannah 
I>avis. Grandchildren — Elizabeth, Mary, James and Bllsha Smalley, 
Jonathan Martin, Jun'r, and Mary Sutton. Son, Edmund, sole execu- 
tor. Witnesses — Jeremiah Dunn. Ben. Dunn, John Dunham. Proved 
Auffust 18, 1742. Lib. C, p. 631. 

17B#» Feb. 2. DwsbaM, Mary* of Woodbrld^e, Middlesex Co., widow. 
Int. Adm'r, Jonathan Dennis, her father, of Woodbrld^e, yeoman. 
Reuben Porter, of Woodbrid^e, yeoman, fellow bondsman. 

Lib. E, p. 480. 

1748* May 19. D«alap. Fraaels, of Township of Pilesffrove, Salem 
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Rebecca, executrix* to have personal 
•estate and use of house and land while my widow, and until youngest 
child will be of are. Daughters — ^Mary and Bathsheba, to have plan- 
tation (200 acres) whereon I live. Executor — Samuel Purviance. Wit- 
nesses — James Currie, Alexr. McDowell, Patrick Grey. Proved 16 May, 
1740. Lib. 6, p. 86L 

1749, May 6. Inventory (£64.8) includes cash in hands of Jno. Miler, 
Francis Hampton, Thom. Brley (?). Jno. Kennedy, Wm. Hudson. David 
GofC W^ Blwell, Tho. Hutchinson, Richard Dunstan. Appraisers — James 
Currie, Henry Earl. 

17af-7» Jaa. SI. Dvaa* Hacb* of PIscataway, Middlesex Co., yeoman; 

Digitized by 



win of. Children — ^Hu^h, Jeremiah, Zachari&h, Benjamin, Phineas, 
Ruth and Rebecca. Land in Piscataway bought of John Barrowe, 
formerly in the siesen of Thoa Hivrins; land bought of Benjamin 
Hinens; meadow joining Henry LanffstafTs land; 180 acres pur- 
chased of Benjamin Harrison, sold to my brother Joseph Dunn; land 
in Somerset County; land joining land of Benjamin Wooden; meadow 
joining John Wole^as' pasture. Executors — friends Joseph FitsRan- 
dolph and Edmund Dunham, both of Piscataway. Witnesses — Jona- 
than Dunham, Moses FitsRandolph. Jeremiah Randolph. ProTed Feb. 
16. 1786-7. Lib. C. p. 146. 

174St Dec •• D«BB« Jeka, of Penns Neck, of Salem Co., yeoman. 
Int. Adm'z, Sarah Dunn (relict). Lib. 4, p. 878. 

1742, Dec 8. Inventory (£212.6.0) includes catUe, £66.6. wheat, rye. 
barley, flax imthreshed and unbroke. £16, **9 barrels of syder. £4." 
carpenter's tools, £1. Appraisers — Edmund Wetherby, Martin Skeer. 

ITflM^ April 28. Dvma, Joaathaa, of Middlesex Co. Int. Adm*rs. 
Rebecca Dunn, of Middlesex Co., and Samuel Dunn, of borough of 
Elisabeth. Macaiah Dunn, fellow bondsman. Lib. E. p. 884. 

1760. April 6. Inventory. £389.18.8; made by David Fitsrandolph and 
Ebeneser Drake. 

1748, Dec. M. Dvmi, Joseph, of Essex Co.; will of. Wife, Hannah. 
Children — James, Hesekiah, Benajah, Benjamin (at 21), Joseph, Mar- 
tha, Rachel, Elisabeth and Hannah. Real and personal estate. Execu- 
tor — son Joseph. Witnesses — John Bescherer. Jonathan Dunn. Proved 
Jan. 2. 1748. Lib. E, p. 286. 

174f>» May 10. Dvma, Joseph, of Peapack, Somerset Co. Inventory 
(£185.4.10) includes notes from Bennaih Dunn, Hesekiah Dun. debts 
of Joseph Carson. Made by Alexander Aikman. John McDanieL 

Somerset Wills. 120 R. 

1744, BTov. •• Duma, Samuel, of Piscataway. Middlesex Co., yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Hester. Eldest son, Samuel Dunn, of Somerset Co., and 
his children. Sons — Jonathan, and Micayah. Rosannah Dunn, eldest 
daughter of son Sam'll. Samuel Dunn, son of son Jonathan, at 21 
years. Grandson Samuel, son of my daughter Mary, wife to Peter 
Runyon, at 21 years. Marcy Dunn, daugrhter to son Micayah. Daugh- 
ter, Hester, wife of Nehemiah Dunham. Sister, Elisabeth, widow of 
John Runyon. "My Pallatine servant man.'* 130 acres in Piscataway, 
bouffht of John Barrow. Land left me by my father. Executors — 
sons Samuel and Jonathan. Witnesses — Isaac Stelle, John Parker, 
Benj. Gross. Proved Dec. 24, 1744. Lib. D, p. 211. 

1744, Dec. 26. Inventory, £282.5.1; made by David Fitsrandolph and 
Joseph Blackford. 

1745, J«Me 2. DsBStar, Daalel DoBaldsea, of Somerset Co., ffent.; 
will of. Trustees of estate Andrew Johnston of Perth Amboy, Rob- 
ert Hunter Morris, Esq., Chief Justice of New Jersey, survivors and 
survivor of them and their heirs. Legacy to Elisabeth Hay, daui^h- 
ter of Andrew Hay, deceased. Provision for maintenance and educa- 
tion "of the children I have by her." Proceeds of estate to be divided 
amongr them when of a^e; surplus share devised to "my eldest son and 
his heirs." Witnesses — John Barberie, Elisha Parker, Jno. Stevens. 

1748. Oct. 24. CodicU. "I intend the 1792 1-10 acres of Pine Riffht 

Digitized by 



boacbt by JamM Alexander and Robert Hunter Morris of the Society for 
me to be within this will, tho part of it be not conveyed to me as yet by 
them." Same witnesses. Proved 18 Aug*., 1749. 

17S0, March 26. Receipt for the original will out of Secretary's office 
by Ja. Alexander. Lib. E, p. 322. 

1789» J«l7 17. D«nin (Dwroa), Cbarles* of Second River, Essex Co., 
physician. Int. Adm*x, Katherine Duran. John Kins, fellow bonds- 
man. Lib. C, p. 286. 

1789, June 7. Inventory, £69.11.08 ; made by John Low and John King. 

\74S, Jmkr 18. DnntaM <D«riiton)» Maryt of Woodbridge. Middlesex 
Co. Whereas Mary Campbell, daughter of Archibald Campbell late of 
New York, merch't* to whom the administration belongs is a minor, 
she hath chosen Joseph Royall to be her guardian, while she remains 
under 17 years of age. 

1748, . Bond of Joseph Royall, of New York, gent., as admin- 
istrator. James Hude, of New Brunswick, fellow bondsman. Witness — 
Elisha Parker. Lib. E. p. 200. 

175% Oet. 1. bye, John, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.; will of. 
Wife, Anne. Children — John, David, William, James, Vinson. Joseph, 
Anne, Katherine. Debt owinff to Capt. Samuel Leonard. Real and 
personal estate. Executors — sons John and William, and son-in-law 
Lawrence Dye. Witnesses — Peter Perrine, Stephen Warne, Sarah 
Davison. Proved March 8, 1760. Lib. E. p. 496. 

17S2, May 18. Dyer, Jamee, of Ash Swamp and Elizabeth Town, 
Elssex Co. Int. Bond of John Rolph, principal creditor, who, at the 
request of Elisabeth Dyer, the widow, was appointed administrator. 
Thomas Rattoone, fellow bondsman. Lib. B, p. 256. 

1782, May 26. Inventory of estate found in Bucks Co.. Pennsylvania, 
(£90.01.06), includes bonds of Wm. Hatchner. George Dlrdle, Thomas 
Woolsten ; made by Joseph Wildman and Evelydus Longshore. 

1782, June 10. Inventory of personal estate found in East Jersey. 
£88.11 ; made by Jonathan Freeman. Hendricke DeCamp and James 

1782-8* Jaa. 11. Dyer, Joha, of Greenwich, Salem Co., Doctor; will 
of. Executors — friends John Ware and Thomas Withman, with power 
to sell estate and pay debts, and divide the remainder between them. 
Witnesses — James Watters, Henry Sharpe, James Carruthers. Proved 
24 Jan., 1782. Lib. 3, p. 273. 

1782-3, Jan. 2. Inventory (£70.6.10) includes cattle, swine, horses, etc. 
Appraisers— Josiah Fithian, James Dixon. 

1741» Nov. 18. Bakmaa, Charles, of Upper Freehold. Monmouth Co. 
Sarah E«akman, the widow, resigns her right of administration in 
favcyr of Joseph Forman. Witnesses — Richard Stevens and Cornelese 

1741, Nov. 26. Administration granted to Joseph Forman, principal 
creditor, merchant Bond, with John Deare. Esq., of Perth Amboy. fellow 
bondsman. Lib. C. p. 466. 

1741, Dec. 14. Inventory. £40.10.10 ; made by Robert Gordon and James 

Digitized by 




1750^ Oct. 18. Baric* BAward. of Seaoacoss, Bergen Co.. gentleman; 
will of. Eldest son, Edward, 1-8 of home plantation forever; son 
John 1-8, son Philip 1-8; adjoining lands of Reynier VanOeren, the 
division line to run with equal breadth to Hackinsack River. Son 
Antlebee £800 in five years after decease. Son Robert £800. (Both 
designated later as "younger sons.") Daughters, Mary (wife of John 
Nelson), Elisabeth Davis and Hester. Granddaughters, Elisabeth 
Davis and Elisabeth Nelson. Mentions obligation to Jacob Outwater. 
Executors — John Earle, brother William Earle and kinsman Daniel 
Smith. Witnesses — William Earle, Morris Earle and Jas. McKlnley. 
Proved 12 May, 1766. 

1765, May 12. Jom Earle and Daniel Smith qualify as executors. 

Lib. F. p. 278. 

1766, May 8. Inventory. £442 ; made by Phillip Smith. Job Smith. 

1748, Dec. 28. Baric* Mary* of Gloucester Co., widow. Int. Adm'r, 
John Tomlinson. Fellow bondsman — Joseph Tomlinson. Lib. 6, p. 14. 

1748. Dec. 28. Inventory, £114.8.8; made by John Hilbnan, Michael 

ITSa* 8cpt. S8. Baric William, of Sprlnfffleld, Burlinirton Co., yeo- 
man; will of. My son-in-law, John Webb of Jamacka, did bequeath 
£40 per annum to my wife Elisabeth during her life and, provided it 
may be recovered, I devise same to my children — William, Thomas, 
Mary wife of Jonathan Burden, and Martha wife of Thomas Shlnn. 
Real and personal estate. Witnesses — Joseph Whitas, Robert Oil- 
lam, John Wriffht. Proved May 10. 1788. 

1788. May 10. William Elarle, of Springfield, eldest son, appointed 
administrator as in will no executors appointed. Lib. 8, pp. 806, 807. 

1740^ Jwic •• Bartl, WlUlaM, of Springfield. Burlington Co.; will of. 
Wife, Mary. Daughter Elisabeth (under age). Elisabeth Sharp, "dau. of 
my wife.*' Sisters — Martha Shinn and Mary Burden. Cousins — Wil- 
liam (son of brother Thomas) and Earll (son of Thomas Shinn). Real 
and personal estate. Executors — brothers Thomas Earll and Thomas 
Shinn. Witnesses — Francis Venicomb, Margaret Barton, John Os- 
mond. Proved July 22, 1740. Lib. 4, p. 248. 

1740, July 7 and 8. Inventory, £619.19.10 H ; made by Samuel Wright, 
John Burr and Richard Kirby. Additional appraisement includes bonds 
of John Machlntosh, Jones the lawyer. Thomas Cadwallett. £4. Wm. 
E<arll had with his wife Mary, by marriage. £88.14.10. and obligations of 
Job Ridgway. Thomas Garwood. John Prickets, Wm. Aloot, John Small, 
Andrew Conrow, Timothy Middleton and Whi. Sharp. 

1766. April 18. Account of Thomas Earll, surviving executor, shows 
payments to Jos Clayton. Deborah Watson, Rlch*d Bennet. John Stockton, 
William Cook. Rob't Hulate, Jane Leeds, Rich'd Smith, Thomas Haines, 
Daniel Smith, Caleb Raper. Abraham Brown. Richard Brogden, Mary Earl, 
John Adamsrout, John Osmand, BenJ'n Homer, Isaac DeCow, Francis 
Vinnecomb. John Jones, Jonathan Fowler, Wro. Montgomerie, Aaron 
Lovett. Ralph Peart, Michael Atkinson, Thomas Slowman. George Stud- 
hart, John Lamb, Bara. Newbold, Owen Owen, Josialx White. James Wain- 
wright, Joseph Rose. Isaac Ivins, Richard Bonge, Joseph Rockhill, Jos. 
Reeves. Fran Schooley, Ann Bishop. Robert Gardner. John Brown, Brian 
Daniel. Rich'd Bennett, James Hancock, Rich'd French. Jacob Anders, 
Sam'll Scattergood, Mathew Rlblnson. Thomas Earl, Peter Sumnam, Joseph 
Lamb, William Rogers, Thomas Hunlock. Thomas SUples, Isaac Pearson, 

Digitized by 



Winiam Potter, Thomas Shaw, Oeorge Taylor, John Pimm, Samuel Lovett, 
Israel Femberton, Daniel Smith, William Chapman, William Mott, Elisa- 
beth Potter. John Chaimian, John Bidden, John Osman, Patrick ResmoMs, 
Peter Rose. Joseph Richards, Stephen Williams, Safety Borden. Joseph 
Reddess, Job Upplnoott, Silas Crispin, John Tantum. William Duckworth, 
Benjamin Jones. John Munrowe. Julius E^rans, John I^ehson, Hannah 
Atkinson, Martha Roblson, Wm. ESarl a legacy, Joseph Gray, Casper WIs- 
tar. Samuel Gambel. Isaac Conro, Jonathan Borden, John Crage, Mels Hals, 
ICarsare Barton. William Robison. Jonathan Thomas. Zach'a Rosele, 
Bar! Shinn, Abraham Carpenter. John Lewis. Lewis Beles, Benjamin 
Sprlnser, Joshua Shreeves. Rob't Webb and bonds of Smoath, Stedman and 

17S4, Oet. 4. Batea* Bealamla, Bca'r^ of Salem Co.; will of. Son, 
Benjamin, 8% acres on which the '*tan fatts" stand, the lot and tene* 
ment where I lire, after wife's decease. S2 acres of marsh. 40 acres 
of upland in Pens-cow-neck, and 160 acres in Pens Neck I have la 
mort^affe from Mathias Johnson. Daughters — Sarah (eldest, 100 acres 
on which she lives), Ann (£100. to be paid by my son Benjamin when 
he will be 21). Executors — wife, Margaret, and son Benjamin. Wit- 
nesses — Bridget Vance, Ellener Canade, William Pryoe. ProTOd 7 
Dec, 1734. 

17S4, Dec 7. Letters granted to Benjamin Eaton, surviving execu- 
tor. Lib. 4, p. 5. 

17S4, Nov. 9. Inventory (£S00.1.6) includes 8 old Bibles, and «*a 
parcel of bark for the tannine tread." Appraisers-^Jno. Pledger, Isaac 

1T48* April 21. Batea* Jefea* of Penns Neck, Salem Co., husband- 
oian; will of. Wife, Sarah. Eldest son, John Baton, Junr., the plan- 
^ tatton, 140 acres, whereon Peter Peterson lives. Mentions 'the cause- 
way next to the plantation whereon I live," and **the old cart road 
that leads through the iron mine towards Cornelius Cornel iuson's." 
Daughter, Bllsabeth. Son, Henry Eaton, at 21, to have the plantation 
whereon I live. Mentions lot land at New Castle Town, formerly be- 
longing to John Burgraf, fronting the river Delaware. Hanoe Ald- 
erson and Elisabeth Townsend to live with son Henry during their 
servitude. Executors-HM>n Henry, daughter Elisabeth Eaton, and 
James Barkley. An "N. B." states that If children die without issue, 
estmte shall be divided equally between John Eaton, the son of Simon 
Baton, and Thomas Harrett, son of John Harrett. Witnesses — Sam- 
uel Whitehome, Jenkins Orafton, John Smith. Proved 80 April. 1748. 

Lib. 6, p. 441. 

1748. ApHl 27 and 28. Inventory (£281.18.1) includes **riding mare, 
caati. apparrel and armour." £82.16.7; 8 pair of oxen, cattle, green rye 
In the ground and flax, gun, two swords, etc. Appraisers — Ranler Van- 
hlse. Alen. Congelton. 

1748. July 12. Additional inventory, £20.7.7 ; made by Alen. Congelton, 
Jeremiah Baker, appraisers. 

1748, Aug. 28. Oedits In hands of Samuel Whitehome. Appraisers— 
Sinnick SInnlckson, Alen Congleton. 

1748, Nov. 16. Swine and cash in hands of Peter Gamer. Appraisers 
—John Oroome, Samuel Whitehome. 

1749, May 27. Cash in hands of Thomas Emble and Nicholas Nealson. 
1749, June 9. Account. Moneys paid Nicholas Qlbbons, Doctor Robt. 

Thompson, Joseph Hawks, Richard Slaps, Peter Jaquat. Archibald Craw- 

Digitized by 



ford, Michael MlUer, 0«orffe Monroe. John Brown, Daniel Meetayer, Sarah 
BarUeeon, John arifflth. Peter Oamer, Nicholas Nealson, Matthias Neal- 
aon, Jaroee Dunbar, Jeremiah Baker, Samuel Whitehome, Michael Pedrlck, 
Charlee Bmpeon, Thomas Bmble, Charles Bmpson, John Dllmore, Bdward 
ford, Michael MlUer, Oeorce Monroe, John Brown, Daniel Biestayer, Sarah 
Baton, BUsabeth Baton, John Baton, Henry ESaton, Jonathan and EUlsth. 
Orlst, John Smith, Ranler Van Hist, John Mounson, Larranoe Donna'vaii, 
James Barkley, Thomas Carter, Paul Kemp, Peter Bnloes, Peter Vanne- 
man, Oeor^e Soott, E«pharlm Cox. 

1748-4» March S8. Batea* R*kert» of Amwell, Hunterdon Co.; wlU 
of. Friend and nephew, William Fish, executor and heir to testator's 
plantation, stock, etc. Testator's wife (not named). Witnesses — 
John McOlauffhlin, Blisabeth Thatcher and Jane Bams. Proved April 
10, 1744. Lib. 6, p. 25. 

1744. March 31. Inventory (£48.2.6) includes "one rreat Bible." Made 
by John PhilUps. John Mcaiauffhlin. 

1746, Dee. 2, Battea, Jeha, of Shrewsbury town, Monmouth Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Joanna. Son, Thomas. £600, biff Bible, dic- 
tionary. Nelson's Justice and testator's sword and pistols. Son, 
Joseph, small gun, small dictionary, church history and 10 shillin§rs, 
he havinff received land by deed or gltt. Wife to have use of planta- 
tion where testator lived, called Strawberry Neck, and use of land 
bought of William Brendley. Six daughters — ^Valera Lecount, Sarah, 
Lydia, Blisabeth, Joanna and Marffrit, to have land bought of Jona- 
than Right in Hunterdon or Morris County; land bought of Abraham 
Vlckos; plantation where testator lived; land bought of William 
Brindley and land bought of Hesekiah Allln. Bxecutors — brother-in- 
law Joseph Wardell, and son Thomas Batton. Witnesses — James 
Grover, Levi White, Samuel Llppincott. Proved May 11, 17M, by 
Levi White and Joseph Wardell (both Quakers). Lib. B, p. 485. ' 

1786* 9th day, 8th mo. (Get.). Bayree, Rlehard, of Bvesham, Bur- 
lington Co.. yeoman; will of. Wife, Blisabeth. Children — Richard, 
Thomas and Margaret Wills. Son-in-law, Ralf Brock. Land in Hope- 
well, "alias Trent Town"; land called Coexink; land bought of 
Robert Chapman near John Shin, and land bought of Bathanna Leeds. 
Son, Richard, sole executor. Witnesses — William Garwood, Thomas 
Jennings, Gab. Blond. Proved May 20. 1738. Lib. 4. p. 184. 

17S8, June 20. Inventory. £478.12.2 ; made by Phllo Leeds and Bdward 
Mullin. Includes Bibles and other books, servant boy and £60 in hands of 
Ralph Brock. 

1747» Get. 16. Bdsre* Damlel, of Hanover, Burlington Co.. carpenter. 
Int. Adm'r, Joseph Branson, of same, carpenter. Joseph Woodward, 
of Upper Freehold, fellow bondsman. Lib. 6, p. 485. 

1744» Dee. 24. Bdsrertoa* Joseph, of Gloucester Co.; will of. Wife, 
Grace, and daughter, Abigail Bdgerton (not 18), to have equally all 
estate. Wife, Grace, executrix. Witnesses — Joseph Cooper. Wm. Var- 
man, Ann Stephens. Affirmed 28 Jan.. 1744. Lib. 6. p. 88. 

1744-5, 11 mo. (Jan.). 26 da. Inventory, £164.8.5; made by Jno. 
Kaighin, Robert Stephens. 

1750, Aair* M. Bdsall* SaataeU of Hackinsack, Bergen Co., gentle- 

Digitized by 



man; will of. Son, John. £50 and "a French buckanoer gnn and my 
saddle horse." Son, Jacobus, £40, stallon and saddle, and "the little 
ffun.** Son, Samuel, '*to be put to school till he be fit to be put to a 
merchant." Legacies to daughters Elisabeth, Mary, Frances, Catrine, 
Anne, and '^o each of my little twins." I3zecutors — ^wife, Mary, Majr. 
Freeland, and son-in-law, Jobe Smith. Witnesses— John Paterson, 
James Moore, Jas. MoKinley. Proved 24 Sept, 1750. Lib. B, p. 463. 

17S0, Auir. 28. Inventory (£506.7.3) includes 13 milch cows; negroes— 
Sabine. £40; JohnUe. £60; Cult, £60. Nan. £50. Phebe. £46, Frank. £45. 
Made by John Day and Michael Smith. 

17S4» April 97. Edwards, Jofea, of Town and Co. of Burlinirton, 
bricklayer; will of. Sister. Elisabeth (wife of John Mullen), and 
Rebeckah their daughter. Brother, William Cutler. Real and per- 
sonal estate. Executors— wife Mary, and Sarah Cutler, "my mother." 
Witnesses — Joseph Hewlingrs. Neal Oallaffher. Tho. Worrall. Proved 
Nor. 16. 1784. Lib. 8, p. 441. 

1734, May 16. Inventory. £121.9.11 ; made by Joseph Hewlin^s and 
Sam'U liovett 

1748* Asc. 2S. Edwards* Owes, of Chesterfield, Burlingrton Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Eldest son, John. Plantation where I live, left me for 
a term of years by my father-in-law, to be let out for the benefit of 
my four children — Susanna, Arthur. Amy and Mary. Executor — 
brother-in-law, Joseph English. Witnesses — Will'm Taylor. Benjamin 
English, Geo. Bliss. Proved Aug. 20. 1748. Lib. 6. p. 806. 

1748, Auff. 27. Inventory, £211.7.4 ; made by Sam*ll Shrouds and 
Will'm Taylor. Includes bond from Jno. Warren and note of Sam'l Fams- 
worth, Jur. 

17S9-4A* Feb. M. Edwards, Phlllp» of Shrewsbury town. Monmouth 
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife. Elizabeth. To son, Webley. land west of 
Xfonffbranch Path and half of Salt Marsh on Ooose Neck. Toungrest 
son, Philip. Daughters. Elisabeth FoUwell. Mary Edwards., and Mar- 
garet Edwards (not yet 16). Executrix — wife; friend. John Eaton. 
overseer. Witnesses — John Miln. William Craddock, Patrick Devlin 
and Jacob Dennis. Proved August 4. 1740. Lib. C, p. 851. 

1789-40. March 9. Inventory, £480.10.00; made by Samuel Leonard, 
Thomas Lipplncott. 

17SS» Jaay. 4. Edwards* WlUlam, of Cape May Co.. yeoman; will 
of. Wife, Anne, sole executrix, and to have real and personal estate. 
Witnesses — Henry Stites, Junior. Timothy Brandrof. Richard Robins, 
Junior. Proved . 1749. Lib. 6, p. 840. 

1749-60, March 1. Inventory. £43.4.1 ; made by Frans. Taylor. Joseph 

1749-60, March 20. Administration granted to Joseph Savage of Cape 
May, the widow, Anne, having renounced her right as executrix. Fellow 
bondsman — Joseph Lord. Witnesses — ^Henry Toung, Fras. Taylor. 

1749, Awm, 98. Bsberts» Peter» of Essex Co., gentleman; will of. 
Brothers — John and Waling Egberts. Sisters — Antje and Else Eg- 
berts. Real and personal estate. Executors — John Vinsent and Abram 
Brooks. Witnesses — John Degarmo. Cornelius Van Qeisen. Peter De 
Qarmo. Proved Sept. 11. 1749. Lib. E. p. 867. 

Digitized by 



178S» Jaly Itu F»gltogt#»» BWaeaert of Gloucester Co., husbandmtJi. 
Int. Adm'r, John Efflinirton, his brother, of Bllensbourgh, Salem Co^ 
the widow, Elisabeth, having renounced her right. Witnesses — ^Timo- 
thy S^lington. Susannah Lord. Lib. 8, p. 347. 

1738, July 24. Inventory (£45.3.9) includes debts due from Robert 
Armstrong. Thomas Addams, John Mercy, James Smith, Bllas IiS shams st» 
Daniel Tracy, William Skinner and William Hewit Api>ralsers-^ohn 
Matson, E^hraim Bee. 

ITSly March 81. Bgllagt^a* Bdwar^ of Greenwich, Gloucester Co.*. 

yeoman; will of. Wife, Sarah. Eldest son, Timothy. Daughter, Elis- 
abeth Read, 80 acres Joining land of John Jones, Esq., on the head of 
the north branch of Homan's Creek. Son-in-law, Isaac Lord, the 6<^ 
acres on which he lives. Executors — Sons Samuel Driver and Eben- 
eser Eglington, they to have equally the residue of estate, real and 
personal. Witnesses — Elinor Eglington, A. Randall, Jonathan Driver. 
Proved 22 Sept., 1781. Lib. 8. p. 167. 

1781. April 16. Inventory (£24.2.0) includes cooper and shoemaker'* 
tools, £1.06. Appraisers — Israel Ward. A. Randall. 

1731, Sept. 20. Letter from son, Ebenezer, that he cannot appear to- 
prove will. 

1788, Jany. 25. Account of Saml. Driver, as executor. Moneys paid, 
to Mr. Antho. Hooper, Alexander Randall, Saml. Harrison. Esq., John 
Gilmer, George Shinn, Israel Wiird, John Brown, Sarah E^gllngton, Johife 
Ladd. £«sq., Edward Pelrce, Esq. 

1T88* A«g. — • BgllBgtoM* Bphmlas* of Gloucester Co., yeoman. Int. 
Adm'rs, Timothy and Sarah Eglington. Fellow bondsman — Jaoob^ 
Cosens, yeoman. Witness — Thomas Glasson. Lib. 8, p. 100.. 

(For Inventory and account, see under next item). 

1781, April 16. Frgl1agtir», SaatveU of Gloucester Co., yeoman. Int» 
Adm'r, Timothy Eglington, yeoman. Fellow bondsman — Jacob Cosens^ 
both of county aforesaid. Witness — Thos. Glasson. 

Gloucester Wills, 164 H. 

1731, April 16. Inventory of the goods and chatties of Ephraim and 
Samuel Eglington (£69.19.0) Includes 1 wood boat and sails, £18. Ap- 
praisers — Israel Ward, A. Randall. 

1783, Aug. — . Account of administrator of Ephraim and Samuel Egling- 
ton, both late of the township of Greenwich, Gloucester Co.,* husbandmen. 

1788, May 5. EUres [Ayresf] J^fea, of Somerset Co. Inventory,. 
£16.6.8; made by Julius Johnson, Thomas Borde. 

Somerset Wills, 37 R. 

1788, Dee. 1. BIdredge, Bllsha, of Cape May Co.; will of. Brother, 
Esekiel Eldredge, sole executor and to have whole estate, real and 
personal, he to pay my brother, Samuel and William £10, John £15, 
Jacob a cow, and my mother £6. Sisters — Lydia Eldredge, Bethia 
Parsons and Sarah Stiles. Witnesses — Huson Huse, Barnabas Crow- 
ell, James Flood. Proved 6 Jan., 1782. Lib. 8, p. 237. 

1782, Dec. 25. Inventory (£44.8.9) Includes half interest in a shallop, 
£12. Appraisers— Thomas Ross. Richard Stites. 

1738, Mar. 19. Account of executor. Moneys paid to Huson Huse, 
Sarah ^icer, Thomas Ross, Lemuell Swain, James Flood, Ri<diard Stites, 
John Eldridge, John Jones, Barnabas Crowell, William Eldridge, Sarah 
Spicer; pair of oxen delivered to Lydia Eldridge; two cows delivered to 

Digitized by 



BethU Parsons; one oow and a calf delivered to Jacob Sploer; one cow 
and a calf delivered to Sarah ^Icer, etc. 

17S9» Oct. an. Bldredse, BscklaU of Cape May County* Int Admin* 
istration on estate granted to Blisabeth, his widow, and Bseklel, son 
of deceased. Fellow bondsmen — Bpbraim Edwards, John Bldredge. 
Witnesses— Samuel Eldredffe, Robert Parsons, Jacob Spicer. 

Lib. 4. p. 200. 

17<4. Nov. 7. Account of Bllsabeth Norton and Bsekial Eldredse. ad- 
ministrators of the Estate of Eiekial Endridffe. Moneys paid to Henry 
Toonc. EsQn Jonathan Pratt, John Eldredse, Joseph Pa^e. Nathaniel 
Hand. Elisha Hand. Elijah Huffhes, Sarah Parsons. Levi Bldredse. Nathan 
Sldredve. EUsha Eldredire. James Eldredce* Silas Eldredge, Nathaniel 
Forster. Joseph Buck, Elisabeth Norton. Esekiel Eldred^e, etc. amount- 
tns to £396.2.0. Mentions that Nathaniel Forster. Jr.. is husband to the 
late Mary Eldredge. and (1760) that Joseph Buck is husband of the 
late Elisabeth Eldred^. 

174S* Jaay. 7. BldreteCt l4evl, of Cape May Co. Int. Adm'x. Blisa- 
betli Bldredffe, his widow. Fellow bondsman — John Eldred^e. Wit- 
nesses — ^Henry Toun^. James WhiUdin. Cape May Wills. 114 B. 

1743-4. Jan. 6. Inventory (£61.7.7) includes cattle and horses. Ap- 
praisers — John Eldredge. James Whillden. 

1743. Nov. 26. Account of Elisabeth SkiUinger. late Elisabeth Eld- 
rldse. Admr'x. Moneys paid Robert Parsons, Nathan Hand. John Eld- 
Tidge, James Welding, Esekiel Mulford. Elisha Hand. (Charles Ctolehar, 
John Hand. Jacob Spioer. Richard Shaw, Henry Tounc, Elisha Eldridge. 

1743» Sept. S8. Bldredse* SamacU Esq., of Cape May Co.. yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Mercy. To eldest son, Samuel, plantation I live on, 
lately exchanged with Mr. John Still well, of Cape May County; also 
100 acres adjoining James Page of the place aforesaid; also the 
southern half of Oyster Point and my negro man York. He to pay 
my youngest daughter, Sarah Eldredge, £10, when she will be 17. 
Son, Aaron, to have 100 acres purchased of Messrs. John Parsons and 
Christopher Church (both deceased), and executors to Nathaniel Nor- 
ton said land Joining that of John Craford and Zebulon Swains; 
also 87 acres of woodland, bought of Capt William Thinn in trust 
for the West New Jersey Society in England, adjoining the abovesaid 
100 acres; also the northern % of Oyster Point, adjoining to Cold 
Spring Creek, purchased in part of Collo. Jacob Spicer. deceased, and 
in part of Nathaniel Norton's executors aforesaid; also my right at 
(vosen Creek and the Cedar Hammocks in Cape May County. Son, 
Jacob, to have 100 acres purchased of Daniel Mulford. formerly Robert 
Bells of (^pe May. deceased, adjoining Robert Parsons; also the town 
lots adjoining William Simkins and Caleb Newton, fronting on Del- 
aware Bay; also my right of meadow, beach and upland at Wolf Point 
at tbe Great Pond, adjoining to Richard Stites' land. All my sons 
to enjoy the lands when they come to seventeen years of age, respec- 
tively. If wife shall be delivered of a son, he shall have plantation at 
Piles Orove in Salem, which I bought of Isaac Vanmetere of said 
County, adjoining Harman Richman and Abraham Nelson; if a girl 
should be born, said plantation at Piles Orove. Salem County, shall be 
sold and the money divided among all my daughters. Movable estate 
to be equally divided among the children after 1-3 is given to my wife 
Mercy, who shall have the use of % of the plantation I now live on. 

Digitized by 




and the Oyster Point, during her widowhood, for the brinrinc up of 
the children to the a^e of 21. Executors — ^wlfe, Mercy, and son, Sam- 
ueL Witnesses — ^Ablah Ross, Jacob Splcer, William Ross. ProTOd It 
May, 1745. 

1746, June 11. Letters granted to Samuel Bldredse. Lib. 5. p. 122. 

1744-6. Mar. 12. Inventory. £141.10.8 ; made by John Bldredse, Blisha 

I78B9 Sept. 14. BldrMce* J»aatlaa, of Eyesham, Burlingrton Co.. 
yeoman; will of. Sons — Jonathan, Joseph. Obediah and James. Nerro 
boy. Will. Real and personal estate. Executors — ^wlfe Elisabeth, 
Thomas Hackney and William Tomlinson. Witnesses — Sam'll Atkin- 
son, Dan'll Sharp, John Hlffby. Proved March 2, 1786. Lib. 4, p. 86. 

1786-7. Feb. 4. Inventory, £89.7 ; made by Abraham Haines and Caleb 
Haines. Includes compass and other surveying instruments. 

1741» March 19* Blklatoa* Joseph* of Northampton, Burlington Co., 
yeoman. Daughters — Frances aged 20, and upwards, and Amy. about 
18. pray that Revel Elton may be appointed their guardian. 

Lib. 4. p. 802. 

1786» »tU day, Cth mo. (A«c). Blklmtea, Themas, of Northampton, 
Burlington Co. ; will of. Wife. Mary, sole executrix. Son, Joshua, and 
other children mentioned but not named. Daniel Wills to have deed 
for lot in Mt. Holly next William Murriis. Witnesses— Archibald Sil- 
ver, Jon. Deacon. Samuel Laning. Proved Nov. 26. 1786. 

Lib. 4, p. 76. 

1786. Nov. 24. Inventory. £122.15.2; made by Samuel Laning and 
Archibald Silver. 

17S7* Jam. 12, Bills* George, of Evesham, Burlington Co.. miller. 
Inventory, £161.1; made by Thomas Coles and Nehemiah CowgilL 

1787. Jan. 17. Administration granted to Sarah Ellis, widow. James 
Wild, of W^terford, Gloucester Co.. yeoman, fellow bondsman. 

Lib. 4. p. 126. 

1750^ Jaly !•• Bills* Jaeob. of Haddonfleld. Gloucester Co.. yeoman. 
Int. Adm'r. Simeon Ellis, Esq. Fellow bondsman. John Hinchman, 
both of same place. Lib. 7. p. 82. 

1750, July 10. Renunciation of Cassandra, widow, as admx.. in favor 
of her father-in-law, Simeon Ellis. Witnesses — Jno. Hinchman, Jr.. 
Henry Hubbs. 

1750. July. 19. Inventory (£207.7.7) names "Levy Alberson's time, 
£17.14." Appraisers — John Burroughs. John Hinchman, Junior. 

1787, Jam. 10. Bills, Joeepfe, of Newton Township. Gloucester Co., 
yeoman, guardian of Richard (over 14). son of Jon. Wright, late of 
said County, yeoman. Bondsman — John Kaighin. Lib. 4, p. 126. 

1744* Nov. 17. BUlsoa* Baoch, of Gloucester Township and County, 
innholder; will of. Wife, Hannah, during widowhood, all estate, ex- 
cept 1-2 acre of ground for a burying-ground '*for all Christian 
people." At her death or marriage, estate shall go for use of poor of 
Township of Gloucester. Executors — ^Isaac Jennings. Esq.. and Wil- 
liam Davis, yeoman. "N. B. The half acre of ground for the burying 
place shall be on the west side of the house enclosing the body of 
Dennis Dodman within the same." Witnesses — George Ward, Edward 
Williams. Michael Fisher. Proved 12 March. 1744. 

Digitized by 



1744, Dec 24. Renunciation of ImMC Jennings and William Davis as 
eKecatorSb Witnesses Cos. (f), Rldiavd Caddey. James Tylee, Jacob 

1744, Jany. 5. Inventory, £17.7.4; made toy Jno. Kaighln, in>eneser 

174€, Oct. 31. Administration granted to James Tylee. Fellow bonds- 
mvk — ^Tho. Thome, Jacob Gamble. Lib. 6, i»p. 298, 299. 

174€-7, Fttb. 21. Letters. "Whereas Hannah, widow of SSnoch Ellison 
is now deceased," etc (Signed) SSdward Reed Price. 

1747. Dec. 26. Accounts due from Wte. Davies, William Harrison, Isaac 
Key, Edward R. Price. Moneys received from Samuel Harrison, Esq., 
High Sheriff of Gloucester Co., for sale of land, £71.10.0. (Signed) Henry 
Qparks, William Hugg. 

17S»» May •• BUkMa (Bllasea), Joseph, of New Brunswick, Middle- 
sex Co., yeoman; will of. Daughters— Annah, Marey (at 14 years), 
and Martha. Daughter-in-law, Ann. Real and personal estate. 
Executors — ^wlfe Martha, Thomas BUason and Joshua Smalley. Wit- 
nesses— Benj*n Webley, William Chesman, Jun'r, Mary Smally. Proved 
June 9, 1729. Lib. C, p. 281. 

171S» Mareh 5. Bllls«a« RIcfeard, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Ellse. Children — Daniel, Richard, Samuel, Ruth, 
Mary, Susanna and Sarah. To daughter, Sarah, "one hollowe which 
lyeth about hallf a mill from Afrems Wollintins southward." Execu- 
tor — son, Daniel. Witnesses— Mary Pelton, Mary Wood and Ithamor 
Pelton. Proved at Crosswicks, in Upper Freehold, December 23, 1782, 
by Ithamar and Mary Pelton. Lib. B, p. 257. 

1719, April 2. Inventory, £14.7.6; made by Thomas Sutton and Jona- 
than Hamton. 

ITSe, May 11. Blstoa, WIUIsm, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co.; will 
of. Children — William, Elisabeth, Ledy, Sary, and Payshance Elston, 
all under age. Expected child. Lands in Elisabeth Town and Wood- 
bridge* Executors — wife, Sary, and brother, Spencer Elston. Wit- 
nesses — ^Michael Moore, Isaac Prall, Abraham Elston. Proved June 
18, 1750. Lib. E, p. 422. 

1746» May 12, Elstoae, Peter, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Ruth. Five daughters, no names given. Son, 
Peter, his wife Elisabeth and their children, vis., Peter, James, Ben- 
jamin and Daniel; lands in Woodbridge and Rah way. Grandson, 
Samuel, son of John. Son, Benjamin, and his five sons, meadow on 
west side of William Spencer's meadow that was formerly Jonathan 
Dillies; salt marsh bought of John Jaques. Executors— son Benja- 
min, and friends John Skinner and William Britten. Witnesses — 
Richard Walker, John Jaquess, David Donham, Jun'r. Proved June 4, 
1744. Lib. D, p. 894. 

1744. June 6. Benjamin Elstone qualified as executor, the others having 
refused to act. 

1.7S7* Jaae 11. Blwell, Jofea* of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'r, 
Robert Jenkins. Bondsman, John Doe. Both of said County, yeomen. 
Witnesses— Edwd. Peirce, Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 114. 

17S0-4«^ Jaa. 5. Blwell, Samael, of Township of Pilesgrove, Salem 

Digitized by 



Co.» yeoman; will of. Wif«, Famzen. Sons — Jacob, to have ffrlst 
mill and the 60 acres where he liyes; Samuel, 100 acres of my plan- 
tation after my wife's decease, if she remains my widow, likewise the 
remainder to my son Abraham. Daughters — ^Rachel (wife of Wm. 
Brick), Susanna (wife of John Ray), Elisabeth, Famzen, Coslah, 
Phebe, MoUey and Tobitha. An expected child. Cedar swamp. Execu- 
tors — wife and son Jacob, who are empowered to sell the 50^ acres 
purchased from William Paulin. Witnesses— Matthew Brown, John 
Blwell, John Mulford. Jacob Richman. Affirmed 16 Feb., 1789. 

Lib. 4, p. 219 (imperfect; see original). 
1739-40. Feb. 6. Inventory, £126.9.6 ; made by William Paullin. Abra- 
ham Nelson (mark). 

174fMMI» Marek 16. Ely* G e T ge» of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Jane; sons Joshua and George, executors. 
Servant, Martha Crawford. Grandson. George Price, under fourteen 
years of age. Testator's six children: Joshua, Georg^e, Joseph, Mary- 
Green, (widow), Sarah (wife of John Dagworthy), and Rebecca (wife 
of Bliakim Anderson). Witnesses — Joseph Warrell, Esquire, Daniel 
Stevenson and Arthur Howell. Proved Sept. 12, 1760. Lib. 6, p. 482. 

1750. July 21. Inventory (£481.16.6) includes hunting saddle, gun, 
pike, sword and belt. Made by Nathan Beakes and Arthur Howell, the 
former a Quaker. 

178a» Feb. 8. Bly» «leka« of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., yeoman; will 
of. Wife, Frances, the house and farm at Trenton during widowhood. 
Son, William. Eldest son, John, the house and plantation at Assun- 
pink, in which John then lived. Daughters — ^Mary and Elisabeth, 
when of age. Executors — wife, and sons John and William. Wit- 
nesses — George Ely, James Gould. Christian Bell. Proved Feb. 10, 
1782. Lib. 8, p. 256. 

1788. April 10. Inventory. £185.18.6 ; made by James (jk>uld and (Seorge 

ITSS* Wma—, Jeka* of Gravesend, in or near the township or pre- 
cinct of Wallpack, Hunterdon Co., merchant; will of. Wife, Elinor, 
to have care of estate until youngest child of age, then to be divided 
among children namely, Nicholas, Rachel, Elinor and Catharine. 
Nicholas to have horse, bridle, saddle, gun and sword. Negro man. 
Sambo. Testator's dwelling house called '*Gravesend." Executors — 
wife Elinor, and son Nicholas. Witnesses — ^Abraham Vankampen, 
Cornelius Westbrook, John Rice. Proved May 17, 1782. Lib. 8, p. 196. 

1782, June 22. Inventory (£748.0.6) includes four negroes. Made by 
Samuel Green and Abraham Vankampen. 

1768, Oct, 9. Account of Edward Robeson and Elinor his wife, late 
Elinor Emans, executrix of will of John Emans. Mentions Jno. Crook, 
Nicholas Emans, Benjamin Smith. Johanes Depugh, Edward Tompson. 
Jno. Vanvleght, John Hardenbergh, Gilbert Levingstone. Garret Decker, 
Bruer Decker, Cornelius Hombeck. Jacobus Van Dyke, Temo. Smyth, 
Heleke Conner, Nicholas Low. William Doughty, Jarman Pick, Ab. Van- 
kampen, Everet Burguss, Gadus Hendenbergh, Samuel Green, Jacob 
Dewit, Cornelius Delameter. Johanes Dumon, San. Chambers, Lambert 
Brink, Isaac Vanoragfaan, Conrad Elfender. Johanis Eltington, Urlan 
Taper, Jno. Mathews. Chas. Broadhead; maintenance and schooling of 
Rachel. EHinor and Catherine, the eldest of whom was about six years of 
age at decease of the testator. 

Digitized by 



1783^ Dee. 16. BaUejr* WtUlasi* of New Hanover, Burlington Co., 
yeoman; will of. Children — ^Thomas, William and Ruth, all under 
are. Real and personal estate. Wife, Abigail, sole executrix. Wit- 
nesses — ^Thos. Wriffbt, Sam Bmley, James Dennis. Proved March 6, 
1732. Lib. 8, p. 276. 

1732-3, Jan. 28. Inventory, £208.2.2; made by Joshua Wri^t and 
Thomas Wright. 

1797, MarcM S. Bmett, WUItaM, of New York City, merchant. Ad- 
ministration granted to Judith Emott, the widow. Maire Morin and 
Ester Presneau, fellow bondsmen. Witness — ^Mariana Morin. 

Lib. B, p. 11. 

174S» Nov. 11. Bncloea (Billows, Isloes) Peter, of Penns Neck, 
Salem Co.; will of. Lands to be equally divided amonff three sons: 
Peter, Joseph and Anthony. Three daughters (only two named) — Ales 
Oill Johnson and Elizabeth Philpot. Executors — Edmond Wetherbe, 
€!ristian Enlows, Martain Skeer and son, Peter Enlows. Witnesses — 
Jeremiah Baker, Elarick Oill Johnson, Chart Comelluson. Proved 28 
Nov., 1748. 

Whereas Edmund Wetherby and Martin Skeer having refused to act 
and Peter Enlows is not of lawful age, letters of administration granted 
28 Nov., 1748. to Erick Gill Johnson and John Oill Johnson of Penns 
Neck, Salem Ck>unty. Lib. 6, pp. 50, 61. 

1743, Nov. 26. Renunciation of Edmond Weatherby and Martin Skeer. 
Witness — ^Michael Lambson. 

1743, Nov. 28. Administration Bond of £hick Oill Johnson and John 
Oill Johnson. Bondsman — Jeremiah Baker, all of Penns Neck. Witnesses 
— ^Wm. Pennock, CThas. O'Neill. 

1743, Nov. 28. Inventory, £188.4.1 ; made by Jeremiah Baker. John 

1744, March 22. Withdrawal of caveat of William Tuft against sd. 

1746, March 3. Account. Monies paid Samuel Vanhis (for keeping and 
nursing a young child of Peter Enloes), John Phillpot. Magdalin Sinnicks. 
Charies Bnsllle, Sinnick Sinnickson, Charles O Neill, Benjamin Tlndal. 
James Barkley, Thomas Welch, E«arick Oill Johnson, John Oill Johnson, 
Joseph Harris, Richard Crunk, John LeFever. Owen Flanagen, Oeorge 
Grimes, William Crage, Edmond Wetherby, Nicholas Herman. William 
Tuft. Richard Ashdon, CTharles Simpson. John Marshall, Hugh Maganow, 
Robert M. Harlin. 

1748, Jslr 14. EsAeeott, Jeeepk, of Northampton. Burlington Co.; 
will ol. Mother, Hannah Endicott. Children all under age. Real 
and personal estate. Executors— wife, Ann, and friend James Wills. 
Witnesses — ^Benjamin Brown, Thomas Byrkinshier, Jun'r. Tho. Shinn. 
Proved March 1, 1748-9. Lib. 6. p. 267. 

1748-3, F«b. 27. Inventory, £103.16.6 ; made by Michael Woolston and 
Thomas Budd. 

1740-7, FeK 14. Badieett, Jeee»k, Sea'ir, of Northampton. Burling- 
ton 0>.: will of. Wife, Hannah, sole executrix. Sons — Joseph and 
John. Daughters— Elisabeth Dillavoue living in Penna. and Ann 
GlUam, of Northampton. Grandson — Joseph Bishop of Northampton. 
Real and personal estate. Witnesses — Josiah Oaskill, Benjamin Brown, 
John Grtmea Proved May 29, 1747. Lib. 5. p. 522. 

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1747, May 28. InTantory, £194.2.C ; made hj Thomas Halnaa and Jam«s 

1.7S7* A»H1 X WimglHIk, Jamest of Cape May, Cape May Co., yeoman. 
Int. Adm'r, William Oreer, of Cape May, yeoman. Fellow bondsman 
— ^Peter Boynton, of Burlington, merchant. Witness — Joseph Rose. 

Cape May Wills, 88 B. 

1787. Apr. 18. Inventory (£117.6.9) Includes "8 hats, 10 silk hancklers," 
deer skins and furs, articles of merchandise. Appralsers--James Statham, 
John WUUtB. 

174S» Sept. 7. Basly» Saatvel, of '*01o8ter" Co. Inyentory, £85.9.5; 
made by Joseph Heritage and Daniel ElwelL 

1748, Oct. 1. Administration granted to Mary French, mother of de- 
ceased. Robert En^ly, 8en*r, and John Bn^ly. both of Burlington Co., 
fellow bondsmen. Lib. 6, p. 50. 

1747* Jam. 81. B^rrleka^a* Asdvew* 8r.» of Morrlsse's RWer, Salem 
Co., mariner; will of. Wife, Modlena. Sons— Andrew, to hare 860 
acres at the east end of the 1,100 acres; Samuel, 200 acres, joining 
Andrew's. Dau8hter»--Christlana Peterson, 200 acres; Sarah Huln^s 
(Bwlns), 850 acres, befflnninf at the Bay, so on to the back line; 
Rebecca, the place that was Peter Peterson's, Sen., In the tract of 
Chester-town on Morrlsse's River. Executor — son, Andrew. Wit- 
nesses—Charles Belitha. William McOlaufhlln. William Kneebun. 
Proved 24 May, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 482. 

1748, May 18, 19. Inventory (£671.18.2) Includes 2 servants and an old 
neffro (£28.5.0). 86 head of cattle (£150.6.0), 9 head of horses (£17.10.0), 
50 head of sheep (£10), hoKS (£10), *'a shalloope" (£100). Bonds of WU- 
11am Rawson, Samuel Bum, Heseciah Love, John Sealesr's note of hand, 
John Jones, Neele MacNeele (?). Appraisers — Joseph Reeves. John Peter- 

17S6* I>e«. 8. BsUck (BsUk, Bstlack), Jofea* of Newton, Gloucester 
Co.; will of. Son, Daniel Bsllke. Daughters— Hester, Elisabeth, 
Sarah and Hannah. Executors — sons John and Samuel E«slik. Wit- 
nesses — Tobias Holloway, Francis Haddock, Gabriel Newby. Af- 
firmed 28 Feb.. 1748. 

1748, Feb. 28. Letters testamentary to John Estlake, the surviving 
executor. Lib. 6. p. 181. 

1748, Dec. 10. Inventory (£268.10.04) includes *'l wire £0.17.06." 
service, 7% months, of William Price £5. 8 years' service of Jon. German 
£12. ''some goods lodged by the sd. John Bslack with his daughter Ester 
Martain (not appraised)," "one Roley 0>]ey and 1« dough trough, old 
Bible, etc" Appraisers — Jno. Kalghin, Jos. Kalghin. 

1748* 8 mo., 5th da. (Get.). Bstavgh, Joha, of Haddonfield, Glou- 
cester Co.; will of. Wife, Elisabeth (daughter of John Haddon, late 
of St. Gtoorge, Southwark, in Great Britain, deceased), executrix and 
to have whole estate. Witnesses— Nehemiah Andrews, Samuel Engle, 
William Efwln. Affirmed 28 March, 1748. Lib. 4, p. 867-B. 

1748» Feb. 7. BstcU, Daniel, of Hunterdon Co. Int. Adm'rs. Elis- 
abeth and Thomas EstelL Lib. 7, p. 48. 

1748, Feb. 18. Bstlack, 8aaiael, of Newton, Gloucester Co., yeoman. 

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Int. Adm'r, Ann, widow. Fellow bondsman, Simon Breach of same 
place. Witnesses— Robert Stephens, Francis Haddock. Lib. 5, p. 8€. 
1748, Jan. 2. Inventory (£89.12.0) names Thomas Attmore, John 
Kaighln. Blisabeth Bright, Jabell Vanniman, Abigail Petro, Gabriel Rambo, 
Garroll Vanniman, James Arans, Richard Brlnner, Jack Lord, Anthony 
Hooper, Joseph Estlack, Wm. Mlckle, William Kimsey, Oeorge Avis, 
James Hinchman Petro, Thomas Holden, Alexander Randall, Charles 

ITMw H«T. 4. instlaad, Aaa* of Cohansey, Salem Co., widow; will 
ofL Grandson, Mark Reeves, at 17 to have all gold, silver, plate and 
% of remaining part of estate, the other half to go equally to grand* 
children, vis.: Joseph, John and Martha Reeves, when 17. Bxecutor — 
son, Joseph Reeves. Witnesses — Dickason Shepherd, John Shepherd, 
Stephen Shepherd. Proved 26 April, 1786. Lib. 4, p. 28. 

1785, April 17. Inventory (£278.16.1) indndes 82 cattle and 11 sheep. 
Appraisers— Dickason Shepherd, Moses Shepherd. 

1745» lf«v. as. BJstUck, William* of Greenwich, Gloucester Co., yeo- 
man. Int. Adm'r, Francis Bstlick, yeoman. Fellow bondsman — Rob- 
ert Oerrard, of county aforesaid, yeoman. Witnesses — Thomas Scat- 
terffood, Jos. Scattergood. Lib. 6, p. 186. 

1746, Nov. 26. Inventory, £76.6.2; made by Alexr. Randall, Robert 

1768, Mar. 8. Account of Admr. of '«Wi]liam Eastlacke." Cash paid 
to Joshua Lord, Thomas Coombs, William White, Mathew Farrell, Dennis 
Glassit, Thomas Holden. 

1749> J«lr as. Bvaas, David* of Piles Grove, Salem Co., clerk; will 
of. £10. to the Presbyterian congregation at Piles Grove, to be paid 
within one year after decease to Isaac Van Meeter, Eleasar Smith, 
John Rose, Barnet Dubois, Lewis Dubois, Jacob the son of Barnet 
Dubois, Abraham Niewkirk and Jacob, the son of Lewis Dubois, or 
unto any two of them and unto none else. Son, Samuel, £27., and to 
each of his children: Hannah, Israel and Ann, 20 shillings. Wife, 
Ann, sole executrix, and "to have the remainder of my estate and 
everything Justly due me by inheritance within the Dominions of 
Great Britain." Witnesses — James Dunlap, John Dunlap, James Dun- 
lap, Junior, Richard Moore, James Creag. Proved 9 March, 1760. 

Lib. 7, p. 262. 

1760, Feb. 21. Inventory (£418.8.3) includes books, book cases, car- 
penter's tools, maps "and other small things in the study," negrro wench, 
£26, etc Appraisers — William Alderman, Jacob Dubois. Proved 9 March, 

IT'M* Oet. 14. Bvmaa* Joha, of Evesham, Burlington Co.; will of. 
Mother, Elisabeth E<vans. Children — Joseph, William, John, Jane, 
Rachel, Hepsibah and Beulah. 7 negroes. Land bought of Robert 
Bngle and Andrew Conore, and tracts adjoining James Eldridge and 
Thomas Andrews. Executors — wife Ruth, brother Thomas Evans, 
brother-in-law John Brick. Witnesses — Jacob Heulings, James Eld- 
ridge, Gab: Blond. Proved Feb. 6, 1746-7. 

1746-7, 21st day, 11th mo. (Jan.). Thomas Evans declines to serve as 
executor. Lib. 6, p. 806. 

1746-7, 27 and 28 days, 11th mo. (Jan.). Inventory, £906.10.9 ; made by 
8am. Uppincott, James Eldridge, William Foster. 

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ITM* Oct. at. Bhraas* NatkuUel* of Salem Co. Int. Adm'rs, James 
Brans and Jacob E}¥ans, both of AUowasrs Crsek, said County. 

Salem Wills. 926 Q. 

1750. Cot 22. Inventory. £114.14.10; made by Jn. Nicholson. Daniel 

lTd8» Feb. IflL Bhraas, Tboauw, of Chester. Burlinffton Co.. yeoman; 
will of. Wife. Sarah. Sarah Hoskinson, servant. Plantation on Bn- 
harbour Road beyond the Blue Anchor, adjoining Jacob Spicer. Leff- 
aoy left son Thomas by his grandfather. John Nay lor. Bzecutors — 
sons Thomas and Jacob. Witnesses — William All in, Jacob Lippincott, 
William Sorsby. Proved Auff. 19. 1749. Lib. 6. p. 29t. 

1749, Auff. 18. Inventory. £120.11.7 ; made by John Roberts and ESnodk 
Roberts. Includes bonds of John Carter and Thomas Kinnard. 

1TM» Amnuit Id. BvclU Ja«eb» *Uate of Morris County.** Int. Bond 
of Susannah Rope of Bucks County, Pennsylvania and Michaol Bfyers» 
as administrators. Fellow bondsmen — Qeorge Rope of Morris County, 
and Jacob Sock of Bucks County, carpenter. Witnessed by Obadiah 
HowelL Bndorsed. "Jacob Ehrell, Hunterdon County.** 

Hunterdon Wills. 283 J. 

1747* Jaa. 2, Bveas. «loka« of Salem Co.. shallopman. Int. Adm*r. 
Jacob Moor, yeoman. Bondsman. Samuel Moore. Both of Cohansey, 
said County. Witnesses — Edward Test, Nich. Gibbon. Lib. 6. p. 428. 

1747-8. Jan. 7. Inventory (£97.1.0) of "effects of John Bvin^s. deceas- 
ed,** includes "one quarter and half of a shallop called the Dolphin, and 
his part of Tigging £20.'* 7^ bushels of salt, gun, and Bible. Appraisers 
— ^Ananias Sayre. Joslah Parwin. 

IfSSk Mth day» 4tk mo. (Jose), Bves* JohM* of Evesham, Burlinfftoa 
Co., yeoman; will of. John and Joseph (sons of brother Samuel). 
Thomas (son of brother Thomas), and Hudson (son of Thomas Mid- 
dleton). Friends — Joshua Humphries and John Campin. Real and 
personal estate. Wife, Mary, sole executrix. Witnesses — Sam. Lip* 
pincott, John Alten, Freedom Llppincott the younger. Proved March 
26, 1740. Lib. 4. p. 220. 

1789. 24th day. Ist mo. (March). Inventory. £239.9.7; made by Sam. 
Ij^pincott and Joseph Stokes. 

t74»9 SSrd day. 7tli mo. (9*pt.). Bves. Mary* widow of John Eves, 
of Evesham. Burlington Co.; \ivill of. Son. John Hudson, and daugh- 
ter Mary Mlddleton. execuv^rs and to have all estate. Witnesses — 
Benjamin Crispin, Samuel Stokes. Proved Dec 22. 1749. Lib. 6. p. 272. 

1749. 18th day. 12th mo. (Feb.). Inventory. £180.14.6; made by Ben- 
jamin Oispin and Joshua Balllnirer. 

1T47. Awm» 2S. Bvllmas. Rebert. of Middlesex Co.. cordwainer. Ad- 
ministration granted to John Elvilman, of Monmouth Co. Lib. E, p. 78. 

1747, Aug, 84. Statement of debts due to Robert Brown, James Aston. 
Mathew CoUens. David Olllaland. Stephen Warner, Daniel Robins. Robert 
Wiles. William CTfaeasman. Dunken CSammel. CTharles Jolley, James Jewel. 
Samuel Rogers, Andrew Jonston, Andrew Kettels, William Dear. £101.9.4. 

1747, Oet 29. Inventory, £68.8.0 ; made by Thomas OMnbs and Robert 

ITSlt Amm* 11. Bwla» Jeka, of Sprtn^fleld. Burlington Co,: w4U of. 

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Sons— Abaolam and Ambrose, all rsal estate when of a^e. Personal 
estate to wife, Mary, who is sole executrix. Witness e s John Budd, 
Thomas Willson, Abigail Shin, Hope Atkinson, Elisabeth Shinn. Prov- 

•d Oct. IS, i7a2. Lib. 8, p. ns. 

1732, Oct. 19. Inrentory, £106.16; made by James Shinn and John 

1744-8* Jam. 7. . BwiMT* Thoiss, 8r., of Cohansey, Salem Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Mary, use of 3 acres of land purchased of Charles 
DaTts, between my dwelling house and Mathias Fithian's; use of 18 ^ 
acres of marsh on Stow Creek. At her marriage or decease, son Mas- 
kell to hare same. Son John to have (at 21), 60 acres purchased of 
Samuel Holmes, together with 6 acres called the Dick Marsh. Other 
children — ^Thomas, Mary, Joshua. Samuel and James. Bxecutor— son. 
Thomas. Witnesses — Thos. Maskell, Robert Ewing, Richard BalL 
Proved 7 April, 1748. Lib. 6. p. 426. 

1747, March 11. Inventory, £169,06.00; made by Thos. Wathman. 
Thos. MaskelL 

1749» A»H1 7. BwiMr* WtUlasi* of Cohansey, Cumberland Co., 
husbandman; will of. Brother, James Ewing. Bxecutor — brother-in- 
law. Charles Dennis, Junior. Witnesses — Nehimiah Craven. John 
Richardson, John Bee. Proved 1 May 1749. Lib. 6, p. 12L 

1749, May 1. Inventory (Greenwich township. Cumberland 0>.), 
£162.16.02 ; made by John Butler, Samuel Fithian. 

1783^ Ifov. 80. Byres (Ayresf)* JohM* of Somerset Co. Int. Adm'r, 
Andries Woertman. Lib. B, p. 828. 

17St^ Nev. ai. Fasam* Fklllp, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co. 
Int. Margaret Fagan. the widow, renounces right of administration 
in favor of Zebulon Cook, chief creditor. Witness — John Imlay. Ad- 
ministration granted Nov. 26. Lib. C, p. 298. 

1789, Nov. 29. Inventory of personal estate (£29.02.8). includes judg- 
ment obtained before Justice Richard Stevens against John Ellison. Made 
by John Imlay and Richard Borden. 

17M» Sept. 90w Fairs, Joka, of Mansfield, Burlington Co., brick- 
layer. Int. Administration granted Mary Faris, widow. Richard 
Oibba, of same, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. 4, p. 78. 

1786, Sept. 24. Inventory, £40.8.6 ; made by Thos. Newbold and Richard 

174g, 1st daxt 4th hmi.* Jaac. Falkeabvrg, Heiariek JaMbys* of 

Little Eggharbour; will of. Son Jacob (minor). Real and personal 
estate. Wife Mary, sole executrix with friends Edward Andrews and 
John Wills to assist her. Witnesses-— John Woolman, Oeorge Bliss, 
John Wills. Proved June 16, 1748. Lib. 4, p. 862. 

1747, Mtk day* Srd ai*. <May). FanMiwerth, DaideU of Burlington 
Co., yeoman; will of. Daughter, Hannah, wife of Owen Edwards, and 
their son John, under age. Samuel, son of brother SamueL Real and 
personal estate. Executors — friends Marmaduke Watson and Jos. 
Curtis. Witnesses — Benonie Gregory, Jonathan Quicksall, Jos. Bor- 
•den. Ju'r. Proved June 18, 1747. Lib. 6, p. 82C 

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1747, June 12. Inyentory* £148,14.10; made by Thos. Folkee and 
Jonathan QnioksalL 

1740^ May •• Farmw^rCk, Nathaalel, of Chesterfield, BurllnfftOB 
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Anne. Children — Amiriah and Rachel, 
both under affe. Plantation in Bordentown. I3zecutors — friends 
Thomas Folks and Peter Imlay. Witnesses— Benonl Gregory, Ju*r, 
Moses Bnfflish, Geo. Bliss, Ju'r. Proved May 16, 1749. Lib. $, p. 310. 

1749, May 18. Inventory, £186.14.2; made by Isaac Homer and Rob. 
Field. Includes debts due from Thomas Duclas, Samuel Thoen, Mathew 
Wriffht. Joseph Tilton, Robert Ashton, Anthony Lea, Joseph Rockhill, 
Benj'n and William French, Thomas Grl^Ks, Bstate of Sam'l Famsworth, 
dec, Damares Famsworth, John Butterfleld, Jacob Taylor, Bdward Wheat- 
craft, Preserved Brown, John Thorn, John Updike, John Flintham. 

1745-6» iBt day, 11th mo. (Feb.). Faimsw^rth, 8am«eU of Chester- 
field, Burlinffton Co., yeoman; will of. Children — Nathaniel, Samuel, 
Mary Corliss, Susanna Warren, Ann, Sarah Updike and Hannah. Land 
in Nottingham bought of Preserved Brown, and tract on Croswick 
Creek, lyin^ between my brother Daniel and Joseph Bording; also 
Proprietary rights. Executors — wife Damarls and son SamueL Wit- 
nesses—John Thorn, Thomas Folkes, Jos. Wright. Proved Dec. 2, 
1747. Lib. 5, p. 878. 

1747, Dec 2. Inventory, £251.2.6; made by John Thorn and Thos. 
FOlkes. Includes bonds of Samuel Famsworth, John Imlay, Benjamin 
Field. Samuel Radford. John Thorn, William Black, Nathaniel Fams- 
worth and "one great Bible." 

1746, Nov. as. Farr* Hemry» of Salem Co. Int. Adm'z, Hannah 
Farr. Bondsmen — Daniel Smith, Richd. Sharpe. All of said County. 
Witnesses — Danl. Mestayer, Mary Mestayer. Lib. 6, p. 241. 

1745, Nov. 80. Inventory, £86.6.8 ; made by William Chandler. Edward 

1747, §ept. 3. Farraad* Samvel, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of. 
Children — Daniel, Samuel, Ebeneser, Nathaniel Joseph, Sarah, Phebe, 
Hannah and Elisabeth. Land Joining land of Samuel Ward, deceased. 
Executors — wife Hannah, and sons Samuel, Ebeneser, Nathaniel and 
Joseph. Witnesses — Zach*r. Hall, Timothy Dod, Isaac Dod. Proved 
Jan. 2. 1750. Lib. B, p. 489. 

1781, Jaly 16. Faaectt (FtMMiett), Jofea« of Greenwich Township, 
Gloucester Co., yeoman. Adm'r, Grace Fossitt, widow. Fellow bonds- 
men — Samuel Rain, John Doe. Gloucester Wills, 189 H. 

1781. July 8. Inventory (£107.4.8) includes debts due to the estate 
abovesaid. by Govemour of Phila (£22.10.0), Samuel Hall, David (^plin, 
Thomas Bickham. Appraisers — Gunnar Archard. John Jones. 

178S-4, Jaa. 25. Fcarmaa* Haaiiafe* of Chesterfield, Burlington Co., 
widow; will of. Children — Jonathan, David, Hannah, Mary and Alice. 
Daughter Patience Fearman, residue. Executor — son Jonathan. Wit- 
nesses — Isaac Horner and Eleanor Horner. Proved May 4, 1784. 

Lib. 8, p. 418. 

1784, April 27. Inventory, £48.6; made by Isaac Homer and Robert 

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1744* ]f«T. 14. Fell«ate»^8aai«el» of Salem Co. Int. Adm'x, Ounlow 
Foligrate, widow, of Pennsneck. Bondsmen — William and Andrew 
Barokleson. Witnesses — ^Wm. Pennock, DanL Mestayer, of the same 
place, yeoman. Lib. 6, p. 91. 

1744, May 5. Inventory (£41.18.8) of Samuel Felgate of Penns Neck, 
tailor. Appraisers — John Eaton, Samuel Whltehome. 

173X May 16. Featoa* Baock» of Town and Co. of Burlln^on, 
butcher; will of. Children — ^Bnoch, Bleaser. Vesta and Rachel, all 
under ase. Brother and sister — Jeremiah and Elisabeth Fenton. By 
asreement am to receive an estate In fee from John Finney and Mary 
his wife of lands In Sprlnfffleld. Real and personal estate. Execu- 
tors — wife, Rachel and friend Samuel Scatter^ood. latter to be 
ffuardlan of children. Witnesses — Sam'l Bustlll, Jos. Rockhlll, Joseph 
Rose, John Jones. Proved Sept. 2, 1782. Lib. 8, p. 212. 

1782, Au^. 81. Inventory of the personal estate. £542.7.2 H; made by 
SUaa Crippln and George Eyre. Includes bonds of Benjamin Crispin. 
Edward Barton, Samuel Bunting, Benjamin Barets, John Kembel. Joseph 
Meneer, Samuel GaskiU, Joshua Owen and Benjamin Merriot; bills of 
Bartholomew Olbson, Mathew Wilson. Philip Thomas. Thomas Johnson, 
John Perkins, William Hews, Thomas Framton, Anne Rutter. Jonathan 
Wrlffht, Peter Ranton, Peter Wtoolf, Joseph Smith. John Simons. John 
Borradalle, Thomas Heni*y. Thomas Kembel, William Boulding, Eldward 
R. Price, John Neal, Peter Bishop. Book debts: John Lyons. Daniel 
Smith, Jun'r, Benjamin Wheat. Richard Teo. Peter Bishop, John Parsons, 
Rowland E31is. John Bowlby, David Lippingate. Isaac Pearson. Matthias 
Gardiner, Silas Crispin, Robert Storks, Caleb Raper. Thomas Henry. 
Benjamin Kembel. Thomas Hunlock. E:8q., Widow Allison, Peter Bard, 
Bsq., Phellx Cartne, Widow Bass, John Gilbert, Thomas Shaw. George 
Wright, Edward Pearce, Richard Smith. Senr, Jonathan Wright. Ralph 
Smith, Andrew Gallager, William Maxfield, William White, Daniel Smith. 
Sen'r. Joseph Welsh, James Moon. Edward Cogle, Jun'r, William Taylor, 
James Inskeep, Henry Dell, Philo Leeds, James Smart, Andrew Galloway. 
Thomas Russell, John Hogden. John Stvinn, George Wilkoxen. Joseph 
Pearson. John Barton. Jonathan Scott. John Gibbs, Isaac Anthram. Fran- 
cis Smith, John Mullen. James Streeton, Ebenezer Large. Richard Robison, 
WUllam Cutler, Samuel Smith, Joseph Hewlings, John Kinard, Joseph 
Reeves. Caleb Emerson, Joseph Ridgway, Thomas Coleman. John Ogbum, 
Thomas Huntley, James Veree, Joseph Rockhlll, Mary Hewlings. Parson 
Wagman, Jeremiah Fenton, Joseph Thomas, John Eklwards. Widow Pid- 
gon, Samuel Bustlll. Esq.. Samuel Butcher. Obediah Eldredge. Elizabeth 
Songhlst. William Snowden. Elizabeth Presse. William Bickley, Solomon 
Smith, Edward Kembel. Matthew Wood. Thomas Butcher, Ralph Peart. 
John Allen, Esq., Peter Fern, James KiUegrove, George Gess, Peter Mer- 
ron. John Fennimore, Simon Nightingaile, Richard Smith. Jun'r. Joshua 
Raper, Catherine Smith, Negrro Ned, Benjamin Butterworth, George E3^re. 
David Hogden, Joshua Woolstone, Daniel Hogden, Henry Clo^ier, George 
Saterthwate, David Rockhlll, Thomas Shreve, George Willis. George Noble, 
Robert Wild, Charles French, William Pattison, James Handcock, Mary 
Blackham, James Tomson, Joseph Morton. Thomas Postgate, Thomas Age- 
man, Joshua Barker, Doctor Rodman, Robert Smith. John Nightingaile. 
Roger Merrick. Bartholomew Gibson, Joshua Owen, Robert Lard, Robert 
HIU, James Lipplncott, William Lindaile. 

17SS» Dec. 1. FeatOM* Jeremiah, of Northampton, Burlington Co.. 
yeoman. Int. Inventory of the personal estate, £142.00.1; made by 
Joseph Woolston and Charles French. 

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1782. Dec. 9. Administration to Sarah Fonton, widow. JoMph Wools- 
ton, blacksmith, and Charles French, yeomen, fellow bondsmen. 

Lib. 8. p. 226. 

1747, AumwKt 4. FentoM, Joka, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., inn- 
holder; will of. Wife, Mary executrix. Children — ^Robert, and Rachel 
Johnston. Witnesses — James Robinson, Robert Hood and Joha 
Nath*n. Hutchins. Proved October 21, 1747. Lib. B. p. 121. 

1714* Sevt. M. F er s us oM, Joka, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., r«ntle- 
man. Administration granted to Elisabeth Ferguson, of Trenton, the 
widow. Hunterdon Wills, 101 J. 

1784. Nov. 18. Account of debts due : Dr. John Dagworthy, John Com- 
mings. Bdward Redolphs Price. William Dun (a carpenter), John Bd wards 
(a bricklayer), Ebeneser Pettey (a carpenter), Landrissa Baker. Elisa- 
beth Ketcham, William Martin (taylor), Robert Schooley, Richard Lovett, 
James Trent, James Oary. Jacob Baillergeun, William Hough, Joseph Reed 
(merchant). Colonel Peter Bard, Francis Maybury. Colonel Daniel Cox, 
Enoch Anderson, Sr., James Tucker. Henry Worley (miller), James 
Gk>uld, Jeremiah Foster, Francis Gifflng, Nathaniel Russell, Joshua An- 
derson of Maidenhead, Doctor Joslah Patterson, James McBumey, Alex- 
ander Lockhart, Alexander Oague. Samuel Johnson. Hugh Mitchell, Chris- 
topher Romine, Edward Fisher, Daniel Horsey, John Cwrie, William Bar- 
raclift, Enoch Anderson, Jr., William Osbom. Abraham Dickson, Cor- 
nelius Ringo, James Abemathy, James Robinson. John Page, Robert Mont- 
gomery. Chamber, Sen'r, Ann Kinlons, Mr. Roberts (schoolmaster), Dennis 
Boile, William Lander, Terrin Swiney. Nehemiah Howell, Mr. McKlnley, 
Joseph Yard, David Dunbar. Benjamin Hough. John Osboum, John Acker- 
man. Francis Gardiner, John Francis, William Pearson, Thomas Palmer. 
John Sevems, Richard Loveland. Mary Johnson, Robert Major. William 
Snowden, Henry Bellergeane, Joseph HIgbey. Widow Sevems. William 
Spencer, John Hindshaw, Robert Wright. William Philips (smith). Mr. 
Anderson of Bristol, Samuel Bustill, Charles Clark, Margaret Richardson. 
Mr. Whitehead, Stacy Beeks. EUiakIm Anderson, John Reeds (his son), 
Francis Costigan (attorney). Mr. Mott, Mr. Murry. John Nowlan. John 
Murffln. Peter Justice. Alexander Downey, Mr. M:kenley. John Conorow. 
Josiah Apleton, Joseph Kirkbride. Sr., Hugh Bowen. Samuel Atkins, 
Abraham Temple. John Reed of Maidenhead, Joseph Pearson of Maiden- 
head, Ralph Smith, Benjamin Brayle, William Eaton of Bucks, Daniel 
Bellergeane, Neal Leverston. Robert Blackwell. Even Eleven (cooper). 
Martha Harding, Jeremiah Burros, Randel J. Daniel, Captain Scuder, Jon- 
athan Wright, John Axford. Jeremiah Anderson. Andrew Ellett. Ben- 
jamin Price. Caleb Carman, Titus Lemore, Zebulon Stout, John Anderson 
of Hopewell, Samuel Baker. Jeremiah Smith, Robert Sander. John Demer, 
Joshua Anderson. Sarah Pew, Widow Howell, William Merrell. Elisabeth 
Anderson, Joseph Price, Hugh (the schoolmaster at Reuben Pownell's), 
Thomas Burros, Richard Arnold. Abel Jenny, James MoKains, Thomas 
Hough, WlUiam Dunam, Susannah Crimins. William Wardell. BSener 
Salter, Robert Allison, John Elliot, Rose Wood, John Everett. William 
Bell. John Riche, Robert Right. (George Leagan, Jeremiah Foster. Samuel 
Coat. Joshua Anderson, James Allen, Thomas Moor, Thomas Palmer. John 
Ackerman, James Trent. Dunkin O Kllllan. John Porterfleld. Mrs. Oiats. 
(Pallia Franiser, Samuel (Tumer, Robert Spencer. Richard Harris, Sarah 
Roger, Thomas Moor. Jonas Wood. Andrew Adams. William Laning 
(blacksmith). Bartholomew Corwain. Ann Pidgeon. Thomas Linter (car- 
penter). Cornelius Sleeht. Thomas Fling (glasier), John Carter. (Chris- 
topher Acklin, John Colom. Mr. Hay. Robert (Coleman. Timothy DowUn, 

Digitized by 



John Cross, Charles Ore, Simon Ackers, Alburtus Rinso, WUUam Fbrster, 
Charles Ryle, Martha Coitsens, Hoirh Flanenirhain, John Woolard. Blisba 
Burd, Michael Blessed, Henry Orlooker, William Reed of Hopewell, Sarah 
Parrls (or Sarrls), Richard Merrill, Thomas Reed of Hopewell, Bdwari 
Shepard, John Warberton, William Morris, Thomas Cross, SSdmund Bain- 
bridse, William Simons, Jonathan Stout, Abraham Wilds (tanner), James 
Bell, Captain John Anderson, Isaac Anderson, Mrs. Hat<^, David Price, 
Mrs. Jenney of Pensllvania, William Bile. Widow Anderson of Maiden- 
head. James Chamber, Ralph Hart, John Anderson (Joshua's son), Robert 

17S4. Nov. 18. Account of goods of Doctor John Furguson in hands of 
raisabeth, his widow, £8.8.10, Includlnga gun, one Bible and 2 other books. 
Made by Jos. De Cow and Samuel Johnson. 

17S2, Dec. as. Fetters, Thmaas, of Salem, Salem Co., yeoman. Int. 
Adm'r, Brasmus Fetters, cordwalnsK Bondsmen — Richard Haynes, 
weaver, and Nathan Merlng, tailor. All of same place. Witnesses — 
Jno. Jones, Clemt. Hall, Robt. Hart. Lib. 8, p. 284. 

1747, April % Field, JercMteh, 8ea»r, of PIscataway, Middlesex Co. 
Int. Inventory of personal estate (£443.14), Incl. 4 negroes; made by 
William Olden and Isaac Dye. 

1747, May 4. Bond of son, Jeremiah Field, yeoman, as administrator. 
Benjamin Field, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Witness — John Lyell. 

Lib. E, p. 84. 

1746* Dec. IS. Field. Joha, of Hopewell* Hunterdon Co., within tiie 
Corporation of Trenton, yeoman; will of. "Being very sick." WUDe, 
Sarah. Children — ^Daniel, Nathaniel, Isaac, Elisabeth, Providence, and 
Seth. Son, Seth, residuary legatee and executor. Seth to take care 
of testator's son John. Witnesses — ^Andrew Foster, Roger Woolverton 
and Andrew Smith. Proved August 11, 1746. Lib. 6, p. 269. 

1746, June 7. Inventory (£180.2.7) includes 3 guns and 3 swords. 
Made by Andrew Smith and Roger Woolverton. 

1749* Oet. 2. Field* Joseph* of Mlddletown township, Monmouth Co^ 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mercy. Sister Charity's son, Joseph Heyt. 
Sister Jamlmee's two sons, Thomas and William Betts. Brother- 
in-law. Joseph Newton, who has children. "My beloved child, Mary 
Lawrence Campbell, daughter of John and Mary Campbell, both de- 
ceased." Brother, Thomas Field, who has children. William Field, 
son of brother Thomas. Executors — wife, brother-in-law Richard 
Betts, John Bowne, Justice, and Richard Fits Randolph. Witnesses — 
Pr. Le Conte, William Lawrence Carpenter, Henrich Qugluts, Rachel 
Wooley, Margaret Lawrence. Proved Nov. 8, 1749. Lib. E, p. 861 

1749, Nov. 15. Richard Betts, of Newtown, New York, renounced 
right of executorship before Joseph Sackett, of Queens County, New 

1749, Nov. 29. Inv^itory of the estate, £160.10.6 ; made by ESIas Ck>ven- 
hoven and John Tipple. 

1749-60, Jan. 29. Mercy Field, executrix, Quaker, affirmed. 

1749-60. Feb. 2. Richard FItsRandolph, executor, Quaker, affirmed. 

1749-60, Jan. 80. Inventory of goods the widow had when she became 
Joseph Field's wife, £188.12.0, including negro men Norrls (£40), and 
Pero (£60). Made by Ellas C?ovenhoven and John Tipple. 

1749-60, Jan. 81. John Bowne declines to serve as an executor. 

Digitized by 




17SS, nth «JI7, and BM. (Apr.). FleM, HatkaideU of Chesterfleld. 
Barllnrton Co. Int. IiiTontory of the personal estate. £66.9.6; made 
by John Mlddleton and William Thome. Includes Bible, and debts 
of Benjamin Wrigrht, John Pitman. John Bunting, Francis Fowler. 
Nathaniel Warner. William Thorn and Nathan Allen. 

1788. April 14. Bond of administration of Thomas Betts. William 
Thome, yeoman, fellow bondsman, both of Nottingham. Lib. 8, p. 190. 

1783. March 17. Account Payments to Joseph Rockhill, Margaret 
Carre. Rob't Chapman. Francis Fowler. John Mlddleton. Joseph Borden, 
John Tantum. Joshua Raper. Anne Clothier, Elisabeth Fowler. John Tan- 
tom. Jr.. Elisabeth Coan, 8am*l Rogers, John Anderson, Ambrose Field, 
Elias Smith, William Thom. Preserved Brown. Jr.. Sam'l Shords. BenJ'n 
Doughty. John Bunting, Richard Oskimm, Benja. Cheshire. James Johnson. 

1748, J«Iy aa. Flah« Casper, of Waterford, Gloucester Co., yeoman; 
will of. Sons — ^Michael (to have 16 acres of my land purchased of 
the heirs of Benjamin Wood, fronting on Delawar River, whereon 
he lives); Ellas (not 21 and to be apprenticed). Daughters — Rebeca, 
Mary and Eleanor. Sons John and Isaac. Sole executor, son John. 
Witnesses — SamL Spicer. James Willard. Israel Fish. Affirmed 8 
Sept., 1748. Lib. 6, p. 611. 

1748. Sept. 1. Inventory (£163.04.6) Includes gun. sword and holbert. 
and boat. Appraisers — Saml. Parr, James WlUard. 

1748, Get. 21. FIsk, Michael, of Waterford, Gloucester Co., yeoman; 
will of. Daughter, Martha, at 21, to have land; not 10 yrs. of age. 
Daughters — ^Deborah and Elisabeth, when 18. Executor — brother. 
John Fish. Witnesses — Benjamin Wood, Samuel Spicer. Israel Fish. 
Proved 28 Dec.. 1748. Lib. 6. p. 24. 

1748. Dec. 26. Inventory (£46.9.1) includes bonds of Matlock, Andar- 
son. Horn. Appraisers — Saml. Farr, Benjamin Wood. 

1747, May 14. Fish, William, of Somerset County; will of. Son, 
John, plantation in Amwell. when of age. paying his brother William, 
£20. when of age. Son John, when of age. Daughters — Sarah. Anne. 
Rebecca. Mary and Elisabeth. An unborn child. Five daughters 
under age. Wife. Mary, and friend James Clark (Quaker), executors. 
Witnesses — ^Bphraim Marritt, Hannah Runyan and Edmund Beakes. 
Proved June 2. 1747. (Hunterdon Wills). Lib. 6, p. 513. 

1747. May 29. Inventory (Capt Wm. Fish's Inventory), £879.14.0. 
including 2 large Bibles, one gun. Captain's pike, powder and powder 
horn. Made by ESdmund Beakes and Aaron Hewes. 

1742, Dee, 8. Flthlan, Joaathaa, of Salem County. Int. Adm*r. 
Jonathan Fithian. Junior. Eldest son, of Cohansey. farmer. Bonds- 
man. Jonathan Fithian. Esq., of said County. Witnesses — Wm. Bar- 
ker. Chas. O NelU. Lib. 4. p. 378. 

1742, Nov. 23. Inventory, £180 ; made by John Woolsey. Jeremiah 

* 1737, Aiisr* 8. Flthlan, Jonathan, of Cohansey, Salem County, Esq.; 
will of. Wife. Sarah. Sons — Jonathan to have 100 acres near the head 
of Cohansey. bought of Col. Daniel Cox; also 50 acres purchased of 
Benjamin Salyer; David. 100 acres near the head of Cohansey, pur- 
chased of Cornelius Newklrk; also my new dwelling with all my 
other tenements, lands, marshes, etc. Daughters — Phebe (wife of Wll- 

Digitized by 



Ham Stimtton), Sarah (wife of Thomas Baltman). ESzecutom— wife 
and son, David Fltbian. Witnesses — ^Daniel Wesoott, William Brad- 
ford, Israel Petty, John Jones. Proved 89 April, 174S. Lib. 6, p. 12. 

1748, April 18. Inventory (£446.10.6) includes gruns, swords, cattle, 
iheep, swine, leather and shoemaker's tools. Appraisers — ^William Brad- 
ford, John Jones. 

1T8S» Aw. n. Ftthlam Joelali, Bs«^ of Cohansey, Salem Co.. 
ffuardian of Thomas Brown, son of Thomas Brown, late of the north 
side of Cohansey, yeoman, and Anna his wife also deceased. Wit- 
nesses — John Prutten, Joseph Oouldin. Lib. 8, p. 866. 

• 1741, Marck SI. Ftthlan, Joidali, of Cohansey, Salem Co., Esq.; will 
ot Wife, Mary, remaining part of estate of Nicholas Johnston, de- 
ceased, duringr life and then same to go to my daughter, Mary Fithian. 
Son, Jeremiah, land in Greenwich at the lower end of Springr Run. 
N. W. to Pine Mount Run, (excepting 4 acres for my son Joseph 
Flthlan), beffinnin^ at the upper corner of my land by James Oould's 
iotts; also 10 acres of salt Marsh Joining Samuel Fithian; also land 
at the bridge on Farny Branch; also salt marsh (80 acres) Joining 
Cohansey Creek. Son. Samuel Fithian, remainder of land and marsh 
appertainingr to Hadgy Neck; also the house and lot in Greenwich, he 
paying what money is due to Samuel Fithian, the elder. Son. Joseph 
Fithian. land on Town Branch; also salt marsh (20 acres) Joining 
Jeremiah's; also land and marsh from James Dickson's line to Spring 
Branch, along the land of Nicholas Gibbon, Esq., Thomas Walling. 
William Watson and James Dickson, deceased, up the course against 
Joseph Reny house; also marsh below Mulberry Point. Daughters — 
Ester Fithian and Hannah Selley. Executor — son. Samuel Fithian. 
and Elias Cotting to assist. Witnesses — James Johnson, Abraham 
Reeves. James Reeves. Proved 24 April. 1741. Lib. 4. p. 284. 

1741, April 13. Inventory, £281.16.6 ; made by Abraham Reeves, John 

• 1749, May 29. Flthlan, Matthias, of Cumberland Co.. carpenter; will 
of. Son. Humphry, sole executor, and to have the plantation I now 
lire on. Personal estate divided among rest of nine children and 
Hannah Mills, daughter of Isaac Mills of the County aforesHid. Son. 
Daniel, deceased. Sons William and Ephraim to be put out to learn 
a trade. Witnesses — Obadlah Wood, Joseph Fithian, Jno. Bee. Proved 
24 Oct, 1749. Lib. 6. p. 340. 

1749. Oct. 24. Inventory, £177.19.08; made by Maskell Ewing, Thos. 

• 17S2t Jam. 27. Flthten, William, of Greenwich, Salem Co.. carpen- 
ter; will of. Brothers, Samuel and Mathias Fithian. executors, and 
to have estate equally. Witnesses — Susannah Pearce, John Green, 
Arthur Cannon. Proved 16 Feb., 1732. Lib. 8, p. 268. 

1738-3, Feb. 16. Inventory, £116.19.11; made by Saml. Davis. John 

17M-S, JaM. 35. Pltsfferald, (FItagarUI) Edward, of Salem Co. Int. 
Adm'r. John Mills. Bondsman. Joseph Simkens. Both of said County, 
yeoman. Lib. 8, p. 485. 

1734. Feb. 6. Inventory (£59.13.8) "of Edward Jeril (Fltsgerald). 

Digitized by 



Cohansey, carpenter. Deceased at the hous of John Millie, in Oohansey." 
Appraisere— Isaac MUls. Matthias Fithian. 

1786, Feb. 11. Account. Moneys pd. to Richd. Butcher. David Platta. 
Peter Long, Jas. Carruthers, Ebeneser Miller, Peter Turner, John Brick, 
Thos. Slatham, Jas. Dickson, Aaron Mulford, DanL Meetayer. Wm. Wat- 
son, Jonathan Slatham. Alexd. Smith. Philip Vickers, Thos. Berryman, 
Jon. Bacon, Henry Pierson, Jon. Fitspatrick, Chas. Fordham, Justice 

1781, Dec. IS. FttaRaiidolph, BeaJamlB, of New Brunswick, Middle* 
sex Co., Joiner; will of. Daughter, Sarah, at 21. Real and personal 
estate. Executor — brother, Samuel FitsRandolph. Witnesses — 
Thomas Fleming, Elisabeth Coddin^on, John Cholwell. Proved Dec 
16, 17S1. Lib. B, p. 241. 

174S, Jmly IS. FltsRasdolph, Beajamlii* of Six Mile Run, Middlesex 
Co., yeoman; will of. Real and personal estate. Wife, Marraret, 
executrix and sole legatee. Witnesses^Peter Soullard, John Williams, 
Walter Burnett. Proved Nov. 27, 1746. Lib. D, p. 4S9. 

175«, May 7. PltaRaadoipli, Edward* Sr., of Woodbridffe, Middlesex 
Co.; will of. In 44th year of his are. Wife, Phebe, remainder of 
legacy that now lies in the hands of her father's executors. Sons — 
James and Edward, both under aere. Five daughters under affe, 
but no names given. Nephew, Edward Thorn, eldest son of my sister 
Mary Jackson, at 22 years. Executors — brothers Nathaniel and Hart* 
shorne FitsRandolph. Witnesses — William Brown, Esek Fitsrandolph,. 
Nugrent Kelly. Proved June 18, 1750. Lib. E, p. 420. 

1748, 4th mo. (J«mc), SSd, PltaRaadolph, Hush, of Perth Amboy, 
Middlesex Co., shipwright; will of. Brothers and sisters — Richard. 
Edward, Robert, Nathaniel, Esek, Hartshorne, and Mary. Mary's por- 
tion in trust for her children. Real and personal estate. Executors— 
brothers Richard, Edward and Nathaniel. Witnesses— U. Parker, Ed- 
ward James, Henry Dennis. Proved June 25, 1748. Lib. E, p. 270. 

— "— t ^ FttsRandoiph, Isaac, of Monmouth County. Han* 

nah Fits Randolph (sifirned Hanah Randolf), asks that Samuel Dove 
be appointed administrator. Lib. E. p. 461. 

1760, August 28. Bond of Samuel Dove (brother of widow), of Mon* 
mouth County, yeoman. John Cox, of same County, fellow bondsman. 

1741, JaM. as. PltBRaadelpk, JoMph, of Woodbridffe, Middlesex Co. 
Int. Administration granted to Samuel FitsRandolph, Jun'r, the 
father. Lib. C, p. 470. 

1741, Sth BM. (Jaly), 9d, FltaRaadoipli, Jesepli, of Woodbridffe, Mid- 
dlesex Co., yeoman; will of. Children — Nathaniel, Asher, Jeremiah, 
Joseph, Margaret, Sarah, all under a^e. Land bougrht of Samuel 
Dennis, April 21, 1787, joinlns land of Solomon Hunt; land bought of 

Samuel Ailing, Joining Edward Freeman and Vansual; land 

in possession of widow Isabella Randolph; lands purchased of Moses 
Rolph and Job Wriffht at Rah way, Oct. 16. 1786. Monthly Meetinr 
at Woodbridgre, £6. Executors — wife Abiffail, friends Jacob FitsRan- 
dolph and Joseph Shotwell, Jun'r. Witnesses — Jonathan Moore, Sam- 
uel Moffat, Anee Moffatt. Proved Aug, 24, 1741. 

1741, Auff. 24. Joseph Shotwell, executor, refused to act Lib. C, p. 429. 

Digitized by 



1T48^ Jam. X. FItdUuidolpk, JMcpli, of PiscaUway. Middleaez Co.; 
will of. Children — ^Thomas, Ephralm, Joseph, Grace Manning, Rebec- 
kah Mathes, Prudence, Paul, Jeremiah and Sarah, at 18 years. Grand- 
■OB — Jacob FlURandolph. Baptist Consreffatlon in Piscataway. Real 
and personal estate. Executors — son Joseph and friend Isaac Stelle. 
Witnessea— John Van Bueren, Benjamin FitsRandolph, Benja. Stelle. 
ProTOd May 4, 1760. Lib. B, p. 894. 

17S8, Jam. 16. FttsBaadolpli, Sarah, of Middlesex Co., widow. Int. 
▲dm'r, John FitsRandolph. Lib. C, p. 286. 

17d6» J«Iy 94. PltaRaadoIph, ThoauM, of PiscaUway, Middlesex Co., 
wearer; will of. Children — ^DaTid, Jonathan, Dinah Dunham, Lur- 
anna Whitehead. Executors — Jonathan Dunn and Asariah Dunham. 
Witnesses — ^David Dunham, Daniel Dunham, Ruth Dunham. ProTed 
Oct. 25, 1745. Lib. D, p. 848. 

1745. Oct 24. Inventory (£46.6.11) includes bond from David Fits- 
randolph ; made by Phinehas Dunn and Bennajah Dunn. 

IT'M* May 97. Fttsstmiaaas, Mayaard* of Gloucester Co. Int. 
Adm'r, Isaac Alberson, of Newton Township, Gloucester Co., yeoman. 
Fellow bondsman — Jacob Alberson, yeoman, Gloucester, Edwd. Rs. 
Price, Jo. Scatterffood. Gloucester Wills, 882 H. 

1744* Oct. 12. Fleet (Vllet), Geertle, of Six Mile Run, Somerset Co., 
(relict of John Fleet, late of said place); will of. All real and per- 
sonal estate to irrandson, John Fleet, of said place, yeoman. Daugh- 
ters Maritie (wife of Adrian Hagreman, of same place, yeoman); 
(Jeertie (wife of Simon Wyclcoir, of said place, yeoman); Rebecca 
(widow of Adrian TenEyk, late of Readinar's Town in Hunterdon Co.); 
Sarah (wife of Johannes Voorhees at the Fish Kills in Dutchess 
(^unty, N. T.). Grand-daughter, Dlrcktie, (wife of Theodorus Sned- 
eker of Kackiat, Orangrs Co., N. T.). Executor — Simon Wyckoff. 
Witnesses— Willem Williamson, Laurens Vankleef, Joseph Vankleef. 
Proved 6 Oct., 1750. Lib. E, p. 455. 

IT'tt* Jaly % Fleteher, Jaaics, of Town and Co. of Burlincton, yeo- 
man; will of. Sisters — Lucie. Mary and Hester Fletcher. Friend, 
Ctoor^e Collins, and friend, David Hildreth, whom I make sole execu- 
tor. Real and personal estate. Witnesses — John Flintham, Benjamin 
Farinffton, Jno. Ditchfleld. Lib. 4, p. 295. 

1T88* Oet. 98. Fllas» Morris, of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'r, 
John Wriffht. Bondsman — ^Ranier Gresrory. Both of said County. 
Witnesses — John Norton, Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 8, p. 862. 

174S, Dec. €, Flower, WlUlam, of Town and Co. of Burlincton, 
laborer. Int. Administration granted to Oddy Brock. Joseph Bcat- 
terffood and Joseph Hewlin^s, fellow bondsmen. All of City of Bur- 
Ua^on. Lib. 5, p. 7. 

1748. Dec. 6. Inventory, £15.00.6 ; made by Joseph HewliniTB and Jos. 
Soatterffood. Includes bond from Sam'l Hunt to Dan*l Smith in trust for 
Martha Flower, dated May 18, 1740. 

Ifdt^ Jaly 94. Flayd, Rlehard, of Deptford. Gloucester Co.; wiU 
ot Legacies to William In^land (my servant lad and to have his 

Digitized by 



freedom), and to Elisabeth SelL Brother, Walter Floyd. Cousin 
William Floyd and Mar^at Mearrady. Executors — Brother, Walter 
Floyd, and Thomas Klmsey. Witnesses — ^Edward Wlllson, Thomas 
Reves, Sarah Reves. Affirmed 10 Au^., 1748. Lib. 6, p. 104. 

1748, Aug. 9. Inventory, £184.16.1; made by James Whital. Edward 

1748. Aug. 16. Renunciation of Thomas Klmsey, executor. Witnesses — 
Henry Stephens, John Mickle. 

17S6, Aus. 80. Flymir, Mleliael, of Salem Co. Int. Adm*r, Robert 
Vance. Bondsman — Benjamin Acton, Esq. Both of said County. Wit- 
nesses — Thos. Parke, Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 108. 

17)6, Aug. 80. Inventory, £6.4 ; made by Lewis Morris, Thos. Parke. 

1737» Dee. 24. Focv» Daslei* of Alloways Creek, Salem Co.; will of. 
Wife, Anne. Sons — Joseph <a piece of my plantation (1 acre) where 
his house is built; also 10 acres adjoining Matthew Morrison); Daniel 
(rest of my land and plantation). Sons Samuel and Erasmus FogrST. 
when 21, and Charles. Daughters — Hannah, Lucy, Sarah, Margraret 
and Ann. Executors — wife and son. DanieL Witnesses — William Pen- 
ton, Sr., William Penton, Jr., Richard Bradford. Proved 27 Nov., 1746. 

Lib. 6, p. 266. 

1745, 9 mo. (Nov.), 22 da. Inventory, £189.16; made by BenJ. Holmes, 
Saml. Thompson. 

1732-3* Jam. 30. Vogm, Samuel* of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'r, 
Samuel Fog-fir. Bondsmen — Edward Quinton, John Patrick. All of 
said County, yeoman. Witnesses — John Den, Will Tyler^ Lib. 8, p. 288. 

1782-3, Jan. 22. Inventory (£148.8.9 H), at Alloways (^eek, includes 
cattle, horses, sheep, molasses, hides, leather, shoemaker tools. Appraisers 
— ^Will Tyler, John Den. 

1739* Jan. IS. FoUcertse, PkllllppiM* of Somerset Co., yeoman; will 
of. Wife, Mettle. Sons — Folkert, Johannis, Phillippus. Joseph and 
Dirck (who Is to have the home land). Dauflrhters — Rebecka. Annatle. 
Executors — Brother. Dirck Folkertse, son Johannis. and son-in-law 
Cornells Middelswart. Witnesses — Folkert Rapalie, Dirrik Rappaljee. 
Peter Leffertse. Proved 17 June. 1740. Lib. C, p. 842-846. 

1740, June 19. Renunciation of Derrick Fulkers, Somerset Co., as 
executor. Witnesses — (3eorge Brice, Richard Folkers. 

1749* Marck 29. Folsom* Israel, of Plscataway, Middlesex Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Children — Sarah (wife of Thomas Reder, of Bethlehem, 
(taylor), Mary and Rachel. Lands purchased of Peter Winant and 
widow Sarah Hull. Executors— daughter Mary, and Robert Matthews 
of Plscataway. Witnesses — John Burnet, Absalom Wlgrgins, Charles 
Wilson. Proved April 16, 1749. Lib. E. p. 298. 

1749* May 2. Folsom. Barak* of Plscataway, Middlesex Co., widow; 
will of. Children — Joseph and Trustrum Hull, Anne (wife of John 
Skilinan), Elizabeth (wife of John Clawson). and Eunice (wife of 
Phlneas Dunn). Grandsons — Moses, son of Moses FitsRandolph; 
Benjamin, son of Jeremiah Dunn; Mesheek, son of Benjamin Hull; 
Benjamin, son of Jacob Hull. Granddaughter. Zerviah, daughter of 
Mulford Martin. Executor — son-in-law, Jeremiah Dunn. Witnesses — 

Digitized by 



BoDJamin FltiRandolpb, Rachel FitiRandolph, Jonathan Dunham. 
Proved May 22, 1749. Lib. B, p. 202. 

1742* May 12. Inventory (£181.2.2) includes bonds from Israel Folsom, 
Moees FltsRandolph and Thos. Walker. Made by Bdmnnd Dunham and 
Asariah Dunham. 

1731, 14iM day, 4th mo. (Jwm). Folwell, Nathaa, of Mansfield, Bur- 
Unffton Co., weaver; will of. Wife, Sarah, sole executrix. Children — 
Nathan, John, G^eorgre, William, Mary, Hannah and Elisabeth, all under 
ace. Lands bought of William and Abraham Brown. Witnesses — 
Gervas Hall, Sarah Hall, Tho. Scatter^ood. Proved Feb. 20, 1721* 

Lib. 3. p. 120. 

ITSSt Aprn sat. Foatlae, (Foatyae), C h a rie e, of Somerset Co., yeo- 
man : will of. Wife, Eneanor. Oldest son, Charles, land upon Raritan River, 
Somerset Co., "adjoining where my son Johannes now lives, which 
joins land of my son Abraham." Other children — ^Maritje, Leah, Rey* 
Bier, Jacob. Executors — Sons Charles, Reynier, Johannes, Jacob, 
Abraham, and son-in-law, Cornelius Suydam. Witnesses — Chrissto- 
fell Probasco, Adam Johnson, Wm. Ouke. 

1722. April 30. Codicil. Son, Abraham, to live on plantation one year 
after death of testator. Same witnesses. Proved 17 May. 1724. 

Lib. B, p. 602. 

17d9-S» Mareh 1. Foatlae* Charles* of Somerset Co., yeoman; will 
ol Wife, Catherine. Home plantation on Raritan River. Brothers 
and sisters — R3mier, John, Jacob, Abraham, Mary (wife of Cornelius 
Suydam) and Lea (wife of John Smock). Legacies to mother, Lena 
Pontine, after wife's re-marria^e or decease; also to Eleanor Buys 
and her daughter Sythee (minor). Executors^wife, Catherine, and 
brothers John, Jacob and Abraham Pontine. Witnesses — Hendrick 
Smock, William Williamson, Wm. Ouke. 

1749, Sept. 2. Codicil. Wife, C^atherine, to receive increased legacy 
and to pay £126 above the amount stated in will to Eleanor Buys, now 
wife of Jacques Pontine. Witnesses— Whi. Ouke, Lena Suydam. Maria 
Suydam. Proved 29 Nov. and 2 Dec. 1749. Lib. E, p. 862. 

ITSO^ Oct. 5. Foatlae, Charles. (See Fountayn, Charles). 

1749, Sept. 4. Foatlae, (TaaUae), Reaelr, of Perth Amboy, Middle- 
sex Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Ohirthie. Children — Charles, Rineir, 
John, Abraham, Leanah and Sarah, all under age. Grandson, Reneir. 
Real and personal estate. Executors — brother Abraham Vantine, and 
brother-in-law John Borrum (Booram). Witnesses — ^Luycas Schenck, 
William Dye, Ste'n Warne. Proved Oct. 21, 1749. Lib. E, p. 826. 

1749, Oct. 20. Inventory, £126.18.6; made by Luycas Schenck and 
William Dey. 

1749, Dec 10. Additional inventory amounting to £89.8.9. 

1769, March 12. Account of Abraham Fontyn, executor, £266.6.6, 
■howing payments to John Booram, Jacob Wykoff, Stephen Warne, Charity 
Pontine, Lewis Perce, Charles Pontine. Bond of Barent Wageman. 

1769, March 16. Account of John Booram, executor, showing pay- 
ments to Doct'r VanBuren, John Waller, Humphrey Mount, Thomas Apple- 
gate, Isaac Voorhies, Paul Miller, Esq., Thomas Doty, Jos. Hewlett, John 
Piat, Luke Smock. John Applegate, B. Legrange, Esq., Catherine Schuyler, 
Francis Costigan, Esq., Elisha Parker, Esq.. John Romyne, Sam'll Weston, 

Digitized by 



James Reed. Philip Kearny, BSsq., John Pridmore, Jorto Brinkerhoof, Jaoob 
Vandevanter, Gilbert Barton, Jacob Wykoff, Mathiaa Johnson, Thomaa 
Montgomery, Juat. Nude. Lake Schenck, Wm. Dye, Rynler Pontine, Jun'r. 
Charity Pontine, Thomas Doty, Charles Pontine. "4 gaL wine, and 1 gaL 
rum" for the funeral. 

1749» May 7. Fo«rt» B«ser, of New Hanover, Burlin^on Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Anne. Children — John, Joseph, Joan, Hester, 
Edith, Roger and Marmaduke. Real and personal estate. Executor*— 
son Marmaduke, and friend John Monro. Witnesses — ^Edward Weaver, 
Prancis Shinn, John Burr, Jun'r. Lib. 6, p. 47. 

1749. May 18. Inventory, £188.12.2; made by Aaron Robins and John 

1760, Jan. 84. Account of Marmaduke Port, having paid debts to Thom- 
as Price. Nathaniel Thomas, William Buddell, Solomon Shinn, E«dward 
Weaver. John Croshaw, John Monrow, Henry Cooper. James Shinn, Hope 
Atkinson, Julius Elwan, Robert Parrell. Jonathan Taylor, James South- 
wick, William Pox, Thomas Allinson, William Robinson, Casper Homer, 
George Briggs, Eklward Gaskill, Thomas Shinn, John Burr, Jun'r, Thomas 
Conarro. James Wills, Jonathan Thomas. 

1TS6, Nov. 9. Forbce* Joka* of Monmouth Co. Int. Adm'r, Andrew 
Johnston, of Perth Amboy. William Skinner, of same city, fellow 
bondsman. Witnessed by Lawre Smyth. Lib. C, p. 127. 

1786, Nov. 13. Inventory (£210.18.9) includes silver watch and chain, 
gold hair ring, silver spurs and buckles, gowns, cassocks, scarves, wiga^ 
hats, silk, worsted and thread stockings, gloves and pumps, snuff box. 
mail-pillion, negro man (£60) ; due from Congregation of St. Peter's 
Church in Preehold, £22.10.0 ; from the Ck>ngregation of St. Paul's Ci^hurdki 
in Shrewsbury. Biade by John Morris, William Nichols, William Madodc 

1784, Aus. 16. Force, Beajaailii* of Woodbridge. Middlesex Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Children — ^Thomas, Benjamin (livingr in New England), 
(Parity Preeman, and Hannah (wife of John Noe). Grandsons-— 
Henry and Thomas Palmer Force, sons of son Thomas. Lands former- 
ly belongingr to William Bunn, Joining lands of Joseph Bloomfleld* 
John Noe, Jun'r, John Morris, John Wilkison; land on Rahway 
meadows Joiningr Daniel Brittain, John Jaquashies, John Dillies, John 
Trueman; land purchased of Hugh Marsh, which he bought in 1670; 
lands Joining Daniel Thorp, Jonathan Dillies, Jonathan Bishop. 
Executors — friends Jacob Thorn, Ebeneser Johnson and John Noe, 
Jun'r. Witnesses — J. Stevens, John Bishop, Thomas Poroe, Jun'r. 
Proved Nov. 80, 1784. Lib. B, p. 680. 

1TS6, Jaae 5. Force* Tlieaiaa* of Woodbridgre and Raway, Middlesex 
Co. Int. Adm'x, Mary Force, his widow. Jonathan Freeman, fellow 
bondsman. Lib. C, p. 111. 

1741, Sept. S«. For«, IfathaaleU of Morris Co., Joiner; will of. 
Executors to sell house and land at Aquackamuns, Essex Co., pur- 
chased of Oerret Debo. Wife, Mary, executrix. Eldest son, NathanieL 
Son, John. Daughter, Joan. Son, James. Trustee-Joseph Bartram. 
Witnesses — Jacob Mead, Martin Berry, Poulus Berry. Proved 17 
March, 1746. 

1744-6, March 7. Inventory (£66.12.6) includes 2 English Bibles, Dutch 
Testament, gon and sword. Appraisers— Philip Schuyler, Peter Post 

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174€. March 27. Letters testamenUry granted to Mary Lock. laU 
Mary Ford, executrix. Lib. 5. p. 11<K 

ITSl* April !•• Ford* Thmmmm, of Chester, Burlin^on Co., yeoman. 
Int. Blisabeth Ford, widow, requests that administration be granted 
to such person as the Judgre of the Prerogative Court shall appoint. 
Witnesses — Robert Dennis, Mahlon Stacy. 

1781, April 26. Adm'r, Thomas Coles, of Oloucester Co., yeoman. 
Joseph Rockhlll. Innkeeper, of Burlington, fellow bondsman. 

Lib. 8. p. 100. 

1781. May 10. InTentory, £88.2 ; made by Joseph Heritage and Thomas 
Hsckney. Includes Bible and negro boy. 

1782. Feb. 27. Account. Paid executor of Isaac Blanohard, John Ford- 
ham and Hannah his wife, Eklw'd Rudolph Price, John Bowne. 

17d^ May 5. Fovcdaai (Fordaai), Charles* of Greenwich, Salem Co., 
cordwalner. Int. Adm'x. Blisabeth Foredam, widow. Bondsmen — 
Nicholas Qlbbon, Annlas Sayres. Both of same place. Witnesses — 
John Bwinney, Dan. Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 286. 

1740, June 12. Inventory (£133.17.4) Includes cattle, sheep, swine, 13 
acres of winter wheat, sole leather and shoemaker's tools. Appraisers — 
Ananias Sayre, Thos. Wkithman. 

1741» Dee. 81. Fonaaa, Aaroa, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., trader; 
will of. Wife, Ursilla. Children — Oeorge (eldest son, under age). 
Lewis, Andrew, Robert, PrlsclUa, Lydla and Phebe. Executors — wife, 
brothers Jonathan and John Forman, brothers-in-law Samuel Craig 
and William Madock. Witnesses — Samuel Throckmorton, Samuel 
Leonard, Jr., Ambrose Stllle. Proved Feb. 12, 1741. Lib. C. p. 479. 

174t, Sept. a9i, Fonaaa, BaekleU of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Blisabeth. Farm bought of Richard Brlt- 
taln. Children — Samuel (eldest son), Thomas, Aaron, Mary, Hannah 
and Blisabeth. Bxecutors — ^wlfe, brother Jonathan Forman, brother- 
tn-law Daniel Seabrook, and friend Bllsha Lawrence, Esquire. Wit- 
nesses — Jemes Tapscott, Oeorge Danser, John Chasey, William Ma- 
dock. Proved October 22, 1746. Lib. D, p. 421. 

1746, Oct. 28. Bllsha Lawrence declines to act as executor. 

1746, Oct. 28. Inventory (£881.9.0) Includes servant man, 2 negro girls. 
2 old guns. Made by James Tapscott and Bdward Taylor. 

17dT» May IS. F«naaa» Joha* of Freehold, Monmouth Co., black- 
smith; will of. Wife, Jane, to remain on home plantation, to which 
is added 866 acres of woodland adjoining land taken up by Sarah 
Reap and Samuel Leonard, until eldest son. John, is of age. Negro 
girl Jin. Eldest daughter. Mary, wife of Joseph Throckmorton. Son, 
Samuel, 198 acres in Upper Freehold, adjoining Dr. Johnstone and 
Joseph Holman, deceased. Daughters — Bleanor. Hannah. Margaret, 
Rebekah and Anne. Son, John, to continue the smith's trade. Orig- 
inal shares or rights of Propriety to be held until youngest child is 
of age. SSxecutors to execute deed to Daniel Emans for saw mill and 
100 acres. Bxecutors — wife, brother Jonathan Forman, brothers-in- 
law William Madock and David Rhe. and son-in-law Joseph Throck- 
morton. Witne s s e s D aniel Van Mater, Daniel Orandln and Oeorge 
Forman. (Name of David Rhe, as executor, crossed oif In original). 
(Codicil: November 12, 1748. A son, James, having been born since 

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makinr will, proTlded for. Daurhter, Mary, wife of Joseph Throck- 
morton. Agreement with Daniel Bmans conceminr saw mill and 
land cancelled. Witnessea— Oysbert Van Mater, Samuel Mount, Wil- 
liam Madock, Junior. Proved March f, 1748. Lib. B, p. 271. 

17S5-«9 Feb. 7. Fonaaa, Jomatbaa, of Chesterfield, Burlin^on Co.^ 
yeoman. Int. Inventory of the personal estate, £89.11.8; made by 
Isaac Horner and Robert Taylor. 

1786, Feb. 26. Adm'x, Hannah James. Isaac Homer and Benjamin 
Homer, both of Chesterfield, fellow bondsmen. 

Burlington Wills. 8881-84 C. 

1748, Dec SI. Fonmaa, Jacob, of Greenwich, Gloucester Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Daniel (land whereon I live), William (my dwellinc 
house and ground in WiUins Town, New Castle County). Daughter, 
Ellenor, during life, profits of my house and land on Great Mantua 
Creek. Two-thirds of moveable estate to be divided among five 
daughters (not named). Executors — ^wife, Mary, and Alexr. RandaU. 
Witnesses — John Pinyard, Sr, William Plnyard. Sworn and affirmed, 
1 March, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 88. 

1748-9, Feb. 2. Inventory (£160.16.8) includes cooper's and carpenter's 
tools. Appraisers — John Pinyard, Junior, Mathew Tomlinsoxk 

1748, Dec 28. Fonter (Foster), Joh (over 14 years old), of Newark, 
Essex Co. Bond of Ephralm Wheeler, of same place, yeoman, aa 
guardian. Lib. B, p. 244. 

1781, Feb. 21. Forster, Stepkea, of Woodbrldge, Middlesex Co., mar- 
iner. Int. Adm*rs, Margaret Forster and John Watson. Lib. B, p. 242. 

17a9, May 27. Forsytb, Matthew, of Chesterfield. Burlington Co.; 
will of. Son, John, and other children, mentioned but not named. 
Real and personal estate. Executors — wife. Rebecca, son John, and 
friend John Tantum. Witnesses — William Satterthwaite, Samuel Sat- 
terthwaite, Joseph Reckless. Proved Oct. 18, 1788. Lib. 8, p. 880. 

1733, May 19. Inventory. £244.17.6; made by Isaac Homer and Wil- 
liam Satterthwaite. 

1748^ Dee. 97. Fonyth, Matthew, of Chesterfield, Burlington Co., 
carpenter; will of. Wife. Marcy. Children — Joseph. Jesse (under 
age), Mary, Etairah, Rebecka; an expected child. Real estate in Bor- 
dentown. Executors — Isaac Ivins, brother John Forsyth. Witnesses 
— Samuel Satterthwaite. Wheeler Clark. Benjamin Busson. Proved 
March 22, 1749-60. 

1749-60, March 1. Inventory, £176.6.11 ; made by John Buffin, Robert 

1749-60. March 2. Isaac Ivins. one of the executors named, refuses to 

1766. Feb. 1. Account of the estate. Burlington Wills. 7963-64 C. 

17SS, Dec. 6. Foster, Aadrew, of Hunterdon Co.. weaver. Int. 
Inventory of estate (£15.07.0) includes mare purchased of Joseph How- 
elL Made by John Emley. Samuel Willson, Jr., and Daniel Doughty. 

1788, May 6. Adm'rs, Samuel Willson. Sr.. and Samuel Willson, Jr., 
of Hunterdon County, yeoman. Hunterdon Wills. 89 J. 

1786, March 4. Foster, Beajastla, of Newark, Essex Co. Int. Jo- 

Digitized by 



hanna Foater, the widow, declines to administer. Witnesses Joseph 
Wood, Darld Ovden. 

17S6. Ifarch 6. Adm'n^ John Shurmer and Samuel Shurmer, principal 
creditors, of New York, merchants. Andrew Hay, of Perth Amboy, fellow 
bondsman. Idb. C, p. 71. 

174S, asth day, llth bm. (Jaa.). FMter, Isaac* of Burlington Co.; 
will of. Children — ^Benjamin, Leason, John, Sarah, Mary and Esther, 
all under agre. Real and personal estate. Thomas Mlddleton, of Not- 
tlnrham, executor and guardian of all children. Witnesses — John 
Lawrence, Olsbert Hendrlcson, Samuel Sykes. Proved Jan. 4, 1748. 

Lib. 6, p. 29. 

1748, 1st day, 12th ma (Feb.). Inventory. £28.19.10 H ; made by John 
Lawrence and Samuel Sykes. 

17489 Dec SI. Foster, JaK of Newark, Essex Co., belnr upwards of 
14 years, makes choice of Ilphralm Wheeler, of Newark, to be his 
ffua^lan. Lib. B, p. 244. 

1748, April 19b Faster, Jokaiuui, of PlscaUway, Middlesex Co., 
widow. Int. Bond of Benjamin Foster, currier, as administrator on 
estate of his mother. Benjamin Bloomfleld, of Woodbrid^e. tanner, 
fellow bondsman. Lib. E, p. 604. 

1748, April 12. Inventory of personal estate, £78.4.4; made by Henry 
Lansstaffe and Phlneas Potter. 

"Benjamin Foster doth depose that Johanna Foster made a wUl four 
years a^o; she afterwards disposed of her lands and sent to Samuel 
Walker for her will to destroy It. Walker Informed her It could not be 

ITSa, April 14. Foster, Joha, of Newark, Essex Co. Int. Hannah 
Foster renounces the rlvht to administer the estate of her husband 
In favor of Nathaniel Wheeler, Jun'r. 

1760. April 19. Adm*r, Nathaniel Wheeler, Jun'r. James Nicholson, 
fellow bondsman. Lib. B. p. 604. 

1739^ Jaae 4. Foster, Joseph, of Newark, Bssex Co., weaver; will 
ol "Belngr administrator on the estate of my deceased father, Nathan 
Foster." Mother, Mary Foster. Sisters — Abiflrall Harrison, Mary, 
Sarah and Damanis Foster. Brother — Job Foster. Expected child. 
Land my father purchased of Ebeneser Lyon Jan. 28, 1724-6. Execu- 
tors — wife, Bethlah, Benjamin Crane of Newark, and uncle Joseph 
Lyon. Witnesses— Samuel Beach, Israel Crane, Nehemiah Qrumman. 
Proved AuflT. 18, 1742. Lib. C, p. 622. 

1742, Aug. 24. Inventory, £270.00.08; made by Christopher Wood and 
Benjamin Ly<m. 

lYlT, Dec. 93. Fester, Ifathaa, of Newark, Essex Co. Inventory of 
personal estate (£181.08.07), includes youns nesro, £20. Made by 
Stephen Browne, Christopher Wood. 

1787, Feb. 26. Mary Foster, widow, renounces her riffht to administer 
in favor of her son. 

1787. Feb. 27. Adm*r, Joseph Forster. the son. Bseklel Crane, fellow 
bondsman. Lib. C, p. 190. 

174T, Nov. 9S. Fester, Wtlllaai, of Manninffton, Salem Co., farmer; 

Digitized by 



will of. DaofftiUrs — Mary (eldest). Rebecca (second), and Elisabotli 
(youngest). Wife, Ann, sole executrix. Witnesses — Archibald Ham- 
ilton, James Deaton, Patrick Gray. ProTOd 12 Dec, 1747. 

Lib. 6, p. 41S. 

1747. Dec 11. Inventory, £94.8.4 ; made by Hance Bilderbaok. Jona- 
than Dickinson. 

1760, Au9. 8. Account (sicrned "John Howman") Shows moneys paid to 
Beid- Taylor (Vaneculaw's bond), Casper Sacks (bond). Rich. Gibbon, 
Matts. Holshon, Isaac Savoys, Jacob Coles, Lawrence Poison. Mercy 
Wilder, Joseph Hawks, Cha. Bmpson, Thomas Parsons, Blisa. Driver, 
Henry Peterson, Andrew Vaneman. (Gabriel Galbo, Andrew Grace, Charles 
Dalbe, Robert Howard. Alexander Kin^. Jacob O>mellson, Sarah Peterson, 
Joha PitflMtn, Martin Morton. Esekiel Hardin, Tho& Clayton. C^leb Caplen. 

1750b Get. S. FonntayH* Cliarles, of Somerset Co., son and heir of 
Jaciuess Fountayn. Asks to show cause why the will of Jaques Fon- 
tayn should not be proved. Lib. E, p. 456. 

17S2p Jam. 16. Fovrot, Heary* of Piscataway, Middlesex Co. Adm'z. 

Elisabeth Fourot. Lib. B, p 847. 

1788, O^ 27. Inventory, £161.0.0 ; made by Henry Langstaffe and ^. 

ITSa, April 19. Fowler, Jolia, Jva., of New Hanover, Burlin^on Ce.» 
blacksmith. Int. Inventory, £294.5.7; made by Richard Harrison 
and John Kiner. 

1731, Sept. 8. Adm'x. Elisabeth Fowler, widow. Jo^ua WH^t and 
John Steward, yeomen, of same place, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 8, p. 137. 

1782. Jan. 10. Account. Pasrments to John Amey, William Cook. Sam'l 
Warden, Israel Pemberton. Samuel Rogers, William Chapman, Samuel 
Woodward. Joseph Myers, John Tantum (for 2 coflins). Wm. Beaks. James 
HsAoock. John Schooley. Joseph Recklessv Rob't CHiapman, Isaac Harrow, 
Bliaa. Lawrence. Sam'l Embley. John Rumford. John Bunting (}eo. Sat- 
terthwaite. Wm. Woodward, Win. Harrison. 

tffVlt If or. S4. Fox, Mary, of New Hanover, Burlington Co., widow: 
will of. Children — ^Thomas, William, Elisabeth and Lemuel, all under 
agre. Dau., Elisabeth, to be placed with sister Sarah until she ts 16. 
Real and personal estate. Executors — friends John Burr and John 
Crosman. Witnesses— William Davis, Samuel Edge and John Budd. 
Proved Dec. 28, 1732. Lib. 8, p. 282. 

1782, Dec. 14. Inventory. £194.8.7; made by Preserved Brown and 
Samuel Curtis. 

1744, Jmm, 17. Fraser, WUliaai, of Providence, one of the Bahama 
Islands. Adm'r, John Watson, of Perth Amboy, principal creditor. 

Lib. D, p. 227. 

1741^ April S8. Fraaee, Beaoal, of Borough of Elisabeth, Essex Co., 
carpenter ; will of. Wife, Elisabeth. Children — ^Edward, (George, 
Henry and Sarah, all under age. Liaiid joining land of Richard Jones; 
land bought of Samuel Frasee, Joining land of William Porter. 
Bxecutors^-Samuel Oliver, John Marsh, Jr., Jonathan Frasee of Weod- 
bridge. Witnesses — John Rolph, Richard Jones, Samuel Seuder. Prov- 
ed June 19. 1742. Lib. C, p. 611. 

17S1-1^ Jan. S« Fraaee* Bdward (Capt.), of Elisabeth Town, Essex 
Co.; will of. Eldest daughters — ^EUsabetk Oow, Sarah Craig and 

Digitized by 



Himiiifl Heirs (Hears); three youngest daughters — Bfflah, Mary, and 
Mercy Prases. Side-saddle fftveti to dau. Marsr's mother, Marcy, by 
her deceased grandmother, Mary Olliver. Real and personal estate. 
Bzecutors — friend Bseklel Bloomfleld, and hrother-in-law David Ol- 
lirer. Witnesses — John Terrlll, John Prasee, Benony Frasee. Proved 
Jane C, 178S. Lib. B. p. 410. 

17)8, June 14. Inventory, £102.17.06 ; made by Wm. Roblson and Peter 

1748» Jaa. 1^ Frasee, BHaaWtk* widow of Benonl Frasee, of Essex 
Co.; nuncupative will of. John Lee, boatman, made oath that the 
decedent being very sick, and her daughter "a poor ailing child," she 
desired her to have the best bed,' etc. Lib. B, p. 282. 

1748, Jan. 6. Inventory, £90.18.01 H ; made by Bllphalet Frasee and 
Iticdiard Jones. 

1748. Jan. 10. Adm*r, Jonathan Frasee^ of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co. 
Michael Moore, fellow bondsman. Witness — John Lee. Lib. B, p. 282. 

1749, Jan. 24. Account Payments to John Lee. '*for taking care of the 
children and making a cot for Edward," Wtightling Edwards, William 
£^>ringer, Joseph Shotwell, Elisabeth Hampton, Samuel Oliver, David Hat- 
Held. William Grant. John Mot. Richard Miles, Qershom Moores, Stephen 
Borres. Doctor Ichabod Burnet and John Marsh. 

174m Feb. 19b Frasee (Fniser), George, of the Borough of Elisa- 
beth, Bssex Co., gentleman; will of. Body to be interred near my 
father and mother on Staten Island. George, son of brother William 
Fraser, estate In Europe or America. Executors — ^Philip Kearny, of 
Middlesex Co., gent., and Ellas Grasilier, of Elisabeth Town. Wit- 
nesses — Gershom Higgins, Joseph Hetfleld, Tho. Jackman. Proved 
Feb. 26, 1740. Lib. C, p. 896. 

1741, Amm* M* Frasee, Jaaics, of the Borough of Elisabeth, Bssex 
Co.; will of. Wife, Ann. Mother, Margrett Frasee. Three daugh- 
ters under ten years of age; no names given. Margaret Chanders, 
at 18 years. Expected child. Executors — William Brown, John Skln- 
«r, Benonl Frasee. Witnesses — ^John Rolph, Richard Jones. Benjamin 
CrowelL Proved Sept. 26. 1741. ^ib. C, p. 487. 

1741-9^ Jaa. 98. Frasee, Margaret, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., 
widow; will of. Children — Bllphalet, Esther (wife of William Brown) 
and Elisabeth (wife of Samuel Bams). Children of daughters Mary, 
Ruth, and Phebe, deceased. Children of son James, deceased. Child 
of daughter "Posthume," deceased. Executors — son Bllphalet, and 
.sons-in-law William Brown and Samuel Barns. Witnesses— Jno. 
Waller, Samuel Stone, David Inslee. Proved June 19, 1747. 

Lib. E, p. 67. 

1749, Hay 19i. Frasee, Merey, of Bssex Co. Orphan upwards of 
14 years. Samuel Oliver, guardian. William Springer, fellow bonds- 
man. Lib. B, p. 298. 

174»-Mb JsB. 94. FrccMaa, Edward, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., 
yeoman; will of. CThildren — ^Moses, William, Benonl and Katherine 
Ross. Real and personal estate. Executors — ^wlfe, Elisabeth, and 
son BsnonL Witnesses — Joseph Shotwell, Daniel Shotwell, Josiah 
l>aTls. Proved May 16, 1760. Lib. B. p. 400. 

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ITSt^ Not. 98. Fmchuui* teai«cl* of Somerset Co., carpenter. Int. 
Adm'r, John Freeman, only eon and heir. Fellow bondsman — Simon 
Wyckoff. WitneMea— Rachel Harrison, Tho. Bartow. Lib. C, p. 297. 

1789, Nov. 26. Inventory, £198.14.0; made by Jan Stryker. Jan 
Wyckof. Debtors — Geo. Braiier, William Ouke, Deriok Schuyler, Jacob 
Jannary, Hendrik Fisher, Tomanse Williamson, Andrie Norwood, Moses 
LauZada, Abraham Schuler. John Wicof, Peter Wicof, John Bennlt, 
Thomi^ Andrison, Will. Wood, Lyla Hoacland, Nidas Williamson, Thomas 
Quick, John Manty. Isac Kip, Jacob Mananda, John Rose, Symon Van- 
asdalla, Stofll Vanasdalla, Qarrit Durland, John Shubar, Comedus Van- 
anfflak, John Swiker. Daniel Hendrickson, Hendrick Vanlanat. 

174e, July 6. Preeae, Abraham, of Maidenhead. Hunterdon Co.; will 
of. Brothers — Isaac and Joseph. Naomi Biles, daughter of John 
Biles, deceased, residue of estate when eighteen, if she dies in minor- 
ity, then to her mother, Blisabeth Bils. Friend Blisabeth Biles, 
executrix. Witnesses — Saralf Overton. Alexander Biles. Martha Biles. 
Proved June 28, 1749. Elisabeth Moore, late Elizabeth Biles, execu- 
trix, sworn same day. Lib. 6, p. 278. 

1749, June 17. Inventory (£82.16.0) includes debts due from Enisabeth 
Besteder and Timothy Becker (?). Made by Josiah Furman and Thomas 
Burroughs, Jr. 

17S7, March 11. Freeman, Thomas, of Trenton. Hunterdon Co. 
Adm'x, Orace Freeman, his widow, Daniel Coxe. Esq., and Daniel 
Coxe, Jr., Esq., fellow bondsmen. Burlington Wills, 8018 C 

1747, Sept. 10. Freack, Beajamla, of Bordentown, Burlinffton Co., 
joyner; will of. Wife, Martha, and son Richard. Real and personal 
estate. Executor — brother William French. Witnesses — Joseph Till- 
to n. Sam'l Farnsworth, Ju'r, Thos. Folkes. Lib. 5, p. 875. 

1747. Sept. 19. Inventory. £278; made by Thos. Folkes, Jno. Imlay. 
Sam'll Shourds, Jur. Includes house and lot in Bordentown, and 10 
acres adjoining Wm. French. 

1740^ Jnae 21. French, E^dward, of Evesham. Burlinffton Co., yeo- 
man. Int. Administration on estate granted to Thomas French, of 
same, yeoman. Lib. 4. p. 248. 

1740. June 21. Inventory. £39.7.9 H; made by John Means and Joseph 

1745,«24th day, 7th mo. (Sept.). Freach, Richard, of Mansfield. Bur- 
lington Co.; will of. Wife. Mary. Children — Richard. Thomas, Ben- 
jamin, Jonathan. William. Elisabeth (wife of William Schooley). Mary 
(wife of Preserved Brown), Rebeckah (wife of Benjamin Shreve), 
Sarah (wife of William Marling), and Abigail (wife of Jacob Taylor). 
Real and personal estate. Executor — son William. Witnesses — Wil- 
liam Sunderland, Benjamin Shreve, Sam'l Harris. Proved Nov. 9, 1746. 

Lib. 6, p. 196. 

1746. 26th day. 8th mo. (Oct). Inventory of the personal estate. 
£642.14.8 ; made by Samuel Wright, Michael Newbold and Barsillai New- 

1747, April 17. French, Richard, of the Borough of Elisabeth, Essex 
Co.. yeoman; will of. Children — Richard. John. Robert. Sarah (wife 
of Amos Butler), Elisabeth (wife of Samuel Anderson), and Joanna, 

Digitized by 



Pbebe and Ann, last three under agre. Sons of son Richard; no names 
mentioned. Land on Turkey Road bou^rht of William Broadwell, de- 
ceased. Elzecutors — ^wife, Elisabeth, Charles Hole, schoolmaster, and 
Joseph Willis, blacksmith. Witnesses — James Hindes, Joshua Marsh, 
Daniel Potter. Proved July 17, 1747. 

1747, July 29. Elisabeth French, the widow, declines to act. Witness — 
Zerobubel North. Lib. E. p. 169. 

1747» July 26. Inventory of personal estate (£120.04.06). includes 
bonds of Samuel Robinson, Jacob Wrlffht, the widow Elisabeth French, 
Richard french, Jtm'r, Samuel WoodrufC, merchant. Made by John Stits 
and Daniel Potter. 

ITSl; Jkmm» 90^ Freach, Thomast of Northampton, Burlington Co. 
Account of Thomas French and James Wills executors, showing pay- 
ments to William Collum, Jno. Bri^ffs, Ann Lamb, Daniel Wills, Wm. 
Murrell, Rich'd Smith, Dorothy Largre* Wm. Allcott, Wm. Cramer, 
Joseph Hllliard, Thomas Bishop, Edward Shippin, Richard Jones, Jon- 
athan Wriffht, John Brlgga, Thos. Qrifflth, William Bishop* John An- 
derson, Samuel Woolston, John Budd, Titan Leeds, John Brown, 
Michael Woolston, Joseph Stephen, Jacob Lamb. Isaac DeCow, Mary 
Wood, Thomas Bryan, James Wills, Charles French (in full of his 
legacy), Enoch Fenton (in full of his wife's legracy), Joshua Wool- 
ston (In full of his wife's legracy), Thomas French (one of the sons, 
his legacy), Sarah French, Charles French, Ju'r. In accomptants 
hands £12 to be paid Samuel and Rachel Wickward, two of the lega- 
tees at 21 years. Burlington Wills; (reference not found). 

174B» Mth day, dth mo. (Aav)* French* Tkoatas* Sr., of Chester, 
Burlingrton Co., yeoman; will of. Wife (not named). Sons — Joseph 
and Robert. Daughter Mary's four sons. Real and personal estate. 
Executors — sons Robert and Thomas. Witnesses — Joshua Bispham, 
Nathan Middleton, Sam'l Atkinson. Proved Nov. 1, 1746. by Thomas 
French, at which time Robert French disclaimed. Witnesses — Sam'l. 
Atkinson, Joseph Herita^re. Lib. 5, p. 190. 

1746, Oct. 17. Inventory of the personal estate, £215.7 ; made by 
Joseph Heritage and Sam'l Atkinson. 

TT49p April 17. Frlead, Charles, of Penns Neck, Salem Co., yeoman; 
will of. Cousin, Andrew Friend, at 21, to have all estate. If he dies 
under age, his brother, Isaac Friend, to have the same. Andrew to 
live with my executor, John Holman, until he will be 17, and then 
apprenticed to a tailor. Witnesses — ^Robt. Howard, Elinor Hawkes, 
Mary Wilder. Sworn and affirmed. 26 April, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 300. 

1749. April 24. Inventory, £66.1^ ; made by Robt. Howard. Jacob C^r- 

17S7* Marek 8. Prtead* Johaaaes, of Penn's Neck. Salem Co., hus- 
bandman; will of. Sons — Andrew and Charles, executors, and to have 
equally the plantation (830 acres) on which I live. "In case Matias 
SkaaflTing don't pay £S0. for the plantation he lives on, then said 
■ons shall enjoy the same; also 270 acres In the County of Oloster, 
Greenwich township." Other sons — Neals, Ephralm and John. 
Dauflrhters — ^Nanne, Mary and Sary (who has a daughter). Witnesses 
—Andrew Hallcop, Cristena Stallop, Sary Bllderbak. Proved Feb. 1, 
1737-S. Lib. 4, p. 144. 

17S7-8, Jan. 12. Inventory, £93.11.3. 

Digitized by 



U48* Sept. 1. FHtcbt Pkilllp, of Salem Co. Int. Adm'r, Hans 
Michael, miller, and John Michael, of the head of Allowaye Creek* 
yeoman. Bondsman — Abner Penton, Salem, sent. All of said County. 

Salem Wills. 687 Q. 

1743. Sept 3. Inventory, £36.14.8; made by SamL Purviance, Peter 

1748, Sept. 20. Additional inventory, £6.10. Same appraisers. 

ITStb Dec. 4. WwmmU Johwh of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co. BdyJiy 
Frost, the widow, resigns riffht of administration. Witnes se s Joha 
Forman, John Seares, Samuel Leonard. Lib. C, p. 299. 

1789, Dec. 6. Inventory, £22.8.1 ; made by Samuel Leonard and Jon. 

1789, Dec. 12. Joslah Halstead. receipt for a coffin (£1) ; witnessed 
1^ Patrick Devlin. 

1789, Dec 16. Adm'r, Julius Sutton, of Monmouth County, princ^;Ma 
creditor. Aaron Forman, same County, fellow bondsman. 

1739-40, Feb. 22. William Bills, receipt for rent, a barrel of cider for 
the burial and screws for the coffin. Witnessed by Samuel Leonard. 
John Eatton's name mentioned. 

irar. Jaa. 1«. FrMit* TkeauM* of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Land purchased of the Minister and Church Wardens 
of St. Peter's Church. Children of my three brothers, Robert, James 
and William Frost; each of the six children at 21 years. Executors- 
wife, Elisabeth, Rev. William Skinner,. Robert Kins and John Bar- 
elay, gentleman. Real and personal estate. Witnesses — John Sharp, 
John Thomas, Richard Aikeand. Proved March 22, 1781-2. 

Lib. B, p. 246. 

1744p Jas. 5. Fryer, Aathony, of Town and Co. of Biirlincton, 
rent.; will of. Sister's son, Samuel Rawlins, living: in City of Landon. 
William Sorsby, of City of Burlington. Anthony, son of Mattheir 
Allen, my executor. Witnesses — Joseph Stokes, Robert Bishop, John 
Morria Proved Jan. 24, 1744. Lib. 6, 76. 

1748, April 6. Fvllertoa, James, of Somerset Co., farmer; will of. 
Children — James, Mary, Elisabeth, Jean and John (all minors). Exe- 
cutors — Ephraim Lockheart and William Lonan (Lo^an). Witnesses 
— John M. aallird, Robt. Shannon, Mary M. McDoweL Proved IS 
April, 1749. Lib. B, P. 291. 

1749. April 18. Inventory (£198.18.4) includes a fun and sword (£1.10), 
*'Wllliam Jones' book debts £102.8," 8 bonds £16. £40. £12. Debtors — 
Mr. James McKray, Wilker, Robert Barclay and Christopher Holms. 
Appraisers — Ralph Smith, William ColwelL 

ITSe, March 16. Psllertoa, Joha, of Essex Co., clerk. Int. Elisa- 
beth Fullerton renounces administration of her husband's estate. 
Witnesses — Francis Nealson, Rob't Crommelin. 

1786-7, March 18. Adm'rs, Edward Vaughn, clerk, and Anthony Dunns, 
merchant, principal creditors. Witness— William Skinner. Lib. C, p. 16t. 

XTSZ, May •• FsrsMin* tssinel, of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co.; will 
ot Wife, Elisabeth, plantation for life; then to son Joslah. Sana 
William, David and Jonathan. Son, Joslah, executor. Witnesses 
Jemina Hunt, Mary Houghton, Thomas Houghton. Proved Aagnat S, 
1782. Lib. 8. p. 266. 

Digitized by 



1782, June 18. Inrentory (£62.16.6) includes a Bible. Made hy TbemMi 
Boucbton and Joseph Price. 

1749, Dec 19. Fwmmui* Thmmtuh of Amwell Township. HuBterdon 
Go., yeoman; will ef. Wife, Elisabeth. Sons — John and Balpb, min- 
ors. Mother, Hannah Furman. Brother, Samuel Furman. SiBter»-» 
Rebecca and Sarah Furman. Executors— brother Samuel Furman and 
wife's brother, John Hart. Witnesses— John Steel, Samuel Carmsa 
and Christopher Search. Proved March 12, 1749-60. Libw 6, p^ 82S. 

1749-60, Feb. 2. Inventory (£840.14.7) induiles a sword and planta*- 
tion of 116 acres. Made by Jonathan Furman and Thoraaa Hunt 

1764, May 22. Account. Mentions Mary Stevens, Thomas Kitchin, 
John Hageman, Joseph Wright. Moore Furman. James Bennet. St^hen 
Baldwin. Jacob Ball, Dinah Pettitt, Jonas Sutton, John Porter, John Alleii, 
John Lamberd, William Ruttinffhout, William Barag, Jacob Swallows^ 
Charles Hoff, Gkurett Williamson. Johanls C^ase, John Lewis, Peter Aliair» 
Rebecca Furman, John McGreiffh. Jonathan Furman. Benjamin Shuttle- 
worth. Thomas Hunt, Some Cody, John Hawkings, Samuel Fleming, Henry 
Landis. Jacob Amwine, Samuel Furman (the father). Francis Quick. 

17SS» amd no. (AprU), and da. Gadsby, Saraht of Cooper Creek, 
Gloucester Co.; will of. Sons — Josiah Shivers (married); he to have 
the house in which I live, and to pay my daughter, Hannah Shivers, 
£10 annually for five years); John and Samuel Shivers (married). 
Daughter, Mary, wife of Thomas Bate. Sole executor — son, John 
Shivers^ Mentions her '^husband John Shivers" and a John Collinc* 
Witnesses — Mary Champion, Jonathan Belton, John Kay. Affirmed 
14 July, 1788. Lib. 8, p. 860. 

1788, 6th mo. (July), 18th da. Inventory of ''Sarah, widow of Thomas 
Gadsby, late of Cooper's Oeek in Wiaterford, Gloucester Co." (£131-02-2) 
includes negroes, Nancy £40, Hager (girl) £10. Appraisers — John Kay, 
Jonathan Bellton. 

17S1» Dec. 7. GalU* Mary* widow of Samuel Gaill. of Great Egg 
Harbor, Gloucester Co.; will of. Daughters — Heaster Risley, Mary 
Addoms and Diana Risley. Gifts to Meary, daughter of Diana Risley, 
Jeremiah Risley and Mary Homan. Executors — son John and David 
Covenovin; they to divide the estate among my children and two of 
my grand-children (Thomas and Micaijah, children of Peter Cown- 
ovin deceased). Witnesses — Peter White, David Williams, Stephen 
Morris. Proved 26 January, 1781. Lib. ». p. 176. 

1T82, March 29. Inventory, £73.19.2; made by Peter White, Stephen 

1748» April a. Gale» David, of Egg Harbour, Burlington Co., yea- 
man. Int. Inventory of the personal estate, £119.16; made bgF Johm 
I>earndale and William Brookfteld. 

1748, April 7. Adm'x. Mary Gale, widow, of LitUe Egg Harbour. Abel 
Gale, of same, fellow bondsman. Lib. 6. p. 489i 

ITMw Sept. IB. Gale» tamael* of Great Egg Harbor, Gloucester Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary, sole executrix, and to have plantatiam 
•wamps at Landing Creek and Swamp Bay, back lands and personal 
•state during life. At decease plantation to be rented Sor the benefit 
of grand-daughter, Mary Risley. until her brother Samuel Rialey wUl 
be of age. In case of his death without issue, tho estate to- deseend 

Digitized by 



to the next heirs of his mother, Diana Risley. Deffacles to mother 
Dina Oeall, brother David Oeal, nephew Able Oeall (to be paid S years 
after he will be of aye). Bxeoutors: after my wife's decease — John 
Cowneovar and Benjamin Inffersnl (my neigrhbors). Witnesses-* 
John Covnover, Benjamin InsersuU, Stephen Morris. Sworn at 
Sharon, Burlington Co., 81 July, 1749. 

1744, April 26. "Stephen Morris and Benjamin Ingolson testified that 
Samuel Oale left a legacy to Abil QbU, son of David Oail in the presenoe 
of the aforesaid witnesses. Stephen Morris (who wrote the will) saith 
not, and Benjamin Ingolson saith not. The will was delivered to John 
Cownover till called for." (Signed) James Somers, (Justice of the Peace). 

aioucester WUls. 420 H. 

ITSt^ Mmr^h 11. CNutdovett* Fnutds* of Salem Town and County, 
g'ent.; will of. Wife, Anna, sole executrix, to have personal estate, 
she paying to son, Francis Oandouett, when 21, half value thereof. 
Said son to be put in care of his grand-father, Samuel Smith, until of 
age. Witnesses — John Pierson, Thpoa Cooke, Danl. Mestayer. Proved 
20 March 1788. Lib. 8, p. 406. 

1784, April 1. Inventory (£147.8.8) includes "drugs and medicines and 
small things." £8.17.6 ; case of bottles, a pare of scales, brass mortar, 
£0.18 ; law books and other books. £81.10 ; "(Tyler's Dictoanery and Sup- 
liment," etc. Appraisers — ^Thos. Mason. Ranier Vanhist 

1748, Jvme S7. Gaady* John* late of "Morris's River," Cumberland 
Co. Int. Adm'x, Susanna Oandy. widow. Fellow bondsmen — Joseph 
Lord, late of Cumberland Co., and Joseph Savage of Cape May. 

Lib. 6, p. 19. 

1748, June 25. Inventory (£180.7.9) includes cattle, horses and swine. 
Appraisers — Joseph Lord. Joseph Savage. 

1748, Jue S7. Gaudy, Samvei, late of "Morris River," Cumber- 
land Co. Int. Adm'x, Hannah Oandy, of Gloucester Co., widow. 
Fellow bondsmen — Joseph Lord, late of Cumberland Co., and Joseph 
Savage, of Cape May County. Lib. 6, p. 18. 

1748, June 21. Inventory (£389.06.6) indUdes cedar timber and 
shingles; also cattle, horses, sheep and swine. £268.11.0. Appraisers — 
John Willets, Joseph Savage. 

1748. May 21. Gaady* Thomas (no place mentioned) but of Cumber- 
land Co.; will of. Wife. Son, Aaron, land in line with Isaac Garri- 
son's land, to the mouth of a small creek that puts out of the "great 
tide pond" on the north side; thence till it intercepts John Ogden'a 
land; then along Daniel Ogden's line, bounding therewith to Isaac 
Garrison's land. Also H of undivided marsh below Ware Creek, 
belonging to Thomas Gandy. Son, David, my other land and marsh. 
Daughters— Patience (married), Catherine, Sarah (married), Mary, 
Phebe, Hannah, PrisclUa, Rebecca, (last three to be bound out to 
learn trades) and Naomy. Executors — son-in-law Nathan Shaw, John 
Ogden. Witnesses — Daniel Ogden, Elisabeth Ogden, Isaac Garrison. 
Proved 5 September, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 606. 

1748. Aug. 81. Inventory (£180.12.8) includes cattle, horses, swine and 
books (£16.4.6). Appraisers — ^Henry Pierson. Daniel Ogden. 

1748, April B. Gardiner, Aadrew, Town and County of Salem, "Doc- 
tor of Physlck"; will of. Wife, Hope. Son, James, to have lot and 
marsh in Maninrton purchased of John Rolfe and lot in the sama 

Digitized by 



place bouflrht of WUllam Ch&ndler. Daushter, Blinor, the Gardiner 
land In the Town of Greenwich. Son, Henry. Bzeoutoni — ^wife and 
l>rother-in-law, Obidiah Robins. Witnesaee — Abiel Carll, SamL Mc- 
Channan, Geo. Trenchard. Proved 20 April. 1749. Lib. 7, p. 26L 

1741; 5tk day* 9th no. {Amm.). Gardteer, JoMph* of Chesterfield, 
Bnrllnffton Co.; will of. Children — John, James, Katherine and Anne, 
all under agre. Neffro girl to be free at 80. Land in Bordentown I 
booffht of Richard Skirm. Executors — ^wife Katherine, and brothers- 
in-law Thomas and John Ridrway. Witnesses— Amos Willitts, Joseph 
Rogers, Jos. Reckless. Proved Sept. 15, 1742. Lib. 4, p. 829. 

1742, Sept 16. Inventory, £576.17; made by William Bunting and 
Sam'el Woodward, includes 4 Bibles and other books. 

im. May as. Gardlaer, Mathew* of Wellingborrow, Burlington Co., 
mariner; will of. Children — Thomas, Abraham and Mary, all under 
age. Kinsman Joseph Furnis and sister's children. Land now in pos- 
session of John Allen and George Willis, and house and lot in pos- 
session of William Snowden; also land on River Delaware adjoining 
Johnson. Bxecutors — wife, Sarah, and friend Richard Smith, Jun'r, 
of Burlinffton, merchant. Witnesses — ^Robert Lucas, Robert Lucas, 
^un*r, Sam. Scattergood. Proved Sept. 8, 1781. Lib. 8, p. 148. 

1781, Aug. 8. Inventory, £260.8.11 ; made by Robert Lucas and Sam. 
Scattergood. Includes quadrant scale. Callinder and Atkinson's ESpitomy ; 
also hay in partnership with Tho : Hunlock ; bond from Jos : Overton and 
Sam'l Wilson, and a negro man Simon. 

17dg^ May SB. Gardner (Gardiner), Richard* Sr.* of Morris Co. Int. 
Adm'r, Richard Gardner. Jr., yeoman. Bondsman, Richard Fits Ran- 
dolph, of Perth Amboy. 

1749, May 18. Renunciation. Subscribers give consent to Richard 
Gardner to administer on his father's estate. Witnesses — ^Hannah Gardi- 
ner, Rachel Collard. Eljih Collard. 

1749. May 29. Inventory (£85.18.6) includes silver ware. £2.8.0; a box 
iron and goose, 12 shillings. Appraisers — ^Samuel Oowell. Jon. Herring. 

1760, April 26. Account. Paid to Patrick . Macaslin, Isamuel Wash- 
bourn. Peter Courter. Abram Winfeald. Jon. Tarrenton. Samuel Gale, 
Joseph Lawrence, Richard Michel. Peter Decker. William Mountgomery. 
Isaac Tarsort. Morris Wills, 19 N. 

17SS» Jnly 15. Garlick, Joshna, Jr.* of Cape May Co.. yeoman. Int. 
Adm'r, Joshua Garlick, Sr. Fellow bondsman, John Oarlick. both of 
aforesaid County. Witnesses — Jacob Spicer. Silvanus Garlick. 

Lib. 8. p. 357. 

1788, July 21. Account (£60.04.4) includes cattle and sheep. Sworn 
before Jacob Spicer, Surrogate. 

1746* Apr. M. Garliek, Joehna* of Cape May Co., yeoman; will of. 
Wife, Lucy, to have wool and leather at Bllsha Hand's, and all my 
flax if she llVes at Cape May. Mentions wife's daughter, Sarah 
Brooks. Son, John, and grandson Richard Stites (son of my daughter 
Abigail Stites), to have equally my right in the plantation belonging 
to the "Prispeteren Society." Daughters — Abigail Stites. Phebe Smith, 
Rebecca Johnston (had children), and grandson, Abenor (^urch 
(under age). Cattle at Cohansey, and bond due from Ebeneser John- 
son, to my daughter Abigail Stites and her son Richard. Executors— 

Digitized by 



Pauffhter, Abiffail, and srandaon, Richard Stites. WitnMaea — David 
Cresey. Bphraim Edwarda, BlUah Hughes. Proved 6 Au^., 1746. 

Lib. 6, p. SIS. 

1746, Auf. 6. Inventory of personal estate, £88.11.6 ; made by Jer— n ia h 
Hand, Ephralm Edwards. 

ITSO, Sept. as. GamO* Helbecea* of Alio way's Creek, Salem Co.; 
will of. Children — John, Mary, Hannah, Susanah. Executor — ^Bonja- 
min Thompson. Witnesses— Amos Penton, Nathaniel Thompson, Isaac 
Thompson. Proved Dec 8, 1760 . Lib. 6, p. 412* 

1749, AprU IS. Garrleoa* Frederick, Janler, of Salem. Int. Adm'r,. 
Joshua Garrison. Bondsman, Daniel Garrison. Lib. 6. p. 27S. 

1749, April 17. Inventory (£18.1.6) taken at Pilesgrove, Salem County. 
Appraisers — Joseph Champneys, Daniel Garrison. 

1749, March 14. Acco\mt Monies paid Wlllm. Conkelyn, Joseph Taaey, 
Danl. Garrison, Joseph Champneys, Nicholas Gibbon, Abdon Abbit, Archi-^ 
bald McColtestor, Alexander Moore. 

1747, Marck 10. GarHsoa* Joka T., of Salem County. Int Adm'z,. 
Elisabeth Garrison. Bondsman, Abraham Garrison. Witnesses — 
Thomas Nichols, Nich. Gibbon. Lib. 6, p. SO. 

1747, March 9. Inventory, £78.18 ; made by Abraham Garrison, Thomaa 

1746, Dee. 28. Garrltsea (Gcrrltsea), Jacekos, of Somerset Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Sara, the use of real and personal estate durins" 
widowhood to brinff up the two children. Son, Jacobus, to have the 
home-plantation in Somerset Co., if he is of a^e at remarriage or 
decease of widow, and to pay daughter, Sara, £200. If these children 
die under lawful a^e without issue, their portions shall go to "my 
brothers and sisters and to my wife's brothers and sistera" Execu* 
tor — brother, Rem Gerritsen. Overseers — brother, Samuel Gerritsen, 
and •*brother-and-law." John Koerte. Witnesses — Willem Cornel, Wil- 
liam Williamson, Isaac Voorhest. Proved 3 June 1746. Lib. D, p. 891, 

1746, June 6. Inventory (£492.11.8) includes 30 acres of wheat, ISO; 
negroes — man '*Toom," £60 and girl, Peg^e. £40; Dutch testament witk 
silver clasps 8a Made by Lucas Voorhees, Nicholas Veshte, William Cor^ 
nel. Obligations, £274. 

1744p aSad day, Btk ate. {Jmlj), Garwood, Tkoauw, of Evesham, 
Burlinffton Co.; will of. Wife, Margaret, sole executrix. Children-*- 
William, John, Daniel, Thomas, Isaiah, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Ana 
and Ester. Land adjoining Michael Branins. Witnesses — John Col- 
Uns, Michel Branin, William Foster. Proved April 28. 1745. 

Lib. 7, p. 168. 

ITSO^ Mtk day, Otk ate. (AavO* Oaaklll, SaaMel, Jaa^r, of North- 
ampton, Burliairton Co., wheelwright; will of. Daughter, Merlbah. 
Real and personal estate. Executors^-wife and Bamuei Cyjppa Wit- 
nesses— Ebeneser Mott, Adam Farquhar, Jun'r, Henry Jones, Jun'r. 
Proved Jan. 9, 1760. Lib. 7, p. 88. 

1760, 8th day, 11th mo. (Jan.). Inventory, £116.6.8; made by Jeeiab 
Southwick and John Ewin. 

1748, S ate. (Avir*)» Slat da. Gervavd, Rakert, of Greenwich Town* 

Digitized by 



uhip, Glo^o«st«r Co., yeoman; will of. Real and poraoaal Mtaie to bo 
aol4 <oxcept two lots In Philadolphla for wife Marirret). IConey fvom 
tbo sale to be divided into twelve equal parts for the wife (2 parts> 
and children: WiUUm, Sarab (wife of MarUin Bickbam). Maryret 
(wife of Jobn Siiarks), Blisabetb (wife of Jobn Cbew), Tbomas, Oivlo 
(danffbter). Miles (not 21), Jain (not 18), Damsin (not 18), and 
Hackels (not 18). Executors— wife, son William, and Joshua Liord. 
Witnesses — ^Wm. Wilkins. Edward HoUinsbead, Garret Vanaman. 
Sworn and affirmed, 22 Oct., 1748. Lib. 6, p. 71c 

174S, 8 mo. (Oct.), 11. 12 and IS days. Inventory (£460.06.10) includes 
negro man and his bed, £60 ; Bible, £1 ; cattle and sheep. £80.06 ; rye lent 
to John Sparks, blacksmith ; Indian com to Martain Bickbam. Appraisers 
— Jacob Cosens, Wm. Wilkins. 

ir44, Jue 4. Gibbon, Lewuwd, of Salem Co., sent.; will of. "I rive 
equally to my sons Leonard and John Gibbon, when of are, my tract 
of land called Mount Gibbon. The personal estate to be sold (except 
my naffro Sambo, his wife and children) and the interest money neces* 
sary with the rents from the plantation- shall be for the maintaining 
and schooling of my said sons, who at 14, shall be apprenticed," etc. 
If both die under age and without issue, tract and personal estate 
devised to brother Nicholas Gibbon, "whom I appoint executor, with 
William Hancock to act in case of death with my said sona" Wit- 
nesses: Lewis Jones, Hannah Bate, Isaac Browna Affirmed 4 July, 
1744. Lib. 0, p. 2. 

1744, July 4. Letters testamentary granted to Nicholas Gibbon, one 
of tbo executors, (Leonard and John Gibbon not being of lawful age). 

1744, July 2. Inventory of "Leonard Gibbon. Esq.," (£585.00.6.) in- 
ehidea catUe. £87.5 ; wheat, £87.6.8 ; sUver tankard ; large Bible and Nel- 
son's Justice, £4; negro called "Will," £32. Appraisers — Benonl Dare, 
Sanlar Vanhist. Esq. 

ITSg^ ApvU 8. Gibbst Fvaacis* of Mansfield, Burlington Co., yeoman; 
wiU of. Wife, Elisabeth. Children^Ricbard, Francis, Elisabeth and 
Mary. Real and personal estate. Executors — Benjamin and Joseph 
Talman. Witnesses — Caleb Scattergood, Thomas Thompson, Job Tal- 
SMbiiB. Proved May 9, 1760. Lib. 6. p. 845. 

1750, May 8. Inventory. £819.8.4 H; made by John Antram and Job 
TainuuL Includes bonds and bills due from John Thorn. Wm. French. 
Isaac Cogel, James Pugsley. Thoa Hajrs. John Imlay. Peter Kerlin, 
Jonathan Scattergood, John Buffin, Joseph Atkinson. John Atkinson, 
Matthew Forsyth, Caleb Scattergood, Joseph Branson, James Bell. Daniel 
Parker. Jobn Hutchin^ Wm. Rk^ketts. 

1752, Oct. 28. Account of the executors showing pasrments to Richard, 
Elisabeth and Francis Gibbs, Joshua Gile, Jos. Scattergood. Thomas 
Woodward, William Pancoast, Job Ridgway. Alex'r Grant, Joseph Pope, 
BsnJ. Gibbs, Joa Atkinson, Pet. Horsey, Jos. English. Ann Sbaw. John 
Antram. Henry Delalush, John Allen. Jobn Buffin, John English. Isaac 
(Ubba, Jun'r. Joa WHght, Peter Kurlln. Jaa Pugges. 

174S-S* Jaa. IS. (Ubbs, Isaac* of Mansfield, Burlington Co., yeoman; 
wUl of. Wife, Ana, 1-8 of moveable estate, she paying Rebeckah, 
widow of Richard Gibbs, £10. Children of son, Richard, dec'd — lisaac, 
Joseph, Rebeckab and Susannah; the sons to have plantations ad* 
Joining Joseph Pope, Jobn Bufing and Michael Newbold. Children — 
Francis, Isaac> John and Sarah Dickinson. *th% children of son Isaac 

Digitized by 




Oibbs, by his first wif«, rim,, Benjamin, Hanah, Sarah Hutchin, Mary* 
Mareey, Jonathan, Joshua, Susannah, Isaac and Rsbsckah. Children 
of son John, vis., Robert, Martin, Bllsabeth, Bdward and Richard. 
Bxocutors — son, Francis, and Joseph Pope. Witnes se s W illiam Pan* 
coast, Caleb Scattersood, Joshua Scattergrood. Proved June 28, 1760. 

1749, Joseph Pope declines to accept executorship. 

Lib. 6, p. S18. 

1749, Sept. 22. Inventory, £805.19; made by Benja. Tallman and Jos. 

1750, June 16. Bond of Joseph Pope, yeoman, of Mansfield, as ad- 
ministrator of estate, left unadministered by Francis Oibbs. William 
Skeeles, fellow bondsman. 

1767, July 20. Account of Samuel Black, one of the executors of Joseph 
Pope, dec'd, who was survivinir executor of Isaac Oibbs, Sen'r, of BCans- 
field. Payments to J. Scattergood, Peter Harvey, BenJ. Talman, Wkn. 
Picketts, Benjamin Oibbs, F. Hammel, Ella. Cowgill, Ann Cowgrill*. and 
legacies paid Jno. Allen in riffht of his wife, Rebeckah, Jno. Hutchin In 
rlffht of his wife, BenJ., Jno. and Mary Oibbs, Raworth Beck in right of 
his wife, Jno. Hammel, Jun'r, in right of his wife, Joshua, Susannah, Isaac, 
Jun'r. and Rebecca Oibbs, executors of F. Oibbs, Sarah Dickinson, Isaac, 
Martin and Rob't Oibbs, EHis. Davenport, Bdw'd, Isaac and Rich'd Oibba 

17S7* Feb. M. Glbke« IUekard» of Mansfield, Burlinffton Co., yeo- 
man. Administration on estate flrranted to Rebecca Oibbs, widow. 
Joseph Pope and Archibald Silver, of Burlington, yeoman, fellow 
bondsmen. Lib. 4, p. 187. 

1787, Feb. 20. Inventory, £118.16.8 ; made by Benjamin Talman and 
William Pancoast, Jun'r. 

1739, July 18. Account of Rebecca Oibbs, widow, having paid moneys 
to Mary Rockhill. William Collum. Benjamin Carter. Nathan Lovett, 
Barallla Newbold, James Antrum, Margaret Barton, Francis Oibbs. James 
Brown, John Buffin, Joseph Pope. Mary Smith. Jr.. Preserved Brown. Jr.. 
John Harvey, Oeorge Morris. Isaac Oibbs, Peter Turlln. John Beck, Bd- 
ward Bolton, Paul Marchant. Joseph Rose. Oeorge Ash, Thomas Hunlock. 
Richard Smith, Jun'r, Caleb Raper. 

1788, Oet. 1. Gibson* Jasies, formerly of Dublin in the Kingdom 
of Ireland, now of Middletown, Monmouth Co., merchant; will of. 
To be buried at the English Church in Shrewsbury at discretion of 
friend, Mr. Oeorge Taylor, of Middletown, merchant One half of 
estate to mother, Anne Olbson, of City of Dublin, widow; if dead, 
then to testator's brother, Benjamin Gibson, of Dublin, merchant, and 
sister Anne Gibson. Other half of estate to Mr. Oeorge Taylor. BSxeou- 
tors — friends James Hutchlns and John Bowne, minor, both of Mid- 
dletown, Esquires. Witnesses — Nicholas Johnson, Lambert Willson, 
Charles Henderson. Proved Dec. 22. 1738. Lib. C, p. 282. 

1788-9, Jan. 29. Inventory (£126.0.03%) includes 2 pieces of garlick. 
28 yards of calliminko, 19 yards muslin. 13 yards Stroudwaters, 18 yards 
crape. 27 cotton handkerchiefs, large English Bible, 11 augers. 12 gim- 
blets, haberdashery ware, a gun, Woods Institutes and other books 
(£2.0.0). bond of Thomas Willet, William Patten and James 0>nner. 2 
English plows, an old fiddle. Made by Nicholas Johnson, Joseph Ooulder 
and Tennis Swart. 

1788-9. March 8. John Bowne declines to serve as executor. 

1741-a^ Feb. !•. Gibson* Lake* of Deptford, Gloucester Co., yeoman; 

Digitized by 



wtll of. Wife, Saimb. Oldest son, Luke, to h&ve plantation (tOO 
acres); also the crlat-mlll and 100 acres adjolnlns, he to pay leffaoles 
to my danffhters, Mary, Sarah, Rebekah and Hannah, when they will 
he 21. Remaining lands upon Mantua Creek to be dhrlded equally 
amonc my sons, Caleb, William and Joshua. The plantation, adjoln- 
Isff land of John Brown, deceased, upon a branch of Woodbury Creek, 
to be sold. Executors— wife, and son, Luke Oibson. Witnesses 
Obadlah Gibson, Thomas Leeds, Michael Fisher. Affirmed < Feb., 1774. 

Lib. 6, p. 70. 
1744-6, Jany. 17. Inventory (£222.16.2) includes wheat and rye, 
nteosilB in the giist-mlll, com In the ground, cattle and hay. Appraisers- 
Isaac Stephens, Obadlah Oibson. 

1741«a^ 1 ate. (Mavch), Sad da. Olbsoa, Obadlali, of Deptford, Glou- 
cester Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary, the estate, "desirinflr her 
to pay the interest of the bonds which I put to use to John Lord's 
estate towards schooling the children, the same to be paid her chil- 
dren equally." If unborn children they to have my lands, otherwise, 
at wife's decease, same shall be my brother's, Joseph Gibson's, ex- 
cepting legacies he shall pay to my brother Luke and two sons of 
my brother John Gibson. Executors — wife and Joseph Lord. Wit- 
nesses: William Carson, Silvester Sharp, Michael Fisher. Proved 20 
Feb.. 174S. Lib. 6, p. 106. 

174S. 10 mo. (Dec.). 26 da. Inventory (£ — ) includes Bible and books, 
C£1.4). Appraisers— Habakkuk Ward, Moses Wkrd. 

178S» Nov. •• GUHam, David* of Wallpack, Hunterdon Co., husband- 
man. Int. Adm'r, Thomas Brink, of Wallpack, gentleman. 

1722-4. March 16. Inventory of estate of "David Glffln," weaver. 
C20.4.0. including, a ffun, and 7% pounds weiflrht thread for weavinflr at 
28. per pound. Made by Derick Karmer and Ruliph Brink. Witnessed 
by John Hyndshaw. Hunterdon Wills, 102 J. 

174X Aw* as. GUTord* Joha, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., who 
deceased Sept. 1, 1742. Bond of John Gifford, the son, and Samuel 
Borrowe, son-in-law. as administratora John Thomson and Alexander 
Cames, fellow bondsmen. Lib. C. p. 626. 

1744. Auff. 14. Inventory (£632.19.8) includes notes of Jas. Dudley, of 
North Carolina. Ephralm Jones, Edward Ryans. John Boker, Thomas 
Johnston, Henry Dally. Robert Lucas, John Stevens Jaques. Richard 
Buckalew. Thos. Cook, James Dickinson. Wm. and Mary Hiders, Georse 
West. Abraham Kierslake. Henry Molhall. Joseph Gaywill. Thoa Law- 
rence. Henry Vemey. John Williams. Paul Painter. 

1746-6, Jan. 27. Account. Debts paid to James Baily. Isabella Clark. 
Will. Jordon. Joa Wriffht. Bfargaret Duddel. Peter Rutcers. Ant. Rutgars, 
Annely and Lewis. Wm. Thompson. EUisha Inslee. Joa Coe, Francis 
Brasier. Henry Inclls. Samuel Moore. Joseph Marsh. James Newel. David 
Elston, James Abrams, Charles Olirord of London, Obediah Ayres, Doctor 
David Hays, Thoa Fox. WIU. Burnet. Jno. Watson. Alex. Cames. Rich'd 
Buckalew. Alex'r Thompson. James Haywood, And'w Johnston. Thoa 
Bartow. Ben. DaUy. John Hull. Jon. Nisbit. J. Gilford. Philip Kearny, 
Thos. Johnston, Thoa Lawrence, John Williams. James Dudly. Edward 
Ryan, Robert Lucas, (j^eorte West. Abraham Kierslake. Henry Molhall. 

17d4» Jmmm SB. GUchrlst, Marloa, of Woodbridffe, Middlesex Co., 
widow of Robert Gilchrist, deceased; will of. Nsflrroes. Solomon, Mary 

Digitized by 



and Cornelias, for ctrll behaviour and obedience to me In my old ape, 
to have their freedom, as specified in indenture from John Mootrr* 
Rev. Kr. John ailchrist. Minister of the Gk>8pel in Parish of Bederule, 
In Shire of Roxborouffh, in North Brittain, one third of my estate 
Alexander Orierson, in the Parish of Debrayshlre, of Oallaway. in Nortti 
Brittain, one third of estate. John, son of John Cowan, deceased, of 
Dlswenton, in the Parish of Kirkmahoe, Shire of Nidesdale. in North 
Brittain, one-third of estate, but in case of his death to his brothers 
or sisters. Executors — friends Robert Hude, Bsq., and Thomas Ed^ar, 
merchant. Witnesses— Edward Crowell, James Brown, Oeor^e Brown. 
Proved July 17, 1746. Lib. D, p. lOT. 

1785, Dc«. 6. OUdemcester, Christopher, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex 
Co. Int. Adm'rs, Henry Schleydom and Cadwallader Williams, botl& 
of New York. Evan Drummond and John Deare, fellow bondsmen. 

Lib. C, p. 67. 
1742, May 10. Above administrators being stranrors and not bavins' 
administered the estate, Samuel Nevill, eldest brother of Sarah Glide- 
master, widow, appointed administrator. John Nevill, fellow bondsman. 

Lib. C. p. S0«. 

1785, Feb. M. OlMenaccster (OUdemaster), Samh, of Perth Amboy, 
Middlesex Co.. widow. Int. Adm'r. John Nevill. Lib. C, p. 70. 

1748, April 11. Gill, Johm, of Newtown, Gloucester Co., yeoman. 
Int. Adm'x, Ann, his widow. Bondsmen, Joseph Thackery, Joseph 
Heritage, Junior, all of same place. Witness — ^Thomas Gill. 

Lib. 4, p. S7». 

1748. Dec. 8. Inventory (£888.8.(» includes cattle £75.10.0. Appraisers 
— Joseph Heritage. Junior, Joseph Thackray. 

1749, Mareh 80. Cdll, Joha, of Haddonfleld, Gloucester Co., yeoman; 
will of. Granddaughter, Mary (land Joining John Maxells in Haddon- 
field). Grandsons — Thomas (land adjoining his sister's lot), and John 
(land adjoining his brother's), children of my daughter Hannah, wife 
of Thomas Redman. Mary and Mercy, daughters of my son John Gill, 
lots described by Jacob Heullngs, the 13 of 4th mo., 1747, Joining their 
father's land. Wife, Mary, sole executrix and to have residue of 
lands at Haddonfleld and the meadows by Joslah Kay's. Witnesses — 
John Maxell, John Hillman, Jun., Daniel Hlllman, Jun. Affirmed 6 
June, 1749. Lib. 6. p. 881. 

178a> Feb. 18. GUlam, (OUkMa, Ovilham), Robert^ of Springfield, 
Burlington Co., yeoman (whose will was dated March 27. 1728). Ac- 
count of Jonathan Wright and Thomas Scattergood, Ju'r, eitecutors, 
showing pasrments to Solomon Smith for the coffin for deceased and 
for one of his children, Jonathan Wright, Samuel Bickley. Dr. John 
Brown, Ebeneser Large, Wm. White, Rowland Ellis, Caleb Raper, Wm. 
C^ollum. John Parsons, Jona. Fowler, James Thomson, Daniel Smith, 
Jun'r, Wm. Cook. Sam'l Scattergood, Rich'd Smith. Sen'r, John Daw- 
son, John Schooley, Wm. Cutler, Thomas Scott, Ex'r of Abraham 
Scott. (For will, see N. J. Archives, vol 28. p. 186). 

1782, Feb. 18. Matthew Willson. of Springfield, yeoman, and Ann his 
wife, late Ann Gillam, widow, residuary legatee of Robert Oillam ; receipt 
for their share of estatei Builington Wills. 842t-48 C. 

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1747» Dec. 5. 0illmBi, Rakert* of Northampton, Burlinirton Co.; 
will of. Daughter, Ruth, the clothes that was her mother*! (my 
former wife), that are at the house of Joseph Ltppincott. Brother, 
John Olllam. Real and personal estate. Executors — ^wtfe, Grace, and 
Joseph Llppincott. Witnesses — ^Peter Andrews, Joseph Ltppincott, 
John Qrlmes, Ju'r, John Oillam. Proved Jan. 16, 1747-8. 

Lib. 5, p. 498. 

1747-8, Jan. 16. Inventory, £129.1.4 H ; made by James Llppincott and 
Peter Andrews. 

17SS» N«v. 9. GlllekrUit* Rokcrt* of Woodbridffe, Middlesex Co., 
fent.; will of. Wife, Marion. Legrades to Presbyterian Meetin^- 
hottses at Woodbridge and Perth Amhoy; to Rev. John Pierson, Rev. 
Gilbert Tennent, Evlenes Dromment, ^sq., and John Dear, for their 
civility, and charge of my deceased son, James; also to Andrew Hay 
and Thomas Jackman Fontyme. Wife, sole executrix; Robert Hude, 
John Mootrie and James Brown, all of Woodbridge, assistants. If 
wife dies without a will, residue of estate to be sent to cousin John 
OiUchrist, minister of Beedearowell, in Shire of Roxborough (Scot- 
land). Mentions brother James and cousin, Robert OiUchrist . Wit- 
nesses — ^Edward Crowell, 'Ton Die," Ad. Hude. Proved Jan. 26, 1788. 

Lib. B, p. 481. 

lT5«w Feb. Ig. GUlchrkrt* Tkoataa. of Salem Co. Int. Adm'rs, Daniel 
Murfy and Margaret Murphy, late Margrett Qilchrist. Bondsman, 
Adam Clark. All of Penns Neck, Salem County. Witnesses — Danl. 
Mestayer, Nich Gibbon. Lib. 8, p. 93. 

1749, Jan. 22. Inventory (£87.13.6) taken at Penns Neck, includes his 
armour, £4.10 ; 18 swine, 16 shillings. Appraisers — Jacob Comealesson. 
BseUel Hardin. 

1748, Mmr S#* Gillfcai, Lvcaa, of Mansfleld« Burlington Co., hus- 
bandman. Int. Ann Gillham, widow, renounces administration, and 
requests that John Gilham, of Northampton, husbandman and brother 
of deceased, may be appointed administrator. Witnesses— Hannah ' 
Indicott, Patrick Byrne. 

1748, May 80. Inventory of the persona] estate, £66.8 ; made by E^dward 
MuUen and Thomas Foster. 

1748, . Account of John Gillam, administrator. Paid Sam'll 

How. Wm. Murrel, Ruben Bldridge, Sam'll Atkinson, John Richardson, 
flam'l Powell, Jonathan Hough, 2tebulon Brown. Thos. Shtnn. Ester Brown. 
Patrick Bum, John Lawton, Joseph Ehidoott. William Buddell, Solomon 
(Mortis, Daniel Smith. Jacob Johnson, Michael Mackivoy. William Folwell. 
BUsabeth Shhm, William Morris. Burlington Wills. 3707-16 C. 

ITSSt Jaa. SI. OIllJohBsoSt Giles* of Salem County. Int. Adm*r, 
Brrick OlllJohnson. Bondsmen — Oney Sefrus Stanley, John Sinnick. 
All of satd (^unty. Witnesses — Sinick Sinnickson, Dan. Mestayer. 

Lib. 3, p. 892. 

1788, Jan. 21. Inventory (£64.10.0) includes riding horse, guns and 
sword; accounts brot. against Also Pennington, James Whitten. Joseph 
Lws, Jacob Patten, John Stanley. Appraisers — John Stnnlck, Oney Slfrus 

lfSl« 4aa. 9f. Gttliaa, Jeftm, of Piles Grove, Salem Co., yeoman. 
lat. Adm'f, Betijamln Aoton, of Salem town, merchant Bondsman, 
John Doe. Witness — John Rolfe. Lib. 8, p. 204. 

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17S1. Jan. 27. Inventory (£71.1t.2) includes catUe and aalvee. Ap- 
praleers — Obedlah Loyd, ICalaoby Davie. 

1741* May SB. Gilmaa. CIuwIm* of Woodbridffe, Middlesex Co.; 
will of. Cbildren — Jamee Clarkeon Oilman and John Oilman, botb 
under ase. Sistere— Mary Oilman, Christian Freeman, Susannah Moor. 
Real and personal estate. Bzecu tors— wife, Sarah, and father-in-law, 
James Clarkson. Witnesses— Samuel Crowell, Moses Bishop, Will'm 
Sarjeant. Proved June 20, 1741. Lib. C, p. 422. 

1741, June 8. Inventory, £116.7.6; made by John Moobrey and Abra- 
ham Tappen. 

1744, June 8. Account of James Clarkson, executor, who has paid 
debts to Joseph Bloomfleld, Jonathan Randolph, John Heard, John Morris, 
John Fletcher, Jonathan Freeman, Sicil Sergeant, Jacob Oakee, Francis 
Costisan, Jonathan Kinsey, Abraham Tappen, Sam'll Moore of Raway, 
Nath'll Randolph, blacksmith, Moses Collier, Benony Freeman, Joseph 
Donham, David Alford, John Robinson, John Gilford, John Mutrey, Peter 
Kymbal, Fenwick Loyal, John Pangbom, Benjamin Bloomfleld, Goen Eddy, 
Thomas Bvans, James Wllkison, John Low, John Noe, Jun'r, Patrick Mc- 
Kevers, Sam'll Moore, John Waller, Henry Cuyler, Henry Freeman, Wm. 
Burnet, James Tomson, Richard Williams, John Freeman, Thomas Edgar, 
James Hude, Sam'll Crow, Obadiah Byres, John Robinson, David Perkins, 
Isabella Randolph, Richard Carmen, ReVd Skinner, Sam'll Randolph. 
Nath'll Randolph, BenJ. Kinsey. Debts due estate from Joseph £<yres, 
Matthew Bunn, David Herriot, Michael Moore, John Herriot, Ephraim 
Lockhart, John Shotwell, Jonathan D^yuiis, Eliphalet Jones, Henry Moore, 
Timothy Bloomfleld, John Morris. Jun'r, Samuel Nevil, James Thompson. 

1746, May 26. Account of William Oilman, who married the widow 
of said deceased, includes bonds due to Isabael FitsRandolph, Thos. Had- 
den, Henry Freeman, Ursila Parker, Qershom Conger '*for cloathing and 
learning to the two sons for about eight years." 

1747, J\me 28. Account Bond of EUisha Parker and Charles Oilman 
to Marion Gilchrist. Bond of Elisha Parker and BenJ'n Bloomfleld to 
Henry Freeman. 

1788, Jvae 5. Ollmam (GlUmaa), Joseph, of Woodbridge, Middlesex 
Co. Int. Adm'x, Elisabeth Oilman, his widow. Lib. B, p. 409. 

1748, Feb. 27. Olvis, Thomas, of Essex Co. Int. Adm'x, Rebecah 
Oivln, widow. Daniel Pierson, Esq., fellow bondsman. Lib. E, p. 562. 

175<N March 8. Ckible, Damlel, of Morristown, Morris Co., yeoman; 
will of. Sons — ^Daniel and John (of age); Benjamin, Stephen and 
William (minors). Daughters — Sary Leonard, Hannah Axtell, Jem- 
ime, Elisabeth, Mary and Martha Ooble (four unmarried and not 18). 
Real and personal estate. Executor — ^brother, Robert Ooble, and 
Ruben Winget. Witnesses— Benjamin Conger, Simeon Ooble, Caleb 
Fairchild. Proved 6th April, 1760. Lib. E, p. 409. 

1788, April 88. Godfrey, Aadrew, of Cape May Co.; will of. Wife, 
Elisabeth, the plantation to live on during widowhood, after which 
son James and his heirs to have the same. Sons Philip and Andrew 
to have equally a tract lying up Great Egg Harbour River. Legacies 
to daughters Anne (eldest), Tibltha, Rebecca and RacheL Elxecutors 
— wife, Elisabeth, and son James. Witnesses — Jacob Garretson, Peter 

Digitized by 



Oorson. John Leonard. Prored 15 July, 1736. Letter! rranted Auff..|4. 

Lib. 4. p. 6S. 
17St, May 24. Inventory (£367.6.9) includes necro man Dae (il4), 
necro noan (£26), 87 cattle (£63.16.00), 40 eheep. 8 horses, 28 swine. 
Appraisers — Henry Youn^. John Willets. 

ITSl; Dee. !•• QotoviM, C eer ge , of Burlinffton Co., mariner; will of. 
Wife, Jane, and son, William, all my lands, provided they come into 
the Province to claim it within five years after my decease; other- 
wise to go to my brothers and sisters — John Ooforth, William, Oeorse 
and Susannah Robinson. Executor — brother William Robinson. Wit- 
nesses — John Jones, James Moon, John Wllldin. Is. DeCow. Proved 
Jan. 22, 1782. Lib. 8, p. 242. 

17», 4«l7 at. Goldla» WlUUua, of Tuckaho, Cape May Co., yeoman. 

Int. Admr, Nathan Gtoldin, yeoman. Fellow bondsman — Joseph 

. Goldin, yeoman. Both of the County aforesaid. Witnesses— Henry 

Younff, Elias Gandy, Jacob Spicer. Lib. 4, p. 28. 

1786, July 26. Inventory (£61.06.0^) includes catUe (£16.10.0), lumber 

. in the swamp, and pine boarda Appraisers — ^Henry Youns, Blias Gandy. 

174^9 M arek 23. Oaldy, Jeeepk, of Gloucester Township, Gloucester 
Co., iTuardian of David, 14 yrs. and upwards, son of Daniel Wills, 
late of Burlington Co., merchant. Bondsman, Jonathan Thomas. 
Witness, Rob. Smith. Gloucester Wills, 444 H. 

mu S mo. (May), » da. Goodwin, Joka, of Salem, bricklayer; will 
of. Wife, Susanna, executrix, and whole estate during widowhood, 
she paying debts with the help of my son. Joseph, as executor, when 
he will be 21. Daughter, Mary Jones, that part of the home lot, 
beff inning front (60 ft.) at Thomas Mason's line. Joseph all the front 
from my aforesaid daui^hter's corner; also the new house and barn 
with all the land and marsh. Son, John, when 21, shall have front 
from Joseph's corner, together with the old house and shop. Youngest 
sons, Thomas and William, when of a^e, remaining land joining Isaac 
Satterwalth. Witnesses — James Axford. James Butterfleld, Elisabeth 
Axford. Proved 16 May, 1783. Letters issued to Susannah Goodwin, 
(in the absence of Joseph Goodwin, the other executor). Lib. 3. p. 316. 

1783. May 11. Inventory ( £184.6.4 V&) includes cattle, oxen, sheep and 
lambs. Debtors — Saml. Morgen, Samuel Thompson. Jona. Wadlngton. 
Ranier Gregory. 

1742* Jaly 1<I. Goodwin, Joseph, of Salem Co. Int. Adm'x, Sarah 
Goodwin (relict), of Salem. Bondsmen — Joseph Hayens. of same town 
and county, carpenter, and Robert Townsend, of Cape May, gent. 
Witnesses — Wm. Fraser. Bn. Judah. Lib. 4, p. 876. 

1742. July 12. Inventory (£260) includes cattle, horses, sheep and 
servant. Appraisers — Thos. Thompson, Wlllm. Peake. 

1744, March 13. Account. Cash paid Joseph Sharp. John Scoggin. 
Eliz. Jones. Joseph Sharp, Exr.. John Hall. Exr., John McKenny. William 
Murdock. Jonathan Driver. Isaac Sharp. Robt. Hart, Thos. Hoskins. 
(Charles Reding. Peter Ryal. Wm. Chandler. Rachl. Shields. John Rolph. 
(Charles Conner, Saml. McClanning. Wm. Gregg. Sarah Turner. Phebe 
Saterthwaite. Benjamin Elaton, Revd. M. John Pierson. Abner Penton, 
Roger Sherron, Ann Nicholson. Danl. Bradrifth, William Crabb, Ann 
Macket, Thos. Thompson. Wm. Murdoch, John Scogin. Wm. Tate. Erasmus 

Digitized by 



Fetters, Cornl. Hart. DanL Huddy. Or., by insolyent book debts, via: 
Thoa. Rice. Hu^h Merly, Malakiah Lone. Joa Ware, Wm. Raooaon. Zacha. 
Field. Richd. Craven. 

1789->40b Marck 19, Gordon* Ckartea, of Freehold, Monmouth Co.» 
yeoman; will of. Son, Peter, remainder of land at Matcheponiz. pur- 
chased of Oeorffe Loffly and John Gordon. Sons, Charles and David, 
' the home plantation. David's part to include house and orchard. 
Daughters — Lyda and Elisabeth. Son, John. Granddaughter. Mary 
Ker. Executors — friends William and Samuel Ker. Witnesses — Tim- 
othy Lloyd, Archibald Craige, John Campbell. Proved April 8, 1740. 

Lib. C, p. 82t. 

1739-40, March 24. Inventory. £175.8.10; made by David Rhe. John 
Anderson, Joseph Forman. 

1744p De«. 8. Gordoa* JaMiet, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., widovr 
of Thomas Gordon, Esq.. deceased; will of. Mudy, son of my son An- 
drew Gordon. Lewis Carree. son of .my daughter Margaret Stelle. 
John, son of my daughter Mary Brown. Granddaughter, Katherine 
Kearny. Grandson, Thomas Stelle at 21. Rev. William Skinner of 
Perth Amboy, £25. Mrs. Catherine Lyell, my tea furniture. Mra Jane 
Lyell, my dressing table. 500 acres I had from son Thomas in Mid- 
dlesex Co.; 400 acres in Elisabeth Town; 800 acres, called Mount 
Arrarrat. purchased of John. Ireland. Executor — son, John Gordon. 
Witnesses — James Newell, Andrew Robinson, Lawr. Smsrth. 

1744. Dec. 9. CodiciL Eldest son of son Thomas to have daughter 
Stelle's share. Bbcecutors — ^Rev. William Skinner and son John. Wit- 
nesses — ^Alexr. Mackdowell. Mary Mackdowell, Lawrence Smyth. Proved 
Jan. 12. 1744. 

1744-5. Jan. 12. John Gordon qualified as one of executors, being 
Quaker. Lib. D, p. 128. 

174e. Jmne 11. G«eaer» Akm» of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co.. gentle- 
woman; will of. Children — John, and Thomas Atkinson, Sarah, Han- 
nah, Mary and Elisabeth. Susanna and Rachel Atkinson, daughters 
of son John. Ann, daughter of son Thomas. Grandson, Timothy At- 
kinson, large unbound Bible. Apprentice, Rebecca Dean. Real and 
personal estate. Friends* Meeting House, £5. Executors — son Thom- 
as, William Brittain and Nathaniel FitsRandolph, smith. Witnesses^ 
John Bloomfleld, Philip Doddridge. Jonathan Toms. Proved Jan 18, 
1740. Lib. C, p. 87i. 

17S1, May 17. Q^mmer (Oovsney* Oavsvey), Jokn, of Woodbridge, 
Middlesex Co., yeoman; will of. Brother, Henery Gausney. farm I live 
on. Executors — wife, Anne, and friend Edward Crolle. Wltnessea— 
Paul Tharp, Job Conger, Wm. Robison. Proved July 12, 1784. 

Lib. B, p. 680. 

1748, Sept. g. Ck>«ld, Aaae» of Trenton Township, Hunterdon Co.; 
' will of. Son. Samuel Leonard; son. Morris Leonard; negro boy, called 
Primus; daughter, Ann Eldridg. Children — Nathaniel Leonard, 
Morris Leonard, Elisabeth Gould, Francis Gould. Daughter, Elisa- 
beth Gould, to have two negro girls, called '*Cate" and "Little Ginne,'* 
also a chest of drawers at my mother, Francis Horner's. Daughter, 
Francis Gould, £100. in hands of my mother, Francis Horner, and 
negro woman Ginne, negro boy Jack, negro girl Rose and chest of 
drawers at Henry Lotts; also five acres of land in Trenton Town- 

Digitized by 



■hip. at the Cross Roads, near William Mott's school house, where a 
loff house stands. Reversion to testator's son. Samuel Leonard's eldest 
son. Residue to daughters, Blisaheth and Francis Oould. Executors 
— dauirhter Blisaheth Oould and William Mott Witnesses — ^Zacha- 
rlah Howard. Mary Wills. Esther Howard. Proved Feh. 16. 1748-9. 

Lih. 6. p. 69. 

174S-9. F^b. 16. William Mott renounced executorship, authorising 
Joseph Wanell (?) and Abraham Cottnam. attomeys-at-law. to exhibit 
his renunciation. Witnessed by John Chambers. 

174S-9, Feb. 18. Inventory (£226.2.6) includes a neffro woman. Oinne. 
£S0 : cash lent to Francis Homer. £100 ; negro. Jack. £80 ; negro. C^ate, £28 ; 
negro. Rose £26 ; negro. Prime. £26 ; negro. Oinne. £18 ; Samuel Leonard's 
bond. Made by Peter Lott and Stephen Rose. 

1748* Jmkr S. Oomld. Jasiee* Be««lre» of Trenton. Hunterdon Co.. 
attomey-at-law. Int. Adm'rs. Anne Oould. the widow, and Alexander 
Lockart of same place, gentleman. 

1764. May 7. Bond of (George Tucker, of Hunterdon County, black- 
anith. Samuel Tucker of same place, merchant, and Joseph Hollinshead 
of the City of Burlington. Esquire. (George Tucker as administrator of 
estate of James Oould. E^squire. Remaining unadminlstered by Anne 
(k>uld. late administratrix, at time of death of the said Anne. 

Hunterdon Wills, 168 J. 

17S1* Dec X9. Oomldea* Jasiee* of Woodbridge. Middlesex Co.. yeo- 
man; will of. Son, Richard, under age. Expected child. Real and 
personal estate. Executors — wife. Mary, Richard Herrlman. James 
Thompson. Witnesses — John Blake, Mich'll Vaughton, Martha Byileld. 
Not proven. Lib. B. p. 292. 

174B* N«T. ». Oo«Mlag» Oeorse* of "Rhoad Island." merchant. Int. 
Adm'r. John Story, of Little Bggharbour, Burlington Co., yeoman. 
Edward Rd. Price, fellow bondsman. Witnesses — Ephraim Story and 
Jos. Scattergood. Lib. 6, p. 186. 

1741* Dec. ai. OrahaaM WllUaai* of Salem County, laborer. Int. 
Adm'r. William Oraham. "only cousin appearing to be in the Province 
aforesaid." of Piles Orove. yeoman. Bondsmen — Alexander King, yeo- 
man, and EMward Hughes of same place, carpenter. Witness — Wil- 
liam Tuft. Lib. 4. p. 816. 

179S, S4th day, l»tk aio. (Dec). Ondi«e» Matthew, of Nottingham, 
Burlington Co.. y^man; will of. Land adjoining Caleb Wheatley. 
which I reserved when I sold my plantation, 28rd day, 10th mo. (Dec.), 
1708. Samuell Wright. Senior, of Nottingham, batchelor. sole legatee 
and executor. Witnesses— Caleb Wheatley. Ruben Powell, William 
Bmley. Proved June 7. 1740. Lib. 4. p. 240. 

1748* Jmmm 4. Oraadvai, Jeha, of Cape May Co. Int. Adm'x. Cath- 
arina Orandum. widow. No bondsman. Witnesses — Stephen Young. 
Philip Oodfrey. 

1742-2. Mar. 4. Inventory (£49.1.8) includes TeeUment (£0.6.0). 
winter grain on the ground, the lease of 160 acres of land for 4 years, 
which was purchased. Appraisers — John Townsend. Silvantis Townsend. 

Cape May Wills. 109 E. 

ins, Jmmm 17. Oniage, Catherlae. of Nottingham. Burlington Co.. 

Digitized by 



spinster; will of. Elisabeth, dan. of Samvel Wrlffht of Nottlncbam, 
the latter executor and residuary legatee. Benjamin Davis, senraiit 
«»f Samuel Wright. Wm. ESmley, of Nottingham, yeoman, £8 In trust 
for Women's - Meeting of Chesterfield. Witnesses — Caleb Wbeatley. 
Sarah Readford, William Bmley. Proved Jan. 10, 17S7. Lib. 4, p. 125. 

1T4S» May •. Graat» MavM* of Somerset Co., yeoman; will of. 
Wife. Martha. Children— Marey, Grant and John. Qrandchildren — 
Jeannet, Martha, Margaret, David and Mary Parker (minors). Son. 
Grant, all estate and to pay the daughter, Marey, and grandchildren 
leffaoies bequeathed to them. Bxecutors-^wlfe, Martha, and son, John 
Grant Witnesses — ^Robrt. Kirkpatrick. Alexdr. M. Cullavh, Brioe 
Rikey. Proved 27 October, 1743. Lib. D, p. 94. 

1744, JaM. Mw Gmyt HoMiy, of Greenwich Township, Gloucester 
Co., merchant; will of. Wife, Esther, present Estate I now live 
upon or until my daughter, Sarah Gray (alias Harriss) will be 18. 
Executor — Robert Zane, Senior. Witnesses — Wm. Wilkins, Isaac At- 
kinson, Thomas Wood. Affirmed 13 Feb., 1744. Lib. 6, p. 188. 

1744*6, Feb. 8. Inventory, £162.10.6; made by Hance Steelman, Thoe. 

1748, Marck B4. Qniy, Jobs, of Gloucester Co. Int. Adm'x, Ann, 
his widow. Bondsmen^Gilbert Alberson, yeoman, of same place and 
William Spafford, of Philadelphia, merchant. Lib. 6, p. 16. 

1748. March 17. Inventory, £118.0.10%: made by John Sedden. Abr. 
Chattin, Junior. 

1749. Nov. 29. Account of Anne Patlsson, late Ann Gray, adm*x of 
her husband, John Gray, late of Gloucester, merchant. C^ash paid to Dr. 
Gray, Edwd. Richardson. Henry Sparks. William Kimsey. William 
Hambleton, Margaret Garrett, James Woods, Jno. Brown, Thoe. Woods, 
Estate of Thos. Norbury. deceased, Margery Webb, Abra'm Chattin. 
Junior, C^pt. Gus. Hufton. Robt. Boggs. Jos. Laed Elgr, for letter of 
administration. Levy Pearce, Jam's Hincksman, C^eorge Allen, Jno. Black- 
wood, Thos. Sparks, Willm. Spafford, Jam's Whitehead. Jam's Cooper, 
Moses Wlard, Thos. Kimsey (acct. as per Abram. (Chattin. Jun.), Jams 
Thomas, Francis Hadock. Christy Greenherst, Abrah'm (^batten, Sen., 
Deborah Gosch. Dehoris Farrell. Bills due Estate of Capt. Jas. Smith, 
William Hugg, George Morris. Archibald Ingraham, Alexander Beale, 
Thos. Taylor. Jno. Sparks, Elias Cabell. 

1787, Jvly 18. Gray. Joseph, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co., mariner. 
Int. Bond of Eunice Gray, the widow, as administratrix on estate 
of her husband. Benjamin Gray, of Woodbridge, and George Badgly, 
of Elizabeth Town, felloW bondsmen. Witness — Ebeneser Lyon. 

Lib. C, p. 172. 

1740, AoiT. 10. Gray, Joseph, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., yeoman; 
will of. Children — Benjamin, Nathaniel. Ebeneser. Andrew, Hannah 
Cole, Eunice Tingley, Mary, Ann and Abigail Gray. Lands bought 
of John Lea, Justice Bloomfield and joining lands of Joseph Olliver, 
BenJ'n Rolfe. Richard Walker. Executors — wife, Elisabeth, and son 
Ebeneser. Witnesses — Ese. Bloomfield, Richard Walker, Moses Rolfe. 
Proved Dec. 5. 1740. Lib. C, p. 864. 

1750. Jnae 1. Gray, Natkaaiel, of Borough of Elisabeth, Essex Co., 
weaver; will of. Children — Nathaniel, Jeneres, William and John. 

Digitized by 


CALENDAR OP WILLS — 1730^1750' 205 

Land Jolntnc land* of Jaeob D«ffanno. Joseph Phraioo. Bz«cutora— 
vlfo, Martha, and Benjamin Pettlt. Wltnoaaes — Silvanua Oakler» John 
TanZMklos, WiUlam Jones. Proved Not.- 9» 1760. Llh. P, p. 14. 

17BB* l^eh. IS. Gray* RIehard, of Newton Township, Olonoester Co^ 
jreoman; will of. Legacies to vranddauffhters — ^Hannah, Sarah, Mary 
and Ann when 21« children of my daughter Ann, wife of SamuelBar- 
roiMThs, yeoman, of County aforesaid. Mentions Robert Kearld. All 
lands to my son« John, whom I appoint executor with my son-ln-lawv 
Samuel Burroughs. Witnesses — Sarah Norris, Jonathan Bills. Amos 
Ashead. Affirmed 4 Peb.. 1736. Lib. 4, p. St. 

1788»«, March 18. Inventory (£48.1.2) Includes debts from Margery 
Webb, Robert Kerld. Aaron Upln. Appraisers — John Kay, Amos Ashead. 

174r* April 1». Oreaeoa, Jeha, of Mushiticoye In Queens Co.. New 
York; will of. Priend, William Lawrence, silver shoa buckles. 
Prlend, Joseph Coles, Sen'r, and his sons, Joseph and Caleb Coles, 
remainder of estate. Real and personal estate. Executors — friends 
William Lawrence and Joseph, son of Joseph Coles. Witnesses — 
Derlck Albertson, Coles Mudge, Thomas Cheesman. Proved March 
f, 1760-1. Lib. B. p.' 49L 

173S, Jan. 19. Oreea« DaaleU of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'x, 
Anne Oreen (widow). Bondsman — Dennis Carrol. Both of said Coun- 
ty. Witness— Alexander Miller. Lib. 4, p. 6f. 

1785, Jan. 16. Inventory (£38.7) Includes grain and farming utensils. 
Appraisers — John Wetherbee, Alexander Miller. 

17S3. Nov. ST. Oreea* John, of Wellingborrow. Burlington Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Jane, to enjoy plantation until my eldest son, 
Thomas, is 21. Children — Joseph, Jacob, Elisabeth, Martha and John, 
all under age. Land on Ancocus Creek, adjoining Joshua Humphries, 
and 800 acres in Hunterdon Co^ called the Lotting. Executors — 
wife, Jane, brother John Stokes, and friend Samuel Woolman. Wit- 
nesses — ^Thomas Reeves, Sarah Reeves, Saml. Scattergood. Proved 
Dec 15, 1782. Lib. 3. p. 228. 

1732, Dec. 16. Inventory, £226.18.2 ; made by Thomas Reves and Rev^ 

17S7, Jaly 21. Green, John, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co. Int. 
Adm'r, Stephen Warne, of Perth Amboy. Noah Barton, fellow bonds- 
man. Witness — James Hooper. Lib. C, p. 171. 

irdl, J«ae 18. Greea« Rlekard, of Trenton Township, Hunterdon 
Co.. yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary, and brother, William Oreen, 
executors. One half of plantation to wife, until children are of. age. 
Son, William, 220 acres of plantation where testator then lived, on 
the King's Road, next to Delaware. Son. Richard, 100 acres bought 
of Isaac Reader, and remainder of old plantation. Personal estate to 
wife until daughters, Rebecca and Christian, are of age. Son. Oeorge, 
land in Amwell Township, in care of John Hawkings; also 50 acres 
bought of Peter Lott, where Oeorge Hatten lived. Witnesses — Isaac 
Reeder. Isaac Hutchinson, Thomas Sutton. Proved November 20, 
1741. Lib. 4. p. 321. 

1741, July 31. Inventory, £467.7.4 ; made by Charles Clark and Benja- 
min Oreen. 

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1747, April •. GMes, ThoHuw* of Ch6Sterll«ld, BurUnffton Co., wool 
oomber. Administration on estate grranted to MIebael Newbould, of 
same, Bsq. William Skeele, of same, fellow bondsman. Lib. 6. p. 4S2. 

1747. May 21. Inventory, £198.4.1; made by Samuel Wright and Ben- 
jamin Shreve. 

1744, JsM. 1. Oveenoak, Joka, Sr., of Newtown, Queen's Co., Nassau 
Island, son and heir of John Oreenoak, Sr., mariner, of same place, 
petitions to administer his father's estate In New Jersey. 

1744, Jan. 28. Inventory. £80.0.0 ; made by Joseph Moore and William 

1744, Dec. 8. Thomas Lawrence, Joseph Hallet and Mary, his wife 
(lately the widow of John Oreenoak, Sr.), all of Newtown, who, in the 
will of the latter dated July 80, 1724, were appointed his executors, re- 
nounce service. 

1744, Dec. 2^. Affidavit by Judah Wood (60 years old). In Queen's Co.. 
Nassau Island, to effect that John Oreenoak, Jr., of Newtown, was the son 
of John Oreenoak and Mary, now wife of Joseph Hallet. 

Burllnrton Wills, 8718-84 a 

1747, April W, Grenr* Asm, of Salem Co., widow and relict of Wil- 
liam Qreffs, of Christiana Hundred, County of New Castle, upon Del- 
aware; will of. Son, Jonathan Woodnut, £60, to be paid him at 81, also 
my largest Bible. Son, Henry Wbodnut, a lot (2 acres) in'OreenwIch, 
at Cohansey, Salem County, which was given to me by my former hus- 
band Richard Woodnut; also £60 and my small Bible. Sister, Rachel, 
wife of Jonathan Womsly. Mentions Ann, wife of Samuel Oregg, and 
three daughters of William Qregg, vis: Elisabeth, Hannah and Margmry 
Oregg. Youngest son. Abraham Oregg, the remainder of estates in the 
County of New Castle. Executors— Samuel Oregg of Christiana Hundred 
(to- whom I entrust my youngest child to bring up, educate and ap- 
prentice) and Benjamin Cripps, of Salem County, to see my will duly 
performed, and my former husband's, Richard Woodnut's, in the county 
of Salem; also whom I Intrust to bring up my two eldest children to 
educate and put to trades. Witnesses — ^Thomas Yeatman, Sarah Yeat- 
man, William McC^usland. Affirmed 1747. May 7. Lib. 6, p. 880. 

1747, Aug. 14. Inventory ( £268.0.9 H) Includes rent due out of planta- 
tion leased to Daniel Oarrison and Wm. Russel. Appraisers— Ellas Cot- 
ting, (nias. O NeUl. 

1748, May 12. Account. Monies paid Wm. Barker, innholder at Salem, 
Margaret Bullick, Elisabeth Barker, wife of William Barker. Daniel 
Mestayer, surrogate of Salem, Oeorge Trenchard, Rlchd. Woodnutt and 
Tho. Thompson^ 

1746-7, Jamy. 16. Gregg, \¥llllam, of County of New Castle on Del- 
aware and Christiana Hundred, miller; will of. Wife, Ann. Two- 
thirds of profits of estate real and personal left to executors for 
bringing up of children and to defray the cost until son. Harmon, will 
be of age. Land to be divided, beginning on south side of Red Clay 
Creek, up said creek to mouth of the Run that comes down from 
Henry Qreen's to John Hanfleld's line, leaving 2 acres on each side 
of the mill for mill land. Sons — Harmon (to have land on the north 
side) and William (land on the south side). The grist mill to my 
sons — Harmon. William, Joshua and Jacob, equally. Three younger 
sons, Joshua, Jacob and Abraham, £200. when they will be 21 and to 
be put to trades between 14 and 16 years of age. Legacies to 
daughters, Elisabeth, Hannah and Margary (not 18) when 20 years 
old. Executors — wife, Ann, and son Harmon. T)rustees — "My two 

Digitized by 



Brethr«nt" Samuel Oress and Oeor^e Robinson. WitnoMee— Oeors« 
Alford, Henry Oreen, Jacob Hollinffsworth. Sworn and affirmed It 
AprU, 14 Auff., 1747. Salem Wills. Lib. 6. p. 897. 

1748, Aug. 14. Letters of administration granted to Samuel Oress, 
brother of the deceased, during the minority of Harmon Oregg, the sur* 
▼Iving executor. Bondsmen — Dan'l Brandreth, Chas. O'Neill. Witne ss es ■ 
Wm. Barker, Dan. Mestayer. 

1740W J«»e •• Gvesory, J««e»h» of Salem, yeoman; will of. Adm'rs, 
William Barker and Elisabeth, his wife, daughter of said Joseph Ore- 
gory. Bondsmen — Thomas Mason, David Randolph, all of said County. 
Witnesses — Hannah Gregory. Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 241. 

1740, June 10. InvMitory (£826.10) includes house, lot and marsh, 
£800. Appraisers— Joseph Goodwin, David Randolph. 

1748» May 21L GvtosBieyer* Slaicmi ,of Salem Co. Int. Adm'r, Rich- 
ard Wistar. Bondsman— Caspar Wistar. Both of said County. Wit- 
nesses—Martin Saltar, Nich. Gibbon. Lib. 6. p. 61. 

1748, May 28. Renunciation of Susannah Griesmeyer, widow. Wit- 
nesses—John Horhasd (?), Martin Saltar. 

1748. Oct 18. Inventory. £64.19.7; made by Isaac Oakford, Benj. 

17SS, Feb. 9. GHMtft, Joha, of Perth Amboy. Middlesex Co. Int. 
Adm'x, Bllaabeth Griffith, his widow. Thomas Skinner, fellow bonds- 
Lib. C, p. 70. 

174C» Avff. 28. GHffitk, M«ivaa» of Bridgetown. Burlington Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife. Mary, sole legatee and executrix with 
Samuel Cripps and Auddy Brock. Witnesses — William Keys, John 
Swan. Jehu Claypoole. Proved Sept. 22. 1746. Lib. 6, p. 278. 

1746. 18th day, 7th mo. (Sept.). Inventory. £80.2.8; made by John 
Bwan and Jehu Claypoole. 

ITaS-t, March 4. GHffith, Robert, of Colebrook Dale. Philada. 
Co., mason; will of. Wife. Alice, sole executrix. Children — Sarah, 
Mary. Thomas, Joseph, Ann and Margaret. Bstate in Frankfort and 
interest in Colebrook furnace in Philada. Co. Witnesses— Robert Dur- 
ham. Bvan Morgan. Proved June 11, 1788. 

(Burlington Co.), Lib. 8, folio 867. 

1744-6* Feb. 4. GrlaMS* Jaha, of Northampton, Burlington Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Jane Neally all debts due me in Province of Virginia. 
£8 towards finishing Church near Bridgetown in Northampton. Real 
and personal estate. Bxecutors — brother, William Grimes, and Pat- 
rick Renolds. Witnesses — Samuel Woolston, Sen'r. John Bishop, John 
Woolston, Jr. Proved Aug. 20, 1746. Lib. 6, p. 166. 

1745. Aug. 19. Inventory, £42.7.1 ; made by Samuel Woolston and John 

1748» Feb. 1, Gitet, Joaathaa, of Penns Neck, Salem Co. Int. Adm'x. 
Blisabeth Grist. Bondsman — John Baton. Both of same place. Wit- 
nesses— Bphralm Worthington, Nich. Gibbon. Lib. 6. p. 828. 

1748-9, Feb. 6. 7. Inventory (£115.10.8) includes cattle. £23. '*part of 
a flatt" and cord wood. £22.9.6. Appraisers — ^Alen Ck>ngleton, Samuel 

Digitized by 



17li» Oet. 8. Qvmwp "WmUa^ of Qlouc^tter Co., y^mAti; will of. 
HouM wherein I Itreahd Sd'a^ei of land to Samuel Huffs; (son* of 
John Huffff, Bbq., deceased) when 21. Bzeoutore — Joseph Thaokera 
and Isaac Jennings of same county. Wltnesses^-Richafd Barron. 
Richard Fry, Bnoch BlUson. ProvM 16 Nov., 17St. Lib. 4. p. 7B. 

1789, Nov. 1. Inventory (£18.18.0) ; made by Saml. Harrison, Bnoch 

It44, Feb. ». OnMth (OHM^>* Walter Jr^ of Newton, Glouces- 
ter Co., cordwainer. Int. Adm'r, Walter Orufflth, of Gloucester town- 
ship and County. Bondsman — Henry Sparks. Witnesses — ^Daniel 
BastUke. tienry Siddons. Lib. 6. p. 180.' 

1748, Oct 28. Inventory (£12.16.6) includes shoemaker's tools. £0.11.6. 
Appraisers— ^no. Kaighin, R6bert Stephens. 

ir4S, Mareh W, QwmmU J^ha* of Middlesex Co.; will of. Wife 
Son, John, at 21 years, to have house and lot Desires sloop 

to be sold. Bxecutor — father, John Guest. Witnessea — Peter Collaa, 
Dewis Guest, Henry Dally, John Salnave. Proved May 24, 1743. 

Lib. D, p. 64. 

ir41, Dec. IS. G«isbe»tsaa (Otebers^a). Joha* of Upper Freehold. 
Monmouth Co., yeoman. Int Adm'r, John Guisbertson. of Upper 
Freehold, yeoman. Robert Smith, of City of Burlin^on, Bsquire, fel- 
low bondsman. Lib. 4, p. 816. 

, — . Inventory of the estate, £21.06.00; made by Joseph 

Bmans, Richard Comton and Moses Robins. Exhibited December 15. 1741. 

174t« Feb. S7. €hvto. Thoauw, of Bssex Co. Int Adm'x, Rebecca, 
his widow. Daniel Pierson. Esq., of same county, fellow bondsman. 

Lib. E, p. 682. 

1741, Dee. 30. Gwlna, Patrick, of Mansfield^ Burlington Co.. laborer. 
Inventory. £9.12.6; made by John BufBn and Francis Oibbs. 

1742-8. Jan. S. Adm'r. Michael Bufiln. yeoman. John Doe. fellow 
bondsman, both of Mansfield. Lib. 4. p. 878. 

17S4, April S. Hackett. David, of Salem Co., yeoman. Int Adm'x. 
Blisabeth Hackett, widow. Bondsmen — WiU'm Hunt, James Mason. 
All of Salem County. Witnesses — John Norton, Danl. Mestayer. 

Lib. 3, p. 411. 

1734. 1 mo. (Mar.), 29 da. Inventory (£74.6) includes cattle. £24. 
Appraisers — ^William Hunt. James Mason. 

1733, Jvly 27. Hackett. Thomas, of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. 
Adm'rs, Richard Smith and John Pledger. Bondsman — Clement Hall. 
All of Salem in said County. Witnesses — ^John Norton, Philip Chet- 
wood. Lib. 3. p. 860. 

1733, July 27. Inventory, £13.7 ; made by Thos. Mason. Clem. Hall. 

1787. Feb. 23. Hackct, \¥lUlam, of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Adm*r. 
Robt. Hart, sent Bondsman — Richard Woodnutt. Both of Salem 
County. Witnesses — James Caruthers, Dan. Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 148. 

1732. Oct. 14. HaddcM. Bpkralm. of Woodbridgre. Middlesex Co., car- 
penter. Int Adm'r, Thomas Haddon, of Woodbridge. Thomas Skin- 
ner, fellow bondsman. Lib. B. p. 805. 

1736. Jaly 12. Havatky. Dcanla. of Great Egrgr Harbor, Gloucester 

Digitized by 



Co.. hiMbandman. Int. Atfm'r, Bondim«n — ^Thomai ' H4ii4fy 

of Bttrltnffton, merchant, and Thomas Heulinffs of same place, cord- 
lyMser. Lib. 4. p. 14. 

17M» Ott, S. Hal«o (Hal««o), Wllllaai# of London, merchant. 
Administration on estate grranted to James Steel, of Philadelphia, 
cent. Isaac DeCow and Thomas WetheriU. of City of Burlington. 
Bsqulres. fellow bondsmen. Lib. 3, p. 480. 

1747. Ju^ C. Lynford Lardner, of City of Burlintton, appointed 
administrator on estate left unadministered by James Steel. Robert 
Hartshome. atty-at-law of City of Burlington, fellow bondsman. 

Lib. 6. p. 4SS. 

t74X Dee. •. HalaM, Abb, of Morris Co. Inventory (C8S.11.3) in- 
cludes large Bible £1. 10 acres of wheat. £4. Appraisers — Brice Riky. 
Thomas Miller. Morris Wills, 36 N. 

1780, Oct. 9. (filing date). Account. Paid to Jonathan Dottey. Wm. 
Rlchey. David Rinrs. John Morrison. James Miller. John Sutton. John 
Bnllian. Saml. Rolfe. Bdward Rigrgs. Dan'l Sutton. Aaron Brown. Obadiah 
Ayers. Benjamin Lewis. Wm. Sutton. John Ayers, Benja. Hull. Cathrine 
Primrose. Nat^l. Rolfe. Moses Dottey. Dan'l Morris, Timothy Houton. 
Zeek. Sutton. John Dotty, John Roy. Saml. Dalfflish. Rebecca Haines. Marey 
Oates, Daniel McOown. John Hooey. Wm. Beard. Saml. Brown. Mrs. 
Britan, Oeorse Mills. Henry Haynes. Rebecca Haynes. Saml. Heaton. 
Oeor^ Park, Thos. Elison. Joseph Stiles, John Linbey. Jabish Jarvis. Wil- 
liam McCarey. Steven Barnes. Isaac Names. Isaac Pricket. Israel Riky. 
Abraham White, Thos. Little, Robt. Rigrht. 

1748, A«c. !•. Halaee, BUsabctk, of Burlingrton Co. Int. Adm'r. 
Daniel Haines, of Springrfleld. yeoman. Edward Rudolphus Price. Esq.. 
atty-at-law, fellow bondsman. Lib. 6. p. 827; Lib. 7, p. 98. 

ITd*. Sept. 11. Halaes, Fmaels, (wife of William Haines), of 
Northampton. 'Burlingrton Co.. (with consent of husband); will of. 
Eldest son, Thomas Bonell. £40 of my former estate. Son. John 
Bonell. and two errandchildren. Robert and Frances, son and dau. of 
my dau. Hannah, wife of Jeremiah Haines. Son, Samuel Bonell. 
executor and residuary legratee. Witnesses — Nehemiah Reeves. Nath- 
an Haines. John Burr. Jun'r. Proved Augr. 21. 1750. Lib. 6. p. 871. 

1749-3, JaM. 18. Halaes, Joha, of Evesham. Burlingrton Co.. yeo- 
man; will of. To be buried near my wife. Anna, whom I appoint sole 
executrix. Daugrhters — Rachel and Hepslba. both under agre. Real 
estate and rigrht in Hains* saw mill. Witnesses — Caleb Haines. Wil- 
liam Poster. Enoch Haines. Proved Feb. 16. 1742. Lib. 4. p. 859. 

1742-3. 8rd day. 12th mo. (Feb.). Inventory. £259.18.10 ; made by Caleb 
Haines and William Foster. 

17S1, Jome 18. Halaes, Joaatkaa, of Evesham. Burlingrton Co., yeo- 
man. Account of Mary Haines, executrix, showingr payments to Ben- 
jamin Paschal. Jon. Head, Jon. Peacock, Jon. Oosllngr, Darllngr Con- 
arrour, Solomon Smith. Dan'l Wills, Jon. Craigr, Jon. Snoden. Jon. 
Biirr. Dorothy Largres. Wm. Park, Rich'd Climer, Rich'd Parks, Thom- 
as Lindley, Wm. Cullum. (For will, see N. J. Archives. Vol. 23. p. 200). 

Burlinffton Wills, 1698-1700 C. 2126-30 C. 

Digitized by 



174St Feb. W, H«i»€«f liAwreace* Int. Adm'r, Joseph Weaton. 

Lib. 6, p. 21. 
1781* Sept. IS. Halsea» Nebeailah ■■< Joka* sons of Jonathan 
Haines, beinff each above 14 years, make choice of Wm. Haines and 
Caleb Haines, of Northampton, to be their guardians. 

Burlington Wills, 2128 C. 

1745, 9th day, dtb aio. (A«c). Halaes, Nehemiaht of Rodmanton» 
Chester Township, Burlington Co.. yeoman; will of. Son, Bphraim, 
real estate, and at 21 he is to pay his two twin sisters, Hannah and liary 
each £25, they having been provided for by their grandfather, Liance* 
lot Brown. Daughter, Hope, under agre. Bxecutors — wife, Ann, with 
friend Joshua Humphris. Witnesses — Joshua Bispham, John Cox, 
Sam'l Atkinson. Proved Sept. 80. 1745. Lib. 5, p. 168. 

1745, 28rd. 24th days, Sept. Inventory, £387.4.6 ; made by Sam'l Atkin- 
son and Joshua Bispham. 

1744, Dee. 17. Halaee, Richard* of Bvesham, Burlinffton Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Sons — ^Abraham, Richard, Carllle, Bnech and Bethanah. 
Daughters — Mary Matlack, Rebecca Matlack, Rachel Allison, Sarah 
(wife of Bdward HiUier), and widow, Blisabeth Newbilk'y. Children 
of dau., Mary Matlack. Real and personal estate. Bxecutors — wife, 
Mary, and dau., Blisabeth Newbury. Witnesses — ^Lucy Springer. Ben- 
jamin Allen, Gab. Blond. Proved April 12, 1746, by Blisabeth New- 
bury, surviving executrix. Lib. 5, p. 286. 

1746, 11th day, 2nd mo. (Apr.). Inventory. £218.15.10; made by Thom- 
as Wilklns, William Foster and William Sharp. 

1748-9, Sad day, 11th aio. (Jaa.). Halacs, Saaiael, of Northampton, 
Burllnerton Co., yeoman; will of. Children — ^Thomas, Sarah, Lydia, 
Jacob and Samuel, all under a^e. Lot in Mt. Holly and other real 
estate. Bxecutors — wife, Lydia, and friend John Woolman. Wit- 
nesses — Revell Blton, Nathaniel Haines. Blisabeth Mumppervat. 
Proved Jan. 26, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 21. 

1748-9, 25th day, 11th mo. (Jan.). Inventory, £592.18.9; made by 
Revell Blton and Joseph Burr. 

Halace (see Haynes). 

1740, May 18. Halas, Daalel, of Allen Town. Monmouth Co.; will 
of. Daughter, Hannah Hains, to be brought up at discretion of execu- 
tors. James, son of brother James Hains. Daniel, son of brother 
Stephen Hains. Ann. Sarah, Ruth and Phebe. daughters of sister Ann. 
Sarah, daughter of sister Sarah. Daniel, son of sister Phebe. Bxecu- 
tors— Stephen Johnes and Abiel Davis. Witnesses — James Johnston, 
Moses Robins, Junior, and John Foord. Proved June 10, 1740. 

Lib. 4, p. 241. 

, , — . Inventory (£484.15.11) includes parcel of bark, tan- 
ner's tools, 47 hides of sole leather, 18 hides of upper leather, 76 calf 
skins. 18 upper leather hides in the fat, 3 kip skins, etc; also 1.000 ft. 
boards. Made by John Middleton and Moses Robins, Jr. 

1740, , — . Account. Payments to Thomas Cahill, for schoolinc 

legatee, Bdward Stevenson, Blisabeth Hutchinson, for instructing Hannah 

In tailor's trade, Richard Cames, Bethla Ketcham, Bveritt, William 

Pidgeon, Benjamin Briton, William Whitehead. David (}ovide, Oideon 
Vikerdike, Thomas Sutton. 

Digitized by 



17S1* Dee. 9. Halae* HaBAsH* of Gloucester Co., widow; will of. 
Deuffhtere— Sarah, wife of John Snowden, and Mary, wife of John 
Wood. Grandchildren — Jamei Whiteall, Hannah, Sarah, James, Henry, 
Jeremiah, Mary and Alice Wood, Liddla, Hannah and William Snow- 
den. Bxectttor — son-in-law, John Wood. Witnesses — Jos. Lord, Rich- 
ard Bickham, Ju'r, Wm. Wilkins, Constantino Wood. Affirmed %$ 
Dec, 1732. Lib. 8, p. 288. 

1782, Nov. 29. Inventory of Hannah Hains, of Woodbury Creek, Glou- 
cester Co., (£187.15.10) Includes bonds of John Snowden. Richard Bick- 
ham. Ju'r, Tho. Wilkins, Thomas Bickham, rent due, for Redbanke, from 
Richard Bickham, Jur. ("from Hainses and John Wood, executors"), and 
a servant-boy, £20. Appraisers — Wte. Wilkins, (Constantino Wood. 

, , ^ Halwi, Silas* of Hanover, Morris Co., tailor; will 

of. Wife, Ruth (2nd wife). Children — Silas and Jemima Hains 
(minors). An expected child. Mentions "brother Samuel Haine's 
widow, and children" also 'inheritance supposed to be fallen to me 
on Lonir Island." In case children, Silas and Jemima, should die 
minors, household ffoods I had with former wife shall be returned to 
Mr. Daniel Taylor. Executors — Rev. Mr. Daniel Taylor, of Newark, 
and Joseph TUttle, of Hanover, Morris Co. Witnesses — Elijah Gillette, 
James Hayward, John Tompkins. Proved 2 Feb. 1742. 

MorrU Wills, 8 N. 
1748, Sept. 27. Receipt for Silas Hains' will and Richard Wood's ad- 
min'n bond to be carried to Burlln^on. (Signed) David Stout. 

1748, Sept. ST. Hall, BvrscMi, of Bordentown, Burlington Co., 
mariner; will of. Wife, Abigrail, all estate, real and personal, during 
widowhood. Daurhters — Martha Preach, Ruth and Abigail. Execu- 
tors — ^wlfe, and Robert Field, Sen'r. Witnesses — ^Rees Roberts, Robert 
Ashton, (}eo. Bliss, Jun'r. Proved Auff. 31, 1749. Lib. 0. p. 318. 

1749. Aug. 7. Inventory £215.19.9% ; made by Thos. Folkes and Isaac 
Homer. Includes debts due by C^eorge Palmer. Elihugh Lee, Jacob Hooker, 
Rees Jones, Joseph Wood, Jun'r, Rob't. Ashton. Joseph Roberts, Preston 
Manlaw. CTharles Taylor, Job Warford, James Pugsley. Edward KImbal, 
James Denness, John Ashton. Daniel Davis, John Goldsmith, Patrick 
(Campble, John Lorton, Joseph Field. James Powell, Richard Parker, Sam'l 
Barwell, Oliver C^rty, Thomas Holmes, Mathew McCarty. Mathew Far- 
rell. Francis SImson, Edward Chapman, Rob't. Taylor. John McKim, James 
Butler, James Fagon, Rees Roberts, Ocke Halanes. 

17S6, Nev. X9. Hall* Clemeat» of Salem Town and County, mer- 
chant, petitions to be guardian of Mary Wolcott. Former guardian, 
Samuel Abbott, appointed 23 Aug.. 1734. Witnesses — Joseph Tomlln- 
son. SamL BustilL Lib. 4, p. 50. 

1741* Oet. as. Hall* Cleaieat* Town and County of Salem, Esq.; 
will of. Wife, Elisabeth. Sons— William Hall, my dwelling and 8 
acres In the town of Salem, being part of the 16 acre lot devised by 
my father to my brother Nathaniel Hall; also 50 acres at the Town's 
End Joining William Hall's land; John, 8 acres of said land, being the 
lower moiety of the sixteen acre lot; also all my land In Cows Neck; 
and Ashton, the plantation In St. George Hundred, purchased of 
James Byard. Daughter, Anne Hall, at 18 or marriage, to have 
£800. Remainder of real estate (plantation tracts and lots) and 
rights and shares of Proprietary Land to be sold and the monies 

Digitized by 



dtridod amonff wife and children, Wtlllaat, Jolui, Ash ton and * Ann 
H41L Bxeoatora — uncle.' Clement Plnmstead. conalA wnilam Plum* 
•tead, brother WlUfam Hall and mr wife. Elisabeth. Wttne—ee 
PhtL Chetwood, Stephen Carmtck. DanL Meatayer. FroTed ' 7 Jvno, 
1742. Lettera testamentary granted to William Plamstead. William 
Hall and Blisabeth Hall, three of the executors named. 

Lib. 4. p. Stl. 

1748* Jvae IS. HalU Heurr* of Somerset Co. Administration on 
estate grranted to Eleanor Hall, of County aforesaid. Fellow bonds- 
man — John Oarretson (signed *'John Qarrison"). Lib. E., p. 19S. 

1748. June 18. InYentory (£111.17) includes one gun and sword. £1.14; 
1 negro boy. £2€ ; negro girl, £16. Made by John Garrison, Henry StOTens. 

1747. Hay IS. Hall* Joka* of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Admz.. 
Anne Hall, widow. Bondsmen— James Chamless, Saml. Purveyance. 
All of said County. Witnesses — Edward Test, DanL Mestayer. 

Lib. 5. p. S2S. 

174S» Aag. i. Hall, Samael, of Salem Town and County, shop- 
keeper: will of. Brother. John Hall, executor and sole legatee, except 
five shilling to brother Daniel Hall. Witnesses — Wm. Siddons, John 
Pledger. Wm. Pennock. Sworn and affirmed 19 Aug., 1742. 

Lib. 4. p. 214. 

17SS, Aag. St. Halleabeek, John, of Elisabeth Town. Essex Co.. 
yeoman; will of. Wife. Wellimtye. Children — Catherine. Rachel and 
Jane Hallenbeek. Real and personal estate. Executors — ^father-la- 
law . Peter Vanbu8carrick,_^aDd wife. Witnesses — Justus Falckner, 
Nicholas Utter, Isaac Blanchard. Proved July 11. 1737. 

1787. July 12. Administration granted to WiUemtye Shotwell. late Wil- 
lemtye Hallenbeek. Lib. C. p. 168. 169. 

17SS. March SI. Halstead, Caleb, of Middlesex Co.. about 16 years 
of. age, selects as his guardians John Halstead. of Elisabeth Town, 
yeoman, and Joseph Marsh, of Perth Amboy, shipwright. Witnesses — 
John Deare and Perit Lester. Lib. C, p. 76. 

1754, May ». Halstead* Tlnothy, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co.. 
yeoman; will of. Eldest son. Timothy, and his five children, each 
£5. Other children — Jacob. Jonis. John, Hannah (widow of Jacob 
Mitchell). Abigail Painter, Charity Haywood. Elisabeth Halstead, 
Rebecca Higglns. Daughter. Amey, £162, payable by bonds of 
Timothy Town, Barnet Christopher, Peter Sloot, Peter Andrewvet, 
Jonis Halstead; James Haywood and Henry Oarth weight to see it 
paid. Executors — all the legatees. Witnesses — Joseph Man. Nathan- 
iel Crane, Jun'r, Abs'm Ladner. Proved March 1, 1734-5. 

1734-6, March 1. Jonas Halstead, Timothy Halstead. Rebecca Higgins 
and Elisabeth, wife of Jonathan Allen, called in the will Elisabeth Hal- 
stead, qualify as executors. Lib. C. p. 19. 

1740, A«g. 15. HaltoB* Charles, of Greenwich, Qloucester Co., yeo- 
man. Int. Adm'r, Zacliariah Peterson (during minority of John HaU 
ton. only brother of deceased). Bondsman — Edmund Lord. Witness 
— Edward Noble. Lib. 4, p. 197. 

1740, July 21. Inventory, £76.11.7 ; made by Edmund Lord. John Jones. 

1755. April a. HaltoM. Haace. of Rackoon Creek, Gloucester Co., 
yeoman: will of. Wife. Briget. Sons — John, the plantation (120 

Digitized by 



acres) on which I live; Lawrence, the 100 acres joining the aforesaid 
land. -Also they to have equally the land (100 acres) I beusht of 
lAwres Halton and the meadows (14 acres) on said Creek, and. 50 
acres boiurht of Samuel Shivers. Lawrence to have meadows (5 
acres) bougrht of Paul (Perron, and 60 acres bought of Lawrence 
Paulson. Daughters — Mary, Sarah and Rebecka Halton. Sole execu- 
tor — son, Charles Halton. Witnesses— Micheall Conelly, Zarias Peter- 
son, John Jones. Proved 21 March, 1730. Lib. 4, p. 92. 
17tO. May — ^. Inventory, £06.8.8; made by Zarias Peterson, John 

17S», K^h. 9, Haltoa, JaaMs, of Greenwich, Gloucester Co.; will of. 
Wife, Katharine. Son, James Halton, executor, and to have whole 
•state. Daughters — Christeena Guest, Mary Silly and Maffdalena GilL 
Witnesses — Erick Cox, Lawrence Paulson, John Jones. Proved SO 
AprtU 1748. Lib. 4, p. 869. 

1742, Dec 4. Inventory (£92.6.2) includes "cattle, cotton and sider 
trough." Appraisers-— John Jones. William Guest. 

ird*. Aaff. IS. HaMoBt Lawveaee, of Greenwich. Gloucester Co., 
jreoman. Int. Adm'r, Zacharias Peterson, in place of John Halton, a 
minor brother. Bondsman — Edmund Lord. Witness — Edward Noble. 

1740, AuiT. 9. Inventory (£67.12.1) includes working tools and old 
lumber, boolcs and book debts. Appraisers— Edmund Lord, Zarias Peter- 
son. Gloucester Wills, 264 H. 

17a8» Jaly !•. Hasi* WllUaai, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co. Int. 
Admx., Grace Ham. William Carvell, of Shrewsbury, fellow bonds- 
man. Witnesses — Gabriel Stelle and John Bedford. 

Monmouth Wills. 646 M 

174e» Jam. S. HamUtaa, Arehibald, of Penns Neck, Salem Co.. 
schoolmaster; will of. Wife, Judith, executrix, and to have duringr 
widowhood household groods and interest of bond due by Daniel Pen- 
ton. Daugrhter, Catrine Penton. Witnesses— Olliver Webb, Nicholas 
Philpot, Sr., Nicholas Philpot, Jr. Proved 22 Dec, 1747. 

1747, Dec 21. Inventory (£72.8.7) includes Urge Bible, £1.1. Apprais- 
ers—Jeremiah Baker, Josias Penunton. Salem Wills, 829 Q. 

1T8S, Nov. 7. Haailltoa* Col. Joha» &•«.» of Perth Amboy, Middle- 
sex Co.; will of. Wife, Elisabeth, sole executrix, and all estate both 
real and personal. Witnesses — P. Kearny. Jno. Brouffhton, Susanna 
Kearny. Proved March 21. 1747. Lib. B, p. 138. 

1742t Nov. Sa. Hamittoa, WUUam, of Salem Co. Int. Adm'x. Mary 
Hamilton, relict. Bondsman — John Jones, atty-at-law, Thomas Carny. 
yeoman. All of same place. Witnesses — Tim. Rain, Chas. O Neill. 

Lib. 4, p. 877. 

1742. Nov. 22. Inventory (£60.6.9) includes gun, sheep and cows. Ap- 
praisers — Thomas Carney, Benja. Cullen. 

1748, May SO. Hamlltoa* WlUUua, of Cape May County. Int. Adm'x, 
Hannah Hamilton, his widow, Quakeress. Fellow bondsman — John 
PaiRe. Witnesses — Enoch Lewis, Benjamin Houlden. Lib. 4, p. 380. 

1743. April 30. Inventory of estate of "Doctor William Hamilton" 
(£32.3.1). includes broad cloath coat, black vest, leather breeches 
(£2.10.0) ; blew coat, double breasted vest and old breeches (£1.10.0) ; old 

Digitized by 



red great coat, eld banyan, 18 gloves and old wig. cane and belts, enmll 
papers containing some pils. rastns and powders, "the value whereof Is 
not well known to the appraisers, but conceive they are worth £1.10.0," 
box of small Viels, some empty and some containing some waters, spirits, 
salts, etc.. "the value of them not well known to the appraisers, but con- 
ceive them worth £1.0.0," an amputating knife and saw, 2 saw plates, 
some other chirurgin's instruments, case of chirurgln's instruments, case 
of lancets. Debts due from James Townsend. Silvantis Townsend. Estate 
of John Qrandam, Estate of John Stites. Appraisers— Aaron Learning, 
Elisha Hand. 

1746, March 29. Account Cash paid to Lydia Taylor. Joseph Rose 
(surrogate), Elisha Hand, ESnooh Lewis, Samuel Stevans. Jacob Spicer. 
David Culver, Henry Young, BenJ. Holdin, William Mulford, Aaron Learn- 
ing, Henry Stites (Justtce of the Peace). 

1784» 2n4 4ay» Srd mo. (May). HaMmel, Jobs, of Town and Co. of 
Burlington, gent.; will of. Children — John, William. Michal (wife 
of Michael Freasland), Mary (wife of Peter Rose) and Elisabeth 
Thomson. Real and personal estate. Daughter, Elisabeth Thomson, 
sole executrix. Witnesses — Jno. Ra worth, Thos. Scattergood, Thos. 
Scattergood, Jun'r. Proved Sept. 18, 1734. Lib. 8, p. 428. 

1748, S«pt. 15. HaMmlt, \¥llllam» of Gloucester Co. Int. Adm'x. 
Elisabeth Hammit, widow. Bondsman — ^Thomas Cheeseman. 

Lib. 6, p. 828. 

1748, June 28. Inventory (£174.8.0) includes cash due from ThoB. 
Chessman. Henry Roe, William Smallwood, Richard Cheeseman. Apprais- 
ers — ^Thos. Cheeseman. William Cheeseman. 

1748, Jwnm 22, Haaiptom (Hamtoa)» Ajidrew. of Elisabeth Town. 
Essex Co., yeoman; will of. Children — ^Andrew, Abner, Jacob, Hannah 
and Margaret, last three under age. Plantation given me by my 
father, Andrew Hampton, deceased, of Elisabeth Town, joining lands 
of Thomas Clark and John Terrill; land bought of John Ryno at Ash 
Swamp, Middlesex Co. Executors — wife, Mary, and friend Joseph 
Cory. Witnesses — John Pike, Abraham Clark, Jona. Hampton. Proved 
Dec. 28, 1748. Lib. E, p. 288. 

1748. Nov. 18. Inventory (£811.00.04) includes bonds from John Ter- 
rill, Sam'll Brooks, Andrew Bryant, Samuel Olliver. Elnathan 0>ry. 
Nath'U Clarke, Bo. Drummond. Made by Thomas Clark and Jona. Hamil- 
ton, j 

1748v Sept. 11. Hampt^B* Haaaak, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co., 
spinster, upwards of 14 years. Bond of Samuel Olliver, yeoman, as 
guardian. Moses Vanname, of Perth Amboy, mariner, fellow bonds- 
man. Lib. D, p. 408. 

17S1» Get. 27, Haaiptom (Haaitoa), James, of Elisabeth Town, 

Essex Co., yeoman; will of. Wife , two-thirds of estate. (Thil- 

dren^^Tonathan and Lydia, both under age. Land called Frasee's 
meadow, lying between Passaick and Dead Rivers; plantation lying 
to northward of James Clark's land. Executors — son, Jonathan, and 
friend John Spinning. Witnesses — ^Thomas Hills, Thomas Clark, An- 
drew Joline. Proved May 23, 1782. Lib. B, p. 288. 

1732, April. 24. Inventory (£299.08.02). includes sheep sold to James 
Hlndes Jun'r, books sold to Ebeneser Johnson, and bonds due from Phil- 

Digitized by 



Up Donman, Jno. Salnave. Humphrey Sholes. James Clarke, It Hiffsins, 
Jno. King, Nath'U Bonnell, Jun*r, Sam'll Clarke, C^eorge Johnston, Benja- 
min Watktns, Joseph Tooker. Made by John Salnave. 

• 1744-6, March 5«— Ha»pt«a» Joaathas* of Rah way. Essex Co.; will 
of. Eldest son. Abraham, of Staten Island, land joiningr lands of 
Peter Tremleys and Qarret Post. Son, Jonathan, negrro man and 
clock, after the death of his mother-in-law. Daughters — ^Marffaret 
Styles, Mary Oliver. Sarah, Johanna and Hannah Hampton. Son- 
in-law. John Bird. Land Joining lands of John Marsh and Daniel 
L^ne. Executors — wife. Elisabeth, and son Abraham. Witnesses — 
John Badffley. Euphema Badffley. Edward Vaughn. Proved April 
13. 1746. Lib. D. p. 262. 

ir4r-8, Mareh 21. Ummpfm (Hamtoa), Mary Aoa, widow of Jon- 
athan Hamton of Essex Co. Int. Joseph Hindes. Jun'r, (with consent 
of Jonathan Hampton). adminii|frator. Jonathan Hampton, fellow 
bondsman. Lib. B. p. 188. 

1748* May 19, Haaiptoa* Thoauw* of Gloucester Township and 
County, boat or flatt-man; will of. Legacies to brothers — ^Edward, 
husbandman. John, yeoman, and William, husbandman. Sisters — 
Rosanna Albertson (has daughters Judith and Nancy, both under 
affe). Mary Zain. Sarah Boffs and Judith Anderson. Executors — father. 
William Hampton, yeoman, of County aforesaid, and brother, William 
Hampton. Witnesses — Richard Arell. John Hider. Michael Fisher. 
Proved SO Dec. 1748. Lib. 6. p. 266. 

1748. Aug. 20. Inventory. £804.11.1; made by John Hider. Michael 

1788* Oct. 1. Haaitoa* Aadrew* of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co.. tailor; 
will of. Wife. Mariraret. the money due her from Josiah TerriU. Chil- 
dren — Johannah Lambert, widow. Elisabeth Oliver, Thomas, Andrew. 
John, and Margraret Hamten. Land joiningr land of Thomas Clark; 
land I bouffht of James Hind. Executors — Joseph Tooker and Thomas 
Clark. Grandsons — Isaac Terrill. Jonathan Hampton. Witnesses — 
Joseph Clark. John TerriU, Mary Clark. Proved Jan. 80. 1788. 

Lib. C. p. 247. 

1788-9, Jan. 18. Inventory (£170.04) includes debts due from Jonas 
Wood. Leonard Miles. Joseph Hetfleld. Peter Simons, widow MitcheL 
Made by John Spinins and Andrew Joline. 

17W-*» S4th 4 of IS MO. (Feb.). Haace. Joha» of Shrewsbury. Mon- 
aiouth Co.; will of. Wife, Elizabeth. Son. Thomas, the testator's 
sloop. Residue of estate among: all my children, son Thomas ex- 
cepted, and son John to have £5 more than the rest. Daughters to 
have £6 less than sons. Executors — brother. Isaac Hance, and Gabriel 
Stelle. Witnesses — Preserve Lippincott. Aron Robins and Amos 
White. (No record of probate. In the record the preceding probate 
date Is Auvust 6. 1782). Lib. B, p. 297. 

1744» Amgmait X. Haace* Joka* Sealor, of Freehold. Monmouth Co.; 
will of. Wife. WiUemtie. Eldest son. John. John. Antle. Aart. 
WlUemtie, David, Jannetie, Marya and Leenaa. children of son John. 
John. WlUemtie. Sary and Peter, children of eldest daughter. Jan- 
netie. WiUentie. John. Marya. Cornelias. Catryntie and Jametie. chil- 

Digitized by 



, dren of jrouoffest son, Hendrick. Dauffht«r, Marya. Executors — ^Roelof 
8oh«nck (son of John Schenck) and William Williamson, blacksmith. 
Witnesses — John Van Kerck and John Schenck. Proved Nov. 14, 
1746. Lib. D. p. 4S2. 

174«, Oct. 9. Inventory (£667.18.C) includes bonds of Rkshard Sudani. 
Peter Schenck, Samuel Car, John Van Ifater, John Hanoe. Leffert Lief- 
fertson. Cornelias Van Hencrelen, William Williamson. Mr. Brickson, Wil- 
liam Lo^an, — Thorn, Teunnis Awmack. Made by Peter Bowne and John 
Van Kerck. AddiUonal inventory. £4.16.S ; made by WUliam Clark and 
Peter Bowne. 

174dv Jmly 15. H«»ec» Thmwuuh of New Brunswick. Middlesex Co.. 
mariner; will of. Children mentioned but no names ffiven. all under 
a^e. Executors — wife, Abigrail. and friend John Lyle. Witnesses — 
William Blane. Nathaniel Offden. Proved Auff. IS, 174C. 

Lib. D. p. 401. 

1746. Oct. 28. Inventory, £96.16.2; made by Nathaniel Ogden and 
Petries Slegt. * 

17S4, Ave. 5. HaBC^ek* Bdward, of Alio ways Creek, Salem Co., 

. ffuardian of John Hopper, son of Benjamin Hopper, late of same place, 

weaver. Lab. 3, p. 425. 

1787» Oct. 26. Haaeeck* Bdward. of Salem Co., yeoman, guardian 
of Aaron Daniel, an orphan 14 yrs. Witnesses — ^Abel Nicholson, DanL 
Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 124. 

1720, April •• Hancock* Bdward» of Alloways Creek, "alias Mun- 
mouth River." Salem Co.. husbandman; will of. Wife. Hanna, for the 
brinflringr up of the children, the use of all real estate during her 
widowhood; also benefit of plantation griven me by my father's will, 
purchased of Jeremiah Powell, until my son Edward attains 21. 
Dauffhtera^EHsabeth and Lidla Hancock at 16. my part of that 
plantation in Pens Neck, unless my wife and brother, William Han- 
cock, see fit to sell the same, and put the money at interest for them. 
Daugrhters^Hannah and Grace Hancock at 16, plantation and tract of 
land I purchased of Benjamin Allen. Executors — wife and son, Ed- 
ward. Witnesses^ — Charles Davis, Wm. Siddons, John Jones, Chas. 
Connor. Affirmed 3 Oct. 1739. Lib. 4. p. 204. 

1739, May 14. Inventory, £303.4.6; made by Samuel Hancock, James 

1744. Oct. 22. Haacock, Job. of Salem Co.. tailor. Int. Adm*r. 
Bradbury Stretch "as related and principal creditor." Bondsman — 
Thomas Hancock. Both farmers in said County. Lib. 5, p. 55. 

1744. Nov. 9. Inventory (£118.14.3) includes Bible, £0.9.0. Appraisers 
— Jonathan Bradway. James Chambless. 

1789. Nov. 5. Hancock, Nathaniel, of Alloways Creek. Salem Co., 
yeoman; will of. To daughter, Mary Hancock (not 16). all estate. 
Her firrandmother, Mary Chandler, to have the use of all lands, except 
the timber, for the bring^ingr up of said daughter; if the said Mary 
Chandler dies, Joseph Stretch, Junior, to act in her place. If said 
daughter should die under 16. without lawful issue, estate shall be 
divided equally amongr my own brothers and sisters. Executors — 
Daufirhter, Mary Hancock, and brother-in-law, Joseph Stretch, Junior. 

Digitized by 



Wltiie88«B^-Jo8«ph Stretch, Ifenior, DAYld Lop^r, Richard Bradford. 
▲nmMd 1 May, 1T40. Lib. 4. p. 2S2. 

1740, 2 mo. (Apr.), 8 da. Inventory, £154.4.1 ; made by Wm. HahCock» 
Jonathan Bradbury. 

17S8* Dec. 18. HaMceek* Richard, of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Admra., 
Joseph Bacon and Charles Oakford. Bondsman — Joseph Darken, yeo- 
man. All of said County. Witnesses — John Norton, Danl. Mestayer. 

Lib. S, p. 284. 

1788. Dec 8. Inventory, £102.18; made by Abel Nicholson. Joseph 

IT'Mb March 11. Haaeock, SaatveU of Salem Co.. yeoman. Int« 
Admz., Rebecca Hancock, relict. Bondsman — Samuel Poirsr. Johft 
Fltspatrick, all of said County. Witnesses — John Hunt. Joseph Ward. 

Lib. 4, p. 269. 

1740. March 11. Inventory (£214) taken at Alloways Creek, includes 
cattle and horses. £99.18. Appraisers — John Fitapatrlck. Joseph Ward. 

17S7, Oct. is. Hamcodc, WIlMaai. Ms«., of Salem Co.. appointed 
guardian of William Daniel (16 years). Witnesses— Abel Nicholson,. 
DanL Mestayer. Lib. 4. p. 122. 

Hamcock (see Handcock). 

179X Feb. 8. Haad, Beajassla, of Cape May Co.; will of. Wife to 
have % of plantation and the new house during widowhood. At re- 
marrlaffe or decease, son Isaac (who has the other half and the old 
house), to have the whole, also cane and shoe buckles. I)au8rhters — 
Patience and Phebe Hand. If a tibild should be born. son. ahd dauirh- 
ter Patience, shall pay the child a certain number of pounds. 
Sxecutors — wife, Ruth, and son Isaac Hand. Witnesses — James 
Flood, Besabel Osborn, Nathan Osborne. Proved 20 March, 1782. 

Lib. 8, p. 840. 

1782-8, Feb. 19. Inventory (£188.2.10) includes yoke of oxen. 12 cows, 
86 sheep. 80 1-4 of rum. H of a shallop. Appraisers— Nathaniel Resco,. 
Robert Townsend. 

179X Her. 7. Haad, Coraelliiat of Cape May Co., yeoman; will of. 
Wife, Deborah, to have the use of all land during widowhood. Son, 
Cornelius (not 21), to possess same forever. DaU^hter-in-law, De- 
borah Taylor, one-third part of one-third of moveable estate. Eteeu- 
tors— wife, and my honorable father-in-law, Henry ToUhiT. Wit* 
ttesses Nathaniel Rusco, Jacob Garrison. Shamgar Hand. Proved 81 
March, 1788. Lib. 8. p. 888. 

1788, Nov. 18. Inventory (£141.00.08), includes negro boy (£20). 6atUe, 
■beep and horses (£67.11.06). 

1748» Hev. 8*. Hamd* George, Jaaler, of Cape May Co.; will of. 
Wife, Mary, use of plantation and mill, duringr widowhood, to brins 
«p the children. Son, Jeremiah Hand, the homestead houiie and land, 
and a pleee of marsh at Fishlngr Crick, and % of piece of land at head 
ef Green Oeek. Son, Ellas, land at Ash Swamp, the mill and 4 acres 
#f marsh between William Mathews and Recompense Hand; also H 
of laffd at head of Green Creek, and five miles of Beach. DaUiThters — 
g^rah, Ahrhoda and Naome. An expected child (if a boy to have £20, 

Digitized by 



paid by my son Jeremiah Hand). Bzeoutora — ^Brother, Thomas Hand, 
and my wife, Mary. Witnesaea — ^Daniel Hand, Edward Church, Nathan 
Hand. Proved 16 May, 1749. Lib. 6, p. S€7. 

1749, Apr. 10. Inventory (£1S0.18.S), includes cattle, sheep, horses and 
swine. Appraisers — ^Richard Crafford and Elisha Hand. 

178S» Get. 4. Hamd* Jeremiah* of Cape May Co., yeoman; will of. 
Wife. Cousin, George Hand, former son of my brother Georgre Hand, H 
of the "home stall land" I live on, next to my brother Recompence. 
John Hand, son of John Hand, the remainder of said land. They to 
possess the five mile beech with 90 acres of land near Greene Creek 
branches, with 15 acres of marsh near the "Seader Homakes." Broth- 
er, Recompence and his children two-thirds of moveable estate. Lega- 
cies to cousin Mary Hand, brother Thomas and his children. Execu- 
tor— Georgre Hand, Senior. Witnesses — John Hiatt, James Flood, 
Richard Downes. Proved 26 Feb., 1782-3. Lib. 8, p. 260. 

1732, Oct. 7. Inventory, £80.10.0; made by Nathaniel Rusoo. William 

1788, May 27. Account. Moneys paid to Elisa. Hand (widow), 
Recompence Hand, John Jones, SamL Bustill, Rebecca Garlick, Peter 
Hand, James Flood, Richard Downes, Jeremiah Hand, Jacob Spicer, 
Nathaniel Prusco, William Mathew, Georgre Crandal, John Crandal. 
Trustam Hedges, Christopher Foster, Ebeneser Swaine, George Hand. 
Mary Hand. 

Letter of Richard Downes, who wrote the will, dated Cape May. Feb. 
26, 1782-8, explains what will meant. Sworn before Jacob Spicer. Justice. 

1786, Apr. 27. Hamd* John* of Cape May Co. Int. Adm'r, Elisha 
Hand. Fellow bondsman — ^Ebeneser Newton, both of County afore- 
said. Witnesses — ^Thomas Hand, William Simkins. Jacob Spicer, 
Junior. Lib. 4. p. 65. 

1736, Apr. 24. Inventory (£198.0.11) includes cattle, hogs and geese. 
A.ppraisers — E^beneser Newton, Thomas Hand. 

1788, June 7. Account. Payments to Nathl. Norton, Thos. Hand, Jamea 
Page, John Crandall, Thoa Ross, John Hand, Eibenezer Newton. Mercy 
Hand, (widow). Jane Hand. Rachel Hand (daughters). Thos. Buck, etc., 
amounting in all to (£147.4.7). C:ape May Wills. 86 E. 

1748» Jaae 1. Hand* Johii, of Cape May Co. Int. Adm'x, Elener 
Hand. Fellow bondsman — ^Robert Townsend, of County aforesaid. 
Witnesses — Clement Conicle, Jeremiah Hand. Cape May Wills. Ill E. 

1742, Jan. 28. Inventory of personal estate. £92.06.5; made by Moses 
-Crosly. John Ireland. 

1744, . — . Account Moneys paid out by William Morceland and 

wiener his wife: Loan office, Joseph Roas. Henry Stits. E^sqr.. Joseph 
Idaps, Richard Smith, Silvanes Townsend. Robert Townsend. George Hol- 
•enshead, John Ireland, Henry Young, Esqr.. "Colnor and Jury to vew the 
•dead body." Moses Crosle. 

1747, May 20. Hand* John, of Cape May Co. Int. Adm*r, Silas 
Hand. James Whildin, fellow bondsman, both of County aforesaid, 
gentlemen. Witnesses — ^Elijah Hughes and Jeremiah Hand. 

Lib. 5, p. 457. 

1747, Aug. 1. Inventory of personal estate. £119.01.8 ; made by Elijah 
Hughes, Barnabas Crowell, Junior. 

Digitized by 



1744-6» Fe¥. •. Hamd* Mei«T» of Cape May Co.; will of. Certain 
moreables to sons Bliaha and John Hand, to dauffhtera Abigail Buck, 
Mary Paisre and Jane WhiUdin, and to aon-in-law, Richard Smith. 
Son, Isaiah Hand to have ne^ro man Will, on condition, etc. Blishu 
Hand, yottn^eat son (not of a^e). Residue to sons Silas, Isaiah and 
Blishu. Bxecutors — ^Blisha Hand and Richard Smith. Witnesses- 
Barnabas Crowell, Junior, Bsekiel Mulford, Senior, Samuel Bldredye, 
Jacob Spicer. Proved 5 Feb., 1745-6. Lib. 6, p. 244. 

1746, Dec S. Inventory, £92.16.10 ; made by Mijah Hughes, Barnabas 
Crowell, Junior. 

1752, Feb. 18. Hamd* Sary (Sarah), of Cape May Co., widow; will 
of. Son, Jacob, H of my rights for houses, lands, goods, etc, to 
which I am rightfully entitled by my husband's last will; the other 
half to my son Jeremiah. Bxecutor — ^friend, Nathanel Rusco. Wit- 
nesses — James Flood, Jeremiah Hand, Hester He wit. Proved 10 May, 
17SS. Lib. 8, p. SS8. 

1781-a» Feb. 16. Hand, Thomas, of Cape May Co., yeoman; will of. 
Wife one-third of lands during widowhood. Sons — ^Thomas, the home 
lands at Fishing Creek; Jacob, all lands and meadow at Oosen; 
Jeremiah, £10, Aaron £10, to be paid by my son Thomas. Son, Leuey, 
£5, to be paid by son Jacob. Legacies to daughters — ^Leusey, Mary, 
Lidey, Jerusey. Bxecutors — wife and <}eorge Hand. Witnesses — 
Richard Downes, Jeremiah Hand, Jeremiah Church. Proved 27 May, 

1753, May 27. Letters to Gtoorge Hand, the surviving executor. 

Lib. 3. p. 811. 

17S8, Apr. 26. Inventory (£68.08.0) Includes cattle (£40.18.0). Ap- 
praisers — John Flower, John Hughes. 

1738, July 27. Account Moneys paid to Jacob Spicer, Samuel Bustill, 
Francis Bevis, (Hiristopher Foster, Richd. Downs, Jon. Hughs, Mary Hand, 
Ruth Crowell, Joseph Lord, Nathaniel Foster, George Crandall, Nathan 
Osborne, Nicholas Stlllwell, Andrew McFarland, Recompense Hand, Wil- 
liam Smith, TriBtam Hedges, Christopher Foster, Jeremiah Hand, etc. 

17SS, March 81. Hand, WllHani, of Cape May Co. Int. Adm'r, 
Shan^ar Hand. Fellow bondsman — ^Nathaniel Rusco, all of County 
aforesaid. Witnesses — ^William Mathews, Jacob Spicer, Jacob Spicer, 
Junior. Cape May Wills, 70 B. 

1782, Nov. 18. Inventory (£68.02.08) includes cattle (£81.02.08). Ap- 
praisers — Nathaniel Rusco, Jacob Garrison. 

1789^ Nov. 18. Hand, Zelophehad, of Cape May Co., yeoman; will of. 
Wife, Sarah, one-third of personal estate and £6 more for maintain- 
ing an expected child. Also, use of all lands and of negro man until 
sons Nathaniel and Daniel will be 21. Son, Onesemus, to be provided 
for by my wife until Nathaniel and Daniel are of age; then they 
to possess equally the plantation whereon I live. Nathaniel to 
have the southwesterly half next to William Seagraves, Daniel the 
northeasterly side Joining Cornelius Hand's land. Legacies to wife's 
son, Jacob, and to my daughters Susannah, Jerusha, Deborah (all 
unmarried), and an expected child. Bxecutors — ^wife, Sarah, and 
Nathaniel Rusco. Witnesses — ^Thomas Hewet, Shamgar Hand, Blisa- 
beth Hand. Proved 10 May, 1788. Lib. 8, p. 884. 

1782, Nov. 28. Inventory (£90.14.0), includes cattle, sheep, swine, 
horses (£65.01.06). Appraisers— John Shaw, Jacob Gkurison. 

Digitized by 



17S7, Oct 28. Aooount Of Nathaniel Rvioo, Bzeoutof. Moneys i>aid 
to Joretnlah Hand* Thomas Stonobaek, Thomas Hand, Joshua 0haw, 
Thomas Hawett, Benjamin Johnson, Ruth Hand, Ananias Osborn. Jamea 
Crtsse. John Oarliek, Peter Hand, Henrx Tounff, Aaron Leamlnt» Hemr 
Stltes, (George Crandall, BbeneSer Swaine, Robt Creese. John Cress, Jacob 
Spieer, Nathan Osborn, William Seaffrave, Elisabeth Crowell, Lemual 
Swaine, Doctor Flood, John Shaw, '■ ■■ Jones, Jerusha Hand. 

1YSS» Feb. 4. Haa«eMk» JoIia, of Mansfield, Burllnrton Co.; will of. 
Wife, Anne, sole executrix. Children — William, John, Bdward, Jo* 
seph and Godfrey. Real and personal estate. Witnesses — Jonathan 
Scott, Henry Scott, Bartholomew Olbson, George Eyre. Proved April 
10, 1788. Lib. 8, p. 400. 

1784, April 6. Inventory, £84.18; made by Barthol. Gibson and Bd- 
ward Kimble. 

1T49^ Jaa. 5. HaaUaa, Richard* of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., 
carpenter. Int. Janet Hankins, widow, declines administration and 
recommends her brother-in-law William Hankins as administrator* 
Witnesses — WiU'm Cook, Sarah Brown. Lib. B, p. 868. 

1749, Jan. 12. Bond of William Hankins as administrator. John 
Stewart, (Steward) fellow bondsman, both yeomen of New Brunswick. 

1753. Feb. 22. Inventory of estate of Richard Hankins. who deceased 
Dec 9. 1749, £69.10.8 ; made by Bphraln Dunham. John Stewart, Thomaa 
Combs, Matthias Halldron. Account shows payments to Duncan Camp- 
bell, Abraham Ouke, Francis Holman, Dirk van Veshten, Folkard Ben- 
net, Hendrick Vandusen, Peteres Sle^ Jas. Hay, Andrew Johnston. Fred- 
erick Outffilt, Bphralm Dunham, Junr, Daniel Hankins. Johannes Fisher, 
Blisha Dunham. Mathlas Holdren, Kath'll Rolfe. Joslah Barents Jos. For- 

ir4S, AprU 9Qu Haaktas* WlUlam, of Winsor, Middlesex Co.; yeo- 
man; will of. Children — John. Zachariah, Jonathan, Richard, Daniel* 
Mary and Lydla. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife Mary» 
brother Samuel Parent, and friend Benjamin Sutton. Witnesses — 
Robert Holmes, James Reynolds, Samuel Thropp. Proved June 7, 1746. 

Lib. 6. p. 117. 

1744p March 1^ Haaktaaoa, John* of Freehold, Monmouth Co.; will 
of. Sisters, Hester Vanklrk and Hanner Anderson. Cousin, An Cos« . 
daughter of sister Lida. Witnesses — ^Thomas Hankinsont Jr., Thomaa 
Cox and John Campbell, Jr. Proved May 29, 1747, when Kenneth 
Anderson and William Vanklrk, husbands of two of the legatees, were 
sworn as administrators with will annexed. John Campbell, Jr., 
yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. B, p^ 47. 

1748. ApHl 16. Inventory (£181.18.8) inclades debU of Stephen Bocart, 
Joseph Wilson, William Madook, John Forman, Henry Van Hook and 
William Van Kerk. Made by I^vid Rhe and John Henderson. 

17as» Sept. Tk Haaaahfr THoSMie^ of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., laborer* 
Int. Bond of Francis Bowes, of Trenton, Etoquire, as administrator* 
Samuel Bustlll, of Burllnffton, Bsauire» surety. Witnessss' Bhrah Ajms 
Bustlll and Joseph Rose. Hunterdon WIU% 111 J. 

ir48» SmXr IS. HarsTove* Georse* of Burlinttoh Ca VkV MMT 
Hargrove, widow, and Blisabeth Brown, principal cfsdltor, reqtkest 
that David RookhSll bo appolntsd atailalstrator. Lib. 6, p. 8H^ 

Digitized by 


CAUNDAl OF WILLS— I73O-I750 221 

174S, July 19, Inventory oC Um p^rtoaal Mtate, £73.7 ; mad« by Jolw 
BoekhUl and Jomitluui Shreeye. 

1749. July 39. Bond of David RockhUl, of Burltnvton Co.. yeoman, as 
admiaistrator. Jolin BockhlU. of same, yeoman, fellow bondsman. 

Ub. 7. p. 98. 
t748» Way %%, HmwmmTp Wa|ter» of Reading Townahip, Hunterdon 
Co.; will of. Wife, Elisabeth. Dauffbter, Mary Harney, when mar- 
ried. Children of John Readinsr* of Amwell Township. Executors — 
wife, and friend John Rsadinff. Jr.. of AmwelL Wltnesses-*Abraham 
Zatphen« Headriok Yanoest. Robert Calcltt Proved August 1. 1748. 

Lib. 5. p. fi9i. 
1748. July 28. Inventory. £194.6.8 ; made by David Berton and Abra- 
ham Zutphen. 

175^ Ifov. as. Harper, WUUam, of City of Philada.. merchant. Int. 
Alios Harper, widow, and David Harper, eldest son of deceased, re- 
nounce, their riffht to administer in New Jersey to Thomas Harper, 
another son. 

1750. Dec. 1. Bond of Thomas Harper, of Philada., mercdiant. as admin* 
istrator. John Baynton. of same, merchant, fellow bondsman. 

Burlinvton WUls, 4C75*7 O. 

ITMw Feb. 17, Harrlmaa, 4oh«, of Elisabeth Town. Essex Co.. yeo* 
man; will of. Son-in-law, John Hendricks, small Bible. Daughter, 
Hannah Hendricks, largre Bible. Oranddauffhters^-Hannah, Sarah 
and Lydia Hendricks, and to all other children of John and Hannah 
Hendricks land lately purchased of Joseph WlUson, and seven acres 
Joining land of Jacob Mitchell, deceased. Son-in-law John Clarke, and 
dauffht^r Abigail Clarke and their children. Abigail and John, plan- 
tation joining lands of Benjamin Pierson, Benjamin Heeker and Capt 
Bbeneser Lyon; land I purchased of my father-in-law. Isaac White* 
head, of Elisabeth Town, deceased; land in partnership with my 
brothers Richard and Stephen Harriman; lands joining lands of Ben- 
jamin Parkhurst. deceased, William Oarden and Capt. Daniell Price. 
Elisabeth Harriman. daughter of brother Richard. Brother. Joseph 
Harriman, accounts with John Lyon. Children of brother. Joseph 
Harriman, vis., John Harriman. instrument for surveying lands; 
Hannah Harriman. silver spoon; David Harriman, silver tumbler, and 
silver spoon to another of his daughters. Brother, Stephen Harriman, 
meadow joining meadow of Ephraim Price and Nathan Whitehead; 
his daughter, Joanna, one cow; his son. John, land I purchased o^ 
Benjamin Parkhurst, deceased, joininar lands of Thos. O^den and 
Richard Harriman; his other daughters each a silver spoon. House- 
keeper, Deborah Price. Executors— Benjamin Price, Jun*r, and broth- 
ers Richard and Stephen. Witnesses — ^William Clarke, Daniel Parson 
(Pierson). Samuel Whitehead. Proved March 28, 1780. 

Lib. B. p. 808. 

1788. Oct. 80. We, Joseph Price. Silvester Cole and John Wade, are 
held in bonds for Richard Harriman and Benjamin Price, surviving 
executors. Note.--^ohn Harriman bequeathed to Deborah Coale. wife of 
Silvester Cole, late Deborah Price. £26. Witnesses — Daniel Meeker. Sarah 

17B9, Dee. IS. Harris, Aaaa, of Fairfield Precinct. Cumberland Co.. 
widSF of Thomas Harris, late of said precinct. Sons— Thomas, Caleb 
and Jeremiah. Granddaughter. Anna Harris. 'Kniildren in my house 
imd family with me all that woolen cloth already made for clothing. 

Digitized by 



•ach child to have as intended by me known to my daughter Sarah 
Offden and vranddauffhter Anna Harrie." Daughter, Sarah Offden, 
wife of Thomas Offden, reeidue of estate. Bzeeutoi^— eon-in-law, 
Thomas O^den. Witnesses— David Flthian, Henry Wescote, Benja- 
min Stratton, Junior. Proved 27 Deo.» 1760. Lib. 7, p. 74. 
1750, Dec. 21. Inventory (£141.17.9) includes cattle, sheep, hosa» 
wheat on the ground. Appraisers—David Fithian, Jeremiah Buck. 

1748* Kay Sl» Harris, Isaac* of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'z, 
ICarey Harris. Bondsmen — ^Henry Seely and David Stratten, all of 
Salem County. Witnesses — Daniel Alderman, DanL Mestayer. 

Lib. 6, p. 21S. 

1746, May 7. Inventory (£94.2.6) includes cattle and horses. Apprais- 
ers — ^Daniel Alderman, Jonathan Offden. 

ITdt^ Get. 24. Harris, Theauum of Fairfield Precinct, (Cumberland 
Co.; will of. Wife, Anna, during widowhood, H of improvements 
within Boiler's Survey, both of upland and marsh, and benefit of pro- 
duce upon homestead, wheat in the barn at Deerfield, and on ground 
at home. Son, Caleb, the other % of improvements within Beller** 
Survey, both of upland and marsh. Son, Thomas, H of lands at Deer- 
field, excepting 86 acres designed for son Isaac, and on which he 
lived and died, which is to be ffiven to his sons— Isaac (not 21) and 
Thomas (not 21); also to my son Thomas one moiety of salt marsh, 
the homestead and the marsh within Boiler's Survey. Son, Jeremiah, 
other half of the land at Deerfield. To grandsons above mentioned, 
improvements on the Society's land. To Anna, Mercy, Mary and 
Esther Harris, daughters of my late son Isaac, benefit of lease which 
I save to Abraham CNirretson. Daughter, Sarah Offden, to share with 
her three brothers in residue of the estate, Caleb improving his part 
under conduct of executors. Executors— sons Thomas and Jeremiah. 
Witnesses — David Orden, Isaac Preston, David Fithian, Joseph Seelye. 
Proved Dec 20 (1749; but no year mentioned). Lib. 6, p. 296. 

1749, Dec. 19. Inventory (£298.2) includes necro man (£60), cattle, 
sheep and hoss (£76.06.0). Appraisers — Jeremiah Buck, Joseph Seelye. 

17S9-S, Jaa. 11. Harrlsea, Abrahaai, of Newark, Essex Co. Int. 
Hannah Harrison, widow, declines to accept the administration and 
requests that Daniel Plerson and David Williams be appointed. 

1782-8, Jan. 11. Bond of Daniel Petrson as administrator. David Wil- 
liams, fellow bondsman. Witness — Edward Thomas. Lib. B, p. 846. 

17S7, March IS. Harvlsea, Damlel, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of. 
Children of daughters Lydla Baldwin and Abigail Farrand, both de- 
ceased. Sons — ^Moses and Daniel, land formerly ffiven testator by 
deed of gift, joining lands of Joseph Harrison and Joseph Johnson, 
and land in the Great Neck, joining land of John Plum. Grandson, 
Jonathan Harrison. Executors — sons Daniell and Moses. Witnesses — 
Sam'U Farrand, David Off den, Aaron Richards. Proved Dec 26, 1788. 

Lib. C, p. 240. 

1788-9, Jan. 28. Inventory, £87.16.01 ; made by Eliphalet Johnson and 
Thomas Longworth. 

ir40^ Apr. % Harrlsea, Elisabeth, widow of John Harrison, Junior, 
Esq., Rocky Hill, Somerset Co.; will of. House and lot at Perth 
Amboy ffiven by the will (of 2 March, 1728) of her husband, John 

Digitized by 



Harrison, to be sold by executors and money divided amon^ my four 
children — Benjamin Hifffflns, Benjamin Harrison, Sarah Loakison 
(who has a daughter Sarah under 21) and Orace Harrison. Men- 
tions daughters Rachel Harrison, wife of Benjamin Harrison, Mary 
Hirrens and Nance Harrison. Grandchildren — ^Edward Hi^ffins, Blisa 
and Sarah Warden. Executors — sons Benjamin Harrison and Ben- 
jamin Hiffffins. Witnesses— LfCWis Moore, Thomas Soden, Thos. Yates. 

Lib. B, p. 186. 

1747» March Mu Harris**, J«h«, of Somerset Co. Int. Adm'r, 
brother, Henry Harrison. Fellow bondsman — Dollin Corle. 

Lib. E, p. 10. 

1747, Jaly ST. Harrises* Peter* of New Hanover, Burlington Co., 
weaver; will of. Children — Isaac, Joseph, Thomas, Sarah Fox, Mary, 
Ruth and Deborah. Tract bouffht of Wm. Sexton's executors, vis., 
John Steward and Ann Sexton. Plantation formerly belongrinflr to my 
father, Richard Harrison. Executors — wife, Sarah, and son Thomas. 
Witnesses — Joseph Roffers, William Roffers, Thos. EarL Proved Jan. 
16, 1747. Lib. 6, p. 889. 

1747. Feb. 10. Inventory. £577.14.6 H; made by Benjamin Kirby and 
Sam'l Emley. 

17S0W Dee. 2», HarriMa, Richard, of New Hanover, Burlington Co., 
yeoman: will of. Wife, Alse. Children — William, Peter, George, 
Richard, Ruth Starkey and Sarah Rogers. Orandau^hter. Rebeckah 
Harrison. Executors — son, Peter, and Joseph Rogers. Real and per- 
sonal estate. Witnesses— William Kirby, Benjamin Kirby, Samuel 
Wrtrht. Proved Oct. 6, 1742. Lib. 4, p. 817. 

1742, Sept 28. Inventory, £271.6; made by Benjn. Kirby and Sam'L 

1742. Nov. 6. — ^Dec. 24. Receipts of payments to Alice Harrison, Sarah 
Rogers, Richard Harrison, Ruth Starkey, William Harrison. 

1781, Jumm 1. Harrlseii, SamaeU of Gloucester Co.. ffuardian of 
William Hufffft eldest son of Joseph Hugg of same county, inn-holder. 

Lib. 8. p. 142. 

1788* SSth of 7th mo. (Sept.). Harrow, iMiac, of Trenton. Hunterdon 
Co.; will of. Wife, Temperance. Son, James Harrow. Executors — 
wife, and friends Anthony and William Morris. Witnesses — ^Henry 
Carter, Joshua Appleton and John Yard. Proved April 6. 1741. 

Lib. 4, p. 277. 

1740-1. Jan. 24. Inventory (£440.17.2) includes an elirht-day clock, 
two maps, Bible; articles in the plating mills, work shop, blade mill; 
6 Bcyths ; water engine. Lent to Benjamin Yard, a hammer, etc. In coal 
house, 900 bushels of coals, £9. Lot bouirht of Jas. Trent Made by 
Francis Giffinff, William Atlee, Benjamin Smith. 

178St March SEB. Hart, Jaae, an orphan upward of 14 yrs., daughter 
of John Hart, Salem County, ward; guardian John Pledger. 

Lib. 4, p. 8. 

17S8, Sept. % Hart* Jaae, of Salem County, spinster. Int Adm'r, 
Robert Hart, of town and county of Salem, merchant Bondsman — 
John Jones, attorney-at-law of same place. Witnesses — Richard 
Smith, DanL Mestayer. Salem Wills, 629 Q. 

1748* March 8. Hart* Jaae* of Salem Co.. spinster. Int. Adm'r, 
(Hiarles Hart Bondsman — ^William Barker, all of said County, ffentle- 
menu Witnesses — ^Dan. Mestayer, Davd. Morris. Lib. 6, p. 62. 

Digitized by 



lf48» N«T« la nmru JlmgmmJimh* ot Turktar, Borouffh of Bltsab«tki, 
Bssey Co.; will of. Son, D»niel« Un4 Joiulnc Undq of Blnsthan Conr, 
S^pthraim Sukly and the pi^aonaffe. Pattyhterv^Blisal^eth. Debor^li 
and Anna Hart, all under ac«- EUecutora — ^wife, Sarah, and brother 
Samuell Crowell. Witneaaea-^Abraham Hendrloka, Baeklel Mulford, 
Jonathan Mulford. Proved Jan. II. 174ft. I4b. F. p. 9S. 

1749; Jaa^ 21. Hart* NathaaleU of Hopewell. Hunterdon Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Blisabeth. lieaidue of aatale to childran exoapt 
the two boys Ephralm and Hosea to have £10 more than the ffirla. 
Bldeat aon« Ephralm. Daughter, Ann, lar^e Bible. Daughter, Elisa- 
beth. Executors — ^wife, brother Joseph Hart, and John Hart, son of 
testator's brother Edward Hart. Witnessea-'-Georflre Woolsey, )Bd-» 
ward Hart and Cornelius Sholdren. Proved March 6, 1742. 

Lib. 4, p. 861. 

1749* Jvly Si Bart* Ralpk* of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., yeoman; will 
of. Sons Benjamin and Samuel, home plantation in Trenton; 9enJa-* 
min to have part on south side of road that ffoes to Maidenhead; 
Samuel on north side of road, with dwelling house and orchard. 
Eldest son, Ralph, testator's sword and walking cane. Sons, Joslah 
and Benjamin. Grandson, John Carpenter, son of daughter Mary, 
lar^e Bible, at decease of testator's wife. Daughters — Sarah, wifa 
of Robert Akers; Mercy, wife of Joseph Tindall; Martha, wife of Rob- 
ert Lainlnff, Jr.; Elisabeth, wife of Joseph Jones; Abigail, wife of 
Stephen Laininc Residue of estate to wife, Sarah. Executors — ^wife. 
and sons Ralph and SamueL Witnes s e s Samuel Hunt, WiUiaas 
PhilUps and Joseph Phillips. Proved August 3B, 1749. Ldb. I, p. 274. 

1749, Sept 5. Inventory of estate of "Major Ralph Harts, Bml** 
(£96C.14.4) includes sword and cane, £10.06; larse Bible and other hooka, 
£2 ; cattle, horses, mares, colts, £87.10. Made by Thomas Moore and 
Abraham Temple (or Teple). 

1789, De«. 4. Hart* Robert* of Salem Town and County, merchant, 
vuardian of William Ridley (agred 18). Witness — ^H. Stubbins. 

Salem Wills, 642 Q. 

1745* Sept. 18. Hart* Robert* of Salem Township, Salem Co., mer- 
chant; will of. Wife, Jane, to have additionally to her dower £66 
and the house, duringr widowhood, in Salem, where she and my chil- 
dren live. Son, John Hart, messuage and lot in Salem next my afore- 
said dwelling. Son, William Hart, messuage and lot in Salem over 
against John Ooodwin'a Daughter, Lilly, messuage and 10 acres in 
Salem bought of Hu^h Clifton. 18 acres of marsh in Cowneck in sdL 
Township to three aforesaid children. Residue of lands to son Jo- 
seph. Executors — ^wife, Jane, and son, Joseph. Witnesses — ^Peter 
Turner and his wife, Sarah Turner, Charles Brockden. Proved 15 Oct.. 
1746. Letters granted to Jane Hart, executrix named, (in the absence 
of Joseph Hart, infant under asre). Lib. 6, p. 204. 

1762, March 10. "Whereas the said Jane Hart since taking the execu- 
torship hath died," etc., "and the said Joseph Hart hath renounced hia 
riffht, Feb. 15, 1762." John Hart, of Philadelphia, a son of Robert Ifart, 
of Salem Township and County, appointed administrator upon tbe aptate. 
Bondsman — John Busby, of Wellinffborough, Burlington County, yeoman. 
Witness — SamL Allinson. 

1745, Dec. 12. Inventory (£1107.0.1%) includes horse, saddle, armour* 
watcb and apparel, plate in «oId and sUvoTi wine, ware in the ''beaulet*** 

Digitized by 



€lock and case, 8S handkerchiefs, horaee, mareik eolti^ cattle, negro maa 
and negro child (£44). Appralsere — Wm. Hancock, Ranter Vanhist 

174a» Aav. 7. Hartskmrme, Havh, of Mlddletowa, Monmouth Co.; 
will of. Wife, Catherine. To daughter of Alloe and Joaeph Applegate, 
ISO If ahe gives security in case executors are troubled concerning 
land sold by testator to Jonathan Burge, which land was formerly 
in possession of John Bayly, deceased. Home plantation of 800 acres 
to wife; bounded by John Lepplt, Nicholas Johnson, (George Taylor. 
Also to wife negro girl, Nancy, and two other negroes: riding chaisOt 
etc. Lot in Middletown between George Taylor and Nicholas John- 
son. Meadow on Waycake Creek. Son, Robert, house where Robert 
White lives, with land adjoining on north side of street; excepting 
land reserved by testator's father, by will, for a burying-ground. If 
oonireiration of English Church of Middletown will give executors 
title to two acres before testator's door, he will devise to them half 
an acre at Groom's Lane, part of land devised to son Robert, adjoin- 
ing the widow Leppit. Son, Robert, 6 acres in Great Meadow at 
Shoal Harbor, adjoining widow Burrows. Silver tankard to son 
Robert, after wife's death. Provision for negro Jack. Dauffhters^* 
Mariraret White, Catherine Bowne (and her daughter Lydia Bowne), 
Rebecca Nixon (and her children), Sarah Vanbrackle, Mary, Mercy and 
Elisabeth Hartshorne. To said seven daughters, part of a lot in Am- 
boy purchased of James Alexander. Granddaughter, Lydia Bowne, 
half of lot at Barangate, bought of James Bowne. Son-in-law, Rob- 
ert Wliite. Son, Robert, lot In Amboy. adjoining Richard Fits- 
randolph, bought of Zacharlah Weeks. Executors — ^wife, son Robert, 
brother William Hartshorne, brother-in-law Joseph Field, and nephew 
William Hartshorne, Jr. Witnesses — George Crawford, Joseph Still- 
well. Charles Henderson. Proved October 18, 1742. Lib. D, p. 42. 

1742, Oct. 29. Inventory (£699.07.7) includes Harrington Oceana, 
Thomasius's Dictionary and Dalton's * Justice ; folio Bible ; Barclay's 
Apology in English and one ditto in Dutch ; 2 guns ; beam, weights and 
scales in shop; surveyor's compass and chain; one drum; weaver's 
loom; quill wheel and warping bars; 42 sides of leather; cheese press: 
silver tankard ; 7 negroes ; 1 Gunter's scale ; guaging rod and pair of 
dividers; 2 vols. Hodgson's Mathematics; one pettiaugre with masts, 
sails, oars and all her oyster rigging and furniture, (£5.10.0) ; 8 dos. 
drinking glassea Made by Joseph Stilwell, gentleman, Nicholas Johnson, 
yeoman, and Samuel Ogbome. Eisquire. 

1743. Nov. 26. William Hartshorne declines to serve as executor. 

1788» Jam* IM, Hartsharae, Richard* of Middletown, Monmouth Co., 
mariner; will of. Sister, Margaret Mott. Brother, William Harts- 
horne, executor, who Is to pay testator's other brothers and sisters. 
Witnesses — ^Peter Sasery, Miles Weekes, Richard Fits Randolph. 
Proved November 19, 1786. Lib. C, p. 127. 

1748* NaT. V. Hartaliaime» WfUlam* of Middletown Township, Men- 
mouth Co.; will of. Wife, Elisabeth. Daughter, Rachel. Son, Wil- 
liam, belt and staff that was testator's fathera Son, Thomas, silver 
tankard that was testator's second wife's. Daughters, Mary and 
R«e|iaL Three younger children, John, Bsek and Rachel. Son, 
Thomas, SOO acres, where Thomas dwells, adjoining the dam of the 

pond of his '^n-flats," adjoining — Davia Children — ^Mary, 

Baohel. John, Esek* William, Margaret, Hngh and Robert Bxecu- 

Digitized by 



tors — wife, and sons William, Thomas, Hugrh and Robert. Witnesses- 
James Bowne, Patrick Feoye, Patrick McEntee, Henry Troot. 

Codicil of Auffust 26, 1746. Son, William, havlngr died, bequest 
made to William's children Katherine and Richard Hartshorne. Wit- 
nesses — John Miln, Patrick Feoy and Richard Saltar. Proved March 
10, 1747, when Thomas, Hu^h and Robert Hartshorne, executors, beinir 
Quakers, were affirmed.. Lib. E, p. 204. 

1745-e, Mareh 17. Hartshorae, Wlillam, Jamlor, of Monmouth Co. 
Int. Bond of Mary Hartshorne, widow, as administratrix. John Reid, 
Esquire, and Thomas Hartshorne, of Monmouth County, fellow bonds* 
men. Witnesses — William and Robert Hartshorne, Patrick Feoy, 
Samuel Holmes, Helena Reid. Lib. D, p. 271. 

1746, April 10. Inventory (£286.17.1%) includes bonds and notes of 
Samuel Len:, Henry Marsh. Zebulon Clayton, Estate of Huirh Hart- 
shorne, Baly's Dictionary, 2 volumes System of Mathematicks, Bible. Cole*s 
Dictionary. 2 compasses, chain, case of instruments and scales, a servant 
man sold at six months credit for £20, 1 pettiauger and sails, (£4) ; wood 
boat, red cedar timber, (£120) ; cattle at Bamesat sold to John Law- 
rence. Made by John Brown and John Taylor. 

17S1* July 8. Hattfleld, Edward, of Greenwich. Gloucester Co., 
tailor. Int. Adm'r, John MIddleton, of the same place, yeoman, and 
Katherine, my wife, late the widow of Edward Hattfleld. Witnesses 
— SamL Bustill, Joseph Rase. Gloucester Wills, 140 H. 

1721, June 20. Inventory, £2.17.10; made by Gusta Locke, A. RandalL 
1721, July 2. Oath. "Katherine. relict of Edward Hattfleld, now the 
wife of John Middleton. deposes that soon after the death of her husband 
she was compelled to kill one cow, worth 50 shilling, for the sustenance 
of herself and four small children, she beinir then biir with child.** 

1789* Jam. 11« Havems* DasleU of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Christian. Children — Georgre, Anna, Daniel, John, 
Mary, Mar^rett, Christian and Ann. Executors — wife, and son George. 
Witnesses— ^ohn Herringr, Peter Trauerri, William Masters, William 
Cos^rave. Proved March 25, 1740. Lib. C, p. 226. 

1740^ May 6. Haveas, Joka* of Shrewsbury. Monmouth Co., yeoman. 
Int. Elisabeth Havens, widow, declines administration of the estate 
and recommends Pontius Stelle, Esq., executor of the last will of 
Gabriel Stelle. Witnesses — ^Henry Herbert, George Havens. 

1740, May 9. Adm'r, Pontius Stelle, of Perth Amboy, principal creditor. 
Richard FitsRandolph, fellow bondsman. Witness — Robert Lane. 

Lib. C, p. 240. 

174S» Dee. 21. Hawke. Heseklah» of Pllesffrove, Salem Co. Int. 
Adm'r, Benjamin Bispham, principal creditor, of Penns Neck. Bonds- 
man — ^William Barker of Salem. The widow, Johanna, having re- 
nounced her riffht 9 Dec, 1742. Lib. 4, p. 278. 

1742. Dec. 14. Inventory, £26.12.2; made by William Alderman, John 

TTdBp Not. 13. Hay, Adam, of Woodbridgre, Middlesex Co., "Doctor 
of Physick;" will of. Daughter, Martha Putland Hay, at 18 years. 
Brothers— ^ames and Charles Hay. Sisters — Ann Hay and Hester 
Putland. Cousin — Ann McCullah. Mother-in-law — ^Mrs. Penthisele% 
Putland. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife, Merial, brother 

Digitized by 



Charles Hay of London, and friends Doctor James Henderson of J>7ev 
Yorke and David ICartlne, late of Trenton, Esq. Witnesses — ^Edward 
Vanvhn, Penthlselea Putland, Chris. Denlnc Proved June 8, 6, 1741. 

Lib. C, p. 416. 
17S«, Asv. «. Hay, Aadvew, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.; will of. 
Children — ^Elisabeth, William, Andrew and John, all under a^e. Real 
and personal estate. Executors— wife, Airness, and friends Andrew 
Johnston, Lewis Johnston and Thomas Bartow. Witnesses — John 
Hamilton, Esq., Fenwlck Lyell, Peter Savery, Elinor Williams. Prov- 
ed Jan. 14., 1789. Lib. C, p. 812. 

174S» Nov. S. Haymes« Aaa ("Ann Burrell, otherwise called and 
known by the name of Ann Haynes"), of Somerset Co., widow; will of. 
Children — Samuel (oldest), James, Benonlah, Aaron, Henry and Re- 
beca. Mentions Daniel Dottey, the rreat Bible, a lar^e book In folio. 
Works of the Revrd. Mr. Perkens, money that son Benonlah had out 
of New Enirland, and land lately bougrht In the Western division of 
this Province, to be paid for out of the personal estate by Henry and 
Rebeca. Henry to have the land and Rebeca the personal "as shall 
be an equal half with him." Henry and Rebeca, all title to certain 
tract of land situate in Haverstraw, N. T., and to be at equal charges 
in recovering the same by law. Executors — John Ayers, Esq., and 
Moses Ayers, Esq. Witnesses — Silvanua Conant, Timo. Stouffhton, 
Brlce RIkey. Proved 8 Dec, 1742, and 6 Jan., 1742-8. Lib. D, p. 19. 

1742-8, Jan. 18. Renunciation. Moses Ayers refuses "having anything 
to do with that estate." Witnesses— Elisha Ayers, Silas Ayers. 

ITM^ Mareh 98. Haymes« AaB» of Salem Town and County, widow. 
Int. Adm'r, John WhittaL Bondsman — ^William Sydden (Siddons). 
Both of place aforesaid. Witness — Joslah Kai^hn. Lib. 7, p. 87. 

ITtt* Jam* IB. Hayaes, Beajaatla* of Salem Co., weaver; will of. 
Wife, Ann, executrix, to have personal estate and 18 acres purchased 
of Tho. Mason. Sons — ^Joseph, 100 acres Joining my brother Joseph 
Haynes* land in Maninffton precinct, Salem County, he paying his sis- 
ter, Mary Ann Haynes, £10, when she will be 18; Benjamin, acre of 
Utnd purchased of Thomas Harris, Joining John Klllits lot; John, the 
land and house I live In, jolnlnir James Wiffffins' lot, he to pay my 
daughter Hannah, £10, when she will be 18. Executor — son Joseph 
HalL Witnesses — James Wiffffins, Joseph Morris, Jno. Goodwin. 
Aillrmed 2 June, 1788. Lib. 8, p. 872. 

1788, May 6. Inventory, £86.6.1 ; made by BenJ. Acton, John White. 

1784, April 28. Account. Moneys paid to Daniel Mestayer, Surrogate 
at Salem. Clement Hall. Thomas Mason, Philip CHietwood, Abel Nicholson. 
Lewis Morris, Peter Turner, Joseph Morris, Thomas Hasmes, Francis 
Gandonot, Roger Sherron, Samuel Wade, Thomas Stow, Thomas Cook, 
Samuel Abot. John White. Moneys due from Joseph Haynes, "who is run 
away,' William Steward, Andrew Slnnick, John Qoldsmith. 

174T* Jaae 9(1. Hayaes* Beajaaila, of Salem Town and County, car* 
penter. Int. Admr*s, Charles Reading, William Murdock. Bonds- 
men — ^Thomas Thompson, William Barker, all of Salem County, yeo- 
men. Witnesses— Robert Thompson, Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 5, p. 422. 

1740^ Jaae 2S. Haymes« Daalei* of Salem Town and County, car- 
penter. Int. Adm'x, Hannah Haynes, widow. Bondsmen — Benjamin 
Haynes, John Mason, all of said County. Witness — ^Thos. Price. 

Lib. 4, p. 244. 

Digitized by 



1140, JuiM 81. Inv^tory (IMf.f.O) taeltt4M horM. saddle. otLrg^tmfB 
tools: also bonds (£201.8.4). Ai»pimiser»**Jolui Mason. SSdvard Tost 

179% BfavcJb 9S. Haymcot Jokn* of Salem Town and County. Int. 
Adm*r, John WhlttaU. Bondsman^-Joslali Kay. Both of aforesaid 
plaoe. Ub. 7. p. 89. 

tTBiw JImmt IflL HaywaHU BbeMser^ of Perth Amboy. Middlesex Co.; 
will of. **After payment of debts if anything remains I bequeath it 
to the School for Indians where I have been instructor under the 
direction of the Honorable Society for Propasratiny Christian Knowl- 
edge." Executor — ^Mr. John Brainard, Minister of the Gospel amonir 
the Indians. Witnesses^-Wm. Tennent, Blihu Spencer, John Brainard. 
Proved July 17, 1760. Ub. BJ, p. 441. 

1745, Avimet as. Heath, Aadrew, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co.;- will 
of. Wife, Mary. Sons — ^Andrew, John, Richard, David and Timothy, 
paugrhters — Elisabeth Ketchum, Mary, Catharine and Sarah. Execu- 
tors — wife, and son Andrew. Witnesses — Ephralm Quinby, Daniel 
Ketchum and John Lewis, M. P. Proved Oct. 6, 1746. Lib. Q, p. 209. 

1747, April •. Heath, Rlekard, of Bethlehem. Hunterdon Co. Int. 
Inventory; made by Jno. Coats and Peter Schmuck. 

1747, April 10. Bond of Mary Heath, of Bethlehem, as administratrix. 
Daniel Ketcham, of same place, yeoman, surety. Witnesses — William 
Peirson. Joshua Howell. Mary Heath (a Quaker). Lib. 5. p. 459. 

17S7. May 10. Account of Mary Park, formerly Mary Heath, adminis- 
tratrix of the estate. Mentions Jno. Famsworth, Jos. Linn. William 
Hendrlckson. John Coat. Archibald Hanna, David Drake, Heseklah Bon- 
ham, Samuel Bonham, Patrick Nlxson, John Hull, Thomas Evans, Henry 
Coat. Robert Blair. N. F*amsworth. Luther Colvin, John Oaks, Mary Fams- 
worth, Nath'l Forster, Samuel Large, Samuel Larare, Jr., Jno. Wtler. Las- 
arus Adams, Nathaniel Colman, Morris Glanwell, Jacob Wbelmer, Abra- 
ham Bonnell. Peter Cambell, Godfrey Melick, William Schooley, Samuel 
Schooley. Jno. Reading, Jno. Moody. William Corbet, Robert Haslet. Cor- 
nelius Low, William Montgomery, Thomas Wolverton. A. Bonnell. Robert 
White. Nath'l Pettit, Roger Terrill. John Park. Daniel Ketcham, Godfrey 
Rich, Nath'l Forster, Joa Merrill. Philip Chapman. William Bates, Sam- 
uel Wlllson, Peter Smock, Jas. Harker. Daniel Pegg, Henry Oxley. 

178S, May B. Hedce, IfatluiM, of Salem Town and County, tailor; 
will of. Mother, Rebecca Cox, executrix and sole legatee. Real and 
personal estate. Witnesses — ^Roger Huckings, Robert Watherbe. 
Alexdr. Simpson. Affirmed 16 August, 1783. Lib. 3. P. 378. 

1788. June 12. Inventory (£46.13.10) includes bonds of Joseph Graves, 
John Surge and Francis Doyle. Appraisers — ^Thomas Taylor, Joseph Geat. 

1781, May ISL Hedflre, BaaiiMtl, of Cohansey, Salem Co.; will of. 
Wife, Ann, sole executrix, and to have 1000 acres in Mannington tn 
said County, Joining Jacob Attwood's land on Salem Creek, and on 
Arthur's, Bovier's and Bartleson's land, being part of 15,000 acres sur-* 
veyed by Benjamin Acton, the 10 da., 4 mo., 1709; also 190 acres at 
Alloways Creek; also 8-aere lot in Salem on the lower side of my 
brother Nathan's 84 acres; also 16«-aore lot of woodland, and two-acre 
lot Joining William Followell's and Nathan Hedges' lot, where the 
house stands, in consideration that she discharge a bond given by my 

Digitized by 



flkthcr, Samttel Hed^e, to WIUlAm Bllen* of Buckt County. Pa. ("tluit 
la to say H dae oti my aeeoant, % on WUltam Hedge, deceaMd, % on 
John Hedffe, deceased, for the which sum I gave a bond to Natlian 
Hadire to pay." If not paid the land to return equally to my son. 
Samuel Hedgre. and my dauffhter. Rebecca Hedge). Personal estate 
to wife for paying debts and bringing up the children. Son. Samuel 
Hedge. 600 acres In liannlngton; also my shares on Phoenix Grove. 
Salem Creek, near Hellgate; also H of a 16*acre lot in Salem, joining 
Nathan Hedge and William Followell's lots. Daughter Rebecca, the 
other half of said lot; also 600 acres in Mannlngton. joining where 
William Murfey dwelt. Mother. Rebecca Cox. to have 50 acres in 
Mannlngton. Witne s ses " Abiel Cearll, Joseph Wheaten. Thos. Hendy. 
Proved 2 March, 17S1. Lib. S, p. 182. 

1731. Feb. 29. Inventory (£189.6.8) "of Samuel Hedge of town of 
Greenwich. Salem County, gent'* Appraisers — ^Leo. Gibbon. Abiel Carll. 

1747-8* March IS. Heggemaa (Heggennan), Deals, of Somerset Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife. Mary. Heal and personal estate. Children — 
Adrian. Barnett, Bllsabeth and Margarette (all minors), and. If a 
child be born, to share. Szecutors— Brother, Adrian Heggerman, 
Abraham Striker and John Van Dyke (John Van Dyck, Junior. In 
letters testamentary). Witnesses— Garret Williamson. Petrys Voor- 
hels, Roelof Van Dike. Proved 81 March, 1748. Lib. B. p. 171. 

1747-8, March 28. Inventory, real and personal (£665.18) Includes 
188 acres of land with Improvements, and field of green wheat, cattle, gun. 
sword and powdor hom. Made by Lucas Voorhees. Roelof VanDtke. 

1745, Jam* 13. Helms, Lawrence, of Salem Co., combmaker. Int. 
Adm'r, Joseph Wheaton. Bondsman-^DavId Piatt. Both of Cohansey. 
Witnesses ■ ■ 'James Foumess, Chas. O Neiii. 

1748. Jan. 12. Inventory (£10.12.6) includes rent due in hands of 
Obadlah WOod« Appraisers Thos. Parke, David Plats. 

Salem Wills, 582 Q. 

1740, Nov. 8. HelBiN Msnaoaos (HerttuiataN MaaiM), of Greenwich* 
Oloueoater Co., husbandman; will of. Son»---Israel, the 100 acres 
whereon ho lives (surveyed to him by Thomas Miles); John, 66 acres, 
whereon he lives, also 80 acres of marsh purchased of DIsha Phe«> 
semen Un case of his death without issue, my sons Okee and Andrew 
Helm to have equally aforesaid property and the tract whereon I live). 
Wife, Catterea Helm, to remain there "daring her pure widowhood." 
In aaao of their death without Issue tract to descend to my surviving 
son. Son, Joseph, 100 aeres on a branch of Trumpeter's Creek, joining 
Hendrlokson's land. Daughterih-^Bfary, Catteren and Dinah (mar- 
ried). Israel Lock, one shilling in full for his wife's part of my 
estatow Bxeeutors^^wlfe, Catteren, and son Okee. Witnesses— Wm. 
MMtla» Oerret Vanaman, John Vanamaa. Proved 86 Nov.. 1740. 
Letters granted July 18, 1741. Lib. 4. pp. 260. 861. 

1746, Nov. 20. Inventory (1207.17.8) Includes sliver tankard, 112. Ap* 
ptalsera John Vaneman, Wm. Mlckle. 

174*^ Jaa. aOk Hetai (HelMus), Okeynus (Oklnus), of Greenwich, 
Gloucester Co.; will of. Son, Andrew, home plantation on Rackoon 
creek; In ease of hta death without issue, same to descend to my son 
Oabtioi. wHh all my Unds at Pennsaeek; if ho dies without issue, to 
my youngest son Okeynus (a minor). Bldest son, John Holm, five 
shiunigs <h«Bi«as What haa been given him). Daughter— -Magdalena. 

Digitized by 



Bx«otttor — ■on-in-Uw, Andrew Hendrlckaon. WltneMM — ^Hendrlok 
Hendriokaon, John Jones, Peter Cox. Proved Oot. SI, 1760. 

Lib. 7, p. 111. 

1750, Got. 11, 18. Inventory, 1139.7.8; nuMle by Tim. Rain, Mathew 

1758, Feb. 7. Acoonnt. Moneys iMiid to William Guest, John Jones, 
Andrew Helmer, Brick Reynolds, Matthew Gill, Maffdalen 8ely, John Hal- 
ton. Timothy Rain, John Ladd, Bbeneser Cook, Joseph Scattergood. 

ITM^ Amm* U* Helms, Andrew* of Greenwich, Gloucester Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Sfaiters, Catherine and Mary, H of 19 acres, purchased 
of Joseph Armitt. Brother, Joseph. Bzecutors — smother, Catherine 
Helms, and my brother, John. Witnesses — ^Alexr. Randall, Andrew 
Lonff, Ann Cox. Proved 9 Oct., 1750. 

1750, Oct €. Inventory, £127.19.6; made by Alexr. Randall, Andrew 
Long. Lib. 7, p. SS. 

174M, Get. 7. HendenoM, James, of New York City; will of. Chil- 
dren — ^Tessia (wife of Alexander Moore), Margaret, Elisabeth, Cath- 
erine, Eve and Mary Henderson. Land on Prince Street, Joining land 
of Anthony Duane; land in Albany, Ulster Co., New York. Executors 
— ^wife, Tessia, and daughter Margaret. Witnesses — Peter Renaudet, 
William Bascome, John Kelly. Proved April 26, 1746. Lib. D, p. 274. 

17S4, Jaa. SS, Hendricks, Baker, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co., 
an orphan Aged about eighteen years. Bond of David Smith, trader, 
as ffuardian. Jacob DeHart, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Witness — 
Pontius Stelle. 

1788, Dec. 6. Bond of Jacob DeHart, mariner, as guardian. John 
Thomson, of Perth Amboy, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. C, p. 226. 

1797, November 16. HendHcks (Hendrlckson), Damlel, of Middle- 
town, Monmouth Co., gentleman; will of. (See N. J. Archives, voL 
28, p. 222. The inventory is there omitted, but ffiven below). 

1728, May 28. Inventory of the estate of "Captain" Daniel Hendricks 
( £1180.08.00 H) includes 2 swords, male pillion and portmantle, 2 pistols, 
large Bible and 6 smaller books, nippers, tooth drawers, negro Joe (£86), 
negro lad Peter (£40), negro Bob, (£66), negro woman Dinah and child 
(£60), negro woman Kate, (£10), 86 sides leather; 8 cattle hides, horses, 
mares, colts, stallion, gun, flour at Van Guelder's mill; also bonds and 
debts of Johannen and Jacobus Swart, Cornelius Weooft, Joseph Ctoldin, 
William Bowne, Mordecai Gibbons, Thomas Johnson, Robert Patterson, 
Benjamin Cooper, John Mount, Horman Vansandt, John Powell, Mark 
Farrar, Gerrett Bowler, William Parent, Richard Coinpton. Sarah Throck- 
morton, Gtorrett Covenhoven, John Ruckman, 0>meliu8 WeoofC, Thomas 
Smyth, John Fenton, Gtorshom Wallen, Bartholomew Marsh, Joseph Mor- 
gan, Andrew Johnson, James Hyde, Thomas Stillwell, John Vaughan. 
widow Hophmire, Alexander Wellson, John Morford, Simon Leopardus, 
John Whltlock, Hendrlckus Kipp, Hendrick Hendrickson. Made by Wil- 
liam Lawrence, Jr., Samuel Ogborne, Johannes Luister and Giesburt 
Hendrickson. Monmouth Wills, 677 M. 

178S, Jaly B. Hendricks, Johii, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co. Int. 
Bond of Ebebeser Johnson as administrator. Thomas Clarke, fellow 
bondsman. Witness — Sarah Dagworthy. Lib. B. p. 486. 

1788, Jan. 18. Inventory (£482.06.06), includes large Bible. Psalm 

Digitized by 



Book, gold and silver rings, bonds of James Ogden, John Reid, Andrew 
Joline, John Cask, Richard Alford, William Gunner, Henry Person. Wil- 
liam Patterson, John Low, Isaac Bonnel. Made by Justice Andrew 
JoUne. Justice Robert Ogden, John Emltt. 

17S4» Jvae 8. HendHcksoii, HendHekt Sr.. of Middletown Township, 
Monmouth Co. Int. Inventory (£198.14.8) includes silver hilted 
sword, pair of pistols, sun dial, tankard, negro man and woman, 
*l>lea8ure sled shod with iron." Made by Hendrick Hendrickson, 
Nicolas Waycott, Robert Dodsworth. 

1735. Oct 9. Adm'r, Hendrick Hendrickson. Jr., of same place, son of 
deceased. John Deare. of Amboy, fellow bondsman. Witness — ^Lawrence 
Smyth. Lib. C, p. 44. 

\74B9 Sept. 21. HendrlckeoB, Henry (Hendrlek), of Greenwich 
Township, Gloucester Co.; will of. Wife, Geena, "this old place, which 
[ now live on;" after her decease same to descend to my son Jonas, 
and 100 acres lying on the other side of Timber Creek. Sons — 
Andrew, the place he lives on, also 70 acres on this side of Timber 
Creek, near Hance Urins' land; Henry, the place I bought of Lawrence 
Lock, also 86 acres I bought of John Mickel. Daughters — Bridget 
T^ck, Madlena Lock, Sarah Dinney and Geena. Executors — sons Jonas 
ard Henry. Witnesses — Isaiah Davenport, Charles Lock, Switn Lock. 
Proved ^9 Dec, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 868. 

1749. Nov. 23. Inventory (£485.00.6) includes cooper tools. "Syder. 
mattheglum and casks" (£5.14.0), young cattle. Appraisers — Isaiah Dav- 
snportt. Charles Lock. 

1740» Oct. 11. HendrlekeoB* Johii. of Middlesex Co., yeoman. Int. 
Bond of Hendrick Hendrickson, the eldest brother, William Cowen- 
hoven and Henry Disbrow, as administrators on the estate. Jonathan 
Stout, fellow bondsman. Lib. C, p. 355. 

1744, JsM. 14. Heary, Alexamder, of City of New Brunswick, Som- 
erset Co., merchant; will of. Wife, Elizabeth. Children — John, James, 
Alexander and William (all under age), and an expected child. Real 
and personal estate. Wife, Elizabeth, executrix during widowhood. 
Other executors — William Ouke, James Neilson and James Lyne, all 
of said City, gent. Witnesses — ^Anne Kearny, John Henry, Aaron Van 
Cleave. Proved 18 March, 1744. Lib. D, p. 249. 

inOf July as. HeMiT* Jokii, of Bedminster Township, Somerset Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Anne, the estate for the benefit of herself 
and two youngest children, one-third to wife, and the remainder 
among the children ("including my wife's child by a former hus- 
band"), John Henry, Sarah Henry, Margaret Henry, and Mary Ven- 
obles. Wife, Anne, and Bphraim Lockheart, executors. Witnesses — 
John McGalllrd. John Colwell, Nicholas Mooney. Proved 21 August, 
1750. .Lib. E, p. 447. 

1750. Sept 12. Inventory, real and personal, (£662.17.9) includes 158 
acres of land, with house and bam (£306), and debts due from James 
Adams. William McKeney, Congregation at Bedminster. Made by Wil- 
liam 0>lwell. Robert Rousbrough. 

1759. May 2. Settlement of estate and division among the heirs, the 
widow to have one-third, the other two-thirds among the four children. 
Signed — ^Ann Henry, John Henry, Sarai Adams. Mary Venebles, Margret 
Henry. Witnesses — Barbry A. Miller. Joseph Feach. 

Digitized by 



ITtil DMw Mb He»»ttrB» IMwaHU of PlMsaUwfty, Mlddl««ex Co. 
lAt Adtii*r» WitliAm Hepburn. Lib. B, p. SIS. 

1744-6* Jaa. 98* Hepbwra, Joka, JttSlor* of Freehold, Monmoutli 
Co., yeoman; wiU of. Provision for father, John Hepburn. Senior. 
Brother! and sisters— *Jame8 Hepburn, Naomi Castener and Bltsabeth 
Jolley. John and James, sons of James Hepburn. John and James, 
■ens of Charles Jolley. Executors — brother, James, of Windsor Town- 
ship, and friends Thomas Lawrie and James Montiromery, Junior, both 
of Upper Freehold. Witnesses — James Debowe. John Bvelman and 
John Silver. Proved February 4, 1746. (Thomas Lawrie a Quaker). 

Lib. S, p. 318. 

1745-6, Jan. 80. Inventory of estate of John Hepburn, Junior, "late 
of Allenstown" (£840.2.7), includes a Bible and O>ncordanoe, bonds of 
Benjamin and John Vancleft. Made by William Corles. Jr., and William 

1784. Jan. 17. Account Mentions legacy of James Jolly paid to his 
executor, Joseph Borden ; legacy left to John Jolley, who died before tes- 
tator. Cash paid to Charles Jolley, John and Joseph Foreman, Peter 
Schenck, Mathias Peterson, Thomas Cadwallader, David (or Doctor) Millie 
Jeremiah and Naomi (^stner, John Burnet, Daniel Robins, John and 
Robert Laurence, John Dare, William Hood, Francis Chambers, Peter 
Buokalldw, Peter Le Conte, Stephen Warner, Henry Rail, Anthony Swain, 
Richard Hutchinson. Thomas Sevems. 

1747, Avc«et 11. Herbert, Damlel* of Middletown, Monmouth Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Amy. Mother, Mary Cooper, a widow. Wife 
to have goods she brought testator and that since given her by her 
grandfather. Safety Orover. Children-Jonathan, (a minor), Mary, 
(a minor). Brother. David Herbert. Executors — ^wlfe, and friends 
John Taylor and Joseph Stillwell, of Middletown, gentlemen. Wit- 
nesses — Samuel Legg, Joseph Patterson, Junior, and John Nathan 
Hutchins. Proved September 28, 1747. Lib. B, p. SI. 

1748* Asrait 8. Herbert, Hesry, of Manasquan, Town of Shrews- 
bury, Monmouth Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Blitabeth. Son, Henry, 
lands on Manasquan River. Daughter, Hannah. Son, Isaac, land, 
carpenters' tools and irun. Bxecutors— wife, and son Isaac Wlt- 
nesses-^-John Pearce, William Pearce, Jon. Herring and John New- 
man, Junior. Proved December 2, 1746. Lib. D, p. 868. 

1746, Nov. 81. Elisabeth Herbert, widow, resigns her right as executor, 
by reason of great age aiid other infirmities. Witnesses — John Pearce, 
Cornells Harrell. 

1746, Nov. 81. Inventory, £182.01.08; made by John and WUllam 

174i^ Marek 1. Herbert, Jastee* of New Brunswick. Middlesex 
Co.; will of. Sons — Richard, Daniel and James. Real and personal 
estate. Executors — wife Margaret, brother Richard Herbert, and 
Reuben Runyon. Witnesses — ^Thos. Hance, Cornelys Van Aersdalen, 
Daniel Herbert. Proved Oct. 17, 1748. Lib. D, p. 417. 

1748. April 21. Inventory (tl68.8) hicludes Bible, lK>ok of Architez," 
and an account against Thos. Larranoe; made by Luykes Voorhees, 
Thomas Hance. 

l74Sb Msy 8, Hers, wnilsai, of Cumberland Co.; will of. Friend, 
Jonathan Smith, executor and sole legatee. Witnesses — NathL 

Digitized by 



Jenktos, Junr., Joseph Pa^e, Anthony Blverd. Proved 17 May, 1749, 

at Cape May. Lib. «. p. 67. 

174$, May 17. Inventory, £21.9.8; made by NathL Jenkins, WUliam 

SmitlL. .•MMt'Mif^l 

ITtt* Jrnrn^ 2U HerrlBtaa (Harrlmaa)* Stepkea* of Essex Co. Int. 
Bond of Johanna Herriman as administrator. Jonathan Dayton, feK 
low bondsman. Lib. B, p. 421. 

ina» Dec. 1^ Hertle, Comrard«a» of Orange Co., New York, hus- 
bandman; will of. Bxecutors^Jacobus Cole, my brother-in-law and 
Michael Vries Land, my wife's uncle. Eldest son, Johannes. Jacob 
Hertie, run for his ri^ht of next heir of blood. Wife, Lunkie, use of 
real and personal estate during life for the "brin^inff up" of our chil- 
dren. 'Whereas I repute myself the sole and lawful heir to my de-^ 
ceased father's estate and that he died intestate, leaving several 
sums of money, which the above named Oortie. my mother, put to in- 
terest, whereunto I reckon to be the sole heir, do recommend my 
executors to recover the same, if possible, and the % part I ffive 
to my wife with the condition that she bequeaths the same to our 
children at her decease, the other "^ to be put to interest for our 
children's use, and to be divided equally amonff them as they become 
of Age.' 

*^7hereas by the will of Mathias France, dated the 7th of July last 
I am one of the Executors, together with Thomas France, and in- 
terest in that part of said estate, which was ffiven to the heirs of said 
Oortie, ''K^fe of Bfathew France, and my mother, whereof I reckon my- 
self the sole heir, my executors are empowered to receive and dispose 
of my part of the estate, H to wife during life, the other half to be put 
to interest for the use of our children and divided as they become 
majors.' Sigmed at Scranlin^burffh in Hackensack, Bergen Co., N. J. 
Witnesses — P. Anconniere (Peter Fanconniere), Johanes Philus 
Ruireni, James Christ, Philip Peter Granberffer. Proved 12 November, 

1733. Nov. 12. Michael Vreeland qualifies as executor. Lib. B. p. 472. 

1T4S» 0rt, 1«. Hetfleld, Abnikam, of the Borouffh of Elizabeth. Essex 
Co., tanner; will of. Wife, Margaret. Children — Abraham, John, 
David, Samuel. Elias. Jacob, William, Sarah and Phebe, last seven 
under a^e. L^nd bought of Baker, son of John Hendricks, deceased. 
Joining land of John Ross, Esq.; land joining land of Samuel Wlnans; 
lands bought of Isaac Hetfield, Stephen Meeker, Johannas Winans, 
Cornelius Hetfield and Ephraim Sale at Woodruffs Creek. Joining land 
of Edward Sale; land called Stoffells Creek; land ffiven me in my 
father's will; land bought of John Winans called Horse Shoe; land 
in partnership with Matthias, Joseph and Jacob Hetfield. Executors 
— ^friends William Winans and Robert Offden. Witnesses — Cornelius 
Hetfield, Jacob Hetfield, Thos. Jackman. Lib. D, p. 286. 

ITM, Ifov. 5. Hetfield, Jacob, J«m*r, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co., 
upwards of 16. Bond of Samuel Hetfield, yeoman, as guardian. Wit- 
ness — John Smythe. Lib. D, p. 425. 

1746, July 4. Hetfield, Manraret, of the Borough of Elizabeth, Essex 
Co., widow; will of. Daughters — Sarah and Phebe Hetfield. Sons — 
Abraham, John, David, Samuel, Elias, Jacob and William, last three 

Digitized by 



under a^e. Real and personal estate. Bzecutora — son, Abraham, and 
Matthias Hetfleld, Bsq. Witnesses — ^Benjamin Spinning, Abraham 
Woodruff. John Ross. 

1745. July 26. CodioU— Daughter Phebe. the largest trunk. Wltnessee 
— ^William Winans. Philip Blacklldge. John Ross. Proved Sept. 7. 1746. 

Lib. D. p. 329. 

1740b April 3S. Heolett, Joke* of Shrewsbury. Monmouth Co.^ yeo- 
man. Int. Adm'x, Zibiah Heulett. his widow. Nathaniel Parker and 
Jacob Dennis, all of same place, yeomen, fellow bondsBAn. 

MonmowCh Wills. 909-19 M. 

1781, Dee. 18. Heollavs* Abrakam, of Burlington Co. Int. Adm'x, 
Mary Heullngs. widow. Joseph Heulis^s. cordwainer, and Charles 
Tonkin, husbandman, both of Burlington, fellow bondsmen. (See 
Mary Heulings. infra). Lib. 4, p. 168. 

1731. Dec. 15. Inventory of the personal estate, £378.2.11 ; made by 
Jos. Rockhili and Sam. Scattergood. Includes sword. 

1735. Aug. 16. Additional inventory, includes bonds and bills of 
Rachel Tonkin. ¥A. R. Price, Thomas Budd, Joseph Brittain, B. Butter- 
worth, Joseph Yard. Benjamin Wheaton. John Borradaile. EHisha Revea, 
Bster Belews. Edward Norton, Isaiah Fouiks, Peter Rambo, James Smarts, 
Daniel Leeds. Joseph Thomas. William Makintosh. 

1781, Msrck 10. Hevliiiss, JscoK Jr„ of Chester, Burlington Co.; 
will of. Children — ^Abraham. Joseph and Hannah, all under a^e. 
Brothers' and sisters* children. Negro boy, Sambo. Lands Joiningr 
Joseph Fenimore, Thomas Allen and Peter Phillips. Bxecutor — ^fath- 
er-in-law, Benjamin Moor, and brothers Joseph and William. Wit- 
nesses — Henry Dell, William Peachee, Sam'U Atkinson. Proved Jan. 
15, 1731-2. Lib. 8, p. 186. 

1731-2. Feb. 8. Inventory. £219.6.9 ; made by Robert Lucas and Joseph 
Fenimore. Includes negro woman. £10, Bible and other books. 

1741* A«c. 8. HevlUiss* Joeepb* of City and Co. of Burlington, 
cordwainer; will of. Wife, Anne. Only son, Abraham, under a^e; 
if he die without heirs estate to descend to Isaac, Susanna, Bath- 
sheba. Martha and Mary, children of bro.. Abraham, also to children of 
brothers Jacob and William, and of sister Blisabeth Bryan, and to 
Ruth. dau. of William and Hannah Snowden. £26 to Richard Smith, 
Sen'r. for use of nephew. Israel Heulings. Church of St. Anne*s at 
Burlington £10. 1060 acres in the mountains bought of John Bowlby. 
Executors — ^brother William, and friend Paul Watkinson. Witnesses 
— John Budd. Ben't Bard, James Budd, Row'd Ellis. Proved April 
8. 1744. Burlington Wills, 3726-32 C. 

1744. May 14. Inventory. £337.8.11 ; made by Sam'l Lovett and An- 
thony Elton. 

178S, Msrck 18b Hevliiigs, Mary* of Burlington, who was admin- 
istratrix of Abraham Heulings, deceased. Administration of estate 
granted to Joseph Heulings and Charles Tonkin. Samuel Scattergood 
and Joseph Rockhili, all of Burlington Co., yeomen, fellow bondsmen. 

Lib. 3, p. 348. 

1788, 10 mo. (Dee.), 5 da* Hewee (Hews), Edwaid, of Oldmans 
Creek, Salem Co.; will of. Legacies to wife, Hannah; sons, Elihu 
(when 21) and Benjamin (when 21); daughters, Tabitha (when 18) 
and Hannah (when 18). Plantation to said sons equally. Eldest son 
to be bound out at the age of fourteen and a-half to my brother. 

Digitized by 



Aaron Hewes, to learn his trade. Benjamin to be bound out at 
fourteen to my brother, Joseph Hews, to learn his trade. Executors 
— ^wife, Hannah, and my brother, James Hews. Witnesses — Dobson 
Wheeler, Rebecca Pitman, Aaron Hewes. Proved 21 April, 1741. 

Lib. 4, p. 282. 
1740-1. March 20. Inventory, £359.11.4 ; made by Blisha Bassett. David 

17a5» a mo. (Apr.), X 4au Hewes (Hews), Tkemas, of Oldmans 
Creek, Salem Co.; will of. Wife, Mary, to have personal estate and 
use of house and plantation until three children will be of a^e. Then 
sons, Joseph and Thomas, to have plantation and each to pay £20 to 
their sister. Executors — wife and my brother, Edward Hewes. Wit- 
nesses — Sarah Rain, Jeremiah Barnet, Jane Bickham. Affirmed 26 
May, 1736. Lib. 4, p. 28. 

1736. 3 mo. (May), 10 da. Inventory (£172.6) includes "% of a boat 
and conew, £14.3." Appraisers— James Hewes, Thomas Pedrick 

178S, a mo. (Apr.). 7 «a. Hewee (Hews), W^llUam, of Oldmans 
Creek, Salem Co.; will of. Wife, Sarah. Legacy to daughter, Ruth. 
Son. Edward, to have dwell^n^ house and plantation, woodland and 
meadow "adjoining to James, with a slip of land 20 rod broad to be 
taken from the lands I bought of James Loffan, to run parallel with 
formerly Pinick's line, in all about 210 acres." Son, Thomas, remainder 
of that land (194 acres) bought of James Loffan, where he now lives, 
and six acres of meadow down the Creek. Executors — wife, Sarah, 
and sons Edward and Thomas. Witnesses — Mikel Pedrick, Thos. 
Pedrick, Philip Pedrick. Proved 22 May. 1788. Lib. 8, p. 820. 

1783. 3 mo. (May), 16 da. Inventory, £134.6.2; made by Michel Ped- 
riclc, Thomas Pedrick 

171S-S, Felb. IX Hewett, Rasdall, of Cape May Co., yeoman; will 
of. Wife one-third of personal and use of one-third of land, house, 
neffro man Tom and mulatto boy Jonah, during life. Son, Randall, 
140 acres out of the tract I live on next to Thomas Hewet on the north 
side; also 40 acres additional at the head of the same land. Son. 
Reuben, 60 acres on the north side of Thomas Hewet's, formerly Wil- 
liam Whitlock's; also 20 acres of back land. Son. Joseph, 180 acres 
on south side of tract I live on; also 60 acres of back land. Moveable 
estate to sons Jacob, Nathaniel and Ebenezer. Witnesses — John 
Huffhs, Lewis Crese, Nathaniel Rusco. 

1733. June 27. Randal Hewett son of deceased, granted letters of 
Administration as will of father did not name an executor. Lib. 8, p. 846. 

1738. Apr. 26. Inventory (£682.2.10) includes weaver's loom (£6), 
cattle, sheep, swine (£111), negro man and a "Melato." (£36), H of 
small shallop. Appraisers — ^Richard Downes. John Hughes. 

1740b May M. Hewitt, Calelb, of Greenwich, Gloucester Co., carpen- 
ter. Int. Adm'r, William Hewitt. Jun'r. Fellow bondsman, William 
Hewitt of same place, yeoman. Witness — Alex'r Randall. 

Lib. 4. p. 238. 

1789. Sept. 29. Inventory (£117.1.1%) includes carpenter tools. Ap- 
praisers — ^Robert Zane, Alexr. Randall. 

1781, Jaa. 7. HewllBfrs, Mathew, of Wellingboro, Burlington Co.; 
will 9f. To Solomon Curtis all my land in Northampton at age. 

Digitized by 




Executors — uncle Joseph Heulinrs. Witnesses— Robert Stork, Jo- 
seph Wetherlll, Isaac DeCow. Proved liaroh 10, 1787. Lib. 4, p. ISl. 

1750-1, 9th «ar» 1st sm. (BUr.)- Hlffbee, Johrn* of Burlington Co. 
Int. Inventory, £48.18; made by Abraham Haines and Robert Bn^le. 

1760, March 20. Adm'z, Mary Hiffbee, widow. Robert Bn^le and 
Robert Pond, of same County, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 7, pp. 62, IM. 

174«*7. Blarch 7. HIskce* Josepb, of Trenton. Hunterdon Co. Int. 
Bond of Joseph Hiffbee. of Trenton, as administrator. Elijah Bond, 
of Trenton, surety. Witnesses — Jno. Hutton, Theo. Severns. 

Lib. 6, p. 4S9. 

17SS» J«lr S(. HInewi, BeBjaatln* of Somerset Co. Int. Adm'rs, 
John Chambers, Joseph Badcock. Idb. B, p. 292. 

1786, Dec. 1. HIcfffMs, Rlehmrd, of Essex Co. Int. Adm'r, Peter 
Leconte, ot Monmouth County, "Phisyhan," Phebe Higglns, the widow, 
having renounced. Lib. C, p. 136. 

1786, Dec. 1. Inventory (£68.01.01) includes bond of Thomas Williams, 
dated Dec. 25, 1724. bond of Court Myers in hands of Rob't Lawrence, also 
"articles of food luck" amounting to £41.13.08. Appraised by Joseph 
Lippincott, Thomas Button, Paul Hill, Rob't Reynolds. 

1737. June 20. Account of things sold at Standley Whites'. Purchas- 
ers — Thomas Elatton, Robert Savi^re. Zebulon Dixson. John Ho^ins, Joseph 
Huet. Standley White, Peter Le Conte. Made by Thomas Oleane, vendue 

1738, Sept 16. Account Esekiel Bonyot. messenger to Elisabethtown, 
to acquaint testator's son of his illness. Trip to Ooodluck to take inven- 
tory. John Hance, Thomas Williams, Court Myres. 

174«, Jam. 8. HlmriBSt William, of Elisabeth Town, Elssex Co., 
blacksmith and boatman. Int. Jerusha Hiffgins, widow, renounces 
her right to administer, and desires that Oershom Hiffgins, father of 
the deceased, be appointed. Witness — John Ross, Mathlas Baldwin. 

1746. Jan. 10. Oershom Higgins, blacksmith, administrator. John 
Blanchard, Esq., fellow bondsman. Lib. D. p. 446. 

1746-7. Jan. 11. Inventory, £52.07.06 ; made by John Ross and Cor- 
nelius Hetfleld. 

1747, April 6. Accompt. Payments to William Burnet, Abraham Het- 
fleld. Samuel Woodruff. Mr. Thomas Barto. 

1781, Dec. 81. Hlldrctbt David, Sr., of Cape May Co., yeoman; will 
of. Wife, Elisabeth, plantation I live on (186 acres, mortgaged in the 
Loan Ofllce) during widowhood or until son, Joshua, shall be 21. But 
if she remains my widow, to have use of ^ of same during life. Land 
lately surveyed Joining Indian Neck to be paid for at Loan Office, 
and divided equally among four sons, Jonathan, Joseph, James and 
David, together with piece of land Joining: thereto. Son, Noah, to 
have £5 when 21, and daughter, Mercy, the same at 18, or when 
married. Wife, Elisabeth, sole executrix; Henry Younff, Esq., as- 
sistant. Witnesses — Aaron Leaming, Nathaniel Jenkins, Junr., Elisa- 
beth Ludlim. Proved 20 March, 1732-8. Lib. 8, p. 812. 

1732. Nov. 2. Inventory (£95.15.0), Includes cows, oalves and she^. 
Appraisers — Nathaniel Rusco, John Shaw. 

1749, Dec. 18. HlUt Bllaabetk* of Amwell, Hunterdon Co. Int In- 

Digitized by 



ventoiT of estaU (£98.9.0) Includes neffro girl, £28; Bible, £1; part ot 
deceased'! portion In Samuel Hill's hand. Made by John Garrison and 
Benjamin Stout. Lib. 7, p. 41. 

1749. Dec. 29. Adm'r, Samuel Hill, of Amwell, yeoman. BenjaqAin 
Stout, of same pli^ce. yeoman, surety. Witnessed by William Ball. 

IT'M, May S. mu. Pa«l, of Amwell. Hunterdon Co. Int. Re- 
nunciation of-Phebe Hlll» the widow, and James Hill son of Paul Hill, 
In favor of Samuel Hill. Witnesses — Jon. Job and James Job. Adm'r, 
Samuel Hill, of Amwell, yeoman. John Taylor and John Job, of same 
place, yeomen, sureties. Lib. 6, p. 43Q. 

1746. Nov. 18. Inventory; made by John Peatt and John Garrison. 
Includes two negroes. |80, 2 ffuns. 

1741* 9ept« S4. HUl, TkoiMM* BMk* of Town and Co. of Salem; will 
of. Wife, Margaret, to have lot of ground In Salem, purchased of 
Elisabeth Surridgre, containing 22 ft. front; also marsh adjoining on 
the S. with Clement Hall's marsh, and on the west with Thomaa 
Thompson's marsh; also plantation, 200 acres, at PUesiprove, on which. 
Obadlah Lord lives. Daughter, Elisabeth Hill, at 18, all real estate 
not before mentioned* but, If she happens to marry and die without 
Issue l>efore said agre, same shall go to her lawful husband. ' If my 
daughter should die in non-a^e all real estate and personal before 
devised to her to be equally divided amon^ my three sisters, Rebecab, 
Hannah and Sarah Hill, and my cousin, Samuel Mason's, two daugh- 
ters. Sarah and Elisabeth MASon. Elxecutors, out of the proQts of the 
real and personal estate bequeathed to daughter, "shall maintain her 
In a handsome manner." Bzecutors — wife, and brothers-in-law Isaac 
and Joseph Sharp. Witnesses— John Efflinston, E. Axford. Qeo. 
Trenchard. AArmed 22 Oct., 1741. 

1741, Dec. 10. Letters granted to Marg. Hill and Joseph Sharp. 

Ub. 4, p. 824. 

1741, Dec. 15. Renunciation of Isaac Sharp, one of the executors. 
Witnesses Carmick, Chas. O. NeilL 

174S, April 18. Inventory (£3663.1.11) includes 11 ounces of silver at 
6-8, £3.18.4; rent due by Geo. Clark; due by Benja. Acton on lease for 
five years to Wm. Wieatherby ; ditto due on lease for 6 yrs., 5 mo., 12 d. 
to Johannes Hall ; ditto due by do. on lease to Obadiah Loyd, 6 yrs. 8 mo. ; 
the 1-6 part of his father's estate In hands of BenJ. Acton. £669.14.1%. 
Rents due at place of Pale Garion's ; ditto. Obadiah Loyd. William Tate ; 
ditto where Docter Gardemer now lives, before Thos. Hill came of age. 
18 years; ditto where WlUm. Winton now lives, 18 yrs.; ditto where 
Aaron Marsh now lives for 18 yrs. Appraisers — ^Ben^. Bispham. Robert 

1765, . Account. (Indexed, but not found). 

IT'A 8e»t« 18. Hiller, Uriak* of Northampton, Burlington Co. Int. 
Inventory, £110.12.9; made by James Lipplncott and Samuel Woolston. 

1749. Oct. 19. Adm'x, Sarah Hiller. Thomas Eayres and Samuel Wool- 
ston. fellow bondsmen ; all of NorthamptoQ. Lib. 6, p. 325. 

lTM-6, ^aa. «. HltUard* Marthal^ of Northampton. Burlington Co.; 
will of. Children — John, Edward* Hester Lodfe, Joseph, Elisabeth, 
Jane and Hartha. Granddaughter, Mary Webb. Personal estatsw 
Executor — son Edward. Witnesses — Richard ^ayre, S^achari^h Rq- 
seH, John BriggB, Proved Nov. 10, 1786. Lib. 4. p. 45. 

Digitized by 




1786, Not. 10. Inventory, £58.2.6; made by Zachariah Rosell and 
Bam'Il Shinn. 

1748, Marek SS. Hla<tfciaa, Ablsall* of Town and Co. of Glouceater, 
widow: Int. Admr'8 — Samuel Harrison. Junr., yeoman, and Joseph. 
Harrison. Bondsman — Samuel Harrison, Esq. All of same place. 
Witness — John Thorne. Lib. 6. p. 14. 

1747-8, liarch 12. Inventory, £278.8.7; made by John Thome, Samuel 

1741» Joly la Hlmehmaa* JacoK of Gloucester Co., miller; will of. 
Daughter, Mary (not 21). Wife, Abigail, executrix; James Hinchman 
assistant Witnesses — William Huffff, Ja. Hinchman, Kezia Willett. 
Affirmed 2 Aug., 1742. Lib. 4, p. 868. 

1742, July 15. Inventory of Jacob Hinchman, of Newton Township, 
miller (£268.7.7.) includes bonds of William Hunr, Ebeneser Brown, Isaac 
Hollinffham, Thomas Ed^rtom, Joseph Thackary, Thomas Clemment, 
Joseph Low, Thomas Hinchman, William Smallwood. Amos Archer. Robert 
Hubs, Francis Haddock, Adam Sommers, John Thome. Appraisers — 
Samuel Harrison, William Hu^g. 

1748» JIar n* HIarfciaa, James* of Newton Township, Gloucester 
Co., gent.; will of. Wife, Kezia, profits of plantation where we live 
and, after her decease, % of same to Isaac Hinchman. Legacies to 
Hinchman Talman, when 21; in case of his death, without brother or 
sister, his father and mother to have the same. To my sisters, Jane 
Jones, Letitia Thorn and Abigail Kaighn. Bxecutors^wife and James 
Talman. Witnesses — Thomas Thorne, P. Sommans, Hesh. Williams. 
Affirmed 2 Nov., 1750. Sworn 26 Dec. 1750. Lib. 6, p. 428. 

1760, Oct 22. Inventory (£2121.6.4 H) includes negroes. £285. books, 
£8.16. Appraisers — Samuel Harrison, Samuel Clement 

1797, April 5. HImekaiaa* Joseph* of Newton Township. Gloucester 
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Sarah. Children (all under age) — Thorn* 
as, Deborah, Mary, Bmey, Hannah. Executrix — wife. Witnesses — 
John Thorne, James Hinchman, John Kay. Proved Sept 22, 1781. 

Lib. 8, p. 156. 

1781, Aug. 12. Inventory. £114.10.6; made by Sarah Hinchman (the 
widow) and James Hinchman. 

1781* Jaa. 4. Htackaiaa* Joseph, of Newton Township. Gloucester 
Co., butcher; will of. Wife Phebe. Children — James, Isaac (under 
age). Land in Newton Township left him by his father. Executors 
— wife and Joseph Cooper. Witnesses^James Moore, James Mickell, 
John WhitealL Proved June 9. 1781. 

1781. April 28. Inventory, £261.4.6 H ; made by John Eastlake and 
Robert Zane. Lib. 8, p. 126. 

17S1» Sept. M. Hbi«St James* of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co., yeo* 
man; will of. Daughters, Mary and Deborah, large silver tankard* 
marked I. D. H. upon lid. Daughter, Elisabeth, four silver spoons 
marked L A. H. Daughter, Patience, silver tumbler with a French 
crown on the bottom and marked L D. H. at 18 years. Daughter, 
Sarah, three silver spoons marked I. A. H. at 18 years. Sons— James, 
John and Joseph. Land Joining lands of Thomas Clark, which I 
purchased of Ephraim Clark; lands purchased of Ebeneser Lyon, D^> 

Digitized by 



borah Moris. Richard Hi^ens, and Edward Spinln^; land Joining land 
of Samuel Marsh, purchased of Will. Oliver. No lands to be sold until 
sons come to 26 years. Son. John, my ffreat Bible. Executors — son. 
James, and friends John Splningr and Ebenezer Johnson. Witnesses — 
James Humdoy. Abraham Clarke, Joseph Clarke. Proved Oct. 26. 
17S1. Lib. B, p. 286. 

inX H«T. !•• H#ff, Derrlek* of Maidenhead. Hunterdon Co. ; will of. 
Children — William, Sary Anderson. Richard, Thomas. Powel. John. 
Charles, Joseph. Benjamin, and Sarah. Residue to all children, ex- 
cept Mary Gary. Executors— sons Powel and John. Witnesses^John 
Albade. Rut Johnson and Hannah Johnson. Proved Dec 22. 1780. 

Lib. 8. p. 108. 

1748. April 7. Inventory of the estate. £117.8.5. includes debts due. 
from Benjamin Mapel. Thonuis Van Dyke. Jonathan Lake. Jr.. Samuel Nel- 
son, Daniel South, William Couenhoven. Daniel Accor, Jon. Lake, Peter 
Huff. Jno. Brunson. Jon. Smith, Benjamin Emons. Jos. Higsins. William 
Jonson. William Watelbe. William Walker. Jno. Ronalds. Jacamiah Den* 
ton. Thomas Duer. Obadiah Holmes. Jon. Hull, Benjamin Van Home. 
Thomas Ronalds. Andrew Jonston. Thomas Sodon, William Larison. estate 
of Barfoot Brunson, Francis Holanshed, Joslah Pricet, James Ogelbe, 
Jon. Van Pelt, Aaron Van Pelt. Jon. Huff. Jon. Sodon, Nathanile Ossbom 
and William Swain. 

t74Bp Ifov. IC Hoff» Powell, of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co., yeoman; 
will of. Children — Hannah. Richard. Rachel and Isaac. Executor — 
son Richard. Witnesses — Thomas Sutton. Richard Phillips and John 
Redford. Proved Feb. 28. 1750. Lib. 7. p. 58. 

1760-1. Feb. 27. Inventory £18.16.4; made by Timothy Titus and 
Richard Phillips. 

17SX Felb. IS. Hoff» Tnals, of Somerset Co.. weaver; will of. Wife, 
Jane, sole executrix, and real and personal estate, including house and 
lot at "Rockey Hill." "she to pay to my eldest son. Richard, the sum 
of 20 shillings." Witnesses — Joseph Leigh. Joseph Badcock. Jane 
Badcock. Proved 2 April. 1788. 

1788. April 2. Jean Hoff. the executrix, qualified. Lib. B, p. 391. 

1745, Oet. M. Hoff, WIIUmb, of Middletown Township. Monmouth 
Co.. yeoman; will of. Wife, Elisabeth, executrix. Son. William. 
Daughter. Catherine Dorset, and '*three youngest children." Wit* 
nesses James Mott, Jar rat t Wall, Qarsham Walling. Proved Nov. 
20, 1746. Lib. D. p. 486. 

1746. Dec 11. Inventory of the estate. £886.04.0. Includes 2 guns and 
negro man. Made by James Mott and Oisbert Vanbrackel. 

1746, Aag. IX HoffataB, Aadrew, of Salem Co.. yeoman. Int. Adm'r, 
Benjamin Blspham. Bondsmen — William Murdock. Chas. O NeilL 
Witne s se s John Jones. DanL Mestayer. Lib. 6, p. 18. 

1746. Aug. 7. Renunciation of Catheron Hofman, relict of Andrew Hoff- 
man, in favor of said Benjamin Blspham. Witnesses — Tim. Rain. Chas. 
O Nelll. 

1746. Aug. 7. Inventory of estate. £22.8.10; made by Chas. O Neill, 
Tim. Rain. 

1747, May 19. Account Monies paid to John Helm. William Vane- 
man and Mathew Gill. 

Digitized by 



1741* Jmlr S8. H#C»«a» J#kB* of Reading Township, Hunterdon 
Co.; will of. Wife, Margaret. BIdest son, Henry. Helena Planten- 
berff, daughter of Bfathias Plantenber^, by testator*! daughter Maria. 
Children — ^Henry, Frederick, John, William, Jacob and Helena. Son. 
William, to have £40 more than rest. Plantation in Reading Town- 
ship on south branch of Rarlton River, where testator lived. Execu> 
tor — ^brother-in-law. Christian Harshall, and Joseph Hanklnson. Wit- 
nesses — David Bartron, Allen Ross, John Reading, Jr., and John 
Crasioll (or Christopher Krull). Proved November 21, 1748. 

Lib. 6. p. 227. 

1748. Aug, 13. Inventory (£391.19.8) includes books, 2 suns and sword, 
bonds, etc. Made by John Reading, Jr., and David Bertron. 

174S» Sept. SS. Hoflsuia* J#lui» of Oreenwich, Gloucester Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Mary, the plantation (804 acres) I live on until 
son Daniel will be 21; then % to be his, also half of land marsh and 
swamp from Oldman's Creek to head of said tract. Son, John, when 
21, to have the other half. 100 acres of land in Salem Grove. Salem 
Co., on Oldman's Creek to be sold. Daughters — Margaret, Drusilla 
and Susannah. Children all minors. Executors — wife, brother-in- 
law Erick Reynolds, and cousin Thomas Denny, Jr. Witnesses — 
James Garron, George Hues, Paul Garron. Proved 16 May, 1749. 

Lib. 6, p. 282. 

1749. May 8. Inventory (£162.11.11%) Includes "his reeding books,'* 
£2.3.9. bonds, etc. Appraisers — William Weatherby, Gtoorge Hues. 

17S5* Nov. 8. Hogg» Johs* of New York. Int. Adm'r, Robert Hogg, 
of New York, merchant, a brother. William Donaldson and John 
Tomson, both of Middlesex County, yeomen, fellow bondsmen. Wit- 
nesses — Margaret and Lawra Smyth. Lib. C, p. 50. 

ITM* Joly IS. HoUbrooko* Jolui» of Salem Co., ship -carpenter. Int. 
Admr's, Clement Hall, Joseph Hawkes. gent. Witness — John Doe. 

Lib. 4. p. 66. 

1736. July 14. Inventory (£69.0.8) includes bonds of John Neals. Jno. 
Burd. Thos. Bicoms (?), Martin Minks, John Jaquatt, Henry Wallls, 
Charles Halton. John Neals, Junior, Peter Inlo, William Blddel, John 
Johnson. Marey Richards. David Roach, Errick Derrick. Isaac Conroo, 
Robert Candey's bill. Appraisers — John Eaton. Henry Wallls. 

1748, 17th of • mo. (A«g«st). Holcombe, Jobs, of Am well, Hunter- 
don Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Elisabeth. Son, Samuel, place said 
Son lives on, described in testator's deed for same. Grandson. John 
Holcombe, son of Samuel, the place called Hoppers, as by deed for 
same to him. Son, Richard, the plantation bought of John Way, when 
he is of age. Place (John Comfort's adjoining land) to grandson 
John. Jacob, son of son SamueL Daughters — Grace Calvin (wife of 
Philip Calvin), Mary Holcombe, Julian Holcombe. To grandson 
Jacob, son of Samuel Holcombe, land in the Rocks, bought of Rich- 
ard Armitt. Granddaughter Elisabeth, daughter of Philip and Grace 
Calvin, when aged eighteen. To the poor of Buckingham Meeting. 
Brother Jacob Holcombe's children. Executors — wife and testator*** 
brother, Jacob Holcombe. Mention of Robert Heath. Witnesses — 
Benjamin Canby, Emanuel Coryell, Charles Cross. Proved August 
31, 1745. (Executors Quakers). Lib. 4, p. 371. 

1743. Sept. 24. Inventory (£333.16.2) includes Bible and other books; 

Digitized by 



In the cave duunber, 13 hosaheads ire. 19 barrels of ddar. with casks 
and lumber. Jo. Woods time, gun and powder horn. Bonds, bills and 
debts due estate: George Medlar. Simon Pasher. Jacob Francis, Fred- 
erick Reesfenborge, John Bonis, WiUlam Oakes, Isaac Oakes, Wllliaro 
Sfwinsle, David Carver. John Mundy. James Richard, Nathan Watson* 
Benjamin Wlloocks. Hugh Howell and Sampson his son. Andrew Heath. 
ICade by John Bmley. Charles Woolverton, Daniel Doughty. 

1747. ISth of 7 mo. (Sept). Account. Moneys paid Stephen Com- 
fort. Benjamin Smith. Henry Smith, Richard Haines. Frank Lewis. Jno. 

Wells. Paul Kester, James Hill, Abraham Qodson. Foreman. Aok- 

sah Lambe, William Montgomery. R Canby. William Ruttenhouse. Jno. 
Watson. RIdiard Parsons. Jo. Rose. Bnoch Anderson, Jno. Thather, M. 
Xiowtber, IBmaaael Coryel. A. Ringo. Geo. Cary, Jno. Yard. Samuel Barber. 
John Carr. Isaiah Quinby, Robert Bsmey. Henry Smith, Simon Packer. 

ITtU Awm* 9^ HeMea* Ja»e» of Cape May Co. Int. Adm'r. Joseph 
Holding:. Fellow bondsman — William Johnston. Both of County 
aforesaid. Witnesses — ^Henry Noden. Jacob Splcer, Jacob Garrison. 

Lib. S, p. 1S9. 

17S0. Dec 7. Inventory. £34.14.8; made by William Johnson. George 

IT'A Nov. S» Hole, Cbaries* of the Borough of Blisabeth, school- 
master; will of. Children^-Charles, Daniel. John, Sarah Marsh, Bllsa- 
iMth and Lucretia Hole, the last under a^e. Land purchased of Jo- 
seph Marsh last Spring. Wife, Sarah. Executors — son-in-law, Joshua 
Marsh, and friend Andrew Craiff. Witnesses — ^William Peirson, John 
Davis, Jun'r, Blisabeth Peirson. Proved Dec. 7. 1749. Lib. B. p. 852. 

17dS» Blay •. HolUavs* Lereace, of Waterford. Gloucester Co.. yeo- 
man; will of. Sons, Lorence and Michael, all real and personal es- 
tate, they paying legacies to my sons Abraham. Israel, Joseph, and 
Marcus, when they will be 26 years of agre, respectively, and to my 
daughter Dinah, when 21. Marcus to go to a trade. Daughter. Dinah, 
minor. Executor — brother, Michael Hulingrs, of City of Philadelphia, 
Pa., shipwright, and son, Abraham Hollinss. Witnesses — Thos. 
Splcer, Jun'r, Israel Fish, Saml. Spicer. Sworn and affirmed. 4 June, 
1748. Lib. 5. p. 461. 

1748, June 3. Inventory (£268.16.8) includes cattle, horses, negro 
woman (£10.10.0), a float (£12), boat (£8). Appraisers— Alexdr. Morgan, 
SamL Spicer. 

ITM Feb. M. Hollli«shea«, Daalel, of Rocky Hill, Somerset Co. 
Int. Adm*r, Thomason Hollinffshead, his widow. Lib. B. p. 191. 

1731, , — Inventory (£267.16.6). includes silver quart tankard, 

pr. of old double bellows for a smith, ditto new, old Iron. Tlppeo. an old 
neflrro-man, £28, Jack. £26, Leila. £80. Jack, a boy £20. Bellinda, £8. Dido, 
IIS. Made by Henry Neale. John Corle. 

174r, Dec. M. HoUlashead* Blisabeth, of Somerset Co.. widow [of 
Wllliaml. Adm'r, John Corle, Esq., of Somerset. Fellow bondsman 
— John Deare, of Middlesex County. Lib. B, p. 117. 

ITSSw Dec 14. H#lllMihead« Jeiia* Ja>r, of Evesham. Burling:ton Co., 
yeoman; will of. Children— Joseph, Benjamin. John and Martha. 
Plantation ffiven me by my father, and one bought of my uncle and 

Digitized by 



aunt, and cousin William HolUnshead; also meadow adjoining house 
where William Hollinshead, Jun.r, formerly lived. Bonds due from 
William Hollinshead, Jun'r, and Andrew Conaro. Bzecutors — wife, 
Mary, and brother-in-law Abraham Haines. Witnesses — Jno. Holllns- 
head. Edward Hollinshead, Sam'l Atkinson. Proved March 12. 17S9-40. 

Lib. 4, p. 221. 
1789-40, 1st day, Ist mo. (Mar.). Inventory, £468.7.1; made by SamU 
Atkinson and Henry Warrington. 

1741» July 7. HoUlBskeiid, WllUamt J«m*r, of Chester, Burlin^toa 
Co.; will of. Wife, sole executrix. Children — Jacob, Mary, Jerusha,. 
Bethsheba and Anthony. Plafatation whereon Thomas Farley now 
dwells, given me by my father and mother. Witnesses — ^Thomas OllU 
Grace Rudderow, Sam'l Atkinson. Proved Aug, 11, 1741. 

Lib. 4, p. 291. 

174S, Sept. S. HolUMhcadt l^lUlam. Km^^ of Somerset Co.; will of. 
Wife, Blisabeth. Children — Elenor, William, Robert, Daniel. Franci» 
and Blisabeth (all minors); an expected child. Mentions servant 
Margrett Walker, her child, and a "melatto ffirle, Kate." Real and 
personal estate. Executor — John Corle. Witnesses^Roelof Couen- 
hoven, Denis Hageman, Adriaen Hegeman. Proved 8 March, 1749. 

Lib. E, p. 865. 

1741* Nov. aCK Holloway, Toblaa, of Newton, Qloucester Co. Int. 
Adm'r, Mary HoUoway (his widow). Fellow bondsman — Samuel Har* 
risen, Esq., same county. Witness — Wm. Sorsby. Lib. 4, p. 816. 

1741. May 19. Inventory (£812.5.6) includes Ed. Melnor's two bonds, 
notes of John Whitealls and Samuel Harrison. Bible and other books, 
12 milch cows, sheep and lambs, servant man and boy (£18), rent due 
from John Ladd. Appraisers — Joseph Ellis, Samuel Harrison. 

1747, Dec. 26. Holataa* Ellas* of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary. Children — Robert, William, Mary and 
Zilpha. Executors — son Robert, Elisha Lawrence and John Anderson. 
Witnesses — Thomas Hankinson, John Reid, James Mason. Proved 
January 27, 1747-8. Lib. E, p. 122. 

1747-8. Jan. 22. Inventory (£489.18.8) includes 40 acres of wheat and 
rye. 24 loads of hay, 400 bushels of wheat in bam and mill. 180 bushels 
rye and oats in sheaf. 7 bbls. beef 810 bushels of Indian com, ffun. nesro 
(£50), servant boy (£10), 800 lbs. tobacco (£8.16.0), debt due from Joseph 
Borden. Made by Qawin Watson, Robert Holmes. Joseph Cheesman« 
John Reid. 

1760, Sept. 10), Holaiaa* Joseph* of Upper Freehold Township, Mon- 
mouth Co., yeoman; will of. To be buried in burying place of my 
father. Wife, Thamson. Sons — Joseph, Robert, Aaron, John, Richard 
and Francis. Daughters — Thany (wife of Robert Oranatt), Martha* 
Mary and Phebe. Loom to Richard; musket to Francis, the youngest 
son and minor. Executors^ wife, sons Joseph and Robert, and Qoyn 
Wattson. Witnesses — David Lioe, Joseph Hankins, John Clarke. Prov- 
ed Sept. 26, 1741. Lib. C, p. 489. 

1741. Sept. 26. Oawin Watson of Perth Amboy renounces executorship. 
Witnesses — David Lee and Thomas Bartow. 

1744N Sept. 96. Holauw, Joseph* of Freehold, Monmouth Co.; will of. 
Wife, .Grace. Nephew, Joseph Qrevat. Debts due David Lee. Execu- 
tors — wife and David Lee. Witnesses — Robert Qrevat, Adam Woolley, 
Joseph Hankins. Proved February 11, 1741. Lib. C, p. 485. 

Digitized by 



1T4T» ApHl 10. Hirtauui* Richard* of Monmouth County, weaver. 
Inventory of eitate, £15.10.7; made by Antony Swalne and Samuel 
Job. Includes cash received from David Vahan, Judith Stout. Absolom 
Han kins, Samuel Thorp, John Reed, Daniel Ferine and Thomas 
Hank ins. Lib. B, p. 189. 

1748, May 31. Adm'r, Francis Holman of Middletown, yeoman, brother 
of deceased. Anthony Swaine, of same place, yeoman, fellow bondsman. 

1748-9, Jan. 28. Account Bills paid to Robert Corvet, John Die, 
Joseph Die, John Liming, Zachariah Robings, John Morford, Aarent Hoel* 
mon, Grace Hoelman and James Reed. 

115% lf#v. 8. Holsies* Blisabetk* of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co. 
Int. Adm'r, Joseph Holmes, of same place, yeoman. John Lawrence, 
of same place, attorney-at-law, fellow bondsman. Lib. 7, p. 48. 

1787» J«Be 4. Holmes* (Rev.) Jomatkam (son of Jonathan), of Mid- 
dletown, Monmouth Co., yeoman; will of. Sister, Deliverance Bowne, 
of Freehold, £800. Half brothers and sisters, each 5 shillings. £400 
to Baptist Society of Middletown, whereof John Pew and Qerret Wall 
are deacons; the interest for the maintenance of the ministry, meeting 
bouses, buildinffs and repairing. Executors — Samuel Holmes, James 
Mott and James Tapscott. Witnesses — Obadlah and John Holmes, and 
Mary Roberts. Signed "Jon'n Holmes, Min'r." Proved June 29, 1788. 

Lib. C, p. 199. 

1738. July 20. Inventory at houses of Samuel Holmes and Jonathan 
Holmes (£224.9.3), includes 180 apple trees at 4d., and a hogshead at 
James Mott's. Made by Robert Tilton and Joseph Dorsett 

1788, Oct. 18. Inventory No. 2 at house of Samuel Holmes in Middle- 
town (£66.6.8) includes chest and 8 volumes of ''Spectators" and 1 dic- 
tionary; other books; 12 rasors and 2 old ones; snuft mill; 12 jack 
knives; 2 brass sun dials; homespun linen jacket and breeches; new 
coat, vest and breeches; snuff colored coat, vest and breeches; light col- 
ored broad cloth coat, with cape; 12 white shirts; 2 maps of the world; 
5 maps of parts of the world ; % pound of tea, supposed to be liver wort 
tea; 3 Dublin newspapers. Made by John and Joseph Dorsett. 

1788, Nov. 13. Inventory No. 3, at house of Jonathan Holmes in Mid- 
dletown (£6.10.6). includes light natural wig (£2.16.0) ; black ditto, worn 
(£0.10.0) ; large old book and Psalm book. Made by Joseph and John 

17SB* A«c. IX Holaiesk Obadlak* of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'r, 
Jonathan Holmes. Bondsman — Samuel Clark, of said County, yeoman. 
Witness — Samuel Holmes. Lib. 4, p. 49. 

1786.. Aug. 12. Inventory, £116.19.2; made by Thomas Read. Abra- 
ham Reeves. 

174d» Dec. S4. HoImcs* Obadlak* of Middletown, Monmouth Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Children — Deliverance Smith, Jonathan, Obadiah^ 
James, Samuel, Mary Mott, Joseph and John. Have given to son 
Joseph, by deed of gift, February 10, 1721, land purchased of David 
Stout; also by deed dated Sept. 23, 1704, to said son part of land in 
Crosswioks, which testator purchased of his father, Jonathan Holmes, 
deceased. To son Joseph, part of land, between two tracts above men- 
tioned, and remainder at Crosswicks in Upper Freehold Township, 
lands bounded by Burlington Path, and John Smith. Son, John, home 
plantation, bounded by Ramenesin Brook, commonly called Hop 

Digitized by 



Brook* and laadfe Ute of Major Jmm^m Hutobara, deooasod* Brother, 
Jonathan Holmea. Son, Samuel Holmes. Son, John Holmes. Kxeou- 
tors-^sons James, Samuel and John. Witnesses-Jonathan Holmes, 
John Bowne, Junior, Ellas Coweahoven, G^orffe Reld, Junior. Proved 
April 16. 1748. Lib. D, p. 268. 

ird»4nw Maveii 10k Welmes, SasMMl* of Town of Greenwich, Cum- 
bttrland Co.; will of. Real and personal estate to be equally dlTlded 
between my cousins, Jonathan Holmes, Esq.. and Obadlah Robbins. 
of County aforesaid, and hereby ordain them executors. Witnesses — 
Blizabeth Randolph, Obadlah Wood, Bbeneser Miller. Proved 28 
Maroh, 1780. Lib. 6, p. 289. 

1760, March 26. Inventory, real and personal, (£882.18.7) includes 
"mm, molasses, shu^sr and dry goods" (£204.11.04). Appraisers — ^Ananis 
Sasnre. John Brick, Jun. 

17V9^ 8ep«. 3S. Holmes* Thsmas, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., yeo« 
man. Int. Adm'r, Josiah Holmes, of Shrewsbury, mariner, only son 
of deceased. Richard FItsRandolph, of Perth Amboy, carpenter, fel- 
low bondsman. Lib. B, p. 463. 

173S» Oet. IS* Holaort* Be«|«aiB* of Freehold, Monmouth Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Hanake^ Eldest son, John, loom and utensils, 
and "a book that one Van Brockel is the author of." Estate divided 
between children, male and female, but are not named. Executors — 
wife, son John, and friend Oarret Scanck. Witnesses— Johannes 
Heyer, John Johnson, Wal. Walls. Proved May 26, 1733. 

Lib. B, p. 457. 

1742, A«c. SS. Hototim (Holstela)* LamMi (Loniace), of Pilesffrove. 
Salem Co.; will of. Sons — Lorance (to have the home farm with 26 
acres of marsh I bought of John Chambs and H of my personal es- 
tate), Mathias and Andrew (five shillings each, if demanded). Dauffh- 
ters-^Elisabeth (% of the personal), Mary, Sara and Susana (five 
shillings each upon demand). Executor — son Lorance. Witnesses— 
Oabriel Peterson, William Vanneman, Peter Vanneman. Proved 26 
Jan., 1750. Lib. 7, p. 860. 

1760, Jan. 26. Inventory. £8.19; made by Peter Vanneman, William 

1788, Jaa. 18. Holtoa* Charles, husbandman, of Pennsneck, Salem 
Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'r, John Barkleson. Bondsman — ^William 
Vanneman, yeoman, of said County. Witnesses — Henry Wallis, Dan 
Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 180. 

1738. June 19. Inventory. £70.12.9; made by Henry Wallas, William 

1788» Novw 4. Hssssa, J a c e h » of Qreenwich, Qlouoester Co., farmer; 
will of. Mother to have personal estate and brother, Peter Homan, 
to be executor and have 128 acres of land and 4 acres of meadow on 
Rackoon Creek. Witnesses— Catrin Culin, BUener Forton, Gabriel 
Bnochson. Proved 20 Sept., 1783. Lib. 3, p. 376. 

1733, Sept 19. Inventory, £59.8.6; made by Henry Hendrickson. John 

174S. Feb. S4. Homo, AvehthaM, of New Jersey; will of. Entire 
estate bequeathed to his brother, James Home, ESsq., of Charlestown. 

Digitized by 



B^vth Carollxia. Bxeeut<rt»^Robert Hunter ^Morris. Thomas Cad- 
walftder, Esq.. and brother James. Wtt ness ew Joseph Paicton and 
Jloretoa Appleby. Proved Oct. 1. 1744. Lib. 6. p. 47. 

17<M» April 41. HoecelMidt (H— ■■■■idt), Btnrtck, of Middlesex Co.. 
farmer; will of. Wife. Annatle. Children — Hendrlok. Derrick. Anna- 
tie* Sarah and Maria. Expected child. Sister. Antie Quick. Brother 
Adrian's son. Hendrlck Hooffhland. Legacies speclfled in will of my 
father. Executors — brother. Abraham Hoogrelandt and Dirrick Folck- 
ersen. Witness es Wm. Walling. Elbert Stoothoof. Henry Cortelyou. 
Proved Aug. 8. 174«. Lib. D. p. S99. 

1746. Aug. 7. Inventory (£527.19.10) includes cash in hands of Jeames 
Nelson, six pair "PiUebards." Made by Wm. Wallinc and Henry Cortel- 

17dt^ Ifev. •• H eegi aa d, Adrlam, of Amwell. Hunterdon Co.. yeoman; 
will of. Wife. Yaucauminche. and son. Henry, all estate; Henry a 
minor. Executors — ^Yaukum Heulick. and Derrick Hoo^land. both of 
Somerset County, yeomen. Witnesses— Cr is. Search. Derrick Hog'e- 
land. Cornelius Johnson. Proved Dec. 11, 1740. Lib. 4, p. 261. 

1740. Dec. 2. Inventory (£188.15.4) includes 4 pair leather britches. 
Dutch Bible, Dutch Testament. 2 swords. 2 ffuns. note of Thomas Stev- 
enson. Made by Derrick Homeland and Philip Rlngo. 

1788* Jaa. OT. Hooper, Mobert Lettis. of Perth Amboy. Middlesex 
Co.. irent.; will of. Wife. Sarah. Children^-James. Isabella and 
Rot>ert Lettis Hooper. Land purchased of Charles Dunster. Esq.. 
deceased, in Perth Aml>oy. Money due me from estate of Richard 
Ryeraft, of Barbadoes. Esq., deceased. Executors — Reynold Hooper 
and Richard Wiltshire, both of Island of Barbadoes. Esqs.. and Jo- 
seph Murray. Esq.. of New York City, wife Sarah, son James, and 
daughter Isabella. Witnesses — Rebecca Le^att. Jno. Webb. P. Kearny. 
Proved Feb. 19. 1788. Lib. C. p. 410. 

IT^Oi-S, 8tk day* Uth mo. (Jam.). Hoetea, Thoias, of Evesham, 
Burlinffton Co., Esq.; will of. Wife, Mercy. Children — William, Ben- 
jamin. John. Thomas, Samuel and Mary. Daughter Anne's children, 
vis.. Deborah, Mary and Margret. Dau. Elisabeth's children, vis., 
Sarah, William and Elizabeth. Real and personal estate, including 
negro servants. Bond granted by my wife as Mercy Bates to Richard 
Haines. Junr. and bond of £60 granted to Thomas Bates. Sam'l 
Loyd to pay for land he has bought of me. Witnesses — Sam'l Atkin- 
son. Ruth Atkinson, Samuel Atkinson. Jun'r. 

1744, Oct. 4. Codicil. Sam'l Loyd having paid for the land, same to go 
«s personal estate. ESxecutors— eons William and Benjamin. Witnesses — 
Joseph Eves, Sam'l Atkinson. Proved Oct. 80, 1744. Lib. 5, p. 57. 

1744, 27th day, 8th mo. (Oct). Inventory, £187.8.5; made by Samuel 
eves and William Evans. 

17dS» Dee. 3S. Hopewell. Ellsabetb, of Evesham, Burlington Co.; 
will of. Children-^John. Joseph, (Christian, Rachel, Elisabeth. iSorah 
and Hannah, oach £80, besides what was bequeathed them by their 
father. Real and personal estate. Executor— son Daniel. Wttnesses 
•—John Pinn, Sam'l Clement, Sam'l Atkinson. Proved Feb. 4, 174D. 

Lib. 6, p. 27. 

1744, aist d«y, Ttk mo. <Sept.>. li optjm.l l, IMrtkSBlel, of Evesham, 

Digitized by 



Burlinffton Co.; will of. Children — John, Danlol and (following under Joseph, Benjamin, Nathaniel, Christian. Rachel, Blisaheth, Sarah 
and Hannah. Real and personal estate. Wife, Elisabeth, tfole execti- 
trix; if she should die or marry, then my son Daniel and Samuel Lip- 
pincott to be executors. Witnesses — Thomas Btos, Gabriel Puneo, 
John Roderbes. Proved 27th day, 8th mo. (Oct.), 1744. Lib. 6, p. 69. 

1744. 27th day. 8th mo. (Oct.). Inventory. £561.6.6; made by Sam 
Lippincott and John Pimm. 

174«, April M. Hopauui* Joha* of Morrise (Maurice) River, Salem 
Co.. yeoman; will of. Wife. Cathren. Son, John, one-flfth of the land 
whereon I now live on Morrises River, between Mannamuskee and 
Mananikoe Creeks. Rest of the land to be equally divided between 
sons Frederick, Peter, Jonas and Gabriel. "My nephew" (niece) Mary 
Hopman, £26 when 18. Executor — wife, Cathren, and sons John and 
Frederick. Witnesses — ^Abraham Jones, John Jones. Proved 6 May. 
1748. Lib. 6, p. 480. 

1748. April 6. Inventory, £90.8.10; made by William Cobb. Abraham 

17M» Avm* S« Hopper» JeliA (son of Benjamin Hopper, late of AUa- 
ways Creek. Salem County, weaver), ward. Guardian. Edward Han- 
cock, of said place, yeoman. • Lib. 3, p. 426. 

1749* Sept. 17. Hopper* Joka, Br... of Deptford Township, Gloucester 
Co., yeoman; will of. Daughters — ^Elisabeth and RacheL Sons — 
Samuel, land in the forks of Mantua Creek; John, the plantation 
whereon I live. Executors — Joseph and John Tomlinson. Wltneosea 
—William Harrison. Samuel Harrison, Michael Fisher, Jo. Harrison. 

1749. Sept 27. (Codicil. Sons John and Samuel to pay £6. to my daugh- 
ter Elisabeth Bickham in six years, and £6. to be divided equally between 
her children. Same witnesses. Affirmed 16 Jan., 1749-60. Lib. 6, p. 206. 

1749-50. Jan. 26. Renunciation of Joseph and John Tomlinson as execu- 

1749-60. Feb. 13. Bond of John Hopper, Thomas Bickham and Lievy 
Pierce, all of Gloucester Co., as administrators of the above estate. Wit- 
ness — John Mickle. Letters granted Mar. 29. 1760. 

1749-60, 11 mo. (Jan.), 26 da. Inventory (£76.01.07) at Woodbury. 
Appraisers — John Witeall, Abra. Chattin. 

1783* Get. IS. Menu Capt. William, of Amboy. Middlesex Co. Int. 
Adm'r, Robert Gray. John Hamilton and Doctor Adam Hay. fellow 
bondsmen. Lib. B. p. 306. 

1745. Feft. S4. Hone* ArehflNOd* of New Jersey; will of. All estate 
to brother, James Home, Esquire, of Charlestown in South Carolina. 
Executors — ^Robert Hunter Morris and Thomas Cadwalader, Esquires, 
of New Jersey, and testator's said brother. Witnesses — Jos. Paxton 
and Moreton Appleby. Proved October 1, 1744. Lib. 6. p. 47. 

1747, Get. M. Hone, Sephia, of the City of Edinburgh. Bond of 
Lawrence Smyth, attorney, to Andrew and Ann Home, children of 
deceased, as administrator. Lewis Johnston, Esq., and John Smyth, 
Esq., fellow bondsmen, both of Perth Amboy. Lib. E, p. 101. 

174Sp Jwie S. Honer, Jaeeb» of Waterford. Gloucester Co., yeoman. 

Digitized by 



lirC. Adm'z. Asubeth Horner, widow. Bondsmen — Thomas and Simeon 
KUlB, of said County. Lib. 6, p. 826. 

1749. , — ^. Inventory, £230.8.9 ; made by Thomas Ellis. 

174S. Aum» B. Horsel* R«bem» of Salem County. Int. Adm'r, Benja- 
min Acton. Esq. Bondsman — William Fraser, Collector. All of said 
County. Witnesses — Thos. Jones. Chas. O. Neill. Lib. 4, p. 877. 

1742. July 22. Inventory (£47.17.4) of Ruben Horsei, of Penns Neck, 
cordwainer; made by Jeremiah Baker. Thos. Miles. 

1740*1, Marek 18. Horseman* Ckrlstlaa* of Middletown, Monmouth 
Co., Joanna Horseman, the widow, resigns riffht of administration. 
^Witness — ^Mary Vandervar. Lib. C, p. 418. 

1741. June 3. Adm'r. Dr. Peter Le Conte. of Freehold. Bemardus Ver 
Bryck. of Monmouth County, gentleman, fellow bondsman. 

1741. June 9. Inventory. £19.11.0; made by Joseph Golden. Hendrick 
Hendrickson and John McKinstry. 

1742. July 8. Account. Payments to Hendrick Hendrickson "for fun- 
eral.*' Lawrence Van Cleef. Samuel Holmes. Hendrick Brees. Tunis Post, 
and cash from Garret Wall. 

17S7» Sept. S4. Horaemaa, Samwel, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth 
Co.. carter. Adm'r, Samuel Rogers, of same place, yeoman. Rebekah 
Horseman renounces right to administer. Lib. 4. p. 117. 

1744, Mar 11* Honiford* Sam«eU of Salem Co. Int. Adm'r. Benja- 
min Horisford. Bondsman — Joseph Loe. Inventory, £51.12.2; made by 
Joseph Loe. 

174S» Felb. as. HorsBUui, Marmadvke* of Upper Freehold, Monmouth 
Co.; will of. Wife. Mary. Daughter, Mary Paxton (evidently de- 
ceased) and her children. James and Mary Paxton. Daughters — 
Sarah. Abigail. Susannah and Frances. Five sons of daughter Fran- 
ces, viz: Jacob, Isaac, Samuel and John Warwick, and David Harley. 
Oreat Bible to grandson. Thomas Newland. Testator's three daugh- 
ters and five irrandsons to keep John Wood during his life. Execu- 
tors — friends Thomas Miller and William Lawrence. Witnesses — Wil- 
liam Woodward, Anthony Woodward. Jr., and William Lawrence. 

Lib. 6. p. 278. 

17M» Br*v. 19. Ho«ch» Tkomas, of Springfield. Burlington Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Children — Jonathan, Hannah, Mary (wife of Benjamin 
Cripps) and their daughter. July Evens, £5. Land joining Samuel 
and Caleb Shinn; also land at Mt. Holly and Bridgetown. Wife. Jean, 
sole executrix. Witnesses — Michael Atkinson, Hugh Cowperthwaite. 
*rho. Shinn. Proved March 5, 1736. Lib. 4, p. 88. 

1780-4O> March 7. How, Mleajah, of City of Burlington, cordwainer; 
will of. Wife, Martha. Children — Samuel. Micajah and two daus., all 
under age. Real and personal estate. Executors — friend Joseph 
'Healings, and kinsman Israel Heulings. Witnesses — Sarah Borradaill. 
D^ow, John Gosling. Proved April 28, 1740. Lib. 4. p. 237. 

1747, J«Be S. Howard, James* of Elizabeth Town. Essex Co.. being 
seventeen. Bond of John Cory as guardian. Lib. E, p. 60. 

1750w Awast 1. Howard* Michael, of Monmouth Co. Int. Adm'x. 
Catharine Howard. Monmouth Wills, 1729 M. 

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lT4a» N^T. 94. Howell, Cb«rlc«» farmer, of Cohansle, Salem ' Co., 
yeoman. Int. Adm'r, John Howell, Jun'r, of South Hampton, Lons^ 
Island (eldeet brother) in truet for Charles, only son of testator, 
until he will be 14. Bondsman — Nathan Lorance, of Cohansey, Salem 
Co. Witness-— Joseph Rose. Lib. 4, p. 878. 

1742, Nov. 3. Inventory, £86.7 ; made by Benjn. Stratton, E^Miieaer 

1742. Nov. 21. Affidavit by Nathan Laurance that he well knew John 
Howell, of Southampton, L. I., as father of said Charles Howell end John 
Howell. Jr. 

1725, Ammmmt 8O1. Howell, Damlel, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., 
blacksmith; will of. Wife, Mary. Son, David, land on east side on 
the middle road, Trenton; lot on the west side of Kin^s Street, Tren- 
ton, adjoininir John' Severam; lot of meadow in Maidenhead great 
meadows, adjoininir James Price's land, said lot bought of Samuel 
Hunt. Son, Daniel, when 21, house at Trenton which John Severin 
lives in; half of meadow lot in Maidenhead grreat meadows, bougrht 
of Ralph Hunt, Senior. Son, Joshua, 100 acres of plantation where 
testator lives, adjoiningr Ebeneser Prout and John Dean; also lot In 
Trenton, adjoiningr Josiah Howel's lot. Son, John, balance of planta- 
tion where testator lived, when of agre; lot in Trenton. Daugrhters — 
Phebe, Elisabeth, Hannah, Mary and Prudence, when aved 18. Testa- 
tor bequeaths *'my son Daniel unto my son David that he may live 
with him," until he is agred 20 years; Daniel to be taugrht trade of 
grlasier. Executors — son, David, and friend Nathaniel Moor. Wit- 
nesses — Qeorgre Woolesey, John Carpenter, Moses Dickinson. 

1732, April 21. Codicil. Son, Hesekiah, having been bom since writing 
of will, to him a lot of land with a house, and a bond due from Hesekiab 
Bonham and Johanas Anderson, of Maidenhead. Witnesses — ^Ann Tear- 
ley. Henry Woodward and Enoch Armltage. Proved August 2. 1782. 

Lib. 3. p. 204. 

1732, June 3. Inventory (£418) includes 24 swine. 60 sheep, negro 
man Jack about 50 years old (£20), negro woman and her child (£40), 
and bonds of Samuel Everit. Samuel Ruckman. Isaac Reeder, John Moor, 
Richard Morril, David Davis, Jonathan Davis. William Merril, Isaac 
Hutchinson. Henry Oxley, John Smith of Maidenhead, Matthew Riffby, 
Nicholas Roberts and Edward Hart. Made by Enoch Armitage and Jon- 
athan Davis. 

17SS, Sept. •• Howell, DamleU of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., yeoman; 
will of. Eldest son, Daniel Howell, Jr. Son, John, "a mare bougrht 
from Thomas Lambert." Sons, Joseph and Benjamin, the copper 
furnace. Two daughters, Elisabeth and Mary, household goods, etc., 
"which was their mother's income from the mill and plantation," 
for bringing up of minor children. Sons, Daniel and John (under 
age), the corn or grist mill. PIantatio9 where testator lived, front- 
ing on the river. To daughters, Elisabeth and Mary, the plantation 
"at Alias Hokk in the Township of Amwell." Executors — ^brother- 
in-law, John Reading and William Rightinghousea. Witnesseo-— Sam- 
uel Fleming. Frances Mason, Walter Cane. Proved October 24, 1783. 

Lib. 8, p. 882. 

1733, Oct. 24. Inventory, £309.7.4 ; made by Samuel Oreen and James 

17S2, May 4. Howell, Samuel, of Great Egg Harbor, Gloucester 

Digitized by 



Co., husbandman. Int. Adm'r, Jeremtah Addams. Bondsman — John 
Hlnchman. Witnesses — Samuel Barns, Wm. Harrison. 

1782, May 16. Inventory, £16.10.9 ; made by Richard PhUlpot, Japhet 

178S, July 17. Account. Moneys paid to Joseph Oliver, John Hutch- 
ens, Mary Ireland, Robt. Howell (brother of intestate). 

Gloucester Wills. 168 H. 

1748* 1V*T. 18. H^wlasd, James, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Deborah, executrix. Son, Thomas, lands he 
now lives on in Dartmouth in New Engrland and £120. Son, James, 
lands he lives on in Dartmouth and £120. Daughter, Elisabeth. Three 
younffer sons. Cook, Oeor^e and Charles, lands in Shrewsbury. Daugh- 
ter, Ruth. Refers to *'new house" when completed. Witnesses — Wil- 
liam Osborn, James Osborn, Jon. Herringr. Proved Dec 18, 1748. On 
February 4, 1748-9, Cook Howland, a Quaker, affirmed. Lib. E, p. 267. 

1748, Dec. 27. Inventory of the estate, including a turning lathe, tum- 
iner tools, part of a box of Locker's Pills, some '*Jasuits Bark," sun, pil- 
lion, 8 powder horns and 3 shot bairs. part of cask of powder, bonds from 
Britten White, William Brand. Jacob Taylor, Francis Hance, James 
Parker and Peter White, 10 gal. rum, 46 gals, molasses, silver tankard 
(£14), silver porringer (£4). Made by Qisbert Longstreet, Gershom Bills. 
William Osboum. 

1748-9, Feb. 4. Bond of Cook Howland, of Shrewsbury, as administra- 
tor, with will annexed. Daniel Cornell, of Shrewsbury, and Richard 
Fits Randolph, of Perth Amboy, fellow bondsmen, witnesses— John 
Royce, Thomas Bartow. 

1745, July 19, Hownaa (Homaa), Jasper, of Greenwich, Gloucester 
Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'x, Eleanor, his widow. Bondsman — John 
Mullike, of said county. Witnesses — Alexr. Randall, Gabriel Rambo. 

Lib. 6, p. 177. 

1746, July 6. Inventory, £100.9.11; made by Allexr. Randall, John 

1747, Hev. 27. Hiibbs, Robert, of Newton Township, Gloucester 
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Lewcy, sole executrix. Son, Charles, the 
plantation I live on, excepting 160 acres which are to be sold with 
the lands and rights I purchased of Peleg Smith, of Rhode Island, 
for the bringing up of my children, vis., Henry, Robert and Sarah 
Hubbs, who are to have remainder of personal estate as they come 
to age. If my wife be with child and a boy, my son Charles shall 
bring him up and give him at age £100 out of my plantation; if girl, 
£80. Witnesses— Thomas Attmore, Richard Marshall, Jos. Harrison. 
Affirmed 17 Feb., 1747. Lib. 6, p. 442. 

1747-8, Jan. 16. Inventory (£306.10.2 9&) includes monies due from 
John BIrwin, Jona. Thomas, Jonathan Axford, Joseph M. Cleans. Ap- 
praisers — John Thome, Jo. Harrison. 

1748, OeU as. Hade, Robert, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., Esq.; 
will of. Robert Hude. son of James Hude, Esq., of New Brunswick, 
land in Woodbridge I purchased of Henry and Samuel Moores. John 
Lee son of sister Agnes Spencer, land formerly belonging to Daniel 
Robins. Andrew Bloomfleld, son of my sister Mary Bloomfleld, land 
in Papiack neck in Woodbridge. Rev. Mr. John Skinner, Presbyterian 
Minister of the Gospel in Woodbridge, £20, for the College purposed 
to be erected in New Jersey. Executors — brother, James Hude, Esq., 


Digitized by 



and friend Willl&m Stone and William Brown of Woodbrldffe. Wit- 
nesses — ^Abraham Tappan, James Brown. Benjamin Tappan, Darld 
Donham. Jun'r. Proved Feb. S. 1748-9. Lib. E^ p. 25 C 

1748-9. Feb. 2 Jb 3. Inventory (£496.3) Includes silver spoons. aUver 
tankerd. several neirroes. Hade by James Smith. John ICobrey. James 

1781» Dec. 21. 1Mm4mmm* Ahnkmmu of Cohansey. Salem Co., yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Deborah, sole executrix. Sons — Joshua and Benjamin 
(not 21). Daughter. Lydia. Brother. Isaac In case of the deatli 
of above legratees without male issue, the Baptist Church of Cohan- 
sey (of which I am a member) shall have my land and marsh to help 
support a ministry among: them forever. Son Benjamin to be ap- 
prenticed. Witnesses — John Brick. Junior, Isaac Wheaten. Andrew 
Gardiner. Nathel Jenkins. Proved 27 Feb., 1732. Lib. 3, p. 2(7. 

1732-3. Jan. 10. Inventory (£170.0.6) includes catUe and wheat. Ap- 
praisers — Nathaniel Jenldns, EZbenezer Smith. 

1736. April 2. Account of Deborah Shepherd, executrix of Abraham 
Hudson, late of (>>hansey. Moneys paid to Isaac Hudson. Benj. Acton. 
Jamey Clold. Charles Fordam. En>eneser Smith. Isaac Wheaten. Ruth Mil- 
ler, Elisabeth Wheaten, Andrew Oardiner. Richard Liswis, NathL Jenldni^ 
BUas (>>ttinff. Francis Brou^ton. James (>iruthers. John Green, Daniel 
Bateman. Elisabeth Randolph. Jacob Ware, Thomas Statham. ICary 
Wheaten, Wrifht and Bateman. Reeves and Holmes. David Platts, Rob- 
ert Rango, Francis Simkins. John Jones. 

17M* April 94. H«*aea» Jeha* of Evesham. Burlington Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Nephew, Hudson Mlddleton. all my propriety ri^ht to 
land on Rancocus. or Northampton River, adjoining that which I sold 
Joseph Smith of Upper Freehold. Nathan Mlddleton. son of s'd 
Hudson. 28 plate buttons. Friend. Benjamin Crispin, all timber I 
bouffht of Macajah Wills. Friend, John Lippincott. all other timber 
bouffht of him. Children of sister, Mary Mlddleton, remainder of 
estate real and personal. Executors — ^Thomas Mlddleton and brother- 
in-law, Hudson Mlddleton. Witnes s es John Campion. Dennis Mulloy. 
Isaac Wiloockson. Proved May 26, 1761. Lib. 7. p. 70. 

17S7* Dee. 98. Hwdsea, RIekarC of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'r. 
Edward Lummas. Bondsman — ^Abial CarlU yeoman. All of said 
County. Witness— William Test. Lib. 4. p. ISt, 

1787-8. Jan. 9. Inventory (£39.17.4) Includes hat and wis (£1S>, 
silver tankard, Jonathan Ogden's and Jno. Jasr'a note, John Pratten'a 
bond, cash from Isaac MIIL Appraisers — ^Abraham Reves. Ellas Oot- 

17M, Sept. «. Haes* Jaha* of Gloucester County, husbandman: will 
of. Wife, Dorkus, executrix. Eldest son. Jervls (not 21), son Jacob, 
and daughter Hannah. William Wood guardian of above children, 
and also executor. Witnesses — James Wood, John Sanders. AArmed 
3 January, 1760. Gloucester Wills, 473 H. 

1760. 7 mo. (Sept), 20 da. Inventory. £172.11.4^ ; made by Wm. WU- 
kins. James Wood. 

lIMu A«««rt 94. Ha«. Aatboay, of Hunterdon Co.; will of. Wife, 
Anne. Children — John, Benjamin, Anthony and Anne. An unborn 
child. A colt to James Merrill for service done. Bxecutors^wlfe and 

Digitized by 



John Parke. WitnesaeB— John Corbet and Philip Chapman. Pro¥e4 
BbVt, 29, 1760. Lib. 6, p. 408. 

1760. Sept. 16. Inventory (£86.17.9) Includes gun and sword and bee 
hives. Made by John Nayler and John Corbett. 

1747, Get. ». Huff (Heff), Derrick, of Kingston. late of the City of 
New Brunswick, Middlesex County, blacksmith; will of. Estate to 
iKTlfe for maintenance of two children (daughters, but not named). 
Sxecutors — wife, Ann. and friend Jedediah Higgins. Witnesses-— Ja. 
Lfeonard. Thomas Atchley and Jno. Dalley. Proved March 29. 1748. 
Ann Huff the widow renounced as executrix in favor of Jedidiah 
Higgins in presence of Robert Rolfe. (Hunterdon Co.), Lib. 5, p. 448. 

1760-1, Feb. 21. Inventory ( £119.1.11 Vi) includes money due from 
Benjamin Mapel, Thomas V. Dyke, Jon. Lake, Jr.. Samuel Nelson, Nich- 
olas Juell (or Ivell). Daniel South, William Covenovan. Daniel Accore. 
Jon. Lake. Peter Huff, Jon. Brunson, Jon. Smith, Benjamin Emons, Jos. 
Higgins. William Jonson, William Walker. William Watelbie. Jon. Ron- 
alds. Jacomiate Denton. Thomas Duer, Obadiah Holms. Jon. Hull. Benja- 
min V. Home, Thomas Ronalds. Andrew Jonston, Thomas Sodon, William 
Larrison's estate. Barfott Brunson's estate, Francis Holanshead, Joslah 
Prickett, Aaron V. Pelt, Jon. V. Pelt, Jon Huff, Jr.. Jon. Sodon. Nathaniel 
Osbom, William Swalm. Made by Ja. Leonard, Samuel Nellson and 
Benjamin Maple ; also mortgage paid to Mr. Klmbal. Signed by Jedidiah 
Higgins, one of the executors. 

1766, Oct. 11. Account of Jedidiah Higgins. acting executor, mentions 
Francis Bowes, Samuel Johnson. David Davis. Andrew Reed, Fregift 
Stout, Frederick Vanlue. Peter Johnson. Matthias Vandike. Jno. Dag- 
worthy. Thomas Ashly. John Berrian. 

1786* Sept. 18. Hogg, Gabriel, of Township and County of Glou- 
cester, bricklayer; will of. Wife, Patience, personal estate to bring 
up the children and to occupy the farm. An expected child*, if a boy, 
all lands shall be his and he shall pay his sisters £30 when they are 
18; If a girl the lands shall descend to my daughter Hannah, under 
same condition. Executors — wife and John Hlnchman. Witnesses — 
Wm. Harrison, Henry Sparks, John Collins. Proved 9 Nov.. 1786. 

Lib. 4. p. 74. 

1736. Nov. 16. Inventory. £98.6.2 ; made by Tobias Holloway, Jacob 

179g» 9 »•• (Apr.), 7 da. Hogg, Jeka, of Gloucester Township and 
County. Esq.; will of. Wife. Elisabeth, sole executrix. Sons — Joseph. 
(3«briel, John, Elias and Jacob. Daughters — Priscilla Ayres and 
Hannah Hugg. Land which Patrick Flamingham lived on. purchased 
of William White, to be sold. Home tract of 840 acres (with an 
Island bought of John Ladd) bounded N. by my brother Elias' line from 
Randervour Branch at the Main Creek; 60 acres in Gloucester town 
bought of Edward Smouth; 600 acres purchased of Joseph Pigeon, 
with the neck of land that Joseph Edwards lives on. fronting Timber 
Creek; land adjoining John Richfurds. below Great Mantos Creek. 
together with reversions of Proprietary Rights. Witnesses — Wil- 
liam Eddenfleld, William Grow. Thomas Sharp. Affirmed 28 March, 

1781. April 17. Whereas Elisabeth, wife of John Hugg. the above- 
named testator, died before him, special letters of administration gri^ited 

Digitized by 



to his son Oabrlel. Bondsman — "Wm. Harrison. Witnesses — Jno. Hlnch- 
man, Saml. Bustil. Liib. 8, p. ISS. 

1780-1. March 19. Renunciation by Marcy. widow of John Hun:, of 
Tight to administer. 

1781. March 24. Inventory (£889.18.0) includes clock (£16). old nesro 
(£9). timber upon Joseph Lan^ley's land and Henry Spark's land. Ap- 
praisers — Jno. Hinchman. Isa. Jenninirs. 

1781, , ^ Hnss* Joscpk» of Gloucester Town and County. 

Int. Adm'x. Ann Wheeldon of the same place. (Letters of Adm. 
missing). Lib. 8. 168. 

1781. , — . Account (£863.6.6) shows payments to John Marshall. 

Joseph Richards, Edward Roberts. John Roberts. Easkey Marshall. Sam- 
uel Parr, Samuel Bustill. Samuel Coles. Benjamin Vinein^. Thomas Our- 
nall. Henry Spark. James Hinchman, Samuell Harrison, Swan Warner, 
Peter Banton. Bartholemew Cordery, Gleorge Willcox. Thomas Todd. Mary 
Gtordon. Edward Williams, Steven Armitt. John Trapnell, William (Pie- 
man, John Jones, Henry Combs. Alexander Stewart. Steven Armitt, Her- 
malnus Helme. John E. Staugrh, Henry Pratt. Thomas Sebors. George 
King, Sarah Dingdale. Francis Jones. Mr. Allen. Mr. Turner. Richard 
Robinson. Thomas Olintworth, Anthony Morris, James Parroch. Margaret 
Sharp. Edward R. Price, Joseph Lynn, Phebe Hinchman. EHias Hugg. 

1781* Jvae 11. &vn» WllUani (above 14 years of age), eldest son 
and heir at law of Joseph Hugg. late of Gloucester, inn holder, with 
consent of his mother, Anne Wolden. made choice of Christopher 
Taylor, inn holder, and Samuel Harrison, Esq., as his guardians. 

Lib. 8, p. 148. 

1747, Sept. 4. Hvskes, Coastantlae* of Cape May Co.; will of. Ex- 
ecutors and sole legatees, my brothers Jacob Hughes and Ellis 
Hughes. They to convey all real estate in houses or lands in New 
Jersey or elsewhere, with my personal estate (except two negroes; 
brother Jacob to have Jack and brother Ellis to have London). The 
money arising from same to be equally divided between them. Ap- 
parel of deceased wife I give to Precila Holliday. Witnesses— Benja- 
min Kiersted, Jno. Alsop, W. Blake. Proved 19 Oct., 1747, before 
Goldsbrow Banyar, Deputy Secretary of the Province of New York. 
Witnesses — Benjamin Kiersted and Wm. Blake, both of the City of 
New York. 

1747. Nov. 28. Letters granted to Jacob Hughes and Ellis Hughes, as 
executors. Lib. 6, p. 877. 

1746, May 18. Hnskes, Bllaabetk, of Cape May Co. Int. Adm'r, 
Elija Hughes. Fellow bondsman — Elisha Hand, both of C^ape May 
County. Witnesses — James Whilldin, Cornelius Schillinks. 

Lib. 6. p. 248. 

1746, May 27. Inventory. £18.17.3; made by Elisha Hand, James 

1741-2, Feb. 4. Hnskee* Hvnpkreyy Jnml^r. of Cape May Co. Int. 
Adm'x. Bethia Hughes. Fellow bondsman — Elisha Hand, both of 
Cape May. Witnesses — George Hand, Nathaniel Hand. 

Cape May Wills, 106 B. 

1741-2, Feb. 4. Inventory (£92.10.1) includes cattle, sheep, and leather. 
Appraisers— George Hand. Nathaniel Hand. 

1746, Sept. 28. Account of Ezekiel Mulford of the County of Cape May, 

Digitized by 



who Intermarried with Bethla Hughes, late deceased, widow and admln- 
tetratrlx of Humphrey Hughes, Junior. Moneys paid Joseph WhlUdln. 
Ellsa. Eadrldge, AhlgaU Stltes, Oeorse Hand, WUllam Hamilton, John 
Flower. Samuel Bmlen. Henry Young. Ellsha Hand. Richard Crawford. 
Joseph Whllldln, Elijah Hughes. Benjamin Crawford, etc. 

1744-5, Pel^ IS. Hsi0kes« UmmphwBT* of Cape May Co.. yeoman; will 
of. Wife. Elisabeth, an annuity. Son. Elijah. S tracts of land In 
aforesaid County, between lands of Ebenesear Swain and Cornelius 
SchlUnks. joining land of Zebulon Swain at the N. W. part, and one- 
third of my right In the flve-mlle Beach. Son. Uriah. S tracts of land 
at Nummes near Oeorge Stltes and Jonathan Forman. also one-third 
of my right In the flve-mlle Beach. Grandson. Humphrey Hughes, all 
land ui>on Cape Island, the tract between Joseph Whlllden and 
Robert Parsons, a tract at the Northernmost part of the land of 
Zebulon Swalne', and one-third of my right In the flve-mlle Beach, 
upon condition that he shall pay £20 to his brothers. John and Ellsha 
Hughes, when they will be 21. In case of his failure to pay the £20. 
the lands shall be divided equally among my grandsons. Humphrey. 
John and Ellsha Hughes. H of the rents of these lands shall be used 
"to bring them up to learning;" the other half given to Humphrey. 
I>aughters. Martha Fithian and Judith Splcer. Executor — son. Elijah 
Hughes. Overseers--Jacob Splcer and Ellsha Hand. Witnesses — 
Oeorge Hand, Oeorge Sharwood. Ablel Car 11. Proved 4 Feb.. 1746-6. 

Lib. 6. p. 240. 

1746. May 27. Inventory. £264.6.0; made by Ellsha Hand« James 

1766. Oct 14. Account Moneys paid James Wlllden, Ellsha Hand. 
Charles Dennis, Nathaniel Hand. Mary SchlUinks, Joseph Wlllden. Phebe 
Foster, Benjamin Laughton. James Hedges, Henry Whltefleld. Isaac 
Nuton. David Whlllden, Levi Hand. Jacob Splcer. Mathlas Fithian. Rlchd. 
StUlwell. John Klnsey. etc. 

174T, JaM. 7. Hughes, Jeha, of Salem Co. Int Adm'rs, William 
'Willis. William Peterson. Bondsman — Edward Test, all of Salem 
County. Witnesses — Samuel Whlthorne. MlchL Olbbon. 

Lib. 6. p. 424. 

1747. Dec. 11. Inventory. £69.2.6 ; made by Samuel Whltehome. Thomas 

1785, Dee. 7. Hvghs, 'WlUlaai, of Evesham, Burlington Co., hus- 
bandman. Int Ann Hughs, widow, relinquishes her right of ad- 
ministration in favour of Daniel Wills. Merch't. of Northampton. 

1782. Dec. t. Adm'r, Daniel Wills. John Doe and Richard Roe. of 
Burlington, yeoman, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 8. p. 226. 

174*, J«»e 27. Halt, Mary* of Hopewell. Hunterdon Co. Int In- 
Tentory of estate (£7.12.6) includes debt due from Samuel Smith. Made 
by John Ballard and Elieser Morgan. 

1742. July 7. Adm'r, Stephen Biles, of Hopewell, yeoman. Joseph 
Moore, of Hopewell, surety. Hunterdon Wills, 266 J. 

1786, J«ly It. Halet, Jeha, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.; will of. 
Joseph Hulet, son of cousins William and Lydia Hulet the plantation 
where testator lived, meadow on Racoon Island and testator's Pro- 
priety Right Brother, Robert Hulet, 100 acres at or near Whale 

Digitized by 



^nd brook, and 4 acres meadow by William West's plantation, which 
testator's father purchased of Daniel Leeds. Constant Hulet, 300 
acres at Assinpink, adjoining- Doctor Johnston's land, and 7 acres 
meadow. Cousin Oeorgre Hulet, residue of land and meadow at Assin- 
pink. Cousin John Hulet, upland and meadow at Mateet Conck. 
Cousin Constant Hulet, £20. Cousin Oeorgre Allen, £20. Cousin Adam 
Brewer, £20. Zacharlah Oant, £80. Hannah Oant, a bed, etc Joseph, 
son of Ebeneser Allen, £10. Margaret Allen, daughter of Bbeneser, 
£10, a bed, etc. Lydia Allen, daughter of Bbeneser, £10. Thomas 
White's eldest daughter, Margraret, at Rumson, a bed, etc William 
Jackson's eldest daughter, a bed, etc. Preserve Potter, £80. Brother 
Robert Hulet, long gun and rreat coat. Musket to George Hulet. 
Adam Brewer's two eldest daughters. Walter Herbert, £10. Neerro 
Oliver to have liberty. Bxecutors— cousin Oeorge Allen and Adam 
Brewer. Witnesses — Job Cook, Theophilus Longstreet and Robert 
Dodsworth. Proved Sept. 21, 1786. Lib. C, p. 120. 

1786, Sept. 18. Inventory, £707.7.4 1-4 ; made by Oeorge Williams, John 
BSatton and Benjamin Parker. 

IT'M, April M. H«let» JshB* of Shrewsbury. Monmouth Co.. yeoman. 
Int. Bond of ZIblah Hulet, the widow, as administratrix. Nathaniel 
Parker and Jacob Dennis, of same place, yeomen, fellow bondsmen. 
Witnesses — Anthony Woodward, Joseph Rose. Lib. C, p. 837. 

1744, M«T 5. Hsiet* Joeepk (over 14 years old). Letters of guar- 
dianship granted to Oeorge Allen and Jacob Dennis, both of Shrews- 
bury. Monmouth Wills. 1171-2 M. 

17^1, Jvtte 7. WimXU Be«|amfB« of PIscataway, Middlesex Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Sons — Benjamin, Trustram, Jacob, Reuben, Meshach, 
and Joseph. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife Sarah, Jo- 
seph FitsRandolph and John Skillman. Witnesses— Ben. Hull, Hugrh 
Dunn, Abraham Drake, Jun'r, and Rachel Drake. Proved Jan. 4, 1788. 

Lib. B. p. 478. 

1744-6* Marek 9. UrnXU Bea|«MUi, Bsq., of PIscataway, Middlesex 
Co.; will of. Debts I owe to Cornelius Low. Jun'r. of Rariton Land- 
ing, merchant, and John Pound. Jun'r. Brother. Hopi^well Hull, and 
his eldest surviving son, John. Cousin. Thomas Davis, plants tlon 
joinfi'.g John BlifckCord; also land purchased of the ThickstonH on 
Bound Brook over against Doctor Mercer's new mills. Cousin, Ben- 
jamin Doty, plantation formerly Samuel Blackford's joining Joseph 
Drake's land. Cousin, Benijah Doty. Cousin, Mary Davis, land for- 
merly Antony Blackford's. Plantation joining land which Daniel 
Drake and Samuel Mackfarson bought of Thomas Bowman. Negro 
iTlaves to be freed at death of wife. John King, who formerly lived 
with me. Elenor, wife of Charles Rowleson, of Perth Amboy. Cousin, 
Samuel Davis, at 21 years. Cousin. Daniel Blackford, Jun'r, of New 
Milford. Somerset Co. Executors— wife, BHsabeth, brother-in-laW 
Benjamin Martin and kinsman Arunah Runyon. Witnesses — John 
Pound, Jun'r, Oideon Merlett, Benjamin Oross. Proved March 27, 
1745. Lib. D, p. 253. 

1745, March 26. Inventory. £216.14.8; made by Oideon Merlett John 
^und. Jun'r. 

1747*S» Jam. 1. H«ll« Bealamim. of Pepack, Somerset Co., yeoman; 
irtn. of. Wifo, Rhoda, one-third of estatie. Daughter, Ann, to be 

Digitized by 



kept until 14. Sons — Joseph, Meshack, Itoaben. Peter and Jacob (all 
BBder 14 years). Bxeontors— Peter Martin, father-in-law, of **Pe- 
■eatna'* in Middlesex Co., and Jeremiah Dunn of same place. Wlt- 
aeeses — Job Compton. William Button, Jonathan Whitaker. Proved 
16 Feb., 1747. Lib. B, p. ISO. 

17d7-8, F«b. It. H«ll« Jac*b, of Pepack, Somerset Co. Int. Adm'xs, 
Catherine Hull, of Somerset Co., and Trustrum Hull, of Middlesex 
Co. Fellow bondsman — Hendrick Smith. Lib. B, p. 126. 

1747-8, Feb. 8. Inventory (£100.6.8) includes notes due from Mosss 
Randal, Jeremiah Dunn^ Nathanial Drake, of Morris Co., Benjamin Hull's 
estate. Made by John Clawson, Jacob Eoff. 

ITM, ApHl ID. Hvmpfcrles, RIelMrd, of New Hanover, BurlinfftoH 
Co., husbandman. Int. Adm'r, John Norrls, of same, labourer. 

Lib. 6, p. 66. 

1748* J«»e It. HvUMk* Sarah, of City of Burlington, widow; will 
of. Sister Hannah Buddell. Son, Bowman Hunlock, at 21, which will 
be in about 4 months, all estate, real and personal. Bxecutors— son. 
Bowman, and Revell Blton, Bsq. John Allen, Bsq., and Isaac DeCoW 
to be trustees. Witnesses — John Neale, William Horst, H4nnah Bud- 
welL Proved July 7. 1748. 

1748, July 7. Revel! Blton renounces executorship in favor of the son. 
Bowman. Lib. 6, p. 468. 

1748, July t. Inventory, £294.d.l ; made by Thomas Scattertood and 
John Bacon. Includes 62 ounoes of plate (£80.11.11), elfht day dock 
(£10), and negro boy and girl (£60). 

17d«, Asi«. 94. HovliMk, l^ottas, of City of Burlington, gent.; 
will of. Wife, Sarah, profits of my ferry for two years till son, 
Bowman, Is 21. Daughter, Mary, 4 silver spoons formerly belonging 
to her sister Peggy. Grandson, John Bonder. Rudolph Price, all the 
money he owes me. Negro servant. Real and personal estate. Bxe- 
cutors — wife, with Isa: DeCow and John Allen to Assist her. Wit- 
nesses— Isa: DeCow, Thos. Shaw, Row*d Bills. Proved Oct. 8, 1746. 

Lib. 6, p. 290. 

1746, Nov. 22. Inventory. £872.16.1%; made by Jos. HoUhishead and 
Row'd Bills. Includes, of books, Poulton's Statutes. Burnet's History, 
Dalton*8 Justice. Sacred Divinity, Scrivener's Quide. History of the Tar- 
tars; also three slaves, eight day clock and Dutch cabinet. 

1744* Dec. lO. Hwsloke (Hnalocke), Capt. Jeka* of the Borough of 
Bltsabeth, Bssex Co., mariner; will of. Daughters— Anne and Mary 
Hunlocke, both under age. Half brother, Joshua Hunlocke. Daugh- 
ters-in-law — Bllsabeth (wife of William Smith) and Sarah Dag- 
wortby. Real and personal estate. Bxecutors — wife. Sarah, Samuel 
Woodruff and John Blanchard, Bsq. Wltnesses^-Josiah Winans, Sel- 
vester Cole, Leonard Miles. Proved Nov. 16. 1745. Lib. D. p. 860. 

ttVtf Jaa. 11. Hiiaa, Adriaa, of Middletown Township. Monmouth 
Co., merchant; will of. Wife, Phebe, sole legatee, "to bring her chil- 
dren up with," and an unborn child. Bxecutors — wife, brother-in- 
law John Smith and Mr. James Henderson, both latter merchants in 
New York. Witnesses — Richard Franses. Robert Clirhartt. John 
Kearny, Robert Dodsworth. Proved January 18. 1787. Lib. C. p. 188. 

1788. March 29. Inventory (£429.9.11) Includes sadler and josmer wart 

Digitized by 




(£46), 24 pUnM. 8 hand saws, 20 shosmaksr's knlvM, 22 bullet moulds, 
2 dosen latches and staples, % doi. jewsharps. 1 bit and pair stirrups^ 

5 lb. shavinff soap ; various ladies' dress goods, etc. ; books, includ- 
ing 20 Testaments, Psaltsr and small book ; 4 do. Watson's poems ; S do. 
Sure Guide to Heaven; 8 small Common Prayers, Duty of a Justice of 
the Peace and other articles kept in a country store. Made by Gideon 
Crawford, Jno. Smith and James Rockead. 

1741, Sept. U. UmmU BdwarC ''son of Ralph Hunt of Maidenhead." 
.Hunterdon Co., deceased; will of. Brother, John Hunt, 160 acres in 
Hopewell, in possession of Thomas Shaw and John Dufflis, tenants. 
Brother, Ralph Hunt, to take said land until brother John is ayod 
twenty. Residue of estate to rest of testator's brothers and sisters. 
Executor — ^father-in-law. Phillip Phillips. Witnesses — Samuel Hunt, 
Abner Phillips, Alexr. Biles. Proved Jan. 16, 1741-2. Lib. 4, p. 819. 

1741-2. Jan. 6. Inventory, £27.16.6 ; made by Theo. Phillips and Samuel 

174l^l» Feb. 11. H«mt» Jeba* of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co.; will of. 
Eldest son, Wilson, a negro slave "Peet," and an account due testator 
from Mr. Daniel Coxe. Second son, Jonathan, plantation. Wife. Mar- 
garet, negro wench Dinah. Two daughters, Johannah and Charity. 
Sons, John and Noah, plantation where Richard Hudnut lived. Sons, 
Oershom, Daniel and Enoch, plantation where testator livedo ad- 
Joining George Smith. Executors — wife, and sons Willson and Jona- 
than. Witnesses— William Cornell, Gershom Moore and Reuben Arml- 
Uge. Proved Oct. 1, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 82. 

1748, Oct. 1. Inventory (£484.6.4) includes Bible; 28 cheeses (£2.6.8). 
negro wench, Dinah (£60), two guns, 12 hives of bees, negro man Peet, 
(£30). Made by Andrew Smith, Esquire, and Vinson Runyan. 

178S» Hev. 5. H«mt» CaptalM Ralph* of Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co., 
gentleman; will of. Wife, Elisabeth. Eldest son, Edward, 160 acres 
of land at Hopewell, a gun, etc Second son, Ralph, a minor, part of 
plantation above the King's road leading from Trenton to Brunswick, 

6 acres of meadow between Samuel Hunt's widow and Powel Huff's, 
4 acres of meadow at lower end of lot in great meadow; Ralph to pay 
legacies to testator's eldest daughter, Jemima Hunt, daughter Kesia, 
and son John. Third son, Samuel, part of plantation below the Kind's 
Road leading from Trenton to Brunswick; Samuel to pay legacies to 
testator's daughter, Elisabeth Hunt, when Samuel is aged 26 years, 
and to fourth son, John, when John is aged 30 years. Executors — 
wife Elisabeth, Major Alexander Lockhart, of Hopewell, Esquire, and 
Theo. Phillips, Esquire. Witnesses — John Anderson. Abraham An- 
derson, Jr., and James McKinley. Proved Feb. 9, 1732-3. 

Lib. 8. p. 279. 

1732-3, Jan. 20. Theophilus Phillips, of Maidenhead, renounces as 
executor. Witnesses — Joshua Anderson and Jas. McKlnly. 

1783, June 25. Inventory ( £326.04.7 H) includes a servant, Laurence 
Lareu. Made by C^harles Cook and Nathaniel Moore. Elisabeth Philips, 
late Elisabeth Hunt, the executrix, testifies to Inventory, Oct. 24, 1734. 

1741* A««wit IK. Hvmt, Ralph* of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co. ; will of. 
Wife provided for, not named. Eldest son, Asariah, plantation, when 
of age, paying his brother, Nathan, £50. Youngest son, Nathan, plan- 
tation bought of testator's brother, John Hunt. Wife's sister. Charity 

Digitized by 



Forman. Two daughters. Charity and Mary. Executora— wife and 
Reuben Armitaffe. Witne«see--Jno. Ouild, Ephraim Titus. Benjamin 
Drake. Proved Dec 9. 1741. Lib. 4, p. S20. 

1741. Oct 29. Inventory. £212.10.0; made by Nathaniel Moore and 
Benjamin Drake. 

17S7» April 19, Hmt* W^Ullaai* of Manioffton Precinct. Salem Co., 
husbandman; will of. Son. John, home farm of 300 acres, "he to pay 
£160 between his mother and the rest of my children as they come to 
their respective aires.*' sons at 21. daughters at 18. If John dies dur- 
ing minority, son William shall have aforesaid plantation. In case 
of his death it shall belong to my youngrest son. Thomas. Wife. 
Sarah, one-third of the personal; rest to my six children, vis.. Ann. 
Sarah, John. Elisabeth, William and Thomas. Executors to sell 240 
acres of upland joining my new dwelling plantation and that of John 
Vance, and 60 acres of marsh on the N. side of Vickery's Creek Join- 
ing Haynes' marsh in Manlnffton. Leiracies to friends. John Smith 
and John Ooodin, whom I appoint executors. Witnesses — Wm. Smith, 
Joseph Crass, Junior. Alexr. Simpson. Proved 14 Feb.. 1740. 

Lib. 4. p. 200. 

1740. Feb. 14. Renunciation. "Whereas John Goodwin (since de- 
ceased) and John Smith of the same place and county (now bein^ 
absent) executors thereof. I. John Hunt, eldest son of William Hunt, 
renounce my ri^ht and pray that letters of administration may be granted 
to Clement Hall of Salem. Esq." Witness — Chas. O Neill. 

Clement Hall thereupon appointed administrator. Bondsmen — Wil- 
liam Frasier, Obadiah Loyd. all of Salem. Witnesses — John Powell. 
Danl. Mestayer. 

1740, Jany. 16. Inventory, £197.17.8 ; made by Clmt Hall. John Smith. 

173S» JwM 4. Hwit» WlUlasi* of Somerset Co. Int. Adm. on estate 
granted to William Plumstead. 

1723. June 12. Inventory (£18.14.0) includes Bible. Made by Wil- 
liam Spader (Speeder). Burton Bird. William Plumstead. 

Lib. B, p. 444. 

1748-8, Feb. 11. HiitcklBa» Husk* of Mansfield, Burllnprton Co.. 
yeoman. Int. Elisabeth Hutchin. widow, renounces administration, 
and requests the same be granted to John Hutchins. Bond of John 
Hutchins as administrator. Benjamin Shreeve and Francis Gibs, all 
of Mansfield, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 6. p. 831; Lib. 7. p. 97. 

1748-9. Feb. 18. Inventory. £120.14 ; made by Robert RockhiU and Ben- 
jamin Shreeve. 

ITSS* A«i0. a. HotcklBsoa* Dvacaa, Doctor of Phisick. of New 
Brunswick. Middlesex Co. Int. Administration on the estate grranted 
to Elisabeth Hutchinson, the widow. (No inventory found). 

Lib. B. p. 455. 

1744-6. March 10. Account (£163.08.2), showing payments to C^apt 
Abraham Sanford, Mr. Philip French, Doctor NicoHs. ' Comales Santford. 
Davas Smith. John Machet, Mr. Barnes. James Watson. Mra Longavalt, 
Benjamin Price. Gilbert Ash; payments from Mr. Peter Bodine. John 
Bodine. George Hutchinson, Adam Hay, John Byse, Mr. Fargruliar. Fran- 
cis Dildine. Richard StillwUl. William Martin. William Storey, Frances 
Drake. William Covenhoven. Cornelius Van Horn. Capt Lennard. Robart 
Commin. Paul Labateaux. Jereoms Rapalia. Cristian Oandroner, Hendrick 

Digitized by 




Smock, finisha Whitehead, Mr. Benjamin Price, "who has the Doctor*^ 
books in his care." Dated New York, 10 March, 1744-6. 

1747» Oet. 19, UUT, B^Aai^nd, of Gloucester Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'r. 
Joseph Scatterffood. Bondsman — John Bacon. Both of the city or 
Burlinirton, irent. Witnesses — James Quest, Luke Tueknlss. 

Lib. 5, p. 486^ 

1743, July IS. Iml«y, J^ka* of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co.^ 
carpenter. Int. Inventory, £29.11.0; made by Lucas Dwidt and Robert 

1742, Sept. 18. Adm'r, Samuel Rogers, of Allentown, merchant, prta«- 
cipal creditor. Lib. 4, p. 877. 

1740, May 80. Iml«y» Peter, of Mansfield, Burlinirton Co., yeoman; 
will of. Children — William, Joseph, John, Lydia, Margaret and Blisa^ 
beth. Real and personal estate. Executors— wife, Lydia, brother 
Robert Imlay, and sons William and Joseph. Witnesses — ^Agnes- 
Thompson, Tho. Potts, Jun'r, Oeo. Bliss. Proved Aug. 8, 1749. 

Lib. 6, p. 820. 

[1749], ■ I ■ , ^ Imlay, Peter, eldest son of William Imlay, or 
Monmouth County, deceased, yeoman; over 14 years of age, asks that 
his friend, Tobias Polemus, of Monmouth County, yeoman, be ap-- 
pointed his guardian. 

1749. April 8. Bond of Tobias Polemus as gruardian of Peter Imlay. 
Lefferd LelTerson, of same place, yeoman, fellow bondsman. States that 
father, William Imlay, left a will. Witnesses — Peter Imlay, Luke Tucdj- 
niss. Lib. 6. p. 878. 

[1750], , — . Petition of Peter Imlay, over 14 years of age, eldest 

son of William Imlay, yeoman, deceased, states that his father died Intes* 
tate. Asks that his friend, Jacob Lawrence, be appointed his guardian. 

1760. Nov. 29. Bond of Jacob Lawrence, of Burlington Co., yeoman^ 
as guardian of Peter Imlay. Tobias Polemus, of Monmouth County. fe1*> 
low bondsman. Luke Tueknlss, witness. 

1741, April •• Imlay, William, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co.. 
yeoman. Int. Inventory of the estate (£437.6.2), Includes great silver 
spoons, clasps and buckles, pair of old gold buttons; large Bible, 
two small Bibles and other books, gun, bond of Robert Imlay, negre> 
man, woman and child (£80.00.02), 2 negro girls (£45). Made by Rich- 
ard Stevens, Robert Imlay and Cornelius Vanborne. Lib. 4, p. 279. 

1741, April 10. Adm'rs, Rebecca Imjay, the widow, and Peter Imlay. 
of Mansfield, Burlington County. Esquire. Robert Imlay, of Upper Free- 
hold, yeoman, and Samuel Woodward, of Chesterfield, Burlington Coimty, 
yeoman, fellow bondsmen. 

1746. Nov. 5. Account of Stephen Pangbum and Rebecca his wife, 
late Rebecca Imlay, administratrix, and Peter Imlay, administrator. Casb 
paid to John Tantum. E«seklel Furman, Samuel Woodward. Robert Imlay, 
William Watson, Safc^ty Borden, Peter Imlay. Qab. Stelle, Robert Steward^ 
Zebulon C^ook, Stephen Jones, Abiel Davis. Elisabeth Brown, John Shaw. 
William Meghee. Thomas E}verlngham, Moses Robins, Junior, William. 
Barker. William Tapscott. Joseph Borden, Joseph Forman, Elisabeth Mo- 
Main. Jeremiah Stillwell, James Hajrwood. 

1784, Sept. 14. laglto, Tkomaa, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., inn* 
keeper; will of. Son, James; other children mentioned but not nametf* 

Digitized by 



Real and personal estate. Executrix — wife, Mary. Witnesses-— Jne. 
W«bb, Richard Hewes, John Qifford. Proved April 22, 1786. 

Lib. C. p. St. 

17SS, April L iMdcccp, Joseplu of Waterford. Gloucester Co.; will 
of. Mother, Mary Inskeep. Brothers— -John. James and Abraham. 
Children of my brother, John Inskeep. Brother Abraham to pay 
sister, Mary Hewlin^s, the £50 my father ordered me to pay her in 
seren years after his death. Real and personal estate. Brother, 
William Hewlihffs, executor. Witnesses — Tho. E*vans, Sam Bves, Sam. 
Llpplncott. Proved April 26, 17S2. Lib. 3, p. 190. 

17S2, 24th day. 2nd mo. (April). Inventory, £121.19.6; made by Thorn* 
as E^rens and Sam. Llpplncott 

ITMw Dec It. iMley, Blteka, of Woodbridce. Middlesex Co., shlp*> 
Wright; will of. Children — Blisha, John and Oach, all under affe. 
Executors — wife, Elisabeth, brother Jonathan Insley, and father-in* 
law Thomas Gach. Witnesses — John Pike, Will'm Stone, David Don- 
ham. Proved Feb. 26, 1760. Lib. B, p. 487. 

1TM^1» Jas. «. Irelaad* Abms* of Effi: Harbor, Gloucester Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Son, Amos, to have whole plantation and "beech and 
seader swamps." Daughters — ^Katherine and Sarah Ireland. S«xecu- 
tors — Able Schull. Witnesses— Isaac Addams, David Scull, Peter 
Couttoum (Conover), Saml. Church. Proved 14 Jan., 1746. 

Lib. 6, p. 214. 

1746, Oct. 24. Inventory (£179.3.8) includes book accounts "hunting 
John Smith, Dr. £1.10.0," Robert Morss, Peter Risley, Isaac Cavenover 
(Covenhoven ), Daniel Scull, Jacob Ireland. Appraisers — Nathan Lake, 
Daniel Scull. 

1749, Oct 81. Account Moneys paid Nathan Lake, Danl. Scull, James 
JOIinBon. Jacob Ireland, Recompence Scull, William Hope. Mary Addams, 
Esther Risley, Mercy Adams, Stephen Morris, John Griffith, William Gris- 
eombe, Benjamin Harker. Daniel Ireland, Peter Covenhoven, Thomas 
Vamum, William Cooper, Joseph Dale, Bdmond Cordeary, Isaac Addams, 
Isaiah Scull, Enisabeth Lee. Josiah Covenhoven. Samuel Church, Chris- 
topher Lucas. John Griffith. 

S7S9^ J«»e M. Irelaad, Jaaies* of Great Egg Harbour, Gloucester 
Co. Adm'r, Joieph Ireland. Japhet Leeds fellow bondsman. Both 
of same place. 

1782, June 19. Inventory, £86.16.0; made by Japhet Leeds and Japhet 
Leeds. Jr. 

1782, May 24. Petition of Daniel and Amos Ireland that their brother, 
Jos^h, be given power to administer the "very small estate" of their 
brother, James. Burlington Wills, 2801-6 C. 

17dT, Jan. 4. Irlik, Mathaalel* "now dwelling iri the Township 
«f Bethlera, Hunterdon County;" will of. To be burled near his broth- 
•r, George Cmikshank, at Sauchon. Sistei*, Elisabeth Lee, of the 
island of Montserrat, and her three daughters, Sarah, Elisabeth and 
Jane. Nephew, William Irish; niece, Sarah Irish. To testator's 
lUitvral daughter, born of Ann Santee, named Ann, a plantation on 
which she lived called Private Neck, on the West Branch of Delaware 
Hl^er; also part of a plantation, part of a survey at ihouth of Sauchom 
Cr%ek, reserved when testator sold plantation to George Cruikshank. 
To iaid daughter a ikegro' woman liamed MartHla, and her daughter. 

Digitized by 



a neffro ffirl Betty. Natural son, Johnny, llvinv with testator. Execu- 
tor — William Allen. Bequire. of Philadelphia. Date at end of will. 
February 29, 1747. Witnesses — Qeor^e Mitchell, Jno. Chapman, Rob- 
ert Ballantine. Proved April 18, 1748. Lib. S. p. 440. 
1748. Dec 23. Inventory (£1247.14.0) includes l-4th of tract of land 
held by lease in company with Messrs. Allen ft Turner, for the term of 
fourteen years, and part of a furnace and forse thereon erected. One 
fourth of furnace, valued at £37S ; charcoal, fourth part. £6S ; grist mllL 
£26 ; sawmill, £7.10 ; teams and carriaces. £32.10 ; goods in store £12.10 ; 
negroes, £1S0 ; smiths' tools, £8 ; piff iron. £400. Estimate of estate and 
stock of Messrs. Allin and Turner, fumaoe, forge, buildings, etc., being in 
Bethlehem Township ; Furnace, £1600 ; charcoal in stock. £220 ; grist 
mill. £100; sawmill. £80; two horse teams and carriages. £130; goods In 
store, £60; eighteen negroes, £600; smiths' tools, £12; pig iron on the 
bank. £1600 ; forge with stock of coals. £600. Made by Samuel Johnson 
and Jona. Robeson. 

1T44* J«ly 10. Isaacs* Abrabaai* of New York, merchant Int. The 
widow. Hannah Isaacs, declines administration, and recommends 
Jacob Isaacs, the eldest son. Witnesses— -Frances Polock and Samuel 

1744. July 27. Bond of Jacob Isaac, of New York, merchant, as ad- 
ministrator. ('*Swom on the Books of Moses, being a Jew"). Pontius 
Stelle. fellow bondsman. Middlesex WUls, Uto. D, p. 168. 

1750» IVev. 5. Jackson* Jamest of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., yeo- 
man. Int. Bond of Mary, the widow, and Hartshorns FitsRandolph, 
as administrators on the estate. Richard FitsRandolph. fellow bonds- 
man. Lib. E, p. 461. 

1760. 9th mo. (Nov.). 7th d. Inventory of personal estate. £80.4 ; made 
by Sam Moores and Abram Tappan. Memorandum of bonds, bills and 
book debts due from Samuel Allen, Obediah Ayres. Patrick Arvine. Ben- 
jamin Alston, William Alexander, Daniel Arvine. Thomas Alston. Joseph 
Ayres. David Alston, Spencer Alston. Peater Alston, William Bloodgood. 
Moses Bishop. Nathaniel Blumfleld. Sam'll Burd. Esekiel Blumfleld. Mathew 
Bunn, Henery Berry. Andrew Brown. John Berpo, Samuel Barrens. Mica- 
Jah Bunn. Thomas Brown, Benjamin Blumfleld. Richard Bishop. Richard 
Blumfleld. Frances Bunn. Andrew Blumfleld. Jedlah Brooks. Miles Bunn. 
John Brooks, David Berpo, Samuel Blumfleld. Wdlliam Bishop. Robert 
Butler. Noah Bishop. Living Balrmore. Jorge Badgle. Joseph Burd. John 
Bums. Mordecoy Barton. Simon Bogar. Timothy Blumfleld. Jeremiah 
Blumfleld. Jeames Collens, Samuel Cole. Benja. Colons, Richard Carmen, 
Jeames Clarkson. Lourance Charter. Samuel Congar. Benjamin (>>nnet, 
William Conly, Jonathan Connet. Rubin Clark. Jorge (^ilds, Samuel 
Coddington. Andrew Kearny. Oershom Conger. Richard Cutter. Robart 
Comes, Copathite Copalon. William (fitter. Joseph (fitter. Edward Ooel. 
Samuel Croel, John Davis, Thomas Duglas. Jonathan Dunham, Ellsha Dun- 
ham. Joseph Dunham. John Donland. Samuel Davison, John Donham« 
Abraham Drake, William Dannels, William Davis. (3atheron Dunham, 
Matthew Davis. Jacob Deney, Jonathan Daniels, David Dunbar. David 
Dunham. Jeames Eddy. Benjamin Ensley. Gtoying Eddy, Samuel Alston, 
William Fraisley. Gilbert Foulter. John Flecher, Edward Fitchsomans, 
Vuseton Froast. Henery Freeman. John Force, Benony Freeman, Thomas 
Finch. William Ford. Samuel Force. Isac Freeman. John Freeman. Sam- 
uel Ford, William Oilman, Ebeneaser Gray. Heseklah Goodfellow, John 
Gaddes, David Hay. Samuel Hale. Thomas Homer. Robart Hude. David 

Digitized by 



Herrod. William Hider. Jorge Herod. John Hobklns, Elnatlum Halley, 
Rubin Hlard. Wllllaro Hoffins. Martha Holby, John Hoffgint, Robart Hays, 
Foster Harason. Mioael Homan, Thomas Hiffgens, Nathanell Hadden. 
Samuel Jaquish, Thomas Johnson, Thomas Infflish, John Johnson. Wil- 
liam Jackson. Jonathan Inslee, Benjamin E«nsle, Bfraim Jones. Joseph 
Insle, David Insle. John Jackson. Benjamin Jones, Bliflet Jones, Benjamin 
Kinsy, Spencer Kelley. Jeames Kamey. John Cent, David Kelley. William 
Kent, David Kent, John Kelley. Nujant Kelley, John Kelley, Jun'r, Jona- 
than Kinsey. Jeames Kelley. John King, Samuel Lewis, John Lovit, Wil- 
liam Ladnor, Abel Levis, Ritchard Lambart. Jeames Martain. Samuel 
Moores, Samuel Martain, Robart Mitchel, John Morris (of Bleestown), 
Jeames Mores, Mical More, John Morris, Jun'r, Benjamin Morris. Samuel 
Moore, Jonathan Moores, John Moores, Joseph Martain, Daniel Moores, 
Ketrol Monday. William Maglocklin, Mathew Miller. Benjamin Moore, 
Justis Morris, John Noe. Robart Noble. Peater Nap, Jeames Nevil, John 
Panprbom, Jarot Oman, Joseph Olever, Job Pack, Jun'r. Job Pack, Pour- 
man Pike, William Pike, Bdward Parke. Samuel Pitt, Benjamin Perdon, 
Edward Potter, Josiah Parker, Rubin Potter, Jeames Price, Samuel Ran- 
dolph, Junr. Robert Randolph. Jacob Randolph, Jun'r. Jeames Randolph, 
Jeames Robison, Samuel Rodes, William Robison. John Ramsdon. John 
Rainno, Ritchard Rundals. Edward Ritche, William Ranals, Hugh Roos, 
Edward Randolph, Jo^ Reaves, Samuel Randolph, Jun'r. Antony Run- 
als, John Runals, Thomas Roos. John Roobard, Benjamin Skiner. Wil- 
liam Smith, Darby Sylaven, Robart Sharp, Mathew Sharp, Joseph 
Shotwell. Sen'r. John Stilwell. John Smith. Edward Stoutter. Nick- 
elos Shotwell, John Steavens, Thomas Skaw. John Speadwell, Joseph 
Smith, Jorge Stead, Tristram Sobe, Ichabod Smith, William Sutcleaf , Joseph 
Shotwell. William Stone. John Shotwell (tailor), David Stuart, William 
Taillor, Abraham Tapham. Solomon Thorp, Jeames Thomson, William 
Thomal, Jonathan Thoms, John Thorns, William Thorp. Odel Tumear, 
Samuel Terren, John Thorp, Benjamin Thomal. Elexsander Thomson, 
Samuel Thomson, Jacob Thorp, Benjamin Thorp. Josiah Tarrcn, John 
Thackston, John Updike, Mathew Veal. John Van Camp, John Veal, 
Comealous Van Cleaf, Samuel Walker, Ritchard Wright, Joseph Williams, 
Sylas Walker, John Wright, John Waller, Job Wright. Benjamin Wheaton, 
E^lward Wilkson. Joseph Wheaton, Simon Walker. Ritchard Walker, 
Jeames Wilkason, ESdward Heresman, John Hereman, Mott Issleton, John 
Bishop. Jun'r, Samuel Brant, Steaven Insle, Abraham Pain, Zebulcn Pike, 
Nathaniel Bunn, Benjamin Pangbom, William Thomson, Zobulon Thorp, 
Job Conger, Jun'r, Thomas Homer. Jacob Deng. Nickelos Shotwell, Wil- 
liam Maglock, Sen'r, Jeames Clarkson, Samuel Davison, Jonathan Kinsey. 

1742, H*v. 8. Jackaoa* Robert* of Mansfield, Burlington Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Brother, John, sole executor, and he, with sister Mary 
(wife of Daniel Sutton), all estate real and personal. Witnesses — 
Samuel Oldale^ Jno. Raworth. Proved Dec. 1, 1742. Lib. 4, p. 885. 

17SS, J«t7 18. Jacoeks* Jaates* of Cape May Co., mariner; will of. 
Cousins — ^James Swaine (when 21, the plantation I live on at Cape 
May). Mary, Sarah, Daniel, Neser, Ruth (one sheep running at Samuel 
Swaine's), Silas (my Bible); they all being the children of my sister, 
Mary Swaine. My friend, Judah Swaine, (a gun); my brother, Jona- 
than Swaine, my right to a tract of land at Cape Fear, to dispose of 
to which son he thinks best. After Swaine, or Liffelet Swaine. Cousin, 
Jemima Beal, a cow and calf running at her father's at Cape Fear. 
Cousin, Jonathan Swaine, at Cape Fear, my old gun; and all the 

Digitized by 



cAttle to be divided amoni: hie brothere that are left, he havinir hia 
equal part. Executor — my brother, Bbeneser Swaine. Witnesses— 
Samuwell Swaine. Jarusha Swaine, Reuben Swaine. Proved 18 
AuffUBt, 17S2. Lib. 3. p. S14. 

1782. Auff. 5. Inventory (£32.10.0) includes "a mare and all other living 
creatures and two ffuns (£8.01.0),'* "whailins craft, tuls and all sundries 
of old iron (£2.03.02 3-4)." Appraisers — Nathaniel Foster, Samuwell 
Swaine. States : "This is an inventory of James Jacock's estate, deceased 
at Cape May on July the 21th, 1782." 

IT'M, April 19. Jasard* Themae* of Deptford, Gloucester Co.. yeo- 
man: will of. Wife, Ann, during: widowhood the personal estate and 
use of the plantation for the maintenance of my children; my son 
Robert at 21 to hold the same, and he to pay £30 to his sister. Ann. 
when he has been in possession of the plantation two years. Five 
acres of Cedar swamp upon a branch of one called Jericho, in Glou- 
cester Co., to be sold. Executors — wife, Ann, and my brother. Jamea 
Jaffard. Witnesses — Richard Heritaire, Georgre Flamingran, Michael 
Fisher. Proved 29 May, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 284. 

1749, May 4. Inventory, £134.6.11 ; made by Richard Heritage. George 

1746, May IS. Jaaeway* Jacob* of Somerset Co., merchant; will of. 
Whole estate in America or elsewhere to be disposed of by the execu- 
tors at discretion. Residue, after payment of debts, bequeathed to 
wife, Sarah, for her support and the education of the children, vis., 
William, Georgre and Sarah. Executors— wife, Sarah, and Bernardus 
Lerrangre. Witnessea— Adrian Hooffland, John Haffewordt, Isaac 
Powell. Proved 6 June, 1747. Lib. E, p. 86. 

1747. Oct 18. "Received out of the Secretary's office the original wiU 
of Jacob Janeway." (Signed) "Barnardus La^rrange." 

1760, Auff 23. Obligation of John Hacawoudt, Somerset 0>.. admr. de 
bon. non of Jacob Janeway. Sarah Janeway. executrix, now beinff de- 
ceased. Fellow bondsmen — Ellas VanCourt and Adrain Hoo^land. 

1760, Feb. 9. Inventory of "remaining estate" (£80.17.11) includes a 
Dutch Bible. £3. an English Bible £0.10a, etc. Made by Ellas V. Court. 
Florian Hou^ian. 

174r» Nov. 19, Ja«sat, Joka* of Penns Neck, Salem Co.. yeoman; 
will of. Sons — Paul (eldest), % of my land, marsh, swamp and 
meadow Joining Charles Buckley's line; Peter, ^ of the like Joining 
Daniel Garrison's line; Hance (when of a^e in three years), ^ of the 
like and my plantation whereon my sons Peter and Paul now live; 
Joseph (when of a^e, which will be in five years) an equal \i of the 
like, but he shall not clear over the Kind's Road. Daughters — ^Re- 
becca Jaquat and Mary Elwell. Elxecutors — son-in-law, Joseph Bl- 
well, and my daugrhter. Rebecca Jaquat. Witnesses — Solomon Almon 
(Allomon), Peter Boon. Samuel Whitehorne. Proved 5 Dec. 1747. 

Lib. 6, p. 89S. 

1747, Nov. 30. Inventory, £54.2.6 ; made by Samuel Whitehorne. Jacob 

1748, Dee. 21. Ja«sat, Peter, of Penns Neck, Salem County, yeo- 
man; will of. Wife, Jane, sole exeoutrlx and to have whole estate. 
Witnesses — Joseph ElwelU Hanna Jaquat, Samuel -Whitehorne. ProTed 
81 Dec, 1748. Lib. €, p. 97. 

Digitized by 



1748. Dec 29. Inventory (£86.12) includes *'hi8 iMtrt of the old flatt ft 
% of the old boat," old sails, cord wood and staves. Appraisers — Samuel 
Whitehome. Joseph Elwell. 

17S1* JsB. 4* J««vee» Hesrr, of Woodbridffe. Middlesex Co.. mariner; 
will of. Wife, Rebeccah. Children — Samuel. David. Ruth. Henry. 
Moses (all under affe). Debts due from people in North Carolina. 
Plantations in Essex and Middlesex counties. Tract of land in Mary- 
land. Executors-^wife. and brother-in-law Benjamin Rolph. Wit- 
nesses — Peleff Mumford. Rachel Martin. Joseph ShotwelL Proved 
Jan. 18. 1750-1. Lib. E. p. 474. 

173S« Slarek 4* Jarmaa (Gennon)* JokB» of Town and County of 
Salem, blacksmith; will of. Wife. Martha, sole executrix and to have 
whole estate. Witnesses — John Simms. Daniel Rumsey. Danl. Mes- 
tayer. Proved 22 Jan.. 1738. Lib. 4. p. 179. 

1788 (1787 ?)» Har«k 18. Jeaaes, Henry* of Salem Co.; will of. Son. 
Henry, my "now dwelling plantation." In case of his death without 
lawful issue, same to descend to my four daughters: Anna. Jean. 
Chrlstianna and Margrrat (none of affe). Use of real and personal 
estate to ffo towards the "brinffinff up" of my children. If they die 
without heirs same to descend to my cousins. John and Mary Test. 
Executor — '*my only two brothers." Joseph Test and Matthias Lamb- 
son. Witnesses-^Thos. JauUin. Qeorgre Fish. Daniel Lambson. Proved 
1 March. 1787-8. Lib. 4. p. 147. 

1738. Aprtl 7. Inventory (£228.14.9) includes 2 cows at Hugh Nail's. 
1 oow at Allen C^ngleton's. 1 cow at William Smith's at Manlngton. negro 
wench (£18). Appraisers — Sinnick Sinnlckson. Martin EHceer. 

1749* July 8. Jeeocks, Jonatkaiit "sometime since of Shrewsbury, 
late of Virginia." Bond of Joshua Bond, of Shrewsbury. Monmouth 
Co.. yeoman, a creditor, as administrator of the estate. Thomas 
Jecocks. of Shrewsbury, yeoman, and William Brinley. of same plaoe, 
fellow bondsmen. Witness-^Richard Morris. Junior. Lib. E. p. 309. 

1750» J«ly 8. Jeeocks* TkosMui, JoAtor, of Shrewsbury. Monmouth 
Co.; will of. Executors — wife. Mary, and James Irons. Father. Thom- 
as Jecocks. to be maintained. Sister. Leah. Brother Jonathan's 
daughter. Tabitha. Sister. Grace Jecocks. Witnesses — Peter Romaine. 
Philip Tippy, Arthur Rowland. Proved August 25. 1760. 

Lib. E. p. 588. 

1747» Oct. 18. JelleiT» WilXUim, of Shrewsbury. Monmouth Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife. Mary, lands at Manasquan. etc. Eldest son. 
William, half of plantation testator lives on at Deal, with half of 
meadow belonging to it on Raccoon Island, and half of pine land 
1>ougbt of Benjamin Lewis. Son. Daniel, other half of plantation, 
etc. and to care for his insane sister. Phebe. Meadow at Poplar 
Swamp brook. After marriage or death of wife, lands at Manasquan 
to sons Thomas. John, Joseph and Jeremiah. Youngest son. David, 
under 14 years. Daughters — Grace, Jemima and Elizabeth. Execu- 
tors-^friends. William Jackson and Job Cook. Witnesses — Benjamin 
Iiewls. Daniel Woolley. (Quaker). Jacob Dennis. Proved May 19, 
1749. Lib. E. p. 810. 

1749. May 22. Inventory (£872.11.09) includes a gun and shot. 4 hives 
<xt boM. 49 8heep« 48 head of cattle, a tame "Dow." Made by Stoffel Long- 
atreet and Emanuel Woolley. 

Digitized by 



1788, Mmr 24. JeaUm, He»iT» of Sprlnfffleld, Burlington Co., plas- 
terer. Int. Margaret Jenkins requests that Samuel Wriffht be ap- 
pointed administrator on her husband's estate. 

1788, May 28. Bond of Samuel Wrifrht, of New Hanover, yeoman. 
John Denn and Richard Fenn. both of same, yeoman, feUow bondsmen. 

Lib. 8, p. 8<». 

1788, June 9. Inventory £84.0.4 ; made by John Offbom and Michael 

1784. May 28. Account of Samuel Wright, showing pajrments to Wil- 
liam Morrell. Elizabeth Shinn, Thomas Shreeve, Dr. Thomas Shaw, Nich- 
olas Powell, Sam*l Scattergood. 

1740, Get. 24. JeaaeM (JeaBlsgs)* James, of the Township of 
Deerfleld, Cumberland Co., yeoman. Int. Administratrix — Rebecca 
Jennens, widow. Fellow bondsman — Peter Bateman, same place. Wit- 
nesses — Bphraim See ley. Ellas Cotting. Lib. 6, p. 844. 

1749. Oct. 24. Inventory (£85.8.9) includes cattle, horses and sheep. 
Appraisers — ^Robert Hood, Peter Bateman. 

1748, Nov. 21. Jeaaey (Jaaney), Amom, of New Jersey. Bond of 
William Yeardley, of Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, as administrator of the 
estate. Benjamin Biles, of Trenton, surety. Witnesses — Joshua Ho- 
well and Theo. Severns. Hunterdon Wills, Lib. 6, p. 78. 

1740, Oct. 7. JeBBlBirs, John, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co. Int. 
Mellison Jennings, the widow, renounces her right to administer the 
estate of her husband in favor of John Moore, of Woodbridge. yeo- 
man, principal creditor. Bond of John Moore. Andrew Robinson, 
of Perth Amboy, blacksmith, fellow bondsman. Lib. C, p. 855. 

1740, Harek 80. JeBmlags, MaiTt of Elsinburrow, Salem Co., widow; 
will of. Son-in-law, James Jennings. Daughter-in-law, Margrett 
Jennings, a cow at Clem Hall's. Granddaughter, Jean Dickey. Rest 
of estate divided equally between my grandchildren and Margrett 
Jennings, "whom I also will to Deborah Smart to be brought up 
according to her father's desire." Son, Robert Dickey, executor. 
Witnesses— Nathan Smart, James Allen, Mary Bencher. Proved € 
April, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 858. 

1749, 2 mo. (Apr.). 6 da. Inventory (£72.8.11) includes 10 hd. of cattle, 
£22. Appraisers — Nathan Smart, Aaron Bradway. 

1748, Sept. 10. Jeamlags, Redmon, of Salem Co. Int. Adm'x, Mary- 
Jennings. Bondsmen — Israel Lawrence. William Hudson. All of 
Pilesgrove. Witnesses-^Ann Gibbon. Michl. Gibbon. Lib. 6, p. 49. 

1748, Sept. 10. Inventory (£67.12.8) of "Redmon Genins, "late of Pilee 
Grove, includes "7 cow kind." (£20.15). Appraisers — ^Thomas Graves, 
William Worton. 

1781, Dec 6. Jeraey (Jerale, Jernce), Jokm, Sr., of Manasquan, 
Shrewsbury township, Monmouth Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Elisa- 
beth. Grandson, son of eldest son John, deceased. Sons, James and 
Peter, land testator lived on, between lands of Thomas Ellis and 
John Havens. Executors— wife, son James, and Peter Traverrie. 
Witnesses — Thomas Ellison, Nehemiah Bowne, Thomas Bills. James 
Stanley. Proved December 4. 1788. Lib. C, p. 265. 

1788. May 29. Inventory (£810.18.6) includes a young negro wench 

Digitized by 



(£25) ; an old negro wench (£00.10.0). Made by Peter Traverrle and 
Thomas Eniison. 

1749» Dc«. 37. Jc«o», J«ka, of Oloucester Co. Int. Adm'z, Mar- 
garet Jeaop* widow. Bondsman — ^Robert Stephen, of Newton in said 
County, yeoman. Lib. 7, p. 42. 

1749, 10 mo. (Dec), 2 da. Inventory, £188.6.7; made by Isaac 
IKephens, Deptford Township, Gloucester Co. and Richard West 

1752, Jan. 10. Account. Moneys paid John Whiteall, John Blackwood, 
James Wood, John Marshall, John Davis, Thomas Coombess, William 
Wood. Jonathan Fowler, Wilfan. Hudson. Timothy Matlock, Joseph Scatter- 
good, ESlisabeth Oaig. Robert Stephens. 

ITMX Dee. Itt. Jewell* O e wge , of Blisabeth Town, Kamex Co., gentle- 
man: will of. Sarah Jewell, daughter of Jane (widow of Nathaniel 
Ross), late of Blisabeth Town, deceased. Granddaughters — Sarah 
Wheaton, Elisabeth Heady (daughter of son (George Jewell), Mary 
Wade and Sarah Mitchell. Grandson — ^Benjamin Spinning, land called 
Bakers landing, by the well of Nathaniel Bonnel, Jun'r, upon condi- 
tion that executors or administrators of Benjamin Spinning, late of 
Blisabeth Town, deceased, pay to my estate £7. Daughter — Mary 
Marsh, land purchased of Samuel Melyne. Grandsons — (George and 
John, sons of son John Jewell, deceased. Son George to reserve fire- 
wood for Isaac Jewell, labourer. Bxecutors — son George, son-in-law 
Nathaniel. Mitchel, and Bbeneser Lyon. Witnesses — Thomas Ross, 
Job Brookfleld, Thomas Chapman. Proved Aug. SI, 17S4. 

Lib. B, p. 666. 

17S6, April 29. Inventory. £4.12.08 ; made by Abs'm Ladner and Charles 

1744» Amm* Sik Jewell* Oc«rs«, Jwi*r» of Borough of Blisabeth, Bssex 
(^., yeoman; will of. "Being bound on a voyage to Island of St. 
Christopher's." Land joining the parsonage and land of David Smith. 
Sister — ^Mary Harbour, of S*nt Christopher's. Aunt Blisabeth Kersey, 
of same place. Aunt Blisabeth Mitchell and her daughter, my cousin, 
Mary MitchelL Executors — friend Henery Garthwait, and cousin 
James Mitchell. Witnesses — Edward Grifflng, Joseph Sayre, Thomas 
Chapman. Proved May 6, 1747. Lit). E, p. 42. 

ITTTp April as. Job (Jobs), Jokm. of Somerset Co., yeoman; will of. 
Wife, Sarah. Land to be sold. Eldest son, William Job. Wife to 
have bringing up children testator had by her. All children by first 
wife to care of executor. Four daughters— Mary, Elisabeth, Martha 
and Carcha Job. Residue to three sons, William, John and James 
Job. Executor — brother, William Job. Witnesses-^Daniel Holllns- 
head, William Hollinshead, Thomas Ring. Proved Oct. 17, 1788. 

Lib. 8, p. 878. 

, . — . Inventory (£864.2.6) includes one negro boy. "a core 

of sheep, and bees." Made by John Manners and John Garrison. 

1787. May K. Account of William Jobs, executor, filed on this date by 
John Taylor, executor of said William Jobs. Mentions Joseph Stout and 
WUliam Williams. 

17479 Jas. 8. Job, Samvel, (place not stated) ; will of. Son, SamueL 
Other children mentioned but not named. Bxecntors-^wlfe, Rachel, 
John Anderson and John Morford. Witne s ses John Mulrbead, James 
Keen, Gilbert Barton. Proved Jan. 29, 1747-8. 


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1747-8, Jan. 29. John Morford alona qualifies as executor, the others 
having decUned. Middlesex Wills, Lib. B. p. 12S. 

1748, Jan. 5. Account. Pasrment to Tomson Hoolman. Qilburt Barton* 
William Ross, Francis Hoolman, John Williams, James Patterson. Jamea 
Wilson (executor of John Appleirate). Charles Cossin, Matthias Mount. 

1748-9, March — . Account. Debts due to Patrick Vance, Robart 
Holms, Humphrey Mount, Benjamin Applegate, John Kar, Thoa Harburd, 
John Coxe, attorney, John Hite. Money received from Peter Wilson, Paul 
Miles, John Dear, Andrew Qerding. 

1744» Ammmmt SOw Jobs, Rjickel, of Freehold, Monmouth County, 
widow of Qeorffe Jobs; will of. Son, Samuel Jobs, £100, with interest 
from February 22, 1725, being legacy left testatrix's son George by 
his father, George Jobs, and paid by said Samuel. Five daughters — 
Rachel Spence, Mary Fenton, Dorcas Walker. Deborah Tomson, and 
Blisabeth McCoy. Two sons — Samuel and George. Executor — son 
SamueL Witnesses — George Jobs, Junior, John Jobs, Noah Gates. 
Proved March 8, 1747-8. Lib. E. p. 140. 

1747-8, March 8. Bond of John Morford, of Perth Amboy (executor of 
Samuel Job, who was left executor of Rachel Jobs' estate) as administra- 
tor on estate of Rachel Jobs. Samuel Jobs and George Job, Jun'r, fellow 

1787» Hay 16. Jobs, WtUlam, Jr., of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., yeo- 
man. Int. Bond of John Taylor, yeoman, of said county, as ad- 
ministrator. Thomas Houghton, of same place, yeoman, surety. John 
Taylor to be administrator during minority of Jas. Jobs, only brother 
of the deceased. 

, . Inventory (£57.16.0) includes a stallion. Made by 

Thomas Houghton. Hunterdon Wills, 117 J. 

1786, March 18. Jobs (Job), ^rilllam, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., 
freeholder; will of. Nephew, William Job; residue to rest of testa- 
-tor's brother's children, John, James, Christopher and Martha Job. 
As to Mary Reeder's part, if Joseph Reeder will give up deed of lands 
from testator to him, etc. The two youngest girls, Jerusie and Sarah 
Jobs, household goods, and they and the two youngest boys to live 
with their mother and husband, William Excien. Executors — friends 
.John Taylor and Daniel Lake, and testator's nephew, William Job. 
Witnesses — Thomas Houghton, Francis Gano, John Minor. Proved 
April 28, 1737. Lib. 4. p. 100. 

, , — . Inventory (£474.12.4) includes bonds of William 

J^obe, Jr., Joseph Reeder. John Jobe, William Hankins. Robert Comes and 
John Morris; one negro woman. Made by Thomas Houghton. 

1743, Marck 20. Johnsom, Anne, of Woodbrldge. Middlesex Co., 
single woman. Int. Adm'r, Joseph Bloomfield, principal creditor. 
Esekiel Bloomfield, fellow bondsman. Lib. D, p. 124. 

1748. , — Account. "To nursing deceased in my house," and 

to Anne Ower "for nursing in her own house." 

1744. May 4. Inventory, £27.16 ; made by David Donham, Jr.. and 
Bam'U Jaquess. 

1786, Jam. 24. Jokaaom, Bbeaeaer, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co.; 
'Will of. Children — ^Ebeneser, Thomas, John, Sarah, Elisabeth and 
Abigail, all under age. Expected child. Real and personal estate. 

Digitized by 



Bzecutoni — ^wlf«, Sarah, and David Ovden, attorney. Wltneasea^ 
William Rom, John Mavee, Jane Rom. Proved May 7, 1787. 

Lib. C. p. 178. 

175e» Felb. Si JohBaom. Brick* of Penna Neck, Salem Co. Int. Adm'z, 
Margaret Johnson. Bondsman — Peter Bllderback. Lib. 9, p. 92. 

1760-1, Jany. 81. Inventory (£140.8) InoIudM horM, bridle, saddla, 
armour, "2 boats with all their Riflrinff (£20)," wheat in staok. Appratoera 
— Jeremiah Baker. Andrew Sinnickson. 

1746-7» Feb. 17. Jokaaoa* Hemry* of the Borouffh of Elisabeth, 
Emox Co., labourer. Int. Inventory of personal estate, £40.11.08; 
made by Isaac Manning and John Pound, Jun'r,-of Piscataway. Adm'r, 
Thomas Johnson of Somerset Co. Isaac Manning and John Pound, 
Jun'r, fellow bondsmen. Lib. D, p. 488. 

1782^ Marek IQ. Jokmsoa* John* of Manlnffton, Salem Co. Int. 
Admr's, William Johnson and Edward Johnson, sent. Bondsman — 
Benjamin Acton. All of said County. Witnesses — ^Benjamin Alford, 
John White.. Lib. 8, p. 291. 

1782, Sept. 17. Inventory (£86.5) includes carpenter's tools and whip- 
saw. Appraisers — John White, Daniel Haynes. 

1738, , — . Account (£51.14.10) includes monies paid to John 

Davis, Benjamin Acton, Thomas Mason, Peter Turner, Rlchd. Haynes, 
Warwick Randal, Joseph Test, Robert Hart. Ann Haynes, William Sid- 

1784, April 24. Jokasoa« John* of Monmouth Co. Int. Admr's. 
Barns Johnson and Nicholas Johnson. Lib. B, p. 586. 

17ao» Amm» 18* JohMon, Hariraret* of Salem, widow and executrix 
of Robert; will of, etc. (See N. J. Archives, VoL 28, p. 268). 

1782^ Sept. 1. Johaaoa* Nleholas* of Cohansey, Salem Co., yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Mary, sole executrix, and to have the use of the planta- 
tion duringr widowhood, or until my sons Nicholas and Othnlel will 
be 21. Said sons to have equally my lands and marsh togrether, pay- 
Inff £60 to my son Nathaniel (youngest), whom I order to have a ffood 
trade. Legacies to my daughters — Sarah Harles, Hannah Peterson, 
Ann Smith, Temperance and Sarah. "The two last named to have 
their legacy each at 18, or marrlagre." Witnesses — ^Nathaniel Jenkins, 
Robert James, John Dowdney. Proved 27 Feb., 1782-8. Lib. 8. p. 270. 

1782-8. Jan. 25. Inventory (£818.8.4) includes cattle, sheep, horses, 
wheat, barley, flax, bonds due estate and some iron. Appraisers — Nathan- 
iel Jenkins, Abraham Reeves. 

1744» Nov. 28. Jokasoa* Nicholas* of Penns Neck, Salem Co., yeo- 
man; will of. My brother. Garret Johnson, plantation I live on. 
Personal estate equally to my said brother, and to Margaret and 
Elisabeth Johnson. Executors — Slnnick Sinnickson, and my brother. 
Garret Johnson. Witnesses — "Only Sephins Stanly" (mark), Edward 
Gorman, Roger Sherron. Proved 6 Dec., 1744. Lib. 5, p. 82. 

1744, Dec. 6. Letters to Slnlck Sinnickson. one of the executq^s, "Gar- 
ret Johnson the other executdl' at this present time very sick and likely 
to dye." 

1744. Dec. 4. Inventory (£58.8.11%) includes black cattle. 80 swine, 
14 sheep, com and hay. Appraisers — James Barkley, Andrew Sinnickson. 

1744. Dec 18. Additional inventory, £1.1.6; same appraisers. 

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1748, N«T. 6. J^kmaom. Pa«1* of precinct of Maurice River, Cum- 
berland Co. Int. Adm'x, Rebecca Johnson. Fellow bondsman — 
Joseph Lord. Both of same place. Witnesses — Matthias Johnson, 
Margaret Morphey. Lib. 6, p. 77. 

174S. Oct 12. Inventory (£99.0S.6) includes a silver tankard, rasors, 
2C head of cattle. C horses, 8 sheep. Appraieers — Joseph Lord. John Pet- 

17SS» Jam* 1<K JokaaoBt Rhlaa* of Salem Co.» spinster. Int. Adm'r, 
Matthias Johnson. Bondsmen — SInick Slnnickson, John Doe. All of 
Salem County. Witnesses— Clem. Hall, Dan. Mestayer. 

Lib. 8. p. 891. 

1748» Amm* 80* JohBaom. Rat, of Somerset Co., yeoman; will of. 
Wife, Ann. Son, John, after her decease to have homestead planta- 
tion (exceptingr the grave yard). Son. Qarrerd, plantation adjolnlngr 
to or near Delaware River whereon he now lives. Daughters — ^E^ve 
HufT, Winefred Huff, Anne Updike, Christian Smith, Bllsabeth Covan- 
hovan and Mary Schenck. Legacies to Elisabeth Huff, daughter of 
John Huff. Qrandsons-^John (son of John Johnson), and Joseph,. 
Cornelius and Rut (sons of Oerrard Johnson). The grave yard to be 
reserved forever as a burying-ground 'for my offspring and to be in 
care of my son John and hie heirs.** Executors — sons John and 
Gerrerd Johnson. Witnesses — Francis Wallace, William Binge 
(Quaker), Joseph H. Hendrickson, Nathaniel Fits Randolph. Proved 
24 April, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 284. 

1749. Apr. 8. Inventory (£6,719.17) Includes cattle, horses, negroes 
(£898.17.6) and bonds (£ Made by Edmd. Beakes. Captain 
John Price. 

ITS, Nev. 21* Jekas^m, tamvel, of Cape May Co., yeoman; will of. 
Wife, Charity, executrix and use of all lands until she remarries, or 
until son, Samuel, shall be 21. Land at Ooahen, alias Mackrel Neck, in 
Cape May County, whereon I live, I devise unto son. Samuel Johnson. 
Daughters — Sarah, Hannah, Phebe, Charity and Susannah, to be paid 
as they arrive respectively at age of 18 years or at marriage. Wit- 
nesses — Daniel Walker, Benjamin Mareux, Henry Stites, Junior. 

1729, April 8. Codicil. Daughter Phebe being dead, her share to go ta 
my other f6ur daughters. Witnesses — ^Anr. Learning, Comoltus Sohlllinlai, 
Jtoiior. Proved 18 and 27 May, 1782. Lib. 8, p. 2«1. 

1782, Feb. 9. Inventory (£124.18.04) Includes cattle, sheep and swtee,. 
etc Apprai s ers Benjamin Hand, Henry Stites. Junior. 

17SS, Jww 6« JokasoB, SamaeU of Elisabeth Town, Kamex Co. Int. 

Inventory of personal estate (£176.07.09), includes mention of Daniel 
Meeker. Obad, Lewis, Wm. Broad well. Henry Oarthwait, David Thom- 
as, Jacob Seebring, Jos. Williams, William Qarthwalght, Jno. Megie, 
Jas. Potter, Thos. Feare. Made by Charles Hole and Samuel Potter. 

1782. June 6. Administration granted to Mary Johnson, the widow. 
Daniel Potter, fellow bondsman. Lib. B. p. 261. 

1784. Dec. 8. New bond of Mary Davis (now married to Nathaniel 
Davis), formerly Mary Johnson, the widow, as administratrix. Nathaniel 
Davis and William Broadwell. yeoman, fellow bondsmen. 

1786* Nov. as. JokBsom, Sam«el» of Newark, Essex Co. Int In- 
ventory of personal estate (£98.16.11); made by Thomas Longworth 
and Nathaniel Johnson. 

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1736, Oct. 18. Bond of Hannah J<rfin«on, the widow, as adminiatratrix 
on th« estate, Nathaniel Johnson and Isaac Lyon, fellow bondsmen. 

Lib. C. p. 12c. 

1754^ J«ne 8. JoIimob* Samiielt son of Samuel Johnson of Bssex 
Co., deceased, beinff 14 years of a^e and upwards. Petition that 
Thomas Canfield and John Roberts may be appointed his guardians. 

1750, Aug, 11. Bond of Thomas Canfield and John Roberts as 
guardians. Bphralm Canfield and Thomas Johnson, fellow bondsmen. 
Witness — ^David Ogden, Jun'r. Lib. E, p. 100. 

17S1» Harek 7. Jokason. Tkoauuiy of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co., 
gentleman; will of. Daughters — Debora Smith. Sarah Canfield, Han- 
nah Keen. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife , and 

son Ebeneser. Witnesses — Andrew Joline, Sarah Dagworthy, • Daniel 
Makmekell. Proved Hay 28, 1782. Elisabeth Johnson qualifies as 
executor with her son. Lib. B, p. 262. 

1748-0, KaMk 8. JokMon, WUllam, of Cape May Co.; will of. Wife, 
Abigail, sole executrix and to have all lands and personal estate 
during life, after which same shall be given to my nephew, Amos 
Johnson. Witnesses — Timothy Hand, Esekiel Hand, Elijah Hughes. 
Proved 16 May, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 78. 

1749, April 29. Inventory. £67.16.3; made by George Stites, Joshua 

174S* Dec. 12. Jokaston, Aagnstiis, of Middlesex Co., being about 
14 years of age. Bond of Lewis Johnston, Esq., of Perth Amboy, his 
uncle, and Bathsheba Robinson, of Rhode Island, late Bathsheba 
Johnston, his mother, who are appointed his guardians until he 
arrives at 21 years. Lib. D, p. 107. 

17S8, J«ly S. JokasteB. David, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co.; 
will of. Wife, Mary. Children — David (eldest son, in Scotland), John, 
Hannah, Mary and James. Executors — son James, and James Orover 
of MIddletown. Witnesses — Robert and William Imlay, James De- 
bo we and Robert Montgomerle. Proved October 12, 1788. 

Lib. C, p. 214. 

1738. Oct. 7. Inventory of the estete (£242.18.0) includes bonds of 
Isaac Stelle, Jacob Lane, William Imlay, Thomas Everlngham. William 
Duglass, William Wilkin's bill. Made by James Cox. John Ashton, Robert 
Imlay and William Duglass. Additional inventory, (£1.8.0), made Dec. 28, 
1788. by Richard Fits Randolj^ and Samuel Borrowe. 

ITSS. Nov. 14. Joknstom. Bvpkam, daughter of John Johnston, of 
Perth Amboy. Middlesex Co.; will of. Sister, Margaret Smyth. an4 
her children. Eupham and James Smyth. Eupham, daughter of 
brother Andrew Johnston. Friend, Mary Forster. Mary, daughter of 
William Harrison, late of Amboy. Executors — father, John Johnston, 
and brothers John and Andrew Johnston, and sister Mary Johnston. 
Witnesses — Ad. Hude, J. Stevens, Isabella Graham. Proved Oct. 11, 
1782. Lib. B. p. 824. 

1781, Oct. 98. JokMtos, Jokm, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.; will 
of. Children — John, Andrew, Margaret Smsrth, ' Jennet Parker. Mary 
and Lewis Johnston. Children of George Johnston. James Johnston, 
son of son James, deceased, farm on Hop River called Scots Chester 

Digitized by 



In Monmouth County. Farm at Matchaponix that was formerly Rob- 
ert Barclay's; 400 acres by patent dated June SO, 1688; farm on San- 
plnk River at Crosawlcks on which James Silver now lives, of 400 
acres; 2,180 acres in Bergen County; land which belonged to Michael 
Hawdon, lyinv by Major Brockhool's, to hold in partnership with 
Georffe Willocka Executors — wife, Eupham, sons Andrew and Lewis 
Johnston and sons-in-law John Parker and Lawrence Smyth. Wit- 
nesses — ^Evan Drummond, John White, J. Stevens. 

1788, Auff. 18. CodicU. To Mary Forster, daughter of MUes Forster. 
my friend. 800 or 600 acres on Passaick River between land of John 
Parker and Lawrence Smyth. To the widow and children of son John, 
1000 acres In EiVans Pattent in Province of New York. To Johnston, son 
of William Harrison, 6.800 acres in Bergen County, at 81 years. Execu- 
tors — ^Rev. W. Skinner and James Alexander. Witnesses — ^Bhran Drum- 
mond, Danlell Donalson Dunstar, Richard Fitsgerald. Proved Nov. 17, 
1782. Lib. B, p. 820. 

1781* Aawst 10. Johastoa. Joba. Jwdor» of Monmouth Co.; will of. 
Wife (not named) to have furniture, plate, little negro girl. Hannah, 
etc. Children — John, Mary, David, Jamison and Hannah, to be main- 
tained and educated until of age. Executors — ^wife, her father David 
Jamison, Esquire, brother Andrew Johnston and friends William 
Jamison, John Throckmorton and John Reid, gentlemen. Witnesses 
— William Crawford, John Tipple and Lawrence Smyth. Proved April 
18, 1788. Elisabeth and Andrew Johnston, as executors, qualified 
same day. Lib. B, p. 484. 

17M, Aa^ast 8. Johastoa. Mary, of Freehold, Monmouth Co.; will 
of. Son. John Johnston. Son, James Johnston, executor, and to have 
lands at Crosswicks, which were bequeathed to testatrix by her 
parents, Joseph and Hannah Qrover, by wills dated December 7, 1688, 
and May 8, 1690, respectively. Above lands, purchased by testatrix's 
mother from James Johnston, October 16, 1690, on east side of 
testatrix's husband's land on Doctor's Creek. Witnesses — ^William 
Kinnan. James Poullown and Richard Douglass. March 15, 1782-8, 
David Johnston, husband of the above Mary, then deceased, declares 
he gave full liberty to make said wllL Witnesses — ^William Kennan, 
James Poullon. Proved May 7, 1788. Lib. D, p. 282. 

1741» Dee. 8. JokastoB. Mary, of Middlesex Co.; will of. Brother, 
Lewis Johnston, lands devised by sister Euphemia. Nephews — John 
Smyth, Johnston Harrison, John Johnston (son of brother John), 
Lewis Smyth and Lawrence Smyth, my share of my father's estate. 
Niece, Mary, daughter of John Tingle, deceased. Niece, Euphemia 
Smyth, and nephew. Andrew Smyth, at 21 years, or to surviving 
brothers and sister. Executors — brother Lewis Johnston and brother- 
in-law Lawrence Smyth. Witnesses — ^William Davis, Thomas Robin- 
son, Andrew Robinson, John Smyth. Proved May 16. 1744. 

Lib. D, p. 184. 

ITSS^ Feb. ST. Johastea, 'William, of Shrewsbury. Monmouth Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Elce. Children — James, Mary and Sarah. 
Executors — Benjamin and David Johnston. Witnesses — Joshua Ed- 
wards, Mary and Oeorge Wooley. Proved May 20, 1788. 

Lib. B, p. 481. 

1741, Jaae 18. JoUae, Aadvew, of Borough of Elisabeth, Essex Co., 
gentleman; will of. Son, John, debts due me from Matthias Bauldlng, 

Digitized by 



taylor, of £20» and John Brookfleld, £10. Daughter — ^Mary (wlf« of 
John Blanohard), and their children, Andrew, John, Ann and Mary 
Blanchard, all under age. Real and personal estate. Including a 
number of negroes. Executors — ^wlfe, Mary, and son John. Wit- 
nesses— Bphralm Sale, Oeorffe Nloolls, Thos. Jackman. Proved Feb. 
18, 1741. Lib. C, p. 485. 

1747-8t Marck 24. Joaes* Asdrew* of Precinct of Fairfield, Cumber- 
land Co. Int. Adm'r, Joseph Jonea Fellow bondsmen — ^Thomas 
Whiteker and John Whiteker, of place and county aforesaid. 

1747-8, March 22. Inventory (£81.18.2) incmludes loom and tackling. 
Appraisers— John Whltecar, Thomas Whitecar. Cumberland Wills, 1 F. 

lTa» May IS. Joaes* Aaa» of Township of Waterford. Oloucester 
Co., widow; will of. Sons, John and Henry, 5 shillings each. Per- 
sonal estate to be sold and the monies divided equally among my 
daughters — Mary Jones, Ann Shuts, Rebecca Holms, Elisabeth Rud- 
derow. Bdith and Sarah Jones (youngest). Bzecutors— son-in-law, 
John Rudderow, and Thomas Stoaks. Witnesses — Cicely Ashead, Ben- 
jamin Collins, Amos Ashead, Moses Ashead. Sworn and affirmed 28 
July, 1740. Lib. 4, p. 249. 

1740, July 28. Inventory, £54.6.0 ; made by Moses Ashead. 

174S» April 17. Joaes* Beajaaala* of New Hanover, Burlington Co.; 
will of. Daughters — Sarah and Mary, each £50 at 18. Brother*-* 
Spencer and Richard Jones, each 6 shillings. Son, Benjamin, land 
lately bought of Hesekiah Wilson. Executors — ^wife, Jane, and kins- 
man Jonathan Fox. Witnesses— Patrick Field, John Jones, Wm. 
Cooke. Proved May 10, 1748, by Jonathan Fox, surviving executor. 

Lib. 6, p. 487. 

1748, May 7. Inventory, £265 ; made by Samuel Wright and Thos. 
E«arL Includes a servant man £6.1. 

1760. April 4. Account of Jonathan Fox, executor, having paid execu- 
tors of Dan'l Smith, also Thomas Newbold, CSaleb Shreeves, Qeorge Ken- 
dall, Henry Jones, mason, John Buffln, John Marshall, Benj'n Oney, Josiah 
White, Samuel Wright, William Murrell, William Jones. James Shreeve, 
Isaac Ivins, William Cooke. Jno. Crusher. Barsillal Newbold. 

17M, Aag. 8. Joaea* Beajaatla and Mary» over 14 years of age, son 
and dau. of Benjamin Jones, dec'd. Bond of guardianship by Joseph 
Amey. of New Hanover, yeoman.. Jonathan Thomas, of City of Bur- 
lington, innholder, and Thomas Woodward of Monmouth Co., fellow 
bondsman. Burlington Wills, 4691-7 C. 

Daalelt (will not found, or record of same). 
1750, 1st mo. (Mar.), 81 da. Renunciation of William Cheeseman of 
executorship of above wilL 

1749-60, F^b. 26. Inventory (£144.2.0;) made by Joshua Stokes. WU- 
Uam Bates. 

1767, March 28. Letters testamentary granted Naomi Jones. Executrix. 

Salem Wills. 528 Q. 

1795* N«v. 8. Joaes* DavM» of Town and County of Oloucester, 
oordwalner. Int. Adm'r, John Whlteall (during the minority of 
Susanna and Alice Jones children of the said deceased) cordwainer. 

Digitized by 



Bondsman — John BaatUk* (mark), weaver, all of the County afore- 
said, aiouoester Willa, 181 H. 
1734, Sept 11. Inventory (£85.12.») inolodee "ehoomaker's seat/' etc 
Appraisers — John BkMtlake, SamL Harrison. 

1748, ApHl •. JoB«i» BSdmoBd, of City of Burllnffton, Joyner. Int. 
Inventory of the personal estate, £49.9.6; made by Joseph Heulin^a 
and Israel Heulinffs. Includes case of drawers to be had of Isaac 
DeCow and a wooden house on Rob't Smith's grounds in Water St. 

1748, April 86. Adm'r, John Raworth, of same, fflover. Jacob Heulinss 
and Israel Heulinss, of same, yeoman, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 4. p. 871. 

174»-S% Felb. 11. Joaee, Heary* of Waterford, Gloucester Co.; will 
of. Sons, Jeremiah and Henry Jones, all lands equally. Daughter, 
Ann Haynes. Bxecutor»--wife, Naomi, and WlUlam Cheeseman. Wit- 
nesses — Oeorffe Weed, John Stokes, Joseph Browning. Affirmed 4 
April. 1760. Ub. 8, p. 8M. 

174S, April S. Joaee* Isaac* of Northampton, Burlington Co., saw- 
yer; will of. Friend, Gabriel Blond, my grun. Friends — Solomon, son 
of Carlile Haines, and Mary. dau. of William Parke, remainder of 
estate. Witnesses — Isaac Taylor, John Springer, Gab. Blond. Proved 
June 16. 1745. 

1741-6. Jan. 16. Adm'x, Mary Park, spinster. WUliam Sharp and Jon- 
athan Haines, all of Evesham, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 5, p. 421. 

1784, April 8. Joaee* JoIm* of City of Burllnffton, joyner. Int. 
Adm'r, James Richardson, of same. Burlington Wills. 2747-8 C. 

1784. Jan. 8. Inventory, £5.2.8 ; made by Isaac DeCow, Ju'r. and 
Patrick Brannin. Includes . in hands of Bdmond Jones. 

1786* lf«T. 11. Joaes* Joha* of Cohansey, Salem Co., yeoman; will of. 
Wife. Hannah, sole executrix, and during life profits of all ffoods and 
chattels, which at her death shall be divided equally amonv my 
three children — John, Samuel and Blisabeth. Other three children — 
Andrew. Joseph and Blinor, wife of Samuel Barnes, having received 
their respective portions. Witnesses — John Fithian, James BunelU 
Josiah Weakes. Proved 25 Nov., 1786. Lib. 4, p. 48. 

1786. Nov. 21. Inventory. £19.16; made by John Fithian. WUUam 

17a9» Oet. 10. Je«ea» Jokm* of Salem, schoolmaster; will of. Son* 
in-law. Job Hancock, a piece of land between the house I live in and 
land of Joseph Wade, deceased. Son. John Jones, rest of my land 
with buildings thereon. Wife, Mary, executrix and the house I dwell 
in with the land thereto, and the personal estate for the brinvinv up 
of my son. Witnesses — Jacob Townsend. John Younc Nathan Smart. 
Proved 5 Nov., 1789. Lib. 4, p. 20f. 

1789, Nov. 9. Inventory (£4€.9.€) includes note of hand upon George 
Crow. Appraisers^Thomas GllUngham, Wm. Siddons. 

174ew April as. Joaee, Johm« of Salem, Salem Co., innkeeper; will of. 
£10 to mother, Mary Jones. In case of her death same to be divided 
between my sisters. Elinor Jenkins in Bristol, and Klixabeth Jones, 
My sister, Ann Mullan. now living in Philadelphia. Friend, Thomas 

Digitized by 



Hinds. Wife, Elisabeth, sole executrix, and to have residue of estate. 
Witnesses — ^Bdward Test, John Williams, Joseph CarrolL Proved 2 
May, 1740. Lib. 4, p. 288. 

174€. Inventory (£968.15.8) Includes eiffht-day dock; negro woman, 
i20; white maid (time?), £10; negro boy. £80; servant man (time?), 
£10. Made by Clem. Hall, Bdward Test 

174S* Oet. aOw Joaes, John, of Salem Co., Att-y-at-law. Int. Adm'x, 
Kary Jones, widow. Bondsmen — ^Thomas Thompson, Thoms. (Good- 
win. All of said County. Witnesses — Stephn. Cormick, DanL lies- 
Uyer. Lib. 5, p. 457. 

1786, Jmm, ». Joaes, Katharine, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., 
spinster. Int. Adm'r, Adam Hay, Doctor of Medicine. Andrew Hay, 
vintner, fellow bondsman. Lib. C, p. 61. 

1736, Mar. 26. Inventory, £6.5.5; made by Joseph Leigh and Henry 

1749» Jaae 24. Joaes* Harcwi* of Salem Co. Int. Adm*r, John 
Holmes, of Alloways Creek. Bondsman — Samuel Thompson. Wit- 
nesses — BenJ. Thompson, MichL Gibbon. Lib. €, p. 281. 

1749, June 24. "The subscribers give the right of administration into the 
hands of our son, John Holme. Benj. Holme, Rachel Holme. Witness — 
SamL Thompson. Benj. Thompson." 

1749. June 24. Inventory, £154.17; made by Saml. Thompson, Benj. 

174S* Oct. IS. Joaes** tamael, of Monmouth Co. Int. Adm*rs. 
Thomas Jones and Robert pummlng, of same county. William Thom- 
son of Perth Amboy, fellow bondsman. Lib. D, p. 92. 

1748, Oct. 17. Inventory, £46.4.6; made by Oawin Watson and James 

1744, Oct. 18. Account. Bonds, bills, etc., of John Rochead. Robert 
Davison, Robert C^mmiing, William Preston, John Frances, William 
Hughes. William Laird, Thomas Laird, Thomas Jones, Senior, EUlis 
Jozies and Samuel Jobs. 

1748* Jaly 8O1. Joaes* Themas* of Trenton, Hunterdon Co. In- 
ventory, £9; made by Robert Spencer. 

1748, August 17. Adm'r, Isaac Oreen, of Trenton, Robert Spencer, of 
Trenton, surety. Hunterdon Wills, 218 J. 

1747, Hay 6. Jeaes, Wllllan, of Plscataway, Middlesex Co. ; will of. 
Wife, Ann, sole legatee and executrix. Witnesses — ^Affla Manning, 
Mary Manning, Jno. Stelle. Proved June 10, 1747. Lib. B, p. 68. 

1747, Aug. 7. Inventory (£171.4.4), includes silver buckles and gold 
buttons, silver tea spoons, Bible and Testament. Made by Jno. Croker 
and James Drake. 

175e» Feb. 10. Joaet* Daalel, of Borough of Elisabeth, Essex Co.. 
gentleman; will of. Orandson— Cavelier Jouet, at 21, my great Eng- 
lish Bible and gold head cane; grandson, William Trotter, plantation 
la the parish of St. Andrews on the Island of Jamaica, with the 
negraes. Other grandchtldren-^ohn Cavelier Trotter, and Catharine, 
Sarah and Elisabeth, all under age, gold buckles, silver snuff box 
and gold ring. Nephew, William Dixon, large French Bible. Land in 

Digitized by 



Essex Co. Executrix — wife, Mary. Witnesses — John Keyt, Willlana 
Barker, Ichabod Burnet. Proved March 21, 1750. Lib. F, p. 184. 

17SS, J«l7 4* Jo«et» Mary, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co.. widow; 
will of. Orandson, William Dixon, moneys due me from Thomas 
Woodruffe, Nathaniel Crane, Joseph Haer, Daniel Clarke, Richard 
Miller, all of Elisabeth Town, and a small silver mugr- Daughter, 
Elisabeth Ladner, and her daugrhter Mary. Sons — Daniel and Peter. 
Orandson — Daniel Jouet. Executors — son, Daniel, grrandson William 
Dixon, and son-in-law Absalom Ladner. Friend, Rev. Mr. Edward 
Vauffhn, to be overseer. Witnesses — Jane Tonffrelon, Mary Emott, 
Geo. Emott. Proved Nov. 25, 17S2. Daniel Jouet and Absalom Ladner 
qualified as executors. William Dixon not beinp of ag^e. 

Lib. B, p. S2e. 

1744-S, Harek 14. Juejaase (Jarlamie), Garret, of Bergren Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Beletje. To three children of my eldest son. 
Jurejan Gerretse, deceased, named Gerrlt, Altje, Beletle. one-half of 
three lots on the south of Altje Dedrlck's and on the north of Mar- 
sellous Pieterson; also % part of land joining: Johannls Gerretse 
VanWaffenen and Johannls VanHoute; also ^ of rlg^ht to meadow 
within the Bridge Creek; also one-third part lyingr over the Bridge; 
also ^ part of the meadow by the mill, joining, N. B., Arent Low* 
rencey (the whole containing' 5 % morgans); also one-third of land 
at Affhquaquenock, S. of land bought of Jurian Pieterse, provided 
their mother, Gritje, the widow of my son Jurejan Gerretse, shall have 
the same during widowhood for maintaining them (the grand- 
children), until the youngest will be of age. Son, Cornelious Gerretse, 
the other half of the aforesaid lands; also the outward grarden for- 
merly belonging to Guert Korten, lying N. W. of Matheys DeMott« 
and S. of Johannls Vanwagene; also the lot formerly belonging to 
Hendrick Osterum. Son, Johannls Gerretse, land formerly belonging: 
to Balthus Bayard; also my inside garden; also % of the land which 
joins Johannls Gerretse Van Waganen and Johannls VanHoute; also 
% of meadow within the Bridge Creek, he to have the home planta- 
tion after the decease of the widow. Son, Dlrck, to have full liberty 
to live in the said home. Also, son Dlrck to have two-thirds part 
(90 rods) of the land at Agquakaunack, joining the land devised unto 
the heirs of my son, Jurian, deceased; also the tools belonging to the 
trade of a wheelwright. The claim to the commons, or undivided 
lands in the township of Bergen, to be divided among the sons and 
heirs of the deceased son. Legacies to daughters Elisabeth (wife of 
Maghlel Vrelant), and Leah (wife of Jacob VanWagenene) ; also land* 
on the S. and N. W. of Thomas Frederlckse. at Ag-uakaunack. Execu- 
tors-^wlfe, Beletje, and sons Cornelious and Johannls. Witnesses — 
Peter Marselis, Zacharias Slckels, David Abeel. Proved 8 April, 1749. 

1749, Apr. 8. Cornelius Jurianse and Johannls Juranse qualify as 
executors. Lib. E, p. 277. 

17441, Amm, 7. Jarlaase, AltJc (single woman), of Bergen Co. Int. 
Administration on estate granted to her brothers, Harman Jurianse 
and John Jurianse, of Essex Co. Fellow bondsmen — ^Nicholas Gere- 
brant, Garret Thomase, yeoman, all of Essex County. 

Bergen Wills, 241 B. 

1740, Jaly 16. Jnstlm, Andrew, of Salem Co., gent.; will of. Daugrh* 
ter, Ann Cornelineson, to have land and marsh I live on, formerly 
John Yanimor's in Penns Neck, Salem County. In case of her death 

Digitized by 



and that of her heirs, said plantation to go to the grandchildren — 
Maray Scott and Bllnor Wlllln. My said daughter to have % of my 
lot In WiUlnfftown, bevinninff in Second St.; the other half to my 
grandchild, Marey Scott The marsh In New Castle County to be 
divided equally between them, provided said Mary Scott does not 
marry Hugh CureL Rest of my land In New Castle to be sold to pay 
debts. £8 to my daughter, Catherln WlUen. Executors— Charles 
Cornelius, and my daughter Ann. Witnesses — William Phllpot, Alen 
Congrleton, Jeremiah Baker. Proved 19 Aug., 1740. Lib. 4, p. 264. 

1740, Aug. 18. Inventory, £76.6.8; made by Jeremiah Baker, William 

17d9» ApHl 8O1. Kaighla, Joha* of Newton, Oloucester Co., yeoman; 
win of. Wife, Abigail, the personal estate and house and lot in Had- 
donfield. and my two houses and lots on the east side of Second 
street, or Moyamensing Road, "as the said street extends from the 
City of Philadelphia" for the maintenance of my children until 21, 
respectively. Daughter, Sarah, to hold the said house and lot, and 
my sons, John and Samuel, to hold the aforesaid two houses and lots. 
Bzecutors — wife, Abigail, and my brother-in-law, James Hlnchman. 
Witnesses — Caleb Spragrue, Robert Stephens. Joseph Cooper. Proved 
14 June, 1749. Ablflrall Kaighin sworn In as executor July 4, 1749. 

Lib. 6, p. 280. 

1748* May Itu Kalshla* 'William, of Town and County of Oloucester, 
husbandman. Int. Adm'x, Abigail Kaighin, widow. Bondsman, Sam- 
uel Harrison, of said County. Witnesses — John Ladd, John Mickle. 

Lib. 6, p. 16. 

1748. May 8. Inventory, £62.14.4; made by SamL Harrison, John 

17d9» May 7. Kalshn* Joseph* of Newton, Oloucester Co.; will of. 
Wife, Mary, sole executrix, and to have the personalty absolutely 
and benefits of the real estate until my children, Joseph, John, James, 
Isaac and Elisabeth, attain 21. Real estate — 80 acres on Delaware 
River, where Bdward Hampton lives; home farm (80 acres) southwest 
of Isaac Cooper's field, which his father bought of Joseph Dole, to 
the line, lately of Tobias Qriscomb; 100 acres west of the meadows, 
lately of Stephen Newby's; a field northof Joseph Mickle's meadow, 
jolninflT Arthur Powell's; land south of Daniel and William Cooper, 
west by Delaware River. To son, John, land In the City of Philadel- 
phia. Witnesses — Joseph Morgan, Wm. Orlscom, Joseph Cooper. 
Affirmed 7 Aug., 1749. Lib. 7, p. 5. 

1781, Oet. 4* Kay, BeHjaaUn, of Oloucester Co., miller; will of. 
Brothers — Isaac, Josiah and John. Sister — Sarah. Legacies to daugh- 
ters of my brother John; to daughters of my sister, Elisabeth Wood, 
deceased; to sons and daughters of my brother Josiah; to Elisabeth 
and James Morris, children of my sister Sarah Morria Executor — 
my brother, John Kay. Witnesses — John Thome, Oervas Hall, Amos 
Ashead. Affirmed 80 Dec., 1781. Lib. 8, p. 192. 

Inventory (£116.7.9) includes Bible, Testament, bonds and bills. Ap- 
praisers—William Ellis, Amos Ashead. 

1740-1, IZ mok (Feb.), 20 da. Kay, Joha, of Waterford, Oloucester 
(3o., yeoman; will of. Wife, Sarah, house we live in, and the land 
**as far as the tree we go over to Thomas Ellis' house." Elisabeth 

Digitized by 




Fearn to serve her during her indenture. Son, John, to have my 
house in Evesham, where Nathaniel Hopewell lives, he paying £M 
to Samuel Smith, of Salem County, or to the children he had hy hla 
wife. Mary, the daughter of John Appleton; he to sirn a title to Jolin 
Cleverly for the land I sold him in Hanover. Daughter, Sarah Norria, 
my brick house in Philadelphia, and the house she lives in, in Hatten- 
fleld, and that land adjoiningr to Simeon Ellis by the bridge in the 
road, bounded by Jonathan Axford's land; also all my land unsold in 
Mauris (Morris) County. Qranddauffhter, Elisabeth (daughter of my 
daughter Sarah Norris), H acre joininc her mother's lot in Haddon- 
fleld. Grandson. Josiah. son of my son Josiah Kay. 1 acre in Haddon- 
fleld. Son. Isaac, to have the house he lives in. the mill and all my 
land on that side of the creek; also that on the north side of the 
branch (SOO acres); also that piece of meadow adjoining Jonathan 
Axford; also that warrant of survey for 500 acres and the re- 
version of the house and land ffiven to my wife during her life, upon 
condition that he will pay to my son John £S00. and my son Josiah 
£100. within four years after my decease. Granddaughters, Abigail 
(the wife of Robert Hunt). Mary (the widow of Josiah Cole). Elisa- 
beth (the wife of Elias Tay) and Hannah Wood, land equally bet'ween 
the two branches of Rackoon Creek, they performing Samuel Col- 
lins* lease and paying £20 to their brother. Benjamin. My warrant 
of survey for 400 acres in the care of Isaac DeCow I ffive to my son, 
John Kay, whom I appoint my executor. Residue of my estate to be 
divided amonff my children — John, Josiah, Isaac. Sarah Norris, and 
my said four ffranddauffhters. Witnesses — Benjamin Collins. Thonuui 
Stokes, John Ashead. Affirmed 16 Sept.. 1741. Lib. 4, p. 312. 

1741-2, Feb. 10. Inventory (£384.5.4) includes bonds, bills, notes and 
interest due thereon, £232.18.5. Appraisers— Jas. Cooper, Jno. Kaighin. 

1748, Jnly S. Kealy, Edward, of Plscataway. Middlesex 0>^ cooper; 
will of. Wife. Christian. Daughter, Mary, under age. Real and 
personal estate. Executors — friends Garshum Marten. William Mc- 
Daniell of Woodbridge, and John Hepburn of Plscataway. Witnesses 
— Richard Taylor, Alex*r Thomson, Josiah Davis. Proved April 7, 
1749. Lib. E. p. 289. 

1749. April 3. Inventory of personal estate. £95.12 ; made by Abraham 
Shotwell, of Plscataway. and John Campbell, of Woodbury. 

174t, May C Keaniey, Catkerlae, of Middletown Township, Mon- 
mouth Co.; will of. To daughter, Mary Shippey, negro girl Bridget, 
testatrix's brocade gown and wedding ring. Daughter, Catherine. 
Son, Thomas, negro boy Cork. Son, James, negro boy Ireland, and 
negro woman Leucy. Granddaughters, Catherine, Mary and Anna 
Kearney, daughters of John Kearney. Daughter's (Mary Shippey's) 
children. Friend, Marget, daughter of Marget Judges, £10, when aged 
18. Sister, Mary Conun. Mentions Hannah CotrelL Executors — 
sons Thomas and James, and friend John Taylor, Esquire, of Middle- 
town Township. Witnesses — Aarent Dyrcken van Haaren, John 
Cottrell and Thomas Bullman. Proved Nov. 27, 1749. Lib. EI, p. 848. 

1745» Feb. 18. Keaniey, Thomas* of Monmouth Co., merchant; will 
of. Wife, Catherine, annuity, furniture, silver, negroes, etc. Eldest 
son, John, has received money and slaves. Son, Thomas, 760 acres 
where testator lived, called Key-grove, bounded N. by the bay, B. 
by land late of Christopher Wormsley and land called C^anasko, S. 

Digitized by 



by land late of Oershom Mott, deceased, W. by Lupakltonque Creek and 
Rapeketon brook. Said land was bought from John Bowne July 21, 
1714. John Johnstone. Bsquire. Sept. 18. 1714. and John Bowne. Jan. 
IS. 1715. If Thomas dies without male issue, land to son John and his 
male heirs, or to male heirs of son James. If no male heirs, then to 
testator's son Thomas's first born grandson and his male heirs, he 
and they retainlngr the name of Kearney additional to their surnames 
In the family. To son, Thomas, land bought. November 19, 1717, from 
Blisha Lawrence; land in Middletown, bougrht of John Willson and 
wife Hannah, April 28, 1719; 40 acres bouffht of Lawrence Smith, Feb- 
ruary 28. 1717. Also riffht of Propriety bought November 18, 1717. of 
Richard Saltar. Half of saw mill brook and saw mill house. Daugh- 
ter, Catherine Kearney. Son, James, land in Middletown Township, 
called Brown's Point, bounded N. by bay, B. by Lupaketonque creek 
and Rapaketonff brook, S. by Obadlah Bowne and William Bowne, 
deceased, W. by lands late of Lydia Bowne, deceased, and Whlnffson 
brook and creek, Obadiah Holmes, Jonathan Holmes and Mattewan 
bay. same as granted to testator by John Bowne July 21, 1714, Abram 
Watson AuflTUSt 21. 1717. Richard Saltar November 18. 1717. Daughter. 
Mary, wife of Joseph Shippen of Philadelphia, merchant. Bhcecutors 
— ^wife, and sons Thomas and James. Witnesses — James Mott, Joseph 
Carman, Qysbert Van Bracle and Nicolas Cottrell. Proved April 14, 
1747. Lib. B, p. 85. 

1748* J«l7 as. Kearmca* NIekolaa, of Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co. 
Int Adm'r, William Come. Lib. 7. p. 92. 

1T4»-1« Marek 13. Kearay, HIekael, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex 
Co.; will of. Son, Philip, one-half of Howell lot in Kent Co., on 
Delaware. Daugrhters — Mary Vanhorn, Isabella, Sarah. Euphemla, 
Arraliella, and Graham Kearny, last two under a^e. Son, Michael, 
provided for by Lewis Morris. Bsq. Land I purchased formerly be- 
lonrinff to James Armour, opposite Perth Amboy City; land Lewis 
Morris ffave his daughter Sarah Kearny. Executors — daughters, Mary 
Vanhom, Isabella and Sarah Kearny. Witnesses — Jon. Miln, Elisa- 
beth StodfflU, Patrick Devlin. Proved March 9, 1742. 

1744, . — , Letters to Isabella Kearny and Mary Vanhom. two 

of the executors ; Sarah, the other executor being deceased and the other 
daughters under age. Lib. D, p. 149. 

1T44» Jan. W. Keaakey <CaskcT)» Bvadway (son of Edward Casbey 
of Salem County and Elisabeth his wife, also deceased), being 14 yrs. 
and upward, ward. Guardian — Jonathan Bradway of Alloways Creek. 
Wltnesses-^Bd. Had Price. Jo. Scattergood. Salem Wills. 428 Q. 

171S-4v Fek. •• Ke — k e y » Bdward* of Town and County of Salem; 
will of. Son. Broadway Keasbey, that 18 acre lot against Thomas 
Taylor's, joining widow Wiggins' lot and 20 acres joining Richard 
Smith's from the end next Salem Town, and ^ acre joining Mathew 
Keasbey's lot; also the rent of my house and lot where James Vance 
Itvee, to be paid by my exeeutors when he will be 21. In case of 
death, son Edward shall have the same to be paid in like manner; also 
the reaiduo of niy real estate, the profits of which shall be for main- 
taining my sons until of age. If he dies without lawful issue, same 
shall descend to my son Bradway, and his lawful heirs. In case of no 
such issue, my said sons' brother. Mathew Keasbey, shall have the 

Digitized by 




same. Peraonal shall be divided equally between said sons when 
20 years of are. To Blliabeth Kelllt, £6. Bxecutors — son Bdward, 
my brother Matthias Keasbey, and Richard Smith. Witnesses — ^Ben- 
jamin Vlnlnff, Thomas Taylor, Bdward Johnson, Jno. Jones. Sworn 
and affirmed 8 March, 17SS-4. Lib. S. p. 401. 

178S-4, March 8. Renunciation of Richard Smith, one executor. Wit- 
ness — Jno. Jones. 

1788-4, Feb. 18, 19. Inventory (£461.8.9 H) Includes a parcel of brtcks. 
120 oxen, four cows, nine yearlings, four do., 18 cows, 80 sheep, 19 aores 
of wheat Appraisers — Joseph Darkln, Lewis Morris. 

1788-4, March 8. Letters testamentary granted to Mathew Keasby, In 
absence of Bdward Keasbey and Richard Smith. 

17S7» 10 me. (Dee.), 10 da. Keasbey, Mathew» of Town and County 
of Salem, joiner; will of. Son, John, at 20 to have the house and lot 
that Thomas Thompson lives In; my wife Sarah to have the benefit 
thereof. Daughter, Mary, when 18, the lot at the lower end of the 
town, which was formerly James Sherron's. Bxecutors— wife, Sarah, 
and Jonathan Broadway. Witnesses— Nathan Smart, Huffh Clifton, 
Alexander Simpson, Daniel Haynes. Affirmed 81 Dec., 1787. 

Lib. 4. p. 140. 

1787, Dec. 28. Inventory (£768.12.10) Includes cattle and cash due 
for cattle (£208.8.6), servant boy and negro boy, servant girl. Appraisers 
— Joseph Darkln, Lewis Morris. 

1740, May 26. Keasby, Bdward (son of Bdward Keasby, of Salem 
County, said petitioner's mother having since died), 14 years old. 
ward. Guardian — Thomas Rice, of Salem, gent. Witnesses — John 
Jones, Clem. Hall. Bond signed by Thoa Thompson, Daniel Haynes. 

Lib. 4, p. 195. 

1750b April SOii Keea, Briek, of Township of Maurice River, Cum- 
berland Co. Int. Adm'x, Catheraln Keen, widow. Fellow bondsman 
— Gabriel Isard, of the same place, yeoman. Witnesses — Blisabeth 
Cotting, Blias Cottlng. Lib. 7, p. 45. 

1760, May 16. Inventory (£60.12), Includes cattle and sheep. Apprais- 
ers — Gabrlll Isard, Abraham Jones. 

1750, Sept. 11. Keea, Joaas, of Salem County. Int. Account of 
Lawrence and Catherine Dalbo, Admrs. Monies paid to Francis King, 
John Howman, George Cote for William Hall, Ralner Vanhlst for 
William Bettel, James Hinchman for Neh. Cowglll, Jacob Pedrlck, 
Wm. Pedrlck, Thomas Wllkins for Timothy Rains, Thomas Duell, 
Thos. Wllkins for Thos. Pedrlck, Andrew Hoffman. 

Salem Wills, 1011 Q. 

1740-50, Feb. 24. Kelahan, John, of Penns Neck, Salem County, 
farmer; will of. Wife, Margaret, executrix, and to have full use of 
estate during life, provided she will keep house for our children and 
not make any after charge, they following their business according 
to her directions, and at her decease freely give up her right to her 
thirds to be divided equally among our lawfully begotten children, 
vis: Marey, John and Margrat. If wife claims her thirds son John 
shall have £20 above his sisters' share. Witnesses — ^Alen Congelton. 
Jane Congelton, James Barkley. Proved 8 Sept., 1760. Lib. 6, p. 410. 

1760, Aug. 26. Inventory (£164.16.3) includes riding horse, oxen, cows, 
etc. Appraisers — Alen Congleton, Samuel Whltehome. 

Digitized by 



1 739-40. Feb. 13. Kellser* Joaepk, Scm'r, of Blliabeth Town, Bssex 
Co., planter; will of. Two youngrest sons, Benjamin and Daniel, land 
joining lands of Jonathan Miller and John Radley's mllL Bldeat son, 
Joseph. Daughters — ^Lidia Wlnans. Marey Cutter, Hannah Badgrley, 
Mary OHiver, Ruth Ellstone and Phebe Wood. Executors — John 
Terrill. James Badgrley, Joseph Wood. Witnesses — ^William Cragre, 
Nathaniel Messenger, Mary Hand. Proved July 1, 1742. 

Lib. C, p. 691. 

1742. July 1. John Terrlll, of Elizabeth Town, declines to act as execu- 

1745, May 6. Kelly. James, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co.; will of. 
Devises one -half estate to wife, Sarah, and one-half to Presbyterian 
church in Wesfleld. Witnesses — William Clark, Charles Clarke. 
Proved Feb. 9, 1746. (No executors). Lib. D, p. 451. 

1746-7. Feb. 10. Administration granted to Sarah Kelly, his widow. 
Samuel Pray, cordwainer. and Obadiah Ayres, carpenter, both of Wood- 
bridge, fellow bondsmen. 

1746-7. Feb. 11. Inventory, £9.10; made by Zedekiah Bonham and 
David Compton. Witness — Daniel Alward. 

1746-7. Feb. 11. Account of the administratrix (£19.12.7). showing pay- 
ments to William Clarke and Charles Clarke. 

1753. April 4. Additional account of the administratrix, showing gain 
of £1.17.6. 

1738, June 7. Kemble (Kembell), Peter, of Middlesex Co.. boatman. 
Int. Adm'r. Peter Kemble. Andrew Johnston, Esq., fellow bondsman. 

Lib. C, p. 197. 

1732, June 20. Keiiey (Kemiy), Tbomas, of Elizabeth Town 
(Whipenny), Essex Co., blacksmith. Int. Bond of John Keney, of 
Hanover, Hunterdon Co., cordwainer, as administratrix. Edward 
Thomas, of Elizabeth Town, Innholder, fellow bondsman. Witnesses 
— Samuel Whitehead. George Newman. Lib. B, p. 261. 

1732. Oct. 11. Inventory, £23.00.06 ; made by Andrew Jollne and Ed- 
ward Thomas. 

1733, Jane 22. Kenney, Samuel, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co. Int. 
Adm'x. Pheby Kenney, the widow. John Hlgglns. fellow bondsman. 

Lib. B. p. 422. 

1748, Aug. 22. Kenny (Kenney), David, of Reading Town, Hunter- 
don Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Jean. Children — Peter, Adrian and 
Ida. Executors — brother, William Kenny, and friend George Biggs. 
Witnesses — David Cock, Isaac Kip, Rlnear Vanslckel. Proved Nov. 
1, 1748. Lib. 5. p. 642. 

1748, Oct. 19. Inventory (£377.14.8%), includes negro man, £15. 
negro lad. £15. Made by David Cock and Isaac Kip. 

1766. June 17. Account of George Biggs, executor, mentions. John 
Broughton. James Jobs. Samuel Fleming. Jury Hapach, Trent J ie Van 
Wagneses. Cornelius Low, John Van Sickle, Jr., Rike Vanderbelts. Isaac 
Van Nawken. John Van Sickle, Paul Flag. Baultus Pickle, Pet. Kenny, 
cordwainer, John and George Reading. William Coxe, Joseph Yard. George 
Murry. Jacob Crasto, Andrew Brown, James Jobs, William Searross, David 
Able. Christofel Brlssey, Gta,rret Van Wagonon, Aaron Lonsadee, Peter 
Low, Philip Ringo. CTharles Hoff,. Jr.. Johans Ten Brook, Peter Kimble. 
William French, Andreas Tenick, Adrian Atte. Edward Herrington and 
Jane his wife (late widow of testator for nursing children and in right 

Digitized by 



of her dower), Andrew Stall, Peter Devore, Abram Smith, ESlis. Kenny, 
Jacob Carson. John Stoll, Jr., Cornelius Kenny. 

1744, Sept. 12. Kemmy, Timothy, of Woodbury, Gloucester Co., school 
master; will of. Clothes, etc., to Richard Kenny, in Philadelphia, to 
be inquired for at Samuel Richshy's upon Society HilL Wife, Ruth* 
and her dauffhter a shilling apiece. Books to John Wilkins' two 
sons. To his daughters Rachel and Ruth Snowden a whole piece of 
chins, now In hands of Grace Chattin. 10 shillings to fence in the 
new buryingr-erround, (where I am to be buried). Knee buckles to 
Sarah Wilkins; my ffold headed cane to Sarah Snowden. Executors- 
John Wllkins and John Snowden and they to have the residue of my 
estate equally. Witnesses — Thomas Kinsey, Junior, John Marshall, 
Lidia Snowden. Affirmed 22 Oct., 1744. Lib. 5, p. 69. 

1744. Oct. 22. Inventory (£64.7.1) includes 7 irold pieces (£24). silver 
buckles, irold headed cane (£1.15.0), silver headed cane. Appraisers— 
Robert Downs, John Sparks. 

1745, Sept. IS. Kerr, John, of Salem Co. Int. Adm'x, Sarah Kerr 
(relict). Bondsman — ^Aaron Hill, cordwainer. All of Piles Grove in 
said County. Witnesses — ^Wm. Crabb, Chas. O NeilL Lib. 4, p. 877. 

1742, Sept IS. Inventory (£189.8.9) includes cattle, wheat, com, one 
servant (£18). Appraisers — ^David Davis. Henry PauUin. 

1741, April S. Kctcham, John, of Hunterdon Co.; will of. Bzecu- 

tors — friends Benjamin and Nathaniel Hart. To wife of Rulof 

Traphaffan or her children. Residue to testator's dauffhter. Liana 
Ketcham. a minor. Testator's sisters — Martha Knowles and Elisa- 
beth Tit is. Testator's mother (not named) a legratee. Witnesses-^ 
Joseph Stout, Roffer Merrel, Mary Reder. Proved Feb. 16, 1741-2. 

Lib. 4, p. 864. 

1748, Get. 10. Ketckam, Joaathan, of Middlesex Co.; will of. Chil- 
dren — Phebe, Mary, Danlell, Joslah and Hester Ketcham, all under 
affe. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife, Mary, and brother 
David Ketcham. Witnesses — John Tyson, Sarah Tyson. Mary 
Ketcham. Proved Nov. 8. 1748. Lib. 6, p. 21 S. 

1748, Nov. 15. Inventory, £122.6.2; made by John Throckmorton and 
John Scobey. 

1764, Feb. 26. Account of David Ketcham and Mary Smock (lately 
Mary Ketcham) the executors, showinir payments to Andrew Johnston, 
Richard Francis, Joseph Forman. Samuel Leonard, Hendrick Hendrlck- 
son, Gkuret Walls, Isack Braans, Jno. Combs. Fradrak Buckalew, William 
Smith, Jun'r. James Abraham. George Williams, James Pattln. Thomas 
Loyd. Alexander Scobe, John Hurd, William Smith Sen'r, Jno. Sooby, Jno. 
Tone, Moses Peterson, James Enirlish, Thomas Bray, Phebe Huns. Joslalt 
Parent, Griffin Disbiry, Charles Morgin, Mkaiiah Ketcham, William Mor- 

178S-4, Jan. 98. Ketekam, Baaiael, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., 
house carpenter. Int. Inventory (£177.2.0) includes bond of JosepU 
and William Greens. Made by Richard Scudder and Charles Clark. 

1783-4, Feb. 8. Adm'x, Hannah Ketcham, of Hunterdon (^unty. Charles 
Clark, of same county, gent, surety. Wltneosca John Holoombe aad 
Andrew Reed. Lib. 8, p. U7. 

1786, Marck It. K144, Joka, of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'z,. 

Digitized by 



Martha Kidd (relict). Bondaman — Wm. Hunt. Both of said County. 
Witnesses — ^Wm. Hall, Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 114. 

1786-7, March 12. Inventory of John Kidd of Mannington, Salem Co., 
£5€.10 ; made by Wm. Hall, William Hunt. 

171MH Oet. 16. Kidd* Jokii, of Manninsrton, Salem Co., yeoman; will 
of. Sons — ^Abraham and Isaac, to have plantation I live on, the 
western part Joininff Joseph Sharp's upland. Son, William, during 
life to have use and profits of ^ of the land I have devised to my 
son Isaac, but if the said William dies before his wife Anne, Isaac 
to pay her 40 shillinffs annually for ten years. Son, Jacob, five 
shiUin^TS. Personal estate to be divided equally amonff my said four 
sons and my dauffhters — Anne (wife of Edward Johnson), Elisabeth 
(wife of James Halton), and Mary (wife of John Wood). Executor — 
Adam Leberff, of Piles Qrove, miller. Witnesses— William Tuft, John 
McKim, DanL Mestayer. Proved 26 Jan., 1750-1. Lib. 7, p. 262. 

1760-1, Jan. 21. Inventory (£118.12.2) includes cattle, sheep, wheat, etc 
Appraisers — John Smith, David Seley. 

1766, Oct. 17. Account. Monies paid Thomas Thompson, Samuel John- 
son, John Smith, William Lyth, Nicholas Qibbon. Mount Sheep. William 
Scott, Thomas Hanly, John Hanley, John Thomas, James Mason, John 
Halford, William Harvey, Blis. Smith, John Thompson, David Seely, 
Richard Wesler. William Tuftt, William Barton. Thomas Dowell, Robert 
Haynes, James Halton, Jacob Kidd, John M. Kimp. 

17SS-S* Jam. 18. Klllbwni (Kllb«ni)» Bbeseaer, of Hanover Town- 
ship, Hunterdon Co. Elisabeth Kilburn, the widow, renounces her 
riffht to administer, in favor of Amos Killburn and John Johnson, Jr. 
Witnesses — Joseph Hinds and Jno. Budd. Bond of Amos Kilburn, of 
Hanover Township. John Johnson, Jr., and Samuel Crosman of same 
place sureties. Witnesses — James Primrose, Joseph Hinds and Jno. 
Budd. Hunterdon Wills, 76 J. 

17SX Dee. 8. Killey* David* of Middletown, Monmouth Co., yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Anna. Son, Joseph, half of Propriety Riffht bought of 
John Reid, Esquire. Son, David, plantation where testator lives. 
Daughter, Anna Matthews. Executors — ^wife, and sons Joseph and 
David. Witnesses — Joseph Forman, Elisabeth Forman and William 

1786, Dec. 26. CodiciL Witnessed by William Jones, Thomas 
Leonard and William Madock. Proved Sept. 17, 1787. Lib. C, p. 177. 

, , — ^. Inventory, £169.6.0; made by John Throckmorton^ 

Job Throckmorton. John Taylor. 

1T44, Dec. 17. Klmble» Bdward* of Springfield, Burlington Co., yeo« 
man. Int. Adm'x, Martha Kimble. Lib. 6, p. 69. 

1744. Dec. 21. Inventory £809.1.6 ; made by Elnathan Stevenson, Johik 
Budd and Gtoorge Eyrea, Includes bonds of Zebulon Brown, John Kemble,. 
Andrew King, and John Dutchfield. Notes of Edward Price, John Gray,. 
Martin Springer and John Fenimore. 

1746, BCarch 9. Account showing pasrments to Jos. Scattergood (for 
letters of administration), Thos. Tuly, Richard Smith, Jr., John Bigan, 
Edward Noble, Thos. Shaw, Richard Smith. Sen'r. Samuel Smith, Hugh 
Hartshorn, Jos. Richards, Daniel Smith, Rob't Smith, William Hewlings, 
Isaac DeCow, Ju'r, Jacob I>eC:k>w, Ben. Kemble, John Canady, Thos. Ho- 
man, Thos. Atkinson, Zebulon Brown, Francis Simpson, Joseph AlUnson, 

Digitized by 



Jftines Willi, ThonuuB Holmes, Ben. Botterworth, IVlIllftm Gktrdfner. Saral 
Rogers, Sam'l Kin^, Thos. Staples, Blliifttbma Stereftson, Jamee Inakeep, 
Samuel Hall, SIsabeth Johnson, Thos. ICerMeth, Ben. Khv, Ofoodiah 
Irton, Ann Wheeler, Margaret Badd, Mary Raper, Joslraa Raper, Thos. 
Budd, Sam'l How, William Lindon, Joaiah White, Israel Hewllngs. Barthol- 
omew Gibson, Rob't HartslKHn, Mary Tuly (eSecntrix of Thos. Tnly. de- 
ceased, being part of bond executed by Bdward Kemble and Sarah Hun- 
look, executrix of Tho's Hunloek). 

17SS» JwM 7. Kfmmtos, Aaa, of Nottingham, Burlington Co. Int. 
InTSBtory of the personal estate, £2d.4; made by William Tlndall and 
John Tantum. 

178B, June 1€. Adm'r, Samuel Danford. John Tantum, fellow bonds- 
man, both of same, yeoman. Lib. 4, p. 21. 

17SB-€, March 2. Account, Payments to John Tantum for the coffln. 
Dr. Rutledge, William Tlndall, Thomas Williams, Francis Bowes. 

1750^ Sept. M. KlHMey* James, of Gloucester Co. Int. Adm'x. 
Mary Kimsey, widow. Bondsman — Samuel Harrison, of same place. 
Witness— Tim. Rain. Lib. 7. p. 42. 

1760, June 21. Inventory, £8.8.6; made by James Talman; William 

1744» 6 mo. (Av«.), 15 da. KImseTt Tkomas, of Woodbury, Glou- 
cester Co., husbandman; will of. Wife, Ann, sole executrix. Son, 
James. Witnesses — ^Thomas Kimsey, Adam Hatfield, William Wood. 

Gloucester Wills, 858 H. 

1747, Jline 19. InTontory, £118.14.8; made by Peter Rambo, Abraham 

17M, Get. 8. KlmseT» WIlMam, of Timber Creek, Gloucester Co.. 
Ikusbandman; will of. Wife, Deborah. Sons — Jonathan, Thomas and 
W^illiam (all minors), and to be **under the care and tuition of my 
"brother Thomas Kimsey and to be bound to a trade when of suitable 
age.** Bxecutors— wife, Deborah, and my brother, Thomas Kimsey. 
Witnesses— Robert Down, John Down, John MlUes. Affirmed 1 Jan.. 
1750-1. Lib* 7, p. 25. 

1760, Dec. 80. Inventory (at Township of Deptford), £129.13.14 H; 
made by Abra. Chattin, Tos. Harrison. 

174Mp Blareb 6. KladaU Johm» of New Hanover, Burlington Co.. 
labourer. Int. Bond of Phebe Kindal, widow, as administratrix. 
Bennet Bard, of City of Burlington, gent., fellow bondsman. 

Lib. 7, p. 90. 

1750, March 18. Inventory, £82.8.4 ; made by Joseph Woolston and Sol- 
omon Watklns. 

1787» Av«. 17. KlBV, Abrakam, of Newark, Essex Co. Int. Adm'x, 
Susannah King, the widow. John King, yeoman, fellow bondsman. 
Witnesses — John Foster, Jacobus Bargan. Lib. C. p. 175. 

178t, Nov. ». KlBV, BUaabeth, of Monmouth Co., widow; will of. 
Son, Harmanus, 102 acres, bounded by Edmund Beakes, Crosswicks 
Creek and Peter Sonman. Son, William, plantation where tesUtrix 
lives, bounded by Crosswicks Creek and Anthony King. Daughter, 
Mary, £20 towards paying debt testatrix's husband was bound for 

Digitized by 



<ta«r> husbaad at Pbll«d#lphta. ChlldreB— Hannah, Bltsabeth, flamiicl 
and Joseph, when of ase. Bxeontora — eons (Anthony, oroseed off), 
John, Benjamin, Harmanoa and William. Wltneaaea— John Qulok- 
aall, Daniel Robins and Edmund Beakes. Proved Mareh tl, 1741. 

Lib. 4. p. S0«. 

1741, llarch SO. Inventorr (£460.11.03) includea debts, bonds, ete., 

trom Harmanus, Thomas, Anthony, Benjamin and William King, William 

Woodward and John QnloksalL Due from Jon. Barker at his mill, 5,000 

ft pine boards. Hade by John Qulcksall and Robert Hontgomerie. 

1TIB» Ifeip. 8. WUrnm* Fnuielii* of Nottingham, Burlington Co.. yeo- 
man. Int. Inventory of the personal estate, £197.7.8; made by ICdw'd 
Beakes and Thoa Htller. 

17S5, Not. 20. Adm'x, Catherine King, widow ; John Thome, Jr., fellow 
bondsman. Lib. 4, p. 41. 

ITdBr Oet. S. King* Finuicis* over 14 years of age, son of Francis 
King of Nottingham, Burlington Co., yeoman. Guardianship to Jo- 
seph Thomes, of Chesterfield, yeoman. John Bunting, Jun'r, of same, 
fellow bondsnuin. Lib. 6, p. ill. 

ITMw Oet. M(» WUmrn* Jehn» of Upper Freehold, Honmouth Co., yeo- 
man. Int. Inventory of estate (£50S.1S.4) Includes servant girl, 
(IT); 27 sheep, 10 oows, S steers^ etc, bonds of Francis Oarvis, An- 
thony and Benjamin King. Hade by Joshua Wright, John Ashton, 
Hdmund Beakes, John Steward. Lib. 4, p. 200. 

1T20, Oct 19. Adm'rs, Bllsabeth King, the widow, and Anthony King, 
son. Obadlah Ireton, of Burlington, yeoman, fellow bondsman. 

XT47-8* Feb. 0. King, Jehn, of Piscataway, HIddlesex Co. Int 
Adm'x, Anderlah King. Benjamin Doty, fellow bondsman. 

Lib. B, p. 127. 

1749, Fsb. 25. Inventory. £49.19; made by Isaac Hanning and John 
Pound Jun'r. 

1749, Aug. 21. Account showing debts due to Hr. Lagrange. Thos: 
Clawson, Peter Sharp, Lawrence Reuth, Thomas Poole, William Worrall, 
Haroey Smalley, John Leforge, Benjamin Doty, William Jones. Charles 
Roblson, Daniel Barto, Nathaniel Blackford, John Whitehead, David 
Laing, Amarlah Bonham. Joseph Sutton, James Barto, James Alexander, 
And'w Johnston, Elsq. Cornelius Low. Justice Thomson, John Pound. Sign- 
ed by "Anderlah Grimes, late Anderlah King," and George Greems. 

, . — ^. Account of sale of land to Benjamin and Benajah 

Doty, for £129.19. PaM Solomon C^omes, Hr. Alexander. 

174C» Hev. IT. King, Robert, Bs«„ of Perth Amboy, HIddlesex Co. 
Int Adm'r, widow, Judith King. Ellas Graseilller, fellow bonds- 
man. Lib. D, p. 438. 

174«-7. Feb. 16. Inventory, £171.9 ; made by Tho's F6x and Rich'd Fits- 

1748, June 12. The widow, Judith, administratrix of Robert- King, being 
deceased, administration on the esUte granted to Elias GrasiUier of the 
BMx>ugh of Bllsabeth. cousin german to the decedant Th'o. Fox, fellow 
bondsman. Lib. B, fol. 194. 

1746, Dec. 1«. KliMT* William, of limits of City of Burlington, yeo- 
man; will of. Brothers — Samuel and Joseph. Sisters — ^Hary Ireton, 

Digitized by 



Hannah and Elisabeth Kins. Nephew. William Ireton. Real and 
personal estate. ESxecutors — brother, Obadiah Ireton, and friend 
Thomas Miller. Witnesses— Ebeneser Oaskill, BenJ'n Kemble, Kdward 
Noble. Proved Jan. 1« 1746-6. Lib. 6. p. 212. 

1745» Dec SO. Inventory, £444.3.4 ; made by Joseph Pearson and Tho's 

1741« Jnly 2». Kt»gsla»d. BdMwnd, Ba«^ of Bergen Co.; wiU of. 
Wife deceased. Children — William. Eldmund Rodger, Isaac, John. 
Elisabeth (wife of Geo. Leslie), Mary, Anna, Hester, Catherin. Wil- 
liam to have 800 acres of land, which he lives on near New Barbadoes 
Neck, adjoininer John Schuyler, mines excepted; also one-third of 
meadows and cedar swamps adjoining aforesaid. Son, Edmund Rod- 
ser, to have residue of estate upon the New Barbadoes Neck, undi- 
vided, lyinff between Pissaick and Hackensack Rivers (mines ex- 
cepted), he to pay my sons John and Ekimund Kin^sland £300 each 
within two years after decease, as also to my daughters Mary, Anna. 
Hester and Catherine £150 each four years after decease. **If he re- 
fuses to perform my will to my children one year after my decease, 
then my son Isaac to assume same, paying^ to Edmund Kin^rsland £500 
within two years" and so on. In case all sons refuse, then the 
executors to dispose of estate and proceeds to be paid in sums, as 
before devised, unto each of my said children, and to Oeo. Leslie for 
my daughter. Elisabeth, his wife. Large silver tankard to daughter 
Mary. Anna to have small silver tankard; Hester and Catherine each 
to have € silver spoons. Mentions mines and lands upon New Bar- 
badoes Neck, sliares of mines upon Secacus, held from Mr. Pinhom. 
deceased, two cedar swamps, shares of meadows upon Bergen side, 
together with the eleventh part of all the Commons of Bergen (now 
in dispute), beloniring to me, held in right of Mr. Pinhom, deceased. 
Same to be divided into 9 equal parts for my children. Son, William, 
not to be called to an account for any debt due me concerning the 
leasing of my plantation after the death of his mother. Ehcecutors— 
sons Isaac Edmund Rodger, and Oeorge Leslie. Witnesses — Charles 
Morgan. John Vandeventr, Thomas Morgan, Will'm Morgan. 

1742. July 26. 0>diciL Personal bequests, and daughter Mary to serve 
as executor in place of son. Isaac Witnesses — Geo. Lurling. E«phraira 
Vangelder. Charles Oasbom. Proved € and 12 May. 1743. 

1748. May €. Edmund Rodgers Klngsland and (3eo. Leslie qualify as 
executors. Mary Klngsland having renounced. Lib. D. p. 41. 

1747-8, Marek 7. Kla— , Jss e p fc , of Upper Freehold, Monmouth 
Co.. cooper; will of. Wife (not named) appointed executrix. (^Klldren 
— John, Ann and Luce. Witnesses — ^Robert Imlay. Stephen Pangbum, 
William Dunterfleld. Proved April 2, 1748. Anne Kinnan, the execu- 
trix, sworn same day. Lib. 6, p. 4C9. 

17St, Ammmmt 98. KIum, Peter* of Reading Township, Hunterdon 
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Ida. Eldest son, William, big Dutch 
Bible. Son, David. Eldest daughter, Wllleminsa Devore, and her eld- 
est child. Youngest daughter. Elenor Biggs. Grandson. Peter Kinne, 
surviving son of testator's son Adrian. Executors — friends William 
Krom and Hermanus Tildlne. Witnesses— Marten Ryerson, Edward 
Beatty, Teunes Coole. Proved August €, 1746. Lib. 6, p. 1C2. 

17M» Dee. 4. WUmmejp Jeka» of Woodbrldge. Middlesex Co., yeoman; 

Digitized by 



will of. Children — John, Benjamin, Sarah Prltchard, Hannah Bourn, 
Johannah FltxRandolph, Bllsaheth FltxRandolph and Jonathan. Orand- 
sons — John Klnsey and John Klnsey FltzRandolph. Son-in-law. Na- 
thaniel FitxRandolph. Daugrhter-ln-law, Experience Moores. Execu- 
tors — ^wlfe, Grace, and son John. Witnesses — Samuel Allen, Jane 
Brown, Jno. Sarjant. Proved May B, 1736. Lib. C, p. SI. 

ITSO^ J«ly 4. KteMT, Joks, Bs«^ late of Philadelphia. Int. Adm'r. 
Philip Kearny, Esq. Robert Lettis Hooper, Esq., fellow bondsman. 

Middlesex Wills, Lib. E, p. 430. 

1753, July 11. Bond of James Klnsey, of Philadelphia, eldest son, as 
administrator on estate remaining unadministered by said P. Kearny ; said 
deceased at time of death being a widower and his children under age. 
Philip Kearny. E«8q., could by law only administer the estate until one of 
said children was duly qualified by age. P. Kearny, fellow bondsman. 
Witnesses — ^P. Kearny, Jun'r, Jno. Webb. Lib. F, p. 127. 

173S, Oct. 14. Klrb7» Richard* of Newhannover, Burlington Co.. 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Anne. Children — ^Mary, Recompense, Rich- 
ard, John, Jonathan, Joseph, all under age. An expected child. Line 
to be run from Isaac DeCow*s to the new mill north of Thomas 
Wright's land. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife, and 
brother William Kirby. Witnesses — John Steward, Tho. Wright, 
David Starkey. Proved March 6, 1740. Lib. 4, p. 269. 

1741, Feb. 24, 25. Inventory of the personal estate, £482.7.8 ; made by 
Samuel Wright, Tho: Earl and Isaac Ivins. Includes specialties from 
Francis Davenport. 

1746* June 25. Kltehen, Heair* of Amwell Township, Hunterdon 
Co.. yeoman; will of. Wife, Ann, annuity, to be paid by Samuel and 
Wlieeler Kitchen. Son, Samuel, 200 acres of land at Pohatcung; land 
In the great swamp and one-half of saw mill. Son, Wheeler, 800 
acres at Pohatcung. Son, Joseph, 100 acres at Pohatcung and land in 
great swamp. Son, Henry. Son, Richard, old plantation in Amwell, 
bought of Samuel Oreen. Executors — wife, and brother Thomas 
Kitchen. Witnesses — Jean Robins, George Baylia, John Lewis. Proved 
August 12, 1745. Lib. 5, p. 160. 

1744, Jan. 10. Knowles. Stephen, of Cape May Co. Int. Adm'r, 
Jacob Spicer. Fellow bondsman — John Eldredge. Both of County 
aforesaid. Witnesses — John Smith, Henry Young. 

Cape May Wills, 118 B. 

1744-5, Jan. 2, 7. Inventory of personal estate. ( £84.07.08 H) ; made by 
John Eldredge, Robert Parsons. 

1746, July 26. Account Moneys paid to Daniel Crowell, Charles Oalle- 
haughn, Hollener Oallehaughn, Samuel Crowell, Jacob Hughes. EUisa. 
Evans, Reuben Swaine, John Paige, Elisha Hand, Silas Lupton, Benjamin 
Stites, Ebeneser Johnson, Barnabas Crowell, Joseph Paige, Cornelius 
SchiUinks, Aaron Leamlng, Richard Downes, John Oakford, Joseph WhiU- 
den, David WhiUden, John Bancraft. John EHdredge, Nathan Hand, An- 
thony Elvlrd, Sarah Spicer, Samuel Eldredge, Enos Schlllinks, Henry 
Young, John Orandal, Joseph Scattergood, Esekiel Mulford, Elijah Hughes, 
Nathaniel Norton, Benjamin Crawford, Abigail Stites, Joshua Stites, Barn- 
abas Crowell, Benjamin Laughton, Samuel Bancraft, Daniel StilwUl, etc 

1740, May 39. Kones* lfleholas» of the Mountains in Somerset Co.; 

Digitized by 



wiU of. Wifo, CathrliM. Bona— >Jaoob (oldest), MIchaol ('*wliom I 
ordain my sole oxooutrlz of this aqr laat wlU and taotamont aad hair 
of all landa, ato., I now llva on"), and Adam. Dt&ujrlitara — Barba Man- 
ton, Marffrat Haraoush, lUlsabath Ranffar, Mary Harpandlnff. Bzacu* 
tora— Robert Bolmar, Thomaa Aten. Wi tnaaa aa J ohn Boknar, Ai* 
bart Bolmer, P. (Patrick) Boyle. Prored IB Oct.. 1746. 

Lib. D., p. 414. 
174«, Oct. 14. Inirantory of paraonal aetata, £4I.C.7 ; of real aatala^ loe 
acrea, £76 ; made by (ieorge Auaton, John Kaatner. 

1744» Jan. 18. Kaaknndnll, Jaeabnat of Walpaok Townahlp. Morria 
Co., yeoman; will of. Mother, Sarah Kookandall, to be maintained 
out of the eatate during widowhood. £200 to be divided equally, after 
ten yeara, amonir aeven of my bro there and aiatera, via: Marcarat 
Free, Dena Decker, Marica Fanninir, Nathaniel, Chriatina* Abraham, 
and Sarah Kookandall. My wife, Aleday, and my three children, 
Jacob, Sarah and Abraham Kookandall, to have equally reat of my 
eatate. Bxecutora— my uncle, Peter Kookandall, livinir at Flah Kill, 
Orange Co., New York, SamL Oreen, of Orinedce Townahlp, Morria 
Co., huabandman. Witneoa e a A dam Dinffemanae, Andrua Dinvman. 
Proved 8 April, 1746. Lib. S. p. 2S8. 

174a^» Feb. 17. KenwenfcoTen, WlUlaai Wa.* of Windaor Town* 
ahip, Middleaex Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Mar^ret. Children— 
William (eldeat and under affe), Qarret, Ann, Nelly, Sarah, Day id. 
Bxecutora — wife, William Covenhoven, of Flatlanda, Lonff laland, Al- 
bert Schenck. Wltneeaea — Albert Schenck, Corneliua Corenhoven, 
Derrick Sutphen, Joaeph Skelton. Proved Oct. 29, 1747. Lib. 6, p. 27$. 

1747, June 17. Inventory, £280.2.0 ; made by Derrick Sutphen, Joeeph 
Skeleton and Corneliua Covenhoven. 

1748-8, Mareh JL Kvaeaea, Ceraelte, of Burlington Townahlp* Bur- 
lington Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Catharine, and daughter Adriana, 
all real and peraonal aetata. Wife, aole executrix. Wltneeaea — ^An- 
driea Meyer, Jun'r, Corneliua Meyer, Caaparua Schuyler, Jan'r. Proved 
April 8, 1749. Lib. C, p, ««. 

1749. April 7. Inventory of the peraonal eatate, £824.€.l ; made by 
Zebulon Brown and William FoUwell. 

1788. March 88. Kyp (Klpp), Henry (Hendiewi)* of Middletown 
Township, Monmouth Ck>., yeoman; will of. Wife, Williamkee. 
Charles Hubba and Major Leonard, creditora. Land in Freehold. 
Sxecutors — ^Benjamin Vancleave, of Freehold, Honnaa Lyeater and 
Cornelius Waycoffe, of Middletown. Witneaaea— Corneliua Couwen- 
heven, Hendrick Hendrickaon, Robert Dodsworth. Proved April 16, 
1724. Lib. B, p. SOL 

1724, April 20. Inventory of the eatate, appraiaed at the houae oi 
Jacob Waycoffe, Middletown (£28.11.0), includes money eoalea and 
weights, 22 laata, ahoemaker'a toola and bench, box full of book^ two 
aworda. Made by William Bowne, Bliaa Covenhoven, Henrioua Hend- 

1734, May 10. AddiUonal inventory, taken at Freehold (£400.18). In- 
cludes a Dutch Teatament; plantation of 200 acrea aold for £896. Made 
by Walter Wllaon, John Morria, Andrew Crawford. 

1786, Oct. 9. Inventory of other goods not found before, £1.18.0 ; made 
by Samuel Job, Hendrick Suydam, John Henderson. 

Digitized by 



lTt7, Avo^ S. Aoeotint. Meatloiifl tooa4s. etc, of caMU-las Hidbta, 
aaanuAl Leonard, Peter Lyster. 

ITM^ 11 vM. iWthh 4 dm. iMidM, Jm^m. of Deptford. Oleuceeter Co.. 
yeomaa; will of. Wlfe» BUmbetb, to hmre $00 acres in Greenwioh 
TowBBhli^ near Stephen Jonee*. Sone— Eldest, Samuel, deceased (luid 
ohlklren), Jonathan* deoeaBod (had children), and JohnI younffest, 
to have the home land (600 acrea). Proprietary RIchts to take up land 
In Burlinffton and town of Olouceeter, and all other lands. Orand- 
dauffhter — Mary Parker, 87B aerea near Neahanlnff Creek In Amwell 
Township, Hunterdon Co. In case of her death without laaue, same 
•hall he dlTlded equally hetween my son John and my daughter, 
Katherine LAdd, who shall possess the SOD acres called Raven Rook 
above the falls on or near the Delaware River, in Amwell Township, 
Hunterdon COn together wHh (06 acres near Mantoes Creek, Deptford 
Township, Gloucester Co., and tOO acres near Allmon Creek, Deptford 
Township. Bzecutors — ^wife, Bllsabeth, and son John Ladd. Wit- 
ne eses Jacob Usher, Joseph Drinker, Rowland Rice, Thomas Potter. 

1738, June 1. CodiciL Whereas my wife, Elizabeth, is deceased, the 
■aid 300 acres in Greenwioh Township shall descend equally to my son 
John Ladd and to my daughter Katherine Ladd. Witnesses— Clement 
Halt HalachI Davis, Rachel Black. Affirmed 20 March, 1730; 10 May, 
1740. Lib. 4, p. 234. 

, , — . Inventory (£482.6.8) Includes silver ft gold money 

(£22.18.1^), carpenter's tods, com in ground, oxen, 18 cows, 8 calves, 
•tc Appraisers — Samuel LIpplnoott, Joshua Lord. 

1781, And mo. (Apr.)» 6th da. Ladd. Jewafhaa, of Deptford Town* 
■hip, Gloucester Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Ann, sole executrix and 
to have the income from personal and real estate until children are 
of aire. Son, Samuel, to have the plantation. Daughter, Blisabeth, 
and an unborn child (if a son to have the plantation In case of Sam- 
uel's death without lawful Issue). If all children die without issue 
tinder a^e, then my cousin, Joseph Ladd, second son of my deceased 
brother, Samuel Lad, to have the aforesaid plantation, he to pay £80 
to his three sisters, Sarah, Debrough and Kathron. Legacy to Sarah 
Liad, cousin. Supervisors — my brother-in-law, Samuel Lippincott, 
and John Wood. Witnesses — William Vaughn, Thomas Potter, Josa. 
LK>rd. Affirmed 10 June, 1781. Lib. 8, p. 182. 

1787, March 8«. Ladd* Joe e p h, of Gloucester Co., ward, petitioa of. 

Gloucester Wills, 484 H. 

ITSB* Mavch 9, Ladd* M«thew» of Deptford Township, Gloucester 
Co., cordwinder; will of. Brother, Joseph (when 21) my plantation on 
Timber Creek and all my lands. Sisters — ^Deborah and Katherine 
Liadd (both under 21). Bxecutors-— esteemed friends and uncles, John 
Ladd and Joseph Parker. Witnesses — ^William Shuts, Mary Grlflts, 
SamL Sharp. Affirmed 8 March, 1786. 

1786. March 9. Letters Testamentary granted John Ladd in the absence 
of Joseph Parker, etc. Lib. 4, p. 90. 

ITSBt Oct. le. Latest Jaha» of Piscataway, Middlesex Co.; will of. 
Children — John, David, Sarah, Elisabeth, Margaret, Ann. Martha, 
Mary, Christian, Isaac, Abraham, and Jacob, all under age. £10 
towards building a Meetinir House. Bzecutor»— wife, Blisabeth, 
brother William Laing, and Abraham ShotwelL Real and personal 

Digitized by 



estate. Witnesses — ^William NiohoUs, Benjamin Smith, William Web- 
ster. Proved June 14, 17S1. Lib. B, p. 217. 

174S, 6tli mo. <Jvl7)» ». Lates» 8am«eU of Piscataway, Middlesex 
Co.; will of. Monthly meetinff at Woodbridffe, £8.8. Son, John, at 81 
years. Wife Lainff. Real and personal estate. Executors- 
friends John Shotwell, John Vail, Jun'r, Stephen VaiL Witnesses— 
Sarah Smith, Abraham Shotwell, John Hepburn. Prored Auff. 9, 1742. 

Lib. C. p. 527. 

1785» J«Ae 18. Latajr* William* of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., yeo* 
man; will of. In the 56th year of his affe. Children — William, John, 
Samuel, Oeorge, Benjamin, Jane and Anne. Land in Bssex Co. 100 
acres at Woodbridgre, joininff lands of Isaac Drake. Salt meadow. 
Joining old Bloomflelds and Samuel Moore's comer. Mortffaffe on 
-Charles Oillinan's plantation. Deed of ffift to youngest son, Benja* 
min, March 15, 1784. Executors — son, Samuel, dauffhter Jane, and 
friend John Kinsey. Witnesses— Isaac Drake, Samuel Drake, Daniel 
Drake. Proved Jan. 28, 1785-6. Lib. C, p. 42. 

1781* Feb. IS. Lamb» Jacob* of Northampton, Burlington Co., yeo- 
man. Account of Anne Lamb, widow and executrix, showinff pay- 
ments to Peter Bard, Esq., Rich'd Eayre, Ju'r, Rich'd Smith, Jun'r. 
John Prickett, Samuel Bustill, Joseph Wills, Blisa. Humphrys, Charles 
Weston, Zachariah Resell, Henry Clothier, Ann Alcott, Thomas Hun- 
lock, Georffe Willis, Joseph Bndecott, Wm. Prickett, Mr. Edw'd R. 
Price, atty-at-law (in full of his fees for prosecuting an action aff'st 
Gervas Hall in the Supreme Court), Mathew Champion. (For will, 
see N. J. Archives, VoL 28, p. 279). 

1749, July 8. Lamb, Joseph, of Somerset Co., clerffsrman; will of. 
Wife, Sarah, "all that land I had with her at marage situate in 
Olossenbery and Wethersfleld in Conectecot Gk>vermt in New Eng- 
land." Son, John David Lamb (not 21), to have all landa Dauffhters 
— ^Lydia Clark, Elisabeth Wade, Patience Beidle, Sarah Badffly, Marcy 
and Jemime Lamb. Executors — ^wife, Sarah, and Moses Ayres. Wit- 
nesses—John Ay era, Samuel Brown, Brice Rikey. Proved 8 August, 
1749. Lib. E, p. 817. 

1748, Nov. 18. Lambert, Hamaah, of Borouffh of Elisabeth, Bssex 
Co.; will of. Sons — Solomon and David. Grandsons — John and Sam- 
uel Lambert. Granddaughters — Joanna and Margraret Lambert. Real 
and personal estate. Executor — friend Isaac Winans. Witnesses- 
John Baker, Joshua White, Jonathan Hampton. Proved Dec 22, 
1748. Lib. B, p. 280. 

1748, Nov. 28. Inventory of personal estate, (£282.06.09), includes 
cash due from John Spinlnir. Made by Thomas Clarke, Jona. Hamton. 

1750, May 22. Account showlngr payments to Joseph Hanes, Thomas 
Givin, Thomas Coddlnirton, Thos. Clarke, Eiphraim Terrill. Jun'r, Sam'U 
Lambert and David Lambert (for keeplnir Solomon). 

1787, Oct. 8. Lambert, Joba, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co., yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Hannah, to care for my infirm son, Solomon. Other 
sons — John, Richard and David. Grandson — John Lambert (son of my 
eldest son John), lands purchased of Capt. Ebeneser Lyon, Samuel 
Miller, Richard Miller, Jonas Wood and Benjamin Bond, Esq.; land 
at Piles Creek which my father, Roffer Lambert, purchased of Barna- 

Digitized by 



baB Wines; land purchased of William Darby; land my father pnr* 
chased of John Decent. Executors— wife, Hannah, and friend John 
Spinning. Witnesses — Jonathan Woodruff, Bphraim Terrill, Jun'r, 
Thomas Chapman. Proved Nov. 10, 1738. Lib. C, p. 222. 

IT'Mr Not. 8«. Lamlbert. Maivareti will of. Brother, Thomas Cad- 
wallader, executor, and his children, Martha, John, Lambert and Mary 
Cadwallader, to have plantation where William Dufflis lived. Cousins 
— ^Hannah Adams and Peg^sr Stevenson. Lands belonrinff to estate 
of testatrix's father to her three sisters, Blisabeth Biles, Hannah 
Cadwallader and Achsah Lambert. Witnesses — ^D. Martin, Benjamin 
Biles, John Jones. Proved July 14, 1749. 

Hunterdon Wills, Lib. 7, p. 11. 

17SX lath day, lath mo. (Feb.). Lambert, Thomas, of Nottingham, 
Burlinffton Co.; will of. Wife, Ann, in lieu of dower, £600. Orand- 
ehlldren — Thomas and Margaret Biles, tract in Amwell, Hunterdon 
Co. Sisters — ^Hannah Hodffe and Ruth Adams. Nephews — Samuel, 
Thomas and Benjamin Biles. By decease of my bro., John Lambert, 
I became heir at law to a plantation in Bucks Co., Penna., which 1 
have sold to Thomas Tardley, of same Co. Remainder of estate to my 
four daughters — Blisabeth Biles, Hannah, Achsah and Margaret, 
whom I appoint executrices. Witnesses — Isaac Watson, John Wil- 

1782. 12th day. 12th mo. (Feb.). Codicil. Sister. Hannah Hodge, of 
Philada., widow, all my right to a certain tract in New Hanover. Same 
witnesses. Proved June 12. 1788. Lib. 3. p. 327. 

1788, 27th day, 6th mo. (Aug.). Inventory of the personal estate, 
£4837.(.9 ; made by E«dmd. Beakes and Wm. Biles. Includes purse, ap- 
parel and watch, £170.1.7 ; plate, £17.16 ; servants — James Price. Mar- 
garet Warner, Kathrin Poland, Francis Lewis, Hendrix Pout; negroes, 
Jemy, Dick. Hagar and mulatto boy. and an Indian called Peter. Bonds 
and bUls in the desk, £1766.1.7. 

17S5, Dee. 19, Lambson, Thomas, of Penns Neck. Salem Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Wife. Ann. Son, Mathias, all my lands, he paying £40 
apiece to my sons Michael and DanieL Legacies to daughter, Elenor 
Pennington, son Thomas and daughter Mary Blwell. Remainder of 
personal estate divided among my three sons, Mathias. Michael and 
DanieL Executors— wife, and son Mathias. Witnesses — John Phil- 
pot, Mathias Johnson, Barick Oill Johnson. Proved 4 Jan., 1786. 

Lib. 4, p. 61. 

1735, Dec. 81. Inventory (£112.10.1) includes cattle and fodder, silver 
shirt buttons. Appraisers — Sinick Slnnickson, Thos. Miller. 

17SX Dee. 10. Lane, Aathoay, Esq., of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co. 
Int. Bond of Robert Burnett, of Perth Amboy, as administrator. 
Adam Hay, fellow bondsman. Lib. B. p. 840. 

1760-1, Feb. 6. Langerfelt. John, of Lebanon twsp., Hunterdon 00. 
Inventory of the personal estate. £291.6.0, made by Ralph Smith and Bal- 
tis PtekeL 

1760-1, Feb. 20. Administration granted to Christian Langerfelt, widow, 
with Baltis Plckel as fellow bondsman. 

1766, Hay 81. Accounts (two) of the estate by his widow. Christian 
Lambert, late Christian Langerfelt Hunterdon Wills, 298 J. 

178S, Feb. g. Laasevelt (LoB«fteld), ConMUss, Esq., of Raritan, 

Digitized by 



Middlesex Co.; will of. Son, H«niy, and his son* Thomas Lonyfl^ld. 
Orandaon, Thomas, aldeat son of son-in-law Thomas Liawrence of 
Philadelphia, to havo my dauffhtor Rachol's portion. Grandson, John, 
son of son-in-law William Cox, the portion of daughter Catherine. 
Or to the second son, Thomas; Grandchildren — Cornelius, Obediah, 
Thomas and Mary, children of daui^hter Blisabeth, deceased, late wife 
of Obediah Bowne of Monmouth Co^ Esq., deceased. Wife, Mary, 
sole executrix. Land I bought of heirs of Robert Barclay, Bsq.* 
dec*d, in conjunction with Mr. John Johnston, dec'd, and George 
Willocks, dec'd. Son, Henry, lands by deeds of Feb. 22, 1729, and May 
12, 1721. Witnesses — Peter Sonmans, Sarah Sonraans, Thomas Stil- 
well. Proved Dec 24, 1734. Lib. B, p. S77. 

1734-B, Feb. 21. Inventory of personal estate, £889.0.0; made by Ed- 
ward Antill and Dirck Schuyler. 

1785, March 27. Langley* Thomas* of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. 
Adm'x, Mary Langley (relict of). Bondsman — Nathaniel Jenkins. 
Both of said county. Witnesses — John Green, DanL Mestayer. 

Lib. 4, p. 2. 
' 1784-6, Feb. 17. Inventory (£68.9) includes cattle, sheep and swine. 
Appraisers — John Remington, Nathl. Jenkins. 

1736, Dec. 20. Account of Mary Langley "of Ckihansey." Paid to John 
Shaw, Recompense Hand. John Green, William Watson, Samuel Fithian, 
Francis Slmpklns, John Blackwood, Joseph Wheaten, Charles Campbel, 
John Brick, Peter Long. John Peck, John Wright. Stephen Mulford, Ben- 
jamin Mulford. Mr. Matthew. Mr. Clement Hall. 

1749» April IB. LaAalmg, 8am«el, of Burlington Co. Inventory of 
the personal estate, £67.19.6; made by John Deacon and John Antram. 

1749, April 19. Administration on estate- granted to Anne Lanning, 
widow of Northampton. (Seorge Blklnton. of same, yeoman, fellow bonds- 
man. Lib. 6, p. 382; Lib. 7, p. 98. 

1747, Feb. 26. Larew (I^arou, Laraw), Abraham, of Hopewell, Hun- 
terdon Co., within the corporation of Trenton, yeoman; will of. Wife, 
Harmekie. Children — Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Susannah (wife of 
Cornelius Slack), Altle, Catran and Mary. Executors — wife, and son 
Abraham. Witnesses — Robert Akers, William Wood, Andrew Smith. 
Proved Feb. 16, 1749-60. Lib. 6, p. 808. 

1749. Feb. 14. Inventory of the estate (£391.8.9) includes gun and 
sword. Made by Andrew Smith and Robert Akers. 

1732, Jan. 24. Larew (Laro«e» Laroe), David* of Hopewell, Hunter- 
don Co., yeoman. Int. Inventory of estate (£116.1.6) includes bonds, 
etc, of Richard Farman, Robert Comb, William Larrans, Robert Acres, 
Thomas Morrel, Joseph Reed, John Hunt, John Titus, Edward Borrous. 
Made by Andrew Smith and Joseph Price. 

1732, Feb. 6. Bond of Abraham Larue, of Hunterdon Co., as adminis- 
trator. Peter Larue and Daniel Larue, of same place, sureties. 

1734, May 18. Account Mentions Peter Larue, Isaac Larue. Thomas 
McClehan, Joseph Reed. Robert Acres, Henry Haldem, Thomas Yardley, 
Joseph Price. Executors of Daniel Howell. Roger Woolverton, James 
Larue, Robert Combs, Daniel Larue, john Phillips, George Ely, Francis 
Chamburst, Thomas Smith, Jonathan Smith, Sarah Hooffe. Andrew Smith. 
Also moneys paid to following, as distributive parts of the estate : James, 

Digitized by 



Daatel and P^tor LaroiM» Jane Praoll, laaao laroae and Abraham Lanma, 
the aoooaatant. Lib. t, p. 28T. 

IfM^ JBth teF» Bth wtm. Ualy). Laiva, 8am«al, JvaV. ef Chaater* 
flakU BiarUnrton Co.; will of. All estate to my dauffhtera, Sarah and 
Mary; but if they should die under a^e then % to the children of my 
two brothers and slaters, and the other half to the children of Wil- 
liam Murfln. My maid, ICary Rick, to be bound to a tayler^s trade. 
Szecntors — brother, Robert Larffe, and brother-la-law William Mur- 
fta. Witnesses — ^Abra'm Brown, Joseph Thorn, Deborah Buntlnc< 
Proved Auc. C, 1750. Lib. «, p. 142. 

1760. Auff. 28. Inventory of the personal estate, £240.«.8; made by 
Abraham Brown and William Bunting. 

lTd»» ApHl 7. Lawtoaa, WHllaai, of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co.; 
will ol Children — James, William, Thomas, John and Oeorffe Larrl- 
son. Real and personal estate. Bxecutors— son, John, and son-in-law 
I>avid Stout. Wltnesses i J edlah HIrvlna, Samuel Neilaon, Ro. Rolfe. 

1749, AprU 7. CodksU. Daughtera— Elisabeth Stout, Martha Hide, Mary 
Hlssnia, Rebeekah Brittain, Deborah Shippey and Keaiah VantUborrow. 
Witnesses — Jedlah Hlgsins, Samuel Nellson, Ro. Rolfs. Proved May 80, 
1749. Lib. 8, p. 70. 

ITMp Oet. 80. Laareaee* Edward (son of Oeorffe, of Greenwich, 
Gloucester Co., deceased), ward; petition of, with the consent of his 
mother, Blisabeth Laurence, "much Indisposed.*' Quardlan — ^Mr. Tim- 
othy Raines, Penns Neck, Salem Co. Lib. 4, p. 67. 

174]» Dee. 8. Law» John, of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Adm*r, Ben- 
jamin Bispham, Penns Neck, store-keeper and principal creditor. 
Bondsman — Bllsha Basset, of Piles Grove, farmer. Witness — ^Thos. 
Jones. Lib. 4, p. 878. 

1742, Dec. 8. Renunciation. Mary Law, relict of John Law, in favor 
of Benjamin Bispham as adm*r. 

1742, Dec 1. Inventory, £28.12 ; made by Blisha Basset, Thos. Graves. 

1788* Jnae 18. L a wi i e ae e , Jea e ph, of Middlesex Co., about 18 years 
of affe. Bond of Joseph Rolph, of Baaex Co., and Thomas Rattoone, 
of Middlesex Co., as ffuardians. Lib. C, p. 101. 

1788* Jvae 88. Lawnaee, Jae e plu of Manasqaan, In Shrewabury, 
Monmouth Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, RacheL Son, William. Four 
youngest sons, Joseph, James, Benjamin and Blisha, meadow on the 
beach this side the Great Hill affalnst Matetakunc rtver. Wlte's 
sons, John and David Cnrtiss, part of lands at Bamecat beach. 
Propriety Rl^ht to eight children — ^Hannah, William, Faith, Joseph, 
James, Sarah, Benjamin and Blisha. Bxecutors— wife, and sons Ben- 
jamin and Blisha. Witnesses— Blisha Stout, Isaac Herbert, Peter 
Parker, Henry Newport, William Worth. Proved May 12, 1748. 

Lib. D, p. 68. 

1748, April 28. Inventory of the estate, £88.9.8 ; made by Blisha Stout 
and Peter Parker. 

17S7» May 88. Lawrence, Robert, of Somerset Co., fflaxler. Int. 
Bond of Thomas Haddon, of Woodbrldffe, carpenter, principal credi- 
tor, as administrator on the estate. P. Kearny, fellow. bondsman. 

Lib. C, p. IIL 

Digitized by 



178S-4, Marek 19. Lawremce, 'William, of Nottingham. Burllnffton 
Co., waterman. Int. Inventory of the personal estate, £48.17.3^; 
made by Cha: Clark, and Tho. Barnes. 

1784, May 7. Deborah Lawrence, widow, renounces her right to admin* 
istration on estate to uncle. Thomas Burrouffhs, and Aaron Jenkins, two 
of the principal creditors. 

1734, BCay 27. Administration granted to Thomas Burroughs and Aaron 
Jenkins. Charles Clark, of Hunterdon Co., cooper, fellow bondsman. 

1784, Dec. 20. Account of administrators showing payments to Joseph 
Yard. Mr. Kinsey. Francis Bowes, Esq., Thomas Yardley. Sam'l Bustlll, 
Alexander Woodrop. Wm. Morris, Thomas McClehan, and a judgment 
against deceased at the suit of Thomas Lawrence and Thomas Sober. 

Burlington Wills. 2727-44 C. 

1741, Feb. 20. Lawremce, W^Ullam, of Middletown. Monmouth Co.; 
will of. Being in the eighty-fourth year of my age. Grandson, Wil- 
liam, son of Richard Lawrence, deceased, 86 acres at Barnegat, being 
part of Thomas Cooper's lot. Grandson, William, son of John Law- 
rence deceased, 100 acres on Hop river. Granddaughter, Jane Law- 
rence, daughter of John, deceased, 80 acres adjoining Peter Tilton's. 
Daughter, Blixabeth Hartshorne, half of Propriety Right and land 
near Metecunk. and large Concordance. Daughter. Hannah Herbert; 
land, and next great Bible. Son, Thomas, largest old Bible, surveyor's 
instruments and £5. Two eldest grandsons, 20 sh. Bxecutors — broth- 
ers Joseph and Benjamin Lawrence, son-in-law William Hartshorne, 
daughter Elizabeth, and son Robert. Witnesses — James Seabrook, 
Thomas Cooper, Andrew Bowne, William Hartshorne, Junior, Thomas 
Hartshorne. Proved Nov. 22, 1750. Robert Lawrence, Esquire, one 
of the executors qualified same day, "three of the others being dead." 

Lib. E, p. 528. 

1751, May 11. Inventory of the estate (of "William Lawrence, EJs- 
quire") taken at the house of Robert Hartshorne, in Middletown (£16.2.0), 
includes 11 silver spoons. Made by Samuel Bowne and Thomas Hart- 

1740» August 80. LawHe. James, of Upper Freehold Township. 
Monmouth Co., yeoman; will of. Son, William, land in Upper Free- 
hold, where said son dwells, bought of Anthony Woodward, Senior, 
gentleman. Children of son William — James, William, Thomas and 
Elisabeth. Son, Thomas, plantation near Allentown, where Thomas 
dwells. Eldest daughter, Sarah. Younger daughter, Elizabeth. £2 
to Quakers Meeting House near Crosswicks Bridge. Books to said 
four children. Executors — sons William and Thomas. Witnesses- 
Benjamin Fowler, William and Thomas Lawrle. Proved Nov. 8, 1741. 

Lib. 4, p. 297. 

1740, Nov. 12. Inventory of estate, ("of James Lawrle, carpenter"), 
£B9.1B.O ; made by Benjamin Fowler. 

1741, Marck 10. Lawsoa, Roger, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., tailor; 
will of. Son, John. Eldest son, James; other children, Rodger, 
Elizabeth, and William. Executor — Andrew Reed of Trenton, mer- 
chant. Witnesses — Alexander Chambers, Joseph Morrow, Charles 
Hoff. Jr. (Not probated). 

1742, May 8. Another will of Rodger Law8on« of Trenton, tailor. CThU- 
dren — John, James (eldest son), Rodger, Elizabeth, William. "Indentures 
which are upon my son William and my daughter Elisabeth may be dia- 

Digitized by 



posed of by Goor^a Lawson, to pay himself for their paaeave from Ire- 
land.'* Elxecutor — ^Andrew Reed, of Trenton, merchant. Wltneaeea — ^Thomas 
Swaffer, Gllbeart Gaa and Charles HoflT. Jr. Proved May 24. 1742. 

Lib. 4. p SS9. 
1744. July — ^. Account of executor, mentions John Clark. William Plas- 
kett. David Martin, Esquire. William Moore. Colonel Daniel Coze (by Jno. 
Coze. ESsqulre). Davis 4b Lawson. Jno. Allen. Isaac Huchlnson. Robert 
Spencer. Francis Bowes. James Shey (or They). Theo's. Sevems. John 
Hart, Jr., William Morris, James Rutherford. Qeor^e Davis. Stacy Beakes, 
Joseph Paxton. Joseph Hlcby. Charles Axford. 

17SS, April 9u Layeea, Amdrew* of Deptford. Gloucester Co.. yeo- 
OEian. Int. Adm*r. Michael Lycon. Bondsman — Thomas Thackery. 
All of aforesaid county, yeomen. Gloucester Wills, 170 H. 

17SS, March M. Laycoa, ZachaHaa, of Gloucester Co.. will of. 
Brothers — "Mounce'* (his eldest daughter Catherine when 21 to have 
the plantation). Michael (his eldest daughter one of my best beds), 
and Nicholas, appointed ezecutor and to pay the money due the 
Loan office, and to have the residue of my estate. Witnesses — 
Michael Laycon. Dinah Cox, Constantlne Wood. Affirmed 8 June, 
1733. Gloucester Wills, 170 H. 

1733. April 9. Inventory (£24.16.6) Includes bed fflven to Ellen Lycon. 
"slth and sword.*' Bible and books. Appraisers — ^William WUklns. Con- 
stantlne Wood. Siflmed by "Dinah Cox. Admx." 

1733. June 8. Dinah Cox. Adm'x of the within named Zacharias Lycon 
deceased, upon articles left unadmlnlstered by Michael Laycon. his 

1733, 10. Inventory of Andrey and Zakryas Leken, both broth- 
ers, deceased. Deptford, Gloucester Co. (£66.3.0). Appraisers— Benjamin 
Wait, Edward Wlllson. 

ITSOw May •• Laytoa* Joha* 6t Morris Co. Int. Adm'x, Anne Lay- 
ton (relict of). Bondsman — Jacob Carle, of Morris Co. 

Lib. E. p. 397. 

1760. May 21. Inventory. £190-13-11 ; made by Samuel Brown. Tlmy. 

1740^ Sept. 14. Laytoa, Thomas, of Lower Freehold. Monmouth Co. 
Int. Inventory of the estate (£170.1.0) Includes bonds of Christopher 
and Peter Romlne. Anthony Plntard, Jacob Emons. Francis and John 
Masters; nerro man (£0.10.0); negrro woman (£6), negrro boy Mink 
(£36), nerro boy Titus (£36). 2 runs. Made by John Williams, John 
and Thomas Layton. 

1740, Sept 16. Bond of Joseph Williams and Peter Romsm. of Lower 
Freehold township, yeomen, as administrators. John Williams and Law- 
rence Vanclieffe. of same place, yeoman, fellow bondsmen. (Joseph Wil- 
liams havlnir married Sarah, and Peter Romsme married Rachel, dauffh- 
ters of the deceased). Lib. 4. p. 266. 

1750W Oet. 12. Laytoa* Thoauui* of Somerset Co., yeoman. Int. Ad- 
ministration on estate granted to William Layton, brother. Fellow 
bondsmen, Richard FltsRandolph. Lib. E, p. 467. 

1760, Oct 12. Renunciation of Ledey, widow of Thomas Layton. In 
favor of deceased's brother, William Layton. Witness— John Layton. 

1760, Oct 26. Inventory of personal estate. £30.3.0; made by Ebenr. 
Flnley. Tlmo. Stouffhton. 131 R. 

Digitized by 



tf9U April 1*. i M^ i m m, Wllltem, of FrealMld, MoBnooth Co.* yo^ 
maa; will of. Wife, Manr. land, nevrooa, ote., for llfo. Conaln, Wil- 
liam Layton, Junior, son of testator's brother, Samuel Layton, of 
Freehold, ysoman, land bought of William Scott. Executors — friends 
Jonathan Forman, Bsqutre, and William Madock, trader, of Hon* 
mouth County. Wttnesses-^ames Stanly, <}eors« Seemur and ICary 
Roratae. Prored May 16, 17S6. Lib. C, p. tt. 

17S4, Feb. 6. Inventory of estate (£104.17.0) includes ne^ro man and 
woman (£40). Made by Joseph Throckmorton, David Cleayton, Jos n >h 

lT4t» OeC IS* Vtumimm* AavoBt Sn» of Cape May Co., yeoman; will 
of. Wife, Lydla. Son, Jeremiah Lieamingr, to hare all the land where- 
on I live, between the land of David Creese and John Shaw's Creek, 
beffinninv at the easternmost comer of said land at Cresse's Creek, 
running up said (?reek to David Cresse's land, then to the head of 
my said land to land surveyed for me by Henry Younff, Esq., bound- 
ed by the lines of said survey across the heads of David Cresse's, 
James Cresse's and Nathan Hand's lands, until it comes to a direct 
line northeast to an oak tree in the Great Savannah, near the road 
side, which iroes from said land where I now live to the Bay Side. 
Son, Aaron Leaminv, Junior, all my lands at the Bay Side, between 
the land of the heirs of Lewis Chresse, deceased, and the land of 
Nathan Hand; also all the above mentioned survey not herein riven 
to my son Jeremiah, made by Henry Youngr, Esq. Sons, Jeremiah and 
Aaron, the saw mill on Manatico at Prince Maurice's River, Salem 
Co.; also my lands near the said river in Salem County, or any of 
the Branches thereof, and at the Beach and Island, known as Nummy's 
Island. Daughter, Elisabeth Leamlnv, all my land and marsh at 
Ooshen, between Dennis (Treek and Gtoshen Creek; one tract of 204 
acres which I purchased of Yelverton Crowell; another tract and 
marsh purchased of the West New Jersey Society; also all other lands 
which I surveyed by virtue of a riffht of Propriety; also all other 
lands I own, lyinv bi^tween Dennis Creek and Ooshen Creek, and 
Cedar swamp and marsh near Beaver pond, which is of the land sur- 
veyed for Colonel Daniel Coxe and Jacob Splcer, till it comes to 
Denises' Creek. The residue of my land, marsh and cedar swamp at 
the southward or eastward of Stipson's Island, Bast Creek, or any of 
the branches thereof, between that and CZape May, and all my land, 
marsh, timber and Beach belonvinv to Seven and Five Mile Beach, 
and my Proprietary Rights not returned and recorded, I bequeatli 
equally to my three children, Aaron Leamlnv, Junr., Jeremiah and 
Elisabeth. Executors — my three children Aaron, Junr., Jeremiah and 
Elisabeth. Witnesses — Thomas Eldrld^e, William Eldrid^e, Esther 
Bldrtdve. Proved April 20, 1747. Lib. 6. p. 200. 

1747. AprU 16, 17, It. Inventory of personal estate (£1174.1t.t), ln*» 
eludes: cash (£162.18.2), 12 negroes (£216), a compleat set of the Statutes 
at Lar^e, mostly ffilt and bound in quarto (£24), other law books (£22.6.), 
books of Phisick (£2.1.6), books of Divinity, Logick, Learning, History, Di- 
vertion, etc. (£17.10.6). Debts due from Sam Land, Oeo. Keen, John Ross, 
Att'y. (recovered from David Forman), 12 horses and mares (£22), 8 pr. 
oxen, 122 cows, steers and other cattle (£229.17.0), 82 sheep (£20.16), one 
gun, 6 pistols, two cutlasses and a sword (£2.7), 2 watches, 2 anchors for a 
sloop, maritime Implements, etc. (£76.16.2). Appraisers — ^Ellsha Hand. 
Richard Craffbrd. 

Digitized by 



17SS, Mnvh M. lieBoytevtz, Gabriel, of Ptscataway, Middlesex Co.; 
will of. Dauffhters — Catherine and Mary. Real and personal estate. 
Executors — wife, Constance, and son Paul LeBoyteuix. Witnesses — 
William Williamson, Peter Williamson, Alexander McDowall. Proved 
April 10, 17S4. Lib. B, p. 4»9. 

1748-9» Feb. IS. Leekey, Tbomas, of Salem Co. Int. Adm*r, John 
Smith of Blsenbury, Salem County. Witnesses — Thoa Rue, MichL 

1748-9, Feb. IS. Inventory (£92.13.1) of Thomas Leckey, of Blsen* 
brouffh. Appraisers — ^William Chandler, Thos. Rice. Lib. 6, p. 823. 

1742; Oct. 11. Ii«c, Adam, of Woodbridffe, Middlesex Co. Int. In- 
ventory of personal estate, £126.19; made by Esekiel Bloomfleld, Bsq.. 
and William Brown. 

1742, Oct. 12. Bond of John Lee, the brother, and William Spencer and 
Agnem his wife, the mother of said deceased, as administrators on the 
estate. William Britton, fellow bondsman. Lib. D, p. 10. 

174S, Sevt. «. Lee, Josbwi, of New Windsor, Middlesex Co. Bond 
of IJannah Lee, his widow, and Samuel Dove, of Freebold, yeoman, as 
administrators. Stephen Warns, fellow bondsman. Lib. D, p. 83. 

1748, Sept. 9. Inventory of personal estate (£106.12.6), includes bonds 
and bills due from Isaac FitsRandolph, Jonathan Olbben, Samuel Tbrop, 
Robert Fary, John Mount. Daniel Hankeson, John Throp, and his father. 
Made by Benjamin Sutton, John Morford and John Row. 

1748, Dee. Iff. Leeds, Deberab, of Great Effffharbour, Gloucester Co., 
widow. Administration on estate irranted to John Leeds and Japhet 
Leeds. Abild Leeds, yeoman, fellow bondsman. All of Great Kgg* 
harbour. Lib. 6, p. 880; Lib. 7, p. 96. 

1744, July 17. Leeds, Felix, of Burlington Co., yeoman. Int. In- 
ventory of the personal estate, £772.14.7; made by Thomas Haines 
and Samuel Woolston. 

1744, July 18. Administration granted to Hannah Leeds and Isaac 
Leeds. Sam'l Woolston, fellow bondsman. All of Burlington Co. 

Lib. 6, p. 60. 

1747, Dee. 19, Leeds, Isaac, of Northampton, Burlington Co., yeo- 
man; will of. Mother, Hannah Leeds, Brothers — Abraham and Titan. 
Plantation Joining Thomas Haines and Benjamin Brown. Executor 
— brother Abraham. Witnesses — Samuel Woolston, Thomas Bishop, 
Jno. Duncan. Proved Feb. 28, 1747. Lib. 6, p. 403. 

ITS*, Feb. 5. Leeds, Japbet, of Great En Harbor, Gloucester Co,, 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Deborah. Sons — Robert, land bought of Ben- 
jamin Jennings near a brook, formerly called Wigwam Creek, south- 
east to Holly Swamp brook; John, land, 800 acres, bought of his uncle 
Felix Leeds, by the south branch of Landing Creek; Japhet, the plan- 
tation I live on by the Bay northwest to Maple Swamp; Nehemiah, 
land adjoining Jeremiah Addams; James (youngest son), land bought 
of Benjamin Jennings, adjoining his brother Robert's; and Daniel, 
not 14. Daughters — Mary, eldest (alias Somers), Sarah, Deborah, 
Dorothy, Ann and Hannah. Cedar swamps on Bever Run and Pro- 
prietary Rights to the sons. Executors— sons John and Japhet. Wit- 
nesses—Jeremiah Adams, Abel Scull, Isaac Addams. Affirmed 16 
Dec., 1748. Lib. 6, p. 10. 

Digitized by 



1748, Nov. 4. Inyentory, £21S.17.S ; made by Abel Scull, Joseph John- 

1741t April M. Ve^dMp Tkomae* of City of Burlington, cooper; will 
of. Paull Watkineon, present "clark" of Church of Burlington, lot 
and house where I now live, he paying to Revel Blton, of Northamp- 
ton, and Ann his present wife, my cousin, £10. Legacies to Mary 
(present wife of Paul Watkinson); the minister of the Church at 
Burlinffton; Samuel Lovett, shoemaker, and Mary, his present wife; 
Anthony Elton, shoemaker, the wife of Edward CowgriH; Mary, wife 
of Richard Toe and the three daus. she had by Bethanah Leeds, vis.» 
Elisabeth, Ann and Lucretia; John Sanders, "charemaker;" Elisabeth 
Pomptlett, late of Burlington; old Robert Nailer and Dority his wife; 
Edmund Jones, a lame joyner — all liyinff in Burlington. Joseph 
Heulinffs, shoemaker, and Ann, his present wife, my Oreat Bible. 
Overseer of the highways of said City of Burlington, £4, towards 
moulding said highways. John Stockton, an old man in Springfield, 
Remainder of estate for poor folks and widows. Executors — John 
Allen. Esq., of Burlington, Paul Watkinson and Joseph Hulinffs. 
Witnesses — Simon Niffhtingrale, Nicholas Toy, Isaac Hewltnirs, Jacob 
Sullivan, Isa. DeCow. 

1742, Feb. 20. Codicil. The legacy given to Elisabeth, wife of Ben- 
jamin Kemble, not to be paid, but the money he oweth me to pay the 
rent for the Minister of Burlington Church. £8 to be added to legacy of 
Joseph Hulings. Legacies to the three youngest children of Benjamin and 
Elisabeth Wheats, vis., Hannah, Dinah and Abigail. Witnesses — Caleb 
Raper, Joshua Raper, Isa. DeCow. Proved July 16, 1748. Lib. 4, p. 868. 

1748. July 6. Inventory of the personal estate, £178.13.6 ; made by 
Saml. Lovett and John Budd. Includes cash in the hands of Joseph Hul- 
ings, bond due from BenJ. Kemble and Anthony Elton to go to the use 
of the Church, and an old Sword. 

17S5» Jose M. LceAs* Wllllasi* of Mlddletown Township, Monmouth 
Co.; will of. Body to be buried by the body of his mother. Wife, 
Rebecca. Eldest brother, Thomas Leeds. Helpless brother, DanieL 
Wife's children — ^Rebecca, Oracy and Ebeneser Applegate. Abigail 
Applegate, daughter of Richard Applegate. Jemimah Leeds, eldest 
daughter of Philo Leeds. John Leeds, of Egff Harbor. Elisabeth 
Chambers, daughter of Thomas Chambers, of Shrewsbury. Jacob 
Applegate. After decease of wife and brother Daniel, real estate 
to go to the Venerable and Honorable Society for the Propagation 
of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, for a perpetual glebe for use of a 
olersryman of Church of England to preach to the Inhabitants of 
Middletown and Shrewsbury. Executors — Captain John Throckmor- 
ton, James Hutchin^s and John Bowne, Esquires. Witnesses — James 
Gibson, Richard Gibbons, John Coleman, Trustrum Infflis. 

Codicil (without date). Witnesses — John Ruckman, Els Grover, Thom- 
as Bodenham, James Rice. Proved Nov. 20, 1788. Lib. C. p. 808. 

1739, May 1, and February 18, 1789-40. Inventory of the estate 
(£209.16. H), includes bond of Ebeneser Applegate, large Bible, the (in- 
ductor Generalis, book of O>mmon Prayer, Dutch loom, quillinc wheel, 
rattle brushes and Swift's three shuttles; servant man named Thomas 
(£1) ; Dutch plow, cash in hands of Jehanas Polhemuls. Made by James 
Grover, Samuel Ogboren, Jehanas Swart 

1740, March Mw Leek* Reeompemce* of Deerfleld, Cumberland Co.; 

Digitized by 



will of. Wife, ICartba. Sodb— John (20 shillinvs within one year), 
Samuel (100 acres, purchased of David Bayer's, Joining Joseph Peck's 
line), Recompence, Junior, and Nathan (190 acres, purchased of Benj. 
Davison. Burlington Road, adjoining Thomas Nickalls and David 
Stratton's land). In case of death without lawful issue, survivor to 
enjoy same. Daughters— Abigail, Elisabeth, Sarah, Rachel and Han- 
nah, all under affe. Bzecutors— wife, Martha, and sons Recompence 
and Nathan, who shall brinff up and provide for the four last named 
children. Witnesses — William Stratton, Robert Dare, Benj. Worton. 
Proved 18 Nov., 1749. Lib. 6, p. 287. 

1749, Nov. 16. Inventory of personal estate (£201.16.8) includes cattle, 
and horses (£68.18.0), wheat on the ground. Appraisers — Charles Clark, 
Robert Dare. 

1749, Nov. 18. Certificate by Martha Leek that she is satisfied with the 
wllL Witnesses — CTharles Clark, Benj. Worton. 

1748-9, March 8. Lcfors, Joha, Jaa'r* of Plscataway, Middlesex 
Co., weaver; will of. Children — John, Nathaniel, David, Frances 
Blackford. Sarah Leforff (under age). Real and personal estate. 
Executors — wife, Sarah, John Bound, Jun*r, and John Leforff, the 
third. Witnesses — Reune Runyon, Samuel Mackfarson, Zachariah 
Bonham. Proved March 30, 1749. Lib. E, p. 288. 

1748-9. March 16. Inventory of personal estate, £106 ; made by David 
FitzRandolph, and Reune Runyon. 

1740» Jvae 12, Lelffh, Joseph, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., 
butcher. Int. Bond of Philip Kearny, Esq., as administrator. John 
Doe, fellow bondsman. Lib. C, p. 846. 

17S4» Jvae IS. Leiaad, Adam, of Boston, in New England, merchant. 
Administration on estate granted to Edward Pierce, of City of Bur- 
lington, Esq. John Doe and Richard Roe, of same, gents, fellow 
bondsmen. Burlington Wills, Lib. 8, p. 420. 

1789, April 17. Leoaard, Heary* of Shrewsbury Township, Mon- 
mouth Co., gent.; will of. Wife, Lydia. Son. Henry, land where 
testator lived bounded by John Throckmorton. Esquire, Edward Tay- 
lor, deceased, whortleberry bog. son Samuel. David Kelly; also part 
of old mill, alias five acre bogg mill and lands. If son, Henry, has no 
male issue, then to son Thomas. Daughter, Mary, £60 when aged 27 
years. Son, Samuel, old saw mill or Mine brook mill. Daughters. 
Sarah, bond from testator's son, Samuel, dated February 8. 1784, wit- 
nessed by John Fawcett and son Thomas Leonard. Daughter, Su- 
sannah, bond of son Samuel. Salt meadow at Mateetcunck. Red 
brook mill to son Thomas. Son, Henry, mare bought of Obadiah Her- 
bert. Daughter, Susannah, green plush bridle and saddle made by 
James Parker. Daughter, Par then ia Cook. Daughter, Margaret. 
Son, Henry, land surveyed for him by Jacob Dennis. If wife does not 
accept dowry of £26, testator's daughter, Elisabeth, to be excluded 
from share of residue of estate. Executors— brother. Samuel Leonard, 
brother-in-law Thomas Morford. and sons Samuel and Thomas. Wit- 
nesses — John Throckmorton. Junior. John Taylor. Robert Dodsworth. 
Proved Feb. 11. 1789-40. Lib. 8, p. 817. 

1789. July 26. Samuel Leonard, named as an executor of his brother, 
declined to serve. 

1789. May 8. Inventory of the estate (of "Henry Leonard. Esquire"). 

Digitized by 



includes 2 negroes and their bedding, (£6S). Bote of Michael Kearny, E3b- 
quire, bond of John Cleyton, of Capefare. Made by Anthony Pintard, Aa. 
Forman and David Kelley. 

1748-4I» Jam. 11. I«eMuur«, Morrim of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., yeo- 
man; will oL Real estate in Trenton to his mother, Ann Oould. and 
to his sisters, Mary Taylor, Frances Oould and Elisabeth Oould. 
Executrix, the mother. Witnesses — Peter Lott, Daniel Howell, Wil- 
liam Oreen. Proved Feb. 16, 1748-9. Lib. 81, p. 268. 

1743, Nov. 14. Ijeoa^rd, SamiieU of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., will 
of. Wife, Elisabeth. Sons, Joseph and Thomas, lands at Black river 
and in Burlingrton County. Unborn child. Residue of estate to wife 
and daughters (not named). Executors — ^John Eatton and Joseph 
Warden. Witnesses— Margacet Wardell, Joseph Eatton. John War- 
dell. Proved Feb. 16, 1742. (John and Joseph Wardell. Quakers). 

Lib. D, p. 68. 

1742, Dec. 20. Inventory of the estate (£376.19.06) includes servant 
man (£10.17). Made by Adam Brewer and Joseph Parker. 

1T83» Dec. 11. Le^a^rd* Stepkea, BUn^alre* of New Hanover, Hunter- 
don Co., yeoman. Inventory of estate, including 8 perukes, wooden 
surveying compass, a musket, 2 powder horns. Dalton's Justice, 16 
amall books of Divinity, one old clock and other brass, negro Peter 
(£12), parcel of iron ore in the forge, some loose tools in the forge. 
Made by Joseph Prudden and Caleb Falrchild. 

173 2-S. Jan. 6. Bond of Comfort Leonard, of New Hanover, widow, 
as administratrix. Samuel Crosman and Joseph Hinds, of Hunterdon 
County, yeoman, sureties. Lib. 3, p. 240. 

1733, Sept. 14. Additional inventory includes debts due from Benjamin 
Hathay, John Nutman, Jonathan Stiles, Isaac Thomas. Morres Morrison, 
John Johnson, Humphrey Davenport, John Davenport, Solomon Mun- 
son. William Meier, Thomas Clarck. James Miley, Seth Hall, Benjamin 
Beach, Ehinis Kilbom, Cristeen Johnson Jr.. Samuel Crosman. Joseph 
Johnson, William Bradford, Joseph Ludley (or Lindley). 

1748, Nov. 7. Lestmng, JaaMS, of Manington, Salem Co., weaver. 
Int. Adm'r. Andrew BalL Bondsman — ^Davd. Morris. Witnesses-— 
Danl. Mestayer, MichL Oibbon. Lib. 6, p. 49. 

1748, Nov. 8. Inventory (£24) includes "To Susaney from Roy's Bord.'* 
10 shillings. Appraisers — John Smith. Archable Hamilton, (mark). 

1743, Sept. Iff. Letts* Fnwele* of Middlesex Co.; will of. Sons — 
John, Abram, Peter and Francis. Francis Letts, Jun'r, eldest son of 
son William, deceased. Jeams, son of son Francis. David, son of 
John Bissord. Real and personal estate. Executors — ^wlfe, Mary, 
sons Francis and Peter. Witnesses— Henry Moore, Eliaha Dunham. 
Proved Nov. 29, 1742. Lib. D, p. 88. 

1739-40^ Fek. S7. Letts, ^VUlla»* of Middlesex Co., yeoman; will 
of. Children — Francis, John, Margratt and Mary Letts. Land join- 
ing Peter Sonmans, deceased, and Peter Tys, which I purchased of 
Ephraim Dunham. Executors— wife, Antie, and oousin, Peter Boke- 
low. Witnesses — Sam'll Walker, Peter Letts, N. Bveraon. Proved 
April 16, 1740. Lib. C. p. ISA. 

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17S2, Not. 9B. Lewla, Bdward, of Basking Rldffe, 8oHK«r««t Co. 
Administration on estate irranted to Alice Lewis. Lib. B. p. 819. 

1740»l9 F*k. 98. li^wla* Jmmfm, of Bordinfftown, Burlington Co.; 
will of. Wife, Abigail, sole executrix. Son, James, under ase. Lots 
in Bordlnfftown bouerht of Joseph Jay and Charles Taylor; also plan- 
tation near Neshamlny, Bucks Co.. Penna. Witnesse s ■ Sa muel Sliourds, 
John Clayton, Thomas Folks. Proved March 2S, 1741. 

Lib. 4. p. S74. 

174S-8* Feb. 15. Lewiii* John* of Manlnffton, Salem Co., husband- 
man; will of. Wife, Ruth, dower. Children— Joseph, Sarah, Blita- 
beth, Mary and John, rest of the estate equally, as they come of affe. 
Brother, William Roberts, trustee of the said children during their 
minority. Executor — son Joseph. Witnesses— Alexr. Simpson, Barna- 
bas Ashley. Sworn and affirmed, 26 March, 1743. Lib. 6, p. f 1. 

1743, Dec. 3. Whereas Joseph Lewis ated about thirteen years, or 
theroabouts. was appointed sole executor in his father s will, letters of 
administration were granted to William Roberts (trustee). Bondsmen — 
John Roberta. James Holladay. Lib. f , p. 62. 

1742-3, March 4. Inventory (il78.14.9) includes servant man and 
woman (£11), field of wheat, cattle, horses. Appraisers — Bartholomew 
Hyatt, Othnlel Tomlinson. 

1744» May ll« Lewis* Jolm* of Deptford Township, Gloucester Co., 
shinvle maker; will of. Bxecutors — Joseph Hedges, of Gloucester 
Township, yeoman, and Peter Marriage, of Deptford, Gloucester Co., 
laborer. Former to have 132 acres of that land called Squankum. 
Gloucester Co., and one«third of the personal; latter to have all my 
other improvements, land and cedar swamps, and two-thirds of the 
personal. Witnesses— Dad. Roe, James Valentine, Michael Fisher. 
Proved 11 June, 1744. 

1746, Oct 17. Letters issued to aforesaid executors. Lib. 6. p. 188. 

1744. May 28. Inventory, £98.10.1; made by Michael Chew, Michael 

lT4e» 0o9tk l«u Lewis, Mary date Mary Bickham). of Gloucester 
(}o. Int. Adm'r, Samuel Lewis, of Chester Co., Penna.. yeoman. 
Bondsman — Abraham Chattin, of aforosaid County. 

Glottoester Wills, 888 K. 

178S* Dec. 21. Lewis, Wllliani, of Blsenburffh, Salem Co.. labourer. 
Bend of, to Thomas Mason, of Salem, merchant, for £6.16.10. 

1734, Nov. 29. Bond of Thomas Mason, as administrator of the estate 
oC William Lewis, with John Doe and Richard Doe, of Salem, gentlemen, 
as fellow bondsmen. 

17 14, Dec. 26. Inventory of the estate. £2.3.0 ; made by Joseph Darkin 
and Bdward Test. Salem WUls, 497 <^ 

174i^ AvHI 14. Ll0lrt, Mary, of Mlddletown. Monmouth Co. Bend 
of Peter Le Conte, of FreehoM, physician, prinoipal creditor, as ad- 
ministrator. Joseph Batton. of Shrewsbury, physician, fellow bonds- 
man. Lib. C p. 812. 

1746. ApHl 16. Inventory of the estate (£16.16.3) includes bonds of 
Benjamin Wlllson and Benjamin Chestsrmaa. Made by James Rutclilin 
and Hannus Swart 

1741, A<>HI 16. Account menUons OMh paid Jsssph Battsn, Jao^ 

Digitized by 



Trueaz, William Deveny, Benjamin Chestemmn and Oeorg* Raid. Cash 
from Benjamin Wlllson. 

1748* April 7. Limlas* WIUIjum, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co.. 
yeoman; will of. Wife» Deborah. Children — Daniel, John, Deborah, 
Itidah, Elisabeth and Sarah. Executors — ^wife, son Daniel and John 
Cox. Witnesses— John Liming, Junior, James Reid and Joseph 
Cunningham. Proved Jan. 20, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 26. 

, , — Inventory of the estate ; £106.08.11 ; made by John 

Trout and Joseph Cunnincham, Junior. 

1749-(M» March 7. Lladsly, Joha* of Morristown, Morris Co., Esq.; 
will of. Sons — Stephen (eldest), Junia, Caleb, John, Levi (minor), 
Demas (minor), Philip (minor). Dauffhters— Phebe and Hanna. Real 
and personal estate. Executors— My brother, Daniel, and my son 
Junia, both of Morristown. Witnesses— Caleb Fairchild, Thomas 
Miller, Tlmo. Johnes. Proved 5 April, 1760. Lib. B, p. 411. 

1789^ ApHl X Lladsly CLladsley), Stephca, of the Borouffh of Elisa- 
beth, Essex Co. Int. Administration granted to Phebe Lindsley 
(relict), of the County of Morris. Bondsman — Joseph Wood, Jr. 

Lib. B, p. 408. 

1760, April 8. Inventory of personal estate (£488.18.06), Includes 
bonds of Abel Day, Joseph Wood, Bbeneser HoUeburd, David Powers, 
Daniel Roberts, John Prodden, ESbeneser Allen, Jona. Allen, Abner Beach» 
Adam Blackman. Thomas Johnson, Cornelius Cain, John Welshar, John 
Forster, Thomas Allason, Thomas Rite. Also debts due from Mathew Oon^ 
net. Thomas Morgan, John Pears. Zopher Bedford, Jacob Allen, Isaac 
Ball, John Muchmore, Abraham Stanr, Samuel Ross, John Carter, George 
Day, Henery Von Vollaman, William Miller, Sarah Hart, James Dody, 
Daniel Day. Made by Nath*ll Bonnel. Benjamin Carter. 

1745-«, March 8. LImc. William, Jam*r. of the Borouffh of Elisabeth^ 
Essex Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Elisabeth. Children — Joseph, Wil- 
liam. John, Mary, Rebeckah, Katherlne and Martha. Real and per- 
sonal estate. Executors — son, Joseph, and John and Benjamin Miller. 
Witnesses^Joseph Atin, John Davis, William Nicholas. Proved May 
9, 1746. Lib. D, p. 882. 

1746-7. April 22. Inventory of personal estate, £100.18.08; made by 
John Vail, John Shotwell, Jun'r. 

1740-7* Jam. 15. Lima* Joha* of Somerset Co., yeoman. Int. Ad- 
ministration granted to the widow, Margaret, and Joseph Linn, the 
son. Fellow bondsmen — ^William and Alexander Linn, all of Somerset 
Co. Witnesses— Bryan Leferty, Tho. Bartow. Lib. D, p. 446. 

1746-7, Jan. 7. Inventory of personal estate, £179.12.0; made by Bryan 
Leferty, Adam Reemer. 

1747-8. Jan. 22. Account. Paid to Denil Haly, Petter Smith. Petter 
Kembel, Loran S. Slicer, NathL Cooper, Evan Lessds, John Tinbrock, 
Oomaloues Low, Thomas Halam, Mr. James Alexander. 

1748* Aaff. 98. LIpplaeott* Aaa* of Northampton, Burlington Co.,. 
widow; will of. Children — Job, Samuel, Patience Folwell and Elisa- 
beth OaskilL Daughter — Ann Qasklll. Executors — sons Job and Samuel. 
Real and personal estate. Witnesses— John Atkinson, Jonathan Jess, 
Tho. Shinn. Proved Sept. 9, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 110. 

Digitized by 



1748, S«pt 6. Inventory of the personal estate, £S41.7.4 ; made by 
James Lipplnoott and Reyell Blton. Includes bonds and notes due from 
Ekiward Oaskill, Oddy Brock, Walter Harbert, James Southwlck, Samue l 
CrtPP^. AwiftM ShlYsr, John Brock, Joseph QaskiU, Bdward Wever, Joseph 
Ruchards, Jobe Llppinoott, Joseph Shinn, James Shinn, Henry Reeves, 
Thomas Klmbal, Jonathan Oaskell. John Powel, Joslah Southwlck, Sam- 
uel Oaskell, Thomas Foster, John West, John Fort. JoUve Bvan. 

1741, J«ly 8, UpplMcottt DaatoU of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Oenet. Only son. Preserve, under ave. 
Daughters — Elisabeth, Andrla and Ann. Land adjoining Abraham 
Wlilte; meadow on Lonff Neck. Executors — ^wlfe, uncle Oeorve Wil- 
liams, and friend Joseph Parker. Witnesses — ^Abraham White, 
Oeorffe WooUey, John Fisher, Jacob Dennis. Proved Oct. 7, 1741. 

Lib. C, p. 446. 

]748» 4tk day* ^tk me. (Jose). Upplacett, Pieedem, J«m*r, of Eve- 
sham, Burlington Co., yeoman. Int. Inventory of the personal es- 
tate, £230.10.8; made by Thomas Hooten and Daniel Bates. 

1743, June 16. Administration granted to Hannah Llppincott, widow. 
Samuel Llppincott and Thomas Wllklns, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 4, p. 881. 

17S4p A«c 4. Llpplseott, Jaceb. of Chester. Burlington Co., yeoman; 
will of. Sons — ^Richard, Thomas, Esekiel and Jacob, all under are. 
Real and personal estate. Wife, Mary, sole executrix. Witnesses-— 
John Means, Robert French, Joseph Heritage. (Not proven). 

Lib. 4, p. 248. 

1740, June 21. Inventory of the personal estate, £161.11.2; made by 
John Means and Joseph Heritage. 

174B» May S7. Llppimcott, Joha, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., 
yeoman; will of. Wife, Sarah, plantation where testator lived, bound- 
ed by his second son Jacob's land, during her life; then to son Jacob. 
Eldest son, Thomas. Son, Jacob, land adjoining Peter White. Third 
son, Joseph. Fourth son, John, plantation where said son lives at 
Norrawatlcunk, for life, and then to testator's grandson, John Llp- 
pincott, eldest son of John; entailed to male heirs. Negro woman, 
Hester, to be free, and her five children to be free when aged 86 
years. Daughters — ^BCargaret, Mary, Faith, Deborah, Anne and Sarah. 
Executors — ^three eldest sons, Thomas, Jacob and Joseph. Witnesses 
— James Parker, Thomas Crafts, Anthony and Jacob Dennis. Proved 
Hay 26, 1747. (James Parker, a Quaker). Thomas and Jacob Llppin- 
cott, executors (Quakers), qualified same day. Lib. E, p. 206. 

1747, May 11. Inventory of the estate (£411.08.00) includes negroes 
lahmael. Primus, Hagar, Bess and Oliver, to serve 6, 11, 18, 17 and 19 
years respectively, (time at £200). Made by Isaac Hance and Jacob 

17S7» Sept. 9u Llpplaeoti* Preserve* of Shrewsbury. Monmouth Ck>. 
Int. Bond of Oabriel Stelle, of Perth Amboy, Esquire, as administra- 
tor. Andrew Johnston, Esquire, of Perth Amboy. fellow bondsman. 

Lib. C. p. 176. 
» March 16. Llpplaeott» Reetore» of Northampton, Burlington 
Co., husbandman; will of. Wife, Martha. Grandson, Joseph Llp- 
pincott, my long gun. Grandsons— Restore Llppincott, Daniel and 
Jonathan Jess. Daughters — Rachel Dawson, Abigail (wife of James 
Shinn), Rebecca (wife of Joslah Gaskill), and Elisabeth (widow of 

Digitized by 



Gtoorffe Shtnn). Two old nerroes to have their freedom. 100 acres 
te New Hanover upon Rancocers Creek near James Bhinn's mill. 
Son, James, sole executor. WltneBses—WiUlam Parker, John Parson, 
Tho. Bhinn. Proved Auff. t. 1741. Lib. 4, p. 810. 

1741, July 25. Inventory of the personal estate, £114.18; made by Ben- 
Janto Brian and John Butcher. Includes Bible and other books. 

1747, Nsfv. 4. lilpplmeett, ^rilUam* of Shrewsbury Township, Mon- 
mouth Co., carpenter; will of. Wife, Esther, executrix. Brother, Wil- 
bur lappiacott. Witnesses — John Morris and William Bills. Proved 
April 8, 1748. Monmouth Wills, 

1747, Nov. 1». Inventory of the estate (£221.19.6 1-8) Includinc riding 
ehair and harness. Made by Joseph Kelley and Abraham Tllton. 

17S1, Oet. •. Lltt«n (I^ttteK Aathoay, of Blisabeth Town, Essex 
Co., yeoman; will of. Children — ^Absalom, Abraham, Andrew, Anthony, 
AndoBlah, Amos, Abigail, Mary and Ruth Little. Daurhter, Blisabeth, 
Aauffhter of my former wife Blisabeth, deceased. Lands joininff lands 
of Joshua Clark, Joseph Conklinff, Joseph Holsea, Bllaklm Chorey. 
Bxecutors-»wife, Mary, son Absalom and friend Matthias Hetfleld, 
cerdwalner. Wltnesses-^Thomas Chapman, Dan'U Sayre, David Crane. 
Proved Jan. 5, 1788-4. Lib. B, p. 484. 

lTtS-4, ■ , — . Inventory of personal estate. £64.17.08; made by 

Abs'm Ladner, N. Mitchell. 

1750, Jaak 14. Ltttle, Sm^m of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.; will of. 
Wife, Hannah. Son, John. Son, Thomas, deceased. Oranddauffhter, 
Isabell Little, daughter of son Thomas; rranddaugrhter, Isabell Little, 
dauiphter of son John. £200 to Trustees of Presbyterian Church of 
Monmouth County. Bxecutors^friends John Anderson and David 
Rbe, both of Freehold. Witnesses— Joseph Potter, Andrew McDowell 
and John Nath'n Hutch ins. Codicil made February 12, 1760, same 
witnesses. Proved March 8, 1766. Lib. B, p. 292. 

174t, Jaa. 1«. Ltvistoa. D«tt% *«at the North Branch of Rarriton and 

County of Summerseat,** blacksmith; will of. Wife, — . Chll- 

dren—- Robert, Danl., John, Cathrine, Peergry, William and Malcom 
(last three dest^Bated as the three younger children). Son-in-law, 
James Andrew. Mentions Wm. McDonald, miller, and John Collier, a 
tenant. The home farm to be held ''so lon^ as the family keeps to- 
irether." Rents to be paid to Mr. Alexander, his attorney. Ehcecutors 
-HBon, Robert, and GMsbert Lane, llviner at the North Branch of Rari- 
ton, Somerset Co. Witnesses — DanL McBowen, James Andrew. 

(On back of will): 'Xeft here by Duncan McCoy, who said he 
would eret it proved." Not probated. Somerset Wills, 68 R. 

1747, Oet. 16. Lloyd, Thomas* of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., yeo- 
man. Int. Bond of Bridget Lloyd, his widow, as administratrix. 
John Throckmorton and John Lerton, fellow bondsmen. Witness— 
BUaabeth Lloyd. Lib. B, p. lOf. 

1747, Oct. 19. Inventory of personal estate (£112.6.7) Inohides 128 
pounds of butter, £8.10.9. Made by Charles Morgan and John Bowne. 

Lloyd (see Loy«>. 

IfdS, Sept. S. Loeii, Jestak, of Oreeawich Township, Gloucester Co., 

Digitized by 



yeoman; will of. Wife, Maffdelen, the personal estate, and "to ffive 
my dauirbters as she sees proper." Sons— Andrew, all my lands 
excepting the land I rave to my son. Swan Lock, with S acres of 
meadow on Rappah Creek, Gloucester Co.; Zebulon and Jestah, at 21, 
to have equally the rest of the land I purchased of John Ladd. Bxecu- 
tors-^wlfe, Ifa^delen, and son, Andrew. Witnesses — ^Deborah Vene- 
man, Jonas Lock, William Quest. Proved 4 Nov., 1742. Lib. 4, p. 82S. 
1742, Nov. 3. Inventory (£122.12.4) includes book (£1), 100 bu. of 
Indian Com (£10), cattle (£34.10.0). Appraisers — William Quest, Hanoe 

1781* Jvae 9u I^eck. Peter» of Gloucester Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, 
Mary. Children— Lawrence (eldest), Charles, Jones, John, Jasper, 
Peter, Mary, Susannah (the last six under a^e.) Executors — wife, and 
son L*awrence. Witnesses— Mounoe Keen, Jacob Mattson, John Jones. 
Proved July 1«, 1731. Lib. 8, p. 146. 

1731, June 28. Inventory, £111.16.8; made by Gunnar Archard and 
John Jones. 

1744. Sept. 8. Leckkeart <Leckar«), AleuMder, of Trenton, Hunter- 
don Co., Esquire; will of. Wife, Mary. Son, Daniel Cpxe Lockheart. 
Executors — wife, and friend John Coxe, of Trenton. Witnesses — 
Mary Bond, Elijah Bond and Jno. Jenkins. Proved Sept. 4, 1749. 

Lib. 6, p. 849. 

ir^S, Dec. as. Lo«aa» Joka, of Gloucester Co., laborer. Int. Admr*x, 
Svy Belanser. Bondsman— Japheth Leeds. Both of Eers Harbor, 
county aforesaid. Gloucester Wills, 480 H. 

1740» May S. Losaa, William, of Hunterdon Co., yeoman; will of. 
Wife, Sarah. Yeunerest daushter. Mary. Other children — Anne, 
Staffle, William and Sarah. Executors — ^Ephraim Lockheart and Rich- 
ard Porter. Witnesses— James McCrea, Ralph Smith and John Mc- 
Qallird. Proved May 8, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 806. 

1749, May 9, 10. Inventory of estate of William Logan, "late of Rid- 
den Town" (Readington), (£424.9.2), includes a pleasure "slay,** two yoke 
of oxen, two gxms, large Bible, books ; 270 acres of land leased from Mr. 
James Logan of Stenton. in Philadelphia County, (£200), planks at Joshua 
Nichols ; money due from Patrick Brown, John Bodine, Alexander Hunter, 
James Woods' part of the fulling mill, and John Allen. Debts due from 
Thomas Lane, Cornelius Weacoft. John Weacoft, Cornelius Skinner, San)- 
uel Bemardt, Derrick Morlat, John Reed, Staffel Vock, Ephraim Lock- 
heart. John Vandwenter, Nathan Dally, John Mallick, John Andrews, 
James Andrew, Duman McQuoan, John Face, Abraham Dally. Andreas 
Wortman, William Bay, Jonathan Delley and Valentine Fase. Made by 
Joshua Nichols and William Jones. 

1762, Dec. 27. Account of executors mentions Anthony White, William 
Logan of Philadelphia. Hendrick Hendrickson, Tunis Vandever, Cornelius 
Wyooft, William Alexander, Peter Bonn. Hugh Tompson. Aaron Long- 
street, Robert Cummins, Joseph Purman. Elstate of Thomas Noble. Samuel 
Johnson, James Wood, Jacob Angell, Jacob Tennicke, William Osbom, 
James McCoy, John Broughton, John Collins. John Vandeventer, Doctor 
Liddle, Jacob Cline, Doctor Vanwagener, John Vansickle. Mary Buckley, 
Mr. Guilard. John Allan, Cornelius Low. John Walker, Thomas Helam, 
John Coleman. John Henry. Robert Simpson, John Langerfelt. John Spen- 
cer, James McGill. Maur's Glanviel. Archibald Marryon, Ralph Smith, 
Joshua Nichols. James Wood. William McKenney. 

Digitized by 



1740» Jalr 18. Lollard, Jaha, of 01ouc«8ter Co., Iftboror. Int. Adm'r, 
William HlUt of Waterford, farmer. Bondflman — John Btotlack, Now- 
ton, yeoman. All of said County. Witness — ^Luke Tuckniss. 

Lib. 6, p. 8SS. 

1749. July 10. Inventory, £S2.18.S ; made by John Bstlack. 

1750. June S. Account Goods sold at vendue: Max Field, Edward 
Bush, Isaac Mickle. WUliam EUis, Nathan Pratt. Joseph BUis. 

1T48-4I» Mareh 15. Loas* Blika* of Mannlnffton, Salem Co.. yeoman; 
will of. Children — ^Abner, Daniel. Malachi and Rebecca Lone the 
plantation (60 acres) I live on. equally when they arrive to the a^e 
of 21 years. Executors shall brin^ up and educate children until 
fifteen and then bind them to trades. Executors — ^William Siddons and 
Mary, his wife. Witnesses — ^William Chandler, Thos. Rice, Geo. 
Trenchard. Sworn and afllrmed, 3 of April, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 862. 

1749. April 4. Inventory (£191.18.8) includes negro boy (£20), horses 
and colts, oxen, cows, etc Appraisers — Edward Keasbey, William Chand- 

174t» Nov. 14. LoBiT* W^ilUaai* of Cohansey, Salem Co., husbandman; 
will of. Sons — Joseph (eldest) and Elihu. Daughter — ^Elisabeth, 
wife of Abraham Cunningham. Witnesses — Margaret Abel, Nathan 
Shaw, (George Willis. Proved 10 Jan., 1743-4. Salem Wills. 806 Q. 

1748-4. Jany 10. No executors being named in the will, Joseph Long 
and Alexander Omningham appointed to administer the estate. Bonds- 
man — ^Andw. Gkirdiner. Witnesses William M'Manamy, C^has. O. NetIL 

1743. Nov. 29. Inventory, £40.12.6 ; made by Hugh Dunn, Nathan 

1741-2, March 11« Laagfleld, Mary* of New Brunswick. Middlesex 
Co., widow of Cornelius Longfield. Daughters— Rachel Lawrence and 
Catherine Cox. Friend, widow Foret, alias Lebon. Real and personal 
estate. Executor — son. Henry Longfield. Negro woman. Sucky. to 
have her freedom. Witnesses — ^Edw'd Antill, Joseph Philips. Wm. 
AntilL Proved March 25. 1747. Lib. E, p. 4. 

1781, . Laagharst, Heary, of Burlington. Inventory, £106.0.0 

(value of contents of a country store); made by Richard Smith, Jr., 
and Samuel Bickley. Burlington Wills, 2311-2 C. 

1730* Deceaiber 1. Loa gatr c e t, Theopkllas* of Shrewsbury Town, 
Monmouth Co.. yeoman; will of. Wife. Mercy. Eldest son. Richard, 
plantation he lives on, on Manasquan river, old gun and £60. Second 
son, Oilbert, plantation where he lives on same river. Third son. 
Aury, land at Rariton, where he lives. Fourth son, Theophilus, land 
in said town on Long Branch and Raccoon Island. Daughters — 
Tonica, Catherine, Mary, Sarah, Moica and Anne. Executors — ^four 
sons. Eldest daughter. Ton lea, to have old loom. Witnesses — John 
Little. Thomas Wainwrlght, Jon. Seares and Jacob Dennis. Signed, 
"StofTel Langstraat." Proved March 1. 1741. Lib. C, p. 491. 

174X Feb. IS. Loasworth, Thoauui* of Newark. Essex Co.; will of. 
Children — Thomas, Martha, John, Mary, Isaac, Samuel. David (last 
four under age). Land purchased of Thomas Ludington, Joining lands 
of Jonathan Pierson, Isaac Lyon, David Shipman. Executors — ^wife. 

Digitized by 



Doroaa, and son Thomas. Witnesaos — ^Daniol Plerson. Joseph Riffffs, 
Jnn'r. David Offdsn. Proved Not. 2S. 1748. Lib. B. p. 223. 

179t, OeC S. L^^fb^vrraw, Joka, of Middlesex Co.; will of. Chil- 
dren—John, Nathaniel, Thomas, Mathew, Hannah, Katherlne, Ruth. 
Sldest daughter at 14 years. Oranddauffhter, Rutlu at 18 y^ars. 
Lands at Payslack neck, Staten Island; 60 acres In Woodbrldffe; at 
Rarlton, jolnlnip lands of Bsekiel Bloomfleld. Bonds of Cornelius 
Johnson, of Staten Island, Richard Stllwlll, of New York. Samuel 
Allen, of Newark. Executors — friends John Vail and John Klnsey, 
Jun'r. Witnesses — Daniel Shotwell, Henry Brotherton. J. Klnsey. 
ProTed Jan. 29, 1732. Lib. B, p. 362. 

, > . L«ofbafUTow» Joka, of Perth Amboy, Middle- 

sex Co.; win of. All estate to be at my wife's disposal. Eldest son. 
Wade. Witnesses— Thomas Inslls and William Harrison. 

1749, March 30. Oannatta Harrison, of full a^e (widow), made oath 
to the signature on the will. 

1749, April 12. William Harrison, one of the witnesses, made oath to 
the signature as belnc that of the testator. Lib. E, p. 271. 

1718* Dee. S7. V^atm, Joha, of Hackinsack, Bergen Co., farmer; 
will of. Wife, Helena, sole executrix, and to have whole estate during 
widowhood. Sons — Johannis (eldest), the land In the Hills, and 
Paulus, land "on Tien Neck," and to share equally the meadows. 
Legacies to daughters, Tryntje and Oeesje. Dauffhter-in-law. Aeltje 
Westervelt, £26 (belnff her portion of her father's estate). Wit- 
nesses — Jacob Hendreckse Banta, Hendreck Hendreck Banta, Robert 
Livesey. Proved 1 March, 1744. Lib. D. p. 239. 

1744, Nov. SS. Lorancc, Nathaa* of Cohansey, Salem Co., yeoman; 
will of. Wife, Elisabeth, one-third of moveable estate; at her mar- 
riage or decease same shall be equally divided amonip my three 
youngest daughters, Elisabeth, Rhoda and Vloletta. Dauiphter, Abigail 
Elmore, "that tract called Flyinff Point (except one acre where the 
Baptist meeting house stands — where the Baptist members that live 
on the south side of Cohansey Creek shall think fit to take it"), to- 
gether with 100 acres between Edmund Shaw's and Samuel Chard's, 
joining Barn's line to be hers and her heirs forever by her present 
husband Daniel Elmore, If any shall survive; for want of such heirs 
after the decease of said Daniel Elmore and Abigail his wife, then to 
any other lawful heirs of her body, who shall pay £10 to each of my 
three youngest daughters at their marriage or at the are of 21 years. 
Sons — Jonathan and Nathan, all of my lands and all my shares and 
riffhts of "Proprletye." Daughters — Elisabeth Shephard, V^ of the 
marsh (60 acres) In Sears Neck and £80; Rhoda. 200 acres at White 
Marsh, 100 acres of marsh below John Peterson's on the west side 
of Morris River, and £60 to be paid when she will be 20 or married; 
Vloletta, 200 acres at White Marsh, ^ of the marsh on the east side 
of Dividing Creek, also £60 at 20, or marriage. Executors — sons Jon- 
athan and Nathan Lorance. Witnesses — William Dallis, Joseph 
Reeves, Isaac Preston, Nathaniel Diament. Proved 24 April. 1746. 

Lib. 6. p. 160. 

1744, Dec. 20. Inventory (£634.0.10) includes silver tankard and spoons 
(£20.18.9), 77 neat catUe (£146.1), ne^ro woman (£36). horses (£81). a 
still and 36 t^ls. of spirits (£22). Appraisers — Joseph Reeves, Jonadab 

Digitized by 



1740» Mareh SS. Lor4» €)9mmtmmt»mm (above 14 years), son of EMmontf 
Lord, late of Qloucester Co., ward. Guardian — Joshua Lord, his uncle. 
Bondsman — James Lord. Both of Deptford Township, yeomen. Wit- 
nesses—Luke Tuckniss, Jos. Rockhill, Junior. Lib. 6, p. 270. 

1741, May 4. L^rd* Bdai#ad, of Qreenwich, Oloucester Co., yeoman. 
Int. Adm'z, his widow, Susanna. Bondsmen — John Raine and John 
Jones, both of place aforesaid. Lib. 4, p. 287. 

1741. April 27. Inventory, £61.10.0 ; made by John Rayn« John Jonoa. 

ITtH A9HI 38. UmK€* iafca, of Waterford, Oloucester Co., yeoman; 
will of. Bxecutora— wife, Mary, John Wood, of Woodbury Creeke^ 
and Joseph Tomllnson. They to sell the whole estate, real and per* 
sonal, H for my wife, the other half for the "brinfflnc up of my chil- 
dren, who shall receive equally at 21 what is left of their portion.**' 
Witnesses — Joseph Tl^dall, Jun'r, John Kay, Sarah Kay. Affirmed 
17 June, 1732. Ldb. 2, p. 200. 

1732, June 8. Renunciation of John Wood, one of the executors named. 
Witnesses — Joseph Tindall, Josa. Lord. 

1782, Ifay 20. Inventory (£369.16.11) includes 144 acres of land, wltlk 
improvements thereon (£19.16.11). Appraisers — John Kay, Joseph Bate, 
John Collins. 

1784, Jam. 8. Lord* Jsseph, of Salem County, yeoman. Int. Adm*x,. 
Alice Lord, widow. Bondsmen — John Purple, John Doe. All of said 
County. Witness— Richard Roe. Lib. 8, p. 484. 

1734, Dea 16. Inventory (£146.3.4) includes cattle, horses and colts. 
Appraisers — Thomas Hopkins. John Purple. 

1785, 18th day, Srd mo. <May). Lord, Robert, of Sprlnfffleld, Bur- 
lington Co., yeoman: will of. Sons — John and SamueL Daughter,. 
Sarah, wife of John Tatam. Remainder of estate, both real and per- 
sonal, to seven children, vis., Isaac Lord's wife and children, Abraham, 
Rachel. Elisabeth Borton, Robert, Joshua and Abiipail. Executors — 
wife. Jane, and son-in-law John Borton. Witnesses — Abr'm Faring- 
ton (tallow chandler), Dan. Smith, Jun'r (merch't). Is. DeCow (Esq.). 
Proved June 21, 1785. Lib. 4, p. 31. 

1736. May 30. Inventory of the personal estate, £189.10.6; made by 
James Lipplncott and John Butcher. 

1737, May 4. Account showing payments to Isaac DeCow for makinir 
coffin, Richard Robinson. Elishab Allison, Mary Austin, Sam'll Lovett, 
Dan'l Smith, Jun'r, Caleb Raper. Jon. Fenimore, William Blssell, Joseph 
Rockhill, Joshua Barker, Rich. Smith. Jonath'n Wright. Joseph Atkinson, 
Rebecca Bryan, Joseph Ridrway. Sarah Antram, Joshua Owen, Jaa. 
Antram. Sam'll Scatterfood, John Buffin, Jon. Craige, Dan'l Zelley, Abigail 
Smith, John Ridgway. Sam'll and Mary Gibson. 

1748, May Itt. Lord, Saaivel, of Deptford Township, Oloucester Co. 
Int. Adm'x. Mary Lord, widow. Bondsman — James Cattell, of place 
aforesaid. Witness — John Mickle. Lib. 6, p. 16. 

1748. May 14. Inventory, £78.13.10; made by James CatteU, Michael 

1748, April 11. Lerd» ThosMw, of Monmouth Co. Int. Bond of 
Andrew Johnston, Esq., as administrator of the estate, with Andrew 
Smyth as fellow bondsman. Lib. S«, p. 16#. 

Digitized by 


CALENDAR OF WILLS — 1730-1750 307 

lTao» Mmweh SS. Ii*«4eH iVmwr6em} Rcmler, of Precinct of PilM 
drove, Salem Co., tailor; will of. Children — Robard, Rachel, Eales and 
one not born, to have equally, when the younipeet will be 21, my real 
estate, conetetlBcr of house and lot in Salem occupied by Clement 
Haul, and 100 aeres (Salem County) in the occupation of William 
Loper. Wife, Easter, executrix and to have the personal. Witnesses 
— Benjamin Davall, Joseph Lioyd, Wm. Crawley. Proved 14 April, 
17t0. Salem Wills, 498 Q. 

1710. April 13. Inventory (£7S.18.3) includes cows <£naO) and slMsp 
(£11.5). Appraisers-— John Davis, Samuel Blwell. 

1781, Nov. 21. Account of "Esther Loudon,*' executrix. Monies paid to 
Mathew Ran ton, Peter Evans, Esq., attorney for Jon. Brick and Elisa. 

IIW^ Sept. 11. Loneada, Meeee, of Middlesex Co. Int. Bond of 
Hannah Lousada, the widow, late of Middlesex Co., now of New 
York City, as administratrix. Daniel McKinney and Marius ^Glanvil, 
of Hunterdon Co., fellow bondsman. Lib. B, p. 462. 

1750. Sept. 27. Inventory of personal estate (1246.4.9) includes mohov- 
any desk, 4 burnt china chocolate cups, silver watch, silver snuff box, 12 
silver table spoons. Made by Dan*ll McKenney and James Nuttman. 

17SS, Nov. 18. Love, Mary (parents not iplven), of Salem Co., ward. 
Guardian. Thomas Paeret, yeoman, of said County. Witnesses — Thos. 
Eniley (?), Dan. Mestayer. Salem Wills, 676 Q. 

1789, Dee. 8. Leve, Robert (parents not ffiven), Salem Co., ward. 
Guardian, John Parke. Bondsman — Sinick Slnnickson. Both of said 

County. Witnesses^Thomas (?), Dan. Mestayer. 

Salem Wills, 672 Q. 

1741, May 93. Ijevelaad, Rlcbard, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., yeo- 
man. Int. Bond of Mary Loveland, of Trenton, widow, as admin- 
istratrix. David Dunbar, of same place, blacksmith, surety. Wit- 
nesses — Jno. Clark, Susannah Loveland. Lib. 4, p. 271. 

1741. June 1. Inventory of the estate (£116.10.4) includes 3 maps 
and 19 pictures. 18 old pictures. 60 oz. silver (£2.2.8). a servant man's 
time. 2 years. 8 months (£7). Made by Joseph Peace and Andrew Reed. 

1740, Sept. 89. Lovett, Aaron, of City and Co. of Burllnerton, yeo- 
man; will of. Sons — Joseph and Aaron. Dauerhter, Mary who is 
under affe. Lot on East side of Hiffh St., in Burlinipton, I bought of 
John Goslinip, and lot on River Delaware, adjolninip James Bispham, 
which I bought of Thomas Hooten. Executors — wife, Lydia, and 
father, Samuel Lovett. Witnesses — John Carlile, Israel Heulin^s, 
Sam'l Scatteripood. Proved Dec. 9, 1746. Lib. 5, p. 207. 

1745. Jan. 11. Inventory of the personal estate, £103.8.9; made by 
Israel Heulinirs and Hugh Hartshome. 

17B0. Nov. 17. Lydia Thomas, late Lydia Lovett, executrix, affirms to 
s'd inventory. 

1747, 14tk day, 8nd me. (ApHI). Lovett, SaMneU of City of Bur- 
Unrton, cordwalner; will of. Wife, Mary, £800. Nathan, son of son 
Nathan, and the 8 children of son Aaron (2 sons and a dau.). Dauffh- 
tera— Rebecca Pearson and Sarah, wife of James Smith. Lot in City 
of Burlinrton, lying between Parson Cambers and Pheby Satter- 
thwait's, which I bought of Thomas Cutler, to my two grandchildren. 

Digitized by 




Samuel and Joseph Lovett. Executors — wife, son Nathan, and sona- 
in-law Isaac Pearson and James Smith. Witnesses — Joshua Raper. 
John Saunders, Isa. DeCow. Affirmed at Burllnyton. 1749. by M&ry 
Lovett and James Smith, surviving executors. Xiib. 6, p. S16. 

1748, April SO. Lowe, Joaepk, of Newton. Gloucester Co., cooper. 
Int. Adm'r, James Hinchman, Esq. Bondsman — Edward Rudolphua 
Price, of the city and County of Burlington. Lib. 6. p. 489. 

1748, April 1. Inventory. £6S.1I.6 ; made by Isaac Alberson. Jacob 

1745, Jaly IS. Lowmmce (LowMer), <<Johaaova, of Pepack. Sumer- 
set Co.." miller; will of. Wife, Market. Sons — Alexander, Daniel, 
John. Daughters — Elisabeth Kealer, Lenah Moore. Barbra Beshearer. 
Mentions indentured boy, Fredrick Shoemaker; dwelling house and 
orchard; ri^ht and title to a mill, according to a bargain with ICr. 
Andrew Johnston; house that son Daniel lives In, with the cleared 
land belonffinff thereto. Signed, "Johanes Lowner.*' Witnesses — 
Michal Burner, Mar^ret Burner, Jonathan Pitney. "We, Hendrick 
Smith and Jacob Soft, are chosen indeferant by Johannes Lowrance 
for to be executors of my hoi Estait." Proved S Dec. 1746. 

Lib. D. p. S64. 

1746. Nov. 26. Inventory of personal estate, £237.17.4 ; made by Alex- 
ander Alkman. Smits (?). 

17SS, Get. SO. Loyd, Bateman (under 14 years of agre), son of John, 
of Piles Qrove, Salem Co., yeoman. Catherine, the widow, married 
agrain, and Timothy Raines, the uncle of Bateman, petitions that 
he be appointed his guardian, to whom letters of gruardianship are 
Issued. Lib. 4, p. 67. 

1747-8, Jan. 15. Loyd, Bri«set. of Middlesex Co., widow; will of. 
Estate of my husband; Thomas Loyd, deceased. Son, Thomas Loyd. 
Real and personal estate. Executors— -daugrhters Elisabeth and Briffet 
Loyd, they to have remainder of estate. Witnesses — Sam'U Throck- 
morton, Jun'r, John Throckmorton, Sarah Throckmorton. Proved 
Jan. 27. 1748. Lib. E. p. 249. 

1745, Ans. S8. Loaer (Loaler), Hellebmnt, of Bergren Co., yeoman, 
gruardlan of Abraham Ackerman, an infant of the age of 14 years and 
upwards. Fellow bondsman — ^John Nevill, Esq., of Perth Amboy. 

Bergren Wills. 236 B. 

1745, April IS. Loaier, Nicholas, of Hackensack, Bergren Co.. shoe- 
maker; will of. Wife, Antie, sole executrix duringr widowhood. 
Brother-in-law, Jacob Derkse Banta, and son-in-law, David Demarest, 
both of Hackinsack, to be tutors and administrators of the mlnorene 
children, as also assistants of the wife, and, if she dies or remarries, 
to act as executors. In case of second marriage, wife, Antie, to hold 
the whole estate secured, until the youngrest child will be sixteen, that 
the children may be educated, etc. Then the oldest son, Anthony, to 
have the land where he hath formerly lived, at Steenraapje (?), that 
is from €Iacklnsack River runningr back westerly accordlngr to the 
deed thereof unto the first run beyond the hill. Son, Johannis, to 
have remaining part of said land. Son, Petrus. the land where he 
formerly lived, called the New Hook, on Hackinsack river, between 
Peter Alje Hendrick and Samuel Laroe. Son, Lucas, the south half 

Digitized by 



part of the trmct between the l&nd of Qoleyn Ackermaa and Peter 
Alje (according to deed). Son, Derrick, the other half of the tract. 
Bona, Jacobus and Benjamin, the land on the plain eaat of Hackin- 
aack River, with the slip, containing €S acres (according to deed 
thereof). Sons, Jacob and Abraham, the home farm, with a piece of 
land I boofirht of Benjamin VanBoskirk. and the meadow bougrht of 
Wm. Day. Son, Hillebrant, '*all his smith tools." Further, I have 
fflven to the children begrotten by first wife, Fraintje, vis., Anthony, 
Jannetje, Petrus, Johannis, Mary, Hillebrant* Antje, Lucas, Jacobus 
and Benjamin, each £6 allowance of their mother's estate. **01dest 
son, Anthony, to have my cane and *sit place* in the church at 
Schralenburgr*" Unto children Fraintje, Hester, Rachel, Derrick. 
Jacob. Abraham. Lea, and Mar^rietje, whatsoever they may require 
out of my estate. Witnesses— Johannis Vanhooven, Silvester Earle, 
Robert Livesey. Proved 8 April, 1761. Antie Losier qualified as 
executor. Lib. G, p. 419. 

1745. Apr. 12. Fracrment of renunciation. "Whereas Nicholas Losier 
by his last will, dated 12 April, 1746. appointed Antie Losier, Jacob Derkse 
Banta. and David Demarest executors, and whereas the said Jacob Derkse 
Banta and David De (misslnir) refused to take upon them the burthen." 

17S7-S* lltk mo. (Jan.). Lvcas, Robert, of Wellinffborrow. Bur- 
lln^on Co.. yeoman; will of. Son, Benjamin. Grandson, Seath Lucas. 
Dauerhters — Hannah Oibbs, Elisabeth and Margraret. Land in Ches- 
ter I bouffht of Lucy Bore. Executors — son, Benjamin, and daugh- 
ters Hannah Gibbs and Elisabeth Lucas. Witnesses — William Heul- 
inffs, Joseph Fenimore, Jun'r, Henry Nordik. Proved April 18, 1740. 

Lib. 4, p. 229. 

1740. April 14. Inventory of the personal estate, £200.16; made by 
Joseph Fenimore and Peter Parker. Includes debt due from Francis 

1796-7* Jan. 15. Lvdlan, Amthoay, of Cape May, Cape May Co., 
ffent.; will of. Wife, Presela, during widowhood, use of the planta- 
tion whereon I live and % of the moveable estate. Daughters — 
Elisabeth, pair of curtains that were her aunt Sarah's; Jude and 
Elizabeth to have, respectively. £7.10 in arold. and H of riffht of land 
surveyed by Henry Tounff, Deputy Surveyor. Son. Providence, land 
at "Popler Island," Cape May, with all the mills, houses, etc.. to be 
delivered when he will be 20; also one-third of the marsh below the 
"Thorowfare" In the south side of Dennis Creek, which he shall have 
no power to sell until he comes to the agre of 30. Son, Reuben, at 20, 
H of the plantation I live on, but have no power to sell same under 
80 years of a^e. Son. Anthony, at 20. the other half of the planta- 
tion where I live; but if my wife marries before he will be 20. then 
disposed of as hereafter directed; also two-thirds of the marsh below 
the "Thurafair" on the south side of Dennes Creek in Cape May 
County, but with no power to sell the same under 80 years of are. 
Son. Joseph, at 26. all land and marsh in Gloucester County, on the 
southernmost branch of Great Harbour River, commonly called Tuck- 
aho River, but with no power to sell same under 80. "If either of 
my sons should die without children, the land shall be divided be- 
tween the said brothers that shall be living." Rent of the mills, 
house and plantation to be applied to the schooling of my sons Provi- 
dence. Anthony, Reuben and Joseph. Whomsoever has the mill shall 
grrind toll free for my father and for my wife, while my widow. 

Digitized by 



Two-thirds of the personal shall be divided equally amonff my four 
sons and delivered one year after my death. Executors — wife, Pre- 
sela, and my father, Joseph Ludlam. Witnesses — Joseph I^udlam, De- 
borah Younff. Henry Younff- Proved 21 July, 1737. Lib. 4. p. 111. 

1737. July 13. Inventory of personal estate, £182.19.11 V& ; made by 
Henry Young. Jeremiah Hand. 

1781* Not. 17. Lnes (Lewis f)» Bdward. Inventory of personal 
estate (£5.19.8). Made by Ephraim Dunham, David Sutton. 

Somerset Wills, 83 R., 

173^3, Feb. 28. Lnm, SamveU of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co.. yeo- 
man; will of. Children — John. Samuel, David. Hannah and Mary Luni» 
all under age. Real and personal -estate. Executors — wife, Martha, 
Major Joseph Bonnell and Christopher Wood, Esq.. yeoman, of New- 
ark. Witnesses — Edward Oillman, Joseph Bonnell. Jun'r, Charles 
Hole. Proved March 6, 1732-3. Lib. B. p. 393. 

1733. April 7. Inventory of personal estate. £191.04 ; made by Joseph 
Bonnel, Christopher Wood. 

1738, Oct. 28. LwBmls, Edward, of Cohansey, Salem Co., yeoman; 
will of. Wife. Abigail. Children — Edward. Abigail. Samuel. Sarah. 
Daniel and Mary, to have £1 apiece. Remainder of the estate equally 
to my three younger daughters — Tamson. Lydia and Elisabeth. "My 
sons should accept their legacies or parts herein griven in husbandry 
implements." Executor — son. Samuel Lummis. Witnesses — Zechariah 
Sandwell. Hannah Seely, William Trefy. Proved 5 May. 1740. 

Lib. 4. p. 284. 
1739-40. Feb. 27. Inventory (£117.9.11) includes cattle, sheep, swine 
and wheat. Appraisers — Josiah Fithian. Nathaniel Jenkins. 

1748, Ans. 6. LvbumIs, SamveU of Cohansey. Cumberland Co.. 
yeoman; will of. Wife. Deborah, sole executrix and use of my planta- 
tion until my three sons, Samuel, David and Henry, will be of a^e. 
Executrix to sell four pieces of Cedar swamp, that the expected child« 
when of agre. may have £20. if a boy, or £18 if a grirl. Also to dispose 
of a piece of meadow at discretion. Witnesses — Ephraim Seeley. Ed- 
ward Lummus. Nath'l Jenkins. Proved 80 July. 1760. 

1760, July 20. Inventory of real and personal estate (£76.18.2) indudee 
2 lots of cedar swamp (£20.1.1). Appraisers — ^Robert Hood. Jonathan 

1761. Oct. 30. Aocoimt Cash paid Alexander Moore. Robart Hartshorn, 
Daniel Lummas. John Dare and Abraham Reves. 

1744, April n. liWMiUx, WllUam, of Amwell Township. Hunterddn 
Co.. yeoman; will of. Wife, Cathrine. After decease of wife, nevro 
man Primes to be free and to have two acres of land adjoining the 
place of Carneles Rin^oes for life. B«xecutrix — wife. Witnesses — 
Benjamin WiUcoz. Robert Meldrum. Oarret Williamson. Proved April 
9. 1746. Lib. 6. p. 888. 

172M^ Karek 90. Lvptoa, Ckriatopker, of Cape May Co. Int. 
Adm'x. Abigail Lupton. Fellow bondsman — Richard Downes. ESsq. 
Witnesses'— John Eldridgre. Jacob Spicer. Junior. Francis Bevis. 

Cape May Wills. 76 B. 

1782-3. Mar. 19. Invttitory of personal estate. £11.10.0 ; made by Benja- 
min Crafford, Ellsha Hand. 

Digitized by 



17 S3. July 2S. Aooount. Monesrs paid to Richard Downes. John Han4 
Timncfs Berto, Isaac Flood, Eliriia Hand, John Scull, Benjamin CrafPoM 
Jacob Spicer, Nathaniel Foster. Qeorge Crandall. 

1741, Dee. 7. liwmtom, J«««pkt of Salem Co. Renunciation. To all 
whom it may concern: Know ye that we, Daniel Lupton and Nathan 
Lupton. Executors appointed by the last will and testament of our 
late father, Joseph Lupton, of the County of Salem, dec'd, weaver, 
bearing date the thirtieth day of March, 1736. for ^ood causes us 
hereunto movinflr, do hereby renounce and refuse all our ri^ht and 
title to the administration of the said will as Executors thereof, beingr 
unwlllingr to take the burthen of the execution of s'd will upon us. 
Signed by Daniel Lupton and Nathan Lupton. Witnesses — Dan. 
Mestayer. Chas. O. Neill. Salem Wills, 638 Q. 

1740* Jan. 90. L«rtlas, (Jeorse* B<HI>« of Essex Co. Int. Bond of 
Peter Schuyler, principal creditor, as administrator. David Offden, 
Jun'r, fellow bondsman. Lib. E, p. 368. 

1744* Ans. >•. Laae, Beajamla, of Roxbury Township, Morris Co.; 
will of. Wife, Abigail, use of estate duringr widowhood. Daughters— 
Abigail and Mary, at 18 or marriage. Sons — Joseph. Benjamin, Mat- 
thias and Eleasar, at are, to have real estate equally. Executors-* 
wife. Abigail, my brother David Lues, and Samuel Coleman. Wit- 
nesses — Jesse Corwin. Walter Brown, Wm. Orifflnff. Proved 2 Nov., 
1749. Lib. E. p. 388. 

1744, Nov. 7. Inventory (£90.9.6) includes "bought servant. £4." Ap- 
praisers — Samuel P. Faxser. Wm. Qrifllnsr. (Filed 1749). 

1T8S» Marek IS* Lyc«a, IVlckolas* of Deptford Township, Gloucester 
Co.; will of. Executrix — my friend, Dinah Cox, and she to have all 
of my personal estate. Witnesses — John Chester, Abirel Chester, 
Ellas Fish. Proved 7 June, 1733. Lib. 3, p. 326. 

1733, April 9. Inventory (£74.3.4) includes bonds of Michael Lycon. 
Peter Cox; debts due from James Wills, John Chester. Appraisers — 
Wm. WUkins, Constantine Wood. 

1748-Sw Jaa* 1& Lydee* Jaaies, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co. ; inventory 
of estate, £70.10.1; made by Charles Clark and Arthur Howell. 

1748-9, Jan. 26. Bond oT Margaret Lydee as administratrix. Charles 
Azf6rd, of Trenton, surety. Lib. 6, p. 76. 

1780* A»H1 8. Lyell, DavUU of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.; will 
of. Sons — ^Lorain and Thomas. Real and personal estate. Execu- 
tors^-wife. Mary, and brother Fen wick Lyell. Witnesses — John 
Ifoofbourrow, Andrew Robinson, Wade Loofbourrow. Proved July 
f» 1742. 

1742. July 9. Mary Lyell qualified as executrix, Fenwlck Lyell the other 
«xeoutor named, having died before the testator. Lib. C. p. 526. 

17S7» Seyt. 97. Lyell* Feawlck* of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.; 
will of. Five children (no names given). Expected child. Real and 

personal estate. Executors — ^wlfe , friends Andrew Johnston, 

Bb4.. and Mr. John Stevens. Witnesses — ^Jennet Parker, Martin 
Wilkins. LawT Smyth. 

1741. March 18. Codicil. Mary and James Lyell. bom since making 

Digitized by 



my will. EiXecutors, all my children as th«y ehall aeverally arrive at 19 
years. Witnesses-— John Smyth, Sarah SteTens. Richard Stevens. Proved 
July 9. 1742. 

1742, July 9. Lawrence Smyth sworn as witness. Jennet Parker is de- 
ceased, and Martin WUkins (as is said) is beyond seas. 

1762, June 8. William Lyell, one of the children* qualified as executor. 

Lib. C. p. 62S. 

1788* Dec 28. Lymdsey* Mark, of Gloucester Co., yeoman. Int. 
Adm'x, Rebecca Lyndsey. Bondsman — Andrew Jones. Both of said 
County. Witness — Alexander Morgan. 

1788, Dec 26. Inventory, £97.7.8; made by George Ward, Walter 
Griffith. Gloucester WUls, 16f H. 

1788, May 1. Lyae, Conmdt, of Bergren Co. Int. Administration 
on estate granted to Abraham Lyne, of said Co. Jacob Arents, of 
Bssex Co., fellow bondsman. Lib. C, p. 194. 

1788, Jan. 19. Inventory of personal estate £125.2.0; made by Philip 
Schuyler and Wessel Pieterse. 

1747* Dec 88. Lyoa* Beajamla* of Lyons Farms, in the borough 
of Elisabeth, Essex Co.. yeoman; will of. Wife, Martha. Children — 
Benjamin, Samuel, Matthias, Daniel. Moses, Rachel, Mary, Sarah and 
Martha. Four sons under age; Rachel and Mary married. Land Join- 
ing land of Stephen Meeker and John Tunis; lands bought of Wil- 
liam Broadwell, deceased, and Esekiel Crane, Joining lands of Ben- 
jamin Crane, Daniel Salle, deceased; Morehouse, Samuel Con- 
ger; land at Ash Swamp, Joining land of Nathaniel Lyon, deceased; 
lands bought of Joseph Lyon, Sen'r, and Henry Peirson. Grandson, 
Rufus Crane, son of Jonas Crane, deceased, a minor. Wife's daugh- 
ters — ^Hannah Lum and Mary, wife of my son Benjamin Lyon. Execu- 
tors — sons Benjamin and Joseph, and son-in-law Amos Day. Wit- 
nesses — Stephen Morehouse, John Perry, Charles Hole. Proved Jan. 
18, 1747. Lib. E, p. 145. 

1747-8, Jan. 28. Inventory of personal estate (£548.01.04), incl. silver 
buckles, and debts due from Ephraim Baker. Timothy Harrison. Joseph 
Bonnel, Thomas Winter. David Morehouse, Hesekiah Johnson, Matthew 
Johnson. James Carter, Daniel Thompson, Samuel Chandler. James Chand- 
ler, Josiah Lyon, Esekiel Crane. Daniel Day, John DiUy, deceased, Peter 
Kuton, John Wade Jun'r, William Whitehead. Isaac Jones, Richard Broad- 
well, deceased, David Meeker, and note of Samuel Lum. deceased. Made 
by Christopher Wood and Benjamin Crane, Esq'rs, both of Lyons Farms. 

1742, May 21. Lyoa. David, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of. Wife, 
Phebe, sole executor and legatee; after her decease estate to brethren 
— Nathaniel, Jonah, Zophar. Jonathan and Henry Lyon. Land Join- 
ing land of John Johnson. Witnesses — ^Josiah Quimbe, Samuel Win- 
ter, David Ogden. Proved Nov. 26, 1742. Lib. D, p. 16. 

1788-8, Jan. 22. Lyoa, Capt. Bbeaeaer, of Elisabeth Town, Essex 
Co., yeoman; will of. Daughter. Elizabeth, wife of Ephraim Clark, 
and her five children, vis., Elisabeth, Ephraim, Hannah, Ideras and 
Dark is Clark, all under age. Daughter, Darkis, wife of Ebeneser 
Stebbins. Daughter, Susana, wife of David Moorehouse. Grandson, 
Peter Lyon, land bought of George Jewell, deceased, at 21. unless his 
father, my son Benjamin, should return and need it. Grandson, 
Ebeneser Wade, land I bought of his grandfather, Benjamin Wade, 

Digitized by 


CALENDAR OF WILLS — I73O-1750 313 

and £3.10. to purchase two acres of land from the heirs of Daniel 
Burnet, deceased. Granddaughters — Elizabeth and Hannah Thomp- 
son, a trunk dated 1682, with its contents (£43.16.08), belonsringr to the 
estate of Benjamin Wade. Jun'r, for the use of his son and daughter, 
Ebenexer and Mary Wade, both under acre; Phebe Thompson, a lesracy 
left her by her father. John Thompson, at 18 years of agre. Other 
grandchildren — Bethiah Winans, Mary and Ebenezer Lyon, Samuel 
and David McCan, Elizabeth, Ephraim. Hannah, Darkis, Henery, 
Riderous. Nathaniel and Ichabod Clark. David and Johaanah Moore- 
house, Cornelius. Abigail and Jacob Stebbins. Land joining lands 
of Benjamin Meeker, John Thompson, Alexander Kene, deceased. 
Land that belonged to Thomas Headley. Executors — friends. David 
Ogden, attorney-at-law. Thomas Longworth. Isaac Lyon. Benjamin 
Clark. Joseph Lyon of Newark, and Joseph Tuttle of Hanover. Wit- 
nesses — Benjamin Meeker. Samuel Meeker. Thomas Jackman. 

1738-9. March 17. Codicil. If son, Ebenezer. should not return in four 
years, his share to revert to my three daughters. Witnesses — Benjamin 
Meeker, Samuel Meeker, Thomas Jackman. Proved May 16. 1739. 

Lib. C, p. 270. 

1739. April 9. Inventory of personal estate (£465.09.08). includes bonds 
of Samuel Kneeland of Boston. Joshua Hunlock and Zophar Lyon; cash 
received from Thomas Cushing of Boston ; debts due from Nath'll Price, 
Nath'll Oane. Mathias Burnet. Ephraim Terrill. Jotham Clark. Joseph 
Mun. William Martin. Made by Nathaniel Johnson. Benjamin Meeker. 

1739. May 4. Benjamin Lyon, of Newark, called Benjamin Clark in 
will, Joseph Lyon and Joseph Tuttle decline to act as executors. Wit- 
nesses — John Hinds. Samuel Chandler, Nathaniel Dalglish, Samuel Mun. 

1739, May 16. Accompt of executors, showing payments and legacies 
to the widow, three daughters. Ebenezer and Mary Wade. Phebe Thomp- 
son. David Moorehouse and 20 grandchildren ; also to Roger French, 
James Bancks, Justice Mun for coffin. Eliakim Higgins, Mr. Chetwood, 
James Townley, Jr., Mrs. Cooper, Will'm Winans, Mr. Grazalle, Jonathan 
Dickinson, Jonathan Thompson. Samuel Price. Edward Willmott, Henry 
Oarthwait. John Higgins. Ebenezer Stebbins, Peter Wennura, Mrs. Tongre- 
loo. Stephen Hinds. Doct'r Burnett, Eunice Gray (admx of Joseph Gray). 
Joseph Marsh, John Pierson. John Joline, Andrew Joline, Daniol Clark, 
8en*r. Nath'll Hazard. Thomas Woodruff. Nathaniel Johnson, Samuel Car- 
ter. Widow Say res, Henry Howell, Nath'll Woodruff, Stephen Brown, Jon- 
athan Dayton. Samuel Farrand. 

1731, May 31. Lyon. Bllsabeth, Jan*r, of Newark. Essex Co., 
spinster: will of. Nephew (niece). Sarah Miles, daughter of Leonard 
Mills; children of Annis Mills; children of brother Thomas Lyon; 
Mattoniah, son of Isaac Lyon. Personal estate. Executors — friends 
John Cooper and Eliphalet Johnson, Jun'r. Witnesses — Joseph Peck, 
Jonathan Sergeant, Jun'r, Jno. Cooper. Proved Feb. 16, 1732. 

1732, Jan. 7. Codicil. Nathaniel, son of brother Isaac Lyon. Remain- 
der of estate to all the children of Thomas Lyon. Isaac Lyon and Annis 
Mills. Witnesses — Ebenezer Lyon, Mary Beech, Jno. Cooper. 

Lib. B. p. 388. 

1782, Jan. 16. Inventory of personal estate (£68.10.04 H) includes pay- 
ments to Sarah Miles. Major Banner, Eliphalet Johnson. Doctr Burnet, 
Nathaniel Johnson, Jonathan Peirson, Joseph Browne, Mr. Bradford ; cash 
received from David Oane. 

1744, Juno 16. Eliphalet Johnson made oath to the truth of above 


Digitized by 



Inventory, the original having been in the custody of Col. Cooper, the other 
executor, since deceased. 

1750, Jaly 18. Lyoa, Juhmi (son of Zophar Lyon, of Essex Co., 
deceased), over 14 years of age. Bond of Isaac Lyon and John Cra»e 
M ffuardians. Christopher Wood, fellow bondsman. Witness — Joseph 
Johnson. Lib. E. p. 600. 

1744, Dec. 11. Lyom, Zopkar* of Newark, Essex Co. Int. Bond of 
Mary Lyon, the widow, as administratrix. Christopher Wood, yeoman, 
fellow bondsman. Lib. D. p. 206. 

1744, , — Inventory of personal estate, £167.16.07; made by 

Nathaniel Johnson and Isaac Lyon, both yeomen. 

1741* Jue 16. BIcCas, Jokn« of Middlesex Co., fuller. Int. Bond of 
Huffh McCjin, his brother, fuller, as administrator. John Brown, 
iarmer, fellow bondsman. Lib. C. p. 413. 

1737, Ans. 6. BfeCarty, Dcamls, of Town and Co. of Burlinffton, 
yeoman., Int. Administration granted to Benjamin Butterworth, yeo- 
man, and Ann, his wife (late Ann McCarty) of Springfleld. William 
Jlobinson, of City of Burlington, innholder, fellow bondsman. 

Lib. 4, p. 110. 

1740» Mar. 10. BfeCarty, Densls, of Gloucester Co. Int. Adm'r, 
John . McCarty. Bondsman — Henry Thorne. All of said County, yeo- 
3nen. Witness — Alexr. Robinson. 

1746-7, March 23. Inventory, £41.0.9. Debtors — Joseph Ballinger, John 
Conner, Henry Roe, Richard Cheeseman, Benjamin Burd. Robert Harts- 
horn, Neal McNeal. Appraisers — ^Henry Thome, Hugh Bartlet. 

Glouceeter Wills, 386 H. 

1748, May 6. MeCarty* Owes, of Gloucester Co. Int. Adm'r, Thomaa 
Bates. Bondsman — Jonathan Ellis, yeoman. Witness — John Mickle. 

1748, April 29. Inventory, £20.3.0; made by Jonathan Ellis, John Bor- 
ton. Gloucester Wills, 336 H. 

17S9, Oct. 15. McClaae, WUllam, of Salem Co., wheelwright. Int. 
Adm'r, Simon Sparks. Bondsman — Benjamin Duvall. Both of said 
County. Witnesses — Jenkin William, Danl. Mestayer. 

Lib. 4, p. 199. 

1739. Oct. 12. Inventory (£44.18.3) taken at Pilesgrove, includes cattle 
and sheep. Appraisers — Benjamin Duvall. William Weatherby. 

1740, Dec. 4. Account. Includes monies. paid to Jas. Sharp for medi- 
cine and attendance on dec'd, John Hoffman. Ann McClain for nurslns 
dec'd and his wife, John Hoffman, Henry Sparks. Jon. Smith, Jas. Les- 
trange, Isaac Sharp, Thos. Graves. Wm. Hambleton. Anthy. Wilkinson, 
Michael Noah, Benjn. Bispham, cash from Jon. Ashbrook, Aaron Aah-> 
brook, Richard White. Monies paid to BenJn. Duvall, Jon. Coye (for Jon. 
Jones, atty for John Hoffman). 

1748, Jvme 8. McCelleek (McCvllvck), Samvel, of Gloucester Town- 
ship, and County, yeoman. Sons — John (eldest, not 23), to have 400 
acres of the homestead fronting Timber Creek, a tract, which was hia 
grandfather's and my father's (John McCuUoch's). also the meadows 
and two tracts of land and cedar swamps called Faraway Swamp, and 
all my lands formerly Montgomery's; George, at 21, to have th^ 
other part of my plantation, 200 acres, beginning at Samuel Hasard'a 

Digitized by 



upper corner, and the principal and interest from the sale of pine 
land, 220 acres, at Four Mile Branch road, also White Oak, Fish 
Creek and White Hall Cedar Swamps. Daugrhters-^Mary, Blisabeth 
and Hannah McCulluch. Executor — son, John. Witnesses — James 
Cooper, David Ward, Michael Fisher. Sworx^ and affirmed 80 June, 
1748. * Lib. 8, p. 256, 

1748, June 29. Inventory (£886.18.11) includes watch, cattle, horses, 
sheep, timber, husbandry tools. Appraisem— >John Blackwood, Richard 

1740. Oct. 33. BfcCoUnm, Dnsall, of Perth Amboy. Middlesex Co. 
Int. Mary McCollum, his widow, declines acting as administratrix, 
and recommends Michael Erickson. of Monmouth Co., yeoman, as ad- 
ministrator. Bond of Michael Erickson as administrator. James 
English, fellow bondsman. Witness — Hannah Lewis. Lib. D, p. 120. 

1746* Get. 13. McColm, ^nliitlm (%vcmtlB), of Piscataway. Middle- 
sex Co., merchant. Bond of Alexander Malcolm, of Marblehead, Coun- 
ty of Essex, Province of Massachusetts Bay, clerk and brother, as ad- 
ministrator of estate. Anthony White, Esq., of New Jersey, fellow 
bondsman. Witnesses — Alex'r Malcolm and Peter Kemble. 

Lib. D, p. 4li. 

1746, Sept 27. Inventory of personal estate of ''Master Quentin Mc- 
Colm, who deceased August 3, 1746," (£1842.9.6) includes silver watch, 
several small sold rings, stock in partnership with Mr. Kemble, bonds 
of Adam Fullerton, Dan. Mc(]k>uens. Geo. Wm. Lawrence, Ja. Ritchie, Mr. 
McRea. Hugh Campbell. Jacob Tennyck. 

1750, Dec 31. McComb* Joecpk, of Middlesex Co., mariner, late be- 
longing to ship "Snow" of Belfast. Bond of Samuel Lyon, mariner. 
Master of the '*Snow," principal creditor, as administrator. John 
Deare, of Perth Amboy, Esq., fellow bondsman. Lib. E, p. 470. 

1747, fltopt. 8. McCoy, Jamee, living between first and second Moun- 
tains in Somerset Co.; will of. Wife, Mary. Plantation to be sold and 
divided equally between daughters, Margarett, Sarah and Elizabeth 
McCoy. "If Isaac Powell has a mind to purchase it, he can have it 
20 pounds cheaper than any other man." Executors — Isaac Powell, 
of Bound Brook, cooper, and Alexander Lynn, of Mine Brook, shop- 
keeper, '^^itnesses — Jon. Harris. Charles Adams, Francis Peppard. 
Proved 16 Sept., 1747. Lib. B, p, 81. 

1747, Sept. 16. Inventory of personal estate (£142.19.6) includes ser- 
vant man and servant girl, £8.10. Appraisers — Jon. Harris. Joseph Coltee- 

ITSAp Jan. 5. McOowall, Isaac, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.. 
mariner; will of. Intending a voyage to sea. Father and mother. 
John and Jane Mackdowall. Expected child. Nephew, Isaac, son of 
brother William. Nephew, William, son of sister Elisabeth Vance. 
Children pt brothers John and William Mackdowall. Land in Chester 
Co.. Pepn., purchased of Robert Patten. Wife, Honar, sole executrix, 
with the advice of Mr, Philip Kearny, gent. Witnesses — Sam'll 
Jaquess, Susanna Kearny, P. Kearny. Proved July 26, 1740. 

Lib. C. p. 848. 

1743^ Oct. 33. McDowall (McDowell), Joks, of Hackensack. Co. of 
Bergen, physician. Bond of William McDowall, of Mill Creek Hun- 

Digitized by 



dred, Co. of New Castle, yeoman, and only brother, as administrator 
of the estate. John Thomson and James Newell, fellow bondsmen. 

Lib. D, p. 12. 

1742, Nov. 4. Inventory of personal estate (£266.7.2), includes silver 
watch and chain (£6), gold signet-ring (£2), knee-buckles, gold chain, S 
gold rings, silver tea pot, silver tankard, parcel of silver work, negroes — 
Floura (£16). boy Joe (£30), Jenny (£12), boy Billy (£10), boy Prince 
(£8). Made by John Berry, James Christy. 

List of book debts— Gisbert VanBlarm, Wm. Forbes, John Berry, Cor- 
nelius Bentta, C>>rnelius VanDan, Henrick Boss, Abra. Vester. Francis 
Rivers, John Romine. Leonard Degrove, Yons Vangeese. Jacobus Van 
Hessen. Claus Romine, Halebrant Luser, Benj. Deneree. Roluff Romine, 
Garrett Garrett. Jacob Kipp, Jacobus Vanordan, John Poulson, Yoraa 
Vangeeza, Lucas Loser, Thomas Oldwater, John Romine, Jr., Daniel 
Romine, Cornelius Bogart. Hendrick Hopper, John VanBuskirk. Benjamin 
Demarest, Cornelius VanHouse, Johan. Lowrance Ackerman, Isiah Val- 
low, David Christy, Jacobus Bogart, Jacob Myers, Isaac Vreeland, Wte. 
Petersa Vand — (?), Stephen Terhon, Leana Tours, Aaria Blinkerhoof, 
Isaac Vanderbeek, Hendrick Varts Banta. John Andries Hooper, Albertus 
Terhoon, Peter Tibow, Roluff Romine, Samuel Demarest, Roluff Vester 
Felt, Steven Vester Felt, Abra. Camaur, Garrett VanBlackerman, Hend- 
rick Vanallen, William Ramsey. Isaac Bogert, Adolph Juet, John Banta. 
Stephen Bogart, Cornelius Vesterfelt. Jube Blinkerhoof, Isaac Thomasee, 
Jacob Tibet Horn, Bamet Tibdw. Abraham Stagg. Ellas Williams, Jacob 
Stagg, Yorst VanBuskirk. Artie Van Pelt, David Ackermen. Isaac Stagg. 
Peter Kipp. William Ell. John Anderson, Garrat Hombeck, Adrian Van 
Houter, Garrat VanVoss, jacobus Lawr. VanBuskirk, Antie VanTile, 
Jacob DeRireaser Banta. Derick VanHom, Hesta Banta, Tada Van Winkle, 
Hannes Walinsa, Peter Demarest, Aria Vanwinkle, Peter VanBIarkin, 
Lawrance Ackerman. Thomas Derimas. Hannes Dericksee Banta. Hanna 
Harta. Garrett VanHom.